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Bloopers / Gaffes

I might not get all bloopers and mistakes and blunders, but some here have not been reported anywhere... and I'm not making them up.

Of course, there are more chances that I will spot a problem with the characters I like best.



Hang On!

Stark is caugh at the throat by Grunchlik's strong fist and raised up clear off the ground, AND never let down. When the camera comes back to them, Grunchlik's hand is at plexus height, then the third time, the hand is back up at the throat.
Die me, Dichotomy (2.22)


Waltzing by!

Another one with Grunchlik. This time, he's eating pink porridge while talking business with Rygel, who throws at him a small blue uncut stone as payment. The white one rolls on the table, but the blue one has moved on its own. When the red one rolls in, the blue is back to its previous place. No one touches them, but the stones move on their one from one camera shot to the next.
Take a good look at the blue stone.
Die me, Dichotomy (2.22)

Images courtesy of DS9ers


Live wires!

Stark is caugh by Talyn's live wires who wants to be connected. The wires are 'attached' to him through his clothes down to his nerves... but they keep moving around from one take to the next, as is shown from left to right in the picture.
Meltdown (3.12)


Changing scar!

Furlow's scar on her cheek changes shape from the first ep. to the next. At first it's very angular, then it becomes more curvy, for no reason at all.
Infinite Possibilities (3.14-3.15)


Wrong girl!

It seems like the actress chosen for the first Season couln't make it back. They could have chosen someone a bit closer to the first, for continuity sake!
They've Got a Secret (110) and Mental As Anything (4.15)



Sikozu gets the resizing treatment without loosing her manacles, Aeryn does not, but she has them back in the cylinder... that what you call playing Barbie to put those back on such a small fighter!!
I Shrink, Therefore I Am (4.08)


Reused belt

The Orican in Vitas Mortis (2.02) wears a golden quilted belt we see again... on Zhaan, in the same Season, in the trilogy Liars, Guns and Money (2.19-2.20-2.21) trilogy. The Orican wore it under yellow light, Zhaan under white light, that's the only difference.



Moving sores

When Zhaan is dying, sores appear on her forehead, but from one shot to the next and all over the eps., they move from inside the red zone to outside of it. On the first series of images (green arrows) the left sore on her forehear goes up and down.

On the second set of images (below - yellow arrows), the right sore goes left to right, starting on the yellow divide and ending up at the border of the red zone.

Self-inflicted Wounds (3.03-3.04)


Makeup cracks under pressure and rubs off

When Zhaan applies pressure to the bar of the door, the makeup cracks at the joints of her fingers (red arrow) and a moment later we see the makeup has rub off of the tips of her fingers (green arrow).
DNA, Mad Scientist (1.09)


Makeup smears

When Zhaan applies pressure to Liko's chin to make her point, his own red makeup smears over her blue finger. (white arrow).
That Old Black Magic (1.08)


Makeup rubs off again

When Chiana holds Sikozu in an arm lock, the white makeup smears Chiana's glove, and it's not hers! It seems Sikozu has as much makeup as the girl of grey (green arrow).
What Was Lost: Resurrection (4.03)



Mask moves too much

It might not has been so apparent when the actor moved around, but in reruns and especially here, on a still frame, it's obvious Stark's right eye is showing under his mask... when he's not supposed to have one.
Meltdown (3.12)


Flag a distress call!

Harvey's uniform as his flag stiched the wrong way, stars at the right of the rectangle (see arrow). Furthermore, John and him are supposed to be at Coney Island, aren't they?... (continue to next image)


Wrong Country!

Coney Island had many roller coasters, but only 2 since John's birth : the (now defunct) Thunderbolt and the (still standing but for how long) Cyclone, both with wood frames. The Rotor (where they filmed) is Australian, and has a metallic frame!
Images from left to right: Rotor, close-up of the Cyclone, bird's view of the Cyclone.

Infinite possibilities (3.14)


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