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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: April 14, 2000
Written by Naren Shanker
Directed by Tony Tilse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 2.05 - The Way We Weren't


Two DRDs zoom down a corridor on a Leviathan. They stop when they come to an intersection. A unit of Peacekeeper soldiers march briskly towards them. They are in battle uniforms with full helmets and carrying rifles. They are led by a young male in a red and black officer's uniform.

The scene changes. We now see the Peacekeeper soldiers from the rear and the scene appears to be a recording. There is a distorted sounding voice, giving a command.

The Peacekeeper officer opens a door and goes through it, followed closely by the soldiers in double-file.

The double rank of Peacekeeper soldiers follow the officer into the Leviathan's pilot's den.

The officer marches up to the Leviathan Pilot's console and stops. The troops range themselves to either side of him, along the front of the console.
The Pilot, a female, speaks: "Lieutenant Velorek. This display of force will change nothing."
Lt. Velorek: "This is not a display. I offer you one final chance to cooperate."
Pilot: "I have been bonded to this Leviathan for twenty-one cycles. Two minds, two bodies... "

The Pilot appears in the recording: "... intertwined as one. Whatever your secret project is, I will not participate!"

Lt. Velorek: "This Leviathan will do what I wish if you lead her to do so."
Pilot: "You Peacekeepers... subjugate us, torture us and now you expect us to cooperate with you? You have no understanding of the covenant between Leviathan and Pilot!"
Lt. Velorek: "Et art eta."
The Pilot gasps. She whispers: "Another... pilot?"
Lt. Velorek: "He's being held down at the transport bay, awaiting your decision."
Pilot: "I insist you reverse the control collar anesthetic and rewaken this Leviathan at once!"
From the doorway, Captain Crais speaks: "You insist?"

The recording turns towards Crais where he stands in the doorway of the Pilot's den. The door swings shut behind him.
Crais: "Lieutenant... what is taking so long?"

Crais crosses the catwalk towards the Pilot. Velorek walks away from the Pilot and meets Crais.
Lt. Velorek: "I'm offering her one last chance to see the folly of her..."
Captain Crais interrupts him: "You have secured a replacement pilot?"
Lt. Velorek: "Yes, Captain, but..."
Crais screams: "Fire!"
The Peacekeeper soldiers immediately bring up their rifles and begin shooting into the Pilot. The Pilot screams as she is hit repeatedly by rifle fire. Lt. Velorek remains standing with his back to her while the soldiers shoot.

The Pilot screams and moans as she is struck again and again by rifle blasts.

Lt. Velorek closes his eyes.

The recording zooms in on one of the Peacekeeper soldiers as it shoots at the Pilot. The Pilot's screams take on a stangled, gurgling sound.

Captain Crais stands staring at the Pilot as she is shot to death. Velorek opens his eyes but looks down, away from Crais. Finally the screams and the shooting both stop. The soldiers lower their weapons and Velorek opens his eyes and looks up at Captain Crais. He swallows visibly.
Captain Crais: "How long will it take to replace it?"
Lt. Velorek: "I can't be certain until we extract the body."

Crais gestures with both arms and shouts: "Then stop wasting my time and get your unit working!" He turns...

Captain Crais turns and strides back across the catwalk. Before he gets all the way to the door he stops and turns back. The soldiers are still standing, holding their rifles. Lt. Velorek stands with his hands clasped behind his back, watching Crais. As the door swings open behind him, Crais screams: "Move!"
The soldiers turn immediately towards the dead Pilot. Crais leaves the Pilot's den.

Lt Velorek stands and stares at the den door after Captain Crais leaves. Some of the soldiers remove their helmets.
Male Soldier: "How far down there do you think it is?"
The dead Pilot sits slumped at her console.
Second Male Soldier: "I don't know. We'll find out soon enough."

Lt Velorek turns around and looks at the soldiers.
Male Soldier: "I hate waste removal."
Lt. Velorek: "Keep your opinions to yourselves. Is that clear?!"

The rest of the soldiers remove their helmets. One of them is Officer Aeryn Sun.
Soldiers (in unison): "Yes, Sir!"
The recording stops and zooms in on Officer Sun's face.
The recording dissolves into static.

John: "Where'd you find this?"
Chiana: "Top tier. Diggin through all the dren still up there."
John continues to stare at the still image of Aeryn's face: "Must be some sort of Peacekeeper recording device."
Chiana leans across the table towards John: "Did you see what I see? This is Aeryn... n... n. It shows she's been aboard Moya... "
John interrupts her: "Peacekeepers musta kept these things runnin twenty-four seven to spy on their people." He keeps staring at the image.
Chiana: "Crichton! That is Aeryn. She's been aboard Moya before. She killed a pilot."
John turns his eyes up and back towards the image of Aeryn Sun on the view screen.



Lt. Velorek: "... offering her one last chance to see the folly of her... "
Captain Crais interrupts him: "You have secured a replacement pilot?"
Lt. Velorek: "Yes, Captain, but..."
Captain Crais: "Fire!"

There is the crackly sound of gunfire from the viewscreen. Chiana stands just behind the viewscreen while Rygel floats on his thronesled near the table. Zhaan and D'Argo are standing nearby, watching. Aeryn sits at the table, in front of the screen, her chin resting on her clasped hands which are supported by her elbows on the table top. Everyone watches and listens as the recording plays the sounds of the pilot dying.

Captain Crais: "How long will it take to replace it?"
Lt. Velorek: "I can't be certain until we extract the body."
Captain Crais: "Then, stop wasting my time. Get your unit working!"

John watches, with a worried expression. Aeryn closes her eyes, then opens them again. They are liquid with unshed tears.

Male Soldier: "How far down there do you think it is?"
Second Male Soldier: "I don't know. We'll find out soon enough."
Lt. Velorek: "Keep your opinions to yourselves. Is that clear?"
The camera zeroes in on Aeryn as she removes her helmet.
Aeryn, in unison with the other soldiers: "Yes, Sir!"

Aeryn reaches out and grabs the vid chip and pulls it out of the player, stopping the recording. She slams the chip down onto the table with a crash.
Aeryn: "Yes, it's me. I admit it. Are you happy now?" She wrings her hands.
Zhaan: "This shows you have been aboard Moya before."
D'Argo: "Why didn't you ever tell us?" He stands to the side with his arms crossed over his chest.
Aeryn keeps wringing her hands.
Rygel: "Criminally obvious, isn't it? She helped murder a defenseless pilot!"
Aeryn: "Must have been about three cycles ago. I've been aboard hundreds of Leviathans and I had no idea that it was Moya."
Chiana: "So, all non-sebaceans look alike. That it?"
Aeryn: "I didn't know, Chiana."
John stands up and walks over towards the group at the table: "Look. The Aeryn on that tape is not the Aeryn we know. It was a long time ago." He stops just behind Aeryn.
Rygel: "Three cycles isn't that long. Heh! I was aboard Moya by then."
Zhaan: "As was I." She looks down at Aeryn.
Aeryn wrings her hands together, looking back at Zhaan.
Rygel: "Maybe you were one of the ones who took a turn torturing me! Ever torture a Hynerian?"
D'Argo: "Perhaps you helped torture me too."
Aeryn turns towards D'Argo: "No!"
John takes a step closer to her: "Aeryn... just don't... " He reaches out to touch her on the shoulder but Aeryn slaps his hand away.
John steps back: "Hey... everybody... neutral corners. Let's chill out for a microt. We all have things in our past that we'd rather not have on instant replay."
Zhaan: "True enough, John. But I still can't accept the cold-blooded slaughter of such a helpless creature." She glares down at Aeryn.
Aeryn, still wringing her hands in front of her: "Oh, it's perfectly fine to cut off one of his arms then, is it Zhaan?"
Rygel: "Peacekeeper murderer!"
Aeryn lunges across the table towards Rygel.
John: "Aeryn... no!" He grabs her arm and pulls her back as Rygel zooms over towards Zhaan and D'Argo. Aeryn turns towards John, pulling her arm back.
John: "Don't." He lets go of her arm. "You're not helping your case."
Chiana: "What have you guys been thinking all this time? What? She was out picking baskets of Rawliss buds while all the other mean Peacekeepers did all the really nasty stuff? She was a Peacekeeper."
Aeryn: "Yes. I was a Peacekeeper, and things were very different then..."

There is a flash of white light...

A Peacekeeper Command Carrier travels through space, surrounded by smaller vessels.

Aeryn: "... my priorities... my values... and my relationships."

A Leviathan also flies nearby. A prowler flies from the Command Carrier and lands on the Leviathan. There are many more prowlers already in the hanger bay. Peacekeeper soldiers scurry about doing various tasks. Some of them stand armed watch. Officer Aeryn Sun is one of these guards.
Male Soldier: "... Artillery's taking off."
Second Male Soldier: "Yes, Sir.'
Lt. Velorek walks through the hanger bay and comes up behind Aeryn.
Velorek: "Officer Sun."
Aeryn whirls around to face him, rifle still at the ready.
Velorek: "Wish you were back flying prowlers again, eh?"
Aeryn looks over her shoulder at the parked ships. She smiles, slightly.
Velorek: "You're a very fine pilot. I'm glad you were reassigned to fly my transport." He turns and starts to walk, slowly. Aeryn turns and keeps pace with him.
Velorek: "We were in space for... twenty-two solar days? And not once did you ask what the cargo was."
Aeryn laughs quietly: "I get yanked from prowler duty without cause and reassigned to transport duty, that's fine. I do what I'm ordered to do, but that doesn't mean I have to be interested."
They continue walking through the bay. They stop and Velorek turns to look at Aeryn.
Velorek: "Healthy curiosity isn't against regulations, Officer."
Aeryn: "Asking questions is. And besides, if I had a question to ask of my superiors it would be: 'Why was I pulled from prowler detail and when do I get to go back?'"
There is the sound of muffled screaming from nearby. Lt. Velorek turns away from Aeryn and walks towards the sound. He takes a step up onto a platform and reaches out to pull netting away from the face of a muzzled Pilot.
Lt. Velorek: "The replacement pilot."

The Peacekeeper vid chip is lying on the table, next to the player, where Aeryn slammed it down. She is sitting on a bench, next to the wall, with her knees up. Her head is resting on her hand.
John: "Aeryn... "
Her head jerks up and her eyes open.
John: "... you saw Pilot... our Pilot being brought on board?"
D'Argo, Zhaan and Chiana stand nearby, watching her.
Aeryn answers quietly: "I was sent on a cargo transport mission and that was my cargo. If I'd known that is was Moya... that it was our Pilot... I would have said something, long ago."
D'Argo: "I can't tell if you're lying or not. One thing I do know, for all our sakes, Pilot had better
see this recording." He walks over to the table and picks up the player device and the vid chip.
Zhaan: "What's done is done. There's nothing we can do about it now. If you'll excuse me, I'd rather spend the next few arns alone." Zhaan follows D'Argo from the room.
Chiana: "So... our Pilot wasn't Moya's first pilot. Well, I su... sure didn't know you could replace them."
Aeryn: "You can replace them all right, but it's a long... difficult, dangerous procedure."
Chiana: "I think I'll go and check up on Zhaan." She hurries out of John's quarters.
John: "So... the guy on... the tape... that was his job? Replace Miss Pilot with Mr Pilot?"
Aeryn: "It was Velorek's job to bond the new pilot to the ship... to Moya... any way he could."

There is a flash of light... Aeryn's face appears in the negative...

As Lt. Velorek pulls the netting away from the pilot's face, it talks loudly and quickly from behind the muzzle. Lt. Velorek puts his hands on its face and leans in close to it.
Lt. Velorek: "Remember what we discussed. Remember what we discussed! There's nothing to be afraid of."
Aeryn: "I can't understand what he's saying." She is looking on from below the platform. Pilot is suspended above the platform almost as if he is floating. His head and his body are wrapped up so that only his muzzled mouth and his eyes are showing.
Lt. Velorek: "He's speaking in his species ancient language. Once sentence can carry over a hundred different facts... concepts, emotions. Far too complex for our translator microbes to interpret." Velorek strokes Pilot's cheek as he talks: "Once he's calmed down, once he's comfortable here, then he'll start to simplify his sentences for us." Velorek reaches over and takes a pointed metal tool from a nearby soldier.
Male soldier: "Attention, Sir!"
Captain Crais strides into the bay. The Peacekeepers stop what they are doing and come to attention as Crais walks past. Crais walks up near the platform and stops. Lt. Velorek keeps his eyes trained on Pilot and he presses the point of the metal tool into his body. There is a hissing sound and waves off electicity shoot out of the tool into Pilot. Pilot screams.
Lt. Velorek yells: "You will straighten out and you will do so immediately! Is that clear?"
Pilot gasps and pants.
Soldier: "Captain Crais."
Captain Crais: "Running into problems already, Lieutenant?"
Velorek turns around to face Captain Crais, while inspecting his fingernails. He walks over to Crais.
Captain Crais: "You're not filling me with confidence."
Lt. Velorek: "No. Not a problem, Sir."

Aeryn: "No." She inhales through her nose. "It's happened. It's over. Like Zhaan said, what's done is done. I can't undo it."
John: "I just thought perhaps... if you talked..."
Aeryn stands up: "No means no, John." She walks quickly out of his room. John sits and watches her leave.

Aeryn staggers down the corridor, holding her hand over her mouth to keep from sobbing out loud. She stops and leans her hand against a bulkhead to steady herself. There is a flash of white light and Aeryn image changes to the negative...

Lt. Velorek and Captain Crais are walking together down a corridor.
Lt. Velorek: "I estimate that insertion will be complete in eighty-three arns."
Capt. Crais: "You may have sixty."
Aeryn is following the two of them. As they progress down the corridor they pass some soldiers who are holding a Sheyang prisoner by the arms. The soldiers pull the prisoner against the wall, out of the way of the Lieutenant and the Captain as they stride by.
Lt. Velorek: "It can't be done."
Capt. Crais: "Then you will find a way. Your sole responsibility is to install this new pilot and teach her to command this Leviathan as I direct her."
Lt. Velorek: "This pilot is a he, Sir. With all due respect... I understand my responsibilities but this pilot is young and inexperienced."
They continue walking and passing other soldiers and prisoners.
Capt. Crais: "That's why the Peacekeeper Military Tech sent me you. You were the only one who could do what I want, as quickly as I want." Crais stops walking and turns to look at Velorek: "The success of my project depends on it. Are you telling me you can't?"
Lt. Velorek: "It will take time to acclimate him..."
As he is talking, Aeryn glances up and sees a Delvian prisoner being led past them by a single soldier. It is a female with a shawl wrapped over her head so only her face shows. Aeryn follows her progress with her eyes.
Lt. Velorek: "... more time to conform physiology and even more time to teach him. That is what my report will say."
The Delvian and the soldier continue down the corridor, past Aeryn and the two officers.
Capt. Crais: "And my report will say that they're merely excuses to mask your own incompetence. Whose report do you think will be believed?" He shakes his finger at Velorek: "Don't you threaten me, Lieutenant. Take a lesson from your new pilot: anyone can be replaced." He turns and starts to walk off down the corridor.
Aeryn calls out: "Captain Crais?"
Crais stops and turns back to look at her.
Aeryn: "Officer Aeryn Sun, Icarion Company, Pleisar Regiment. Currently reassigned. I'd like to state my case for being returned to my regular assignment as a prowler... "
Captain Crais interrupts her by wordlessly turning around and striding off down the corridor.
Lt. Velorek: "I guess we're stuck with each other for at least a little while longer."
He leaves in the same direction as Crais did. As he goes, he passes two Peacekeeper soldiers who are walking back the opposite direction. They stop when they see Aeryn standing in the corridor, but both bump into her slightly.
First Peacekeeper: "Well, well, if it isn't our high and mighty little prowler pilot."
The second Peacekeeper wipes something from his gauntlet onto the front of Aeryn's uniform: "Too good to get down in the hull with us and dig out that old pilot's guts, eh?"
The first Peacekeeper wipes some gunk off his hand onto her as well: "All those nerve fibers. I couldn't believe how far down that beast had got into the ship."
The second Peacekeeper wipes more gunk onto Aeryn, this time onto the side of her face. She turns her head up and away so that he smears mostly her neck.
Second Peacekeeper: "Well, you're one of us now. You'll be digging guts with us, next time."
Aeryn, still not saying anything, pushes her way between them and goes off down the corridor.

Aeryn grunts as she hits the punching stanchion in the exercise room with her bare hands.

Captain Crais: "Fire!"
The Pilot's face is lit by the flashes from the weapons that are shooting her. She screams.

Aeryn hits the red triangle as hard as she can, over and over.

The pilot continues to scream as the shots continue to hit her.

Aeryn hits the stanchion harder and harder.

The pilot shrieks with pain. The gunfire continues.

Aeryn hits the stanchion until it falls over, away from her. It is smeared with blood. Aeryn falls down, face first on the floor, her bloody hands held out in front of her. She sobs quietly into the floor. Footsteps approach her, then a pair of black boots stop beside her.
John: "You're makin hamburger there." He kneels down beside her. He reaches out and touches her on the shoulder. She jerks and sobs louder. John pulls his hand away but immediately puts it back and puts the other hand on her arm.
John almost whispers: "Talk to me."
She waves her arm, trying to push him away, while still crying.
John takes a firmer hold on her arm and bends down next to her: "Come on. What happened back then?"
She keeps sobbing as he pulls her up off the floor and hugs her to him.
John: "Okay. Shh." He wraps his arm around her head and holds her to him as she cries. He rubs her hair with his hand and her sobs quiet.
John: "Shh. Shh."
Aeryn sobs a deep sigh.
John holds her and rocks her, his cheek resting on the top of her head.



John and Aeryn are sitting across from each other on the exercise mat. Aeryn's legs are crossed and her hands are in her lap. John leans on one hand as he sits with one leg under the other, facing Aeryn across the narrow end of the red triangle.

Aeryn: "Crichton, you might have noticed that at times I've... kept you at a distance."
John: "Many times. Vast... distances."
Aeryn: "There's a reason for that."
John: "Just one?"
When Aeryn doesn't respond, John shakes his head slightly: "Go ahead."
Aeryn: "Most Peacekeepers are bred and reared for one... purpose. Military service. Procreation is... assigned. There's no such thing as a life-long mate."
John: "But you have relationships? Male-female kind?"
Aeryn: " 'Course. As many and as often as you want." Aeryn takes a deep breath: "Peacekeeper High Command understands the troops' biological needs."
John nods.
Aeryn: "I mean, you don't connect with anyone openly and never with any longevity." Her eyes glisten as though filling with tears: "I guess the point is... my relationships, back then, tended to be somewhat..." She looks away from John.
John: "Empty?"
Aeryn looks back at John: "Painful."
John looks down: "Well... what does this have to do with the tape? What..." John stops in mid-sentence when he looks up and sees Aeryn staring off into the distance.
John: "Ahh... this is about that guy."
Aeryn looks back at him.
John: "Velorek."

There is a flash of light and Aeryn's face turns to the negative.

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