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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: January 10, 2003
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Rowan Woods

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.12 - Kansas

Previously on Farscape (voice of John Crichton):
Scene One: from "Unrealized Reality", John, in his space suit floats suspended over a wormhole.
Scene Two: from "What Was Lost, Part Two: Resurrection", aboard a Peacekeeper Command Carrier, Commandant Grayza stands leaning against a desk. She speaks to Captain Braca: "I will find them again, and when I do, they will pay for this humiliation."
Scene Three: from "Crichton Kicks", John wipes his filthy face with a rag. Chiana is standing next to him. John: "I've finally figured out wormholes." Rygel: "You did it? All that wormhole nonsense we put up with." Scene Three: "Pilot: "Wormholes... are his obsession."
Scene Four: from "Unrealized Reality", John screams as he is sucked into the wormhole. Aeryn stands up in the window and watches as the wormhole winks out.
Scene Five: from "Unrealized Reality", Einstein gestures as he speaks: "Wormholes bridge spacetime, creating a unique ability to navigate."
Scene Six: from "Unrealized Reality", a wormhole flashes by. Einstein: "The moment the Ancients implanted their knowledge, you exist to service a larger..." John raises his hand: "No! No."
Scene Seven: from "Unrealized Reality", Einstein: "What do you desire with wormholes?" John: "For starters? Go home."
Scene Eight: from "Unrealized Reality", John, in his spacesuit, flies through a wormhole. He floats in space with his eyes shut and comms: "D'Argo? Pilot." He takes a breath and opens his eyes. He is facing a dark moon. He swings himself around to face the other way and sees Earth below him. John: "Oops."
And now, on Farscape...


John continues to float in space, over earth.
John: "Home. That really is Kansas." He comms: "D? Pilot? Can you hear me?" "No. Of course not."

On Moya's Command...
D'Argo is standing at a console. Aeryn and Sikozu each stand at a different console. D'Argo looks at something on his and then walks over to look at Aeryns.
D'Argo: "Nothing." He turns and walks away.

John: "I can't believe I'm gonna die here. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He is looking down at the outline of the Southern United States and South America.

D'Argo stops near the door of Command.
D'Argo speaks quietly: "John. Where are you?"

John hears D'Argo's comm, over some crackling static.
John: "D'Argo?"

D'Argo lets out a big sigh and looks upwards.
John comms: "Son-of-a-bitch! How can you hear me?"
The others on Command have all turned to look at D'Argo. Aeryn turns back around and looks out the view screen.
D'Argo comms: "I don't know. The wormhole keeps opening and closing. Where are you?"

John: "Don't worry about that right now. Just... do exactly what I say. Follow my instructions."

Aeryn smiles a bit.

John: "Lock onto my voice signal. When the wormhole opens again, follow it."

Pilot listens as D'Argo comms.
D'Argo: "Pilot. I'm leaving Sikozu and Scorpius on board."
Chiana is following him down a corridor.
Chiana: "You can't leave fekface here."
D'Argo: "To make sure he doesn't do anything, I'd like you to begin to lock down all the systems."
Pilot: "Beginning powerdown now."
There is a slowing noise and Pilot closes his eyes.
D'Argo: "The rest of us are going after Crichton."
Chiana: "Shee-aw."

D'Argo's ship, LoLah, exits Moya.
D'Argo comms: "Pilot? I don't see any wormhole out here."

As John floats alone in space, he sings: "Five hundred bottles of beer on the wall. Five hundred bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around..."

D'Argo presses a control on the ceiling of LoLah.
D'Argo: "Pilot. I'm still not getting any reading."
Pilot: "The coordinates are exact."
Aeryn: "Wait for it." She looks up and presses a control.
Chiana gets up on the arm of her seat, to see better. Noranti and Rygel are staring out as well. Aeryn keeps watching. Suddenly, a wormhole opens directly in front of LoLah and the small ship enters it. Inside, the crew is tossed around as LoLah navigates the wormhole. It is a very rough ride and Rygel cries out when he strikes something. Finally, the ship exits the wormhole. John's garbled voice somes through: "take one down, pass it around..." Chiana laughs.
D'Argo: "Everybody okay?"
Aeryn: "He did it."

John's voice can be heard: "Six bottles of beer on the wall. Six bottles of beer..."

D'Argo spots John floating in front of them: "There he is."
D'Argo comms: "John! We're here! We made it."

John: "Hey! You're early. I still got a six-pack. Where are ya?"

D'Argo: "We're coming in behind you. Turn around and prepare for immediate retrieval."

John: "All right."

D'Argo reaches up and presses a control and LoLah moves forward, over John.

John sits down behind D'Argo, taking off the last of his spacesuit.
John: "D. I need a radio signal."
D'Argo: "Coming in clean, John. Nothing's locking onto us."
John: "Just need to know what year it is."
D'Argo: "Okay..." He flips a switch: "Got something."

"... on the Senate floor. Commenting from the White House, President Regan told reporters the situation in Nicaragua had unraveled to such an extent that State Department considered..."

Aeryn listens to the voice and smiles. She glances over at John.
Aeryn: "What's the matter?"
John: "Regan was President in the 1980's. Einstein said if I came back before I left, it would screw things up. D, we need to get down there and check it out."
D'Argo: "Okay."

LoLah descends to earth, becoming invisible as she travels, heading straight towards Florida.

John walks up and stares at a multi-colored pickup truck that is parked in front of a house in a quiet, palmtree lined neighborhood. There is the sound of children playing in the background.

John: "Home. I can't believe I'm home."

"Touchdown!" A child laughs.

John whispers: "D. Keep everybody off comms and the ship invisible. I'm just gonna check things out. Einstein said if there was a problem with the timeline, it would start close to me."
John walks past the front of the truck. As he passes it, he touches the hood: "Old Betty."

Girl: "Dad. Dad? You ready?"
A very young Jack Crichton: "Yes."
Girl: "Mom!" She gestures with her hand.
She is sitting next to Jack at a table. There is a young man in a trooper's uniform also sitting there and over head is a banner that reads: "Congratulations to the Challenger's New Captain"
A laughing woman runs out, carrying a cake which she sets on the table.
Woman: "Congratulations honey. We're very proud of you, aren't we?"
A teenaged boy walks up and stands behind a chair.
Jack: "You guys shouldn't have gone to the trouble
Trooper: "That looks good."
Jack: "Give me a kiss?"
The girl laughs and kisses him on the cheek.
Jack: "Thank you."
Trooper: "Did you do that?"
Woman: "Johnny?"
Trooper: "Did you do the writing on that?"

From outside a fence, John hunkers down and watches.

Woman: "What about the champagne? You gonna to open it first?"
Johnny: "I'll get to it, Mom."

John: "That's me. Son-of-a-gun."

Trooper: "Olivia, I can't wait to have a slice.
Jack: "Are you sure we shouldn't just cut to the cake?"

John looks up and reads the banner. He sees the launch of the Challenger...

"...the twenty-fifth space shuttle mission and it has cleared the tower."

The woman stands behind a laughing Jack Crichton, her hand on his shoulder.

John: "No. God."

The Challenger flies upwards and then explodes. Plumes of white smoke fall away from the disaster.

John: " D. I don't know how he did it, but my Dad's going up on the Challenger."

D'Argo comms back: "John, what are you talking about?"

John: "1986. The Challenger Space Shuttle exploded, killing everyone on board. My dad wasn't on that flight."

Johnny picks up the champagne bottle from the table.

John sees the Challenger blow up again.



John has joined the others onboard LoLah.
Rygel: "Not to be insensitive but, in the scheme of things well , what does it matter if your father flies and dies?"
John: "My father got me started in avionics. No dad, no Farscape project. You stay in Peacekeeper custody, (he nods at Aeryn) she remains a Nazi (he looks at Chiana) she ends up on Nebari Prime."
Chiana: "We get it. Now how do we fix this?"
John: "Einstein said the change ripples out from the first mutation. We fix that and everything else falls back into place."
Aeryn: "So, if you can get your father to refuse this Challenger flight..."
John: "Everything should turn back to normal. Look, we can't all stay here. I don't know how long this is gonna take, but I know a place where we might hang out. Now, we have one piece of luck. (he holds up a newspaper) Tomorrow's Halloween."
Noranti: "What's that?"
John: "Well, that's somethin that means you're gonna fit in just fine, Grandma."

An open mailbox, stuffed to overflowing with envelopes sits in front of a derelict house. Inside...

John looks at a photograph of a man leaning towards the camera and extending his middle finger. A space shuttle launch is visible in the background of the photo. There is the sound of someone coughing behind him. A door opens and D'Argo comes into the room. He kicks a cardboard box out of his way and coughs again.
D'Argo: "The dust on this planet is playing havoc with my sinuses." He continues into what appears to have been the livingroom of the house. Aeryn is standing, looking out of the front window and Chiana is digging through stuff in another cardboard box.
Chiana: "Shee-aw! What's all this?" She pulls some pieces of clothing out of the box.
John: "The cops busted the owner for drugs. They sealed the place up. For a while there was some gang kids livin here."
Chiana holds something up: "Drad."
John: "Are those jeans? Let me see those."
He gets up from where he was sitting, in front of the window, and walks towards Chiana.
Chiana: "Here." She hands them to John.
Rygel: "This is your home?"
John: "No Rygel, this is not my home. Don't worry. We're only gonna be here for a couple of arns."
Noranti is looking at another photo of the man showing the finger. There are two more people in this photo, doing the same.
Rygel sits on a couch, batting at a plastic shark that keeps bobbing back when he hits it.
John: "Just gotta find a way to keep my Dad from goin on the Challenger." He inspects the tag inside the jeans. "Yah, these'll fit. You all might wanta stay outta sight. We don't wanta screw up the universe anymore than I already have."
Aeryn: "Good luck."

Clad in a black t-shirt and jeans, John walks across the lawn near the multi-colored pickup truck. He crouches behind some bushes when he hears the front door open.
Jack yells: "Get back in here! Get back here now!"
Johnny storms out of the house and down the sidewalk. Jack runs after him. He is followed by Leslie Crichton and two girls.
Leslie: "Not in the street! Get back in here. Jack! Johnny!"
Johnny: "Go check the tarot cards, Mom."
Leslie: "What?"
Johnny: "They'll predict he'll walk all over you, again!"
Olivia: "Stop! Just stop!"
Jack: "And I asked you what I should do."
Johnny: "Then you did exactly what you wanted."
Leslie: "Would you please move back inside before the entire neighborhood calls 911."
Johnny throws his arms up in the air: "Just shut-up, Mom, please."
Jack grabs his arm: "Don't you talk to her like that!"
Johnny pulls away from Jack: "Don't touch me! Don't you pretend to care what I say to her."
Olivia: "You're not being fair, Johnny."
Johnny: "You, shut-up too!" He goes to the door of the truck and gets in. Jack follows him.
Jack: "Pal, you're angry with me. So take it out on me, not on them."
Johnny slams the truck door. He leans out towards his father.
Johnny: "Yo! Hero. Read the middle finger." He holds up three fingers. Jack slaps his hand away.

Watching from the bushes, John closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Johnny starts the truck and squeals off down the driveway. Jack turns back towards the house. Leslie is trying to herd the two girls back to the house.
Girl: "Johnny! Wait!"
Jack walks back to Leslie: "What the hell is wrong with him? He's so damned angry."
Leslie: "Jack! You know what's wrong."
Jack: "Well, I'm gonna make everybody's day. I won't go Monday. I'll go tomorrow, then you can throw another party."
Jack storms back into the house. Leslie hurries over to Olivia and herds her in also.
Leslie: "Come on. Come in."
The older girl remains standing outside, in the arch of the front door.

John looks down the road and throws a tiny salute. He glances towards the house and spots something.
John: "Milk."
He hurries over to the porch and opens a small box that is sitting there. He takes out a small glass bottle and starts pulling off the cap while still walking.
John: "Gawd... milk." He takes a big drink from the bottle. "oh, wow!"
The older girl leaves the porch and comes down towards John who has his back to her.
Girl: "What are you doing?"
John stops and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. He clears his throat.
John: "Just... " He turns to face the girl: "Just having some milk. K.. k.. kim?"
Kim: "Do... I know you?"
John: "I'm Fred."
Kim: "Fred?" She waves her hand.
John: "Fred Scarran. From the Gainsville Scarrans. We're family."
Kim: "You do look a little like Johnny."
John gestures with the milk bottle: "I just saw him drive off in Betty. Where's he goin? The lake?"
Kim: "No. When he gets really steamed up, he heads down to the canal."
John rubs his eyes: "Yah."
Kim: "That's near..."
John: "No, I know where that is." He steps closer to Kim: "I like... that spot... you know, with... the overhang, the... the... the tall trees."
Kim: "That... that's my favorite place! Johnny hates it there."
John: "Yah. I know. He shouldn't." He looks at her a moment, then he puts the cap back on the milk bottle and hands it to her.
John: "Milk? It does a body good." He walks away. Kim stands holding the milk bottle, watching him go.

D'Argo is in the dark, talking to something on a wall.
D'Argo: "Turn on the lights or black out the whole city." He pulls upwards on a lever.
Aeryn is staring up into a light fixture and reading slowly: "Made in france..."
Suddenly the bulb lights up. Aeryn yelps and steps back. She shakes her head: "Swailo!"
D'Argo does something that causes the light bulbs to all blow out with a loud "Pop! Bang", but in the livingroom, the television suddenly comes to life.

"Look at this studio. It's filled with glamorous prizes..."

Aeryn bends down to look at it: "What the frell is that?"
Vanna White's huge smile stares out of the screen at Aeryn.
Chiana giggles.
Rygel: "I have no idea." He is still sitting on the couch. He is covered in empty take-out food containers.

"This sensational twenty-one thousand dollar..."

Noranti shows the photo John had been looking at to Chiana: "What do you suppose this means?"

"... party showcase..."

Chiana takes the photo and looks at it: "Must be some kind of a... a greeting. Yah. To a friend."

"... three hundred dollar strand of pearls."

She practices holding up her middle fingers towards Noranti. "Hello, Wrinkles."
Chiana laughs. Noranti smiles and practices too.

"... sand dollars just waiting to be won on..."

Aeryn: "Wheel of fortoon." She is reading from the television screen.
Aeryn: "Wheel."

"... and now here's your host, Pat Sajack."

She grins and laughs.

John walks across a canal and over to the multi-colored pickup truck. Johnny is sitting outside, on the hood of the truck.
John: "Nice truck." He rubs his hand on the side of the truck and speaks softly: "Betty."
Johnny: "Who are you?"
John grabs the window frame and vaults into the back of the truck.
John: "My name's John. John Clarence. You know, you should go to the overhang more often. Kim likes it there." He puts his hands on the roof of the truck and bounces a few times.
Johnny: "What the hell are you doing?"
John jumps up and down a couple more times: "Just checkin your suspension, bra. Need you to do me a favor. You have to talk to your father. I want him not to go up on the shuttle."
Johnny gets down from the hood of the truck: "Look. I don't know who you are, but shove off." He opens the driver's door and gets in.
John jumps out of the back and leans into the truck before Johnny can close the door.
Johnny: "Hey!"
John grabs the keys and backs away from the truck, holding them out. Johhny follows him and runs at him.
Johnny: "Huh!"
John grabs him and turns him around, pushing him up against the side of the truck.
John: "Okay. We don't hit. We may shoot people sometimes, but we don't hit."
Johnny: "Get off me you..." He turns around and shoves John away.
John: "And no. I am not. You got problems. You're gonna outgrow most of 'em. And I know why you're upset."
Johnny: "You got no idea!"
John: "Yes I do. You think he treats her badly."
Johnny: "How do you know that?"
John: "The same way I know you helped DK cheat on his SATs. You want to go to college, boy? Convince your Dad not to fly on the Challenger." He tosses the truck keys to Johnny.
Johnny takes them and gets in the truck. He leans his arm on the open window ledge: "You're a spook, right? Come to test the family? Cause if you guys knew anything, you'd know I can't convince my Dad to do squat."
John: "You're wrong."
Johnny: "You're wrong. He never listens." He starts the truck and squeals off.
John watches him go: "Man, when you're right, you're right."

On the tv screen, there is a little girl's face and the letter "H".

A young child giggles. Kermit the frog sings: "H, I, J, K, LMNOP."

Aeryn: "D'Argo. You should study this. LMNOP."

"Q, R, S..."

Aeryn: " Q. Just a few of their words. Just in case."
D'Argo: "Chiana has already told me a few words. Yes, no, bite me... that's all I need to know."
Aeryn: "R, S... S. This girl is slow!" She frowns at the tv.
Chiana comes back into the room, behind Aeryn. She is wearing a low cut peasant dress in orange and white stripes. There are ruffles at the wrists and neckline. She has red/orange gloves on that match the dress.
Rygel: "Why are you wearing that?"
Chiana: "Come on. Aren't you bustin to get out?"
Rygel makes a noncommital sound.
Chiana: "We're on earth! It's Crichton's hometown." She gestures with her head and starts towards the door.
D'Argo: "John has told us to stay."

Kermit and the little girl laugh.

Aeryn: "... again with the Cookie Monster."

Rygel: "Crichton has gotten home. If you don't screw this up, maybe one day he can get me home too."
Chiana: "I don't want to wait for one day. I want to go exploring now!"
D'Argo: "Chiana! I am not permitting you to go."
Aeryn: "Can you keep it down? I'm trying to listen."
Chiana: "You're not the captain down here. It's Halloween. I'll fit in!"
She quickly pushes back the curtain and leaves.
D'Argo starts after her: "Chiana, no!"
Aeryn sees him and gets up off the floor: "D'Argo, no. Don't go out there!"
D'Argo stops by the curtain and looks out.

A dark haired woman in a flower print dress walks in front of the garage door just as Chiana comes skipping around the corner from the yard. They both stop and stare at each other. Chiana grins and holds up her middle finger towards the woman. The woman doesn't react. Chiana looks confused by this, so she walks up to the woman and holds the finger up right in front of her face. The woman looks quite surprised but still doesn't say anything. Chiana gives up and backs away, then walks off. The woman watches her leave and then turns back towards the yard.

D'Argo and Aeryn are still watching at the curtain.
D'Argo gestures for Aeryn to get back: "Tsck, tsck, tsck."
Aeryn stays behind the curtain while D'Argo quickly leaves the room.

Kermit: "Q, R, S, T, U, V..." The little girl joins in: "T, U, V."

Aeryn pulls back the curtain and looks out just as the woman arrives. Both women gasp.
The woman ducks under Aeryn's arm and comes into the room.
Rygel chuckles.
The woman looks over the back of the couch and wrinkles up her nose when she sees Rygel who continues to chuckle.

Kermit: "W, X, Y and Z."

Woman, whispers: "What is this?"
Rygel turns his head to look behind himself and sees the woman.
Rygel: "Hah, hah, hah." He laughs again.
The woman turns and walks back out, under Aeryn's upheld arm.

Little girl: "I love you." Kermit: "I love you too."

Rygel's face falls: "Uh oh."

Little girl: "Okay." She whispers: "Gimme a kiss."

Onboard Moya...

Sikozu: "Pilot, there is no need for a complete shut-down. Turn up the heat." She huddles in a blanket.
Pilot comms: "Scorpius, Sikozu, we've got trouble! Get up here!"

Pilot: "Peacekeeper mauraders are approaching at maximum speed. Grayza and Braca are aboard."
Scorpius: "We'll starburst."
Sikozu: "No. If Moya does, she will never find this wormhole's exact location again. Crichton and the others..."
Scorpius: "Will be lost."
Pilot: "We must go now!"
Sikozu: "If you run, Grayza will asume Crichton is aboard and she will hunt you down." Sikozu looks at Scorpius and continues: "We let Grayza board. She will see Crichton is not here and she..."
Pilot: "She will kill me!"
Scorpius: "If Crichton is not here, she will not hurt you, Pilot."

Johnny drives the multi-colored truck, Betty, down a street. He has the radio playing.

"... our true love."

He sees Chiana who is squatted down, examining a lawn ornament (a gnome). Johnny pulls over to the curb next to her and stops. He leans his arm on the window of the truck.

"... dreams that come and go..."

Chiana puts down the gnome and stands up.
Johnny: "Hey. Nice outfit. Goin to a party?"
Chiana nods: "Yah."
Johnny: "Want a lift?"
Chiana nods again: "Sure."

"... you can tell me 'bout the pain you feel.."

Chiana looks at the truck, then walks over and climbs up onto and over the hood. She is wearing red shoes and white panties. Johnny watches her through the windshield, in amazement. On the sidewalk, a man stops and turns his head to watch her clamber over the truck and get in the passenger window.
Chiana chuckles.

"...the wounds will never heal, oh"

Chiana reaches over and spins the volume knob on the radio so the music blares out...


Johnny: "You like that?"
Chiana moves her head and shoulders to the music. She gives her head a shake and laughs.


Johnny: "Cool. So, what's your name?"
Chiana: "Chiana." She reaches out and opens the ashtray.
Johnny: "Karen?"


Chiana: "Yah." She looks at him and nods: "Yah, Karen."


Chiana holds up the cigarette lighter, examining it.
Chiana: "She-aw!"


Johnny: "Karen Shaw, right?"


Johnny: "The name's John Crichton."


Chiana stops playing with the cigarette lighter and looks at Johnny: "Crichton?"
Johnny: "What's the matter?"


Chiana touches his arm: "Drive." She uses her hands to pantomime turning the steering wheel. "Drive. Drive."


Johnny starts the truck and they drive off.
Chiana: "Trilll... Yeehhahahah!"

A Florida State Trooper car pulls into the driveway in front of the garage and parks. The trooper turns off the car, picks up his hat and gets out.
D'Argo is watching from behind a window: "Looks like an enforcer. He has a weapon."
Aeryn comes back into the room. She is wearing a flowered top and bellbottomed hip huggers. Her midriff is bare.
Aeryn: "D'Argo, you should put this on too." She tosses a blue football jersey to D'Argo who catches it.
Rygel: "Aeryn knows enough English to get us through. Just remember the plan."
D'Argo: "Plan doesn't work, we use force." He takes the jersey and leaves the room.
Aeryn: "It'll be fine." She sighs.
There is a knock at the door and Aeryn gasps. She peeks out and sees the Trooper standing at the door.
Aeryn steps outside and closes the door behind her: "Hello."
The trooper touches the brim of his hat: "Ma'am."
Aeryn: "How can I help you?"
The trooper puts his hand on his hip and looks around and up: "Uh... well, this house was, uh..."
Aeryn looks up as well: "Abandoned... by our uncle. Would you like to come in?"
Trooper: "Yah, thanks." He looks past her at the door.
Aeryn: "Oh." She opens the door and steps aside for him.
Still sitting on the couch, Rygel gasps.
Noranti is sitting nearby. She has a cloth tied around her hair as a headband. She is holding a menu upside down, looking at it.
The door creaks as it closes.
Trooper: "Listen. I'm afraid I've had a uh..."
D'Argo stands behind a doorway and listens. He is wearing the football jersey over his long robe, along with his qualta blade.
Aeryn: "A complaint? From the lady. Yes, I think she was scared." Aeryn reaches over the back of the couch: "She saw Kermit." She picks Rygel up by the shoulders and tosses him away onto the floor. "We thought the batteries were dead, but it's just a... silly toy."
Rygel lands on his back, his mouth and eyes wide open.
Noranti belches loudly.
Aeryn: "Grandma, say excuse me." Noranti glances up.
Trooper: "Okay. Where are you from?"
Behind him, D'Argo sneezes.
Aeryn: "Uh..."
As he sneezes, D'Argo takes a step into the room. The trooper whirls around and pulls his gun, pointing it at D'Argo.
Trooper: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't move pal!"
Aeryn: "It's all right. He's just my brother."
Noranti: "It's Halloween, remember?"
Aeryn smiles nervously and nods.
Noranti: "He's uh... he's dressed-up. In a mask."
Trooper: "That's a mask?"
Aeryn: "Yes, of course it is."
Trooper: "You're uh... a little old to be dressing up for Halloween, aren't you pal?"
D'Argo: "No."
The trooper continues to stare at him, the gun pointed.
D'Argo: "Yes." He shrugs a little bit: "Uh... bite...."
Aeryn shuts her eyes.
D'Argo: ".... me."
Trooper: "Okay! Take off the mask pal. Now! Take off the mask!"



The State Trooper yells: "Take off the mask!"
D'Argo holds up his qualta blade and starts towards the Trooper.
Aeryn steps between them: "It's all right. Toy sword."
Noranti hurries over to the Trooper.
Trooper: "Stand back."
Noranti: "Excuse me!" She blows some powder in the Trooper's face. He closes his eyes and coughs. Aeryn and D'Argo stand stock still and watch. D'Argo lowers his blade and sighs as the Trooper sinks to the floor, in Noranti's arms.
Noranti whispers: "There is no danger here. See D'Argo remove his mask. See the hoo-man you expect. Then go and leave us alone."
She lets go of the Trooper's head and he gasps and opens his eyes. He stays on the floor, looking up and sees what looks like D'Argo's "mask" come off and a young black man appears.
Man: "Is there a problem, Officer?"
Trooper: "Oh, no, no. No problem."
The Trooper gets to his feet and backs away. He sees the tall, black man watching him.
Trooper: "No problem. I'll just, uh... I'll just go, man and uh... you guys... just, uh, you know, do your own thing." He goes to the door.
Noranti: "Happy Halloween."
Trooper: "Uh huh." He leaves.
Aeryn follows him to the door: "Bye, bye." She closes it behind him.
Still lying on his back on the floor, under a pizza box, Rygel groans.
Rygel: "You bitch! I think you broke a rib." He groans again.
Aeryn: "Shut up."
Rygel gasps.
Aeryn: "Well, we've done it now. I'll have to go and find Crichton." She looks at D'Argo.
D'Argo looks back.

Aeryn walks down a street on the grass, by the curb. She is still wearing the blue-flowered hip-hugger outfit. Children can be heard playing. A ball rolls towards her and she stoops and picks it up. She looks at it, then tosses it back to a boy with a baseball mitt on his hand.
Boy: "Thanks, Ma'am."
Aeryn: "Okay."
John walks from across the street and joins her. They continue to walk down the street.
John: "Oh, man. I like those clothes."
Aeryn: "I hope this is all right. It's all we could find."
John: "Well, you kind of look like Cher."
Aeryn: "Is that a good, or a bad thing?"
John: "It works."
Aeryn: "How are things going here?"
John: "Ahh... situation normal. It's getting worse. Now my Dad's leaving tomorrow."

Leslie Crichton is sitting outside at a table, her back towards the street. She is dealing out cards onto the table in front of her. John and Aeryn walk past the yard. John slows and looks. Aeryn keeps her head bent down and continues on. John spots her and hurries to catch up as Olivia comes out of the house and goes over to Leslie.
Olivia: "Mom, I'm going." She takes something from the table.
Leslie reaches up and grabs it: "Oh... uh... hey."
John crouches down next to Aeryn and they look into the yard through the fence. He puts his thumb to his lips.
Leslie: "You sure you don't want me to drive you over?"
Olivia: "I'll call you when I get to Deb's house."
Leslie: "Okay."
Olivia: "Bye, Mom."
Leslie: "Bye, honey."

Aeryn: "Who? What?" She has her hand on his thigh, holding herself steady.
John is still chewing on his lip. He hangs on to Aeryn's arm, just above the elbow. Aeryn stares into his face as he talks.
John: "That's my mother. She died... four years before I left. Now I'm gonna talk to her."
Aeryn takes John's other hand and clasps it in hers. She gives him a little smile.

John: "Excuse me, Ma'am." He comes in the gate behind Leslie. She stands up and turns quickly around. The chair makes a scraping noise. They stand and look at each other for a few moments.
Leslie: "Do I know you?"
John: "No. No... um..." He squirms nervously. "You read the cards?"
Leslie nods slightly: "I know it's silly. Everybody thinks it is, especially my son."
John: "It's not. He's wrong. He's just... young. It's not silly." He grins at her.
Leslie smiles and laughs quietly.
John: "It's a little strange. But then that's why I'm here. Um... I did a reading in Gainesville and I... uh... saw your husband."
Leslie: "Jack?"
John: "Yah. Don't let him go tomorrow. Make him stay til Monday."
Leslie: "I did a reading. I... God... is there something...?"
John: "I don't know. Just... don't let him go this weekend." John looks away: "Don't... don't back down like you always do."
Leslie: "How do you know that?"
John: "It's in your face. You're a peacemaker, not a fighter. Look, just, uh, don't let him go. I'm sorry I bothered you." He turns and starts to go. He stops at the gate
Leslie: "Wait! Are you sure... I don't know you?"
John glances back at her: "No. You don't know me."
There is a quiet clank from the gate as he leaves.

Aeryn is sitting, watching tv. On the screen, a woman, surrounded by fancy dolls, is reading a letter...

Woman: "It even brought tears to my eyes."

Rygel: "Just tell your father about the crash and he won't go on the scuttle."
John: "Shuttle. No, he probably won't believe me. Just make things worse." He spins around in his chair.
D'Argo is standing by the front window: "What do you want to do?"
John sighs: "Seventeen years ago, I got trapped in a fire. I was in a coma for two days. My Dad saved me. Afterwards, when NASA called, he refused to leave."
Noranti: "And you want to recreate that."
John: "I want to get as close as I can. I'll get my old girlfriend to bring my... self here. We'll make sure my Dad saves me, light a fire."
Noranti: "I can help." She stands up. "I can simulate a coma so..."
John: "No... no... no... no, Grandma. You do not touch my body." John stops and looks around: "Where's Chiana?"

Chiana sits in the passenger seat of the truck. She is turned sideways, listening to Johnny talk.
Johnny: "Yah, we used to get along. We did stuff. Now he just thinks we're part of his crew or somethin."
Chiana sighs: "Fathers."
Johnny: "You got trouble with yours?"
Chiana sighs again and smiles: "Yah."
There is a roaring sound from outside, like an airplane.
Johnny: "The joke is... I want to go up there too, one day."
Chiana: "You will."
Johnny laughs: "Naw, it's too tough. It's a total bitch. They only take the best."
Chiana just watches him.
Johnny: "I don't know... maybe... one day."

The State Trooper gets out of his car which is parked in front of the garage. He quietly closes the door behind him and walks bent over to the fence by the yard. He goes along the fence, pushing past some bushes, and stands up to look over.
Noranti's head appears at the same time, opposite him, on the inside of the fence.
Noranti: "Hello, Cookie Monster." She smiles and blows powder in his face.
The Trooper throws his arm up in front of his face and closes his eyes. He staggers and falls against the fence.

Inside the yard, in an abandoned swimming pool, Noranti has the Trooper in a chair. There is a tv with a lamp on top of it sitting in front of him. Noranti leans over him, from behind the chair. She is holding a metal dipper to his mouth and he is swallowing loudly. D'Argo comes to the edge of the pool and looks over.
D'Argo: "What are you doing?"
Noranti: "He was snooping. I'm running tests to make sure I don't hurt Crichton if I put him into a coma. Look." She grabs the Trooper's ear and twists it totally around. He doesn't blink. "I can do anything to him. He doesn't feel a thing."
D'Argo: "Crichton told us not to make things worse. Get him out of there."

Noranti and D'Argo try to stuff the unconscious Trooper into the backseat of his squad car.
D'Argo: "Get him in!"
The Trooper flops over sideways onto the back seat and Noranti gets in on the other side.
The nosy neighbor lady comes outside and watches them.
D'Argo climbs into the drivers seat and puts on the Trooper's hat.
D'Argo: "Helmet."
The Trooper groans and falls halfway out the door of the car, onto the pavement. Noranti grabs him by the arm and pulls him back in.
Noranti: "Nearly lost him. Ohf!"
D'Argo closes the driverside door: "Machine. Go!" Nothing happens.
Noranti leans over the back of the seat: "I think you might turn that." She points to the key.
D'Argo: "Alright." He slaps her hand away. "Mind your own business."
D'Argo turns the key and the car engine starts.
D'Argo: "Okay. Prepare for engagement."
The car backs out of the driveway to the sound of squealing tires. It backs all the way around and hits some garbage cans with a loud crash.
The neighbor lady backs away from the impending crash then, when the car stops, she comes over to the door.
Neighbor: "Excuse me!"
D'Argo leans out the car window: "Uh..." He gestures at the lady with his middle finger.
She just blinks.
D'Argo exhales loudly: "Huh." He turns back to the steering wheel and the car starts to move again, forward this time, with jumps and starts and squeals. The Trooper sits in the backseat, his head lolling unconsciously. The neighbor stands there, mouth open, watching them leave.

A small ship lands in Moya's hanger bay with a thud. A squad of Peacekeepers, followed by Captain Braca and Commandant Grayza march into Pilot's den.
Captain Braca: "Activate the control collar."
Pilot: "Moya doesn't want a control collar. Please. We didn't try to run."
The Peacekeepers ignore Pilot and go about their business. Braca climbs over Pilot's console.
Pilot: "We didn't st... starburst. I told you, I... I have no idea where Crichton is."
Captain Braca smiles.
Commandant Grayza: "Braca, if Crichton is aboard this Leviathan, bring him to me."
Braca: "Yes Ma'am. Commence a full tier search. I'll start in the neural cluster." He smirks at Pilot and climbs down off the console.

There is a large, full moon shining in the sky.
As John comes into the living room, Rygel is laughing.
John walks over to the couch and sits down next to him. Rygel is stabbing at a pumpkin with a knife.
John: "Well, I've arranged it with Kim. I'm gonna meet my young self at the canal tomorrow." John sighs. He looks over at Rygel and puts a hand on his head. "What're you doin?"
Rygel: "Cutting. Just cutting. Make them scaaary you said. Scary. Uhh!"
John gingerly picks up a piece of chocolate out of a pile of wrappers next to Rygel and eats it.
John: "Well, somebody got a sugar high. You been stealin candy, Mr. Burroughs?"
Rygel: "Ohh, Crichton! How illegal is this dren? You've got to get me more! I don't care what it costs!"
John: "Buckwheat, breathe. Breathe." He takes the knife out of Rygel's hand, but Rygel keeps making stabbing motions with his hand. "Get some sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow." He pats Rygel on the head and leaves.
Rygel: "Okay. Okay. Good idea." He looks at his hand which is still quivering.

Sikozu: "The neural turbines. They will hide our heat signatures."
She is still wrapped in a blanket. She and Scorpius are alone in Moya's neural cluster.
Scorpius: "You go."
Sikozu: "Scorpius, we must hide until the Peacekeepers have gone."
Scorpius: "I'll be fine."
Sikozu watches Scorpius' face for a moment, then turns and leaves.
Scorpius listens as Braca orders: "Check tier nine."
Soldier: "Yes, Sir."
Braca: "I'll go below."
Scorpius gets up and moves behind a pillar. He watches as Captain Braca climbs down a ladder into the chamber. From behind Braca, Scorpius growls loudly.
Braca turns and sees Scorpius. He quickly turns away, putting his back to a pillar: "You... you're dead."
Scorpius hisses and steps closer to Braca: "How many aboard the Leviathan, Braca?"
Braca: "Thirty Peacekeepers... and Grayza."
Scorpius steps still closer: "Will they follow you down here?"
Braca: "No."
Scorpius reaches out and grabs Braca's back: "Lieuten... hah... I mean Captain..." He turns Braca to face him. He grabs him by both sides of his face. He pulls Braca towards him and kisses him on the forehead: "Well done."
Braca smiles and puts his hands on Scorpius' cheeks: "It's good to see you, Sir."



Birds are chirping merrily outside the derelict house.

"Good Morning, Florida."

D'Argo takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. He is lying down with his head next to a bicycle tire. There is a radio announcer talking that he can hear.

"I hope you're having a very scary Halloween. Oooh bwahoo ohh!"

The State Trooper is lying on his back, on the ground.
Trooper: "Chief."
Chief: "We've been looking for you all night."
Another Trooper and the neighbor woman are standing next to an open car door, staring down at the Trooper.
Neighbor: "I saw you with them."
The Trooper squirms around, trying to get his legs out of the car. There is an open liquor bottle lying on the ground next to him. Another neighbor woman is watching from behind a nearby tree.
Trooper: "I don't know what you saw, Dot, but I think I need a warrant."
The Chief comes over and helps the Trooper get up.

Everyone has gathered in the livingroom of the old house. D'Argo walks in, carrying some things which he drops on the floor.
D'Argo: "The charges are almost ready. They'll create more smoke than fire. Your father'll have a quarter of an arn to get you out."
Aeryn sighs: "I'll set a perimeter. Make sure we're not interrupted." She gets up off the couch.
Noranti comes over to John: "And I've made enough syrup to keep the kid unconscious for three arns. Oh, oh don't worry, I've tested it on the enforcer, so the boy won't wake in the middle of the rescue."
John: "We'll see. I'll go get my... self, and I'll be right back." He gets up.

John and Chiana crawl through some weeds outside the Crichton's yard. They quietly lift their heads so they can see past the fence.

Leslie is sitting at the table. Jack bends over her and kisses her on the forehead.
Jack: "Mmm. You smell nice."
Leslie: "Thank you."

John smiles.

Jack sits down beside her at the table: "Well, what do the cards say?"
She takes his hand.
Leslie: "Oh." She laughs: "You're definitely staying." She kisses his hand.

John whispers: "They look happy. I didn't see my parents like that very often."

Leslie: "Now you pick one."
Jack: "This better be good."

Chiana: "I never saw that in my sires." She puts his head on John's shoulder.

Leslie laughs.
Jack: "... definitely going."
Leslie laughs: "Oh, no, no, no." She takes back Jack's card and they laugh.
Leslie: "Cut. Cut."

John: "You just want 'em to stay like that."

Jack and Leslie continue to laugh and talk as Jack cuts the cards.
Leslie: "I cheat."

John: "You know, they think they've got all the time in the world, but pretty soon it's doctors, tests..."

They laugh and Jack takes another card.
Jack: "Well, this one isn't too bad."

Chiana and John move away from the embankment.

Johnny is standing on a bank, throwing rocks into the canal. Kim is sitting in Betty, fixing her hair. John comes to the open drivers door. He is bent down, staying low. He climbs into the truck, beside Kim.
John: "Psst!"
Kim: "Hey! Hi."
John: "Hey."
Kim: "Hi. I did what you told me. Johnny doesn't want to be here but... I told him we had to talk. He thinks I'm breaking up with him."
John: "Yeah. Well, you will."
Kim: "What did you say?"
John: "Nothing. He's just... you know, a girl like you...."
Kim: "Are you flirting with me?"
John: "Huh? No. Why would I do that? No, I'm just..."
Chiana appears in the passenger doorway: "Hey!"
Kim turns around to look at Chiana. Chiana hits her on the chin and knocks her out. Chiana giggles.
John: "Whoa!" He catches Kim as she falls over. "What the hell did you do that?"
Chiana: "We're in a hurry." She looks down at Kim: "So... this is what... what you're in to."
John: "She's a nice girl!"
Chiana laughs: "Well, if she's really that nice, how about you take care of her and, uh, I'll take care of him. No questions asked."
John looks down at Kim and back at Chiana.

Some kids knock on the open door behind the curtain. Rygel is sitting on the couch. The back of it is facing the door.
Kids (in unison): "Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!"
Rygel: "Come in. Over here."
There are three children: a skeleton, a pirate and a vampire.
Pirate: "Trick or treat, money or eats."
Rygel laughs.
The skeleton walks over to Rygel on the couch and holds out its goody bag.
Skeleton: "Cool toy." He reaches out with finger and touches Rygel's mouth. Rygel opens his eyes and mouth and growls loudly at the kids. The skeleton drops his bag on the couch and all three kids scream and run out of the house. Rygel continues to growl.
Kid: "Mom!"
Rygel: "HahahaIgotit..."
John comes in past the running, screaming children: "What the hell?" He snatches the bag of candy away from Rygel.
John: "Rygel! Stop doing that!"
Rygel gasps: "But I love this and you... you... you won't buy me any more. I want a Kit-Kat and M&M's and Pez and Reeses Pieces. All for me!"
John walks away, carrying the candy bag: "D? You all set?"
D'Argo is working at the fuse box: "Yah. I'm just priming the last charge." There is smoke coming out of the fuse box.

Noranti is outside, in the abandoned pool, stirring a kettle.
Chiana comms her: "Noranti? How much longer til... til the serum's ready?"
Noranti tastes the liquid in the dipper: "Half an arn. Can you keep him occupied?"
Chiana: "I'll think of somethin."
Noranti rolls her eyes and smiles: "I'm sure you can. Hmm."

Chiana climbs down off the roof of Betty. Johnny is sitting in the bed of the truck.
Chiana: "Okay." She climbs over Johnny, straddling him. "Garage."
Johnny: "Yah."
Chiana: "Yah." She leans over and puts her forehead against Johnny's: "Is this, uh... your... f... first?" She starts messing with his jacket buttons.
Johnny nods.
Chiana: "Is this how you... you imagined... it?"
Johnny: "Not in Betty. I always thought it'd be in my Dad's four-wheel drive."
They kiss and Chiana pushes his jacket back off his shoulder.

Onboard Moya...

In the neural cluster...
Scorpius: "Does Grayza know you're my spy?"
Braca: "No, but she'll figure it out when she discovers you're alive."
Scorpius: "She must never find that out."
Braca: "We've got to stop her. She's organizing a peace initiative with the Scarrans."
Scorpius: "They're using her. They'll agree to everything, then betray us when their forces are battle ready."
Braca: "What shall I do?"
Scorpius: "Stall her, Braca. I'm not given to exaggeration, but... the future of Peacekeeper survival depends on you."

The Chief is sitting in the drivers seat of the squad car. The Trooper gets in the passenger side. The car radio is going in the background.
Trooper: "I got the warrant. Let's go search that house."
The squad car drives off.

The water behind the derelict house is peacefully lapping. Inside, Johnny sits in an old stuffed chair, contentedly watching tv. Noranti creeps into the room behind him. Chiana looks at him from behind a pillar.
Noranti whispers: "Everything is set. You can do this?"
Chiana takes a glass from Noranti's hand: "No problem. Just make sure everyone stays out of sight... until he drinks it."
Noranti turns and creeps back out of the room.
Chiana goes over to the chair and kneels down beside it. Noranti peers in from the doorway.
Chiana: "Hey."
Johnny: "Hey."
Chiana: "Here." She hands him the glass.
Johnny looks at her and takes the glass. He drinks the liquid that is in it and sets the glass down on the floor, away from Chiana.
Chiana: "It's okay?" She is holding his hand.
Johnny: "Yah." He smiles at her.

Over the sound of the tv, it is just possible to hear the squad car as it pulls up into the driveway. The back door slides opens and Aeryn comes in. She is wearing her long coat and a black top.
Aeryn: "We've got trouble. Two enforcers.
John rushes in behind her and goes to the window. He points at Chiana: "Stay down!"
Johnny stands up: "Hang on! You're that guy that..." Suddenly, he chokes and gags.
John points from the window: "Chiana! Keep him down!"
Chiana grabs for Johnny who is having problems breathing. He spins away from her and falls onto his back, on the floor. He begins to have a seizure.
Chiana bends over him: "Crichton? Crichton!"
Aeryn looks over: "What's the matter?"
John hurries over to his "younger self": "Old Woman! I thought she tested this stuff."
Chiana and John both try to hold Johnny as he jerks and gasps.
Chiana: "Is this supposed to be happening?"
Noranti hurries into the room.
John feels the artery in Johnny's neck: "No pulse. Ive got no pulse!" He looks up at Noranti.
There is a knocking at the front door.

"Police. Open up!"

Chiana points at John and whispers: "Crichton." She is staring at him and pointing her finger: "Crichton."
John: "What!?"
Chaina: "I don't know what... Your arm."
John looks down at his left arm which is becoming transparent.
There is more knocking.

"Police. Open the door. We have a warrant to search these permises."

John becomes more transparent as he watches his arm. Aeryn stares at him in amazement.
The knocking continues.

"Open up the door!"



"Open the door! It's the police!"

D'Argo runs breathlessly into the room to the sound of knocking. He looks around
D'Argo: "Where's Crichton?"
John: "I'm here. I've disappeared."
Noranti: "Calm down. Everything's under control."
John: "Under control? Oh! Ooh! I'm gone! What happens next? I lose my voice?"
Aeryn, standing by the door, mouths: "I wish. Keep your voice down."
There is more pounding.
"Police! Open up!"
Aeryn whispers: "Keep it down."
Noranti: "The sheriff's body weight must be greater so... I gave the boy too much."
John: "Bring me back!"
Aeryn: "Just bring him back."
Noranti gestures down at the prone Johnny: "His body has stopped functioning and you are ceasing... wherever you are... to exist."
Still more pounding.
"Alright people..."
Aeryn: "We're going to have to let them in."
"... let's open it up now."
Aeryn: "Are you ready?"
Chiana: "Yah."
Noranti chews on something she puts in her mouth. Aeryn turns to the door.
Aeryn: "Two of them. You take the big one."
D'Argo is standing on the other side of the door: "Yah."
Aeryn pushes back the curtains and opens the sliding door. Then she opens the outer door and smiles.
Aeryn: "Hello."
Sheriff: "Ma'am."
She nods at the Sheriff as he walks in: "Hi."
The Trooper follows the Sheriff into the house.
D'Argo grabs the Sheriff and slams him face first into a wall. Aeryn gut punches the Trooper. He grunts and bends over. Aeryn pushes him the rest of the way to the floor and hits him again, from behind. The Sheriff is already unconscious.
John's voice: "Grandma. Fix me."
Noranti calmly chews the thing she put in her mouth. She waves a hand at the place where John's voice came from: "You're just a nookie!" She goes over to Johnny's body. "Haven't you ever died before?" She touches Chiana on the shoulder: "Move" and kneels down in her place. She leans over Johnny's face and spits a long wad of something into his mouth.
Aeryn, watching, makes a "eww" face and gasps.
Noranti covers Johnny's mouth with hers.
Aeryn runs over to them: "What are you doing?"
Johnny inhales a long gasping breath and sits up. Over by the window, John becomes faintly visible again. He looks at his own hands.
John: "Hey! Is that is?"
Johnny gasps again and sinks back onto the floor.
Noranti: "See. Nothing to worry about."
John: "Then, why am I like this?"
Noranti: "Well... I couldn't bring him back too quickly so I don't really know, but I... think your semi-corporeality won't last long. So why don't you use your condition to our advantage?"
John: "Fine. I'll go get my Dad. I'm Casper the frickin joke."
He leaves through the open back door.
The Trooper crawls to his knees. Across from him, he sees Rygel. Rygel looks back at him.
Rygel: "Hmmm."
Trooper: "Who are you people?"
Noranti gets down close to him, her third eye glowing bright pink: "Aliens."
The Trooper looks away from her, at D'Argo.
D'Argo tongues him. The Trooper falls back against the wall, unconscious again.
D'Argo: "I'm gonna to set the charges for the smoke."
Aeryn: "Right. Let's get 'em into the garage." She starts to pick up Johnny.

Leslie Crichton is sitting at the table in her yard. She is shuffling a deck of cards and humming to herself. A shadow falls over her face. She stops shuffling and looks up as the shadow passes. The shadow of a hand caresses her cheek. She puts her own hand up to the shadow, still humming. She stops humming and stares, feeling her cheek.
John: "Mom. It's me."
Leslie: "Johnny?"
John: "I love you. I've wanted to tell you that for a very long time." He is faintly visible at the side of the table.
Leslie makes herself look at the cards: "What's the matter?"
John: "I'm in trouble. I'm in the Carson house. Get Dad and tell him to save me."
Leslie puts the cards on the table and gets up, hurrying towards the house.
Leslie: "Jack! Jack!"
John calls after her: "Mom, listen! When you first feel the pain, don't..." But she is out of hearing range: "... don't wait."
John becomes fully visible again.

On Moya...

Braca: "The initial scans were accurate. The Leviathan is empty."
He and Grayza are walking down a corridor, followed by a couple of Peacekeeper soldiers.
Grayza: "I assumed as much. I accessed the memory banks. The pilot has no idea where Crichton's gone. Braca, prepare the marauders. Set course for our meeting with the Scarrans."
Braca: "Yes Ma'am. You two, come with me."
Braca takes the soldiers and goes down another corridor. Grayza watches until they have gone, then speaks to something that has come into the corridor ahead of her.
The creature snarls and whips its arms past the entryway.
Grayza: "There's no way that Moya can detect your presence. But Crichton's DNA, which I provided for you, will enable you to detect his presence. So when he returns, as we know he will, capture him alive."
The creature looks out into the corridor and snarls again.

Noranti walks by the truck "Betty" in the smoke filled garage. She hurries over to Johnny who is lying across the truck's tailgate and blows powder in his face.
Noranti whispers in his ear: "Remember nothing." She gets up and whispers: "Hurry."
Chiana bends over Johnny and whispers in his other ear: "Except for Karen Shaw... in the four-wheel drive."

D'Argo is at the fuse box. Lots of smoke is pouring out of it. He waves his hand through the smoke.

Noranti is in the livingroom, kneeling next to the Sheriff on the floor. She blows powder in his face and whispers: "Remember nothing." She gets up and goes over to the Trooper who is also lying on the floor.

D'Argo yells: "Okay, we've gotta go!"

Chiana dashes in to the livingroom and over to Noranti: "Hey Wrinkles. No, no, no, no. It's time to go." She pulls Noranti up to her feet.
Noranti: "No!"
Chiana: "No, no, no."
Noranti: "The sheriff..."
Chiana: "No."
Noranti: "... must..."
Chiana: "No."
Noranti: "... forget."
Chiana: "They're coming."
Noranti: "He must!"

Smoke is pouring out of the boarded up windows of the house. D'Argo drags the Trooper out by his armpits and throws him into the squad car. He slumps face down in the lap of the Sheriff who is already behind the wheel, though still unconscious.
D'Argo: "Is everyone else back on the ship?"
Aeryn: "Yes. Jack's on his way." She hurries and hides behind a wall, followed by D'Argo.
Jack runs across the driveway, towards the house, yelling: "John?" He stops by the garage door and pounds on it a couple of times: "John!" When nothing happens, he continues around, into the house: "John? Johnny?"
John runs up: "Damn, he moves fast for an old guy!"
He joins Aeryn and D'Argo behind the wall.
D'Argo: "You're back."
John: "Yah. In more ways than one."
The neighbor, Dot, comes into the yard: "Hello?"
John looks up over the wall, sees her and gets back down.
John: "Damn. She's going to screw things up. My dad has to do it by himself. Aeryn."
Aeryn hoists herself up and over the wall, out onto the sidewalk.

Jack can be heard from the house, yelling: "John? Where are you? John, are you here?"
Dot has walked up to the squad car and is peering in at the unconscious Sheriff and Trooper. Aeryn sneaks up behind her.
Inside the smoke filled house, Jack calls: "John?" He walks forward and hits his temple on the hanging light fixture. It knocks him out and he falls unconscious to the floor. Aeryn hits Dot and knocks her out, beside the squad car. Smoke continues to pour out of the now open door to the house.
D'Argo: "You know, if he stays in there too much longer, it's gonna catch on fire. Why do our plans never work?"
John: "Murphy's Law." He looks up at all the smoke billowing around the front of the garage and runs into the house. He spots Jack on the floor.
John: "Son... D!"
D'Argo runs in.
John: "I'm gonna get myself. You take Dad." John hurries to the garage.
D'Argo kneels beside Jack. Aeryn runs back behind the wall.
D'Argo drags Jack into the garage.
D'Argo: "You all right?"
John: "I'm still here." He looks down at the unconscious Johnny lying on the gate of the truck. D'Argo opens the garage door and drags Jack out onto the grass.
John smooths Johnny's forehead: "Try not to frown so much."
He kisses it lightly: "Good luck."
John picks up Johnny and carries him out of the smoke filled garage.
D'Argo: "We've gotta go. I'll start LoLah." He passes John who has Johnny.
John: "Yah. All right." He lays Johnny down on the grass near Jack. He looks over at Jack and leaves them, running towards the wall and Aeryn.
There are sirens wailing off in the distance.
Jack hears the sirens and wakes up. He looks around and spots Johnny lying on the grass.
Jack: "John!"
Johnny coughs.
Jack: "Come on, pal. Breathe! Breathe. You'll be okay."
A car squeals to a stop near Jack and Johnny. Leslie gets out and runs over to them.
Leslie: "Jack? Oh my..."
Jack: "Talk to me. Come on."
Johnny: "What's goin on?"
Leslie: "Johnny?"
Jack: "He's alright. He's okay."
Johnny coughs again.
Kim runs up behind Leslie.
Aeryn looks at John: "I think it's time to go."
Kim: "Johnny? Johnny, you okay?"
Aeryn silently goes over the wall. Jack, the blood still running from the cut on his temple, looks back towards John. He stands up and takes a step closer. John watches him, then he leaps onto the top of the wall and looks back at Jack. He jumps down and is gone. Slowly, Jack turns back to his family.



The Trooper is sitting at a table and talking. He shakes his head: "I got no idea why nobody else remembers. I swear to God I'm tellin the truth. There was... um... this guy and he was invisible. And, um... this other thing that had this long tongue. Uh, he knocked me out with it."
Behind him, in another room, a dark haired man and a redhaired woman watch through one-way glass.
And they left this." He puts his hands around Rygel's pumpkin. It is on the table in front of him. "... as a sign. This has gotta..."
The dark haired man looks at the woman. She shakes her head: "That's enough." The man walks away.
Trooper: "... be like a message or somethin. 'Cause nobody human could'a made it." He peers down at the Scorpy face Rygel has carved in it. "There's no way a human could'a made this."

Lolah flies back into space.
Rygel: "How is everything else on your planet?"
John: "We did okay."
D'Argo: "Is there any way we can save those people going aboard that doomed shuttle?"
Noranti shakes her head: "No. Time must play out."
There is static, then Pilot's voice: "Crichton? Can you hear me?"
John: "Yes, Pilot. Where are you?"
Pilot: "Where you said to be."
D'Argo reaches some controls on the ceiling: "Well, we're scanning now, and you're not here."
Pilot: "Yes, we are."
John: "No. You're not. Pilot, listen up, this is important. What year is it where you are?"
Pilot: "Transmission from your earth indicates it's... two thousand and three. Follow my signal. Commander, come home."
D'Argo: "Okay. I'm locking on now."
Aeryn: "Here it comes."
A wormhole opens in front of them and LoLah flies into it. At the end of a bumpy, noisy ride, they exit.
Rygel: "By Lannit. Another earth."
John: "No. Same earth, Sparky. Just a different year."
This earth has Moya flying above it. LoLah heads for the docking bay.
As the steps lower, John is the first one to leave the ship. The hanger bay doors open with a rush and he starts through them. He stops when he sees that there are people lined up in the hanger, waiting for him. Three men and a woman. The first man is his Dad, Jack.
John stays where he is and looks at them.
Jack takes a couple of tries but finally says: "Welcome home, son. We've been waitin for ya a long time." He starts to walk towards John.
John immediately backs away and pulls his pulse pistol and points it at Jack.
Jack: "What's wrong, John?"
John keeps watching Jack's eyes: "Was it a bass... or a trout?"


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