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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: April 6, 2001
Written by David Kemper
Directed by Tony Tilse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.04 - Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 2: Wait for the Wheel


(Begins with scenes from "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part One")
Zhaan is sitting in front of a mirror with her covering off, looking at the sores on her head. Stark is peeking around a corner, watching her.
Pilot's Voice: "I am as concerned about Zhaan's welfare as you, Commander. I simply thought you'd like to see this, before it went away."

On Command....

John: "Wormhole.... Prepare to launch my module."
Pilot: "There's a ship approaching!"

An alien ship appears from out of the wormhole and Moya is impaled by it.

John (looking at what appears to be huge, white tinkertoys sticking through Moya): "What the hell?"

Stark (running through a corridor): "Ruptures everywhere."
D'Argo: "Moya is frelled!"

Alien Male(Kreetago): "Alien penetration of our vessel!"

Alien Female(speaking to John and Aeryn): "I am Pathfinder Neeyala."

Pilot(with green vomit still on his lips): "This region of space... I can not function under the bombardment."

Neeyala: "We've ricochetted into the region that divides a wormhole from normal space/time."

John: "How do we get the ships apart?"

Several of the aliens are in their ship.
Aeryn: "Is your phaz... tillon generator the key?"
Neeyala: "Yes."

Rygel is surrounded by a cloud of steam, standing by the cryopod.
John: "Rygel! What did you do?"
The cryopod opens.
John: "You opened it!"
Jool's eyes open.
John: "What's your name?"
Jool: "Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis . How long have I been in this chamber?"
Rygel: "Twenty-two cycles."
Jool screams!
John: "Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

Neeyala: "I need imperical information about our position in the wormhole. Would you help?"

The Farscape One module is flying through the wormhole.

In the module...

Rygel: "Wormhole. (small jolt) Normal space. What are we doing here? It's only collecting images."

Sitting on a ledge in Moya...

Aeryn: "I think wormholes blind him."
D'Argo looks over the edge, into the maw of an oncoming serpent. He yells and jumps back.

On Command...

Neeyala: "The creature you have seen, exists exclusively inside wormholes."

John, sitting in Pilot's den, looking at the alien viewer: "It's amazing the number of species picked up by Neeyala's gizmo." (we are now in John's "Theatre of the Mind")

John, sitting on the hood of a yellow convertible: "It's possible to seperate both ships, but only one will survive. We have to pick which one."

On the alien vessel, Neeyala is talking to a young crewmember, Shreena.

Neeyala: "I do not enjoy sssending you to your death. These creatures, I will distract them. They must not know your true mission."

On Moya...
A junction box burns out with a shower of sparks.

Chiana: "Frell!"

Aeryn: "We will abandon Moya."

Pilot's eyes are closed

John, looking at the alien viewer again: "Pilot, I wish you were going with us." He stops the viewer when he spots a picture from earth... The Three Stooges. As he's looking at it, in amazement, the serpent rears up out of the depths of Pilot's den and lunges for him. He jumps away. The recorder is dropped and broken.
He jumps to get away from the serpent ends up hanging from a ledge, by his fingertips.

And now, on Farscape...

As the wormhole serpent prepares to strike. John lets go with his right hand and pulls his gun.
John: "Wynona, don't fail me now."
He brings the gun up and shoots at the serpent. It dives back into the cavern beneath Pilot's den, narrowly missing John. He reholsters his gun and pulls himself up onto the walkway. He finds the recording devise, broken.
John: "Crap."

Aeryn and Zhaan have joined John in Pilot's den.
John: "I'm tellin' you, Aeryn, it was from Earth. A television transmission."
Aeryn: "What? You mean like that Yoda from Degoba?"
John: "No, no, no, no. Three Stooges. (he makes a beh, beh, beh noise and wiggles his hand).
Aeryn: "Well, whatever was in there, it's not any use to us now."
John: "You know what this means?"
Aeryn: "No, I don't."
John: "It means that some part of this wormhole is 10, 30, 40 lightyears at most, away from Earth. It's do-able. I could get home!"
Zhaan: "Amidst our misfortune, I'm pleased for you John."
John: "Yes, I know. Selfish. ( there is a jolt and they are all thrown forward for a moment)...
Forget it."
John gets up.
Zhaan: "Where is Neeyala's injured crew member?"
John: "What are you talking about?"
Zhaan: "Well, this is their blood." She shows him a pool of pale liquid.
John:" No. Serpent blood."
Zhaan: "No, no this is Neeyala's species blood John."
John: "Zhaan, there was no one here."
Aeryn: "What about that crew member who died. Lost a limb during starburst. Could the serpent have done that?"
Zhaan: "Well, possibly, but why would they lie?"
John: "Yo! Both of you! Even if Mr. Wiggles did chew on that guy, there was no one here!"
Aeryn: "Their Phaztillon generator, what does it do?"
John: "It alters the phase physicality of an object. Conceivably..."
Aeryn: "We wouldn't be able to see it."
John: "Invisible."

On the alien ship, Kreetago's face is reflected in the front plate of the Phaztillon generator.
Kreetago: "I grow weak, Neeyala."
Neeyala: "They must continue to believe that their Leviathan deteriorates faster than it is. Even the remotest hope will cause them to rally to her."
Kreetago puts his hand on the generator. Waves move up his arm and he becomes invisible.
Neeyala: "Shut down their thermal condensors. Losing ability to regulate temperature should convince them to abandon ship."
Kreetago's voice: "I will do what needs to be done including destroy them, if I must."



Two scenes are taking place simultaneously and the camera switches between them, back
and forth. Scene One is in a corridor where John, Chiana and Rygel are talking.

Scene Two takes place in a cargo bay as Aeryn, Stark, Zhaan and D'Argo confer.

Scene One: Chiana: "There's no way to tell if this is sabotage."
Rygel: "Doesn't matter anymore if it is. Moya's frelled and our only option is to go on Neeyala's ship."
John: "And what if they are screwing us?"
There is a big jolt.
Rygel: "Ohh! Especially if they've screwed us. Means they have the upper claw."
John: "Naw, I'm with D'Argo on this." ("Rip!" Rygel pulls the bandage off his nose). "I think we need to know the truth."

Scene Two: D'Argo: "I do not trust Crichton's judgement."
Aeryn: "Agreed. He claims to have seen Earth again and I'm sure he's still talking to Scorpius."
D'Argo: "Hmm."
Stark: "We all know where Rygel's loyalties lie."
D'Argo: "Sadly, Chiana's too."
Another big jolt.
Zhaan: "Alright. Then whether they agree or not, we must stick to plan."

Scene One: John: "First thing we do, everybody acts normal."

Scene Two: Aeryn: "Don't tip them off. Surprise may be our only ally."

Scene One: John: "If Neeyala's people aren't sabotaging Moya, we'll go with them."

Scene Two: Aeryn: "If they are, we defeat them."

Scene One: Chiana: "I'll repair some of the nexus points."

Scene Two: Stark: "So they're isolated from Moya's main systems."

Scene One: Chiana: "That way, if they fry again,"

Scene Two: Stark: "We'll know it's them."

Scene One: Rygel: "Do you actually believe they're using their generator to turn themselves invisible?"

Scene Two: D'Argo: "It would explain the sequence of decompressions."

Scene One: John: "It's geographically consistent with someone running from..."

Scene Two: D'Argo: "...place to place."

Scene One: John: "Which leads us to the blood in Pilot's den."

Scene Two: Zhaan: "The cavern beneath must be searched."

Scene One: John: "Can we rely on you, Rygel?"

Scene Two: Stark: "Can we rely on Rygel?"

Scene One: Rygel: "All right! But not for you."

Scene Two: D'Argo: "He has been on Moya the longest."

Scene One: Rygel: "For Moya!"

Scene Two: Aeryn: "Keep comms on restricted frequency."

Scene One: John: "Switch comms to Dekka."

Scene Two: Zhaan: "Neeyala!"
Aeryn: "Neeyala! Neeyala is mine. First thing I want.." Aeryn begins to choke and gag. "to get from them..." She spits and hacks until she can pull a hair out of her throat. "is a head count. What is this?"
Stark: "She sheds."
Jool, still tied up, is off to the side squirming and squeeling through the gag.

John investigates something dripping from his module. He hears a sound. He pulls his gun and turns around as stairs appear from the space station ship. D'Argo walks down the stairs. When John sees who it is, he reholsters his gun.
John and D'Argo, in unison: "What're you doing?"
D'Argo: "Well, now that we've both asked."
John: "I made 17 loops through the wormhole, fried the organic bits on my module. If we stick with Moya, she makes less than one and I'm just looking for... anything. Now, what the hell are you doing?"

John and D'Argo are in the ship, seated by the controls.
D'Argo: "Formulating ideas."
John: "Formulating ideas? Well here's an idea. Since we know nothing about this crap, how 'bout you quit pushing buttons!"
D'Argo has managed to open the front so they can see out. He pushes another button which causes a strange whirring noise to start.
John: "All right, two for two. You're not still feeling a little suicidal, are you?"
D'Argo: "Not in the least. Ah, this looks interesting."
D'Argo pushes a button that activates a high pitched noise and green laser lights begin flashing from under the ship.
D'Argo: "Now, what do you suppose it does?"
John: "So far, scare the crap outa me."
D'Argo: "This ship feels somehow familiar to me."
John: "Yah, you know, we have a crisis going on out there."
D'Argo: "I said I was formulating ideas."
John: "I heard you."
D'Argo turns off the green lights: "Being on Moya..., a fugitive, it's changed me."
John: "Well, if you're not feeling suicidal, now's a bad time for a mid-life crisis."
D'Argo: "Chiana's a young woman. She needs attention."
John: "D'Argo, you were focused on your son. It's completely understandable."
D'Argo: "Still, I neglected her. You know what troubles me the most? I did my best. I did the best I could and it wasn't enough. I still lost them both."
John: "My grandmother used to say that life is a great wheel. Sometimes it grinds you down in the mud. Other times it lifts you up into the light."
D'Argo: "Are we strapped to this wheel?"
John: "That's a given. Point is, is that most times, you get a second chance. You just gotta wait for the wheel."

Rygel's voice on comms: "Aeryn! I'm 9 tiers below Pilot's den." We can see him with the remains of a dead alien dangling from some cables. "I've, ah, found the alien girl. Well, half of her. Looks like a serpent bite to me."
Aeryn: "Well, alright. Open the gills on her head and carefully remove some of the needles."
Rygel gasps: "What in Hezmana for?"
Aeryn: "I like to know my enemy."
Zhaan walks past Aeryn, into the alien ship. She doesn't respond when Aeryn calls to her.
Aeryn: "Zhaan? Zhaan!"
When Aeryn stops her, Zhaan grabs Aeryn and they struggle. There is the sound of cloth ripping.
Zhaan: "That woman was invisible when she was killed in Pilot's den. Their betrayal must be punished."
Aeryn: "Not like this, Zhaan. It won't help Moya."
There is a jolt. Zhaan falls sideways and Aeryn slides down the wall.
Zhaan: "I must control myself."
Aeryn: "It was a bad trade, Zhaan, your health for mine."
Zhaan: "Don't undervalue yourself."
Aeryn: "I'm just a soldier."
Zhaan puts her hand on Aeryn's cheek and stokes it: "Don't underestimate yourself."
Aeryn: "I'm being realistic."
Zhaan: "Don't be afraid to understand yourself. We're not as different as you assume. Violent past. No faith in the future. And then a transformative experience aboard this very ship." They both smile.
Zhaan: "My time grows short. Your's stretches before you. Use it wisely."

Jool is with Stark while he checks junction boxes.
Jool: "A living ship! Hah! I've never heard of such a beast."
Stark: "Which obviously means it can't exist."
Jool: "Oh, you've so figured me out."
Stark: "Not trying to. Be quiet please. The gag remains an option."
Jool: "Is it true, what the animal said..., that you're all prisoners?"
Stark: "At some time or other, yes."
Jool: "Great. Just great. I take a multi-civilization tour for my birthday and barely make it through the first stop. I lose my deposit. My cousins get murdered. I've been frozen for 22 cycles. I've been captured by degenerate aliens, attacked by a huge serpent..."
Stark spins around and yells at her: "Dead! All of us dead! My love, dead. My dreams, dead. You dead. Me dead. You dead, me dead, you dead, me dead, you dead, me dead."
He ends up towering over her: "Your list is short and unworthy of entre into this ship of horrors. Tortured by demons you could never know. Mocked by a love that will never be. Oh, you want to cry, young creature? I will show you something that will make you cry forever."
He goes to remove his mask. Jool starts screaming the metal melting scream. She falls over on the floor, crying, as the junction box shorts out.
Stark comms: "It's me. Tier 5, Hammond level. A circuit blew but I had it off-line. Someone was here... invisible. Get ready."



Zhaan, John and Aeryn are confronting Neeyala, on Command.

Neeyala: "The priviledge of working with technology is guaranteed by our families. Should we fail to return this ship, they will all be executed."
Zhaan: "Why didn't you just lie and tell us both ships could survive seperation? We would have happily remained here and perished with Moya."
Neeyala: "I did not wish to see you die, but I incorrectly assumed that, given the choice, you would take the rational option."
John: "So, just to be sure, you helped things along? You cripple a living ship and we jump at the chance to escape with you? I trusted you."
Neeyala: "Your feelings for Moya and Pilot are matched by those for our families. Allow personal passions to cancel each other out. What's left?
Aeryn laughs bitterly: "Wormhole technology!"
Neeyala: "Yes, garnered at great cost. With potential beyond measure. Would you compare that with the lives of a ship and pilot which, I assure you, are doomed anyway?"
Zhaan: "Moya lives, Neeyala. You misjudge her will and ours."
Neeyala: "Will (she gags) is a poor substitute for beerzian alloy when crushed by astronomical tidal forces."
Aeryn: "That's still no excuse for sabotaging Moya. Stop Kreetago."
Neeyala: "He carries no communications device. That would give him away. He will continue his mission until your ship is incapacitated."
Aeryn: "Then we shall find a way to stop him."

In the cargo bay, footsteps, a junction box opens and shorts. It goes dark.

D'Argo: "DRD's, find this frelling bastard."
The DRD's come into the cargo bay and are shining green laser lights all around.
Chiana: "Very krell, D'Argo. How'd you think of it?"
D'Argo: "Watch for disruption in the beams."
There is a smooth headed shape in the light. We hear a hissing sound.
D'Argo: "His needles!"
D'Argo shoots at the shape.
Chiana screams and falls: "My leg! D'Argo! I'm hit!"
D'Argo: "Tourniquet. It'll stop the poison."
Chiana: "With what?"
D'Argo clamps his hand down on her leg above the quill and drags her out by it.
Chiana screams.
They enter the corridor where it is light. D'Argo has Chiana on his back.
D'Argo: "He's out here somewhere."
Chiana: "Where?"
D'Argo: "Don't look. Listen."
There is a sound. Chiana screams. D'Argo shoots at the sound three times. A handprint of alien blood appears on the wall. There is a thump as the body falls.

D'Argo comms: "Zhaan, Chiana has one of their needles in her leg."

Zhaan finishes cuffing Neeyala's hands behind her back.
Zhaan comms: "Rygel, do you still have the spikes from the alien corpse?"
Rygel: "Yes. Why?"
Zhaan: "Meet me in my lab, now."
Zhaan: "If this young girl dies, I will come back for you and I will most certainly lose any chance I have left... of meeting my Goddess."
As Zhaan leaves, a shrill noise starts in the alien ship.
Aeryn: "Explain."
Neeyala: "The generator has reached optimization phase."
John: "And what does that mean?"
Neeyala, hands securely behind her back, leads John and Aeryn into her ship.
Neeyala: "Once activated, the power cell will engorge a final time. And when it releases, we'll find out if our ships are destined to seperate."
John: "Aeryn, you want to hold off?"
Neeyala: "Impossible! Even now the reactor shuts down permanently. Listen. My crew is dead. This is our one chance to avoid the certainty of joining them."
John pulls his gun and cocks it. Aeryn releases the handcuffs.
Aeryn: "Go ahead."
Neeyala goes to her control console and pushes some buttons.
Neeyala: "Be aware that should our vessels disengage, the built in timing favors yours being the one destroyed."
John: "How long do we have?"
Neeyala: "Hard to discern with the damage. Maybe an arn. Not more."

Rygel, D'Argo and Stark are on their way to the neural cluster. Rygel is in a different corridor
Rygel: "Ridiculous. We tried starburst. Everybody heaved."
D'Argo: "Neeyala has fixed it so that when we seperate, she enters the wormhole, while Moya is ejected through the wall and into normal space."
Stark: "From hetch impossible to a dead stop? Sub-atomic dispersal."
Rygel: "All perfect reasons to be on her ship, strapping in for the ride."
D'Argo and Stark come up behind Rygel.
D'Argo: "Starburst could rotate Moya, so it's us who go into the wormhole."
Rygel: "Where she'll get ripped apart from the stress. I've flown there, remember?"
Stark: "We voted, Rygel."
Rygel: "I didn't get a vote."
Stark: "I was your proxy."
Rygel: "Pilot's in a coma, Moya's half decompressed, nothing works. Fine! I'll kill half an arn."
D'Argo: "I want you to reconnect Pilot to Moya's external pressure sensors."
Stark: "The neural cluster? D'Argo, we shredded those synapses."
D'Argo: "It'll take all three of us. Splice and hook, nothing permanent. I want to give Pilot a chance."
Rygel: "He's unconscious."
D'Argo: "Well, do your part. He'll be awake."
Rygel: "What if we're not done when the time comes?"
D'Argo: "Then we race to the other ship."

John and Aeryn are racing through a corridor.
John: "We gotta seal all the chambers on the outer rim. Starburst is gonna spin us like a top. One decompression and we're vapor."
Aeryn: "Once secure, I'll overload Pilot with Moya's adrenal secretions."
John: "I really blew this one, Aeryn."
Aeryn: "Not done yet."
The serpent appears from out of the alien ship. Jool screams! Neeyala notices the effect it has on the metal handcuffs she is wearing. John and Aeryn spin around and race back to command with their guns drawn. They each shoot the serpent several times. It finally leaves. and Jool stops screaming.
Aeryn: "It didn't disappear. That's new."
John: "Cause the generator's fully on, right?"
Neeyala: "Correct. We now share the serpent's phase existence and will until seperation."
John: "It just keeps gittin' better."
John comms: "One-Adam-twelve guys. The critter's part of our reality now. Be careful out there."
Aeryn: "I'll try and chase it to the outer rim."
Neeyala: "You do anything to upset the balance that I have set into place..."
John interrupts her: "Zip it, T-lady. You've had your shot. We're taking ours."
Jool: "You can't leave us tied up like this! What if that thing comes back?"

D'Argo is in Zhaan's lab with Chiana. Zhaan is examining the quill that was taken from the body of the half-eaten alien girl, Shreena.
Zhaan: "These are very similar to the quellian tibor's mating spikes. Pliable root, tensile fiber stalk, metaline venom tip."
D'Argo: "Will she be all right?"
Zhaan: "Well, I believe so, but not if Rygel hadn't secured these other needles for antibody serum."
Chiana: "I heard the plan." She starts to get up. "I'm ready to go."
Zhaan pushes her back down: "Uh, uh, uh. The more your blood pumps, the more chance you'll make a liar out of me, child."
Then Zhaan stumbles and D'Argo catches her.
Zhaan: "Ever my protector."
D'Argo : "It's not you that needs protecting. It's the rest of the universe I fear for."
They sit down across from each other.
Zhaan: "When I was first incarcerated on this ship, wild and murderous, I could not conceive how I would survive. I heard a rumor, that a Luxan warrior was a fellow prisoner. I actually prayed that the brute would succumb to hyper-rage and kill me. How ironic isn't it?"
D'Argo: "There is a planet out there that will heal you."
Zhaan: "The intent is noble. The result is in the hands of the gentle Goddess."
Zhaan takes both his hands and kisses them.

Stark and Rygel are working in the neural cluster.
Rygel: "Too bad about Pilot. I liked him."
Stark: "He liked you too."
Rygel: "Hmm? How do you know?"
Stark: "He told me."
Rygel: "He did?"
Stark: "Umm."

John runs up to Jool and shoves something down the front of her dress.
John: "Comms."
Jool "What are you doing?"
John, as he unties her: "Deputizing you, Debutante. See those lights (he indicates Neeyala's console)? They're cycling faster. Hear that noise? (Jool: "Ow! Uh!") Pitch is rising. At some point, we're outa time. I want you to make a judgement call. When you think it's gonna blow, you get us back here."
He hands her a pulse rifle.
Jool: "What? I mean, I don't know how..."
John: "Look. Princess. I know that this trip to Kreugerland was not on your itinerary but, believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel!:
Jool: "Don't presume to know anything about me."
John takes the rifle out of her hand and turns it around and gives it back to her.
John: "You hold this. Steady. Be more afraid of what you're aiming at."
Jool: "Ah... I've never done anything like this before."
John: "None of us have."
Jool "You killed my cousin."
John: "Not on purpose! He was a corpsicle and your other cousin, he didn't last half a minute defrosted."
Jool: "Then why did I survive?"
John: "I don't know. You're not sick. Maybe they shanghai'd you for body parts. You're the freebie."
Jool: "Everything I've seen so far is despicable!"
John, throws his arms in the air: "Welcome to the Federation Starship S.S. Buttcrack!"
He slaps his buttocks as he leaves the room.

D'Argo staggers through a corridor, gasping for breath: "Decompression, Tier Three."
John is thrown against a corridor wall.
Zhaan: "It's rolling! Internal air tights are giving way!"
Stark: "Zhaan! Do not enter Pilot's access corridor."
Chiana holds onto the bed in Zhaan's lab as the beakers and vials rattle.
D'Argo: "Vent Tier Three and Four, air blast. Back pressure the hatches!"
John: " On 3, big man. You go 4."
Zhaan: "Going to be cut off. Do something!"
Aeryn passes John in the corridor: "No, blocked. Outer hull rupture. Long way."
John turns around to follow her.
John: "Chiana's ok."
Aeryn: "So I heard."

Jool, gasping in alarm, is holding the rifle on Neeyala who is trying to get out of the handcuffs.
Neeyala: "Serpent!"
Jool screams. The handcuffs melt some more.

John and Aeryn hurry through the corridor.
John: "Good call on Rygel and the gill darts. Anyone ever tell you how good you are around here?"
Aeryn: "Matter of fact, just recently."
They stop when the serpent rounds a corner towards them.
John: "Whoa!"
They both fire at it several times. It keeps coming, so they start to run.
John: "Go on, keep moving. I've got a plan."
Aeryn: "Don't tell me you've got a plan!"
They enter the cargo bay.
John: "What's wrong with 'em?"
Aeryn: "They never work!"
John: "Damn these doors!" They close the cargo bay door.
John: "They always work."
Aeryn: "Not the way you detail them."
John: "Hey, look! I get results. You're hung up on details."
Aeryn: "Your plans never work!"
John: "This way." He runs to D'Argo's ship.
Aeryn: "How did this ship get open?"
John: "Aeryn! Get in here!"
Aeryn: "But we don't know anything about it."
John: "Aeryn, just get in here!"
Aeryn: "This is wrong!"
John: "D'Argo rubbed the damn thing. Now, Get In!"
The serpent has pushed open the cargo bay door and is coming after them. Aeryn climbs into the ship. John keeps pushing buttons and the ship makes lots of noises. The serpent is heading for the stairs.
Aeryn: "Crichton! You idot!"
John: "D'Argo found a force field here somewhere. I just gotta find the button."
He frantically hits buttons and the force field engages, cutting the serpent in half before it can reach them.
John: "Idot? Ha! World class plan."
Zhaan comms: "Why hasn't anyone vented tier four's air bladders?"
John: "Zhaan, uh, sorry. We ran into a little problem here."
Zhaan: "The passageways beyond have opened to space. There's no way I can get to Pilot. Your excuses have failed him again John."



A door closing.
John: "That's is. All the outer chambers are sealed. How'd ya go, Heavy D"
D'Argo: "The air bladders are completely vented, but we don't have enough back pressure to reverse the damage done in Pilot's quarters."
Stark and Rygel are fixing circuits in the neural cluster.
Rygel: "If Pilot's dead..."
Stark: "Yes, we're out of here."
John: "Aeryn, it's all you now."

A door opening into darkness. Aeryn steps through, dressed in a black space suit.
Aeryn: "Link number four open to space."
Chiana, from her bed in Zhaan's lab: "Only one more to go."
John: "Jool! How's the timing?"
Jool, looking at the control: I"m not sure."
John: "Do better."
Jool: "Faster, maybe."
Neeyala: "Approximately one third increase, geometrically building."
Jool: "The alien says I'm right."

Aeryn, in another dark chamber: Third level in is compromised, like the last two."

Zhaan is in her quarters, praying: "I beseech your wisdom. Atahlay. I entreat your spirit, Atahah, I petition your mercy. The gentle are stricken, the kind are helpless, the silent uncounted."

Aeryn: "I'm approaching Pilot's den." The chamber is dark, lit only by her flashlite.

Zhaan: "Even as a 10th level P'au, I am weary and without resources. Oh, Goddess of all things Holy, hear my soul. This gentle ship is pledged to my care and I am powerless."

(Aeryn enters Pilot's silent chamber)

Zhaan: "Though I am but a mote upon your winds, Grant me one supplication, and ask anything in return."

Aeryn stands by Pilot and removes her helmet. The sound of the air seal breaking is loud in the silence. Aeryn inhales through her nose and exhales.

Zhaan: "Just spare them their lives."

Aeryn: "The seal has held, the air is thin, but it is breathable."

John: "Yes!" D'Argo: "Ahh!" Rygel: "Yatzha!" Stark: "Yah!" Chiana, trying to walk, but falling: "umph!"

Zhaan: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Aeryn is pulling up Pilot's eyelid: "If we're going to try this, I'm going to need Moya's adrenal secretions pumping on my command."
Zhaan: "Just tell me when."
Aeryn: "So we're agreed? One shot."
John: "Go!"
Stark: "Go!"
Rygel: "Go!"
Zhaan: "Go!"
D'Argo: "Go!"
He comes up behind a limping Chiana: "Go!"
D'Argo: "You shouldn't be up!"
Chiana: "These hands can wire... wire a whole lot of neural cluster. Get me there." She jumps into D'Argo's arms.
John: "Time?"
Jool: "Fractionally faster. John? (John: "Yah?") Why is this ship so important?"
John: "You still worried about your parents after twenty-two cycles?"
Jool: "Yes."
John: "That's how we feel about Moya."
Neeyala, unnoticed, breaks the handcuffs.
John: "She raised us."

John has climbed onto his module and is working inside it. Harvey appears in the hanger doorway, dressed in a tuxedo.
Harvey: "Bravo! Bravo!" (claps his hands) "Magnificent. Encore! Encore, John. John Crichton was riveting in the role of Cheerleader, rallying his comrades in the aid of the stricken ship he had earlier betrayed..."
John jumps down from the module and throttles Harvey...

Up against the grill of an old FORD truck.
John: "That's my dad's tux! Take it off!"
He notices that he is wearing a tux too.
John: "This is not mine!"
Harvey: "You chose the venue, but I'm going to make sure we look good. Yah!"
John: "Macon, Georgia. Macon Georgia, on the way to Ft. Lauderdale."
Harvey: "To see the strippers... Ft. Lauderdale!"
John: "This is the truck stop. Hey! YoYo! No! You do not enter my reality! You do not talk to me in my reality. It I want you, I'll call. Those are the rules."
Harvey: "Unacceptable. And I suggest you sue for peace now. Your distractions are many. While I'm totally dedicated to getting a measure of freedom. No more dumpsters, John."
John: "Tabled. What do you want?"
Harvey: "You might fool them with your Rah! Rah!, but I know the disappointment of letting Neeyala's ship be destroyed."
They are walking along a road.
John: "Yah, well you can't have everything you want."
John puts his thumb out to an approaching car. So does Harvey.
John: "I'll figure out wormholes by myself."
The car passes them by.
John: "Green chevy. I had one of those."
Harvey: "It's not too late to change the outcome."
John: "Oh, you know everything about me. Do you want to make a point?"
Harvey: "Excellent! Excellent! He hurries to catch up with John.
Harvey: "Yes! And with familiarity, we might develop a shorthand which will benefit us both. Try this. You would do, well, anything to save your ship. Anything."
John: "Make a point."
Harvey: "Why assume less of Neeyala?"

John's face drops and he takes off running. He's back in his regular clothes. He comms Jool: "Jool! Jool!" Her comm is lying on the floor of command. John runs in and pulls his gun. Jool is sitting on the floor, feeling her head and moaning.

Zhaan is pulling on some cables at a conduit: "Adrenal secretions fully opened Aeryn. Goddess speed."

Aeryn has climbed up on Pilot's console so she can use both her feet. She kicks him once, twice, three times, grunting with the effort.
Aeryn: "Pilot! Come on Pilot! Feel that nice warm adrenaline flow everywhere."
She kicks him again.
Pilot: "Off ic er Sun. He ll o." He is very woozy.
Aeryn laughs: "Hello."
His eyes close again.
Aeryn: "No! No!" She kicks him again. "Wake up!"

John runs into the alien ship with his gun drawn. Neeyala is standing at some controls, pushing things. The ship is making a fast, beeping noise.

John: "Neeyala! Let's work together on this. We'll all survive. We'll get you home. "
Neeyala: "Family executed. Me to follow. Knowledge lost. No, thanks. We both defend that... which we love."
John: "You shouldn't have lied."
Neeyala: "You should not have been in our path. And I should have listened to Kreetago and destroyed you when I had the chance. I have failed my crew and my ship. Now, I will make it up to them." She slips around behind a pillar and presses another button.
John: "Don't make me shoot you."
Neeyala: "Ion charged hydro-static vapor residue in atmospheric suspension."
John: "One spark and we're nuclear?"
Neeyala: "Meager as it is, you do know more than any species we're aware of."
John: "We can find a way."
Neeyala: "If my ship survives, even without me, a beacon will attract our flight command. If by some unfathomable circumstance, your vessel survives, (she pushes a button on her control). We share a joined hull. I have just infused our beacon into the leviathan's superstructure."
John: "We're gonna have another set of bad guys chase'n us across the universe?"
Neeyala: "Unfortunately, Commander, not you."
John laughs and runs: "I don't think so."
She shoots at him with her gill darts while he dodges around the columns. They land in a pillar right next to his face. He continues to dodge.
John: "Hey Neeyala? You think this is gonna get you what you want?"
Neeyala: "What I want, you cannot give."
He runs out of her ship, straight into Jool, knocking her down on her head, again. Jool shrieks and moans.
John: "Jool, you nitwit!"
Her hair is bright red again. Jool sees Neeyala and starts "The Scream!"
Neeyala: "I have never before released my bristles to kill. Your forgiveness."
She shoots, but the bristles bounce harmlessly off John's vest. He picks one up and looks at it.
John: "Melted tips."
He jumps up and grabs Neeyala. They struggle. John keeps his hands over her ears so she can't release her bristles.
John: "Hey, what's the matter? You can't hear me?"
She is pushed backward against the Phaztillon generator and is disintegrated. She turns to a pile of grit on the floor.
John, looks at a bristle: "That's a hell of a scream. Thanks!"
He grabs Jool: "Come on, we're almost out of time."

Aeryn, in Pilot's den: "Crichton, it's Aeryn. Pilot's just doing the calculations now. Won't be long."
John gets to the alien console with Jool in tow: "We're out of time, Aeryn."
Aeryn: "Just a little bit more?"
John: "We Are Out of Time!"



John has Jool at the alien console.
John: "Which ones?"
Jool: "Stop yelling at me."
John: "Yelling starts in about 2 seconds, which ones?"
Jool: "These." She points: "I'm pretty sure."
John: "You're sure? Be sure!"
Jool: "I'm hurt. She hit me in the head!"
John: "Well, did you see the order?"
Zhaan's arm appears above the controls: "This, this, this, this, this."
Jool: "Yes."
John: "What the hell was that?"
Jool: "Diagnostical helix. The mathematical representation of quantum elasticity."
John: "Right, right, right. That's good."
Jool: "The order of..."
John: "That's enough! Enough! Enough! Thank you. Over there."
He shoves Jool aside.

John comms: "Guys. I got Zhaan here with me. Where are you?"
Aeryn: "On my way. We're not quitting."
John: "D'Argo? Stark?"
D'Argo: "We're never going to make it John. We voted to stay together no matter what."
John: "Even Rygel?"
Rygel: "Pilot likes me!"
Jool: "You know, I would care to say that anything that gets me out of here alive is what we should be doing."
Zhaan: "You are a very ungrateful and selfish woman. Please remain silent from now on."
John: "Zhaan, none of this is going to matter if Pilot doesn't..."
Pilot appears in the clamshell: "I am ready."
John: "Pilot! Hey man! It's good to see ya. How're you do'in?"
Jool, who is seeing Pilot for the first time, is stunned.
John: "No, no. Answer that later. We got a serious situation here. What'a we gotta do?"
Pilot: "Impulse data from each test of their generator was stored in Moya's neural circuitry, allowing me to construct a statisical model..."
John interrupts: "Yah, yah, yah, whatever. I trust you to do the math. Just tell me what we gotta do."
Pilot: "I must initiate starburst approximately 7 microts after the generator is unleashed."
Jool begins to pray, loudly: "Oh, dear Chanu, please don't let me die this way. Please!"
Pilot: "Who is that creature?"
John: "That's ballast. Ignore it. How exact do we have to be?"
Aeryn runs into command: "Not as close as you think."
John: "Aeryn!"
Aeryn: "Uh, once we start spinning, Moya's weight gives us an advantage with the gravitational pull of the wormhole."
Zhaan: "Then Neeyala's vessel will be the one ejected directly into space."
John: "Pilot, you want to try a little manual point and shoot, just in case you fade?"
Pilot: "Yes, Commander."
Pilot brings the manual flight control console up.
John grabs Aeryn and pulls her over to the controls.
Aeryn: "Crichton! No!"
John: "Feel lucky?"
Aeryn resists him.
Aeryn: "No! No, no, no, no. I've never flown a wormhole. I think it should be you."
John: "It's easy. The exits are clearly marked, and you're better with Moya."
He rushes back to the alien contol.
Zhaan runs over: "No... John."
John takes Zhaan's face in both his hands: Zhaan, I've got this."
Aeryn: "What's going on?"
Jool: "Well, just a guess, but somebody's got to actually trigger the generator."
Aeryn leaves Moya's flight contol: "Get back. Both of you, get back."
She fights with John.
John: "No. Aeryn, Aeryn. Do you see this disco? I put it here. I'm gonna take it away."
Zhaan: "Crichton, Aeryn. Enough. You are both so good at gauging reality. Yet in this instance..."
John: "Zhaan, there's a planet out there."
Zhaan: "A long shot at best, John. The illness that is ravaging my body is frighteningly efficient."
Zhaan removes her head-covering so they can see the oozing sores that cover it, going down her neck.
Stark is in the neural cluster: "NOO!"
He starts to go to her. Jool looks shocked. John and Aeryn look pained. In the neural cluster, D'Argo hangs his head and Chiana stares off into space.

Zhaan: "So while I am still sound of mind and spirit, I choose this path for myself."
D'Argo comms from the neural cluster: "Zhaan, you're needed here."
Zhaan: "At one time I believe I was, but then a family was born."
D'Argo: "You birthed it."
Chiana: "We love you, Zhaan."
Stark runs to a closed door and throws himself against it.
Stark: "Decompression, decompression. Wheretogo, wheretogo, wheretogo?"
John: "Zhaan. It'll be easy. I'll start the generator. I'll come across."
Zhaan: "If it is so easy, allow me."
Aeryn: "Zhaan, No!"
Zhaan, holds up her hands: "No, no. No more. If I am so needed, and so valued and so wise, then you will honor my words. You will obey me."
Stark runs to yet another locked door, sobbing.
Zhaan: "For the longest time, I feared physical demise, because my spiritual lessons were suspect. But now I know I'm worthy. Now I know the transgressions have melted from my soul. Now I know I shall meet my Goddess and be accepted to her bosum."
(As she says each name, the camera shows that person as they are listening to her farewell).
"Sensitive D'Argo, Exuberant Chiana, Wise Rygel, Selfless Aeryn, Innocent Crichton. My children, my teachers, my loves. There is no guilt. There is no blame, only what is meant to be. Grow through your mistakes. And know that, if patient, redemption will find you."

John: "Wait for the Wheel."
Zhaan: "Thank you, John Crichton."
Zhaan kisses him and touches Aeryn's face. Tears are streaming down Pilot's face.
Aeryn: "No!"
She tries to go to Zhaan, but John pulls her back to him and holds her up against him, with her hands behind her.

Stark screams in pain and falls to his knees, sobbing. Zhaan's voice comes to him:
"Stark. Stark. Link with me, my beautiful. Guide me to the place of rest. Melt into my spirit, Stark, so that I might share my last moments with the man I love."

Rygel: "Goodbye, you big, beautiful blue bitch."

Zhaan presses the controls in the proper order and begins to turn invisible. Then she and the alien ship are suddenly pulled away. The whole crew is screaming. John and Aeryn thrown to the floor of Command by the explosion. We see Zhaan through the window of the alien ship, standing at the controls.
Her voice comes once again to Stark: "Always together. Joined as one."
She bows and smiles.
"Peace of mind, Peace of spirit, Peace of soul. Goodbye my love."
The alien ship flares out like a match that has been struck and Zhaan is gone.

Moya is thrown into the wormhole.
John attempts to get Aeryn up against the tilting of the deck.
John: "Atta girl. Aeryn, you've got to fly this baby.
John stands with Aeryn to attempt to help her fly Moya, while people and things are tossed recklessly about. They cannot remain at the controls and Moya flies unaided through the wormhole.



Moya is flying through normal space. Inside, she looks like she has been destroyed. Some DRD's are with Pilot.
Pilot: "I appreciate your concern, Rygel, it's just that you've never paid this much attention to me before."
Rygel is patting one of Pilot's arms. He laughs: "I think maybe you haven't noticed. I like you Pilot. I like you alot."
Pilot: "Hmm."
Rygel: "And I know Zhaan did too. Shame you didn't get to say goodbye."
Pilot: "When I was unconscious, in pain, she came to me, inside my mind. I already miss her."

Chiana and Jool are in a corridor. Chiana is still limping. Jool falls down.
Jool: "Ow! Ow! Wait for me!"
Chiana: "Not that way on Moya You wanta move faster, get better shoes. Or maybe, get in better shape!"
Jool: "Do you know how much these shoes cost, young whore?"
Chiana: "For me, three sex acts. Probably double that for you."
Jool grabs her and spins her around: "You have some nerve to talk to me that way."
Chiana: "One of my very, very best friends has just gone. Right now, I am nothing but nerve. You want someone to like you, invest in a mirror."

D'Argo is sitting, head in hand, in "his" ship.

Aeryn is with Stark in Zhaan's lab.
Stark: "Honestly Aeryn, you don't have to hover over me."
Aeryn: "To be honest in return, Stark, I'd expect you to be a bit more upset."
Stark: " Uh, well after fifteen thousand deaths, what's fifteen thousand and one?"
Aeryn: "The woman you loved?"
Stark stops still and turns to Aeryn. He has a knife in his hand. She takes it from him.
Stark: "Those I minister to, in their final moments, are usually resistant to the process. Not Zhaan. Imagine being so at peace, so certain what was next was better. She doesn't want us upset. She wants us to carry on in her spirit. Positive and hopeful."
Aeryn: "And you can do that?"
Stark: "Not always. I would appreciate you hovering then."
Aeryn gives him back the knife and they go back to work.

Inside Zhaan's burned-out quarters, we can see two blue candlesticks or vases. The camera pans past a mirror which shows Zhaan's reflection. John is kneeling, looking at...

The Three Stooges, playing on the drive-in theatre screen. He is dressed in a black "funeral" suit. Harvey is there as well. He's wearing his "Scorpius" outfit.
Harvey: "Why is it always the gentle ones that pay the price for everyone else's ambition? Huh?"
John takes a drink out of a nearly empty beer bottle. He grimaces and throws the bottle, smashing it against the theatre screen.


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