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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: February 7, 2003
Written by Carleton Eastlake
Directed by Rowan Woods

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.16 - Bringing Home the Beacon

Previously, on Farscape (voice of Crichton):

Scene One: from "Promises", John faces Scorpius, on Moya. John: "You will never get the wormhole tech from me." Scorpius: "I merely... want to safeguard it and hope... that when the inevitable Scarran bloodbath begins, you make the appropriate choices." D'Argo: "Oh, so you're here to be John's protector?" He stands behind Scorpius, holding his qualta rifle aimed at him.
Scene Two: from "Twice Shy", Aeryn and John square off in one of Moya's corridors. John: "Scorpius is here... looking for the key to what is inside my head." "He will use you... and the baby... and I will not be able to stop him."
Scene Three: from "Mental As Anything", Pilot, John and Aeryn are in Pilot's den. Pilot: "D'Argo, Scorpius and Rygel are boarding LoLah." John: "I gotta go. I gotta go look after Scorpius." Aeryn: "We should do it together." John: "Now, you know we can't do that together." Aeryn sighs. John: "Besides, you've got to look after the girls." Aeryn: "That's not fun." John: "It's more fun than Mental Arts Training Camp."
Scene Four: from "Mental As Anything", John and Scorpius talk while on D'Argo's ship. Scorpius: "Grayza... does not want Earth. Grayza... wants you." John: "Why do I always attract the psychos?"
Scene Five: from "Kansas", Grayza and Captain Braca are aboard Moya. Grayza: "Braca, prepare the marauders. Set course for our meeting with the Scarrans." Captain Braca: "Yes, Ma'am."
Scene Six: from "Kansas", Braca and Scorpius talk in Moya's neural cluster. Braca: "What shall I do?" Scorpius: "Stall her, Braca. I'm not given to exaggeration, but... the future of Peacekeeper survival depends on you."
And now, on Farscape...


Moya flies peacefully through space...

D'Argo: "Rygel... what is wrong with you? I don't think I've ever seen you not eat for so long."
D'Argo, John and Rygel are sitting at a table. John is drinking something from a cup. Scorpius is walking around behind them. D'Argo picks up a cup and starts to take a drink.
Rygel: "I'm learning self-discipline that Katoya taught me. Besides... none of you can cook."
D'Argo leans towards Rygel: "Well, you could cook for yourself."
John: "Yah, I really should cook something for the girls. They're due back. They'll be hungry when they get here." He keeps squeezing something in one of his hands.
Scorpius: "They are overdue, I believe."

There is a lot of debris floating in space near a dead Leviathan. Its nose appears stuck to a chunk of rock.

Chiana: "You brought us to a dead Leviathan?"
Sikozu: "The carcass has been fused to this planetoid to house a commerce settlement."
Aeryn: "It's an unimpressive settlement. I doubt we'll find what we're looking for."
She, Chiana, Noranti and Sikozu pick their way between open-air stalls. There is a lot of noise and hubub as people barter at the stalls.
Sikozu: "If we want to camouflage Moya against long-range scans, this is the place."
Noranti picks up some cloth and shows it to a shopkeeper. She shakes her head at the price and gives the cloth back.
Noranti: "No, no."
Chiana: "Well, it doesn't look like it."
Sikozu: "Well, if you were selling outlawed mods, would you want everybody knowing about it? See these humble stalls? They also sell genetic transformations, species blending and all the appropriate documents to go with it."
Noranti goes up to the counter of another stall. She tastes something and spits it out vehemently.
She looks at the substance she holds in her hand: "A hundred percent natural? My tullum. You ought to be ashamed of yourself." She throws the rest of the substance onto the counter.
Sikozu takes her by the arm and leads her off.
Sikozu: "This way."
They stop when a man in a white shirt and black vest holds out his hands: "Hey, hey, hey."
Sikozu: "We want to speak to Rekka."
Man: "Sure you've stumbled onto the right... ... ... dead Leviathan?"
Sikozu: "I know you... are his negotiator..."
The man glances at Aeryn who is watching him closely. He looks away quickly.
Sikozu: "... and I also know that you make your deals in this pile of dren."
Man: "Perhaps you'd like a... private table."
He turns and walks away. The women follow him. He gets a tray and sets drinks for all of them on the table.
Man: "First round's on the house. Care to hear our specials?"
Sikozu: "Not unless you have a discount on sensor distorters."
Man: "Sensual consortors?"
Sikozu closes her eyes and looks away. Chiana smiles and laughs.
Man: "Is that some sort of pleasure toy?"
Sikozu: "Look. I know you have to check us out. That's your job. That's fine, but... now that you know that I know what I'm talking about, I suggest you start taking us seriously."
Man: "I'd love to take you... seriously."
Sikozu closes her eyes again. Chiana giggles.
Man: "Won't your... grandmother... object?"
Noranti chokes on her drink and sets it down with a thud. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.
Noranti: "Don't drink them. They're drugged." She looks up at the waiter.
Aeryn lays her pulse pistol on the table, in plain view.
Sikozu: "A suggestability potion, perhaps? Such an old trick."
Man: "My apologies to you. And professional admiration for your skills."
Sikozu: "Thank you. May we see Rekka now?"
The man steps away for a moment and a much shorter man, with tufts of hair sticking up on both sides of his bald head steps up to the table.
Rekka: "Tell me what you need. What do you want?" He makes a "come on " gesture with his hands.
The waiter comes back to the table carrying a case which he slides open, displaying various devices.
Sikozu: "We need a sensor distorter for our ship, to fool long-range scans."
Rekka: "And what do you want to... look like?"
Sikozu: "An oil freighter."
Chiana: "A fast... pleasure yacht... with a jacuzi."
The waiter looks at her and smiles.
Aeryn: "What about several... choices of energy signatures?"
Rekka snaps his fingers and gestures to the waiter who closes the case and takes it off te table.
Rekka: "Well, I need to check your sensor modulator. Do you... ladies know what that looks like?"
Noranti opens the bag she had been carrying and takes out an egg shaped, gold object. She holds it out in front of Rekka. Rekka's face falls.
Chiana: "Gee. I guess we do."
Aeryn smiles.
Rekka reaches out and takes the modulator, turning it in his hands.
Rekka: "That's partly organic. Leviathan."
Aeryn: "Very good."
Rekka glances up at the waiter, then looks back at the modulator.
Rekka: "Distorter will only fool a warship if your movements exactly match your new identity. Is your pilot that good?"
Aeryn answers quickly: "Yes."
Sikozu is only half a beat behind her: "No."
Rekka laughs: "Your problem, not mine. Leviathans need custom builds. I'm going to have to take your modulator."
Chiana: "That'll leave Moya half blind."
Rekka: "It'll take four arns."
Aeryn: "Four?"
Waiter: "And nineteen thousand crinders."
Sikozu: "What?"
Waiter: "And we'll give you some complimentary tokens to the facilities of your choice."
Chiana goes over to him and grabs him by the vest, turning him to face her.
She leans up and kisses him, tongue first.
Rekka watches.
Chiana finishes her kiss and pulls back.
Chiana: "How bout... I offer you some complimentary choices?" She looks over at Rekka from beneath the waiter's chin. "Would that lower your price?"
Rekka: "Thirty thousand."
Noranti laughs.
Rekka points at her: "And if it's that... forty thousand."
Noranti reaches out and takes hold of the top of the sensor modulator: "Be nice."
Aeryn: "Sixteen thousand." She tosses a small bag to the waiter. He catches it against his chest.
Aeryn: "Half up front."
The waiter reaches over and takes the sensor modulator from Rekka and Noranti.
Waiter: "Meet us at your pod."
Aeryn: "Do you know where it is?"
Waiter: "Yes, we know where it is."
Rekka smiles.
Waiter: "Be there in four arns."
Aeryn: "That's too long."
Waiter: "Our deal... our rules."
Rekka raises his eyebrows and smiles.
Waiter: "Take these tokens and enjoy yourselves in the meantime."
Rekka walks out, followed by the waiter carrying the case and the modulator.
Chiana: "Do we trust them?"
Sikozu: "Of course not."
Chiana: "What do we do?"
Sikozu: "Just keep an eye on them, Chi."
Chiana gets up and runs after Rekka and the waiter.
Rekka and the waiter walk quickly out of the bar. They turn a corner.
Chiana gets to the corner and looks around it. There are a couple of female aliens standing nearby, but no one else. Chiana looks them over really well then hurries off in the direction Rekka and the waiter were heading.

Sikozu and Aeryn walk past some stalls.
Sikozu: "Sixteen thousand crinders. Not bad."
Aeryn: "Not bad at all. Now what?" She looks around. "Wait a minute. Where's Noranti?"
Aeryn turns completely around and looks behind her. She spots some Peacekeeper Commandos coming through the stalls.
Aeryn: "Frell! Get down. There's Peacekeepers."
She and Sikozu hurry to get behind a wall so they won't be seen.
Sikozu: "What? How many?"
Aeryn peeks up over the wall and sees Captain Braca and Commandant Grayza walking behind the Commandos. She gets back down behind the wall.
Aeryn: "Grayza... Braca... four SSD's."
Sikozu: "No. They could not have followed us here. That is impossible." She looks frantically around.
Aeryn: "Unless someone tipped them."
Sikozu slowly turns to look at Aeryn.

Grayza and Braca stop walking.
Braca: "You are sure they're coming, Ma'am?"
Grayza: "Of course I'm sure. Keep searching."
Braca turns to the Commandos: "Keep searching."
Grayza stands and continues to look at the crowd.



Much loose debris surrounds a dead Leviathan that has been fused to a planetoid to form a commerce settlement. Inside the settlement...

Grayza, Braca and the Peacekeeper Commandos are searching among the commerce stalls for someone.
Aeryn and Sikozu are hidden behind a half-wall.
Aeryn comms quietly: "Chiana. Chiana, can you hear me?"
There is no reply.
Aeryn: "Why are the comms frelled?"
Sikozu: "Peacekeepers must have jammed them, Aeryn. We need... to stick together."
Noranti comes up behind the wall and joins them.
Aeryn: "One weapon... I have, six of them."
Sikozu: "And two outlaws who are on the same side. Noranti, there are six Peacekeepers." Aeryn: "Grayza, Braca, four SSD Commandos. Can you find Chiana? Can you warn her?"
Sikozu: "We've got four long arns to stay low."
Noranti: "Yes. Yes, of course." She scurries off.
Aeryn: "As I see it, we have several choices. We can follow Grayza, find out what she's up to..."
Sikozu nods.
Aeryn: "... or we can stay out of sight."

Rekka and his henchman continue to walk through the settlement, carrying Moya's sensor modulator. When they come to a bulkhead, they back up against it, hiding. Chiana follows them through the Leviathan. When she comes around past the bulkhead, she sees several aliens. One of them has green skin and long braids hanging from several spots on her head. She also has a gold ornament in the middle of her forhead. Another has gray hair sticking up all over his head and a long, pointy nose.
Chiana comes up behind the green girl. The green girl smiles: "Say." She turns and looks at Chiana, then walks past her.
Chiana continues down the Leviathan's corridor, looking around for Rekka and the waiter. She comes to a tall woman behind a desk. The woman has blonde hair piled up on her head and is wearing makeup like a female impersonator.
The woman stands up: "May I serve you?"
Chiana: "Yah. I'm just lookin for, uh, two gentlemen that just came through here."
A second blonde woman, much younger, comes to stand behind the first and watches Chiana.
Chiana: "One's tall, dark hair. The other's, um... bald on top, shorter, hair out sideways."
Woman: "I haven't seen anyone of that description."
Chiana: "Are you, uh... quite sure?"
Woman: "Um hum."
Chiana: "What's in there?" She nods towards the room the other blonde came out of.
Woman: "Services. Expensive... services."
Chiana: "Well, I don't mind... expensive services." She lays some blue tokens down on the desk in front of the woman, one at a time. "As long as they're worth paying for." She walks around behind the desk, towards the second woman.

Followed by two Commandos, Captain Braca walks through the settlement, searching. Sikozu and Aeryn have moved from behind the wall and are standing near a large storage container, watching the Peacekeepers. There is a loud, rumbling noise and the Leviathan shakes. Things in the various stalls rattle.
Sikozu: "Do you hear that?"
Aeryn: "Certainly do."
Sikozu: "Unusual sonic pattern."
Aeryn: "Double-winged."
Sikozu: "Sounds like a Stryker."
Aeryn: "I agree."
Sikozu: "Fastest ship in the Scarran fleet." She brings a device up to her face and looks through it to see Grayza and Braca talking.
Aeryn: "But what the frell is it doing here?"
Sikozu: "And Grayza seems to recognize it too."
Aeryn takes the device from Sikozu and looks at the Peacekeepers. Braca leans towards Grayza and appears to whisper something to her.
Braca: "... information."
Grayza: "Yes."

Aeryn: "What are you going to do now?" She keeps the device trained on the Peacekeepers.

The second blonde woman pushes a button with a long-finger-nailed hand.
Blonde: "Nebari neural note."
A hologram appears above the device she is controlling, showing a figure outlined in green, with lines through it.
Chiana is lying on her stomach, on some sort of massage table.
Chiana: "What's that?"
The blonde pushes the button again and the hologram disappears. She turns to Chiana.
Blonde: "We begin the manipulation here." She touches Chiana's back with one finger.
Chiana: "Ooh!. Ooh, ooh, ohh!"
Blonde: "You carry a lot of tension in your skrillum."
Chiana: "Oh, yah. Tell me about it. Ooh!"
The blonde rubs Chiana's back in several places: "How does this feel?"
Chiana: "Yah! Yah! Dig deeper. Deeper, yah."
The blonde reaches over to the device beside the table and presses a button. She becomes dark haired with several facial piercings. Her voice, however, remains the same.
"Blonde": "How's this?"
Chiana: "Sestra."
She continues to rub Chiana's back.
Chiana: "Hey, uh... the reason why I'm... I'm really tense is because I've been following these... these two Sebacean males and I... uh, I... I think they came in here. And I... i was wondering if you could help me out."
The "blonde" reaches over and presses another button. "She" becomes a tall, bald black man. He reaches over and presses Chiana on the spine.
Chiana cries out! Her arms shoot out from her sides. She sighs and her arms collapse and hang limply off the sides of the table.
Chiana: "I can't move."
The "blonde" becomes "herself" again: "Well... pinch of pressure on the milla nerve paralyzes a Nebari from the neck down."
Chiana: "Permanently?"
Blonde: "That depends."
Chiana speaks breathlessly: "Look... I'm just a runaway Nebari. A crook, just like everybody else. Just... ask... ask Rekka."
The "Blonde" releases the pressure on Chiana's nerve: "Rekka?"
Chiana gasps and moves her arms and back: "Ah! Frell. You know, I... I... I forgot to tell him something and... and it would be really great if you could help me out."
The "Blonde" leans over Chiana: "You have any idea what else we sell here?"
Chiana: "Yah. Genetic modification. Shape changes."
"Blonde": "That's right. And whoever buys a tranformation kit also buys confidentiality."
Chiana leans her forehead on her hand: "So, he's probably just walked straight by me."

Commandant Grayza and Captain Braca, followed by a brace of SSD Commandos march through the settlement and past the various stalls. Sikozu and Aeryn keep close to the piece of equipment they were hiding behind as they watch them go past. An alien creature, probably female, wearing black leather and a horned (feathered?) headpiece climbs up on a box and calls out: "Gezzah."
At the sound of her voice, Sikozu whirls around and sees her and a Scarran that is with her.
Sikozu whispers: "A Scarran." She and Aeryn move out of sight quickly.
The Scarran looks around and hisses.
The female gets down from the box and walks quickly ahead. There is a Scarran ahead of her and she is followed by two Charrids in uniforms and another Scarran.
Female: "Nah cassa toocote. Sochon veevach."

Aeryn and Sikozu sit at a table in a cafe. Aeryn has her back turned to the Scarrans while Sikozu watches them.
The female looks around: "Defron veevach." She continues on.
Aeryn glances at them as they pass: "A Scarran delegation. One's a member of the ruling caste. Four Charrid escorts."
Sikozu: "One Commander, one Adjutant, four warriors."
Aeryn: "Same as the other side."
Sikozu: "Which implies a meeting."
Aeryn: "Why? Why would she meet with them?"
Sikozu: "Grayza clearly isn't interested in us, so... " Sikozu stands up and starts to walk around the table. Aeryn follows her.
Sikozu: "... if we go and get the modulator, this provides a perfect opportunity for us to leave here."
Aeryn: "No, no, no, no." She stops walking and Sikozu comes back to her.
Aeryn: "This is a perfect opportunity for us to stay. Otherwise we learn nothing!"
Sikozu opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.
Aeryn points after the Scarrans: "Does this look like an official conference to you?"
Sikozu looks after them too: "On a remote planet with no Scarran Proconsul? No."
Aeryn: "Exactly. She's most likely exceeding her authority."
Sikozu sighs and shakes her head.
Aeryn: "If we could somehow make Peacekeeper High Command privy to that..."
Sikozu: "They will relieve her of her duty."
Aeryn: "We get her off our backs."
Sikozu: "There's an awful lot of 'if's', Aeryn."
Aeryn: "Have we been in a more fortuitous position to try than now?"

Noranti hurries up to the woman at the desk.
Woman: "How could I possibly... serve you?"
Noranti speaks quickly: "I'm looking for a Nebari girl, this high..." She gestures with her hand to indicate just taller than herself. "... kind of gray."
The woman interrupts her: "Marella!"
The other blonde comes out from behind a gauzy curtain.
Marella: "Another one?"
Chiana comes out of the curtain behind Marella.
Noranti: "Ahh. There she is. Psst! We have to go..."
Noranti grabs Chiana by the arm and drags her away from the two blondes.
Noranti: "...find the pod now and go to the modulator because there are visitors here that we'd rather not run into." She hustles Chiana away as the two blonde women watch.
Chiana: "Are you frelled?"
Noranti: "We're all frelled. Grayza and Braca are here with four SSD Commandos."
Chiana: "Grayza and Braca?"
Noranti:"Oh, you've seen them too?"
The woman from the desk eases closer to Noranti and Chiana, trying to listen.
Chiana: "No, no, no." She comms: "Aeryn?"
There is only staticy voices.
Chiana: "Can you hear me?"
Noranti: "Oh, no, no, no, no. She can't."
Chiana: "What's with the comms? They're pranked."
Noranti: "Peacekeepers... jamming. Oh, come on. We've gotta go!" She hurries off.
Chiana: "Peacekeepers." She gets dragged along behind Noranti.
Both blondes watch them go.

Noranti comes to a junction of corridors and looks past it. She holds out her hand, palm out, stopping Chiana.

At a booth, two Peacekeepers talk to several people: "A Nebari female..."

Noranti: "Commandos."

Peacekeeper: "... report immediately to a Peacekeeper."

Chiana looks and then heads back the way they have come, back to the blondes. Noranti follows her.
Chiana: "Transform us. Full genetic modificatoin. Good enough to, uh... to pass DNA scan"
Marella steps forward: "But you have to select a species before we can..."
Chiana and Noranti turn and look at each other before turning back to the women.
Chiana: "Well... we're not really that choosy."
Noranti: "No, no, not, not, not."
Chiana: "Maybe make me a bit bulbous." She gestures towards her breasts.
Noranti: "Yeh, yeh, yeh, yes."
Chiana: "Eyes? Eyes would be great!"
Noranti: "Oh, eyes!"
Chiana: "Oh... you... you choose."
Noranti: "Yes, you choose."
Chiana: "Not... not... nothin too special." Chiana walks around behind Marella, towards the curtain.
Marella: "Well, I'll do... this one. You... service her."
Chiana: "Come one."
She and Marella go behind the curtain, leaving the desk blonde smiling at each other.

A Scarran is standing a little way from the Leviathan's pilot's console, sniffing loudly.
Captain Braca stands in front of the console: "The site is secure."
The Scarran turns around and walks over to Braca, past Grayza and the ruling class Scarran female.
Scarran: "You won't mind if we confirm that for ourselves?"
Braca: "If you feel it necessary. My troops are continuing to patrol the area."
Scarran: "How reasurring." He walks back to where he had been standing and sniffs again.

Aeryn and Sikozu climb into a lookout spot, above the den.
Aeryn: "We're too far away."
Sikozu brings the ocular device up to her face and focuses on the Scarran female: "This magnifies sound as well as image."
Aeryn: "Tell what's happening, or I'll take over."

Scarran female: "Commandant Grayza."
Grayza: "Minister Ahkna."

Sikozu moves the viewer away from her face: "That is War Minister Ahkna. Third in rank in the Scarran fleet."
Aeryn: "Wow."
Sikozu puts the viewer back up to her eye.

Minister Ahkna: "Yo'uve abided by the terms of this meeting?"
Commandant Grayza: "Exactly as we agreed."
Minister Ahkna walks over to Grayza.
Grayza: "You'll have to take my word for it." She smiles.
Minister Ahkna: "You've been conditioned to resist Scarran mind-probing."
The other Scarran looks at Grayza as well.
Grayza: "We all have."

Still looking through the viewer, Sikozu breathes: "Oh, my."
Aeryn: "What?"
Sikozu: "Shh... shh... shh..."

Grayza: "Will you take my word on that? Or will you waste more time, testing us?"
Ahkna: "I dislike wasting time. Why are you here?"
Grayza: "As I communicated... I want peace."
Ahkna: "Everyone wants peace. But what price will you pay to achieve it?"
Grayza: "What if I were to offer you... the Luxan Territories?"

Sikozu zooms in an each woman in turn.
Sikozu whispers: "Frell!"
Aeryn: "Will you tell me?!"
Sikozu: "Grayza says she is willing to cede all the Luxan worlds to the Scarrans in exchange for peace."
Aeryn: "What? She can't mean it. The Peacekeepers and the Luxans have a mutual defense pact. Grayza has to be bluffing. She can't fulfill that promise. The Luxans would go to war."
Sikozu: "And how long could the Luxans hold out against the Scarrans without the support of the Peacekeepers?"
Aeryn: "If that really is Grayza's intention, we can't let her go through with it."
Sikozu: "I doubt we could talk her out of it, Aeryn."
Aeryn: "I wasn't thinking of talking. I have a gun."



Sikozu follows Aeryn through the quiet fan room of the dead Leviathan.

Sikozu: "You would assassinate Grayza?"
Aeryn: "She'd do the same to us."
Sikozu: "All right. Then what? Do you have any plan of escape?"
Aeryn: "Run."
Sikozu: "Anything more detailed, Aeryn?"
Aeryn: "Run quickly." She reaches the end of the fan room and turns back. Sikozu grabs her by her arm.
Sikozu: "And what if we run... into more opposition than we can handle?"
Aeryn: "You have the conversation with D'Argo about why his worlds were obliterated."
Sikozu opens her mouth to answer, then closes it and nods slightly.

War Minister Ahkna and Commandant Grayza are standing in the pilot's den, inside the console.
Commandant Grayza: "In return for dominion over the Luxan territories, the Scarrans will relinquish all claims to the disputed sectors of the Uncharted Territories."
Ahhna: "Disputed sectors being... ?"
Grayza: "Everywhere beyond the Kellek Nebula."
Ahkna: "Hardly an equitable exchange."
Grayza: "More than equitable. The Luxan worlds are wealthy. There's little of value in the Uncharted Territories."
Ahkna: "So, why would you make such an exchange? Especially now. The Luxans are your allies."
Grayza: "High Command already regrets that decision. Luxans are warriors, not diplomats. They are a liability to our peace efforts."
Ahkna: "So... you would just abandon them?"
Grayza: "Yes. For the greater good. We are also aware of how long you have coveted their resources."
Ahkna: "In the same way you've coveted the expansion room the Uncharted Territories would give you."
Grayza: "Each party gains advantages... and a costly war is averted."
Ahkna: "You would never get your Council to support such a treaty."
Grayza: "A majority of the Counselors already support me. They are ready for a change of leadership."
Ahkna: "You... would seize power?"
Grayza: "For the greater good. The beneficial effects of this treaty will also, of course, speed your ascent... through the Scarran hierarchy."
Ahkna: "I need no help in that regard."
Grayza: "Ahh. How many cycles ago was your father deposed? How long since your last promotion?"
Ahkna: "Too long. But then I don't resort..." She glances obviously at Grayza's open cleavage. "... to the methods you utilize to advance."
Grayza: "Would you have a weapon in your armory and leave it unused... out of squeamish good taste?"
A Peacekeeper Commando walks up to the console.
Commando: "Captain Braca."
A Scarran starts towards the Commando. Braca holds his hand up: "It's all right." The Scarran stops.
Braca turns back to the Commando: "Yes?"
Commando: "We have word of a Nebari female somewhere in the settlement. Description matches the escapee, Chiana."
Grayza turns to look at the Commando. The Scarran watches him as well.
Braca: "Stay here. I'll check it out."
He hurries out into the settlement.

Captain Braca, followed by a Peacekeeper Commando carrying a rifle, hurries up to an alien with tufts of bright red hair and several tall feathers sticking out of her head. Braca touches her shoulder and she turns.
Braca: "You. Nebari. Female."

Chiana and Noranti hurry through the settlement. They look quite different. Chiana has bright red hair and a light green suit. Her skin is light blue. Noranti has smooth hair and skin and large ears. Her third eye is missing. She is wearing a sparkly silver dress.
Chiana: "You look fine."
Noranti: "I look hideous. No wisdom creases. No memory lines." She feels her forehead. "My eye!"
Behind them, a chair scrapes the floor.
Chiana stops suddenly: "Whoa." She spots Braca as he turns away from the female he was questioning.
Someone whistles.
Noranti: "Look, I've earned all these things..."
Chiana: "Shut your wacket hole. Let me do the talking, okay?" She hustles Noranti over to a table, glancing at Braca.
Captain Brac stands at attention in the center of the room.
Braca: "We're looking for a female Nebari." He looks ahead, towards Chiana and Noranti.
Braca: "You."
They keep their backs to him as he walks towards their table.
Braca: "You. We're looking for a Nebari. Female."
Chiana slowly turns her head to look at him: "Well, then try Soorat's. Level Three. Any kind of f... f... female you could care for." She winks. Her voice is low-pitched and bored.
Braca grabs her wrist: "Right."
Chiana: "Hands... off. I'm not on the market. Besides, I don't even like men." She turns back towards Noranti and smiles at her. She feels a lock of Noranti's hair.
Braca hangs onto her wrist and twists her arm behind her back.
Chiana: "What... are you doing?"
Braca snaps his fingers and the Commando hands him something.
Braca: "DNA scan." He presses the instrument against Chiana's upper arm. It makes a loud clicking noise. Chiana grunts.
Braca: "Be quiet."
Chiana: "Oh, quiet? Quiet, my eema."
Braca: "No match."
Chiana: "What? Just because you've got a fancy uniform, does that make you important?"
Braca takes Noranti's arm: "Old woman."
Noranti keeps her face against Chiana's.
Noranti: "Ooh. What is that?"
Chiana: "What is that?"
Braca presses the instrument against Noranti's arm.
Noranti: "Drugs?"
Chiana: "Ooh!"
Noranti: "I don't need drugs. I've got true love. You don't need drugs if you've got true love."
She looks Chiana in the eyes. Their noses are touching.
Braca: "You. Have you seen a Nebari female?"
Noranti answers without looking away from Chiana: "Well, I wouldn't know one if it bit me on the prang. Though that could be fun."
Braca: "Gray girl. Thin. Young."
Both Chiana and Noranti turn their heads to look at him.
Chiana: "Good looking?"
Braca shrugs: "Mmm."
Chiana: "We only even notice... the good looking ones."
Noranti laughs.
Braca strides away.
Chiana whispers in Noranti's ear: "I said I would do the talking."
Noranti: "Well, you didn't way all the talking." She moves her head to look Chiana in the face again: "I thought we did rather well."
Chiana grabs Noranti's ear with her teeth and holds on for a second. Noranti gasps.
Chiana: "Come on. We've got to get back to Aeryn before the treatment wears off."

Sikozu and Aeryn are looking down on the pilot's den with their spying device.
Sikozu: "They're still arguing about how to carve up the Uncharted Territories."
Aeryn: "But you still believe that Ahkna wants the deal to go ahead?"
Sikozu nods: "Yes. I do."
Sikozu looks through her spy device.

Grayza: "So, you would approve a division point at the Lanthal System."
Akhna: "In principle, yes."
Grayza: "Then it would seem we have an agreement."
Ahkna: "First, let's talk about disarmament."

Grayza: "I'm not prepared to discuss that. At present, I'll deal only with territory, not weapons."
Ahkna: "Unsatisfactory. You claim you have military superiority."
Grayza: "We do more than claim!"
Ahkna: "Yet you will not even talk about arms reduction."
Grayza: "We are prepared to coexist in peace, but not to make ourselves vulnerable."
Ahkna: "There are some in our hierarchy who believe you are already vulnerable. That your claims to military superiority are exaggerated. Perhaps the loss of our Dreadnaught was only an experiment that you haven't been able to repeat. Or... perhaps it wasn't you who did it. If this is so... why should we settle for peace?"
Grayza: "Because you would lose a war."

Sikozu lowers the spy device: "Ahkna's suspicious. She thinks the Peacekeepers might be lying about have wormhole weapons."
Aeryn: "The fear of wormhole weapons is the only thing stopping Scarrans from invading Peacekeeper space. Without them thinking they've got those weapons, everyone's frelled."
Sikozu sighs and shakes her head. She brings the device back up to her face. She watches as Grayza uses some kind of portable device to write on.
Sikozu: "Grayza is making out a document. Ahkna is looking it over." She looks back at Aeryn.
Aeryn: "Okay. It's time to intervene." She cocks her pistol and pulls it out of its holster.

Peacekeeper Commando: "Maintan internal alert."

Sikozu: "What?"

Commando: "Full search pattern."

A Peacekeeper walks through the Leviathan corridors, searching.

War Minister Ahkna: "The treaty appears satisfactory."
Commandant Grayza: "It is."
Ahkna: "Your Captain should bear witness."
Grayza: "There is no need to wait for him... if you're ready."
Grayza holds the writing devise out towards Ahkna.
Ahkna: "Pennoch... bear witness."

The Peacekeeper Commando stands in a corridor, near a junction, looking around. Behind him, Sikozu jumps down from the ceiling. He turns at the sound and she kicks his legs out from under him. He starts to fall and she wraps a vine or rope around his neck and pulls him the rest of the way onto his back. Aeryn runs over and grabs him, snapping his neck.

Ahkna and Grayza both hold crystalline devices over the treaty. As the crystals lower onto the treaty, they make a slight beeping sound.

Aeryn grabs the rifle from the dead Commando.

Grayza's crystal glows red. Ahkna's glows orange.

Aeryn and Sikozu return to their hiding spot. The Peacekeeper rifle makes a small sound as it charges. Aeryn brings the sight up to her eye.
Aeryn: "It's too late. They've already signed."
Sikozu: "Kill her anyway. They will never enforce a treaty if she's dead."
The Scarran soldier, Pennoch, is standing by Ahkna and Grayza, in Aeryn's line of sight.
Aeryn: "I can't get a shot." She lowers the rifle.

Captain Braca walks back into the den and over to Commandant Grayza.
Braca: "There was no Nebari, Ma'am."
Grayza: "No matter, Captain Braca."

Aeryn brings the rifle up again and tries to sight on Grayza. The gun makes a clicking sound.

Grayza: "This... was an historic day."
Braca smiles: "Congratulations."
Ahkna: "Pennoch."
The Scarran soldier brings up his hand and freezes Braca with his Scarran heat weapon. Braca groans and chokes. Heat waves shimmer around him. Pennoch uses a rifle in his other hand to shoot the Peacekeeper Commando who was with Braca. Aeryn watches as he shoots two more Commandos. Grayza turns and looks at Ahkna.



Sikozu and Aeryn look down at what transpires in the pilot's den in amazement.

Grayza: "Ahkna, you are a fool. This is an act of war."
Ahkna: "I assure you, Commandant, you won't be missed."

Aeryn cocks the rifle and attempts to take aim. The Scarran soldier, Pennoch, paces back and forth, blocking her shot.

Grayza: "You would not dare murder me."
Ahkna: "We merely want to speak in much more detailed terms about your wormhole capabilities."
Grayza: "You already know that you'll learn nothing."
Ahkna: "No, not here. But our facilities are so much better on Katratse."

Aeryn continues to sight down the rifle at Grayza.

Pennoch growls and grabs Grayza by the shoulder, pulling her out of Aeryn's sights. Ahkna turns and follows them.

Aeryn brings down her rifle.
Aeryn: "They'll interrogate her now."
Sikozu: "What happens when they learn the truth about wormhole weapons?"
Aeryn: "They won't. We can't let them."

Aeryn and Sikozu rush through the settlement and find places to hide as Ahkna and her prisoners come through. Chiana, still with her red hair, and the young-looking Noranti spot Sikozu and hurry over to her.
Chiana: "Sikozu."
Sikozu: "Shh, shh!"
Chiana peers around a corner and sees the Peacekeepers and Scarrans.
Chiana whispers: "Frell."
Ahkna walks regally past, followed by Grayza, Braca and three armed Charrids. After they have gone, Aeryn steps from her hiding place and gestures to Sikozu. She mouths: "Follow them." Sikozu goes around a wall. Aeryn crosses over to her.
Aeryn whispers: "Go." Sikozu takes off.
Aeryn steps into Sikozu's spot. She sees Chiana and Noranti.
Aeryn: "What the frell happened to you two?"
Chiana: "We needed a camouflage to fool the DNA scans."
Noranti: "It isn't permanent."
Aeryn: "Have you got the modulator?"
Chiana: "Not yet. What are the Scarrans doing here?"
Aeryn: "Doesn't matter. Whatever it takes, get the modulator and meet us back at the pod."
Chiana: "Right." She ducks around the wall.
Aeryn: "Go. Right. We're low on weapons."
Noranti: "Huhh! I didn't bring any guns. I don't have any guns."
Aeryn: "What can you do? What can you make?"
Noranti: "Fyang powder. It's a wonderful substance. It'll put anyone to sleep instantly."
Aeryn: "Good."
Noranti: "Except I don't have any."
Aeryn: "Not good."
Noranti looks in a pouch that is tied to her dress: "However, this looks like... mayla spores. They're very powerful.'
Aeryn: "Scarrans... Charrids... will it work on them?"
Noranti: "I've never tried on either."

War Minister Ahkna is standing near a device that looks like an open sarcophagus. Grayza is standing inside the device which has two large bars across the front. Pennoch is watching her and Captain Braca has his hands tied over-head, around a pipe, not far away.
Grayza: "Ahkna, this blunder will cost you dearly."
Ahkna: "Hmm. The blunder was yours, Commandant."
Captain Braca calls out from where he is tied-up: "You've just guaranteed yourselves a war you cannot win. Our wormhole technology will decimate your planet."
Pennoch aims his heat weapon at Braca. The waves reach his face and Braca gasps continuously as they engulf him.
Pennoch: "You terrify me." He releases Braca from the heat and he sags against his bonds. Pennoch walks over to Ahkna: "Do we need this one?"
Ahkna: "Yes, we do."
Pennoch: "When he no longer has a use, may I be the one to dispose of him?"
Ahkna: "Yes, you may. Let us prepare the Stryker and summon the Dreadnaught to the rendezvous point. We won't be long."
Ahkna walks away. Pennoch looks at the prisoners and growls, then he follows Ahkna.

Aeryn hurries over to join Noranti at a table. Noranti is making something.
Aeryn: "How are you going, Noranti?"
Noranti: "Preparing mayla spores takes time." She spits into her cupped hand: "And spit."
Aeryn: "We never have enough time."
Noranti: "I don't have enough spit... " She spits again. "... but I'm doing what I can."
Sikozu runs over to them.
Sikozu speaks breathlessly: "Alright, they took Grayza and Braca into bay nine, but their Stryker's still powered down."
Aeryn: "So we have enough time to... "
Sikozu: "No. Two Charrids came back out. They're heading this way now."
Aeryn: "Two?"

Charrid: "You heard Ahkna's orders. If you see a Peacekeeper Commando, shoot to kill."

When Aeryn sees the Charrids, she moves to a low wall and ducks down behind it, drawing her pistol. Noranti ducks down behind the table where she's been working. As the two Charrids look around, Sikozu gasps and crouches behind a wall. Suddenly, Noranti pops up from behind the table and walks out into full view. One of the Charrids spots her.
Charrid: "Identify yourself."
Noranti: "Don't shoot. I know who you are." She smiles at them.
As Noranti walks past the crouching Sikozu, Sikozu whispers: "What are you doing?" Noranti just keeps walking towards the Charrids.
Noranti: "And I know who you're looking for. You don't have to harm me."
Sikozu looks at Aeryn. Aeryn looks back, then aims her gun at the Charrid again.
Noranti: "I can show you where to find the ones you're seeking."
Charrid: "Tell me where they are."
Noranti: "Just a microt. My nose. I... " She looks down at her hand. "I need... I need a... ahh... ahh choo!" She sneezes into her hand, blowing a white powder into the Charrid's face.
The Charrid bends over and sneezes.
Noranti: "... just a sneeze. I'm sorry. I said I could help to find the ones you seek, and I will... show you. Right now... there's one behind you. Right there. A Peacekeeper."
The Charrid turns around and sees a Peacekeeper Commando where his companion is standing. He fires his weapon into the other Charrid's chest. The other Charrid fires back, hitting the first. They both cry out as they fall. Noranti gasps and looks back towards Aeryn and Sikozu. They both come out of hiding and walk over to look at the dead Charrids.
Noranti: "Whoa. I must remember to get more mayla spores."
Aeryn: "Yes. That was good. Thank you."
Sikozu disarms the Charrid and brings his rifle back over to Aeryn. Aeryn looks at the still smoking Charrid corpse and then at Sikozu.
Aeryn: "Now, I know it's not your color but..." She smiles.
Sikozu smiles back: "It'll get us into bay nine."

There is a Charrid guarding Commandant Grayza and Captain Braca in the bay.
Noranti: "Oh please, let me go. I... I'm not a Peacekeeper."
She backs into the bay, followed by two more, armed Charrids.
Noranti: "I don't even know any Peacekeepers. You've got the wrong young female."
She hurries in and drops to the floor. She looks up at the Charrid who is guarding the bay.
Noranti: "Oh, please, please. I'm being attacked by one... by two... of you."
From the doorway, Aeryn, in a Charrid's uniform, calls: "Hey, gorgeous!"
The Charrid turns to look at her and she shoots him. Sikozu shoots him as well. Captain Braca looks surprised. The Charrid falls to the floor, landing on top of Noranti.
Noranti: "Hello!"
Sikozu (still in the Charrid uniform): "That leaves us one Charrid, two Scarrans..."
Aeryn: "And two Peacekeepers. Commandant."

Moya's transport pod is sitting outside the dead leviathan, on the planetoid. Chiana, still in her disguise, hurries onboard. She looks around but doesn't see anyone. She goes to the control console and sits down. She starts pressing buttons and the pod makes a beeping sound. The door closes. Chiana looks at the instruments as Rekka's helper comes into Command, silently. He grabs Chiana's leg, pulling up on it and then grabs her by the hair, pulling her head back. Rekka steps up onto the platform and hits her, knocking her unconscious.

Aeryn and Sikozu remove their Charrid armor disguises and pile them on the floor.
Grayza: "Aeryn Sun. Exceptional work."
Aeryn: "And congratulations on your Luxan treaty. For that alone I shall kill you both." She cocks her rifle and brings it up, pointing it at Braca.
Braca: "Aeryn..."
Grayza: "Alive I can repudiate that treaty."
Aeryn: "But you proposed it, and you signed it."
Grayza: "And if the Scarrans had not betrayed me, I'd have stood by it. We could have lived in peace. Without me... how are you planning to get past the Command Carrier that's orbiting this dead leviathan?"

A Charrid, carrying a rifle, walks past the door of the bay. Aeryn looks out the door and sees him. She ducks back into the bay to where the others are waiting.
Aeryn: "If I'm not back at the pod in half an arn, you go without me."
Sikozu: "What?"
Areyn: "Go. I'll cover." She ducks back out of the bay door.
Sikozu gestures forward with her head.
Sikozu: "Move."
The Charrid turns around and sees Aeryn and the others crossing behind her. Aeryn shoots the Charrid in the chest and he falls to the floor. There is a Scarran standing directly behind the Charrid. Noranti follows the others, hurrying away. Aeryn shoots the Scarran in the chest. Smoke rises from where he is hit, but he doesn't move. Aeryn shoots him again and again, in the same spot. The Scarran growls.

Sikozu holds a rifle on Grayza and Braca, hurrying them along. They are handcuffed together.
Sikozu: "Into the cafe! Into the cafe!" She tries to push them into a room.
Noranti stops and points: "No. The pod is that way."
Sikozu: "No, Noranti. We're gonna to wait here for Aeryn."
Grayza stops and turns around: "Aeryn is dead by now."
Sikozu comes forward, holding the rifle with both hands: "I said keep moving!"
Braca turns around and walks backwards: "She's right..."
Sikozu: "... to the back!"
Braca: "... Killing Charrids is one thing, but two Scarrans?"
Sikozu: "I said shut up!"
Grayza sighs: "It was a great sacrifice on her part."
Sikozu: "It isn't over. She will survive."
Braca: "Alone? She's got no chance."
Noranti: "Maybe you should go and help her and I'll take these two to the pod."
Sikozu turns her head: "No, Noranti. We have one weapon!"
Grayza: "The Scarrans will be here any microt."
Braca: "This area is undefendable." He steps towards her and points: "Might I suggest..."
Sikozu: "Shut up!"
Grayza takes a step closer too: "If we stay... we die. It would be a great pity if Aeryn's death were for nothing."
Sikozu steps closer to Grayza: "She's not dead!"
Braca hits Sikozu with the heel of his hand, knocking her down, then hits Noranti in the face with his elbow. Sikozu starts to get back up and Braca kicks her in the face. Grayza grabs her rifle.
Braca: "This way." They both start to run.
Grayza: "Prime the marauder. We must leave immediately."

Chiana shakes her head to wake up. Her arms are bound.
Chiana: "Why did you do that?"
Rekka walks around the Command console while his helper holds a pulse pistol.
Rekka: "We don't like trespassers."
Chiana: "This is my pod... okay? I got transformed." She tries to keep looking at Rekka as he walks around behind her.
Chiana: "Look. Look at me. It's me."
Rekka laughs: "Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho." He steps up onto the platform next to Chiana. "Seriously, now... we do have a strict policy. Nobody steals our client's ships."

Sikozu comes to, lying on her side in the cafe. She gasps and looks around. She hurries over to Noranti who is still lying unconscious nearby.
Sikozu: "Noranti." She shakes her by the shoulder. "Noranti?"
Noranti reaches up and feels her jaw.
Sikozu: "You all right? Up you get." Grunting, Sikozu lifts Noranti's head and shoulders.

Chiana: "I swear to you... I've been genetically transformed to fool the Peacekeepers."
Rekka steps down, backwards, off the platform. Chiana swivels her head to look at his helper.
Chiana: "You gave me the frelling tokens."
The helper bends towards Chiana and beckons with his hand. She leans towards him and licks the inside of his upper lip with her tongue.
He stands back up: "It's her."
Rekka: "Are you sure?"
Helper: "They didn't transform her tongue."
Rekka's voice is suddenly cheerful: "In that case... here's your modulator, with the sensor distorter installed." He holds up the modulator. "You do still want this?" He holds the modulator out towards Chiana. His helper leans over her and takes it in his hand.
Helper: "Plug it into the neela trunk. Your pilot will feel his options." He reaches into her pocket.
Chiana jerks towards him: "Hey! Do I get a discount for being knocked out?"
The helper holds her money pouch up: "We should charge you more for guarding your pod."
Chiana growls and lunges towards him again.
Sikozu walks onto the pod: "What's going on?"
The helper hands Sikozu the modulator and walks out.
Rekka: "Thanks for your patronage." He leaves too.
Sikozu: "Are you all right?"
Chiana nods: "Yah."
Sikzou and Noranti start to untie her.
Sikozu: "Let's get this pod started."
Noranti: "Shouldn't we wait for Aeryn?"
Sikozu: "We'll wait half an arn, like she said."
Chiana: "So where is she?" She tries to get untangled from her bonds.
Noranti: "Are you all right?"
Chiana: "Where are the Scarrans? What if they get here first?"
Sikozu: "If the Scarrans get here first, then we leave immediately... "
Noranti looks at her, wide-eyed.
Sikozu: "... because Aeryn is... as good as dead."
Chiana stops at the door and looks back.



Sikozu is pacing back and forth in the transport pod, her arms crossed across her chest. Chiana is sitting in the pilot's seat, touching some controls.
Sikozu: "It's almost time."
Chiana: "No. We need to find Aeryn."
Sikozu: "Once, Chiana, please. For once in your life, exercise some self-control."
Chiana stands up and confronts Sikozu: "I am exercising self-control. I'm not blasting off your head."
Noranti: "Stop! Stop. She's coming."
The pod door slams open and shut.
Sikozu: "Oh, thank Jonna."
Aeryn rushes onto the pod.
Chiana: "Are you all right?"
Aeryn runs across the pod and hurls herself onto a seat.
Aeryn, breathlessly: "Yes. I'm fine."
Sikozu stands by the controls: "All right. Sit down and hold on."
Sikozu presses the controls and the transport pod lifts off from the planetoid with a rushing noise. It blasts off into space.

D'Argo sits at a table and comms: "Pilot, any word?"
Pilot: "Yes, Ka D'Argo. As you speak, a transport pod is approaching at high speed."
Scorpius: "Have they signaled distress?"
Pilot: "No."
John: "Have we signaled Rygel's distress?"
John is sitting at the table with Rygel and D'Argo, holding a cup.
Pilot: "Inadvisable as that would confirm our position to the Scarran warship pursuing them."
John puts his cup down and stands up.
D'Argo: "Pilot, starburst as soon as they're aboard."
Pilot: "I am already preparing, Captain."
The transport pod flies into Moya's hanger bay.
Pilot: "Stand by for starburst... ... ... now!"
With a whooshing sound, Moya begins to glow blue and she starbursts out of sight. A Scarran vessel continues to flie through space.

D'Argo sniffs loudly at Chiana.
Chiana: "Do you really... need to do that?"
D'Argo: "Remarkable."
Chiana draws what looks like a syringe out of a clear package: "Well, changing my genetics changes my scent."
D'Argo: "Is it permanent?"
Chiana: "Do you want it to be?"
D'Argo comes and leans over her: "I prefer the elegant gray."

Rygel flies after Noranti: "You paid too much."
Noranti: "Ahh! You don't even know if I paid."
Rygel: "It was still too much. I'll reimburse you double if you can cook for me."
Noranti: "I may never cook again." She continues down the corridor.
Rygel keeps following her: "Noranti, please!"

John and Aeryn enter the corridor, walking side by side.
John: "It's not your fault."
Aeryn: "We had her. We let her go."
John: "Well, you're here. She's not. I'll take that trade."
Aeryn: "She tried to strike a deal. Ahkna wouldn't go for it. The Scarrans must be dead set on war."
John stops walking and peers down another corridor. Aeryn waits for him to catch up.
John comes back to her: "That's Scorpy's line. Let someone else lose sleep over it tonight."
Aeryn: "What should we lose sleep over?"
John steps in closer to her: "Careful."
Aeryn smiles and leans in to kiss him. They are jolted by Moya suddenly dropping out of starburst. John grabs Aeryn as they are flung against the corridor wall.

Pilot comms: "Everyone. Despite our starburst, the Scarran warship is still in pursuit at the extreme edge of Moya's senses."
John and Aeryn run onto Command, joining D'Argo and Sikozu who are already there.
D'Argo: "How'd they find us so fast?"
John: "Try a homing beacon."
D'Argo: "Pilot?"
Pilot: "I'm not detecting any signals."
D'Argo: "Huh, John's right. Must be a beacon. Chiana?"

Chiana, Rygel and a DRD are in the transport pod. Chiana is swinging an instrument back and forth, across the controls.
Chiana: "Nope, nothing in the pod. Still looking."

Noranti is with Scorpius in the neural cluster.
Scorpius: "I am certain... the sensor distorter contains no tranmitter or homing beacon..."
He holds the distorter out in front of a DRD which sweeps one of its tools back and forth over it.
Scorpius: "... of any sort."

John: "Alright, it's not the hardware. Try the software. Pilot?"
Pilot: "Adjusting now."
D'Argo: "Anything from that planet. Anything."
Sikozu looks at John who turns to look at her. John is standing next to Aeryn, facing the main viewscreen.
Aeryn speaks softly to John: "You know, it could be her. We were separated."
Aeryn turns and joins John in looking at Sikozu.
Sikozu: "I did not betray you."
A DRD zips across the table and stops in front of Sikozu, scanning her.

In the transport pod, a DRD scans Chiana.
Chiana: "What? You want me to undress?"

Pilot: "The DRD's detect nothing from either Sikozu, Chiana or Noranti. Nothing from Aeryn, either."
Scorpius: "A tier-by-tier search of this vessel would be the unavoidable next step."
Pilot: "There's no time for that. The Scarran warship is now on the edge of Moya's sense horizon."

The Scarran warship, it's running lights glowing dark red, moves ponderously but inexorably through space.

Everyone looks around at each other.
Chiana looks up from her scan of the pod: "Have they found us again? Frell me."
Rygel: "Soon enough."

D'Argo: "Can Moya starburst?"
Pilot: "Not for some time."
Sikozu: "Activate the sensor distorter."
Scorpius: "It is not ready yet."
Aeryn: "How long until the warship identifies us?"
Pilot: "Perhaps two hundred microts."
Rygel: "I hate to say it, but..."
D'Argo: "Then don't!"
Noranti: "No one is chasing Moya and Pilot. It might be better just to leave them."

John speaks quietly to Aeryn: "Are we gonna do this? Bail?"
Aeryn stands facing him: "Safest for Moya."
John: "What about the..." He makes a cradle of his arms and rocks them. Aeryn watches him.
John whispers: "... baby. What about the baby?"
Aeryn gives a little smile and a shake of her head: "What?"
John stares at her, trying to read her eyes. She just looks back, confused.
They stand there, looking at each other's faces for several microts.
John whispers to her: "Where's the beacon... Aeryn?"
Aeryn moves her eyes from side to side and makes a funny face: "We don't know."
John backs away from her, talking louder: "Where's the beacon, Aeryn?" He pulls his pulse pistol, shocking everyone.
Aeryn: "We don't... know."
Sikozu: "Crichton, what...?!"
Sikozu starts towards him and he points the pistol at her.
D'Argo: "Wait!"
John turns the pistol back on Aeryn. She stands still, opening and closing her mouth.
John: "Where's the beacon?"

Chiana comms from the pod: "Crichton... what're you doing?"

John keeps his pistol pointed at Aeryn and slowly circles her: "Where's the beacon? It's a simple question... where's the beacon?"
Aeryn: "We don't know... where the beacon is."

Noranti comms: "Crichton, what are you doing?"
Scorpius tilts his head, listening.

John: "Where's the beacon? Where's the baby?"
Aeryn shakes her head in confusion. She mouths: "I don't..."
John: "Where's the baby? Where's the beacon? Beacon, baby. Beacon, baby..."
Aeryn looks around at Sikozu. She is watching John.
John keeps circling: "Whose beacon? Whose baby?"
Aeryn glances towards the others then turns back to John.
John keeps moving in a circle: "Who's the beacon? Who's the baby? Whose baby is it? Who's the daddy, Aeryn? Aeryn, who's the daddy?"
Aeryn mouths: "I don't know." again.
John: "D'Argo, tell her who the daddy is."
From behind John, D'Argo answers: "We don't know... who the daddy is."
John: "Right, we don't know... who."
Sikozu is watching Aeryn now, rather than John.
John: "Say 'baby', Aeryn. Aeryn, say 'baby'."
John has his pistol pointed right at her face: "Say 'baby'."
Aeryn makes movements with her mouth: "bb..." she exhales.
John: "Spell it."
Aeryn looks towards Sikozu who is starring back at her. She looks back at John.
John begins to sing: "A-b-c-d-e-f-g... h-i-j..."
Aeryn looks at him, uncomprehendingly. Her breath comes in sobs.
John: "Where's Aeryn... Aeryn?"
Aeryn's hand takes hold of her pistol in its holster and cocks it.
John stares into her eyes.
Aeryn starts to pull her pistol.
John grimaces and shoots her, point blank in the face. There is a hissing sound and smoke rises from the side of her head. D'Argo hisses and starts forward. He stops himself and stares.
John continues to stare at Aeryn's face. One side of it is now a mass of bubbling plastic. Her remaining eye flutters and closes.
Sikozu: "A bioloid."
D'Argo: "What's a bioloid?"
Sikozu: "That."
The side of Aeryn's head bubbles and quakes. There are occasional electrical sparks from it. Bits of it run down her side. As D'Argo takes a step towards her, Aeryn falls straight backwards, onto the floor with a thud.

Pilot comms: "Thirty microts, everyone, until a Scarran warship is close enough to identify us."

Breathlessly, Scorpius comms: "Pilot. I have temporarily patched... the sensor distorter... to your neural pathway."

Pilot: "I... feel it. There is a choice of signatures."

Sikozu: "A Scarran ore freighter, and mimic its movements."
Pilot: "Engaging now."
D'Argo looks over at John who is still staring at the bioloid "Aeryn" lying on the floor. The side of her face continues to bubble and pop.
Pilot: "The Scarran warship is signaling."
D'Argo walks towards Sikozu: "Okay, let's hear it."

The warship comms: "Ko-nach, Ko-nach! Frez-nee Ko-nach. Frez-nee Ko-nach."

Scorpius listens to the comm: "The mother-tongue."

D'Argo steps up to Sikozu: "You."
Sikozu nods: "Nacko frey-za kalisha."

Scarran warship: "Nak-fohlath leh-vi-a-than."

Sikozu: "Lee! Eels dir tahbek. Baak dou kareko o naylin tra mahden... ska brecarro beldin."

Scarran: "As konik."

The warship moves away.
Pilot: "The warship is breaking off... and accelerating away."
Sikozu closes her eyes and D'Argo heaves a deep sigh.
John just stares at the bioloid.
D'Argo leans over Sikozu: "What did you say to them?"
Sikozu takes a deep breath: "I told them that we saw... a Leviathan starburst a moment ago... that we were afraid it was going to board us and I thanked them for scaring it away."
D'Argo grunts and turns away. Sikozu leans on a console and sighs.

John takes a step, holstering his pistol. He kneels down beside the still bubbling bioloid. There are lights flashing inside it and it makes a burbling sound. John rocks back onto his heels, staring.



Sikozu reaches into the bubbling mass and pulls out a fragment. John watches her. She stands up with it and he looks back at the bioloid. She takes it over to Chiana and shows it to her.
Sikozu: "Homing device. Found in what's left of it's neural processor. That device confining Grayza was not meant to transport her."

Scorpius comms from the neural cluster: "No. It replicates living flesh. We've known about it for some time... but never encountered the result."

Chiana comes over to the bioloid. She gets down and peers into its head.
D'Argo: "Effective technique. No rescue attempt, while they're at their leisure to torture Grayza."
Chiana: "And now, her duplicate spies on the Peacekeepers." She stands up.

Noranti: "Then, why did they take Aeryn?"
Chiana hurries away.
Sikozu: "I got away... she... got caught."
Noranti: "Maybe they thought this... creature... would bring back Grayza."
Scorpius: "Or Crichton."

D'Argo: "Sikozu."
She glances at him, then back at John and the bioloid. Then, she turns and leaves John and D'Argo alone on Command.
D'Argo stands with his hands on his hips. He breathes a deep sigh: "You okay?"
John: "No."
D'Argo: "You know... it's not Aeryn."
John: "It was never Aeryn." He continues to stare at the corpse.
D'Argo: "We're not gonna give up on her, John. Sikozu said the Scarrans are taking Grayza to a place called 'Katratse'. Maybe that's where Aeryn is now." John looks past the bioloid, to the stars: "She could be anywhere out there."
D'Argo: "But we're not going to let her go. I give you my word."
John turns his head, just slightly, towards D'Argo. D'Argo looks at him, half smiling, then leaves. John turns back towards the body.


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