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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: February 28, 2003
Written by David Peckinpah
Directed by Geoff Bennett

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.19 - We're So Screwed: Part 1: Fetal Attraction

Previously, on Farscape (voice of Aeryn):
Scene One: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", D'Argo: "We're not gonna give up on her, John."
Scene Two: from "Prayer", Captain Jenek hits Aeryn in the face with his heat probe, knocking her against her cell wall. His nurse stands beside him, reading an instrument. Jenek: "I gave you a chance. Where is Crichton?" Aeryn gasps from the heat: "I don't know."
Scene Three: from "A Constellation of Doubt", John: "I'm gonna need your help, mister Scarran half-breed. Aeryn... for wormholes."
Scene Four: from "Prayer", Scorpius: "I will help... if you taste." John sticks out his tongue and catches a drop of Scorpius' clear blood on it. Scorpius takes his bleeding thumb and sticks it in his mouth.
Scene Five: from "Prayer", Nurse: "I know why she's reacting like this. Stop!" Captain Jenek: "Do not interfer." Nurse: "She's with child." Captain Jenek stops his probe. Nurse: "A Scarran heat probe will kill the pregnant Sebacean." Aeryn spasms and jerks on the chair where she is bound.
Scene Six: from "Prayer", the nurse injects something into Aeryn's arm. Aeryn grits her teeth. Nurse: "Whose child is inside you?" Jenek: "Is it John Crichton's?" Aeryn replies groggily: "I don't know." Jenek hits her in the face.
Scene Seven: from "Prayer", Aeryn, bound hand and foot, is being wheeled down a corridor by the nurse. Captain Jenek follows them. Captain Jenek: "If this is Crichton's child..." Aeryn gasps and strains to look behind her. Jenek: "... we could learn all he knows about wormholes from his fetal DNA." Aeryn jerks and pulls against the restraints. Aeryn: "Get me out! Out!"
And now, on Farscape...


Moya approaches something resembling a space station.

Pilot: "The Scarran border station has given us permission to dock. Moya senses three other vessels present. One is our own transport pod."

John and Chiana stand looking out the forward viewscreen as Moya docks with the station.
Chiana: "That means Sikozu made it okay."
John: "Getting here is the easy part."
Chiana: "She'll be fine. The Scarrans will just think she's another Kalish bureaucrat."
John: "Yah, I'm supposed to be a Peacekeeper. I love waiting to see how things go south."
He is wearing a Peacekeeper uniform.
Scorpius walks onto Command, behind them.
Scorpius: "All vessels enroute to Katratzi must stop for inspection and quarantine. The procedure takes five solar days. Any vessel lacking the proper security clearance beacon will be destroyed on sight."
John: "That's very reassuring."
Chiana walks over to John and puts her hand on the back of his neck. She rests her chin on his shoulder.
Chiana: "We... will find her. We'll get Aeryn back... no matter what."
Pilot: "Docking completed."
Scorpius: "Permit staton personnel to board, but monitor them."
Pilot: "I understand, Captain Wentrask."
Chiana: "Wentrask?"
Scorpius: "We must assume that all comms transmissions are being intercepted."
Chiana: "But our comms are secure."
John: "Let's just pretend they aren't."

A strange looking DRD with a dorsal fin scoots past Scorpius. A Charrid walks by carrying a rifle.
A man speaks: "Captain Wentrask? I am Dr. Trayso Talnell, Chief Medical Officer." He is an older man with short, red hair, with sideburns and is wearing a gold colored jump suit.
Scorpius: "Yes, yes, yes. Another Kalish functionary. Are these necessary?"
Dr Talnell: "Your entire vessel must be checked for contraband and contaminants."
Scorpius: "We have neither aboard."
Dr Talnell: "I should hope not." He turns and looks pointedly at John who is standing nearby, watching.
Dr Talnell: "A... um, Peacekeeper?"
Scorpius: "How remarkably perceptive."
Dr Talnell: "How do you come to have a Peacekeeper aboard?"
Scorpius: "What gave you the impression I answer to you?"
Dr Talnell: "With due respect, Captain, you will either respond to my inquiries or you will be denied entry into Scarran space. Understood?"
Scorpius walks over to Talnell and speaks softly: "The Peacekeeper is a spy for the Scarrans. Also on board we have a Nebari and a Hynerian. They are spies as well. The hierarchy... will not look kindly on a Kalish who obstructs their delivery. Understood?"
Dr Talnell nods slightly.
John calls from across the bay: "Do you have anything to eat on board the station?"
Dr Talnell: "Refreshments may be obtained in the station commons."
John starts to leave the bay, walking past Dr Talnell.
Dr Talnell: "Be aware that no weapons are permitted on the station and... you will be checked."
John stops and takes his pulse pistol out of the holster.
Dr Talnell: "Our sentinels are programmed to shoot and kill any armed visitors."
John walks over to table and puts his pistol in a tool box. He closes the lid and talks to the DRD "1812" who is sitting on the table.
John: "Keep an eye on that."
1812 squeaks in reply. John glances at Dr Talnell and walks out of the bay.

Sikozu is sitting closely facing a young Kalish man. He is wearing a gold jumpsuit with a gold vest. There are other people nearby and voices can be heard murmuring.
Sikozu: "All the visitors you get... all the fantastic technology you get to work with..."

Chiana: "Looks like she's found a new friend."
Rygel: "One of her own kind."
He is sitting near Chiana, at a table with a bench.
Chiana: "Oh... and not too bad looking at that."
Rygel: "Sikozu thinks with her head, not her kuzitza."
Chiana: "Yah. That's her problem."
Rygel: "We were smart to send her ahead. The Kalish are definitely running things round here."
John walks into the commons and glances at Sikozu and the young Kalish.
Scorpius comes over to their table and puts a hand on Rygel's shoulder: "The Kalish are a conquered species. They serve the Scarrans in order to survive."
Rygel: "You mean they're collaborators."
John walks behind a pillar and watches Sikozu.

Young Kalish: "... Diplomatic missions throughout Tormented Space. You must lead an interesting life."
Sikozu: "I suppose so. I'm getting tired of the incessant travel though. I envy you your stable position here."
Young Kalish: "Running the station isn't stable... it's boring." He reaches out and touches Sikozu's hand.
Sikozu: "Karohm, your work isn't boring in the slightest."
John wanders around the area, appearing not to be watching.
Karohm: "Maybe we should trade jobs." She touches his nose.
Karohm: "I must get back. Meet me later."
Sikozu: "In a while."
Karohm gets up and walks away. Sikozu stands up and wanders over to some vending machines along the wall. John is standing next to them. Sikozu places her hand flat against a lite up outline of a hand. The machine beeps.
John whispers: "Got anything to tell me?"
Sikozu: "Aeryn is here."
The machine drops down a bowl of something. Sikozu picks it up.
John: "Say that again."
Sikozu: "Aeryn is here."
John: "Where?"
Sikozu: "In the Scarran freighter. The Scarran freighter has finished its time in quarantine and is leaving in half an arn." She walks away without looking at John. He watches her go.

Aeryn is lying flat on her back on a sort of bed with curled metal sides. She is wearing a yellow bodysuit. The nurse is standing up next to the bed.
Nurse: "This won't harm the baby. But it will keep you docile."
She injects something in Aeryn's arm.
Aeryn looks at her with a worried face, nearly crying.
Nurse: "You see, I could make things so much easier for you. If only you'd trust me."
Aeryn watches her, then closes her eyes.



Chiana: "Half an arn. What can we do in half an arn?"
She is sitting at a table in the station commons, with John, Rygel and Scorpius.
John: "Grab our guns and we kick in some doors."
Scorpius: "We wouldn't even pass through this station. The Scarran sentinels are programmed... to kill any non-station personnel carrying weapons."
John: "We have a hole card. D'Argo and Noranti are hanging back in LoLah."
Scorpius: "If D'Argo's ship attacked a Scarran freighter... a fleet of Scarran warships would instantly be dispatched after us."
Rygel: "Besides, the freighter has Aeryn as a hostage."
Scorpius: "We have a far greater chance here than at any Scarran military base."
Rygel: "Hence we need to keep that freighter here long enough to come up with a plan. Pass me all that food."
John: "It's a hell of a time to be eating, Rygel."
Rygel: "I have an idea. Get me more."
Chiana taps him on the shoulder and gets up.
Captain Jenek comes into the commons, followed by a Charrid. The Charrid has long, stringy hair and a patch over one eye.
Jenek: "The freighter will be clear to depart within a quarter arn." He snorts. "Time enough for a refreshment."
They sit down at a table. A woman who had been sitting nearby immediately gets up and leaves.
John sees them enter: "A Scarran captain... with a Charrid sidekick just like Sikozu said."
Scorpius looks at Captain Jenek for a microt, then stands up.

The station loudspeaker broadcasts an announcement.
Charrid: "Charg dufont duresnet."
Jenek: "Many weaknesses." He sees Scorpius approaching and stands up.
Scorpius: "Povek natrenko."
Jenek: "Povek."
Scorpius: "May we speak."
Jenek glances towards the Charrid: "Leave us."
The Charrid stands up. He snarls quietly but moves away. Jenek and Scorpius sit down.
Scorpius leans towards Jenek: "Now listen carefully. My name is Captain Wentrask. My mission... demands absolute secrecy. My proof code is zenark devra zenark prida."
Jenek growls, then laughs: "Ministry of Dissimulation? Well, don't worry, Captain. You have little to fear from me. I have no interest in spies and their... intricate games. I am Jenek and command a freighter. You have your mission and I have mine."
Scorpius: "So, as it should be." He gets up, folds his hands and walks away.
Rygel, watching from the table, belches.
The Charrid walks back over to Captain Jenek. He growls softly.
Charrid: "A half-breed."
Jenek: "Of no concern to us. Ready the ship to leave."
They walk out and John stares after them.

Aeryn is lying down, her head on a red pillow. She opens her eyes, blearily. She frowns, then opens them wider. A shadow looms over her. She looks up and sees John leaning over the bed.
He looks at her and smiles: "It's time."
His voice seems to echo.
John: "You're doing good."
Aeryn smiles at him. She blinks her eyes and puts her hand ontop of his. He has his hand on her greatly enlarged belly and is gently rubbing it. Aeryn runs her fingers over his hand and reaches up to touch his face.
John: "You're doin great."
Aeryn rubs his chin with her thumb. John smiles and backs away from her hand.

Aeryn continues to stretch her hand towards where she sees John retreating. Her arm is bound at the wrist and she reaches through bars.
Aeryn: "Mmm!" She waves her arm through the bars on the medical bed where she is tied. She starts to cry.
Nurse: "Why do you keep on struggling? You know it won't do you any good."
Aeryn cries: "Mmm." She hits her hand on her stomach.
Nurse: "Must I keep sedating you? Must you keep making things difficult for yourself?"
Aeryn cries, the tears running from the corners of her eyes. She looks at where the vision of John had stood.
Nurse: "There's no point in fighting. You know that."
Aeryn puts her head back and cries harder: "Mmm." She shakes from sobbing.

Rygel continues to stuff food in his mouth. John stands up and pulls it away from him.
John: "That's enough. You're gonna bust a gut."
Rygel: "That's enough all right. Give me a microt."
He belches.
Chiana whispers: "The Sebacean."
The nurse from Jenek's ship walks past their table.
Rygel burps again.
John whispers: "From the freighter. Sikozu thinks she's a nurse."

The nurse walks over to the vending machine and places her palm on the lighted hand imprint.

Chiana: "Not good. It's another person you're got to fool."

She takes something out of the machine and shakes it as she walks back towards the crew's table.

Rygel: "This will be convincing. Stand back." He makes more noises.
John and Chiana back away.
John (loudly): "Hey... you all right?"
The nurse turns around to look.
Rygel groans and gasps: "Don't feel well."
He groans some more.
The station doctor joins the nurse in watching.
Rygel spews green vomit in a giant stream. Some splashes as far as the nurse.
He gags.
Dr Talnell walks towards the table: "What's the matter with him?"
John: "Maybe it's your lousy food."
Chiana walks over and puts her hands on Rygel's shoulders.
Rygel speaks groggily: "Yes. I'm sure of it."
Dr Talnell: "Have you ever had an emesis of this severity before?"
Rygel: "Just once, but they cured it."
Dr Talnell: "And, what was the cause?"
Rygel: "A touch of dermafollica."
Dr Talnell: "That's a highly contagious disease."
Rygel: "Oh, don't worry. They said it was dormant."
Dr Talnell: "We're in lockdown until further notice. Anchor all vessels to their docking ports."
The nurse hurries out of the commons.

Rygel is lying in some kind of medical room. He is covered with a shiny blanket. There is an observation window beside his bed. Through it, he can see Dr Talnell and Captain Jenek. Also, the young man who was talking to Sikozu is standing at a large control panel. She is sitting next to him.
Captain Jenek: "No... you can't keep us here."
Dr Talnell: "Uh... I can, and uh... I must, uh... under the quarantine policy of, uh... your hierarchy."
Captain Jenek looks through the observation window at Rygel. He turns back to Talnell.
Jenek: "Have you any evidence the Hynerian's condition poses a risk?"
Dr Talnell: "No, but I must err on the side of caution. I'm unfamiliar with Hynerian Dermafollica. However, I, uh... have asked the medical database at Simstef for information."
Karohm: "They're transmitting it now."
Jenek takes the top off a dish that is sitting on Dr Talnell's desk. He reaches into it and takes out a red stringy thing, which he eats.
Karohm: "I've also sent out a request for all vessels in the sector for doctors or healers with any knowledge of the disease."
Dr Talnell: "That's not procedure, but, uh... under the circumstances, it's a very good idea."
Jenek continues to eat red things from Talnell's desk.
Karohm turns to Sikozu: "Thanks for suggesting it."

In the station commons, Chiana stands talking to a young Kalish man.
Chiana: "I don't know why everyone's afraid of a few germs."
Young man: "Yah, me neither." He holds up a drinking mug: "This'll kill them."
He laughs and they move towards a table. Chiana is drinking from a squeeze tube.
Chiana: "Mmm! These'll kill anything!" She laughs.
Noranti walks into the commons, followed by D'Argo. A door opens and Dr Talnell comes out.
Dr Talnell: "Greetings! I'm Trayso Talnell, Chief Medical Officer. Thank you for coming."
Noranti: "Utu-Noranti Pralatong, Alleviator and Healer. And this... is my personal assistant."
She turns to D'Argo: "You may stay here if you choose."
D'Argo takes a bag from his shoulder and hands it to Noranti: "Yes, Healer."
D'Argo walks away. Noranti and Talnell head towards the medical bay.
Dr Talnell: "A Luxan assistant?"
Noranti: "Oh, yes. Luxans make fine pilots, exceptional bodyguards and superlative lovers." She chuckles.
They walk into the stations command room. Rygel is watching through the observation window.
As they enter, Karohm walks over to Talnell and hands him something.
Karohn: "Data from Stimstef."
Dr Talnell: "Thank you."
Noranti looks at Rygel and holds her finger up against her lips: "Shhh."
Rgyel groans. He lays back on the pillow.
Dr Talnell walks over to Noranti. He is holding up a film and reading it.
Dr Talnell: "Apparently we've brought you here for nothing... Healer. This isn't Dermafollica at all."
Noranti: Oh, it's too soon to tell, I'd say."
Dr Talnell: "Uh... per this report, he should have exhibited signs of skin sloughing by now."
Noranti: "May I see that?"
Dr Talnell hands the film to Noranti and she looks at it.
Noranti: "Yes... well, you see, Dermafollica is very difficult to diagnose. The bacteria that causes the virus is effectively undetectable."
Dr Talnell: "Yes, but none of the other symptoms are present. Hence, unless anything else manifests itself in, say... ohh, an arn, I can safely lift lockdown."
Noranti: "I'm going to examine the patient."
She hurries off.

Inside the med bay, Noranti crushes some greens in her hand. Rygel sits on the bed and moans. Noranti spits on the greens in her hand. Watching from the observation window, Dr Talnell winces.
Noranti: "And you're sure that what you had was Dermafollica?"
Rygel: "Yes. I barely survived. Four of my wives didn't."
Noranti: "Here." She holds the wad of greens out to Rygel.
He gasps: "No. Mmm!"
Noranti grabs his ear and twists it... hard.
Rygel: "Ow!"
Dr Talnell flinches.
Noranti shoves the wad of greens into his mouth and holds it shut.
Noranti: "Swallow."
Dr Talnell nods and smiles.
Rygel gulps: "Was that absolutely essential?"
Noranti whispers: "Absolutely."
Rygel: "Ugh."

Chiana is sitting across from the young Kalish man, in the commons.
Chiana: "So tell me, do you wannta get outta here?"
Noranti walks into the commons, past them.
Young man: "Well, it's getting late now. Maybe we should find someplace where we can calm down. Get comfortable."
Chiana: "Got a suggestion?"
Noranti walks over to D'Argo. He is staring off towards Chiana and her young man.
D'Argo: "What news, Healer?"
Noranti: "None yet. We'll just have to wait."
Young man: "Maybe you'd like to go out and see my ship."
Chiana: "Is it a very big ship?" She laughs.
Young man: "Size isn't as important as speed and maneuverability."
Chiana: "Oh yah? Well, that's what they all say."
He has his hand on her knee. He takes her hand.
Young man: "Come with me and I'll prove it."
They start to stand up. D'Argo walks up behind the young man.
D'Argo: "Excuse me. Hey, Nebari girl. How about I buy you a drink?"
Young man: "Umm... I was here first."
D'Argo looks down at him: "Your point?"
The young Kalish closes his mouth. He lets go of Chiana's hand and stands up. D'Argo sniffs. He walks away.
D'Argo smiles. He sits down in the young man's spot. Chiana swings her knees out of the way so he can get in, then puts them back, touching his. She leans forward and so does D'Argo, until their foreheads meet. They sit there, foreheads touching. Chiana smiles.
D'Argo whispers: "Much better. Rygel's scam seems to be working."
Chiana reaches out and strokes his braids: "So you know."
D'Argo: "One of the voices on the medical distress transmision was Sikozu's, so we played along."
Chiana: "Smart Luxan."
They touch noses.

Dr Talnell: "It seems your caution was justified. His skin is sloughing."
Rygel groans and scratches his chin repeatedly. Dr Talnell scratches his head. He pulls something off of it and looks at it.
Dr Talnell: "The lockdown will remain in effect."
Rygel jerks and gasps and continues to scratch.

Scorpius: "How contagious is this disease?"
Noranti: "It can infect non-Hynerians and those it does infect it kills without warning."
John: "Frell that. I'm gonna lock myself in an airlock."
Noranti: "I'm afraid it's far too late for that. This virus is so pervasive that... everyone on this station or any vessels docked to it has already been exposed."
Chiana: "So what do we do?"
Noranti: "I can attempt to concoct a cure. However, my ship is understocked. I need herbs, medications, healing potions."
Captain Jenek growls softly.
Noranti: "Do you have any sort of medical supplies? I mean, even a simple remedy kit wil do."
Captain Jenek: "No. No one may board my vessel."
Scorpius: "I have a facility on board my Leviathan. I offer it for your use. Escort her."
Chiana and John stand up.
Noranti: "Thank you." She leaves with John and Chiana.

John: "That was a nice job, Granny. You scammed 'em."
They walk through the station.
Noranti: "I couldn't scam Trayso."
Chiana: "But you did. He believes Rygel's sick."
Noranti: "That's because I made Rygel sick."
Chiana: "No, you made him look sick."
Noranti: "No, I made him sick."
John: "With what?"
Noranti: "Dermafollica. The virus is dormant in his system. I merely reactivated it."
John: "Can you deactivate it?"
Noranti: "I hope so."
Chiana: "And, what if you can't?"
Noranti: "He dies."
She continues to walk briskly ahead. John and Chiana stop and stare after her.



John and Chiana follow Noranti into her lab on Moya.
Chiana: "Are you tekked? What are you trying to do, what? Kill Rygel?"
Noranti: "No. He won't die. I can make a cure." She hurries over to her work bench.
John: "You sure about that?"
Noranti: "I'm almost certain."
John: "How long has Rygel got?"
Noranti: "Plenty of time, if I'm not disturbed." She sets some empty bowls on the bench and turns to take some bottles off a shelf.
John: "Is this bug contagious?"
Noranti: "Some varieties can be."
John: "Hm uh. What about this variety?"
Noranti: "I'll fix it."
Chiana: "You've already fixed it! You've... you've infected us with the frelling Hynerian plague!"
Noranti: "Not infected... exposed. Anyway, you can't get it."
Chiana: "I can't?"
Noranti: "Nebari are immune, as are Scarrans."
John: "And Sebaceans?"
Noranti looks down at her bench. She breaks some of her herbs with a cracking sound.
John: "Are Sebaceans immune?"
Noranti: "No." She walks quickly to another shelf.
John closes his eyes and looks down.
Chiana follows Noranti: "You'll kill Aeryn even before we get a chance to save her!"
Noranti looks into Chiana's eyes: "Don't you say that! Don't you dare say that! I will fix this!" She walks over and looks at John: "You wanted a plague, I gave you one. Without real symptoms, the lockdown is lifted, Aeryn is on her way to the Scarran base and you... are frelled. Now, I did what I had to do. I suggest you do the same."

Captain Jenek grabs Dr Talnell's arm and pushes him.
Jenek: "You don't understand. I have a patient I must protect."
Dr Talnell: "Your passenger has already been exposed, as have we all."
Jenek: "But the facilities on Katratzi are much more likely to have a cure."
Dr Talnell: "Oh, so you'd expose them as well, would you?"
Jenek: "Scarrans are immune to this disease."
Dr Talnell: "But Kalish aren't. I won't be held responsible for loosing a virus that could prove catastrophic to my own people. Your vessel isn't leaving, Captain."
Jenek growls softly.
Karohm comes over to Dr Talnell.
Karohm: "The Healer has requested that we allow the patient to be moved aboard the Leviathan. Easier to take tissue samples that way."
Jenek: "What? Release the Hynerian from isolation?"
Dr Talnell: "Given the pervasiveness of the virus, isolation is pointless. See to it."
Karohm nods and leaves.

Rygel is lying on a table in Noranti's lab, on board Moya. She kneels beside a shelf, gathering ingredients.
Rygel: "What in the frelling yotz where you thinking, you madwoman? You're a plague... a withered, three-eyed, bad-smelling pestilence!"
Noranti continues to mix ingredients: "You can shout at me later."
Rygel: "I'll be dead later!"
Noranti: "You'll be dead sooner if I don't devise a remedy. The more you yell... the more you distract me." She smells some ingredients.

Scorpius follows John through Moya.
Scorpius: "Noranti's is the only possible course, John."
John: "And what has it bought us?"
Scorpius: "Time!"
John: "And what are we doing with that time? Can't answer that? Right. That's why someone's got to get on that freighter."
John stops and opens a metal case, loudly.
Scorpius: "Sikozu is working on it. If she could access schematics of the freighter..."
John interrupts: "Schematics are not going to give us Aeryn's location, her condition, or tell us how many guards there are. Someone has got to go in."
Scorpius: "You don't possibly believe that Captain Jenek will give you a tour?"
John: "Grasshopper! You aim too high and Jenek is not the only one with access."

John, in his Peacekeeper uniform, strolls into the station commons. He walks over to a vending machine and presses a button. The machine beeps and dispenses something to him. The nurse from the freighter is sitting at a table nearby, alone.
John: "Hey!"
The nurse turns around to look at him.
John: "Sebacean?"
Nurse: "What?"
John: "You're Sebacean, right?"
John: "Ha. Can't remember the last time I saw a Sebacean woman." He starts to walk towards her table. "It's got to be at least half a cycle."
Nurse: "So?"
John sits down at the table, across from the nurse: "So... that's a long time without companionship." He leans his elbows on the table and looks at the nurse: "I don't do aliens."
Nurse: "Well, I don't do Peacekeepers, so why waste your time?"
John holds up a flat, rhomboid shaped object and puts it between his teeth.
Nurse: "What's that?"
John (speaking past the object that is dangling from his teeth): "This is something for a special friend." He takes the vial out of his teeth and leans closer to the nurse. "It's the Sebacean cure for Hynerian Dermafollica."
Nurse: "Or a vial of dust."
John: "You're a medical worker, right? I could let you analyze it... but as you say, why waste your time?" He stands up and starts to walk away.
Nurse: "Where'd you get that?"
John stops walking and turns back towards her: "I don't kiss and tell but you can be sure you're not gettin it anywhere else."
Nurse: "Hynerian Dermafollica rarely infects Sebaceans."
John: "But when it does, you're dead before you know it. I hate odds like that... don't you?"
Nurse: "So... what do you want for it?"
John: "I just want to share." He puts the vial back between his teeth.

John and the nurse walk through the station. One of the station DRD's with the fin zooms over to them. A guard cocks a weapon and calls out: "No admittance, Peacekeeper."
The nurse puts her hand on John's arm: "He's with me."
The door opens and John and the nurse walk onto the freighter, past two Charrid guards. John keeps his eyes on the guards as they walk past, pirouetting to look behind himself and backing in the doorway. The door closes behind them.
They walk into a room.
Nurse: "Give me a microt." She goes into another room.
John looks around, standing where she left him: "So this is your med bay?"
Nurse: "Mm hmm."
John walks over to one of the beds with the rounded slats for sides. He sits on it and bounces, making it squeak.
John: "Spare bunks."
He rocks the frame so that it clanks loudly.
The nurse walks over to him and holds out her hand.
Nurse: "Fun later. Cure now."
John holds up the vial and she takes it from him.
Nurse: "It's a dehydrated concentrate, is it not?"
John: "Right. Dilute it ten to one, saline. There's enough there for both of us."
Nurse: "No more?"
He gets up and starts to look around the bay.
John: "No. Why?"
Nurse: "Another Sebacean needs treatment."
John looks past some equipment and spots Aeryn, tied to her bunk.
John whispers: "You bastard."
The nurse works at a table, dilluting the material from the vial. John finds a metal tool on a table and picks it up.
John: "It's too bad for them." He hurries over to the nurse and hits her on the head with the metal tool. She falls down, unconscious. John drops the tool on the floor and hurries over to Aeryn. He kneels down next to her.
John: "Aeryn, wake up."
Aeryn moans and waves her arms, pushing him away.
John: "Stop. Hold still. Ho... Hold still. I need to... I need to unbind this. No, it's me. I'm real. Aeryn! Shh!"
Aeryn moans and struggles, putting her arms up to shield her face. She whimpers and cries. John tries to shush her and attempts to untie her wrist restraints.
The Charrid who was with Jenek in the station comes up behind John: "Leave her alone." He holds a gun on John.
John stops what he's doing, without moving.
John: "Don't do anything stupid. Scarran hierarchy paid good crindars for me. They wouldn't want their package delivered damaged."
Aeryn continues to whimper and cry, waving her arms repeatedly over her face, while keeping her eyes closed.
John stands up and turns around suddenly. The Charrid hits him in the face and knocks him down. He leans over Aeryn to look at her face.

John is on his knees, next to a bench. A Scarran heat probe has him transfixed and he screams.
The nurse sits on the bench, near John. The Charrid stands directly behind him. Captain Jenek stands in front of him, holding him in his heat probe.
Nurse: "He claimed it was a cure for Hynerian Dermafollica."
Jenek: "But was it genuine?"
John gasps: "No... it's a fake."
Jenek: "Why the deception?"
John: "Cause... horny." He laughs and gasps at the same time. "I am... looking for a Sebacean woman."
Nurse: "You attacked me and attempted to release one of the patients."
John gags: "No offense, but she's sexier than you."
Jenek: "What would you have done had you gotten her?"
John: "Taken her back to my ship... frelled her... made babies."
John gags again and Jenek hisses.
Scorpius walks into the room.
Scorpius: "Jenek! What are you doing to my Peacekeeper?"
Jenek releases the heat probe and John slumps to the floor.
Jenek: "Your Peacekeeper was aboard my ship... attempting to recreate."
Scorpius: "Is that true?"
John: "Yah. More or less."
Scorpius turns back towards Jenek: "If you'll excuse us... I will deal with him."
Jenek growls, quietly. Scorpius walks over to him.
Scorpius: "I said... I will deal with him."
Jenek continues to stare a Scorpius for a microt. Then, he growls and motions for the others to follow him. They leave the room.
John moves slightly: "Ahh. That's a hell of a thing." He groans.
Scorpius goes over to the bench and sits close to John.
Scorpius: "John... how did you lie to Jenek's heat probe? Was it... Katoya's training?"
John laughs: "Ha! Nah, I told him the truth. Just not the whole truth." He grunts and slings his arm over to use the bench as a prop. He pushes himself up onto his knees.
John: "Aeryn's in there. We gotta get her out."
Scorpius: "Sikozu is gathering information which will help us put together a rescue plan. We will free Officer Sun."
John grunts and puts his hands on Scorpius' shoulders. He uses him as a lever to pry himself to his feet and walks away.

Sikozu carries some film sheets over to the console where Karohm is working.
Sikozu: "The Rosrob Center sent us all their data on Dermafollica, but it isn't much."
Karohm: "And I still can't get a response from the Diagnosans on Coldjen." He slaps the console. "Frell!" He wraps his arms around his chest and turns away from Sikozu.
Sikozu: "Why don't you take a rest interval? I can monitor communications for you."
Karohm glances back at her.

Noranti props Rygel up and holds something to his lips.
Noranti: "This... will boost your Hynerian antibodies and cleanse you of the disease. Open."
Rygel opens his mouth and Noranti pushes the medicine into his mouth. Rygel gasps but closes his mouth and swallows loudly.
Noranti: "Unfortunately, it won't cure anyone other than a Hynerian."
Rygel: "And that's a problem? I mean... uh... has anyone else contracted the sickness?"
Noranti: "No, not as yet."
Rygel: "Ahh."
Noranti: "And they may not. But there's always a chance."
She hurries back to her workbench and starts mixing things.
Rygel groans: "Mmm mm. Ahh. Mmm mm." He falls backwards, onto the table, with a thump.
Noranti turns to look at him: "Rygel?" She walks over and picks up his wrist. She moves it around and it flops back, totally limp.
Noranti: "Rygel!"



Chiana wanders into the station commons. She spots the young Kalish man she had talked to before and jumps up onto a table near where he is sitting, his head down on his hands.
Chiana: "Hey. Hey, you with the big ship."
The young man coughs without raising his head. Chiana goes over to him.
Chiana: "Hey, you okay?"

Dr Talnell looks out through a large window.
Dr Talnell: "We may have another victim. Come on."
Karohm follows him out into the commons, leaving Sikozu in the control room.

Chiana: "Somebody? Somebody call the healer."
She turns the young man's face over and it is covered with blotches. A nearby woman shrieks. People begin to hurry out of the area.
Chiana: "Hey, what're you doing? Don't run away. Get..."
The young man gags and spit runs out of his mouth.
Chiana holds his forehead: "It's okay. It's all right. It's okay. We're... we're gonna get the healer."
The young man gags again.

Rygel is lying on his back, scratching the peeling skin on his chin.
Noranti is mixing some ingredients.
Dr Talnell: "Dermafollica has proven fatal to a Kalish traveler. Captain Jenek requests your presence aboard his vessel."
Noranti: "No, no, no, no. I must find... this remedy. He may come here if he chooses."
Dr Talnell: "No. He wants you to go to him." He points.

Scorpius acosts Captain Jenek on the station.
Scorpius: "The healer needs more resources than are available to make a cure. If there's anything aboard your vessel that would assist..." Jenek walks away and Scorpius follows him.
Scorpius: "You must realize we have a common problem. We both have cargo that needs protecting."
Dr Talnell appears in the doorway and holds up a finger to get Jenek's attention.
Jenek: "I'll solve my own problems." He walks away from Scorpius, over to Dr Talnell.
Scorpius sighs and sits down on a bench.

On board Moya...

Sikozu has a projection of the station on a table on Command.
Sikozu: "The Scarran freighter is not only docked to the station, but it is tied to its power grid as well. From station control, I can force a power surge that will disrupt the circuits of both the station and the freighter."
D'Argo: "That'll knock out the lights, the alarms and those ugly Scarran DRD's."
Chiana: "For how long?"
Sikozu: "Only until emergency overrides activate... maybe thirty microts."
D'Argo: "Okay... once we rescued Aeryn, we've got to get Moya off that station."
Sikozu: Yes, I think I've worked out how to bypass the docking locks."
Chiana: "You think? What were you doing with Karohm all this time?"
John: "What about the window stickers this joint's supposed to give out?"
D'Argo: "Security beacons. We'll need some."
Sikozu: "If we rescue Aeryn..."
Chiana: "Don't say... 'if'."
Sikozu: "I'm sorry. Yes. When we rescue Aeryn, we simply starburst away from Scarran space."
D'Argo: "What if we starburst deeper into Scarran space?"
John: "Or if the freighter takes off with Aeryn?"
Sikozu: "If the freighter escapes, then we abandon all hope."
John: "We abandon all hope of leading long and prosperous lives and we follow the freighter."
Sikozu sighs.
John: "She's still learning."
He gets up and leaves Command, followed by D'Argo.

Aeryn lies on her bunk, asleep or unconscious.
Noranti comes into the freighter's medical bay.
Noranti: "You don't have to use force. I want to find a cure as much as you do."
Dr Talnell: "You will find a cure and we will have it first."
Captain Jenek and his Charrid guard follow Noranti and Dr Talnell into the med bay.
Jenek: "Nurse! Assist them. Nurse, didn't you..."
The nurse is laying with her head down. Jenek pulls her head back. Her eyes are open and staring and her face is covered in blotches. Jenek lets go of her and she falls forward, limp.
Jenek: "Check the patient."
Noranti: "I'll do it." She hurries over to Aeryn and puts her hand around her throat. Aeryn gasps and struggles.
Noranti: "Save your strength. Don't try to speak."
Dr Talnell comes over to Aeryn's bed and looks down at her. Aeryn opens her eyes but they roll back into her head.
Noranti: "She doesn't appear to be infected."
Jenek: "Neither was my nurse. If she's infected, can you cure her?"
Noranti: "I think I can, given time."
Jenek: "The female is pregnant. Her fetus must be saved. Is there a suitable recipient for a transplant?"
Noranti: "What? No! Anyway, it wouldn't do any good. All the females here are equally at risk from this disease."
Dr Talnell: "What about the Nebari girl? Nebari are immune."
Captain Jenek turns to his Charrid Lieutenant: "Go to the Leviathan and bring back the Nebari."
Charrid: "We can't take our weapons through the station."
Jenek: "Then take a transport pod and board from the outside."
The Charrid hurries out.
Aeryn opens her eyes, trying to focus on Noranti.
Noranti: "Hush now. Hush."

Chiana walks rapidly down a corridor on Moya. The Charrid Lieutenant suddenly appears in front of her.
Chiana: "Hey. Get out of my way, fek-face." She walks around him and he grabs her arm, pulling her back. He slings her onto the floor of the corridor. Chiana gets to her feet, pulling her gun. She points it at the Charrid, then senses another coming up behind her and turns and points that way. The second Charrid knocks the gun out of her hand and grabs her hair. Chiana cries out and kicks the Charrid. He falls and she kicks him in the face. The Lieutenant shakes his head and stalks over to his fallen comrade: "Get up."
Chiana gets to another Charrid and kicks him twice, then hits him. He falls and Chiana runs past. The Lieutenant strides past him as well: "Get up!"
Chiana runs until she slips and slides on the floor. She gets up quickly and runs again, followed by the Charrids.

The Charrids come onto Command.
Lieutenant: "Guard the door." He looks around the room. He goes over by one of the consoles. Chiana drops from the ceiling with a yell and attacks him. She kicks and hits one of the Charrids until he is on the floor. She kicks the Lieutenant, but he grabs her by the hair and holds on.
Chiana: "Get your frelling hands off me!"

Sikozu: "They took Chiana by force and you just let them?"
Pilot: "I was unaware until it was too late to prevent it."
Scorpius: "Recriminations can wait. We must act. Are you ready?"

Aeryn gasps and jerks as the Scarran puts his gauntleted hand on her head.
Jenek: "As the doctor said, save your strength." He walks away, past Noranti. She rushes to hold Aeryn.
Aeryn gasps: "Oh... we can't let them." She looks at Noranti.
Noranti: "It won't happen. I won't let it happen. They can't do it without Chiana and they won't find her."
Chiana squeals as two Charrids drag her into the room.
Lieutenant: "Bring her."
Jenek: "Prepare for the procedure."
Chiana sees Aeryn, as she is dragged past her: "What the frell's going on?"
Dr Talnell walks towards Chiana: "I'll sedate her."
Noranti cries: "No!" and flings herself on Talnell's back.
Chiana: "No!"
The Charrid Lieutenant pulls Noranti off Dr Talnell's back. He injects something into Chiana.
Noranti: "No, stop. Stop! This is wrong! This patient has been drugged. She is weak. She may die from this procedure."
Aeryn struggles, frantically tossing her head back and forth.
Chiana is placed on one of the beds and her arms and legs are secured with the wire restraints.
Jenek: "I don't care. My only concern is for the safety of the fetus. Trayso!"
Chiana whispers: "Please."
Aeryn continues to struggle. Dr Talnell comes over to her.
Jenek points at Aeryn: "Proceed."
Dr Talnell: "Hold still."
Aeryn struggles: "No. No."
Metal arms come out from under the bed. They have sharp points on them. They curve upwards and down, ramming their points into Aeryn's sides. She opens her mouth wide and screams!
Chiana and Noranti both see this happen. Chiana is bound on the other bed and Noranti is being held by the Charrid Lieutenant.
Aeryn stops screaming and her eyes close.



Aeryn is being held down by metal ribs which enter her body at the sides. Noranti puts an injection devise on Aeryn's shoulder. Dr Talnell reaches out and stops her.
Dr Talnell: "What are you giving her?"
Noranti: "Something to ease the pain."
Dr Talnell: "She doesn't need anesthetizing. Give it to the Nebari girl instead."
Noranti: "No, I won't! This is the patient who needs anesthe..."
Dr Talnell signals to the Charrid Lieutenant who comes over and grabs hold of Noranti's arms from behind.
Noranti: "... you're not going to cut..." She grunts as the Charrid pulls her away from Aeryn. Dr Talnell pushes himself in next to Aeryn. He is holding a scapel. He takes the injection devise from Noranti. He follows Noranti and the Charrid over to Chiana.

Chiana: "Get that thing frelling away from me!"
Dr Talnell leans over her.
Chiana spits in his face.
Dr Talnell: "Very strong. She'll make an excellent host."
He injections Chiana in the arm.
Jenek: "She had better. If the fetus dies, so will the both of you."
Chiana swallows and gasps.
Karohm calls over the loudspeaker: "Captain Jenek. Captain Wentrask is in the station commons. He demands an urgent word, sir."
Jenek: "Does he? Very well." He walks around Chiana.
Jenek: "Ralnahk."
The Charrid Lieutenant grunts and follows Jenek.
Chiana continues to look blearily at Dr Talnell.

Captain Jenek: "What do you want, Wentrask?"
He sits down at a table in the commons. Scorpius joins him. He sits down right beside Jenek and leans towards him, talking quietly.
Scorpius: "I require... your cooperation."
Jenek: "But you can't compel it."
Scorpius: "Jenek... I know that your prisoner is the Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun and that you are taking her to Katratzi for Minister Ahkna. I also know that if my mission fails, your mission becomes irrelevant, as do you."
Jenek: "Continue."

Sikozu sneaks into the stations control room, looking around carefully. There is no one in the room, but the control consoles beep and blink. She looks through the observation window, then crosses over to the controls. She presses several buttons.
Karohm walks into the control room, holding a gun pointed at Sikozu.
Karohm: "Step back." He walks slowly towards her.
Sikozu gasps.
Sikozu: "I... was just checking to see if some more med..."
Karohm interrupts her: "Someone's been downloading the station codes and schematics. It had to be you... but I'm disappointed."

Noranti and Dr Talnell stand facing each other, between Aeryn and Chiana. Dr Talnell is rubbing his hands together.
Noranti: "You know this can't succeed. We'll kill them both and the fetus as well."
Dr Talnell: "No choice but to try!"

John picks up his rifle off a table. "1812" is sitting on the table too. D'Argo stands behind him, holding his qualta rifle up in the air.
John: "What the hell is taking so long? The lights should be out by now." He checks the action on the rifle.

Dr Talnell: "The procedure's success depends upon the swift transfer of the fetus. Therefore, we should open both subjects simultaneously." He picks up two scapels from a table.

D'Argo sets his qualta down.
D'Argo: "I'll go check it out."
John: "Right."

Sikozu faces Karohm. She takes a couple of steps towards him.
Sikozu: "Listen to me, Karohm. Two, possibly three females are being held against their will on the Scarran freighter."
Karohm moves the gun to point more directly at Sikozu: "Halt."

Dr Talnell stands beside Chiana. Noranti stands beside Aeryn.
Dr Talnell: "Prepare to begin." He glances back at Noranti. She stands holding the scapel over Aeryn and rolls her eyes. She gasps.

Sikozu: "They pose the Scarrans no threat. Their imprisonment is completely unjust."
Karohm: "I believe you."
Sikozu: "Then will you help me?"
Karohm laughs: "Of course not. I'm going to lock you up."
D'Argo's tongue lashes out and hits Karohm in the neck. He falls to the floor with a thud.
D'Argo: "How wrong was he?" He walks over to Sikozu: "Okay... now can you do what you said you were gonna do?"
Sikozu nods and turns back to the control console.

Noranti: "Dr Trayso..." She steps backwards, away from Aeryn and touches Dr Talnell's arm. "... in my opinion this patient's body is overstressed. Therefore, the fetus will be debilitated. I think... we should let her regain her equilibrium before we begin the procedure."
Dr Talnell interrupts her: "We don't have time."

Scorpius: "What you fail to realize is... that Ahkna's only interest in your prisoner is as a means to the possible information that John Crichton possesses. Now my Peacekeeper defector can give you John Crichton himself. Now which mission... do you think is more vital?"

Sikozu presses a control and the station's console beeps.
Sikozu: "All right. That's unlocked the docking ports on Moya, on your ship and my transport pod."
D'Argo opens a storage hatch and takes out several items wrapped in plastic.
Sikozu: "Now for the power grid..."
D'Argo holds up the items: "Are these the security beacons?"
Sikozu glances at them: "Yes."
Metal clamps detach themselves from Moya's nose and swing back towards the station.

Noranti: "There are three lives here and I will not..."
Dr Talnell interrupts her: "Dr Pralatong, I beg you!"
The lights suddenly go out.

John: "Show time." He hurries out with his rifle, grabbing a lantern on his way by.

Scorpius and Jenek look around. Jenek growls.

John hurries through the station with his rifle, using his lantern. The station loudspeaker broadcasts: "Praloch frenek. Praloch frenek." It continues giving orders in Scarran. There is some emergency lighting in the corridors near the Scarran freighter. When John gets close enough to see the Charrid guards, he shoots one.

Dr Talnell comms: "Karohm, what's going on?"
A Charrid grabs Noranti and pulls her away from the Doctor.
Charrid: "Stand here."
John turns on his lantern and shines it on the Charrid. The Charrid turns towards John, shoots and misses, but John shoots him and he falls to the floor.
Noranti: "Ohh!" She ducks down behind a table.
Dr Talnell scoots over by Aeryn, holding up his scapel.
Dr Talnell: "Stop! I'll kill her! I'll cut her throat!"
John trains his lantern on Talnell's face.
Noranti: "He wouldn't dare. If the baby dies, Jenek'll burn him dead, so shoot."
Dr Talnell: "I'll do it. I'll kill her."
John: "Kalish are supposed to be smart. Who do you think I believe?"
Dr Talnell stands up straight. He holds his hands up in the air and backs away from Aeryn.
Dr Talnell: "All right. Shoot me."
John shoots and Talnell cries out. He staggers sideways and falls over a table, knocking it and himself to the floor with a crash. John sets his lantern down and jumps down the stairs into the med bay. He goes to stand by Aeryn. Noranti joins him.
Noranti: "You should have killed him."
John: "My body count's already too high." He looks at Aeryn, lying quiet and still. He gently touches her on the cheek with his gloved hand.
Noranti: "The release is over here. Ready?"
John looks away, then looks back at Aeryn: "Do it."
Noranti presses on the side of the table. The metal ribs retract with a whoosing noise and Aeryn takes a sudden breath.

The Charrid Lieutenant finds Scorpius and Jenek.
Jenek: "Check the ship."
He hurries off.
Scorpius: "Yes, I must check mine."
Jenek clamps a hand on Scorpius' shoulder: "No. You stay here."

In the corridor, the station loudspeaker continues to broadcast in Scarran. The Charrid comes up to the guard that John shot, lying on the floor. He checks him, looks around and growls.

D'Argo: "Are you done?"
Sikozu: "Almost." She deliberately turns her back on D'Argo. "If I jam the docking port controls, the freighter won't be able to break free and follow us." She holds her hand in the air, slightly over a large, round control. Waves of heat come down from her hand and flames shoot out of the control, melting it. Sikozu gasps.
D'Argo: "How'd you do that?"
Sikozu: "I... it was nothing." She gasps: "I... I merely cross-coupled the emergency by-pass conduits.... let's go. Quickly! Emergency power will come on any microt!"
She hurries out of the control room and D'Argo follows her.

John hurries off the freighter, carrying Aeryn in his arms. Noranti is right behind him, with Chiana. The Charrid Lieutenant suddenly appears in front of them, holding a rifle pointed at them.
Charrid: "Stop! Drop the weapon."
Chiana gasps as Noranti puts her down to set down her gun.
Charrid: "Turn off that light."
John: "Granny, do what he says!"
Noranti bends down to turn off the lantern.
Charrid: "Back to our vessel."
John: "You work for the Scarran, right?"
Charrid: "Yes. Why?"
John: "Security is tight for visitors so you shouldn't be carrying."
Charrid: "Carrying what?"
The lights come back on in the station. From behind the Charrid, a Scarran DRD starts firing at him. Noranti and Chiana duck behind a wall as a second DRD starts shooting. The Charrid collapses to his knees. John quickly walks past him, carrying Aeryn.
John: "A gun."
D'Argo and Sikozu hurry over to Noranti and Chiana.
Noranti: "D'Argo, please! Please help her."
D'Argo bends down and picks up Chiana. Sikozu hurries past.

Jenek and Scorpius are sitting at a table near the vending machines.
Jenek: "Ralnaht, report."
Jenek looks at Scorpius and growls. Scorpius stands up and hits Jenek in the face twice. Jenek's head jerks back. Scorpius hits him again and Jenek stands up with a roar. He pushes Scorpius in the chest, flinging him across the room. He lands on a piece of furniture with a grunt.

John hurries into Moya's docking bay, carrying Aeryn. D'Argo follows, carrying Chiana.
Chiana: "I'm fine. You can put me down... at least for now."
D'Argo comms: "Pilot! What's our status?"
Pilot: "Moya is free of the docking collar."
D'Argo: "Reactivate all starburst systems."
Pilot: "Done."

Jenek slams Scorpius, face first into a wall. Scorpius turns, backhanding Jenek. Jenek grabs his arm and Scorpius hits him with his other hand. He grabs Jenek by the chin, forcing his head back. Jenek grabs Scorpius and forces him over a table. He turns his heat probe on the back of Scorpius' head.
Jenek: "Who are you, and what is your mission?"
Scorpius spits and vomits onto the table. He falls backwards, onto the floor.

A transport pod and D'Argo's ship, Lo'Lah float out of the station, following Moya.
Sikozu hurries onto Command, followed by D'Argo and Chiana.
Sikozu comms: "Pilot? Any communication from Scorpius?"
Pilot: "No. Nor is he responding to the comms. Lo'Lah and our transport pod have also been released from their ports."
D'Argo: "Okay, well bring them aboard with the docking web."
Sikozu: "What about Scorpius?"
Chiana: "What about him?"
Sikozu: "Well, he might've been captured..."
Chiana: "Or killed."
D'Argo: "We can only wish. Pilot, starburst as soon as you can."
Sikozu: "Oh, no." She walks away from D'Argo, towards the door. Chiana leaves her console and steps in front of her.
Chiana: "We are leaving." She makes a fist and hits Sikozu square in the face, knocking her out.
Pilot: "Preparing for starburst.
Sikozu falls to the floor.
Chiana: "Why doesn't she ever listen?"

John carries Aeryn through a door and gently lays her down on a bed as the door closes behind them. He reaches over her to pull up a blanket. Aeryn jerks and shudders. She raises up and tries to scoot away.
John: "It's all right. Aeryn! It's all right."
She holds herself on her elbows, staring at him wide-eyed and panting.
John nods at her: "You're here."
Aeryn holds herself stiff as he reaches down and covers up her legs. She begins to cry.
Aeryn: "Is this real?"
John smiles down at her: "It's real. You're on Moya."
Aeryn keeps her eyes glued to his face, tears running from the corners.
John: "You're safe."
Aeryn breathes in a shuddering whisper: "What about the baby?"
John: "The baby's fine." He smiles and touches her hair with his hand. He whispers: "Everything's gonna be okay. Sleep."
Aeryn lowers her head back slowly, the tears still streaking down her face. John touches her forehead and starts to get up.
Aeryn breathes: "Stay."
John looks at her and opens his mouth to say something. He closes it and sinks back to his knees. Aeryn reaches out with her hand and touches his face. He turns his mouth and kisses her palm. He looks into her face and her eyes gently close.



Rygel is sitting up on a table in Noranti's lab. Noranti leans towards him and pulls some dead skin gently from his face.
Noranti: "You don't look as bad."
Rygel: "I'm fine. Thanks for asking. You nearly killed me."
Noranti takes hold of a large piece of loose skin.
Noranti: "No I didn't."
Rygel: "Ahh."
Noranti: "But I did kill others. By my actions... I have taken innocent lives."
Rygel: "Welcome to Moya. In my time as Dominar, some of my actions resulted in the deaths of the undeserving. Even when the cause is just, it's a hard thing to accept."
Noranti: "I must seek forgiveness..."
Rygel: "Mmm..."
Noranti: "... from the Divine Eternal."
Rygel: "I can't help you there, but I can extend you my forgiveness."
Rygel holds out his hand. Noranti looks at it. She takes it in hers and squeezes it.

Aeryn is lying on the bed, with John half-sitting, half-leaning on the floor beside her. She has her arm extended with her hand on his head, gently feeling his hair as he sleeps. She watches his face and smiles. John's eyes begin to move beneath his lids, as though he were dreaming.
John: "No!" He screams and twists away from Aeryn's hand.

There is a flash...

A heavy old door opens onto a scene from an old movie. Everything is in black and white and there are grainy film lines over it. There are several candelabra on stands, with the candles lit. There is an antique coffin sitting on a stand in the middle of the room. An organ plays eerie music and a white mist rises from the floor. The lid of the coffin creaks open and Harvey sits up in it. He has extremely long fingernails which he taps against each other.

John appears at the foot of the coffin dressed in a dark suit, as for a funeral.
John: "Harvey? You're not dead."
Harvey whispers: "Of course not. I am the... undead."
John: "It's not funny. The son-of-a-bitch said he took you out of my head."
Harvey speaks with a "transylvanian" accent: "Scorpius, he upgraded me to... Harvey two point oh. One of my many improvements... utter loyalty to Scorpius." Harvey sniffs.
John: "That's not an improvement."
Harvey: "Oh, but it is. His course is the correct one... eliminate Scarran threat." He clicks his fingernails together loudly.
John: "You know I don't give a damn about his agenda."
Harvey: "You must... go back for him."
John walks over to the coffin and takes hold of the lid.
John: "Go back to sleep before I drive a stake through your heart."
Harvey lies back in the coffin.
John shuts the lid and starts to walk away.
Harvey yells something muffled from inside the closed coffin.
Harvey: "He knows everything you know, John."
John turns around: "What did you say?"
Harvey: "I said, Scorpius knows everything you know, John."
John reaches for the coffin lid and reopens it: "What... did you say?"
Harvey half sits up: "I said, Scorpius knows everything you know."
John: "Meaning what?"
Harvey: "Another new feature. Scorpius can hear me. Well... I've been sharing the contents of your head with him... memories, thoughts, dreams... wormhole technology..."
John: "No... you're lying." He turns and walks away.
Harvey: "... and eventually they will torture the information out of him and everything they all
wanted to know about wormholes will be theirs... courtesy of John Crichton."
John looks away, shaking his head.
He turns around and slams the coffin lid shut: "Leave me alone!"
There is a flash, like old film burning...

John opens his eyes. He twists his head around.
John: "No!"
Aeryn reaches for him with her hand.
Aeryn: "Hey..."
She touches his chin.
Aeryn: "Hey... it's all right."
She holds his chin and rubs it.

Harvey: "You have to go back for Scorpius. Tell her John, tell her! You must rescue Scorpius. Tell her!"


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