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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: April 20, 2001
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Ian Watson

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.06 - Eat Me


A transport pod is seen falling and turning in space.
Interior: John Crichton is at the controls.
John: "This pod is falling apart, it's all I can do to keep her afloat. Chiana?"
Chiana (below): "It's not my fault, Chrichton. I looked away for a microt and Jool grabbed the controls."
John: "I didn't say it was your fault. Give me status."
Chiana: "Not holding." She pulls something out from below the control and tosses it up towards the deck.
Jool: "You're getting mank everywhere."
Chiana: "Shut the frell! This is your fault."
Jool makes rude faces at Chiana. The tails of a leviathan become visible from behind a moon ahead of them.
Jool: "Look! There's Moya. Let's just..."
John: (to comm) "Pilot. Aeryn, come in."
A leviathan appears from behind the moon.
John: "Pilot?"
D'Argo: "That's not Moya. That's a leviathan with a control collar. That means Peacekeepers."
John: "O2 levels falling."
Chiana: "Telemetry, comms, neural status, we got nothin."
There is the sound of an explosion and everyone is jolted in their seats.
John: "All right, we're headin for that ship. That's it."
D'Argo: "John, that is not an option!"
John: "We don't have any options unless you want to die out here in the middle of nowhere."
D'Argo: "It's better than being captured, tortured and killed by the Peacekeepers."
Hissing noise is heard.
Jool: "You hear that noise? That's our AIR!"
D'Argo: "We have no comms. We have no idea who or what is on that ship. You are leading us to our death."
Transport enters leviathan and lands with a crash. There is "Buck Rogers" type music playing in background.
There are hissing and bumping noises. Jool shrieks.
John: "All right, that's it. Everybody out!" (fires flare in pod) "Out!"
D'Argo grunts, then gets up and exits with his Qualta blade at ready and looks around the hanger. There is a flashlite mounted on the underside of the Qualta blade. Chiana and Jool follow D'Argo down from the pod. Chiana has a pulse rifle with mounted light.
(Squealing music in background - rosin on violin bows.)
The hanger is dark. There are green lites shining on some equipment. Fires are burning.
Chiana: "What happened here?"
They are inching slowly forward. There are more fires and a distant howling sound is heard.
Chiana: "That smell. If there were Peacekeepers, they would be here by now."
The rosiny, squealing sounds continue.
D'Argo: "Well, this section's airlocked, so someone wants us here."
They continue looking cautiously around. Suddenly, an "alien" creature jumps on the back of D'Argos head. Jool begins to scream.
Chiana: "D'Argo!"
She shoots the creature on D'Argo's head several times. It falls off as Jool continues to shriek.
John: (jumps down from the pod) "What the hell's goin on out here?" He runs past a whimpering Jool.
D'Argo: "I told you we shouldn't have come here." He turns to glare at John.
Camera zooms in on dead "alien" (female, humanoid in appearance with sores on its face).



John, D'Argo, Chiana and Jool are on the derelict leviathan.
They are looking at broken and torn wiring from the pod.
D'Argo: "It's gone."
John: "Burnt, battered, busted. Ding Dong the pod is dead."
Jool: "It can't be dead, Crichon. You have to fix it and you have to get us out of here!"
John: "Ain't gonna happen, not unless we can replace that stuff."
D'Argo: "We need 3k wire and Narium coils."
John: "Right, we find it, we might stand a chance, and that means a scavenger hunt in that direction." John stands up and points towards the door that leads out of the hanger.
Jool: "But, can't we just borrow one of their transport pods?"
Chiana: "There aren't any. I already looked. No transport pods. Not a single piece of escape craft. It's like everybody who could leave, has left."
D'Argo: "This place is bad vooju."
John: "It's a leviathan, like Moya. So, spare parts, this way." John draws his gun and points with it.
Jool gasps: "I'm getting back in the transport pod and I'm staying there."
Chiana: "Thank, frek."
John: "No, you stay with her, Chiana."
Chiana: "No way!"
John: "Pip, transport's all we've got."
Chiana: "I'm warnin' you, I'm gonna end up killin' that red-headed trelk."
John: "Whatever. Go on." He turns back towards the hanger door.
John: "Spare parts, that way. Let's find 'em."
Chiana: "Frell." She turns and walks back to the transport pod where Jool is waiting, sitting on the steps.

John advances on the main hanger, gun held out front and pointing.
John: "Trashed."
There is water dripping from the ceiling.
D'Argo: "Umm. And there is no three K wire and definately no Narium coils."
John calls: "Anybody home? Anybody out there?"
There is a clamshell like on Moya, but it is blank. There is a loud grunting noise and two bangs.
D'Argo is pounding on the hanger door.
D'Argo: "Do you wanta give me a hand here? It's jammed."
John: "Or, maybe there's a Pilot keeping it shut."
D'Argo sighs.
Suddenly, the door swings open by itself.
First John, then D'Argo walks through it with their guns drawn and pointed, looking cautiously around.
John: "Or a host of Peacekeepers. Or thousands of feral hippy boys, friends and relatives."
D'Argo: "It's a bit late to worry about that. Let's just get what we need for the transport pod and get the frell outta here."
The door closes behind them.
John hears it start to move and yells "D'Argo!" as he runs back towards it. They both push on the door, trying to stop it from closing, to no avail.
D'Argo: "Chiana. Chiana! Chiana? The comms are down. Chiana!"
John: "Could be the control collar."
D'Argo sighs. He turns slowly around and brings his qualta rifle and light up to point ahead.
John: "Alright, we know the layout, right? Okay, narium coils, three-K wire gotta be on tiers three and four. Either that or we head straight for Pilot."
D'Argo walks ahead a little way and stops. He kneels down.
D'Argo: "Crichton."
John: "What'cha got Bigun?"
D'Argo: "Bones. Sebacean bones, maybe."
D'Argo is looking at a hand and wrist of a skeleton.
John: "All right."
D'Argo gets up and they continue into the ship. Parts of the ship are hanging down and dripping everywhere.
D'Argo: "This way."
John: "Abbott and Costello in the House of Horror. You know, we should talk to the Pilot. He could tell us where to find all the stuff we need."
D'Argo: "Uh! Crichton." He stops and kicks open a small hatch. There is a clanking sound and a cloud of dust flies up. "in here."
John bends down to look inside the hatch.
John: "Whoa! Oh, man. This smells worse than Rygel." John backs away, holding his nose.
D'Argo: "Well, almost. Get in." He pushes John back through the hatch.
John: "Yup, three-k wire. Good call. How'd you know?"
D'Argo: "It was a wild guess. This duct leads to the klestron filters. We'll have to scrape out what we can."
John: (touches wall of ship, then smells his finger) "Ho! Oh, man! That's pus! The ship is oozing pus, man."
D'Argo: "Yah, this whole ship is diseased."
John: "Aw, geez. No DRD's. What's that about? It's like she got hit by some kinda biochemical weapon."
D'Argo: "Narium coils; tier seven."
John: "Huh-uh. We gotta find the Pilot."
D'Argo: "Crichton, we get what we need and we get out."
John: "What we need is the guy who controls the maintenance bay doors, the hangers, the whole damn ship, in fact."
D'Argo: "This is meant to be a hit-and-run mission so we get the parts that we need."
John: "And what if we're dying? What if we've been exposed to some radiation or some virus that's gonna mutate us into The Night of the Living Dead?"
D'Argo: "Then the sooner we get outa here the better. If you wanta go all the way to Pilot.."
John interrupts: "Hey! You know what? We don't know what we're dealing with here.
D'Argo: "This is a Peacekeeper prison ship. That's all you need to know."
There is silence for a couple of microts, then John shakes his head and walks away.
John: "I'm gonna go find the pilot. You get the junk."
D'Argo watches him leave.

Jool is standing outside the transport pod. Something falls from the ceiling and lands near her, on the floor. It makes a metallic, clanking sound.
Chiana: "What was that?"
Jool: "Uh...."
Chiana walks over and looks down at the object. She bends over and picks it up.
Chiana: "External gyro-sensor. You broke it."
Jool: "I did not. It just fell!"
Chiana: "I don't believe this." She puts the sensor in her belt and starts to walk away.
Jool: "What? Where're you going?"
Chiana: "To join the treasure hunt."
Jool: "But Crichton said to stay here."
Chiana: "Yah, but he didn't know about this."
Chiana starts to leave hanger with Jool following right behind.
Jool: "Well, you can't leave me. The comms are down."
Chiana: "There's a... there's a pulse rifle in the transport pod."
Chiana looks up at the hanger door and whispers: "How do I open this door?"
Jool comes up to stand right behind her.
Jool: "You know, we don't have weapons on our planet. We don't have violence. We don't have war..."
Chiana slaps Jool in the face, hard.
Jool puts a hand to her stinging cheek: "What the frell?"
Chiana slaps her again. Jool slaps Chiana's face really hard and hurts her hand.
Jool cries and holds her hand: "Oh! Oh! By Hezmana!"
Chiana: "See? Violence. You'll get the hang of it."
Jool whimpers.

There is a machine sound and we see some kind of device with nine small buttons of which six are lit up blue and one longer red button. A hand appears and pushes one of the buttons. The hanger door swings open.

Chiana and Jool both stare out the now open door.
As she exits the hanger, Chiana says: "Good luck with the pulse rifle. I hope you're a fast learner."
Chiana leaves Jool alone in the hanger. Jools gasps as the door swings shut behind Chiana. Chiana stops to look back at the sound of the door closing. On the other side, Jool looks around her, eyes wide in panic.

We see the control device again, but now we see that it is attached to the right arm of a wierd looking, humanoid alien. Part of his brain is exposed. He stands alone and seems to be listening to something we can't hear. There are several lit candles illuminating the area.

D'Argo, still searching, enters a room. Looking around, he finds an external Gyro sensor lying on some other junk. He looks at it and tosses it to the floor. In the distance, he can hear angry sounding voices. He raises his Qualta rifle and continues on.

John enters a room with his pulse pistol held out in front of him. He sees the pilot. Alien creatures are scrambling all over it, making unintelligible noises, and several of its arms are missing.
John advances very slowly, amazed: "What the hell?"
When he speaks, the alien creatures run away. John walks over to the pilot's console. As John approaches, the pilot begins to quiver and make noises. John holds up his hand, to show he means the pilot no harm. He continues to approach and then climbs up onto the pilot's console.
The pilot loses it. It makes loud noises, raising in pitch and volume
Pilot: "Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Arhhhhhhh!"
John: "Holy Mother of God."
John keeps climbing closer to the pilot, but backs off a bit as it starts to groan again.
Pilot: "Arhhhh!"
John: "I'm not gonna hurt you."
John sits back on his heels and holsters his pistol. The pilot's groaning slows and finally stops.
John: "My name is Crichton. We live on a leviathan. We have a pilot. He's kinda... like you. What happened to you?"
Pilot: "Please... kill me."

Chiana is walking cautiously down a corridor. There is the sound of voices in the distance, screeching.
Chiana whispers: "Come on. Come out and play."
She hears the screeching coming from behind her. She whirls around and catches sight of a creature running through a cross corridor. Chiana shoots at it and backs away. When turns back around, she finds herself in a room with barrels piled everywhere and many feral-type humanoid creatures. There is a small fire burning on the floor. One of the creatures approaches her.
Chiana: "Don't mind me. Just... just talk amongst yourselves."
One of the creatures makes a run at her. She smashes it down with her pulse rifle.
Chiana: "Especially you."
There are several more of the creatures who are now intent on Chiana. One of them is gnawing from some kind of a leg bone and dropping bits of meat onto the floor. Another of the creatures rushes her and Chiana smashes it in the face with the rifle as well. Chiana is now bouncing on the balls of her feet and breathing loudly through her nose. She keeps the rifle trained on the creatures.
Chiana: "Stay back! Stay back!"

John is with the pilot, standing on its console.
John: "What about your comms, atmosphere, the doors ... can you control any of that?"
Pilot: "My neural pods slashed. Please kill me."
John hunkers down so he can look the pilot in the face.
John: "Look, your arms are gonna regenerate."
Pilot: "Grogan cut! Ahhh!"
John: "Grogan? Who the hell is Grogan?"
Pilot: "Grogan. Grogan cut! GROGAN CUT! Uhhhhgggg."
John: "They cut your arms? And when they grow back, they hack em off again?
Why the hell would they do that?"
Pilot: "Because, because, BECAUSE THEY'RE EATING ME!!"
(Chiana is screaming...)

Chiana is in a corridor, backing away from some creatures.
Chiana: "Stay back. Stay back!"
There is a group of creatures coming towards her. The one in front is holding a knife. There are some more who are behind her. Chiana keeps turning her head, trying to watch both directions at once. She keeps moving down the corridor, trying to get past the creatures that are behind her.
Chiana: "Zerik. I don't want to hurt you."
Just as she gets to the creatures that were behind, the creature with the knife rushes up and slashes her in the belly.
Chiana gasps and puts a hand on the wound: "Frell!"
She puts her back against the wall and presses on her belly.
Several creatures rush up to touch her and lick her blood.
She looks down and sees what they are doing, lunges past them and falls to the floor.
She begins to scream: "D'Argo!! Crichton! F...frell!"
She manages to get back to her feet and points the rifle at the creatures.
Chiana: "You want lunch? How about her?"
She shoots one of the creatures. The other creatures turn towards the fallen one.

D'Argo is hurrying down a corridor. He can hear the echoes of Chiana screaming his name. (Chiana: "D'Argooooo! D'Argo!")

In a different corridor, John is hearing her call his name.
(Chiana: "Crichton!")
John: "Chiana?"
(Chiana: "Crichton!!")
John: "Chiana!"
(there is the sound of distant rifle fire.)
John: "Chianaaa!"
(the rifle fire continues.)

Chiana is still standing, facing the group of creatures. One of them rushes her and grabs the rifle barrel. She shoots it but it continues to hold onto the barrel. Chiana shoots it again and attempts to fling it around to get it to let go. As the rifle comes around, she fires it and shoots another creature. Chiana slings the gun in the opposite direction, the alien going with it, and she shoots yet another of them. Finally, she lifts one leg and pushes the creature away from her gun barrel. She catches her breath, throws back her head, and lets out a war whoop!
Chiana: "Brrrrrr, eyah, yah, yah, yahhhh!"
She turns and heads away down the corridor.

D'Argo: "Chiana!"
He is looking up and down the corridors, trying to find Chiana. When he turns back the way he was going, the wierd alien appears in front of him.
D'Argo: "Who are you? Where's Chiana, the Nebari?"
The alien starts to walk towards D'Argo.
D'Argo: "Stay back! Stay back or I swear I will kill you."
Alien (Kaarvok): "I don't think that's very polite."
D'Argo looks at Kaarvok and he looks back at D'Argo. Suddenly, Kaarvok shoots something from his arm which surrounds D'Argo like a cocoon.

John is running down a corridor. He stops at a junction, looks around and pulls out his pistol. He starts slowly towards a room.

Kaarvok is walking through a room, smiling and humming. He is followed closely by a group of the creatures.
John turns to watch them pass, from behind some barrels. He sees two of the creatures dragging an inert D'Argo between them. John jumps out from between the barrels, gun pointed.
John: "Nooo!"
An alien jumps on John from behind and we hear his gun drop to the floor.

Chiana hears John yell and runs towards the sound.
Chiana: "Crichton!"
As she runs, one of the creatures lunges at her with a rebel yell. She shoots it while it is in midair and gets down as it flies over her head and lands on the corridor floor.

John continues to struggle with the creature that is on his back as D'Argo is being dragged away. John throws the creature off and starts forward only to have another of the creatures attack him from the side. John punches the alien, but gets turned around.
Chiana comes into the room and sees him struggling.

A metal spike appears to shoot out of Kaarvok's hand.
Kaarvok uses it to drill into D'Argo's brain while John and Chiana are struggling with one of the creatures. They both end up lying on the floor. As they get up to their knees, they see Kaarvok pulling the drill back out of D'Argo's brain. He then sticks the drill into a hole in the side of his own head, obviously enjoying it. Kaarvok walks away and the other creatures start towards D'Argo.
Chiana goes nuts. She screams: "Nooo!" and starts shooting at the alien creatures. The aliens run off, following Kaarvok. Chiana continues to shoot after them, screaming. Finally, she stops shooting. John runs to her, grabs and holds her. They both go over to where D'Argo is lying on the floor. Chiana kneels beside him and shakes him, but there is no response.



Moya starbursts.
Stark and Rygel are together in command as Aeryn runs in.
They are all shaken by a jolt.
Aeryn: "Pilot? What's going on?"
Rygel: "A starburst, without any warning! Great Yotz sake!" He groans.
Aeryn: "But we've left Crichton and the others stranded."
Rygel: "Votched up all my second lunch." He coughs.
Moya exits starburst as suddenly as she entered it.
Aeryn: "It better be something good, Pilot."
Pilot: "Moya was responding to a distress call. Perhaps you can see for yourself."
All turn towards view window.
Aeryn: "Talyn?" She walks over to a console to take a closer look.
Talyn is visible through the forward view screen.
Aeryn: "Crais come in, this is Aeryn. Crais?"
There is no response.
Aeryn: "Pilot, there's no answer from Crais."
Pilot: "Nor is Moya getting any answer from Talyn."
Aeryn and Stark look at each other, worriedly.

A pod leaves Moya and flies to Talyn.
Inside is a mess. The door to command is half open and Aeryn is visible in the corridor outside command. She is carrying an instrument which she holds up and reads.
Aeryn, softly: "What happened to you?"

On Moya, Stark comms: "Aeryn. What can you see?"

Aeryn comms back: "He's been hit hard."

Rygel is on Moya with Stark: "Pilot. Any other ships in the area?"
Pilot: "Not that I can tell."

Aeryn forces the door the rest of the way open with her elbows and enters command.
Aeryn: "Crais?"
She holsters her gun and goes over to Crais who is unconscious on the floor.
Aeryn: "Crais!" She slaps his face in an effort to rouse him.

D'Argo's feet are being dragged down a corridor. John grunts. Chiana is walking along beside the body, holding his hand.
Chiana: "We have... we hafta give him the death rites."
John: "Yeah."
Chiana: "We hafta give him a proper..."
John: "I'm sure there's a bunch of Oricans around here. Damn it! We should have stuck together. I wanted us to stick together but he, we... both of us, we were too stubborn..."
Chiana: "No, no, no! It's not your fault."
John: "Chiana, D'Argo is dead! Jool's god knows where, and we have been here before."
Chiana: "No we haven't."
John grabs her and slams her up against the wall of the corridor.
They see a couple of aliens pulling off parts of the ship and eating them. There are sounds like electrical circuits frying.
Chiana: "They're eatin the ship."
John: "This is a leviathan. It's like Moya It's alive."
He lets go of Chiana, picks up a rifle and begins shooting at the aliens. He hits both of them.
He then pulls Chiana to her feet and holds her.
Chiana: "We have to get outa here. We have to... we have to get outa here."
John: "Yes, we do."
He bends down to grab hold of the cloth D'Argo is lying on and he and Chiana begin to hurry away down the corridor. Some of the alien creatures watch them go.

Jool is standing on the transport pod steps, holding a pulse rifle. She hears alien groans and voices. She starts to climb down the pod steps.
Jool: "Okay. Okay. I can do this, I can. I can do anything. That's what my father told me. That's what my mother told me, and I've never doubted them before. (screams and jumps a little, while walking further into the hanger). (whimpering) Maybe once or twice. But I shouldn't doubt them. I should believe in them. And I should... believe in my...(shrieks)!" She backs up against a wall. "Oh, I'd don't think this is right. I shouldn't be here. I'm a civilized being. There's got to be someone here who recognizes that. I just need to find them." Gingerly, she inches away from the wall. "Hello? Hello?"
The hanger door opens and alien sounds can be heard.
Jool turns around and runs to the pod stairs, climbs back up and sits down with the pulse rifle, still whimpering.

In the Pilot's den...the Pilot is making distressed noises. John and Chiana have dragged D'Argo's body through the door.
Chiana: "Pilot? He's disarmed."
John: "Yah." He leaves Chiana and walks towards the pilot.
John (to Pilot): "Alright Pilot, narium coils. Where are they?"
Pilot makes fast, gasping noises.
John: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. I...I, you know, I get it. I come forward, you scream. I move back, etc., etc., etc. Pilot, I'm over it. You're gonna help me. You're gonna give me something and you're gonna give it to me now!"
The Pilot begins speaking in its native tongue: "Keri got thay goth thim..."
John: "Talk to me... slowly."
Pilot: "Th..this...shh..ip, Rov hu was...was... ahh keytah hoea paht..."
John: "Slowly!"
Pilot: "Detention ship. Prison ship. Ship for...for the kr...kr...Krishool."
John: "What the hell is that?"
Chiana: "The criminally insane. (sniffs) The criminally insane! We fix the transport pod, we get outa here. We got three K wire. It's a start at least. (still sniffing).
John: "He controls the whole ship, Chiana. He's got the maintenance bay. He's got the doors. He's got the windows. He's got the smoke on the water!"
Chiana: "I don't know what you're talkin about."
John: "The guy! Whatever, whoever, the one that killed D'Argo. Dr. Spike!"
Pilot: "Kaarvok! Kaarvok - Spike Kaar..."
John: "Kaarvok? That's his name?"
Pilot nods: "Bring Kaarvok. Ahh! Bring him baaack! Ahhh!"
John: "What's a PK prison convoy doing way out here in the Uncharted Territories?"
Pilot: "Peacekeeper convoy. Ambush convoy. Scarrans ambushed we...drifting...not to starburst. Not to go...nowhere to go. No one helps. We...starve."
While the Pilot is speaking, Chiana gently wraps the blanket around D'Argo's body. She closes her eyes and begins to pray while lifting a vial over his body.
John: "What's the big fuss? Why the red-carpet treatment?"
Pilot: "His power."
John: Why all this for one prisoner? What is there about this Kaarvok?
Pilot: "His power..."
Chiana sprinkles a powder out of the vial, onto D'Argo's body.
John: "And the others. The other prisoners. What's their deal?"
Pilot: "There were no other prisoners."
John turns around and looks at Chiana. She is sprinkling the powder onto D'Argo.
John: "Chiana?" He walks closer to her. "Chiana?"
Chiana: "They'll never get to him now."
John kneels down beside her and holds her.
Chiana: "Never, ever."
The blanket bursts into flames.
Together they push D'Argo off the edge of pilot's den. The body falls as they watch, flaming, into the depths of the ship. Chiana leans back in John's arms, her eyes closed.

In a darkened corridor of the ship...
Kaarvok has his spike stuck into a relay circuit. He is playing with his controls.

Chiana and John cross the catwalk back to the Pilot.
Chiana: "They had a whole prison ship for one prisoner?"
John: "What about all this other vermin we're seein? The hungry, hungry hippies?" John hands the pulse rifle to Chiana and climbs closer to the Pilot.
Pilot: "Peacekeepers."
John: "Peacekeepers?"
Pilot: "They were Peacekeepers. All of them."
The chamber door opens. There is a whoosing sound and things begin to fly across the room. John and Chiana are pulled backwards off Pilot's console.
John: "Whoa!!"
Chiana screams: "Pilot!"
Pilot: "He's venting this chamber!"
John and Chiana end up against a wall.
John sees Kaarvok approach and struggles to his feet.
Kaarvok: "I wish you wouldn't talk about me behind my back."
He hits John, knocking him down. He grabs Chiana by the hair and flings her aside. John gets up and Kaarvok backhands him again, this time knocking him flat on his face on the floor.
Kaarvok follows Chiana to the end of the room where she is pounding on the door, trying to get out.
Chiana: "No! No! No! No!
She rushes to another door and pounds on it.
Chiana: "Help!"
Kaarvok walks up to her and stares at her for a few moments. He shoots her with the weapon on his arm.
Chiana (muffled): "No!"
A sort of web forms around her. It looks like a bubble with veins, floating in the air. It splits down the middle and breaks. Two Chianas fall against the chamber door, grunting. Kaarvok looks from one to the other. They see each other and both begin to scream.



Both Chianas are still lying against the closed door, screaming.
Kaarvok grabs one of the Chianas. The other one jumps up and starts to run away.
1st Chiana: "Frell! Frell!"
The second Chiana stops momentarily and looks back at her double being held by Kaarvok. She runs back towards them and stops, her hand reaching out towards her "other."
1st Chiana: "Help me!" She reaches out her hand as well.
The second Chiana turns and runs away again as Kaarvok pushes his "sticker" into the base of the first Chiana's skull.

Talyn appears to be drifting in space.
Rygel is now on Talyn with Crais and Aeryn.
Rygel laughs: "No! You are not taking him back to Moya."
Crais is propped up against a bulkhead and Aeryn is checking one of his eyes.
Aeryn: "He is still alive, Rygel."
Rygel: "We can fix that." Rygel flies over and grabs the transponder off of the back of Crais' neck. Crais' head slumps forwards and a noise is heard from Talyn.
Aeryn: "What are you...? Give me the transponder! The ship is shutting down. Give it back. Rygel. Now!"
Rygel hands the transponder to Aeryn. She takes it and places it back on Crais.
Rygel: "That's what we're hoping for."
Aeryn, breathing heavily: "Look. If you want to have it out with Moya, you can go right ahead."
Rygel: "Listen you bartantik bitch! Talyn's supposedly the meanest deadliest all-time yave-of-the-yuvo fighter-ship but somebody ... something beat the yotz out of him. And when they come back to finish him off, we'll be here with him. Unarmed."
Aeryn: "And, if we can keep him alive, we might find out what happened."
Rygel: "Huh. In another arn or two, it won't matter. Let's go, while we still can."
Crais' head slumps forward again and Aeryn turns away from looking at Rygel, to look at him.

John's left leg and boot are lying on the floor. It moves as he struggles to rise.
John: "Chiana?"
He walks over to one of the closed doors and bangs on it. When it does not open, he staggers away, wrapping a length of wire around his hand.
John: "Chian...ah!"
He begins walking down a corridor, all the while wrapping the wire around his hand.
John: "Chiana!"
He stops by a doorway that is better lit and goes to check it out. There are some faint noises. As he looks into the room, he can hear some aliens and he spots a group ofthem further in the room.
John: "Chiana!"
He runs at the aliens, screaming.
John: "Let her goooo!!"
He sees the aliens take her through a door which closes. He runs up to the closed door and slaps it.
John: "Chiana!!" He hurls himself at the door, spinning and screaming.
John: "CHIANA!" His screams continue to echo through the ruined ship.

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