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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: June 21, 2002
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Rowan Woods

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.03 - What Was Lost: Part 2: Resurrection

Previously on Farscape (voice of Chiana): [all scenes are from "What Was Lost, Part One: Sacrifice"] Scene One: Shot of the dying Leviathan. Inside, John is with the Lady Pilot, at her console. Lady Pilot: "Why are we searching for this planet?" John: "Jool told us..."
Scene Two: A transport pod flies in towards the planet, over a cliff. John: "... every few cycles the magnetics..." Scene Three: "John walks through the ruins, up to a flat, blue pad with a red circle on it. John: "... drop low enough for the dig team to remain there for a while."
Scene Four: Inside the ruins. Chiana goes to Jool as Tarnat watches. D'Argo rushes to John. John: "D'Argo!" D'Argo laughs and gives John a bear hug, lifting him off his feet. John: "Huuh!"
Scene Five: Inside the ruins, John and Jool listen as Instructor Vella describes an object she lifts out of an alcove. Vella: "Three of these probes, which form the Darnaz Triangle, were launched by enemies of peace. Legend has it, if I find the third probe, I can reverse its damage."
Scene Six: Jool's voice: "This is Instructor Vella." Vella stands behind the kneeling D'Argo and points a weapon/tool over his shoulder. Vella: "A carver can be perilous." She fires it at a bug and it is turned to stone.

Scene Seven: D'Argo leans against a wall and talks to Jool: "Why didn't you stand up for me?"
Scene Eight: Standing in a covered walk, inside the ruins, the Old Woman talks to John as Oo-Nii looks on. Old Woman: "If all the priests died here, why are there no bones?"
Scene Nine: The Old Woman blows white powder in John's face. He cries out and turns away, rubbing his eyes.
Scene Ten: A red robed priest, wearing a gold mask, brings a thin knife down towards a four-eyed goat as John lays on the pad, nearby, watching. There are priests chanting in the background and the Old Woman whispers: "See the Darnaz probes." John turns and looks upwards.
Scene Eleven: Three probes, forming a circle, fall from the sky and land on the planet with a crash. John stands atop a cliff and watches.
Scene Twelve: Sikozu sits in the cockpit of John's module, listening. Rygel floats nearby. Sikozu: "It's Peacekeeper code." Rygel: "What are you going to do?" Sikozu: "I'm going to warn the others, so they can hide."
Scene Thirteen: On the planet, Vella backs up, holding out her hands: "No!"
Scene Fourteen: While walking in the woods, amongst the ruins, John sees a flash of light and hears a hissing sound from down inside the debris.
Scene Fifteen: "John, Jool, D'Argo and Chiana are looking at the remains of Vella which is sticking half-way out of a wall. Chiana: "She's like... in the wall." Scene Sixteen: In a corridor... Tarnat: "Peacekeepers!" A Peacekeeper soldier shoots him. He cries out and falls to the floor.
Scene Seventeen: In a corridor full of Peacekeepers, one of whom is restraining Chiana, Commandant Grayza looks down at John who sits leaning up against a wall. Captain Braca leads in a crawling Scorpius, by a leash. He stops near Chiana and spittle drools from his mouth. John looks at him. Grayza: "He'll never bother you again."
Scene Eighteen: Commandant Grayza kneels next to John. John: "What do you want from me?" Grayza, wiping sweat from between her breasts: "What I want... may not be as bad as you think." She holds her fingers under John's nose. John makes eye contact with her, then reaches out and grabs her neck hard, behind her head. All of the Peacekeepers jump and cock their weapons. Grayza puts out a hand to the wall, to steady herself and holds the other hand up, to stop the soldiers. Chiana: "What're you doin?"
Scene Nineteen: On the cliff, Grayza stands astraddle John. John: "Whatever you want. Whatever. You can have it." Grayza leans him backwards, against the rocks and kisses him.
Scene Twenty: John sits huddled on the cliff. The Old Woman sits behind him. Old Woman: "Do you know where the final probe landed?" John: "Yah." Old Woman: "Somehow, I showed you what you must not know." She blows white powder in his face. He throws up his arm to guard his face.
Scene Twenty-one: The Old Woman lies on the cliff and watches as John backs towards the edge. Two red-robed priests advance towards him. Old Woman: "He has to die. Has to." The two priests both have the Old Woman's face and they both blow powder at John.
Scene Twenty-two: Captain Braca and a Peacekeeper soldier start to run.
Scene Twenty-three: John leaps off the cliff. Braca runs up to the edge and looks down. John lands in the sea with a splash. Old Woman: "He had to die. He'll never tell you now."
And now, on Farscape...


A short way out from the cliff-face, John floats, face-down, in the sea. Oo-Nii appears near him, releasing air from his mouth. John's eyes pop open. As Oo-Nii starts to swim, John moves around and gets upright, in the water. He takes a couple of breaths and looks around at his surroundings. It seems as though Oo-Nii grabs John's leg and pulls him under. John pops back to the surface and starts to swim towards shore. There is the sound of multiple guns cocking. There are many Peacekeeper soldiers standing on the rocks, aiming their weapons at John. An order is called out. Oo-Nii's arm comes over John's shoulder, pulling him completely under water. From above, John cries out, his head disappears, then his hands and lastly a foot kicks up and also disappears. Oo-Nii struggles to turn John around, then takes him away in another direction, still under water. The Peacekeepers continue to keep their weapons trained on the spot where John went under. Oo-Nii begins to walk, dragging a flailing John behind him, by the legs. Oo-Nii is walking through a half-submerged chamber. He comes to an arch with bars across the top. He ducks down, into the water, to cross under them.

Oo-Nii: "You're with Grayza..."

John is lying, half out of the water, leaning against a ledge.

Oo-Nii: "You'll give her the Darnaz Probes."
John: "Look. Grayza doesn't give a rats ass..."

Oo-Nii: "I saw you with her." He hauls John up off the ledge and shoves him under water again. Air bubbles out of John's nose and mouth. Finally Oo-Nii pulls him back onto the ledge.

John: "Bleeh! Grayza doesn't give a damn about probes. She just wants to sell my head."

Oo-Nii: "Vella was my friend. I'll not let you take what she discovered. You not give it to them!" He pulls John off the ledge again.
John: "Whoa ahh!" Oo-Nii holds him under water as John struggles to get back up. Oo-Nii hauls him out again.

John: "Uhh! Get off me, you son-of-a-bitch. I'm not gonna tell anybody that I saw where the probe is."

Oo-Nii: "You saw it?"
John: "It is buried, but I'm not gonna tell anybody."

Oo-Nii: "Tell me where!" He shoves John under water again, holding him down. "Where is the final probe?"

John is completely underwater, bubbles of air rapidly escaping from his mouth and nose.



John is being held under water by Oo-Nii. Air is bubbling vigorously from his face.
D'Argo: "What are you doing? I told you to find him, not drown him. Now get off!"

D'Argo and Sikozu are standing above the waterline, in Oo-Nii's lair. D'Argo has his qualta blade pointed at Oo-Nii.

Oo-Nii pulls John up out of the water again. He gasps and backs away, closer to D'Argo. When John gets over to him, D'Argo reaches out his hand, to help him out of the water.
D'Argo: "Here. What? Oh! Back in the box for you, my ..." He pushes John back into the water. "... Oh!" D'Argo turns his head.

Sikozu gasps and covers her mouth with her hands.
John bobs back up, out of the water, but away from the ledge.

D'Argo: "What is with the stench?"

John: "I don't smell anything." He is leaning back against a walkway, across from them.
Sikozu: "Maybe that is the reason."

John: "Maybe that's the reason, what?"

Sikozu squats down, closer to the water: "It could not be."

D'Argo: "You know her. She starts sentences then she does not finish them. It's very annoying."

John: "The reason what?"

D'Argo: "You know, you and Grayza, with the..." D'Argo nods his head.
John whispers: "You know about that?"

D'Argo: "John. Everyone knows."

John: "Oh, no."
Sikozu: "I must be wrong but..." She stands up again and turns to D'Argo. "... Heppel oil?"

D'Argo: "That's a myth."
Sikozu: "It would explain the smell."

John: "What're you guys talking about?"

Sikozu: "Delos concubines have a gland implanted that creates Heppel oil. Its perfume targets the erogenous zones, and it makes you..."

John: "Yah. I know what it does."

Sikozu: "Grayza would never desire it."

John: "Why not?"
Sikozu: "Well, its effects are irreversible. Once... the gland has been implanted... the concubines die, cycles before their time."
John wades past D'Argo and Sikozu.

John: "Yeh. She touched me. Huh!" He dives underwater again, scrubbing his head with his hands. He comes up, rubbing and shivering. "Man! I'm not going anywhere near that woman again."

Oo-Nii slips behind a pillar, watching and listening.

D'Argo: "John, you're gonna have to see her one more time."

John: "Sc... rew you."
D'Argo: "Well, to use one of your expressions, you're gonna have to take one for the team."

John: "Technically, I've taken two."

Oo-Nii moves from one pillar to another. John stands, facing D'Argo and Sikozu, hands on hips.
D'Argo: "Now it's time for the triple. Listen. She still has Jool and Chiana, and we have a plan to get 'em out." He nods towards Sikozu, who is taking the curls out of her hair.

John: "Yes?"
Sikozu: "We are operating on a need-to-know basis and we think it best that you only know your part."

John: "Excuse me?"
D'Argo: "Well, we feel that if you know the whole plan, then..." He sorts of nods towards Sikozu. She stops fiddling with her hair and looks at John.

John: "What? You... you... you two work it out and... come up with a plan. Now you trust her and you're not going to tell me the plan?" He climbs out of the water onto a walkway, facing D'Argo and Sikozu. "Well, let me tell you... I do not get back in the saddle with Mata Hari until I get the whole plan." He sits on the edge of the walkway.

Sikozu: "If you go back, can you be sure Grayza will not make you tell everything you know?"

D'Argo looks pointedly at John, who wipes his nose with his hand and looks away.

D'Argo: "You know it's the right thing to do, John."

John shakes his head: "Fine. What'da you want me to do?"

D'Argo: "Okay, the mauraders are prepping to go. We think they wantta take you with them. You have to keep Grayza busy for about two arns."

Sikozu is working on loosening her curls again: "With what we have seen, that should not be too hard."

Oo-Nii is in the water near John.
John: "Trust me, it'll be hard. What am I supposed to do in two arns?"
D'Argo: "Just... wait for my signal."

John nods: "Right."
D'Argo: "And John... when they find you, it's gonna have to be believable, you know, that you're hurt, that you've taken a fall. You can do that?"
John: "I can fake that. I can fake it." He flails his arms around.
D'Argo: "They have to..."

John: "I said... I can fake it."

D'Argo: "Okay, okay..." D'Argo leans over towards John: "Are you sure?"
John: "I'm sure."
D'Argo stands back up straight and glances at Sikozu: "Okay." He turns back to John and tongues him on the side of the face.

John laughs and murmers: "You bastar..." and falls face first into the water.

On the cliff, the Peacekeeper soldiers keep watch with their guns trained out to sea.

John lays beached, his head and arms on a rock. A soldier climbs over to him and signals the others: "He's alive." The soldier walks behind John.

John is lying face down on a slab. He opens his eyes.

John: "Airrr."

Commandant Grayza: "I let you walk unguarded..."

She walks towards him. He is lying on a large, granite slab, hands and feet bound, spread-eagled, by black cords coming down from the ceiling. There are tall candles lit on stands around the room.

Grayza: "... and you repay me by trying to escape." She climbs up to the edge of the slab.

John: "I'm not Steve McQueen. I wasn't trying to escape. I had someone else throwing me off a cliff."

Grayza scratches some sweat off her chest.

John: "I live in a strange Universe. Things like that are fairly normal."

Grayza puts the sweat under John's nose. He jerks and gasps.

Grayza: "You tell me why the Scarrans want you so badly, and I will find your love, Aeryn Sun."

John: "Aeryn."

Captain Braca has ahold of Scorpius' leash. He cuffs him by the ear.

Braca: "Now. Drink."
Scorpius crawls up to a large, water-filled basin and begins to lap at the water.

Braca drops the leash and walks away, his hands behind his back and a smile on his face.

Chiana has the Old Woman pressed up against the bars of their cell. She pulls her head back, hard.
Chiana whispers: "I thought you were gonna get Crichton to help us."

Old Woman: "He had to die. No other way."

Chiana: "I didn't think you were gonna try and kill him, Wrinkles!"

Jool: "We're all gonna die soon."

Chiana twists away from the Old Woman and goes and hisses at Jool: "Fekkah!" She hisses again and goes to lean against the far end wall of the cell. She laughs a little.

Jool hisses back at Chiana: "Hisst!"

Chiana whispers back: "What?"

Jool: "The magnetics." She looks at a sensor mounted on the wall. "You see how the color is fading from everything? The walls? Your clothes."

Chiana: "I never had much color to start with, Princess."

Jool sighs: "But don't you feel it? How you're getting hotter?"

Chiana grimaces and turns against the wall.

Jool walks over to the Old Woman: "If we stay in here any longer, we'll all be dead in ten arns. The flesh cooked off our bones."

Chiana laughs out loud: "Great!"

Jool sighs and looks away from her.
Chiana laughs again: "Just great. I am stuck here with the suicide tralks." She takes a step towards Jool and the Old Woman. "I am not going to let you get me down." She goes to the bars. "I... I am gonna to get us out of this." She peers out through the bars, trying to see the guards. She can hear a male voice.

Sikozu comes down some stairs to where Captain Braca and several Peacekeeper Soldiers are standing.
Sikozu: "Alright. Who is in charge?"

One of the Peacekeeper solders moves aside and indicates Captain Braca. Sikozu walks past them, pushing one's rifle up and away to get by. She walks up to Braca and smiles.

Sikozu: "Captain. I am... your promotion."

D'Argo's ship sets down. There are lights underneath it and steam coming out.

D'Argo comms: "Rygel, I'm docked. Meet me in the transport hangar."

D'Argo and Rygel are together, behind John's old still.

D'Argo: "If we can get Elack to crash into the mauraders on the planet, we might be able to escape in the explosion wake. Or, at least far enough so the Command Carrier can't track us."
Rygel: "Crichton know about this plan?"

D'Argo: "He may no want to go along with it, but we have no other option. Can you convince the old Pilot to do it?"

Rygel: "I think so. No matter what, she knows she's soon to die."

D'Argo nods and gets up. He turns and walks towards his ship.

Rygel: "You know why this plan is going to fail?"
D'Argo spins back around: "Rygel."

Rygel: "Sikozu will betray us again. Do you really think you can trust that female to do her part?"

D'Argo: "I have no choice." He heads back towards his ship.

Rgyel grunts.

John is lying on the granite slab, but he is no longer bound and he is lying on his back. Commandant Grayza sits beside him on the slab and slowly removes his black t-shirt from one arm.

John: "I know they're always out there. In the sky. Waiting."

Grayza drops his shirt and leans in closer: "If these wormholes are always there, why can't they be seen?" She shakes her head.

John holds up his left hand, flat, edge on to Grayza: "Listen. They're like this. Invisible. Sometimes, under the right conditions, they turn..." He twists his hand so the palm is towards Grayza, thumb pointing down. "... and appear." Grayza nibbles his thumb.

John feels her face with his hand: "I just don't know how to make them appear."

Captain Braca comes into the chamber from the side and climbs up the steps towards the slab.
Grayza: "And do you think its worth risking your life..."

Braca tries to interrupt: "Ma'am."

Grayza: "... to find out about these wormholes?"

Braca: "Ma'am."
Grayza: "Go away." John takes her head in both his hands.

Braca: "Umm... this is important, Ma'am."

Grayza sighs. She gets up and walks over to Braca. Sikozu and some Peacekeeper soldiers enter the way Braca did, behind him.

Braca comes up to Commandant Grayza: "I'm sorry, uh, to disturb you, but, uh..." He whispers in Grayza's ear: "... this girl claims to be with..."

As Braca continues to whisper to her, Grayza looks over towards John.

John rolls onto his side, turning his back to the others, and picks up a curved knife that was lying on a table near the slab. He rolls back onto his back. Grayza looks back at Braca.

Braca starts back down the steps: "Bring her."
Sikozu continues to look at John until a soldier pulls her away.

John: "Bad news from Smithers?"

Grayza: "Your Luxan has failed. My soldiers are hunting him down. He'll be dead in an arn."

John grimaces and raises up, knife pointed at Grayza. He stops partway to her throat and struggles with himself. After a moment, Grayza takes the knife away from him. He heaves a big sigh and collapses back onto the slab.
Grayza: "Don't... fight me." She traces a line on his throat with the point of the knife.

John gasps and gasps again: "Scorpy... Scorpy brief you on this? You wouldn't do this, not on your own. Not this far away from High Command."

As he talks, Grayza continues to trail the point of the knife down the midline of his chest. When she reaches the top of his trousers, she lifts up a piece of the leather and continues downward.

John inhales audibly: "You're just his whore, doing what he tells you to do."

Grayza looks displeased. She pulls the knife upwards, poised to plunge into John's groin.

In the woods, John is standing inside a rectangular hole, shoveling dirt out and to the side.
John: "Is that enough dirt out of your hole, Boss?"

Commandant Grayza stands near the edge of the hole: "Get out of there."

A Peacekeeper soldier walks over to stand behind Grayza. Braca is nearby, holding Scorpius' leash. Sikozu is also there, hunkered down, a Peacekeeper soldier standing behind her.

John tosses the shovel on a dirt pile and looks at Sikozu: "Congratulations, Peacekeeper whore. Perfect plan." He jumps up out of the hole.

Commandant Grayza walks towards John and he wipes the dirt from his hands.

Grayza: "One charge..." She has a pulse pistol hanging from her hand. "You think Scorpius is the brain. Go on. Kill the half-breed genius and ruin everything."

John glances past her, at Scorpius and Braca. He looks down at the gun and then back at Grayza: "There's no charge in that weapon."

Grayza holds the pistol out, behind her. Captain Braca comes over and takes it from her. He goes over to Scorpius, hauls him up by the back of his neck and shoots him, point-blank, in the back. The charge goes clear through him, and spit flies out of his mouth and drools down his front. He pitches forward, face first, into the hole. The Old Woman and John both watch. John turns away and a soldier hits him in the back with his rifle. John grunts. Another Peacekeeper hits Sikozu with his rifle and pushes her down into the hole with Scorpius. Sikozu shrieks quietly. John hunkers down near the edge of the hole, looking at Sikozu and Scorpius.
Grayza: "Is he dead?"

Sikozu: "Yes, uh. Yes, I think so."

Grayza: "Shoot her."
Back near the Old Woman, Chiana, standing next to Jool, smiles.

Sikozu looks up at Grayza: "What? I helped you. I told you about the Luxan, about his plan."

Chiana steps forward: "Shoot the tralk, Braca. Gimme a gun and I'll do it myself."
A soldier steps into Chi's path and she knocks his gun away with her cuffed wrists.

From behind Sikozu, in the hole, Scorpius whispers: "Say scurnak." The spit has pooled around his mouth, in the dirt. "Say scur... nak. It'll save you."

Braca has taken a rifle from one of the soldiers and has it pointed at Sikozu.

Sikozu: "Braca, wait. Scurneck."

Grayza, in the act of walking away, stops and turns back: "What did you say?"

Sikozu: "Scur... nak."

Scorpius whispers: "Do not let them bury me."

Sikozu rolls her eyes.

Grayza: "Get her out of there."

Braca signals to the soldiers with his head.

Sikozu stands up and a couple of soldiers lift her out by her hands. They hold on to her as she starts towards Grayza.

Sikozu: "Get off me!" She shakes their hands off.

Commandant Grayza whispers to Sikozu: "How do you know Special Directorate code?"

Sikozu: "Same way you do."

John watches them very closely.

Sikozu: "And, may I suggest... I would not bury the half-breed. I would leave him out in the sun, to rot. It would scare the others more."

Grayza: "I don't think so." She shakes her head. "Bury him."

One of the Peacekeeper soldiers picks up a shovel and begins to throw dirt in on Scorpius' face. John sits there and watches.



D'Argo is in a corridor, in the ruins. He has his qualta blade ready. He hears some sounds of Peacekeepers and pulls back, against a wall, and waits. Several soldiers run past where he is hiding. He peeks out just as the last one runs by. He slips back behind the wall to wait for them all to be gone.

D'Argo comms: "Okay, Rygel. I'm back on the planet. Have you managed to convince the Pilot?"

Rygel is with the Lady Pilot, in her den.

Rygel: "Yes. We'll wait for your signal."

D'Argo heads back out into the corridor. He is breathing heavily and whirling around often, to check that no one is behind him.

Rygel: "I'd better get a transport pod ready."

Lady Pilot: "Yes. I'll wait half an arn, then initiate de-orbit." She breathes loudly.

Rygel: "You'll be able to target your fall onto the mauraders?"

Lady Pilot: "Off the Luxan's signal. Farewell, Dominar. Perhaps, if our species share the same afterlife, we will meet again."

Rygel sighs and looks down. He covers his face with his hand.

John is sitting, bare-chested, his arms spread out to his side. His eyes are nearly closed and there is a candle flame burning directly in front of him. Commandant Grayza's hand passes in front of John's nose and he sniffs and jerks. Grayza is bare-armed and leaning over John. She is lying above John, on the slab.

Grayza: "My interrogations..."

John sighs and jerks as Grayza rubs his face and arm with her hand.

Grayza: "... are much more agreeable than Scorpius' methods."

John, breathlessly: "Yah... but I don't know anything else... about Scarrans. I've told you everything."

Grayza continues to rub John's arm and chest: "We don't only have to talk about Scarrans."

John looks away. Across from where he is sitting, he sees a Laka bug crawling on a wall. He sees a flash of light...

The Old Woman squeezes the bug between her fingers and a red bit pops out.

Old Woman: "Squeeze the juicemeat out of it. You'll get a jolt. Wham! And, for five hundred microts, nothing bothers you."

Grayza: "Are you listening to me?"

John stares at the bug some more.

John: "I, ah..." He turns towards Grayza and starts to kiss her.

In the forest, D'Argo knocks out two Peacekeeper soldiers by hitting them with his qualta blade. D'Argo: "Always a pleasure."

In the cell, Chiana looks out through the bars and sees Sikozu approaching the guards.

Chiana: "What the frell does she want?"

Jool: "Let me handle this."

Sikozu runs her hand down the side of the face of one of the guards.

Sikozu: "Thank you." She comes in through the open cell door, with a smile on her face. As she opens her mouth to speak, Jool jumps at her and grabs her around the throat with both hands, even though she is in handcuffs. Sikozu cries out. Jool pushes Sikozu up against the cell wall as the guard runs in, cocking his weapon.

Sikozu: "Stay back. Stay back. It's all right." She is having trouble breathing; she grimaces. The guard stays in the cell, holding his rifle pointed at the two of them.

Jool: "I always wait..." She shakes her head. "You know, see both sides. Be reasonable. But now, I have nothing to lose."

Sikozu grabs Jool and twists her around so that Jool is against the wall. Jool cries out in pain. Sikozu keeps pressure on Jool's wrist.

Chiana comes up behind Sikozu and lifts her handcuffed wrists over her head... "Let..." holding her hands at her throat... "... her go."

Sikozu: "I did not betray you."

The three of them are locked together, with Sikozu in the middle, facing Jool.

Sikozu: "I am bluffing, for all I am worth, just to get myself in here. Now, D'Argo has a plan."

Jool: "You're lying. We saw them not kill you. Why didn't they?"

Sikozu: "They think I know some secret survivor code."

Chiana tightens her grip around Sikozu's throat: "What... did you say to them?"

Sikozu: "Uhh! Scurnak."

Jool: "What does it mean?"

Sikozu: "I have no idea... "

Jool: "Huh!"

Sikozu: "but it saved my life, and... if you stop fighting me, I'll try and save yours too."

Jool leans her head over, so she can see Chiana: "Why don't you put your fingers in her ears, huh?"

Chiana slowly lifts her arms back over Sikozu's head.

Jool has her hands on Sikozu's throat: "Stay... still."

Chiana covers Sikozu's ears with her hands and Jool begins to SCREAM! As she screams, she and Chiana pull on their handcuffs and the scream melts them. They break apart and fall off their wrists. Jool stops screaming and drops her hands from Sikozu's throat and smiles. Chiana takes her hands away from Sikozu also. Jool and Sikozu smile at each other, then all three turn their heads to look at the guard. There are now two of them in the cell.

Sikozu walks past the guards, running her hands down their faces as she goes by: "Thank you." The guards turn their heads to watch her walk out. As they do, Chiana and Jool run at them, jump up, yelling, and kick them back against the wall. They hit with a thud and slide down to the floor with a clatter. Jool and Chiana give each other a "low five" variation and leave the cell.

A Peacekeeper soldier comes into Oo-Nii's water-filled lair. He walks to an elaborate tile on the floor and lifts it. Inside it are two of the Darnaz Probes. Oo-Nii comes into the lair and dives under water.

PK Soldier comms: "Captain Braca. I think I've found something."

Oo-Nii makes a loud splash and the soldier looks around but sees nothing. He turns back towards the probes. Oo-Nii jumps out of the water and grabs the soldier's legs. He growls. The soldier cries out as Oo-Nii pulls him down, then pushes him under water and holds him down while he struggles.

John is lying face down on the slab. Commandant Grayza is sitting a little distance away from him. She has something in her hand she is turning as she examines it. John is silently watching the Laka bug as it walks along the edge of the slab, getting closer to him.

Grayza: "You found this tile here?"

John: "Yah."

Grayza: "And this face is Interion."

John: "I think so."

Grayza: "And this face from your home planet."

John: "I think so."

Grayza: "Do you know what this means?"

John: "Uh huh." He reaches out and closes his hand over the Laka bug and draws it in towards his body.

Grayza: "It means that our two species may be very closely linked... which does not surprise me at all." She gets up and walks over to the slab.

John brings his other hand over and squashes the bug. He pulls the red "juice meat" out of it. It makes a cracking noise and John grunts.

Grayza sits on the slab beside John: "What's the matter?"

John closes his fist around the bug: "My back."

Grayza leans over him: "It's all scratched." She begins to kiss and lick his back.

John stuffs the bug's guts up his nose. He groans and sniffs.

Grayza's eyes get big and she sits up. There is a loud, thumping sound. "I can hear your heart." She leans over and starts licking John's back again. John sniffs deeply and puts his head between his hands.

Grayza: "What's that."

John slowly turns towards her: "That's you." He grabs her and pulls her under him. He reaches down towards the back of her neck, with his lips.

D'Argo stands in a doorway in the ruins, looking out onto the planet, and a maurader.

D'Argo speaks quietly in Luxan: "Ussh scorinth. Hava scoontavo." Lolah becomes visible. D'Argo ducks back into the door frame and comms: "Rygel. Tell the pilot to commence countdown, to start targeting the mauraders."

Onboard the dying Levithan, Rygel is in a transport pod. "1812" the DRD is with him.

Rygel comms back: "Will do."

"1812" is working on the transport pod and shoots out sparks.

Rygel: "Hurry. We don't have much time DRD."

The Lady Pilot is muttering quietly in her den.

Rygel comms her: "Pilot, I'm preparing the transport pod to leave. Are you ready?"

Lady Pilot: "What? What? Yes. I've talked with Elack. We are prepared."

There is another flash and a hissing sound from "1812"'s location.

Rygel: "The DRD is almost done fixing this, but we must start our descent in a thousand microts."

Lady Pilot: "Yes, go. Must go."

Rygel: "Good bye my friend. You've served us well."

Lady Pilot: "Thank you, Dominar. Yes. Must go. Must go now."

Commandant Grayza is lying face downwards, on the slab. Her arms and legs are spread-eagled and she is bound by long black straps that come down from the ceiling. She is wearing a long black dress that leaves her arms and shoulders bare. John is bare-chested and stands next to the slab. He has a hand on her ankle. He brings his hand up her back and touches the back of her neck. She turns her face up to look at him.

John: "Yah, you like that." Grayza smiles at him.

John: "Um hmm." He stands up straight and smiles. "You like it like dat." He slaps her on the butt.

Grayza looks at him and laughs.

Aboard the dying Leviathan, the Lady Pilot pushes some controls. There are noises.

Lady Pilot breathes: "Now."

Elack turns in his path and heads towards the planet.

Rygel comms: "Pilot! What's happening? I said a thousand microts."

The Lady Pilot mutters to herself.

Rygel: "Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't go yet. The pod's not fixed. I'm still in the transport hangar."

The Lady Pilot has her eyes closed and mutters quietly.

Rygel comms: "D'Argo. Elack's left early. He's coming now!"

D'Argo is in LoLah. He sits up and comms: " Chiana! The Leviathan's on its way down now."

Sikozu, Chiana, the Old Woman and Jool are in a line, walking through a corridor in the ruins. They all appear to be carrying weapons.

Chiana comms D'Argo: "How long we got D'Argo?"

D'Argo: "I'd say four hundred microts. I'll signal Crichton."

John is across the room from the slab. There is a faint, steady beeping in the room. John pulls his black t-shirt on over his head. He picks up his holster and fastens it on.

Grayza raises up her head: "What's that?"

John turns off the signal beeper: "Couldn't do it the old-fashioned way, could ya? Six pack of beer, night of bowling, skinny dippin? Nu huh. I hear you been puttin some junk on the ball."

Grayza: "Untie me."

John gets a pulse pistol and puts it in his holster. He walks over to the slab: "Little monkey. Little Gaylord Perry. Little Joe." He reaches over and scrapes some sweat off from between her breasts. "Niekro" He walks away.

Grayza: "No... you... stay."

John stops by a tall candle that is still burning.

John looks at her, through the candle flame: "You never heard my heart." He flicks the sweat from his fingers into the flame. It flashes and burns with a sizzle. He looks intently at Grayza, then turns and walks out.

Grayza yells: "Crichton! Stay!"

He continues to walk away, ignoring her.

Grayza grabs the black straps him her hands and yanks on them.

John hurries down a corridor. He whispers: "D'Argo. I got your signal."

D'Argo: "Crichton! Hurry!"

John: "Where's your ship? I'm on my way outta here."

He spins around a corner and stops. There is the sound of weapons cocking. In an archway directly in front of him, there is a squad of Peacekeeper soldiers. Their weapons are aimed at John. Captain Braca walks into the corridor behind them.

John: "Whups."

Captain Braca: "Hello, Crichton."

John smiles: "Hiya Braca. Let me ask you a question. You're a man of the world, right? Does my ass..." John slowly bends over to the side: "... look big in these pants?" He sticks his butt out and puts his hand on it and rubs it suggestively. Captain Braca looks pained, then he hisses and takes a step towards John. John slides his hand down his leg and draws the pulse pistol from his holster. John shoots at Braca. Braca shoots back and dives behind the soldiers, who fire at John. John takes a couple more shots and jumps behind a wall. The soldiers continue to fire down the corridor towards him.

John comms: "D'Argo?"

Onboard his ship, D'Argo snarls.

John looks out from behind the wall and takes a couple more shots at the Peacekeepers before ducking back behind.

John: "Okay. I got a little problem here."



In her den, the Lady Pilot is muttering to herself.

Rygel comms her: "Pilot! Pilot!"

Elack's hull is glowing bright orange as he breaks through the planet's atmosphere.

Rygel: "Pilot! Stop the dive! Stop! You're too soon! I can't escape in the pod yet."

The Lady Pilot continues to mutter, her claw poised over the controls.

In the corridor, John is pinned down by Peacekeeper fire. He moves out from the wall to shoot back at them.

D'Argo comms him: "John! Elack's crashing down onto the mauraders now. The magnetics are playing havoc with my systems."

A soldier comes at John from a side corridor. John shoots him.

John: "So... that was your plan?

D'Argo: "Elack left early."

John: "Great plan." He jumps out and shoots at the soldiers again. "D'Argo. I need a little help here!"

Chiana leads the others through the ruins, her rifle held at ready.

Chiana: "Crichton? Where are you?"

John: "I don't know. Near Vella's chamber, maybe. Just follow the pulse fire."

Jool: "I know where that is." She starts down a side corridor.

Chiana: "Alright. Wrinkles, you go find D'Argo's ship."

The Old Woman heads off down the corridor. Sikozu starts to follow her. Chiana grabs her by the arm.

Chiana: "Hey, hey, hey. You, you stay with us. Not that I don't trust you... but I don't. Come on." She drags Sikozu after her, following Jool.

Commandant Grayza is lying on her stomach, breathing hard as she struggles to reach the curved knife that John had used earlier, when he tried to stab her. It is lying on a table near where she is tied. She manages to touch it with her finger, then she pulls it into her hand.

John steps out into the corridor and shoots at the Peacekeeper soldiers. He steps back behind the wall and takes a breath. Again, he steps out into the corridor. When he tries to shoot his pulse pistol, it beeps at him. He jumps back behind the wall and looks at the pistol.

John whispers: "Damn! It's obvious you aren't the most powerful gun in the uncharted territories and I don't know if you've fired five hundred shots or six hundred, but..." He pulls the power pack out of the pistol and touches it to his tongue. "Six hundred. Empty. Damn you!" He slams the empty cartridge back into the gun. "Winona would never do this, because Winona is very reliable."

Chiana, Jool and Sikozu come to the doorway of a side passage, near John.

Chiana whispers: "Hey Crichton!"

John: "Hi, hey." He puts his empty pistol in his holster. He gestures at Jool with his finger: "Jool. Can I borrow that pulse pistol?" Jool: "Huh?" He looks pleadingly at her. She shrugs and tosses her pistol across the corridor. John catches it with both hands: "Thank you." Jool goes back into the corridor and bends over the soldier John had shot.

Chiana: "Hey."

Sikozu points: "Here."

Jool picks up the soldier's pulse rifle.

Chiana: "Hey. What was that... what was that word you used to get out of the grave?"

Sikozu: "Scurnak."

Chiana and Jool look at each other and nod. They put their heads out into the corridor and shout, in unison: "Scurnak, scurnak, scurnak!"

The soldiers open fire on them. Jool shrieks. They dodge back into the corridor and lean against the walls, breathing heavily.

John: "Well, it was worth a shot."

Sikozu gestures at John: "This way."

Chiana steps out into the corridor: "Come on." She starts firing her pulse rifle at the soldiers. John runs across the corridor and joins the girls. He fires his pulse pistol several times as he runs.

From his ship, D'Argo comms: "Chiana. Elack's almost on top of us. We have to lift off now."

Chiana: "We're on our way, D'Argo. Keep the engines hot."

The four of them turn and start down the corridor, away from the Peacekeepers.

Captain Braca and the Peacekeeper soldiers run down a corridor. Commandant Grayza comes around a corner from the opposite direction.

Grayza: "Braca!"

Braca: "Uh, it seems they do have a ship, Ma'am."

She grabs him by his tunic and slams him up against a wall: " A ship?"

Elack's hull is burning white as he nears the planet's surface.

Rygel: "Pilot, stop! Ohh! D'Argo, we're dropping through the granosphere. I can't stop Elack."

D'Argo adjusts some controls that are overhead in his ship.

Braca, his back literally against the wall: "Yes, Ma'am. It was off our scans."

Grayza: "Captain! They must not escape!" She pulls him away from the wall and shoves him ahead of her, down the corridor.

John, followed by Sikozu, Chiana and Jool, runs up some steps, to the outside of the ruins.

Sikozu: "D'Argo, we're here. Where are you?"

John stops in the doorway, holding his gun, and lets the others run out past him.

Chiana: "D'Argo? Where's the ship, fatface?"

John follows them as they run across a small courtyard and duck into another covered corridor. There is a roaring sound coming from the distance.

Jool: "Quick."

Sikozu: "Wait."

Jool: "What?"

Chiana: "What's that sound?"

Sikozu: "We're too late. It's the Leviathan."

There is a loud, roaring sound. Elack rounds the edge of the cliff and approaches the ruins.

John: "Back inside."

Chiana and Jool run past him, back towards the ruins.

Sikozu: "What's the point in running? It's too close."

John: "There is always a point in running."

Sikozu: "Uhh!"

John grabs her elbow and propels her back towards the ruins.

Aboard Elack, the Lady Pilot has her eyes closed. There is steam or smoke all around her, in her chamber.

Rygel has his head laid down on the transport pod. He comms: "Pilot. Pilot. Wake up."

The Lady Pilot makes a noise: "Uhh."

Rygel lifts his head.

Lady Pilot (louder): "Uhh."

Rygel: "Pilot!"

Lady Pilot: "Dominar. Why are you still aboard?"

Rygel: "Uhh. You left early. We need more time."

Lady Pilot: "It may be too late. We must pull up. We must try."

On the cliff, some Peacekeeper soldiers duck their heads and run, trying to escape the descending Leviathan.

Elack flies past the cliff, grazing the edge as he goes past, gouging out a deep groove.

Inside the ruins, the group is shaken by the shockwave from the Leviathan hitting the cliff edge. There are sparks from the lights overhead and they all cry out.

Inside Elack's transport pod, Rygel holds on and cries out: "Ohh!" There is a lot of noise.

Elack flies past the cliff face and begins to pull up.

John and the others start to run further into the ruins. Ahead of them, there is a flash from an explosion. John stops and the others run up to him.

Jool: "What happened?"

John: "Who cares? Just go... go... go!" He pushes them to run past him, towards the outside. There is another explosion and they stop and duck. John comes up behind Sikozu: "Go!" He pushes her forward.

Chiana: "... go!"

Aboard Elack...

Rygel lifts his head: "We did it. Now, open the hangar door."

D'Argo sits in the command seat of his ship. The windows are clear, so he has a view of the surface where he sits. He sees figures running towards him.

D'Argo: "Come on!" He gestures and reaches up to press a control.

John and Jool, Sikozu and Chiana are running across the uneven surface, over exposed blocks and past ruins. They near D'Argo's ship.

D'Argo: "Hurry! Move! Elack's on his way back."

Jool cries out as a Peacekeeper soldier appears around a boulder behind her and shoots are her.

John runs over to stand beside her: "Jool!" They both fire back at the soldier. Jool's gun fires, but John's just beeps. He shakes it and looks at it. He and Jool duck down, behind a triangular shaped ruin. The soldier can be heard, calling to others.

John: "Damn! It's outta oil. I can't believe... it's outta oil!"

Jool: "Frell."

There is now a line of Peacekeeper soldiers hunkered down behind some rocks and firing at them.

Elack turns back towards the planet surface. A tiny ship emerges from his side, flying away. Rygel lifts his head and opens his eyes: "Ohhh."

John looks at the inoperable pulse pistol: "Why are they all out of oil?"

He stands up and throws the pistol at the soldiers and he and Jool start to run. More of them run up to join the line.

Sikozu and Chiana near D'Argo's ship.

D'Argo gestures: "Come on!"

Chiana and Sikozu run into D'Argo's ship and sit down.

Elack nears the planet surface.

From the transport pod, Rygel comms: "Pilot, if you can, lock onto the mauraders coordinates again."

Lady Pilot: "Elack... if we don't find the strength, it's all been for nothing. We must try. Target the mauraders."

John and Jool reach D'Argo's ship and climb onboard. Elack is visible overhead, approaching rapidly. All around, Peacekeeper soldiers are scattering, running to escape the collision.

John sits down beside D'Argo: "We're in. Let's go."

Chiana: "Get us outta here."

Lady Pilot: "Elack. Now."

She slowly presses down a control pad with her claw and closes her eyes with a sigh.

On the planet surface, D'Argo's ship is sitting in the midst of the Peacekeeper mauraders. Elack is heading straight towards them. Elack plunges, nose first into the ground. As she does, D'Argo's ship is shaken and he pulls back on the throttle and they lift off. The impact of the Leviathan causes several explosions among the mauraders. Commandant Grayza and Captain Braca look out from inside the ruins, watching surface erupt into flames. Pieces of debris fly into the doorway. As the explosion passes, Grayza steps out into the corridor and looks back into the ruins.

Aboard the transport pod, Rygel sighs and closes his eyes. He whispers: "Pilot."

Onboard D'Argo's ship...

John: "Are we clear?"

D'Argo: "Yah, but we've been hit pretty badly." He reaches down to some controls. There is a puff of smoke from the control panel. "The deception shroud's been compromised. We're gonna reappear in about a hundred microts."

Sikozu is sitting behind D'Argo. She is in obvious discomfort, sweating and tugging at the neck of her tunic.

Jool climbs up to the front of the cockpit. She has sweat on her forehead as well.

Jool: "D'Argo, I have to apologise for..."

D'Argo yells: "Jool! Not now!"

Jool: "Uhh!" She sits back down.

Commandant Grayza is in the ruins. Her face is angry and her hands are in fists. She walks towards a sensor, mounted on the wall in a corridor.

Grayza: "The magnetics are spiking, Braca."

Captain Braca stands nearby: "Ma'am. Two mauraders were destroyed but the third is still operational. We can make it back to the Command Carrier."Grayza paces near Braca: "And give Crichton two arns head start?" She shakes her head. "Tell the Carrier... to retrieve us in flight. We're going after them now." Braca nods and swallows.

A maurader leaves the planet's surface, climbing nearly straight up, into the sky.

Commandant Grayza: "Lock onto their coordinates, Braca."

The maurader becomes three lights in the sky and disappears.

The Old Woman is walking in a corridor in the ruins. We hear her thoughts.

Old Woman: "The Darnaz Probes. They're still here. Don't forget them, Crichton. Don't. They are not safe. I..."

Oo-Nii appears in a side-corridor, behind her. She stops when she hears him making snuffling noises.

Oo-Nii: "Don't be afraid. I know a way."

The Old Woman turns and follows Oo-Nii back into the ruins.

D'Argo's ship lowers its ladder and John climbs out. Sikozu follows him.

John: "Whoa, whoa! What're you talkin about? It's a great plan. God, I love it!"

Jool comes down, then Chiana hurries out and falls to her knees, coughing, on the ground.

John: "We leave the planet, then we come right back."

Sikozu: "We were not planning on coming back."

Rygel has come out too: "Ahh. I knew it was a lousy plan from the microt you told me. Shoulda left me in the pod."

D'Argo gets out last. He points at Rygel: "Stop complaining. At least I picked you up. There's nothing I could do. They hit the deception shroud and the turbines were about to fail."

John: "How come the maurader went past us?"

D'Argo: "I fired a satellite probe. Hopefully they'll follow that for about a day."

Chiana has gotten back up and is leaning on the ship's steps: "Oh, great. Then come right back and kill us. That's great. We got a day to live."

D'Argo: "No... because by then I would have fixed the turbines and we'll be long gone."

Jool: "That is not gonna be possible. Look at your skin."

Sikozu holds out her arms and turns them over, looking at them: "This due to magnetics?"

Jool gets up from where she was sitting and looks over at Sikozu: "Yah. We stay here one more arn and we're all gonna be dead."

Sikozu turns her face skyward in disgust.

John gets up off the ground and runs over to where D'Argo is working on his ship.

John: "Can you get this thing fixed in an arn... get us outta here?"

D'Argo: "It'll be difficult because they hit both power grids."

John nods at him and goes back over to Jool: "When we first got here, Vella, she said somethin about the probes. If we what... what?"

Jool: "Get all three probes, reactivate them at six hundred motras apart we can reverse... the magnetics." Jool turns around to look at John.

John nods: "Did you say motras or metras?"

Jool: "Motras."

John holds his arms out from his body, measuring: "So, like... just over half a metra."

Jool: "That's it."

Chiana comes over to listen.

John: "Then, let's go find the third probe." He starts off running.

The waves are crashing in against the rocks beneath the cliff. The Old Woman stands next to a rock, with her hand holding on to it, casting her eyes back and forth.

Old Woman: "I was wrong. It was you, not Vella. You want the probes as a weapon."

Oo-Nii stands nearby, rubbing his webbed hands together.

Oo-Nii: "Where did Crichton... see the probe?"

The Old Woman shakes her head: "I... I don't know... I don't know exactly."

Oo-Nii comes over to her. He has a Serax Carver on his arm: "He told me he saw it. He said it was buried."

Old Woman: "Oh, well... Crichton was there..." She points towards the sea. She points towards the rocks: "And he was there. And he was here. He was... he was everywhere. I..."

Oo-Nii: "Stop! You tell me where it is... now!"

Old Woman: "I'll... I'll never tell. Never. We'll die here. We'll all die."

John appears, climbing over the rocks. Jool is right behind him.

John: "Granny. Great." He leans on a rock, out of breath. "We're going... probe hunting. Sorry to interrupt the party... Black Lagoon... but you have to go now. Git! Git! Go on. Git, git!" He waves his hand at Oo-Nii."

Oo-Nii has bent over and backed away a few steps. The Old Woman steps back, away from John. He takes her hands, to stop her: "No, look. Come back."The Old Woman watches Oo-Nii who is straightening back up.

John: "Now, I know you... you hurt me, but I don't wanta hurt you." He looks up and sees Oo-Nii coming closer.

Oo-Nii: "I have... "

John notices that there is a carver on Oo-Nii's arm.

Oo-Nii: "... I need..."

John puts his back against the cliff face: "Ooh. That doesn't sound too good."

Oo-Nii: "I've looked for the Darnaz Triangle for twenty cycles! I will wait no longer."

He takes his other hand and slaps John hard across the face, knocking him down. Jool sits on the sand, watching.

Oo-Nii points at the fallen John: "You tell me where it is, or you die!"



Oo-Nii stands, pointing down at John: "... probe. Where is it?"

John: "Hey. I want to find it as much as you do. It's the only way... we're gonna get outta this situation... if we reverse what's goin on."

Oo-Nii turns to the Old Woman and points: "Umm. We don't need her for that. Where is it?"

John: "Actually, we do... need... her. If I can't do it, she's the only one who can... can help. You won't get a second chance without her. The probe is..." He points: "It's that way."

Oo-Nii: "You." He points to Jool. "In front with the Old Woman." He gives the Old Woman a push.

John climbs up on top of the cliff, followed by Jool. The sun is extremely bright and the colors are all washed out by it.

John: "Over there." He points. "Behind those rocks." He walks past a statue and a ruined arch. "Wish we knew where the other probes are."

Oo-Nii: "In the lair. That bitch, Vella had them. Swore I'd get my share of the bounty, but she lied. She tried to hide the other two probes."

Jool: "Bounty?"

Oo-Nii: "Now... they'll pay me."

John points to a spot on the ground: "There."

Oo-Nii hits him and knocks him down. John cries out. The Old Woman and Jool both get down on the ground. Oo-Nii walks over to where John had pointed. He points the carver at it and shoots. After a few microts, the third probe appears, the rock having melted away from around it. Oo-Nii gets down on his knees and picks it up. Chiana is looking at him, from down below, among the rocks.

Oo-Nii: "The third probe. It's mine!" He quivers with excitement. He turns towards John and the others: "Now I have no further use for you."

Chiana throws something and hits Oo-Nii in the back. He whirls and shoots the carver down at her. John jumps up and runs towards Oo-Nii. He leaps at him, landing on his chest and knocking him over backwards. The probe falls out of his hand with a clank. Jool runs over and grabs the carver which is laying near the probe. Oo-Nii throws John away from himself and picks the probe back up. Jool points the carver at him.

John: "Don't, Jool! Don't shoot. He's got the probe."

Oo-Nii takes the probe and runs. John gets up and follows him. Jool screams: "Stop him!" The Old Woman joins the chase. Oo-Nii gets to the edge of the cliff and jumps off, falling into the ocean far below. John gets to the edge and stops. He turns to face the Old Woman and Jool.

John: "What the hell is he doin? He's gonna get us all killed!"

The Old Woman stands looking at John, shaking her head: "Crichton, we're all gonna die."

Jool throws her head back and groans loudly.

Old Woman: "But he can live down there... until the magnetic summer ends."

John: "And?"

Old Woman: "And..." She pulls a pulse pistol out of her clothes. She holds it up so that John sees it and tosses it over his head, over the cliff edge and into the ocean.

John: "Was that Winona?"

The Old Woman shrugs: "Yes."

John sighs. He takes a deep breath and walks over to the Old Woman.

John: "I really don't wanta know where you hid her."

From where he is standing, John starts to yell and takes a running leap off the cliff, falling feet first into the ocean.

Jool runs to Chiana and hands her the carver: "You help Crichton. I'll go get the other probes from Oo-Nii's lair. Go!"

Chiana starts running.

John dives underwater and finds Winona among some rocks. When he looks up, he sees Oo-Nii swimming straight at him. John quickly swims to the surface for air. He is in white water. Underwater, Oo-Nii grabs the hand that has Winona.

John: "No!" He throws himself backwards and away, in the water. Oo-Nii grabs at him again and John drops the pulse pistol. He swims back down to the bottom, then he surfaces and starts to swim towards show. Oo-Nii follows him. Oo-Nii grabs Crichton from behind, wraps an arm around his neck and pulls him back under. John breaks away and struggles to the surface. He stands up, looking around. He turns around in a circle, looking for Oo-Nii but seeing nothing. Suddenly, Oo-Nii surfaces right in front of him. He hits John in the face and knocks him, unconscious, back into the water. John floats on his back, out cold. Oo-Nii goes around behind his head and puts his hands on John's shoulders. Chiana arrives on the shore across from them. As Oo-Nii stands above John, Chiana takes aim with the carver and shoots Oo-Nii in the head. Oo-Nii falls forward, over John, forcing him down into the water. The air escapes from John's open mouth.

Chiana calls: "Crichton." He continues to sink.

She calls again, louder: "Crichton!"

John opens his eyes and sees that he is under water. He twists around and swims to the surface.

Chiana: "Come on."

John looks around. He dives back underwater and retrieves the third probe, holding it up in the air. He dives again and locates Winona among the rocks and retrieves her too.

Jool climbs, gasping, to the top of the cliff. She falls to her knees, trying to breathe. She has two probes in her hands.

Jool comms: "John! I have both probes."

John is standing in the water, leaning on a rock: "Yah, Jool. I got the third probe. How far did you say they had to be apart?"

Inside the ruins, D'Argo, Sikozu and the Old Woman look relieved.

Jool: "Six hundred motras."

John: "Alright." He looks at Chiana who is standing behind the rock: "Did you just save my life?"

Chiana: "Again."

John: "Thanks."

Chiana giggles.

John: "Hey Pip. Go with Jools. See if you can get those probes reactivated." He starts to climb out of the water.

Chiana: "Right." She starts to walk away. "Hey, how do I do that?"

John: "Slam 'em on the ground and kick 'em."

Chiana: "Kick 'em. Right." She hurries off, up to Jool.

John picks up the third probe and starts across the rocks.

From in the forest...

Chiana comms: "Crichton? I got the other probe."

John: "Good Pip. Just keep movin."

Chiana staggers along a path, finding it very hard to move.

Jool walks across the top of the cliff, groaning with every step. John continues to walk through large boulders. Inside the ruins, the Old Woman sits sadly on the ground. Chiana walks along a path, dragging one leg.

John staggers sideways: "Ahhh, this is far enough."

Jool is high on the cliff face, climbing up.

Chiana trips and falls near an abandoned monument: "Frell." She rolls over onto her back.

John holds up his probe and kisses it.

Chiana picks up her probe: "Here goes nothin."

Jool holds her probe up, one point aimed down.

Chiana jamms her probe, point down, onto a small granite block.

Jool jamms her probe down onto a rock.

John slams his probe onto a rock, with a clank. He takes a couple of steps backwards, watching the probe. He wipes across his face with his forearm, sniffing.

D'Argo and Sikozu wait nervously inside the ruins. Sikozu struggles to keep upright and breathe.

Chiana looks at her probe, which is sitting on the granite block where she placed it. She signs deeply.

John watches his probe: "Come on work, damn you."

Jool stays on one knee, watching hers.

John comms: "S'yers workin?"

Chiana: "Nothin's happen'n"

D'Argo and Sikozu gasp for breath.

John pulls Winona and points it at the probe: "Son-of-a-bitch."

Chiana has fallen over, onto her back: "Wait... wait." She sees her probe begin to rise up into the air. "It's... it's workin."

John's probe has started to levitate also. He brings down his gun.

John: "You guys... seein this?"

Jool watches as hers begins to spin and rise even faster into the air.

The three probes all begin to spin and there is a high pitched whine that gets louder as they climb. Chiana covers an ear and grimaces, but keeps watching.

Jool turns her head and grimaces.

The Old Woman holds a hand to an ear as well. Sikozu has both her ears covered.

Chiana manages to stand up and John climbs atop the rocks and leans back to see the probes ascend like streaks into the sky. They form a circle. Sikozu and Jool both look amazed. When the probes reach a certain height, they stop ascending. There is an explosion, a flash of light, and the probes are gone. The fierce haze disappears and the sun returns normally to the sky. People and objects regain their colors. Chiana turns around in wonder, able to stand upright and breath.

Old Woman's Voice: "What was lost is now gained."

Chiana turns and laughs.

D'Argo and Sikozu step out into the courtyard to look at the sky.

The Old Woman gets up from the ground. Sikozu takes her arm.

John holds his hand up and looks at his skin: "Son of a gun."

Jool holds out both her hands and smiles at them, turning them over.

The Old Woman looks up: "I can breathe again. I can."

Sikozu: "The probes. They must have reversed the magnetics."

Rygel floats in the background.

D'Argo comms: "John. It worked. John. John?"

John is standing near the water, a silly grin on his face.

Jool gives a little laugh: "I'm okay."

Chiana: "Me too." She laughs.

John climbs back onto the top of the cliff. He sits down on a rock and comms: "Hey, you guys probably wanna come.. check this out."

The others join him on the top of the cliff. John points off into the distance where a large, pyramid shaped object has appeared.

Chiana: "What is that?"

Jool breathes: "The lost temple."

There are red-robed priests standing on the rocks near the arisen temple.

Old Woman: "The Darnaz Triangle. When it created the magnetic summers, it... it must have trapped part of the past."

Jool: "They're the same priests that were here twelve thousand cycles ago."

Rygel: "Do they know time has past?"

John: "I don't think so."

Chiana: "So, you're sayin they've been... they've been frozen like Vella and now they're awake? They don't know anything that's... that's happened?"

John: "I don't think they know we're here. So the question is... do we stay or do we go?"

D'Argo: "I think that decison should rest with Jool." Jool turns to look at him. "She's the instructor here, now."

Jool looks back towards the temple. John looks at her.

Jool: "I'm gonna go say hello." She starts off down the cliff. The others watch her go.



Jool and Chiana are standing face to face, near an old statue. They appear to have been talking. They touch hands as Jool starts to walk away.

Chiana: "Okay."

Jool leaves her and climbs down some rocks. D'Argo holds out a hand to help her jump down. She walks over to where John is standing and waiting. John reaches out and takes her hand. They walk a little way away from the group and stop by a standing arch.

Jool: "Well... everything we've found proves our races are linked." She nods. "Maybe you should stay. Study what we discover."

John: "Wish I could. You know I can't."

Jool laughs: "That Aeryn minx, right?"

They both laugh.

John smiles: "Yah. You take care."

John leans over and kisses Jool on the forehead.

Jool: "I will. You too."

John lets go of her hand as he walks away. When he gets near D'Argo, he gestures him towards Jool with his thumb. D'Argo walks over to her.

Jool is looking away, into the distance, taking deep breaths.

D'Argo comes up to her: "Is uh... is he the last?"

Jool: "Yah. I've said goodbye to everyone. I can't make any of your stay."

High above, on the cliff, John and Chiana walk away, holding hands, followed by Sikozu and the Old Woman.

D'Argo shrugs and waves his arms: "Well, ahh... you're the only one who can stay. You're the only one not being hunted by the Peacekeepers."

Jool: "The priests will need help. They have twelve thousand cycles of catching up." She turns and walks up to D'Argo, looking up, into his face. There are tears running from the corners of her eyes.

Jool: "D'Argo... I am so sorry for not defending you. Maybe you weren't Vella's intellectual equal but... "

D'Argo: "Well I am now. She's a rock."

Jool grins up at him and they both laugh.

Jool: "I'm trying to apologise."

D'Argo: "Go on."

Jool shakes her head: "You... ... you have more courage, integrity and honesty than a dozen Vellas. And I should'a said that to her."

D'Argo leans over her and they kiss. As they seperate, D'Argo touches her cheek with his fingertips, then walks quickly away. Jool takes several deep breaths, trying not to cry. Her face contorts and she looks off, into the distance, the tears streaming down her face.

Aboard the Peacekeeper Command Carrier....

Commandant Grayza is standing in her quarters, half-sitting on a desk. Captain Braca enters the room and stands at ready.

Braca: "We retrieved their satellite probe. They must have shot it ahead as a lure."

Grayza: "I will find them again and when I do, they will pay for this humiliation." She stands up and walks away, towards some stairs: "But if I hear any gossip..." She climbs the stairs. "A joke in the Officer's Club, anything at all about what happened at Arnessk..."

Braca interrupts: "You won't."

Grayza: "... if I do... you shall answer for it."

Braca stands and stares, eyes front.

D'Argo's ship is under weigh. Inside...

D'Argo: "Oh, come on. Look on the positive side. At least Jool won't be hunted anymore."

Chiana: "Unlike us." She is lying back in the front seat of the cockpit, beside D'Argo.

D'Argo glances down at her: "She can stay on Arnessk, have a goal... something to fight for."

Chiana: "Unlike... us."

Sikozu, Rygel and the Old Woman are seated behind Chiana and D'Argo.

Sikozu: "So... any response from Moya?"

D'Argo: "Not yet. I've sent out a secure comm, but I'm not even sure if this transmitter's working properly."

Rygel: "Great! We're hunted by Peacekeepers, towing a dead module, lost in the Uncharted Territories with no purpose in life. How good does it get?"

Old Woman: "Oh no. One of us has a purpose, don't you Crichton?"

The Farscape One module is being towed behind Lolah. John sits inside it, in the dark.

John comms: "Hey, Grandma. Why'd you try to kill me?"

The Old Woman comms back: "If Grayza asked, couldn't have you giving her the Darnaz probes. Better you dead than millions, if she misused them."

John: "What's your name, Old Woman?"

The Old Woman's third eye is open, glowing red: "Utu-Noranti Pralatong."

John: "Wow. Noranti. You're right. I do have a purpose."

He looks up... at the stars.


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