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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: August 23, 2002
Written by David Kemper
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.11 - Unrealized Reality

Previously on Farscape (voice of Aeryn):
Scene One: from "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part One: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a", Moya has been pierced by an alien vessel. Inside, one of the aliens speaks to John and Aeryn: "I am Pathfinder Neeyala." Aeryn: "Wormhole technology." Neeyala: "Garnered at great cost... with potential beyond measure."
Scene Two: from "Dog With Two Bones", Moya enters a wormhole while the Farscape One module hangs just outside its influence.
Scene Three: from "Promises", John: "Moya was sucked down a wormhole and spat out again. What happened in the middle?" Pilot: "We were not harmed, merely.... examined." John: "By who? Neeyala's pathfinder buddies?" Pilot: "I... couldn't say."
Scene Four: from "Natural Election", John stands on Moya's command, staring out the forward view screen. Sikozu stands beside him. D'Argo, Chiana and Rygel look on from behind. John: "Tres... dos... uno." There is a bright flash of blue light and a wormhole opens in front of Moya.
Scene Five: from "Dog With Two Bones", John wipes his face with a cloth: "I've finally figured out wormholes." Rygel: "You did it. All that wormhole nonsense we put up with?" John: "Yah. I can get you home... if I knew where home was or... where we are." He laughs.
There is a bright flash. Moya flies towards a sun.
And now, on Farscape...


A glove hand appears, floating in front of a red-yellow nebula. John's helmeted head appears as well. He is wearing the Talyn spacesuit and floating. His breath is loud inside the helmet. He is looking away from Moya and seems to be waiting for something. He moves his arms and legs slightly, like he is swimming, and stays in one place.

Aeryn sits on the sill of a window, reading. Outside is the nebula and John floating around in front of it.
Aeryn: "Exist." She turns a page: "Exist... ence. Existence. Exis tense... ee al. Existen..ee... existen..ay... ell..."
Chiana walks up to Aeryn: "How's the English?"
Aeryn: "Ohh! They start small, they grow and then they change. I don't know... twenty-six symbols. It should be easy."
Chiana laughs: "Well, they can barely escape their own gravity."
Aeryn and Chiana both laugh.
Chiana glances around Aeryn, out the window: "He's been out there a long time."
Aeryn: "Hmm? Oh, yah he seems to like this particular wormhole for some reason."
Chiana: "Hmm. He just learned to speak the language of wormhole."
Aeryn: "Worm... hole. Worm... hole."
Chiana: "If you want to get him back... that's not the language you need to learn."

There is a flash of light...
Aeryn kisses and nibbles on John's fingers as he touches her forehead with his lips.
There is another flash...

John floats alone in space.
D'Argo comms: "John, are you there? We're on secure comms."
John: "Is there a problem?"

D'Argo is pushing Noranti down a corridor in front of him: "I just caught this apothecary placing drugs..." He gives Noranti a shove. "... in your quarters. She says they help you forget Aeryn."

John: "They just dull the pain."

There is another flash of light. John sees:
Himself sniffing distillate of laka; he and Aeryn kissing while they dance at their wedding (DWTB); trying to kiss Aeryn, next to her prowler (DWTB); Aeryn in her prowler, crying (DWTB); himself alone in his module (DWTB); Aeryn alone in her prowler (DWTB); Aeryn with her head bent in despair (WISC); he and Aeryn kissing in the neural cluster (DMD); Aeryn watching the explosion aboard the Command Carrier (WISC); he and Aeryn kissing while they dance at their wedding (DWTB); himself sniffing distillate of laka.

D'Argo: "Do they work?"
Noranti quietly inches back up the corridor towards D'Argo.

There is a flash of light...
John sees himself kissing Aeryn's bare neck. She has her eyes closed. She smiles.
There is another flash...

John: "When I double the dose, yah."

D'Argo: "How much perspective have you lost? You know if you take anything this witch gives you, you halve the dose."

John: "D'Argo... it ain't none of your business, so forget about it."

Noranti looks up into D'Argo's face: "I could make something that will help you remember..."
D'Argo shoves her away, back down the corridor.
Noranti: "Oh! Soulless Luxan!"
D'Argo: "John. Oh, John. You have to let her go."

There is a flash of light...
John takes Aeryn's face in his hands as he kisses her. Her long, loose hair falls forward as she returns his kiss.
There is another flash...

John sighs: "It's more complicated than that. Crichton out."

D'Argo sighs. He tosses the container of laka onto the corridor floor and grinds it to pieces under his boot.

Rygel grunts as he climbs up onto Pilot's console, next to Pilot.
Pilot is pushing some controls and there are several beeping noises.
Rygel: "Ahh! How is Moya doing?"
Pilot: "Much better not that her new filters are blocking this region's electrostatic surges."
Rygel: "Excellent! Next thing you have to do is get over your fear of wormholes. Defying all logic, Crichton may actually figure out how to get us away from the Peacekeepers forever."
Pilot: "Without disrespect... he oftentimes leaps to conclusions prior to leading us into..."
Rygel interrupts: "Not here Pilot. Trust me. I wouldn't have risen to Dominar if I wasn't good at recognizing things before they happen."
Pilot: "You were deposed in a coup led by your own cousin."
Rygel: "Hmm. Just be ready."

Sikozu walks into Scorpius' cell. He is sitting at a table, examining a red, coolant rod.
Sikozu: "None of them seem to take your warnings very seriously."
Scorpius: "Why should they? They... have only anecdotal evidence of what the Scarrans intend... "
Sikozu takes the red rod out of his hand.
Scorpius: "... unlike you and I." He stands up and walks away from the table.
Sikozu bends over an instrument on the table: "Should I accept your proposal... to be allies... what assurances do I have that you will watch my back?"
Scorpius walks up behind Sikozu and begins to comb her hair.
Scorpius: "Apart from the pleasantness of the task..." He leans over and talks in her ear: "... you instantly... become the most important one to me."
Sikozu: "Most important save Crichton."
Scorpius: "Always save Crichton."
Sikozu twists something she has in her hand and the red cooling rod turns blue. She turns to Scorpius and smiles: "Agreed."
Scorpius looks on in amazement: "Wuh."

John is floating with his eyes closed. He counts...
John: "Three... two... one..."
He opens his eyes. There is a faint rumbling sound and then roar and a bright flash. A wormhole opens up right in front of him. The blue light from the phenomenon illuminates his face.
John laughs: "Ain't you a beautiful thing? Damn! Check this puppy out."

Aeryn can see John floating in the center of the wormhole's funnel.

John looks down into the center of the wormhole. He begins to move forward.
John: "Hey, Pilot. About time for that pickup, I think."

Aeryn sits forward: "John?" She watches him through the window.
John comms: "Break out the docking web anytime now."
Aeryn: "Pilot?"

John: "Pilot?" He begins to move faster into the wormhole. "Pilot!"

Aeryn: "D'Argo... you might want to get the ship..."

John screams: "Pilot!"

Aeryn watches as John disappears into the wormhole and the wormhole winks out.
Aeryn: "... ready."

John flies down the wormhole, twisting and turning. He begins to scream as he approachs a fork in the wormhole.



John is lying on his back, still in his full spacesuit. There is ice all around him.
John: "Kansas. In winter." He rolls over and struggles to his feet. He is on what appears to be a small ice floe. There are high walls on three sides.
John comms: "D'Argo. Pilot." His voice echoes inside his helmet. "Oh, hell. I'm gettin that "goin to the island of misfit toys" thing. Or just waitin on the Titanic." He turns and looks around his "island". "Well, as long as this whole deal doesn't end up with me as an old man." He hollers: "Hello! Nanook? Beelzebub?"
There is a strange sound and light shines down all around him.
John: "Yah. Let's get it on, get it over with."
John hears something and whirls around. Standing behind him on the ice floe is what appears to be an undertaker. A male, human in a black suit and tie with a white shirt. He is an older man with thinning, white hair. He stands straight and still, with his hands down and clasped in front of his body. John stands there stunned for a few microts, looking at him.
John: "Nice threads. Helps to humanize you. Makes it easier for me to sympathize with your problems."
Old Man: "Time."
John looks questioningly at him.
Old Man: "Time."
John: "...zzup?"
Old Man: "Time."
John: "Flies."
Old Man, taking a step towards John: "Time."
John: "Bandits."
Old Man, speaking faster: "Time."
John: "Wounds all heels."
Old Man, moving closer and speaking louder: "Time."
John sings: "Rosemary and thyme."
Old Man: "Time."
John: "Zzup."
He pulls his pulse pistol and shoots at the advancing entity. The pulse travels part way towards the Old Man and stops dead in the air, a glowing circle of light.
The Old Man looks distainfully at the weapon's discharge. He turns and starts to walk away: "Time."
John looks at his pulse pistol: "Either stop pointing guns at people, or get a bigger gun." He takes a couple of steps towards the Old Man, who has his back turned to John.
Old Man: "Time is...?"
John: "Infinite. Relative."
The pulse from the pistol winks out and is gone.
The Old Man turns quickly to face John again: "You are quite a simple organism to possess the knowledge you do."
John: "You're only sayin that 'cause you don't know me."
Old Man: "Time is meaningless, and yet it is all that exists."
John: "Very Morrissey. My name is Joh..."
Old Man interrupts him: "Yes."
John: "And yours is...?"
Old Man interrupts again: "Unimportant to our encounter."
John laughs: "Exactly. I love how you lay it out there Einstein. So, let me ask you... without getting existential on me... why am I, why are we... here?"
Old Man, advancing aggressively towards John: "You are present to perish. I am present to affect that outcome."
John backs away. He stumbles and falls.

There is a whooshing sound and a wormhole...
Voices can be heard, speaking in alien languages. John is walking, wearing his orange IASA jumpsuit. There are DRD's on either side of him. John stops and looks. He sees Moya's Command with D'Argo at a console and Zhaan at another. There are Peacekeeper warships visible through the forward viewscreen. One of the ships shoots. There is an explosion and Moya is rocked. D'Argo and Zhaan talk to each other, unintelligibly.
John: "Oh, my god."
There is more shooting and ships fly by close to Moya.
John smiles and strolls onto Command: "Day one."
One of the DRD's points its light up and down John's leg and squeeks. D'Argo whirls around.
John salutes: "How y'all doin?"
Zhaan looks at him over her shoulder.
My name's John. John Cri..."
He is interrupt by D'Argo picking him up and holding him suspended in midair.
D'Argo spits out a string of gutteral words.
John croaks past D'Argo's hand on his throat: "Got to wait for the translator microbes, buddy."
A DRD injects something into John's foot, through the sole of his boot.
Zhaan says something to him that he can't understand. As she continues to talk, he begins to understand her... "... answer him quickly. You know how Luxans can be."
John: "Oh, you betcha."
D'Argo: "Your ship. What kind is it?"
John is choking. He puts his hand on D'Argo's, trying to remove it.
John croaks: "It's a... four cylinder. Got a plastic Jesus on the dashboard."
Zhaan looks at them. She turns back to her controls at the sound of another explosion. John cries out as D'Argo heaves him across the deck. D'Argo hurries back to his console.
D'Argo: "Pilot! I demand you give me maneuverability, now!"
Pilot comms: "There is nothing I can do. Not while the control collar is in place."
John gets to his knees and points: "Hey! Why don't you try rippin out that control panel?"
D'Argo hisses and strides over to where John pointed.
There are more shots and explosions.
Pilot: "Moya can't withstand this assault much longer."
D'Argo rips the control panel apart.
John looks at the doorway.
John: "Herrre's Rygel! Hey, Sparky!"
Rygel floats in. He turns and sees John.
Rygel: "They brought you onboard, didn't they? Don't worry. I'll protect you. I'll look after you now, you look after me later."
John: "No offense, Buckwheat, but you couldn't look after a Chia Pet."
Rygel hawks and spits.
John is ready and dodges Rygel's projectile.
John gets up and rushes past Rygel, pushing him aside with a hand to the face: "Why don't we move this along? He stops: "What is the matter with you people?!" John points to the side of his neck: "Tongue."
D'Argo tongues him...
John: "Thank you."
... and he goes down.

John is lying on his back on the ice. His helmetless head is on a wall.
John: "Thanks for the memories."
He puts his hands on his chest and sits up. He gets to his knees and looks around.
John: "Where's the rest of my suit?"
Old Man: "This atmosphere will sustain you."
John looks around. He is on top of one of the walls. The Old Man stands on the flat part, below him.
Old Man: "Space and time are fused. A set of coordinates for each required to locate a specific event."
John: "Everything happens at a time, in a place. Relativity."
The Old Man nods: "Movement at speed through space becomes movement through time."
John: "Einstein again. 1905. You publish anything since?"
Old Man: "Wormholes bridge space-time... creating a unique ability to navigate."
John: "Yah, wormholes. Been there,done that."
Old Man: "Many times, it seems. And now you unerringly position yourself prior to them opening. How do you possess such knowledge?"
John: "Bad luck."

There is a flash of light...
John is standing in a room with the "Ancients" in their cocoon-like forms. Several very bright lights shine from them, down onto John (AHR).
There is another flash...

John: "Really bad luck."

There is another flash...
An "Ancient" not in cocoon form stands under the lights.

John: "It's a long story. Maybe later."

Jack Crichton's voice: "The unconscious knowledge we've given you will guide you."
Several scenes, of John as a child, and of the "Ancient" Jack flash by.

John: "No!" He turns his head, covering his eyes with his arm.

John screams, in the Aurora Chair.
Jack: "You were already on the right path."
Scenes of Farscape One inside wormholes and John in the Aurora Chair flash by. "Ancient" Jack transforms into an alien. John sees visions of wormhole equations in his mind.

John: "Get out of my head!"
He scrambles to escape the visions.
Old Man: "Time? Ancients?"
John: "Yah."

Caroline (John's old Girlfriend, from Earth): "I never met... another man who was... more in touch with his own feelings."

John looks up, hearing the voices.

Woman's voice(A teacher. An older woman, wearing a sweater and glasses.: "A real hell-raiser. And you couldn't help but love 'im."
Coach (man wearing a red ball cap and sweatshirt. There is a string around his neck, like for a whistle): "Kinda man who would finish a game with a broken leg."
DK (John's best friend, from Earth): "Rescued me from out of nowhere and dropped me right in the middle of my dream job... working on the Farscape project."

John continues to listen.

Woman (younger than the teacher, with a brown pony-tail): "Stephen Hawking is a genius all right, but John is... more toward that end of the spectrum than the rest of us."
Reverend: "He would share whatever he had with the others."
Caroline: "I can't bear to be without him."
DK wipes his eyes with his hand: "Sorry."
Caroline sighs: "Oh, he was so good in bed." She grins.
There is another flash...

John laughs.
Old Man: "Wormholes are the one feature that traverse both our realms, which adjoin, though never intersect. An aggressive perforation of one would allow an unacceptable incursion of material... from your existence into ours."
John: "And who would want to do that?"
Old Man: "The biologics of your realm are infinitely more aggresssive than ours."
John: "Perhaps. Why don't we table that discussion. Tell me about the Ancients."
Old Man: "Members of my species substantially modified to live in your realm."

Scenes of the "Ancients" flash by, in all their various forms, including as "Jack Crichton".

John: "They're here to spy on us. Narcs."
Old Man: "To catalog, report and influence. When they disappeared, we decided to investigate the state of wormhole knowledge in your realm."

John shoots down a wormhole, in his spacesuit.

John watches the Old Man.

A wormhole appears and swallows Moya, while John sits in the Farscape One module, helplessly out of fuel.

John: "You hauled Moya's ass down a wormhole."
Old Man: "I was surprised to discover a Leviathan. The expectation was a pathfinder vessel."

Several visions of the pathfinders flash by, including their ship impaling Moya.
Neeyala: "I have just infused our beacon into the Leviathan superstructure."

Old Man: "Those I questioned knew nothing of wormholes. They did however, mention you repeatedly."
John looks away.

Noranti sits and leans her head back on one of Moya's walls.
Noranti: "He knows. Crichton... kno..."
Pilot: 'Wormholes... are his obsession."

John: "You set them free to find me."
Old Man: "Your knowledge is quite extraordinary for one of your realm."
John: "Thanks."
Old Man: "And your many travels inside wormholes... troubling." The Old Man begins to rise in the air, coming towards John's level: "But now that I've glimpsed your mind I'm aware this has made you a target of more aggressive species. A liability which must be dealt with."
John: "You stay the hell away from me." He grunts as he throws himself off the ice shelf, on the side away from the Old Man.

A flash....
John is traveling through a wormhole. He finds himself inside a corridor. There is smoke and flames in places around him. He looks down at the jacket he is wearing. He cries out. There is an explosion. John feels his leg, finding his holster and takes a step forward.
John comms: "D'Argo? Pilot?"
From behind him, Chiana whispers: "Crichton."
John: "Aeryn?"
John turns and looks. He sees Chiana, but it is not really Chiana. It is Aeryn, as Chiana.
John: "Pip?... Aeryn."
Aeryn/Chiana: "It's you."
There is another explosion.
John: "Ahh... What the hell's goin on here?"
Aeryn/Chiana: "Frelled. RIght up the ass. It's a great plan you came up with."
John: "What about the others?"
Aeryn/Chiana: "Dead. Sheyangs got 'em. We're the only ones left."
John shakes his head and yells out: "This is not funny! We're done here!"
Aeryn/Chiana: "We'e done, all right. Everything's gone and we're next."
John sighs: "Okay, if we're goin to do this... what about the pods, my module?"
Aeryn/Chiana whimpers. She runs over to John and leaps into his arms.
Aeryn/Chiana: "Maintenance bay. It's... uh... it's a furnace."
John: "Space suits?"
Aeryn/Chiana: "This floor is the only one that isn't filled with toxic dren."
There is another explosion. They are jolted and fall to the floor. They land with Aeryn/Chiana ontop of John.
John grunts.
Aeryn/Chiana gasps. She looks down into John's face and begins to lick lightly at his lips with her tongue.
John turns his head to get away: "Whoa! Ho!"
Aeryn/Chiana: "Oh, come on. Just once. You and me, like we should have, from the very beginning."
John has his eyes closed: "Pip, knock it off. Let's just get out of here."
Aeryn/Chiana has hold of his jaw with her black-gloved hand. There is another explosion.
Aeryn/Chiana gasps again: "Come on, Crichton. We're gonna die. I just want to die doing something fun. Something I like. Something that makes me feel... (John laughs) good. Your plan didn't work. This is mine." She moves down his body.
John screams: "No!"
He travels down a wormhole again.
There is a flash...

John lands on his face on the ice. He gets up on his arms.
John: "Spectacular. Boy, I got to hand it to you. You give great... great illusion." He sits with his back to the ice wall. "Now I know how... Copperfield got Schiffer."
Old Man: "What you experienced was real."
John: "Well, it felt real."
Old Man: "Real."
John: "Real like... the water's not wet? Real like you see with no eyes?"
John glances down and sees that, clutched in between his fingers, he has fragments of white hair.

Aeryn/Chiana moves down his body. John reaches for her and grabs hold of her hair. He twists to get away.
John screams: "No!"

John looks at the white hair he holds between his fingers. He twists it and turns it, studying it.
Old Man: "Time. Wormholes. The knowledge to unravel events. For that alone, I should kill you."
John glances back up at the Old Man, who stands up and walks away from him. John looks back at the white hairs.



John sits on the ice, staring at some white hairs he is twirling in his hand.

Zhaan: "As a Pa'u, I'm generally the teacher. But with John, I... I learnt as much as I gave."
Jool: "Whenever he touched me there was an almost... (she sighs) electric caring."
Bialar Crais: "John Crichton... made me a better captain."
Stark: "I sensed a... a purity of spirit..."
Crais: "... better leader..."
Stark: "... purity of soul."
Crais: "... better man."

John continues to twirl the hair.
John: "And I'm supposed to just take your word for it? This hair could be as fake as this iceberg, this... world... you."
John lets go of the hair and blows it away.
Old Man: "That hair represents a possible outcome... and unrealized reality."

Caroline: "When he'd come over, I'd have to cover up all the mirrors, just so he'd spend some of the time looking at me."

John looks at the Old Man, but he hears a woman's voice: "My dad and John's mom are brother and sister."

Coach: "Crichton blew a key tackle! My three year old niece could've tripped this guy up!"
Woman (short blonde hair, denim shirt with open collar): "It hurt dad 'cause he loved family so much, but... we were forbidden to hang out with John after he was about fifteen."

John hears DK: "You know why he's dead? Pig-headed."

Woman with pony-tail: "He actually made a couple of passes at me."
DK: "We weren't ready for a space trial. Not really."
Woman with pony-tail: "Like I'm gonna sleep with a guy who only has one graduate degree."

John is sitting with an arm out, on the ice wall. He hears Caroline: "He was a cheap date, a lousy drunk and a redneck."

Reverend: "If I say "blasphemous" I don't mean his attitudes toward god. I mean his attitude toward life."
Caroline: "He was lousy in the sack." She purses her lips and holds up her thumb and forefinger, just a couple of inches apart.

John: "Damn. I always knew Reverend Miller didn't like me... but Caroline that's a... that's a bit of a shock."
Old Man: "This wormhole... you lingered so long I was able to locate you. Describe this fascination."
John stands up: "I don't know. Something just struck me."
Old Man: "It is part of an extensive system. One of untold number which permeate this space and time of your realm."
John: "Tell me about... unrealized reality."

John travels in a wormhole...
John is lying on his back on a floor. His eyes are closed.
John groans: "Oh, no. This is that dream where I wake up in a cell... naked."
He opens his eyes and lifts his head to look down at himself. He is wearing a white t-shirt. He lowers his head back to the floor and exhales: "Thank heaven for simple mercies. One out of two." He glances to the side and sees a Peacekeeper wearing a spacesuit sitting by the wall. "So you won again." He rolls over to his stomach: "Two of three." He stands up. The Peacekeeper removes her helmet. She shakes her head and sighs. She looks up and sees John walking towards her.
John: "Officer Aeryn Sun. Special Peacekeeper Commando, Icarian Company, Pleisar Regiment. My name Jose Jimenez. We got a lot to catch up on." He holds out his hand to her. She takes it and attempts to throw him. Aeryn grunts and spins, stopping with her hands in a defensive pose. She swings at him several times, putting her breath behind the blows, but John is able to block her every move.
John: "Pretty good, huh? I learned from the best... you."
Aeryn drops her guard and smiles a bit: "Why are you out of uniform?" She steps closer to him, staring into his eyes: "What is your rank... and regiment?"
John continues to stare back at her. She hits him in the groin and he doubles over. Aeryn throws him face down on the floor. He slides partway across the room.
John groans and gets up on his hands and knees. Aeryn strides over to him and kicks him in the side, knocking him onto his back. She kicks at his arms, knocking them down and kneels with her knees beside his ears. She puts a gloved hand at his throat.
John gasps: "Baby, you had me at hello."
Aeryn: "Rank and regiment. Now. And how.... do you know my name?"
John: "What you should really ask is how I know you've got a birthmark on the sweet spot of your hip."
Aeryn looks at him for another moment, then takes her free hand, puts it beside his ear, and snaps his neck.
There is a flash...
John travels down a wormhole.

Old Man: "Every wormhole system has millions of exits... each to a distinct time and place... travel from A to B. Now attempt to travel back. You could arrive at point A immediately after you left or a cycle later or a cycle earlier or ten or ten thousand of millions of permutations."
John: "The secret is understanding time."
Old Man: "Not so much understanding as accounting for. Unskilled wanderings create... unrealized realities." He holds out his hand and the pulse blast that had disappeared earlier reappears in the air between John and the Old Man.
John takes a step and looks more closely at the pulse blast. It is making a faint ringing sound.
John: "So what you showed me wasn't real."
Old Man: "If I had not pulled you back, where ever it was you went would have become your reality from then on."

Aeryn/Chiana licks a prone John's lips.

John: "Does not compute. Are you saying that there's millions of me running around with millions of pathetic lives?"
Old Man: "One of you with millions of potential realities, depending on where and when you emerge from the system..." He reaches out and touches John on the shoulder, turning him as the pulse blast zips by, just missing him. "... if you do."
John points at the pulse blast: "Time." The pulse blast disappears again. "Going forward's not a problem, is it? Going backward... that screws the pooch."
The Old Man nods slightly and turns. He starts to walk and John follows him.
Old Man: "Should a traveler appear earlier in the timeline of his own existence, he would be but as a pebble cast upon still water."
The Old Man picks up some ice from the wall and tosses it into the water. It makes a loud splash in the silence. "But the ripples he creates would, over time radiate upon far distant shores, geometrically altering events in its path."
John: "And your Ancients gave me just enough knowledge to be dangerous."
Old Man: "Without such input, the odds of anyone else actually appearing at a destination they previously occupied is so remote as to be mathematically disharmonious."
John: "Then why am I not dead already?"
Old Man: "I trust the one who entrusted you. But I need to understand why he bestowed this ability."

Scenes of the Ancients and Ancient Jack with John flash by...

Are you afraid of this knowledge?"
John: "No." He walks away. The Old Man follows him.
Old Man: "There is still time."
John squats down and picks up some ice. He tosses it into the water.

John travels through a wormhole...
John is wearing a red Peacekeeper uniform. He looks around at the walls and down at his uniform. He straightens the sleeve.
Lt. Braca comes into the room behind him and waits a moment.
Lt. Braca smiles: "Shall we go, Sir?"
John nods: "Mm."
He follows Braca.
Lt. Braca: "The Scarran spy, as you commanded."
Sikozu is standing with her back to John and Lt. Braca. Her wrists are secured in metal cuffs. Her hair is in tight curls and her lip is curled up in a snarl.
John: "Release her."
Braca: "Sir?"
John: "Release her."
Lt. Braca: "After what happened, is that..."
John: "Are you questioning my orders?"
Lt. Braca: "Release the spy."
John walks over to Sikozu. A helmeted Peacekeeper soldier unlocks the cuffs with a clinking sound.
John: "Now watch. And learn." He takes Sikozu by the back of the neck and moves her closer to a window.
John speaks quietly to Sikozu: "Be cool and no one will get hurt."
Sikozu: "What of those already hurt?"
John: "Someone, sometime has to end the madness."
Sikozu turns around to face John. He touches her on the cheek with his finger.
Sikozu: "I will never tell you what you want to know."
John: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I'm just tryin to keep you alive."
Sikozu runs her finger up the side of John's jaw: "Thank you." She hits him and knocks him aside. John grunts and staggers.
Lt. Braca: "Guards! Stop her."
Peacekeeper soldiers begin firing weapons at Sikozu. She kicks one and takes his weapon. She runs up the window, firing.
Lt. Braca: "Captain! Stay down!"
Sikozu runs across the glass, shooting at the Peacekeepers. One of the soldiers runs along parallel to her, shooting back. His shots keep breaking window panes behind her. She finally hits him in the chest and he goes down. John points a pistol at her. Lt. Braca runs between them and Sikozu shoots him. John catches him as he collapses. Braca cries out and groans. John lowers Braca to the floor, then looks up. He sees Sikozu staring at him. He stands up and stares back. Sikozu exhales loudly. John nods to her.
Sikozu: "Weak... species."
She prepares to shoot John. He pulls his pistol and shoots first. He takes out the window pane she is standing on and it explodes outwards, taking SIkozu with it. John watches as she falls. His lip curls slightly and he smiles.
There is a flash and a wormhole...

John lands on his face in the ice, with a thud. He immediately turns over.
John: "That wasn't me. That's not me."
Old Man: "Whatever it was would be you, could be you. Which is why our vigilance is so high. Why the knowledge to navigate wormholes must be suppressed. And, why you trouble me."
John: "You want me not to have the knowledge? Take it out of my head."
He kicks the Old Man's hand where it was resting on the ice wall. The Old Man cries out and falls over onto his side. John jumps up and stands over him, breathing heavily.
John: "Kind of surprised that worked. Sorry. This is not me either."
There is a rumbling noise and the iceberg shakes. The light dims momentarily. John leans down and offers the Old Man his hand and helps him get up.
Old Man: "My ability to maintain this environment is weakening."
John: "Just take back what your Ancients put in my head."
Old Man: "Impossible... impractical and possibly imprudent. What do you desire with wormholes?"
John: "For starters... to go home."

Old photographs of John as a child and with his parents flash by. He sees himself kissing Caroline...

Old Man: "Your place of origin is where you can do the most damage."

There is smoke...
John runs into a room and sees where Rygel lies cut open from an autopsy.
He looks through some bars: "Oh, god."
Jack Crichton pounds on a door: "John!" He falls over backwards onto the floor.
Woman with pony tail: "He's never faithful to his girlfriends."
A man flies through a brick wall, shoulder first, landing in a cloud of bricks and dust.
Caroline: "He made it perfectly clear that his work was a greater priority than I was."
A woman screams and there is the sound of a shot, as Jack Crichton clutches his chest and falls face first to the floor.
Reverend Miller: "The womanizing, the drink...

John: "Yes... I got the point." He walks away from the Old Man.

Reverend Miller: "... the drugs.

Old Man: "The point, yes, but the risk?" He follows John to the edge of the iceberg. "People you don't recognize? A world changed irrevocably by the toss of a pebble?"
John: "Well, just shove me back down the wormhole."
Old Man: "I cannot."
John: "Why not? You did it for Moya and Pilot."
Old Man: "Propulsion. You are the first brought here without vehicle."
John: "So how the hell am I supposed to get off this rock?"
Old Man: "Through the wormhole."
John: "With what propulsion? The smoke you're blowin up my ass?"
Old Man: "You... possess... the knowledge!"

John sees the wormhole equations inside a circle. A wormhole. The wormhole equations take shape in space before his eyes. The light from the Pathfinder's viewer shines in his eye. The wormhole equations inside a circle. A wormhole. Equations, like dna strands inside a circle. The wormhole equations inside a circle. Cage dancers. Larry, Moe and Curly. The marketplace in the desert. A wormhole. The bright light of the Aurora Chair, shining in his face.

There is more loud rumbling and shaking. John and the Old Man both steady themselves by putting a hand out onto the iceberg walls.
Old Man: "I have little time. From the moment the Ancients implanted that knowledge, you exist to service a larger..."
John holds up his hand: "No." He moves his finger across the Old Man's line of vision: "No. That's what you want. My name is John Crichton. I'm not your pawn."
There is a loud cracking and rumbling behind them.
Old Man: "Then... let us proceed."
They are shaken as the iceberg splits in half and moves apart. John and the Old Man are on different parts. John pulls his foot all the way onto his part of the iceberg and stares across at the Old Man.



Zhaan: "John Crichton?" She nods her head: "Arrogant."
Crais: "Implusive."
Zhaan: Self-absorbed."
Crais: "Insane."
Zhaan: "Ignorant."
Stark laughs: "You tell me. The guy was an idiot."
Zhaan: "I once shared unity with that 'uuman' and the experience still haunts me."
Jool: "Don't go any further. That is John Crichton."
Stark: "I'm glad he's dead."

John: "Why don't you just grab anyone that goes wormholing and be done with it?"
Old Man: "Simply the effort to encounter you was massive. We... can no more function in your realm than you in ours. Which is why the Ancients were important to us."
The halves of the iceberg continue to drift apart.
John: "So modify more of your people and send them over."
Old Man: "The endeavor... is in hand, but requires time for metamorphosis. Have you truly chosen to help prevent aggressive species from acquiring this knowledge?" The Old Man groans as he tries to move on the ice.
John: "As a career?" He shakes his head: "No."
Old Man: "We have little time. And there is much you need exposure to."
There is more rumbling and cracking. John looks over at the Old Man who is grimly holding onto the ice wall.
John: "What's happening?"
Old Man: "I must soon... reenter my realm."
John: "What happens to me?"
Old Man breathes loudly: "If you have learned enough to survive, reinsertion to the wormhole. Now, pay attention and listen. Sa... sagaciously. From every point of entry a wormhole branches into multiple parts. The subdivision continues until, at last..."

Another man's voice is heard, speaking over top of the Old Man's: "The subdivision continues until, at length... you're deposited back into space-time."

Old Man: "... you're deposited back into space-time."

Woman with ponytail: "The journey can be random..."
Man: "The journey can be random..."

Old Man: "... or with purpose."
John looks and listens as...

Woman with ponytail: "... or with purpose."
Teacher: "Destination is the key."
Man: "Every portal has a distinct space-time signature."
Woman: "The only destinations you can realize by design are those... "
Woman 2: "... those of which you have foreknowledge."
Reverend Miller: "... those of which you have foreknowledge."

The Old Man shakes his head and appears to be in pain.

Woman: "The more you travel..."
Woman: "The more you travel, the more signatures you will catalogue."
Woman 2: "Our Ancients have given you the ability to recognize these subtle differences.
Cousin: "... to recognize these subtle differences."
Man: "Since every destination is surrounded by similar..."
Woman with ponytail: "... unrealized realities..."
Teacher: "... the closer you travel... "
DK: "... the more you must maintain..."
Reverend Miller: "... absolute engrossment... "
Cousin: "And never return..."
Caroline: "... to a familiar place..."
Coach: "... prior to the last... "
Teacher: "... to the last time... "
Reverend Miller: "... the last time you left."
DK: "... prior to the last time you left."
Caroline: "Your next journey may lead to a permanent unrealized..."
Woman: "... a permanent unrealized..."
Reverend Miller: "... a permanent unrealized..."
DK: "... unrealized reality."
Reverend Miller: "... reality."

The Old Man feebly holds out his hand: "He... here."

An old man holds up a flaming stick: "Hot dog?"

John looks at the old man.
Old Man: "Hurry."

An Old Man Scorpius, without the mask, holds up a stick with a flaming hot dog on it: "Hot dog?"

Old Man: "Learn, see, feel."
John dives for his half of the iceberg.

There is a flash and a wormhole...
The dock at Sawyer's Mill has a blue carpet with a black runner in the middle. An old man in an apron and red shirt stands by a small barbeque grill.
Scorpy/Jack: "Did you bring the mustard and onions."
John holds up a mustard jar in his hand: "Uh... yah." John walks down the dock toward the man.
Scorpy/Jack: "Glad you could make it, son."
John: "Well, I can't stay long. I got to get back to work."
Scorpy/Jack: "I was hoping we could have a talk. Hot dog?" He holds up a flaming dog on a stick.
John: "Yah. I always loved your dogs." John turns so that his face shows. He has prominant cheek and eyebrow bones, similar to Scorpy/Dad's.
Scorpy/Jack: "Corn on the cob, too. Watermelon. All your favorites."
John drinks from a bottle: "So, what did you want to talk about?"
Scorpy/Jack: "You. A talk we should have had years ago."
John: "I don't think I'm still a virgin... Dad."
Scorpy/Jack holds up his arm, displaying a large 'bracelet': "You can't beat this. And, I hate to see you waste your energy on the impossible."
John: "Impossible's a daily part of my life."
Scorpy/Jack walks over to John: "You remember what we were like centuries before the Scarrans conquered us? Weak genes, disease, death. I think our health and longevity outweigh some personal freedoms, don't you son?"
John: "No."
Scorpy/Jack: "You never change. But, you're young. I never told you this, but when I was young, I wanted to fly, too. Space. A dream. But, it wasn't to be. And it won't be for you either."
John: "I can't accept this. Any of it."
Scorpy/Jack: "I know I'm not much of a hero to you, son. But if it means anything, I'd sitll like to walk on the moon." He pats John on the shoulder.
A wormhole...

John lands beside the Old Man, on his side of the iceberg. The Old Man is lying down, on his back.
Old Man: "This place disintegrates."
John: "Don't let me go again. You gotta... you got to put me back in my own time... my own place, but just put me back where you found me."
The Old Man gasps and slips down further on the iceberg.
Woman's voice: "You can do that yourself."
John gets up and looks all around, walking behind the ice wall: "I don't... understand any of this."

Caroline: "There's nothing to understand. It's not a science, John."
Teacher: "It's an art."

John: "You failed me in Art. Not to mention Third Grade English. And I still do not understand the proper use of a comma!"

Teacher: "You did not forget the "a", Johnny. You wrote a report about Mark 'Twin'."

John: "You can hear me. How do I get back to Moya?"

Reverend Miller: "Focus on the space-time signature where you entered the wormhole. Every system is like a maze that loops back upon itself."

John: "Focus. Get back to Moya."

Reverend Miller: "After you have left her."

John: "What if I screw up? What if I get there before?"

DK: "You afraid, buddy?"

John: "Yes. No. Maybe."

DK: "If you get back to the ship before you left, the pebble that drops will be close to you. Ignore the ripples. Fix the first thing that goes ape."

John: "Fix the first thing. Wh... wh... what was that about the ripples?"

Teacher: "The elasticity of time allows for unrealized realities to remain so."
Reverend Miller: "Events are matched closely enough to course..."
Caroline: "... they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes."

There is a flash...
John sees the courtyard of the monastery from DD.
A flaming arrow flies by. Stark has the mask over his face and light streams out from around it. Stark takes off the mask.
Harvey: "If matched closely enough to course, events have a way of restructuring themselves."

John: "Harvey knew. Harvey knew." He screams: "Harvey knew! Scorpius knew."
The pulse from the pistol reappears beside his head.
John: "How? How!?"
The pulse blast moves and hits him in the head.

There is a wormhole...


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