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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: July 27, 2001
Written by Carleton Eastlake
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.14 - Infinite Possibilities: Part 1: Daedalus Demands

Previously on Farscape...
Scene One: from "Til the Blood Runs Clear", Moya is orbiting a planet. Pilot warns John and Aeryn, who are flying his module, that they will lose contact if they leave the shadow of the planet. John spots a wormhole opening up and the module nearly gets caught in it. John thinks he may have found a way home.
Scene Two: from "Til the Blood Runs Clear", John tells Furlow, the mechanic that she'll have to speed up the repairs to his module so he can get back up during a solar flare.
Scene Three: from "Til the Blood Runs Clear", Furlow explains to John that the ability to create a stable wormhole would be extremely profitable and that she has to have exclusive rights to the data if he wants to leave. John gives her the data tape from his module.
Scene Four: from "A Human Reaction", John erupts at the 'alien' Jack Crichton because he made John think he was really his father. As they struggle, John rips off a part of Jack's shirt and sees the alien pysiology underneath.
Scene Five: from "A Human Reaction": The 'alien ' Jack Crichton explains to John why they brought him there...in order to recreate his memories and find out if Earth would be a suitable new home for his species. They were unable to simply travel to Earth because the trip would drain them of their remaining power.
Scene Six: from "A Human Reaction", John asks the alien to reveal what he really looks like. The alien sheds its Jack personna and tells John that they will continue searching for a home.
Scene Seven: from "Nerve", John is in Scorpius' Aurora chair. A memory is extracted of the 'alien' Jack Crichton telling John that they have hidden equations for solving the wormhole problem in his subconscious and that he won't be aware of this part of their visit.
Scene Eight: from "Won't Get Fooled Again", Scorpius tells John about attempting to extract the wormhole information through use of a neural clone while we watch him drive a spike into John's brain.

And now, on Farscape....


We can see Talyn flying through darkness... We hear John's voice...

John: "Gu"
Aeryn: "Gu"
John: "ah"
Aeryn: "un"

We see the bed, with the window behind it, from "Green Eyed Monster". John and Aeryn are both lying on their sides, facing out, with Ben behind. He has his head resting on his hand, next to her hip.
Aeryn: "Gun."
John: "Gun."
They both laugh.
John: "Do the next one."
Aeryn: "Su ah.. nuh. Sun."
John: "Sun."
Aeryn: "Sun."
John is rubbing the back of her neck, playing with her hair, which is loose.
Aeryn closes the book they've been reading with a 'snap': "Now that everyone thinks you're crazy as a banta bug."
Aeryn is wearing a black "T" and black panties. John has on a black "muscle" shirt.
John: "Yah, well, what else is new?"
Aeryn: "Mmm. You still hearing it?"
John: "Hmm. Feeling it. It's like a homing signal."
Aeryn: "Or a trap. A Scorpius trap."
John: "No, no, no. I know Scorpius. This is different." John feels the hair on her forehead.
Aeryn: "Alright. So let's say it is this alien who takes the form of your father. Why would they come looking for you now?"
John lays his head on Aeryn's hip: "I have no idea. I thought the Ancients were done with me."
Aeryn: "Mmm."
She picks up her head to look at John and feels his hair: "Mmm...why... don't you... just ignore it? Why do you want to look for them?"
John: "Cause I'm not done with them."
Aeryn turns her head back, facing outwards, and sighs.
John: "Do you think I'm crazy?"
Aeryn shakes her head: "Mmm. I've always thought you were crazy. You know that."
John: "Do you know why I'm crazy?"
Aeryn: "Why are you crazy?"
John raises himself up and puts his face in her armpit: "You."
Aeryn laughs: "Me?"
John starts kissing her on her bare waist, then works his way down her hip...
Areyn: "Ahh!"... hah" she makes a cross between a laugh and a shiver as his lips touch flesh. She has to bite her lip to keep from laughing.
John: "You." He moves the blanket a bit, to get to more skin. As he does, he glances out the window..."Aer.." He pushes her on the shoulder.
Aeryn: "What?"
John: "Up here."
Aeryn: "What?"
John: "Look."
Outside the window is a wormhole.

As the wormhole revolves, our view of it changes and we can see Earth at the bottom of it.
Rygel's voice: "Oh, no!"

Rygel: "Not again!" He is with Crais on the bridge.
Crais: "Have you seen this before?"
Rygel: "Unfortunately yes, and so has Crichton."
Talyn makes low, beeping sounds.
Crais: "Yes Talyn. Appearances to the contrary, this planet seems to have no mass. It must be an illusion."
John enters the bridge: "It's a billboard. It means we've found what we're lookin for."
Aeryn follows him onto the bridge.
John goes to a control console and starts broadcasting: "Hello! Anybody out there? Ancients? Jack? Whatever you wanta call yourself. This is John Crichton."
Earth is now plainly visible at the end of the wormhole.
John: "Hello? Come out, come out, wherever you are."
Suddenly there is a jolt and Talyn appears to be flying through the wormhole. John watches this, looking worried. There is a flash of bright light. They all turn around to see...
Jack Crichton: "I'm here." The Ancient, in the form of John's father, is standing behind them on the bridge. Crais immediately pulls his pulse pistol.
Crais: "Talyn!"
John reaches out and grabs Crais' hand and gun: "Crais, no. I know this guy."
Jack Crichton: "And I thought I knew you. I may have been wrong."
Jack Crichton begins to walk towards John and Aeryn: "If I was...I may have to kill you."
Jack Crichton holds up his left hand, towards John. A bright light illuminates John's face, his head is thrown back and he is held, as if in a trance. John grunts: "Uh."
Aeryn pulls her gun and approaches Jack Crichton: "Let him go, or I will shoot."
Jack Crichton pays no attention to her, as he continues to hold John with the light.



Jack Crichton continues to hold John enthralled with a bright light. We can see John's head and torso superimposed over Jack and John standing in a blue mist.
John: "What the heck is this?"
Jack: "Our last encounter left a residual link between our minds. I summonsed you with it."
John: "Right, got it. Make your point."
Jack: "My race was looking for a world to inhabit."
John: "Yah, I know, but Earth didn't work for ya, so I can't help you there."
Jack: "We found a world, perfectly suited to us. The Ancients are there now."
John: "Well, congratulations. What can I do for you then?"
Jack: "On our travel to the new world, we saw this...."
Jack causes a vision to appear, of Farscape One, flying in a wormhole.
Jack: "Your module, flying through an unstable wormhole, piloted by this creature."
The vision changes to show an unfamiliar alien, sitting in the module. It has some characteristics similar to Vorcarian Bloodtrackers, but is obviously something different.
John: "Wha...who the hell is that?"
Jack: "You tell me."
John: "No idea. Never seen one before. When was this?"
Jack: "Third of a cycle ago."
John: "Well, my module was safe aboard Moya, a third of a cycle ago."
Jack: "Are you saying this is a duplication?"
John: "I'm sayin I don't know anything at all about it."
The vision of the module in the wormhole appears again. This time it zooms onto something mounted on the module.
John: "What's that device?"
Jack: "Phase stabilizer. Allows travel through any wormhole. Technology only a few could duplicate. Did you teach this creature to build it?"
John: "How would I do that, when I don't know how to build it?"
Jack: "Are you speaking the truth?"
John: "Jack. You're a mind reading alien...like my dad! Don't you know when I'm speaking the truth?"
Jack: "I can only penetrate your mind this deep."
John: "Bummer."
Jack: "We gave you a gift. You misused it."
John: "What gift?"
Jack: "If you didn't build that stabilizer, who did?"
John: "I don't know."

Suddenly the light changes and there is a crashing sound. John is now in his orange, IASA coveralls, riding in a "Dodge 'Em" bumper car.
John: "What the hell?" He looks around to see what's going on.
Harvey appears in another bumper car, behind John: "Sorry, but I need your attention. And we only have a few moments."
They are alone, riding in their cars, seemingly at a carnival. There is carnival music playing in the background. Besides his face-mask, Harvey is wearing a red and white auto-racing uniform. It has a decal on the front with "GT" and a checkered flag on it.
Harvey: "This is a fascinating place in your memory....and hard to find."
John: "What do you want?!"
Harvey: "Discretion. That false father image will terminate us both if he learns of my existence." Harvey rams his car into John's.
Harvey: "There's no reason he should. Scorpius didn't copy your module."
John: "How do you know?"
Harvey: "Tell me this John. Could you really build a module from memory? Huh?"
John: "Probably not."
Harvey rams John again: "Neither could Scorpius. All he knows is what my neural chip absorbed from you."
John: "So who did it?"
Harvey: "Who else knows of your wormhole search? Who has both access to your module, and the expertise to replicate it? Hmm?"
John: "Furlow."
Harvey: "Elementary." He bumps John again.
John: "It's either that, or you're covering your ass."
Harvey: "Why give Jack irrelevant information which may only provoke him into killing us all? Aeryn included."
John: "Why would he kill Aeryn?"
Harvey: "Gamble with her life if you want. Tell him everything. But don't say you weren't warned." Harvey swings the front of his car into John's once again. There is a flash of light...

And John is back with the alien Jack.
John: "Maybe..." We see a vision of Furlow superimposed over the vision of John and Jack: "Furlow."
Jack: "The mechanic?"
John: "Yep?"
Jack: "From Dam-Ba-Da?"
John: "That's the one. So, why don't you go bug her? And can we please, get out of my head?"
Jack holds his hand up once more, towards John's head. His head is thrown back and there is a bright light. John groans....

And he is back, in his body. He slumps down as he is released and Aeryn grabs him and holds his head, looking into his eyes.
Jack: "He is unhurt, Aeryn Sun. We may have misjudged you. I hope we did."
Crais is holding his pulse pistol pointed at Jack: "Who are you?"
Jack: "My given name is @#HDUKJS^*#$($^M~KF#*((*^^%^&$^" (the alien speaks in an unintelligible language). John smiles.
Jack: "You can call me Jack."
Crais: "How did you get onboard?"
John pushes the pistol away: "Save it Crais. We've got bigger fish to fry. Jack, show 'em the postcard. Maybe they can identify the pilot."
Jack puts his hand up and the vision of the unfamiliar alien piloting the module.
John: "You guys know what that critter is?"
Rygel stares at the sight in horror.
Aeryn: "I don't recognize the species. Crais?"
Crais: "I'll just check Talyn's data banks."
Rygel gasps and breathes: "What the?"

Rygel is in the cargo area: "It was a Charrid, Stark. A frelling Charrid!"
Stark: "You're familiar with that species?"
Rygel: "Oh, a thousand cycles ago, the Charrids invaded Hynerian space. They killed a billion of my people. Ate a million of our young. "
Stark: "I'm sorry. I didn't know."
Rygel: "We finally repelled them with suicide attacks. Wave after wave, after wave. More death than even you could fathom. Until we drove them off."
Stark: "But if they had wormholes, they could come back..."
Rygel: "And attack us without warning and disappear before we could retaliate. We have no defense against that! Ohhh!"
Stark puts his fingers on Rygel's mouth, to shush him: "I know a Delvian chant that is very calming in times of stress." Stark's eyes roll backwards into his head and he crosses his hands in front of his throat as he chants: "Vas pyloba mishkith lano trelba." He grabs hold of both Rygels cheeks: "Say it with me..Vas pyloba mishkith lano trelba. Vas pyloba mishkith..."
Rygel, through Stark's hands: "Stop it, you lunatic! Get it through what's left of that head of yours, that this is serious!"
Unheard by them, Crais has entered the room: "More serious than you can imagine. Unconfirmed intelligence reports suggest an alliance between the Charrids and the Scarrens."

John and Jack are walking through Talyn.
John: "Lay it on me Jack. Why are you so afraid of a Halloween mask in a tiny module?"
Jack: "Because they were on a course similar to ours which may have led them right to the new home of the Ancients."
John: "Alright, I understand. You're concerned about your privacy, but you guys are godlike aliens with the power of wormholes."
Jack: "We're a dyin race, John. The voyage made us weaker. We may not be able to defend against a hostile species. That's why I stayed behind...to make sure no one could find them."
John: "You missed the boat?"
Jack: "I volunteered."
John: "But you could catch up?"
Jack: "Unlikely."
John: "Well Jack, this may all be for nothin. Funnyface could be Furlow's test pilot, but Furlow's not a hostile species. She's an entrepreneur. We can buy her out and everybody's gonna to be happy."
Jack: "Then we should contact this Furlow and investigate."
John: "Yah, you're probably right. If Furlow's onto somethin, I wanta know about it."

Talyn flies to and orbits the planet Dam-Ba-Da.
Stark: "That's Dam-Ba-Da? I thought is was populated?"
Crais: "It appears to be sterilized." Crais and Stark are on Talyn's bridge. Crais walks over to a console to check some readings.
Crais: "The spaceport's been leveled." He goes to another console.
Stark: "By what?"
Crais: "Unkown. Talyn detects no weapon installations."
Stark: "Any life signs?
Crais: "Talyn can't detect anything at this distance. Could be camouflaged or underground. Talyn. Flare activity from this star could damage your systems. When we're gone, get into the planet's shadow and shut down all exterior systems you can.

Aeryn and John are dressed in their long leather coats. They are carrying weapons in cases, through Talyn's corridors.
John: "So you think we really need all this stuff?"
Aeryn: "I hope not, but we don't know what we're going to find."
John: "Yah. Sorry to screw up your life again."
Aeryn: "Yah, as long as you know it's all your fault."
John: "Me and my damn wormholes."
Aeryn: "Not all wormholes are bad."
John: "No, but ah, if I hadn't been huntin wormholes, we never would have run into Furlow or the Ancients."
Aeryn: "If you hadn't fallen into a wormhole, you never would have met..." she breathes audibly. She's smiling.
John: "Rygel."
Areyn: "Furlow, I would think is a better match for you. You could pool your knowledge and chase wormholes all you want."
John: "Furlow, yah, she's sexy. She's a good one to take home and meet the folks." Aeryn gives him "a look."
John: "What? You didn't think I planned on goin home alone, didya?"
Aeryn: "I haven't been thinking about it."
John: "I wouldn't..." John stops walking and Aeryn stops too. He turns to face her as she does the same. They're no longer laughing.
John: "...want to do that. To go back alone."
Aeryn: "I wouldn't want you to."
They smile into each other's eyes.
John: "We should talk about this."
Aeryn: "Some other time?"
John: "Yeah. We could do lunch." They kiss and rub noses, then John leads off again, down the corridor.

Talyn is flying in darkness. A transport pod flies away from him. Inside the pod...
Crais puts a pair of goggles on Rygel. Jack is sitting behind them.
Stark: "Still can't detect any activity on the planet surface." Stark and John are sitting at the control console. Aeryn brings goggles to Stark.
Aeryn: "Here Stark."
As he takes the goggles from her, Stark grabs Aeryn's hand and holds onto it.
Stark: "Thank you. Thank you, thank you." He is barely whispering. Aeryn jerks her hand away.
Jack: "Put 'em on. Flare's coming."
Aeryn: "How do you know?"
Jack: "I can sense them. It'll occur in ten microts."
John: "Be a good time to land. It'll cover our approach." John pulls his goggles down.
Rygel asks Jack: "Where's your goggles?"
John: "He doesn't need 'em Fluffy. Those aren't his real eyes."
Rygel: "Hmm?"
John: "Everybody hang on."
The pod begins to accelerate as the flare hits. The bridge of the pod is washed out with an extemely bright, white light. Despite the goggles, everyone but Jack turns their heads away from the flare. Rygel gasps. The transport pod flies in low, over some concrete embankments and lands in the sand. The planet surface looks like a leftover war zone.
John: "All right, seatbelt sign is off. Aeryn, Crais, we're up."
They all get out of their seats.

Crais' head becomes visible as he crests a sand dune. He is carrying a large gun or launcher and he keeps going, across the top of the dune to the top of another. He can see Furlow's bunker from here.
Crais: "The entrance is open!"
He is looking past some rusted out equipment towards a massive entrance. There are permanent gun emplacements on either side of it and it has decorations or writing over it. As Crais starts to move towards it, one of the gun emplacements fires. The shot hits well short of Crais.
John: "Get down! Take cover!"
Instead of responding to John, Crais continues forward, down the dune. Aeryn and John follow him over the top of the dune, running towards the ruined equipment, for cover. The gun shoots near them as, one by one, they run and slide in amongst the piles and posts. Suddenly, a second gun erupts.
John: "Where the hell's that cross-fire coming from?"
Crais: "Aeryn, can you see anything?"
Aeryn: "No. It's the flares."
John: "Maybe it's just a couple of guys."
He turns around and looks back the way they came. He is looking directly into the flare. On the top of the dune they just climbed down from, eight to ten aliens appear. They are armed with rifles and they are yelling as they run.
John: "Okay. Maybe not."
Aeryn turns back to look at the entrance as a group of the same aliens run out of it. They form up into defensive positions. Aeryn turns back towards Crais and John.



The aliens are lined up atop the sand dune.
Aeryn: "Here they come!"
One of the aliens raises his arm and they all start shooting and moving forward, down the dune. The gun emplacement behind them begins firing as well. Aeryn, Crais and John return fire. The permanent gun seems to be shooting over their heads, hitting out in front of them. Aeryn turns and begins firing back towards the aliens which came out of the bunker. Crais is still in contact with Talyn, through his transponder.
Crais comms Talyn: "Talyn, stay in shadow. Don't expose your senses to the intensity of the solar flare."
Crais tells John and Aeryn: "He knows we're in trouble and he's coming back to help us."
Aeryn: "Well tell him to stop."
Crais: "He refuses." Crais stands up and fires the very large gun back towards the bunker.

Aboard the transport pod, Stark spots Rygel frantically punching controls: "What are you doing"
Rygel: "They're cut off. There's nothing we can do here."
Stark points his gun at Rygel: "You try to leave and you'll be cut off."
Jack: "Another flare is coming. 20 microts."

Crais: "Talyn! Another flare is imminent. Shut down your senses. Break off!"
Crais and Aeryn are both firing towards the bunker. John is keeping the other aliens away by firing at them.
Crais: "No, Talyn! Go back!"
Aeryn: "Do it, Talyn!"
Talyn appears out of the sky, flying low. He is shooting the aliens. As he flys over, the flare hits. There is nothing for a few moments except white light.
Finally, we can see Talyn heading back up towards orbit. Sparks begin shooting out of Crais' transponder. He screams in agony and grabs his neck. He continues screaming. Both John and Aeryn glance towards him, but both are kept busy shooting at the advancing aliens. Crais comms again: "Talyn, reverse direction! Head for the dark side of the planet!"
Aeryn: "Take it out."
Crais continues screaming and sags against a ruined pillar. Aeryn stops firing and hurries over to him.
John continues to fire at the sand dune aliens until one of them yells: "Pull back!" and they begin to retreat. He runs over to Aeryn and Crais.
Aeryn grabs the transponder and twists it and rips it out of Crais' neck. Crais yells again and tries to catch his breath.
John: "We gotta get to that bunker. How's Crais?"
Crais: "I can't see! Talyn is blinded and so am I!" Crais holds his hand in front of his goggles, fingers spread apart and shaking.
Aeryn comms: "Stark! Come down here now and take Crais back to the pod! Crichton and I will have to go in alone." She turns back to Crais: "You stay here. You stay under cover."
John: "Cover me." John gets up and runs towards the bunker. Aeryn stands and begins firing at the aliens. Once all the aliens that had been firing are down, Aeryn starts to run after John, towards the bunker. As he approaches the entrance, John tosses somethings towards it. A high-pitched whine can be heard. As Aeryn runs up behind him, John tells her: "Fire in the hole."
They both take cover behind concrete posts to either side of the entrance (Aeryn is sitting beside a dead alien). There is an explosion and flames shoot out of the entrance.

Inside the bunker there are armed aliens running towards the entrance. John and Aeryn run inside, firing as they come. Fortunately there are a lot of pieces of equipment for them to hide behind as they keep going, shooting at anything that moves. John has a rifle in one hand, and a pistol in the other. Occasionally he spins around to shoot behind them.

Rygel is onboard the transport pod as Jack and Stark lead Crais onto the bridge.
Stark is quickly chanting as he leads Crais: "Si fiesh ra ekka thaeck. Si fiesh ra ekka thaeck. Si fiesh..."
Crais: "He said help me, you idiot, not chant me over to the other side!"
Stark stops chanting and lifts off Crais' goggles. Crais grimaces, groans and covers his eyes with his hands.
Stark: "Eoww."

Inside the bunker, Aeryn and John keep moving forward while shooting at the aliens. They work their way down a metal stairway, having to shoot in front and behind themselves as they go. There is a lot of noise from the guns shooting, shots ricochetting off metal and aliens yelling as they attack and/or are hit. Aeryn comes to a large metal door and kicks it open. She shoots and kills 2 aliens immediately inside the door. John, guarding her back, gets another one. Aeryn shoots a third, who falls backwards and smashes a table. We here a familiar voice: "Well, well well..."
Furlow is sitting with her arms above her head, held by chains. There is a wound on her left cheek. She is dressed exactly as she was when last we saw her in TTBRC.
Furlow: "...if it isn't my favorite flyboy."
John removes his goggles. So does Aeryn.
Furlow: "Just couldn't stay away from me, huh?"
John: "What the hell happened to you?"
Furlow: "You know, I'd be happy to tell you all about it..." She starts to yell: "If you'd just cut me the frell down!"
John brings up his rifle and shoots the chains where they join, in midair.

Aeryn and John are moving through the bunker. Furlow follows. There is a firefight as more aliens attack them. When they reach a fairly open area, there are yet more aliens. Aeryn and John each shot one. Furlow has a huge open-ended wrench in her hand and she uses it to fell one alien. As she goes to hit it again, John stops her by grabbing her arm.
John: "Furlow!" He points his gun at the alien's face.
Furlow: "What?"
John: "Save someone to question."
Aeryn has her gunned trained on the alien as well: "How many troops are on the planet?"
The alien props himself up on his elbows and answers her: "Bring any sisters? You won't be enough to pleasure all of us."
Aeryn swings her rifle butt around and hits him in the face with it, knocking him back, prone.
Aeryn: "How many!?"
John steps over to him: "My, grandma. What big teeth you have."
Alien: "We'll feast on you tonight and tomorrow...all your families."
John: "Yah. You can have our pets for breakfast."
Aeryn is going through the pockets of the captive alien. She finds a device that she looks at. it makes a whining noise.
John: "Communicator?"
Aeryn: " Think so. Might be able to listen in. How many ways into this place, Furlow?"
Furlow: "Except for the front door? None. All the approaches are booby-trapped and some of the automatic guns are still working."
Aeryn: "Some?"
Furlow: "Probably."
Aeryn: "I'll check the perimeter."
John: "That's a good idea. Do me a favor? Take smiley here and stash him somewhere on your way out."
Alien: "You fear me."
John: "No, you just smell."
The alien snarls as he gets to his feet.
Furlow: "Tootle-oo."
Aeryn: "Move." She pushes him in the butt with her boot to get him moving.
Furlow: "Rrrr!"
John looks around the hanger and sees something he recognizes.
John: "What the hell is this?"
Furlow: "What'dya think? A truly fine copy of your module."
John goes over to it to take a look.
Furlow: "Got a nice detailed scan last time you were here."
John: "Yah, when you ripped off all my data."
Furlow: "You know, you're gonna have to let that go, Johnny."
Furlow walks up to the module and pats it: "Point it, I flew through a wormhole... four times." She holds up four fingers: "And not just a wormhole...a proto-wormhole. Unstable as all flitz. Didn't even muss mah hair."
John: "How long have the Charrids been here?" John continues to scan the area as they talk.
Furlow: "I hired 'em...for security. They even did the first test flights. Then, a coupla solar days ago, the blotchers double-crossed me. They killed all my techs. Tried to torture the secret outa me, get the passwords to my computers, but uh...I'm tougher than they thought."
John: "Right." He turns to walk away.
Furlow: "Oh. One more thing."
John turns back towards her: "What?"
Furlow grabs him by the back of the neck and kisses him on the lips. She batts her eyelashes, rolls her eyes and says: "Thanks for the rescue." She tosses her head and hums to herself as she walks away.
John sticks his tongue out, says "Eehh." and makes a face.

Crais, Stark and Rygel can be seen on the transport pod.

Aeryn comms: "Transport pod? All clear outside." She is back inside the bunker.

Crais comms back: "Aeryn. My link with Talyn is gone. He's blinded and panicked. I must find him and board him quickly." Stark is walking round and round the console where Crais is sitting.

Aeryn is climbing the stairs: "Alright, Stark, send in Rygel and Jack. You try and take Crais back to Talyn." In the background, Stark hurries over to Jack.
Rygel: "Uhh! W..wait a microt! I'll fly Crais back. We get Talyn working, we can kill more Charrids quicker."
Crais: "No, no, no, no! Stark knows Talyn. He can help calm him down."
Stark comes over to Crais: "Let me be your eye."
Rygel: "Perfect! The half-blind leading the blind."

Aeryn is still climbing: "No, he's right, Rygel. Get in here."

Stark runs over to Rygel: "She likes me more than she likes you."
Rygel growls. Stark smirks.

There is a whooshing sound. The transport pod leaves the surface of the planet and flies off.

John, still with Furlow, takes off his coat and lays it on top of some equipment on a table.
John: "What happened to this planet? It looks like it's been carpet bombed."
Furlow: "Solar flares got bigger'n ever. Most everybody cleared out."
John: "Solar flares?" He climbs the ladder up onto the module. "The last time I was here you said there weren't going to be any solar flares for 4.8 cycles."
Furlow: "I lied."
John gets back down: "You lied."
Furlow: "Yah, I figured it'd keep you away for a while so I could work in peace."
There are footsteps approaching. John looks up and sees Jack and Aeryn.
Aeryn: "Charrids are keeping their distance but it won't last forever. They are regrouping."
Furlow: "I'm telling ya, they're not gonna get in." Aeryn looks skeptical. "Who's he?"
Jack is inspecting the module.
John: "We call him Jack. Jack, Furlow. Furlow, Jack." He gives a little wave with his hand and goes right back to looking at the module.
Furlow: "Hands off the merchandise there...Jack."
Jack is looking at a device mounted on top of the module: "Give me the tool so I can open this up."
Furlow: "Give me one reason why I oughta let ya."
Aeryn: "Can I give you two? We just saved your life and this gun." The gun's hammer makes an audible "click" as she cocks it.
Furlow: "Fair enough."
Jack: "Another flare. Ten microts."
John comms: "Pod."

The pod is flying thru darkness.
John: "Another flare, 8 microts."
Stark and Crais are sitting in the command seats. Stark has his goggles on.
Stark: "We're ready." Crais is moving his head blindly about.
Stark: "Well, some more than others."
The inside of the pod is suddenly lit by a flare.
Stark: "Crichton! Can you hear me?"
Crais: "Of course not! Not while the flare's happening."
Stark: "Oh, right. I don't like this planet much."
Crais: "Neither do I. Just stay on the vector I gave you."
Stark: "We're on the vector! Don't worry, we'll find Talyn."
Crais: "Finding Talyn is just the beginning of our task."

Back in the bunker, John and Furlow are leaning their arms against the module, watching Jack work on the device.
Furlow: "Talk to me Johnny. Who is that thoddo?"
John: "He's one of the last remaining members of an ancient alien race who knows all about wormholes."
Furlow: "Mm..hm. So what's he doin here?"
John: "Makin sure they don't fall into the wrong hands."
Furlow: "Right. Well, he can have the technology....if he can afford it."
Aeryn walks up behind Furlow. Furlow leaves, tools jingling.
Aeryn leans over to John: "I think we should tie her back up."
John: "Don't tempt me."
Aeryn: "No. I said tie her back up." She smiles at him. As he moves his face closer to hers, she nonchalantly turns her face away.

Deeper inside the bunker, Rygel floats over to where the prisoner is tied-up.
Charrid: "A Hynerian! Good timing. I'm hungy. Pity you're so aged. You won't be so tasty."
Rygel makes a soft, growling noise as he glares at the prisoner.
Charrid: "Don't glare at me! I'm not impressed. You think a Hynerian could ever frighten me?"
Rygel: "Oh! I'm not here to frighten you. No, no, no, no, no, no."
Charrid: "Then what? To question me? Plainly you are unaware of our superior resistance to pain."
Rygel: "Actually, I do know something about Charrid physiology...just as I know something about your weaponry."
Rygel reaches behind him and pulls out a two-pronged instrument. It has wide, jagged teeth going up both sides, to the points. Rygel chuckles.
Rygel: "This ractor, for instance, contains neural circuits that inflict ten times the normal pain.." he holds it up so the Charrid can see it..."designed to be effective, even against your own kind." He inhales deeply: "A very unpleasant death."
Charrid: "You don't dare kill me."
Rygel: "Don't I?"
Charrid: "The others want me alive."
Rygel: "Yes. Well, plainly you're unaware of one more fact...." The camera zooms in on the Charrids face..." I don't give a garanta's brax what the others want."
The Charrid's breathing quickens as Rygel floats over to him with a wicked smile on his face.

The others are visible through racks of metal tubing. Jack is standing at a workbench.
Jack: "Primitive... Underpowered..." He is looking at the device from the top of the module.
Furlow: "It's only a proto-type, ya wellnitz."
John and Aeryn are off to the sides. John is sitting up on a ladder or stool.
Jack: "But the underlying technologie's sound."
Furlow: "You bet your frangle it is."
Jack: "What have you done? Who else has this knowledge?"
Furlow: "Nobody got it from me...and they won't, unless of course, they can meet my price."
Jack: "You'd sell this to anyone?"
Furlow: "Excuse me...is that any of your business?"
Jack: "Yes! You have no idea what this can do!"
Furlow: "Sure I do. That's how I know it'll make me rich."
There is the sound of an explosion close by.
Aeryn: "Mortar fire."
Furlow: "Well, the Charrids are gettin bold again."
Aeryn, shouldering her rifle: "Can this structure withstand mortar attack?"
Furlow: "Probably."
Aeryn: "Frell." She leaves to check the building.
Furlow: "Ah, let 'em come if they dare. That's my motto."

Aeryn is walking down a corridor. She hears a scream.
Aeryn: "Rygel?!"
She hurries to where the prisoner is being kept...and finds him lying dead on the floor.
Aeryn kneels down by the dead Charrid: "What have you done?"
Rygel is nearby, holding the dripping ractor: "Interrogating. I thought he'd last much longer than that. He did tell me that there is a Scarren Dreadnaught heading for this planet. It'll arrive within 6 arns.

A huge vessel, much larger than a Peacekeeper Command Carrier is flying through space. There are many smaller vessels flying around it.



There are several Charrids with a mortar, outside the bunker, across from the doorway.

Inside, Jack, John, Aeryn and Furlow are walking through a corridor. John is carrying the device from the top of the module. There is the sound of an explosion and dust and dirt showers down on them as a mortar hits the building.
Aeryn: "Hearing more and more calls on their comm net."
John: "They're getting ready to storm the castle."
Aeryn comms: "Crais! Can you hear me? Stark?"
Furlow: "Keep trying. Those flares play hezmana with comm signals. Can this ship of yours stand up to a Scarren Dreadnaught?"
Aeryn: "Not a chance. Even if he could see, it's about twice the size of a command carrier."
Another mortal shell hits and more debris falls on them.
Rygel: "We have to do something!"
Aeryn looks at him: "We will. Come on." She turns and starts to leave.
Rygel: "Buu..wh..where are we going?"
Aeryn: "You like killing Charrids, now's your chance."
Rygel: "But I ...uh!" There is another jolt and Rygel lurches after Aeryn.

John: "This doesn't worry you?"
Furlow: "Nah. Even if they do get in a lucky hit and breach a wall, the booby-traps'll get 'em before they get in."
John: "You hope."
Furlow: "I know. If the Charrids hadn't jumped me in orbit, they'da never gotten in."
Jack: "They breach the defenses, we're gonna have to act fast."
Furlow: "Act fast? You have...some kind of plan?"
John: "We don't let the bad guys get the technology." He holds up a pair of small, explosive devices. He puts then on the table.
Furlow: "Tarbick grenades. Surely you're not suggesting ..."
Jack: "We destroy it."
The mortar fire has intensified. They all look up at the sound of another hit.

Aboard Talyn, Stark is leading Crais through the ship.
Crais: "What can you see?"
Stark: "Damage! Damage! Damage!" There are sparks flying from places along the corridor. There are also occasional explosions and flashes of fire.
Crais: "Whatever would I do without your verbal gifts?"
Stark: "Oh, you want more words? Well, the conduits are damaged, the bulkheads damaged, external sensors damaged, too. There is nothing that is not damaged."
Crais: "Least of all you."
Stark: "I can see."
Crais: "If only you could think. Talyn, I know you're scared, but you must be able to hear me. Turn to your treblin side and accelerate. Get deeper into the planet's shadow!"
Stark: "Better, better."
Crais pulls his hand away from Stark: "Oh! I can find my way on my own ship." He reaches out and hugs a conduit. He hits it with his face and falls to his knees.
Stark: "Are you ready now?"
Stark jumps over and grabs Crais' arm. He pulls him up and quickly down another corridor.

On the planet, Aeryn has put Rygel inside the permanent gun emplacement that is right outside the bunker door.
Rygel grunts: "What's this?" Aeryn climbs up into the turret, behind him.
Aeryn: "It's an automated gun turret."
Rygel: "Well it doesn't look like it's working."
Aeryn: "Well, the targeting systems gone, but everything else is still intact. You can operate it manually."
Rygel: "I can?"
Aeryn: "Yep." She points out and demonstrates each thing as she describes it: "That's where you reload (she pushes something and there is a thunking noise), this is aim (whirring) and this is fire (she punches that button and the gun fires). Now, if you can't actually hit anything, just make sure you force the Charrids to keep well away from us."
Rygel: "Uh...where will you be?"
Aeryn: "I'll be somewhere else." She backs down the turret steps.
Rygel: "Oh! We work better as a team!"
Aeryn: "Well, you didn't need any help when you were knifing the Charrid."
Rygel: "This is different. I'm unprotected here. What happens if they fire in a mortar shell?"
Aeryn: "Well that's simple. You'll die, so keep them back."
Rygel: "You keep them back. You're the artillery expert."
Aeryn: "Tell me something, Rygel. How many Hynerians perished in the suicide attacks, when they repelled the Charrids?"
Rygel: "Millions upon millions."
Aeryn: "Any of them volunteer? Or were they all forced?"
Rygel: "Why?"
Aeryn: "I'm just curious to know whether sacrifice and bravery are Hynerian concepts."
Rygel inhales through his nose and sighs. He turns his sled back towards the gun controls: "Show me how this works again."
Aeryn reaches over him to point out the controls: "That's your reload, that's your aim, and this is your fire." She squeezes off another shot. "Good-bye." She leaves the turret.
Rygel whimpers.

Inside the bunker, John, Jack and Furlow are at a workbench.
Jack: "You still don't understand how dangerous this technology can be? A wormhole isn't just a shortcut through space. It can be turned into a weapon of incredible destruction."
Furlow is shaking her head and rolling her eyes...
John: "We can't let the Scarrens have that kind of power."
Furlow: "Okay, so we turn around and sell it to the Peacekeepers. Maybe the Nebari too. Balance of power...and we clean up!"
Jack is shaking his head: "Potential for disaster is too great. The danger is clear."
Furlow picks up a triple-barreled, triangular shaped rifle and trains it on Jack. John immediately picks up his rifle and aims it at her.
Furlow: "It isn't clear to me. You know, I think all this high-minded talk is a pile 'a dren, and yer just tryin to take out a competitor."
Jack: "I speak the truth."
Furlow: "Oh yah? And why should I believe you? Where do you get all this cosmic knowledge? Who are you to tell me what I should do?"
At this, Jack's face and body begin to transform back into its 'alien' shape. (He looks much like he did in AHR, except MUCH fatter!)
Furlow: "What the frell?! Who are you?"
Jack: "Someone who understands the risks of power. Do you, Furlow?"
Jack changes back to looking like Jack Crichton.
Jack: "Do you understand the future you're about to create? Are you willing to see entire planets, entire civilizations wiped out?"
Furlow glances at John. Aeryn comes into the room behind Furlow, sees what is happening and immediately trains her rifle on Furlow. John sees her enter out of the corner of his eye. Furlow follows his eye movements and also sees Aeryn, grim-faced and ready to shoot.
The camera zooms in on her triangular shaped rifle barrel.
Jack: "Put your weapon down."
We see John with his rifle pointed at Furlow, then back to her gun barrel.
Jack: "Put it down...now." Jack moves a step closer to her, reaches out and takes hold of her gun barrel. Furlow keeps hold of the gun for several seconds while the camera shows us first John, then Aeryn ready to shoot. Finally she lets go.
Jack: "Aeryn! You have explosives in your pack?"
Aeryn: "Yes."
Jack: "Set them."
Aeryn turns and leaves. Jack leaves in the opposite direction.
Furlow: "He, uh...that alien. Why didn't you tell me?"
John: "I think I did."
Furlow: "Fair enough."

Aeryn enters the hanger where the module is. She begins setting charges, on shelves and on the module itself. She gets back down from the module and keeps going.

Furlow and John are standing together, watching.
Furlow: "You know, this...this really isn't necessary. We could... uh...whist (she makes a noise and hikes her thumb over her shoulder)...just beat it before the dreadnaught gets here. You...me...in the module...down the wormhole. (John is walking away and she is following him.) Sell the technology....only to peaceful races of course."
John has stopped by a workbench. Furlow catches up with him and he turns to face her.
John: "And what about the others?"
Furlow: "Well, same thing happens whether we're here or not. Listen, the Scarrens aren't gonna leave anybody breathing. No reason for all of us to die."
Jack is working on something on the bench. Jack turns his head to the side. There is a quiet sort of electronic noise.
John: "What's with your computer?"
We see what looks like a giant radiator with lights, hanging behind Jack. It is making a noise and the lights are flashing. Jack has gone over to look at it more closely.
Furlow: "Somebody's tapped in." She walks over to join Jack in front of it. Aeryn has come back in. She sets her goggles down on the workbench and stands by John.
Furlow: "They're stealing all my data."
Jack: "Shut it down!"
Furlow: "I can't. They've got full control."
Aeryn: "Stand clear! Now!"
Jack and Furlow move away, to the side. John and Aeryn both bring up their rifles and shoot the computer. They both fire multiple times, until the computer is dark and in flames.
Jack: "Who tapped in?!"
Furlow: "A remote download. Over-rode all my passcodes. Charrids are too stupid for that. Has to be Scarrens."
John: "How much data'd they get?"
Furlow: "Oh, enough to make their own phase-stabilizer. But I guarantee, the dreadnaught'll still get here. They'll wanta make sure that nobody else gets the proto-type...and, what's in here." She taps her head a couple of times. "And, uh..." She leans past Aeryn to talk to John: "You know that thing we were talkin about earlier? It's looking even better now."
Jack: "We need to destroy that data."
Furlow: "Are you paying attention? 'Cause it's too late. The data is on the dreadnaught now."
Jack: "Exactly. Therefore, we need to destroy the dreadnaught."
Aeryn: "There isn't anything on this planet that would even get its attention!"
Jack hurries out, carrying the device from the module. John touches Aeryn's arm and follows Jack.
Aeryn turns quickly back to Furlow: "What thing you were talking about earlier?"
Furlow: "Oh, nothing." Furlow leaves. Aeryn stares after her.

John and Jack are walking together.
John: "You got a plan?"
Jack: "Yes. Something the Ancients wouldn't permit. Their sanctuary's under threat. I believe we can convert this phase stabilizer to another function."
John: "We?"
Jack: "Yes. Your knowledge of this level of technology is greater than mine. Alone, I'd never be able to complete the modifications in time. "
John: "Except I don't know how this thing works, much less how to modify it. I won't be much help."
Jack: "Yes you will. During our last encounter, the Ancients imbedded something else deep within your memory...the equations to create wormholes. It wasn't meant to be accessed consciously, but merely to guide you."
John has walked around to the other side of the workbench. He turns to face Jack: "Guide me. Why not just give it to me?"
Jack: "Because it was important that you develop it on your own...or else not at all."
John: "Is that some sort of rule? Only hints, otherwise its cheating?"
Jack: "There were Ancients who didn't want to give you anything. This knowledge is very dangerous."
John: "Yah, I know. So give me the useless consolation prize."
Jack: "No, not useless. It was meant to keep you on the right path. Possibly subtracting years from your research."
John: "Possibly. Well, thanks for the help."
Jack: "John, this knowlege may save all of our lives here. I can unlock it."
John: "And what will your friends think about that?"
Jack: "They'd stop me if they could. If they knew what you and I were creating here, they'd kill us both."
John: "That's terrific. Jack, I already got half the universe after me, I really want the Ancients on my ass as well."
Jack shakes his head: "We don't have a choice. That dreadnaught is less than 5 hours from here. I need your expert help. If you're unwilling to give it, then..."
John: "I didn't say...I wouldn't help."
Jack: "Good." He nods once. John picks up his rifle and walks away.

The dreadnaught is flying towards a flare. There are lots of smaller ships flying around it. It appears to be moving inexorably closer.

Jack walks towards Furlow and Aeryn.
Jack: "Furlow? Get me all the tools and components that you have." He takes her arm and starts leading her towards the workbench: "I need wave-guides, circuitry, anything."
Furlow: "It would help if I knew what you were making."
Jack: "I also need some nuclear fuel. A tenth of a mallot of Partanium isotope would do it."
Furlow: "Coming right up." She leaves.
John comes back over to the workbench: "Jack...I have a...confession to make. I knew about the stuff you guys put in my head."
Jack: "How?"
John: "Guy named Scorpius...he discovered the info was there and he put a neural chip into my head to extract the information."
Jack: "And he succeeded?"
John: "Well, the chip's gone, so I'd say yes, more or less."
Jack: "Why didn't you tell me?"
John looks down, away and behind. He sees Aeryn walking up behind him. Their eyes meet and John turns back to Jack.
John: "All right. There's more. When the chip was pulled, a chunk of Scorpius' personality was left behind."
Jack: "A neural clone?"
John: "You could call it that. I call it...uh...Harvey."
Jack: "Then we can't unlock the information in front of this clone."
John: "So, what'dya wanta do?"
Jack: "My mental energy is limited, but I believe between the two of us, we can drive this clone from your mind." John nods, slightly and looks at Aeryn.
John: "Could you say that with a little more confidence?"
Jack looks over at Aeryn, then back at John: "I don't know how strong this clone is going to be..."
There is a loud explosion, a very bright flash of light and a part of the hanger wall implodes. They are all jolted. John falls to the floor, unconscious. Several Charrids burst in through the hole. Aeryn begins shooting at them. As John lies on the floor, we hear Harvey's voice: "Before you rejoin them John..."

John and Harvey are standing in front of the entrance to the amusement park. Harvey is in his auto-racing outfit. There are two legends painted over the entrance. One says "Coney Island." The other, "Funny Land".
Harvey: "...John, we must speak. You cannot be seriously considering my removal."
John: "Yes I can."
Harvey: "I've had time to acclimate myself to your brain. To permeate every facet of your mind. I wil not go easily!"
John reaches over and plucks something from the front of Harvey's suit: "Are you...threatening me?"
Harvey: "I'm warning you John. If you attempt this, I will fight you, and I will win. If your brain really isn't big enough for the both of us, either I'll survive, or neither of us will."
John: "Harvey...kiss my medulla oblongata."
Harvey: "You think I'm bluffing?" Harvey reaches up with both hands and grabs John by the throat. In a deep, snarling voice, Harvey says: "Do you want to die?" Harvey roars in John's face.

Aeryn is firing away at Charrids who are still entering the bunker through the hole in the wall.
Furlow comes up behind her: "What the frell?!" She picks up a huge wrench to throw at the Charrids, but there are no more coming in.
Furlow: "We're closed, ya thoddoes!"
Aeryn sees John is lying on the floor and runs over to him. She picks up his head.
Aeryn: "John?" She pulls back an eyelid to check his pupils.
Aeryn: "All right? John?"
John blinks a little and whispers: "Yah. Fine."
Aeryn rubs his face with her hand.



John and Aeryn close and bolt a large door.
John: "I don't a whole lot of choice. Harvey's gotta go."
Aeryn: "And you can do this, Jack?"
Jack: "I can infuse him with all the mental capacity that I possess."
Aeryn: "Which you admit is limited."
John: "We take what we can get."
Aeryn: "Is there some way to transfer energy? Can you...link his mind with mine?"
Jack: "No. Aeryn Sun, John already has your strength."
John: "And someone's got to stay on the outside incase everything goes pear-shaped."
Aeryn nods: "I know what to do."

Outside the bunker, the gun in the turret is firing at Charrids. There is the sound of explosions and screaming. Sand flies up in gusts.
Rygel is holding onto the gun's controls and comms: "Hey! Anybody there? I've scored 9 direct hits but the Charrids aren't getting the message!" He keeps firing as he talks. We see him hit another Charrid: "They're getting closer, and I'm running out of ammo."

Back inside, Aeryn comms: "Alright. I'll get you some."

Rygel: "Frelling Charrids!" He fires again.

Aeryn picks up her pack and puts it on: "Just don't start anything until I get back."
She leaves.
Furlow comes in carrying a heavy rectangular cannister. She grunts as she sets it on the workbench.
Furlow: "Here's yer Partanium. Trouble is, I don't know if I can scrape up a protection suit."
Jack: "I don't need one."
Furlow: "No kiddin...,(to John)...Imagine if he was on our side."
John: "He is on our side."
Furlow: "Uh huh."
Jack: "What I will need is a focused transmitter coil, so that I can maximize the power output."
Furlow: "Boy, you don't want much, do ya? Hope you're not in a hurry."
John: "We're in a hurry."
Furlow: "I'll do my best." She leaves.

We see Talyn flying above the planet.
Stark: "You sure yo"u don't want help? Stark and Crais are on the bridge.
Crais: "I don't need your help!" He is flailing his arms wildly about, trying to feel something.
Crais: "Talyn, can you hear me?" Crais feels his way from one console to the next.
Stark: "Nothing's happening! Well, apart from the tossing and turning."
Crais: "He's over-compensating for his maneuvers because he can't tell what's going on. I'll have to take over." Crais is feeling his way, wildly, from place to place.
Stark: "What are you looking for?"
Crais: "Manual over-ride!"
Stark takes Crais' arm and shows him the very next console: "Here!"
Crais: "Talyn! I'm taking control. I will get you stable so you can calm down and heal your senses."
Stark: "It's working, I think. It's working! Working!"
Crais: "Is the navigation console responding?"
Stark: "No. But I'm feeling better."
Crais leaves the manual over-ride console and takes off across the bridge on his own. He finds another console.
Crais: "Something doesn't feel right. Must be...must be the docking control." Crais grabs his transponder.
Stark: "It looks all right." Sparks are still shooting off all over the bridge.
Crais: "Try the comms again. Boost Talyn's signal to maximum."
Stark moves over to the comm console: "Aeryn, Crichton, can you hear me?"

Aeryn is climbing some stairs inside the bunker.
Aeryn: "Stark! Is that you?"
Stark comms: "We're trying to take control of Talyn."

Crais stops to listen to the conversation.
Stark: "He's still blind, but at least he's calmer."

Aeryn is pulling on a pack as she climbs: "Can he fight? Stark?"

Onboard Talyn, Aeryn's voice has broken up into nothing but static. Stark sighs.

Aeryn: "Frell." She keeps running down the catwalk.

Crais is moving his head around, trying to see, as Talyn tosses and turns.

Aeryn runs out the front door of the bunker and immediately shoots a Charrid who is approaching. As she enters the turret, Rygel shoots another Charrid.
Rygel: "About time!"
Aeryn: "You let two through."
Rygel: "Two?! But I turned at least 12 of them into sand stains. Aha! Here comes number 13!
A Charrid is attempting to get through on a sandbuggy. Rygel shoots and misses.
Rygel: "Aha!" The Charrid drives back over the sand dune.
Rygel: "Ahhh, miscalculated the windage. Next time I'll get him."
Aeryn is unloading ammunition from her pack.
Rygel: "I ever tell you about Rygel the Ninth?"
Aeryn, who is still busily unloading: "No."
Rygel laughs: "Single-handedly lead the climactic charge at the battle of Katreen."
Aeryn: "He was a hero?"
Rygel: "He was a moron. Dominars are far too valuable for combat, much less front lines, but you know, strangely enough, I think I understand why he did it." Rygel snorts a couple of times, then he spots the Charrid on the dunebuggy trying to come back over the top.
Rygel yells: "Ha! Aha! Second try!" He shoots and this time hits the buggy and the Charrid goes flying off into the sand.
Rygel laughs loudly: "Taste this, bloodsucker!"
Aeryn looks amazed: "We'll make a soldier out of you yet, Rygel."
Rygel: "Well don't think I'm gonna make a habit of it. Hmmm...Now!" He resumes firing as Aeryn backs down, out of the turret.

Aeryn runs back into the bunker to join Jack and John. She runs up to John and stops. They look in each others' eyes for a moment.
John: "It's time."
Aeryn nods. She looks down as he hands her his gun. She takes it and looks back up at him. They kiss gently, while standing apart, for quite a long time. As they finish, they touch noses. Aeryn smiles a tiny smile, looks over at Jack and steps back. Jack comes over to stand facing John. Aeryn almost can't bear to watch. She keeps looking away. Jack puts his hand up, towards John and there is a crashing noise and a bright light....

We see rollercoaster rails stretching in front of us.
John: "Buckle up, Scorp, we're goin for a little ride!"
Harvey, still in racing garb, is fiddling with the rollercoaster shoulder harness. (it is a modern, steel, rollercoaster, not a wooden one.) John is looking around and jiggling, ready for it to start.
Harvey: "You don't have to do this John. I...I pose you no threat."
John: "Right!"
Harvey: "I happen to know that the wormhole knowledge is still inside your brain. But I don't want it!"
John: "Your better half does."
Harvey: "Well, he has a copy, but whether he knows how to make use of it is not my concern! Therefore, there's no reason to get rid of me!"
John: "Yah there is."
Harvey: "No, it's the truth, John. I don't want to over-take you. I'm happy to...co-exist."
John: "I'm not." The rollercoaster approaches its apex.
Harvey: "Oh, stop this John." He looks nervously at the front of the coaster. "I've helped you countless times. I've even saved your life!"
John: "To save yourself. You don't get Brownie points for that, Scorp."
The front of the coaster car tips over the top.
Harvey: "Ohhh! And I can help you now!" They're going down...fast. "That alien...he's using you. And, after you've done his dirty work for him, he will terminate you. Furlow, Rygel, Stark, Aeryn..."
John: "Do not play the Aeryn card, Scorp! You killed her!"
Harvey: "Aeryn is alive!"
John: "Now Zhaan's gone! Who do I thank for that?"
Harvey yells as the coaster begins its turn: "Stop this John, or we'll both die!"
John: "How can you die, Scorp, when you're not even real?
Harvey: "Ohh, I can feel it! I can feel that we're both going to die! Can you feel it?" Harvey is babbling in fear.
John: "Can you feel it? Why should I care?" The coaster has them both hanging upside down.
Harvey: "Because I'm part of you, John!"
John: "Yah, I know! And I'm sick of it!"
Harvey begins to scream in earnest.

Aeryn can see John held transfixed by the light from Jack's hand. He is shaking. Aeryn looks worried.
Aeryn: "John! What's happening? John?!"

On the rollercoaster, John is dangling from one of the rails. Harvey has hold of one of John's ankles and is hanging on for dear life. Harvey is gasping for breath. John is swinging from both arms.
Harvey: "Help me, John!"
John: "Go to hell, Scorpy! For everything there is a season. A time to keep, and a time to cast away."
Harvey looks up and makes a decision. He lets go of John's ankle with one hand and reaches up and grabs his knee. He pulls himself up John's body until he can look him in the face: "I warned you!"
Harvey looks back down...and John looses his grip! They are both falling, tumbling through a wormhole. John is screaming, as well as Harvey.



John and Jack are standing beside the module. Aeryn watches as they both collapse onto the floor. She goes first to check on Jack.
Aeryn: "Jack?" There is no response. She moves over to kneel beside John.
Aeryn: "John?" No response from him, either. She checks his eye by opening an eyelid. She pinches his nose shut and begins giving him rescue breathing.

Outside the bunker, Rygel is still firing.
Rygel laughs: "That's it! Keep running!" He fires again.
Rygel: "Ohh! I'll give you indigestion!" He hits another Charrid.
Rygel: "Charrid cowards couldn't hit a pregnant lobboth at that dist..."
As he shoots again, a shell hits right in front of his emplacement. Rygel gasps.
The Charrids begin to appear enmasse, to begin an assault. Rygel looks down at his chest to see a jagged piece of metal stuck there, covered in green blood. He gasps and groans and falls over backwards, unconscious.

John chokes and sputters as he starts to breathe on his own. He coughs and raises his head up to see Aeryn looking down at him. She is rubbing his face.
John: "Officer Sun..."
Aeryn's face goes blank as she realizes she is not hearing John's voice, but Harvey's.
Harvey: "What lucious lips..." He reaches up suddenly and grabs her by the throat.
Harvey: "...amongst other things. Crichton was a very lucky man."
Aeryn is choking: "Where is he?"
Harvey: "Gone." We now see Harvey as Scorpius, no longer as John.
Harvey: "Gambled and lost. How unfortunate you must lose as well."
Aeryn is still choking. She reaches with her right hand and pulls her pulse pistol. She puts to Harvey's head, just above his eyes. There is one tear escaping from her left eye. She is breathing hard.
Harvey: "Oh."
The camera holds on Aeryn's face as she continues to hold the gun to his head.
To be continued..........


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