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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: August 24, 2001
Written by Rockne S. O'Bannon
Directed by Tony Tilse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.18 - Fractures

Previously on Farscape:
Scene One: Generic, Talyn flying.
Scene Two: from "Thanks for Sharing", John is in his quarters on Moya. John: "You can tell I'm the original, right?" The second John enters: "Wrong. I'm the original."
Scene Three: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides", The visual shows JohnT closing the displacement engine and being irradiated. The audio is John's voice: "Radiation. Massive radiation."
As the audio continues, the video cuts to Aeryn crying beside John's body.
Scene Four: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides", Aeryn is lying beside John's body. She reaches up and closes his eyes. The audio is Stark's voice, from "The Choice", "It is vital you take..."
Scene Five: from "The Choice", A video of Stark is being shown on Talyn's bridge. Stark's voice continues "...what I've left you to the Crichton on Moya." Rygel holds up Stark's mask: "Why would Stark leave this? What do you think the other Crichton wants with it?"
Scene Six: from "The Choice", Aeryn is standing in the wind, on her window ledge. Aeryn yells: "Crich...ton!"
And now, on Farscape...


Moya is flying through a field of stars

D'Argo hurries into command: "Well is it them, or isn't it?"
John is following right behind him.
Pilot: "Moya can't be certain until she's closer."
John has on his leather pants, boots and pulse pistol, but no shirt. He holds his arms out to his sides, with a shirt in each hand: "Which one? Green or black?"
D'Argo has his back turned: "This is not the time."
John: "D'Argo! Green or black?"
D'Argo sputters and turns around and sees the half-naked John: "Well...well the black of course. I mean, far be it from me to say, but I've always thought the color of that green shirt doesn't suit the shape of your body."
John immediately starts pulling the black-T over his head.
John: "You know, it's gotta be them. We are near the rendezvous point."
D'Argo: "If it is them, why are they on a transport pod? Where's Talyn?"

Chiana is standing in front of a mirror, getting dressed.
Jool: "Ho, ho, ho! Crichton is not going to like having the other Crichton around again." She brings something from Chiana to try on.
Chiana: "Yah, he'll like having Aeryn around again though." She shrugs herself into the leather garment Jool is holding.
Chiana: "You want me to wear this when they come aboard?"
Jool walks in front of her to take a direct look: "Yah! You look blisck!"
Jool is wearing a new black leather outfit with cutouts down both sides and a very small leather collar.
Chiana: "In this?"
Jool: "Yah."
Chiana: "I don't think so."

John and D'Argo are each at a control console, looking out the main viewer at an approaching transport pod.
Pilot: "The transport pod has turned and is heading our way."
John: "You made contact yet?"
Pilot: "Yes, but they're not responding."
D'Argo turns to face John: "Know what? Perhaps they can't respond. The last message we received, all they said is that they defeated a retrieval squad. We don't know at what cost."
John shakes his head: "D'Argo, if Talyn is a casualty,...then"
D'Argo: "John, I'm sure everyone's all right."
Pilot: "Rendezvous in 600 microts.
John reaches out and pats D'Argo twice, on the shoulder real fast and takes off running, out of command.
D'Argo follows more slowly: "Pilot, there could be casualties. Have them land near the med area. And get Jool and Chiana down here fast!" He strides purposefully out of command.

The transport pod is flying towards Moya's hanger door...

As the hatch opens and the stairs descend, D'Argo, Jool, Chiana and John are lined up facing the pod. The outside of the pod looks very unusual, almost as if it were old or misused.
Chiana is bouncing on the balls of her feet in anticipation: "She's gonna be walking off that pod. I know it."
Jool: "Chiana's right. Aeryn's fine. I'm sure the other you has taken extra good care of her."
John is looking at Jool. She notices this and turns to him: "I mean...all I meant was that I'm sure that he did everything that you would have done if you had've been with Aeryn all this time."
John does not look reassured. He turns back towards the transport pod in time to see a Scarran emerging from the steam, pulling someone else along by the scruff of the neck. Beside him is a Nebari.
John and D'Argo point their weapons at the strangers.
John: "Don't move. Please. Don't move."
Nebari: "I doubt that we could."
Chiana has pulled her pistol and has it pointed at the other Nebari. They exchange glances.
D'Argo: "Identify yourself."
The Scarran drops the body he had been dragging: "Our calling card. A Peacekeeper trelk."
The body on the floor's eyelid flutters. A couple of DRDs go over to it to investigate.
There is a gasping sound from behind the Scarran. A head of blue hair appears over his shoulder, followed by the face of a female Hynerian.
Hynerian: "We're just escaped from imprisonment. Can you help us?"
The camera pans past the incredulous looks on the faces of the crew.



Moya continues through space

In the mess, as Jool takes a plate of food out of a compartment, D'Argo asks the Scarran: "You were traveling through the Uncharted Territories in a transport pod?"
Scarran: "A pod that was meant as a target for the weapons testing of a new Peacekeeper deep space devise."
Jool sets the plate of food in front of the female Hynerian.
Hynerian: "Ah...you have more generase syrup?"
Jool puts her hand on her hip and turns back around towards the Hynerian, sighs: "Hahhh. She is like Rygel."
The Hynerian simply raises her eyebrows at Jool.
D'Argo: "What were you doing in a pod meant for weapons testing?"
Scarran: "We were part of the test."
Hynerian: "They wanted to see how different species would react to fire from the new weapon."
Scarran: "How we would die."
Hynerian: "The Peacekeeper tech was doing a last microt check of the pod. We were able to... over power him."
Scarran: "I was able to overpower him."
Hynerian: "And blast ourselves out of there."
Jool starts to take a plate to the Scarran. D'Argo stops her.
D'Argo: "Ah, ah, ah! Not too close. He's a Scarran."
Scarran, talking as Jool slides the plate towards him from across the table: "If you are concerned because of my heat protection..."
The Scarran opens the breastplate on his armor and reveals a large, ugly scar held closed by staples.
Scarran: "First thing Peacekeepers do with Scarran prisoners. By removing the gland it protects them, and weakens me."

On board the visitor's transport pod, Chiana enters the bridge with her pulse pistol drawn. The other Nebari follows her, with John behind, holding up a flashlight to see by.
Chiana: "Frell. This pod is coming apart at the seams."
As John's flashlight sweeps the bridge, it appears to be literally falling apart. There are bits of pink 'stuff' stuck to the walls in various places and dripping off.
Nebari: "The weapon the Peacekeepers were testing destroys the bonding of metallic molecules. That's why this pod is so damaged."
John: "What exactly are we lookin for?"
Nebari: "A Boolite."
John: "And what does he look like? Big? Small? Hairy? Blue? Green?"
Nebari: "He... doesn't... look like he used to. You see, Boolites have a much, much higher metal content than other species. So, when the weapon hit our pod..."
John interrupts: "Excuse me." He bends down and picks up something from the floor. "What the hell is this?"
He is holding up what almost looks like a creature, but with no skin. It is small and oozing, but still managing to move around a bit.
Nebari: "That's the Boolite. Or at least part of him."
John puts the 'piece' down on a console with some other 'bits'.
John: "Okey."
Chiana comes over to have a closer look, even touching some of the 'body bits'.
Nebari: "Boolite body parts can survive independent of the main body for as much as half a cycle.
John: "Right. And he's still alive."
Nebari: "You have to try to save him. Help put him back together."
John gingerly steps back, out of the 'stuff'. Chiana is reaching over her head to get some more of it down from the walls.
John: "Right."

Talyn is flying through a reddish sky

Rygel: "Why aren't they at the rendezvous point? If I have to spend two more microts on this midget ship, I'm gonna vomit!"
Crais: "Talyn has found Moya. At the extreme range of his senses."
Aeryn walks slowly onto the bridge, behind them.
Rygel: "Ohh! Was it too much to ask that they be where they said they'd be?"
Aeryn: "Talyn." She brings her hands out from behind her back. She has Stark's mask in one hand and lays it on a console. "Set intercept course."

Pilot comms excitedly: "He's coming! He's coming! It's Talyn."
In a corridor, D'Argo and John stop to listen to Pilot's voice.
"He's on an intercept course."
John opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. He looks around and sees D'Argo looking at him.
John: "What?"
D'Argo: "Why don't you go and, uh welcome them back? I'll make sure our guests don't get into any trouble."
John: "Thanks man."
John turns and runs towards the transport hanger. He waves his hand in the air as he goes. D'Argo, watching him, smiles and nods.

A transport pod is approaching Moya's hanger door. It enters...

John runs into the transport pod hanger. The pod has landed and the stairs are down. Rygel comes down the stairs. He looks sad, but makes the corners of his mouth turn up in a little smile, but they immediately droop again.
John is grinning from ear to ear: "Sparky! How ya doin, man? Long time no see."
Rygel: "Yes. Uh, good to see you too. But if anything is missing from my quarters, blood is going to spill. Ha, ha, ha."
John: " Whatever."
Crais is climbing down the ladder from the pod. He is carrying a stuffed flight bag in one hand and has another bag over one shoulder. He walks over to John and looks him in the eye. He sighs.
John: "Crais." Crais nods. John nods back but he keeps looking at the stairs.
Aeryn climbs down the stairs, with a sigh. She is also carrying a full flight bag. She stops right at the bottom of the steps.
John: "Well, there's a familiar face."
Silently, she walks across the bay to stand right in front of John, head up, eyes straight ahead.
John nods at her, just slightly.
Aeryn: "Hello John."
John nods again.
Aeryn starts walking and walks past him into Moya, without another word. She glances at Crais as she walks past him. He sighs and looks back at Crichton.
John wanders into the hanger, staring in disbelief.
John: "What's wrong?" He turns to look at Crais.
Crais: "The ah,..." Crais holds the bag he is carrying out towards John. "...other ...Crichton is dead." John glances at the bag in Crais' hand.
John takes the bag. He lets it drop to the floor. Rygel bows his head, sadly. John returns to staring down the corridor where Aeryn has gone.

Finally, the silence is broken by the sound of Rygel sniffing.
Rygel: "Sniff, sniff, sniff. Huahhh. You, uh have visitors on Moya."
John thinks for a moment: "Yah. There's um..."
Rygel: "Sniff, sniff, ahh, a female. Uhh." He grins a big, toothy grin.

There is a painting of Rygel, as Dominar, sitting on a stand. A DRD is on his dresser, holding its light for the female Hynerian who is looking at Rygel's things. There is the sound of the thronesled approaching.
Rygel: "Oh."
The female Hynerian gasps and spins around to face him.
Rygel has the sled quite high in the air: "It is a female." He laughs.
The female Hynerian is looking up at him. When he says this, she bows.
Rygel: "Oh. Please. Rise. You recognize me?"
Female Hynerian: "Who could forget the royal profile? "
Rygel snickers.
Female Hynerian: "You're alive!"
Rygel: "Indeed. And you are?"
Female Hynerian: "Orrhn Pak, from the Gensa Province."
Rygel is smiling: "Oh?"
Orrhn: "At least, I was."
Rygel: "And you have been a Peacekeeper prisoner?"
Orrhn: "Arrested, because I refused allegiance to Dominar B'Shen."
Rygel: "Oh! That's no crime. It's an act of courage."
Orrhn: "Oh! I shouldn't have been speaking of myself, of my travails, when I'm in your presence." She bows: "Forgive me, your Highness."
Rygel: "No. It is permissible for you to be the focus of attention, if I desire it. And, I...uh,...I...I do so" Orrhn flutters her eyelashes at him. "...desire it."

Chiana is holding a rifle and watching while the Nebari draws something.
Nebari: "I'm not well schooled in the arts."
Chiana: "It just needs to give us some idea of what the Boolite looks like."
D'Argo, holding his qualta blade at the ready, follows the Scarran into the room.
D'Argo: "Stand there."
Scarran: "As you instruct."
D'Argo: "And don't even think about moving. Chiana."
Chiana hurries over to where D'Argo is standing.
Chiana: "Have you seen Aeryn and the others?"
D'Argo: "Only for a moment."
Jool comes in and clinks some bottles onto a table behind them.
Chiana: "Not quite the reunion we were expecting. The other Crichton dead, and...and Stark searching for Zhaan's spirit."
D'Argo: "Well, with a single Crichton and Stark missing, perhaps it will restore some sanity to the ship."
Jool is mixing chemicals at the table.
Chiana has a momentary 'flash'. She immediately jumps backwards and pulls her pulse pistol. She whispers: "Stand back."
D'Argo: "What?" The Scarran snarls. Everyone looks at Chiana who is wildly pointing her pistol around the room.
Chiana: "The pulse blast! Didn't ya hear it?"
D'Argo: "No."
Chiana sub vocalizes: "It's here."
She keeps searching the room with her eyes, her pistol held in front of her. "Okay. Okay, it's happenin again. I'm frellin sensin' stuff before it happens."
D'Argo: "So much for sanity." He tells the Scarran: "Move!" and they leave the room.
Chiana yells after him: "D'Argo! I heard a pulse blast!"
D'Argo: "Move!"
Chiana: "Frell!"
The Nebari is watching her very closely.

Aeryn is walking alone down a corridor.
From ahead of her, a voice calls: "Hey ! Hey, come on! Ya can't leave me in here!"
There is a shaft of light shining onto the corridor floor. A DRD is sitting motionless in front of a cell door. The Peacekeeper tech that was aboard the transport pod is looking out of a cell door.
Aeryn walks over to it. She stops and looks at the tech.
PK Tech: "You're a Peacekeeper! They beat me and they took me hostage."
Aeryn: "You're a fugitive." She turns around to leave.
PK Tech: "I'm a member of the Peacekeepers. If you help me out of here, there'll be a big...big reward."
Aeryn smiles: "What? Two hundred dockets for a tech." She starts to leave again.
PK Tech: "Those are escaped prisoners you have in your ship. They're dangerous. Don't you care?"
Aeryn turns her head to look back at him: "No. Not anymore."
She leaves.

John unzips the flight bag that Crais had given him. It is lying on his bed. He takes out the spacesuit with the white stripes and lays it aside on the bed. Next, he takes out the long, leather coat. He holds it up to his face and smells it. Finally, he puts it down on the bed as well. Next he takes out the gun belt, holster and pulse pistol, Winona.
He slips his right fore finger onto the trigger and pulls Winona out of the holster with an audible "click." He clasps his right hand with his left and brings the pistol up to sight along its barrel. Then, he changes hands, takes Winona in his left hand and looks at her. He pulls the pistol he is wearing with his right hand and holds them both up to sight down. He pulls his arms apart, out to the sides, feeling the pull, the balance of each weapon. Finally, he tosses the gun from his left hand onto the bed and places Winona in his holster.
Reaching back into the bag, he pulls out Stark's mask. He looks at it closely but then tosses it onto the bed as well. As he does, a light appears from out of the mask. Stark is visible in the light.
Stark: "If this image has appeared, it means my mask's reached its destination and you have made contact with it. I have a message for you, Crichton. For you alone. Listen. Listen, Crichton, there's a message..."
Stark's voice suddenly stops and the light disappears as Pilot comms: "Crichton! Moya has detected a signal."
John rubs his eyes and face in frustration: "Lousy timing Pilot, really lousy timing. What kind of signal?"
Pilot: "The Peacekeeper distress signal."
John: "How close is it?"
Pilot: "Crichton, you don't understand. The signal was sent from here. Someone aboard Moya just broadcast a distress call. To the Peacekeepers."



John: "Pilot. Can you isolate the source of the signal?"
Everyone, with the exception of Jool and Crais, is together in the mess, listening to their conversation.
Pilot: "It appears to have come from tiers seven or eight. I have DRDs searching there now."
John: "Has anyone answered it yet?"
Pilot: "We're not going to give them time. Moya will initiate starburst
in 100 microts."
Aeryn: "What about Talyn?"
Pilot: "Crais has ordered him to starburst alone on a similar vector. Talyn will make contact as soon as he can locate us."
Rygel: "Why would anybody here want to signal the Peacekeepers?"
D'Argo: "What about the tech? He was a Peacekeeper."
Chiana: "I don't know. The tech is kept in a cell on tier eleven. I'll put my currency on the Scarran."
D'Argo: "Well, normally I'd agree with you, but Naj Gil's been with me the whole time. What about that Nebari?"
Chiana: "Hubero has never left my sight."
Rygel: "And, uh since she arrived..." Orrhn is seated at a table with three large drinks and several plates of food set before her. "...sweet Orrhn has been atop me, or beneath me, or uh..."
Everyone turns their head or looks away.
John: "Okay! There's a mental Polaroid we can all live without Ryg."
Rygel snickers and grins.
John: "Okay, plan. We gotta double-time prep on the pod. We gotta get them outa here as soon as we can and until we do, we should lock 'em all up for safekeeping. Agreed?"
D'Argo: "No, John. I will not imprison Naj Gil. He hasn't done anything wrong. He's gonna stay with me." D'Argo turns and follows Naj Gil out of the mess.
Chiana: "And Hubero never leaves my side. Just like before."
Chiana circles around the silent Aeryn, to also leave the mess.
Rygel: "And, Orrhn and I will just be, uhh..."
John: "Be making the Hynerian beast with two backs, trunks, whatever. Yah, just remember, one of them sent the signal. Be careful."
Rygel zooms off to take Orrhn out of the mess also.
John: "Be careful."
Aeryn and John are the only ones left in the room. She is standing, silently with her back to him, as she has been all along. John stands, leaning against the wall with one hand, looking at the back of Aeryn's head, her braid, and her back. Finally, he looks down, turns and walks away.

Pilot comms: "Starbursting. Now!"

Starburst initiates and the familiar blue lights cover Moya's hull as she disappears into a flash of light.

There is a large collection of rather unusual organic bits and pieces lying on a table. Jool and Crais, wearing white, lab coats are working on assembling them into a creature.
Crais places a rather large, brainy looking part on the table and holds another one by it: "According to Hubero's rendering of the Boolite, this obviously goes here."
Jool: "Wrong. It's clearly vascular, not skeletal."
She reaches over and touches the piece in his hand: "Put this piece there" she points to the 'brainy' bit. "Attach that piece to there" she picks up an intestinal looking piece and places it on the first piece. "Then there."
Crais: "Yes, well that would seem to be correct." He coughs. Jool nods in agreement.
Crais: "I was hoping that once we got enough of him together, that, uh...he would be able to tell us how to do the rest. That's why I'm starting on the head and the mouth first."
Jool purses her lips and nods sagely: "Head and mouth."
Crais is holding two very different parts in his hands. (One looks like a disembodied penis, the other like a blob of blue, crinkly...?)
Crais: "Well, you don't think that's the head (the blue, crinkly stuff) and that's the mouth (the penis)?"
Jool struggles not to burst out laughing: "Well. Not unless he sits on his mouth."
Jool quickly leaves as Crais stares quizzically at the 'penis'. He grunts and sets 'that one' aside. There are gurgling noises emanating from the table.

Inside the damaged transport pod, John is lying face down, working on something below deck. Aeryn is sitting off to his right, working on something above her.
John: "Backstead."
He is slightly startled as Aeryn abruptly slides the tool across the floor to him. However, he manages to catch it. She immediately goes back to work.
John: "Turbo sealer."
Aeryn stops what she's doing and picks up a tool from the floor. She slides that over to John as well and goes right back to work.
John turns his head to look up at her: "Fluffy pink slippers."
Aeryn continues working without missing a beat.
John: "Donald Duck? Mickey Mouse. Huey, Louie and Dewy."
Aeryn continues working as though he were not there.
John puts his tool down and sits up: "Do you wanta talk?"
Aeryn swings her legs around the support she's been leaning against, picks up a light and a different tool and starts working on something else.
John: "Okay, fine. No talking." He leans over to go back to work. "No. You know what? I wanta talk. I had words with Crais, and uh, he told me that you and the other me... Actually, he didn't..." John half laughs and looks at the floor for a moment. "...tell me anything. He, uh... told me to talk to you. So I assume... Aeryn, I'm sorry. I...uh..." he finds himself unable to speak and looks back at the floor. "Maybe you're right."
Aeryn sets her tool and light down and stands up. She starts to leave.
John: "Maybe we shouldn't talk." He looks back into the hole in the deck.
D'Argo, coming in, passes Aeryn as she leaves. D'Argo watches her leave. Then he turns to John.
D'Argo: "Want some advice?"
John, into the hole: "Nope."
D'Argo nods.
John slams down his tool and sits up. He leans back against the wall and puts his hands over his face.
D'Argo comes closer to John and sits down, looking at him.
John: "What?" He rubs his hands on his face a few times. "What?"
D'Argo takes a deep breath: "Oh, my friend. I..." He shakes his head. "...I don't know what to say. I don't have any advice. It's difficult, isn't it? You're jealous of the other you, aren't you?"
John: "He died. The other guy. Copy."
D'Argo nods slightly: "Now Aeryn thinks that you're the copy."
John finally puts his hands down from his face at looks at D'Argo.

Orrhn is lying next to Rygel, snoring. John walks quietly into the room and kneels beside Rygel. He puts his hand behind his head and lifts him up. John blows air onto Rygel's face. As Rygel starts to move, John uses his other hand to hold his mouth closed.
John: "Shh, shhh. Hey man. How ya doin?"
Rygel: "Crichton?"
John holds his finger to his lips: "Shh, shh, shh, shh,"
Orrhn murmurs in her sleep and turns away.
Rygel: "What do you want?"
John: "Their transport pod is stocked and, uh it's almost repaired. Is Barbarella ready to vamoose?"
Rygel: "I'm not sure I want her to go. In fact, I'm sure I don't."
John: "Rygel, look" John shakes his head. "I...I completely understand. But you can not let the little appendage start telling the big appendage what to do."
Rygel: "John. I think I'm in love with her. And, I think she loves me."
John: "Well. That may be the best reason of all to get her out of here as quick as you can. You still got half an arn." John makes a 'clicking' noise with his tongue, puts Rygel back down and leaves.
Rygel watches him run out: "I..."
Orrhn: "I heard what you said."
Rygel gasps: "I... didn't mean, uh"
Orrhn: "I liked it Rygie. Are you ready to go again? Hum?"
Rygel: "Again?!"
Orrhn: "We have half an arn. I've heard Dominars never need rest."
Orrhn giggles and begins to play-bite Rygel's lips: "Err! Growl! Err!"

Chiana is standing behind a wall, peeking to watch Hubero. She comes out in the open and leans against a support.
Chiana: "So, what'dya do? Why'd they imprison you?" She smiles at Hubero.
Hubero: "Actually, when the Peacekeepers found me, they tried to give me back, but Nebari Prime didn't want me. To them, I'm just another mouth to feed in a non-conformist colony."
Chiana looks surprised and takes a couple of steps towards Hubero: "Non-conformist? Wh..why? What?"
Hubero looks at her. She reaches down and pulls up her apron. Then she slowly pulls up the clothing underneath. Chiana is watching her and her eyes get wide.
Chiana gasps: "You're an...an...an...an...an androgyn."
Hubero: "Not exactly male. Not exactly female. Not exactly anything." She laughs.
Chiana: "Wh...wh...when I was growing up, I...I was told about androgyns, and ...but I uh...they w...were always taken, right after birth. I...I never met one."
Hubero: "At least you didn't think you ever did."

Moya is flying alone. Inside.

John runs into the lab where Crais and Jool are still working on the Boolite. There is the sound of a tiny drill.
John: "What's happening?"
Crais: "He's talking."
Jool holds up her hand: "Listen! Listen!"
On the table, one of the body parts starts to squirm. A small noise can be heard, coming from it. John bends over the table to look at it more closely. The 'part' appears to be nothing more than a mouth that moves, but it manages to push out the sounds: "Trai...tor. Trai...tor."
Crais: "And he keeps repeating the same word, over and over."
John: "Traitor."
Jool: "I bet he still thinks he's on the transport pod."
Crais: "So. The traitor..."
John: "Was on the pod. Can he hear us?"
Boolite: "Yes."
Jool: "There's an ear here somewhere."
John: "Okay, this is a little too 'Naked Lunch."
Jool looks at him strangely.
John: "Can you tell us who the traitor is?"
Boolite: "I don't remember."
Crais: "I've used all the brain matter we've found so far. It's possible the part of his memory that holds the answer isn't here."
John: "Either that or we've trackin it all over the ship with our shoes."
Pilot yells over the comms: "Shots fired! Shots fired!"
John: "Shots? Where?"

D'Argo comms: "Pilot, it's D'Argo. I'm in the center chamber. Naj Gil has been shot!"
John takes off out of the lab.

Aeryn runs up to D'Argo and the fallen Scarran.
Aeryn: "What happened?"
D'Argo: "We were in the center chamber. He heard a noise and came out. There was a pulse blast"
Aeryn: "Direction?"
D'Argo: "I don't know, by the time I came out it was all gone. Can you get me something to stop the bleeding?"
Aeryn: "Yep." She gets up and hurries off.
Chiana and Hubero run up. John comes from the opposite direction.
Chiana: "I knew it. I knew it."
John kneels beside Naj Gil and presses the heel of his hand onto the wound.
Chiana: "I knew someone was gonna get shot."
John: "Pip! That is no help to us right now. If you can tell us who did it, that might be useful."
D'Argo gets up and pushes Hubero against the wall, grabbing her tunic in his fist.
D'Argo: "Perhaps you know!"
Hubero: "No! I have no idea!"
D'Argo: "Well think, hard."
Chiana: "Leave her alone!" She hits D'Argo in the arm. He growls at her.
Orrhn and Rygel appear, both riding on the throne sled.
They are laughing and obviously enjoying themselves.
Rygel: "What's all the noise about?"
D'Argo growls again. He reaches out and grabs Orrhn by the front of her gown.
D'Argo: "Where have you been?"
Rygel: "Let go of her, you lunatic Luxan. She's never left my side."
D'Argo, continuing to growl and snarl, looks over at John.
John: "D'Argo. That's not helping, man."
D'Argo: "One of them has to have done it."
Chiana starts shaking her head: "Not Hubero. She's been with me the whole time."
Rygel: "And I've been with Orrhn. Release her now!"
D'Argo looks back and forth between the two women.
John: "D'Argo!"
D'Argo looks at Hubero, then Chiana. Finally he sighs and releases Hubero and Orrhn. Hubero hurries to get to Chiana.
Rygel tells Orrhn: "Get us away from this wellnitz."
Orrhn turns the throne sled around and they fly off the way they came.
Chiana: "I agree. There's too much dren in this room. Come on."
Chiana and Hubero leave.
D'Argo: "Chiana."
Pilot comms: "There's been another signal."
John is still on his knees beside the Scarran, applying pressure to his wound.
John: "What?"
Pilot: "DRDs are trying to find the source."
John: "Pilot, starburst!"
Pilot: "Moya can't. Not for another arn. And this signal, it sent out Moya's coordinates."
John: "Who the hell is doin this?"

Outside the Peacekeeper Tech's cell, a single DRD stands watch. The PK Tech is standing with his back to a wall, out of sight, looking up.



John is holding something in his hand, showing it to Pilot.
Pilot: "This is the signaling device. DRDs found it attached to a neural cluster on tier 8."
John: "Can you tell whose it is?"
Pilot: "It's constructed of parts easily found in Moya, but it required an impressive technical knowledge to assemble."
John gets up and leaves the den.

A single DRD is on guard in the corridor, outside the cell.
John enters the corridor and walks over to the DRD. He glances at the prisoner, then kneels beside the DRD and taps it once on its back.
John: "Anything?"
PK Tech: "It hasn't moved. Nor have I, if that's what you're wondering."
John comms (very quietly): "Pilot? Can you confirm that?"
Pilot: "The DRD has sensed no movement."
John looks around. The PK Tech comes over to the cell door.
PK Tech: "Is something wrong?"
John: "Pilot. How long before their transport pod is repaired?"
Pilot: "The DRDs will finish within a half arn. Correction. A quarter arn."
John: "We'll have you off this boat...as soon as we can."
John stands up and winks at the PK Tech.
Mouth wide open and staring, the PK Tech watches John leave.

As John is walking back through Moya, he comms: "Rygel. Chiana. Listen up. Unless we got a tech who can walk through walls or hypnotize DRDs, the bad guy's gotta be with one of you."

D'Argo and Aeryn are together, listening to John's comm. On hearing him, they head off, looking. The camera starts to close in on an opening into a ventilation duct in the wall where they were standing.

John continues: "Now, we are not going to hurt anybody, but their transport is almost fixed so,... "

Rygel and Orrhn are walking through the ventilation duct...

"...we're gonna load 'em with supplies and send them to a very friendly commerce planet. And everybody goes their own way. Okay?"

Chiana is leading Hubero in amongst some storage containers in a cargo bay.

John: "Pip? Sparky? Okay?"

Chiana laughs and gestures for Hubero to hurry up. They disappear behind a cargo container.

John: "Damnit!" He turns and starts running through a corridor.

In the ventilation duct...
Rygel: "The others can leave. You'll stay."
Orrhn: "And then?"
Rygel laughs: "And then Orrhn, dear Orrhn," he laughs: "there are many things we must talk about."
Orrhn: "Do we have to talk about them...now?" She touches Rygel and tickles him. He laughs. She laughs too.
Rygel: "Again?"
Orrhn:" Oh."
Rygel: "Here?"

In the lab, Jool and Crais are attempting to save the Scarran.
Jool: "Oh! We've managed to stop the bleeding. But I know even less about Scarrans than I do Boolites. I mean, I thought these guys were virtually impenetrable."
Crais: "They are, but the skin hadn't fully healed from the removal of the heat gland. Whoever shot 'im knew exactly where to aim."

John appears to be sitting in the mess: "Pilot? Any sign of Rygel or Chiana?"
Pilot: "Nothing. They are still not responding to their comms."

D'Argo is searching the cargo bay with his qualta blade at the ready. Aeryn is with him, pulse weapon held in front of her. As she walks past him, D'Argo stops her: "Aeryn."
Aeryn: "What?"
D'Argo hesitates: "Crichton,...he, uh..."
Aeryn stops him: "D'Argo... Don't."
She turns and resumes searching. D'Argo stands and stares after her. Finally, he sighs and resumes searching as well.

The camera stays on the cargo container he had been standing in front of. After a few moments, the lid slides off the box and two heads of white hair and a pair of black eyes can be seen inside the box. The lid continues to lift, and Chiana and Hubero look out, checking around.
Hubero: "When they finally find us, they'll be angry at you for hiding me."
Chiana: "They get angry at me a lot."
Hubero: "Do you trust Crichton? Would he really allow us to leave on a transport pod?"
Chiana: "Yah, I trust 'im. But sure you really wanta leave?"
Hubero: "Chiana. I don't want to cause you any trouble. I'll wait in the transport pod until it's fixed."
She stands up and dumps the lid all the way off the container. Chiana helps her and stands up with her.
Chiana: "Wh...wh...wh...who..whoever shot you w...w...will be in the pod."
Hubero: "What are you talking about? I haven't been shot."
Chiana: "I...I...I mean Naj Gil. Whoever shot..."
Hubero gets out of the container and starts to leave.
Chiana: "Hubero? Hubero, wait!"
Chiana jumps out of the container and follows her.

In the lab, work continues on the Boolite. Crais connects something and an eye opens. The Boolite makes a gurgling noise. John is standing behind Crais, watching him work. The Boolite continues to make noises. "Traitor."
Crais: "What's he saying?"
The Boolite: "Beauty...So...so beautiful." Crais, Jool and John all listen, trying to understand him.

Hubero runs out of a corridor into a junction and stops. She looks around anxiously and continues forward more slowly, hugging the wall.

Chiana hurries along, following Hubero. She stops at the junction and looks up and down the corridors, not seeing her.

The PK Tech sits in his cell, leaning back against the wall. His eyes are half closed. Suddenly, there is the sound of a pulse blast! The DRD is shot. The PK Tech comes and peers out the bars at it. Its lights wink out as it squeaks twice and goes silent.

Pilot: "More pulse fire. The DRD watching the Peacekeeper tech has gone dead. And the cell door's open!"
John comms back: "On my way, Pilot. Get the DRDs searching."
As John starts to leave the lab, the Boolite speaks again: "She...betrayed..us."
John: "She." He comes back to the table.
Boolite: "On pod...I caught her making a deal with tech."
On another table, Naj Gil is trying to get up.
Crais: "What's the name of the traitor? Name?"

In the ventilation duct, Orrhn shakes Rygel.
Orrhn: "Wake up! Wake up now!"

Hubero is moving through the corridors, still alone. She comes to another junction and stops, looking around. Chiana is approaching from another direction. She has her pulse pistol out and she gasps and points it at Hubero when she comes around a corner and sees her.

Orrhn is shaking Rygel.
Orrhn: "We really need you to move your ass, now!"
She pulls a knife and holds it to Rygel's throat. He gasps.
Orrhn: "I'm afraid I must insist!"
She threatens Rygel with the knife.



John is comming while he runs: "Rygel! Chiana! It's Orrhn! She sent the signals!"
Chiana: "I got you Crichton"

Chiana and Hubero are also running now.
Chiana: "Hubero and I are heading to the maintenance bay."
D'Argo: "Keep your eyes out"

D'Argo and Aeryn are hurrying also.
D'Argo: "Orrhn must have shot Naj Gil."
Aeryn: "And let the tech loose. Rygel, are you hearing this?"

Rygel is hurrying along in the ventilation shaft, with Orrhn right behind him.
Orrhn: "Move!"
Rygel: "Huuh!"
D'Argo: "Rygel!"
Rygel stops and turns: "Why Orrhn, why? You were a prisoner of the Peacekeepers like the rest of us."
Orrhn waves her knife at him: "Cause, my dear, gullible Dominar, the odds of staying free stunk! So I struck a deal with the tech."
Rygel stammers: "Bu...bu...bu...w...when you were on Moya, you were free!"
Orrhn: "For how long? I don't wanta spend my life running from the Peacekeepers." She gives Rygel a sharp shove to get him moving again.
He grunts, but starts forward.
"And, once I got here, I found a superb bargaining chip. You."
Rygel: "Huuh?"
Orrhn: "They'll be far more interested in recapturing a full royal than a lowly soldier like myself."
Rygel: "You're a soldier?"
Orrhn: "You might have deigned to take pleasure with me if you'd known I was a common soldier..." She shoves him to get him going, again.
"And I needed you to take pleasure so you would fall asleep and I could roam the ship. It was unfortunate that the Scarran saw me."
Rygel stops and turns: "But you slept too. All Hynerians sleep deeply after... pleasure. Ha, ha, ha."
Orrhn: "The pleasure, Dominar, was all yours."
Rygel looks stunned: "You were...faking?"
Orrhn: "Ahh! Males. Move it!" She shoves him again.
Rygel: "umph!"

John, running, sees D'Argo: "You seen Aeryn?"
D'Argo: "One tier down. The DRDs are searching all the other tiers."
There is a loud, whooshing sound from overhead (like a jet plane flying).
John: "What the hell was that?"
Pilot: "Somebody has neutralized Moya's calorics. We're unable to move."
John: "They're gonna make a run for it, and they got Rygel."
D'Argo: "Rygel could be going voluntarily."
John: "And maybe he's not."
They hurry on.

In the lab, the Boolite is still gurgling away on the table. Crais is stripping off his protective gear.
Jool: "You're not really going to leave the Boolite like this, are you?"
Crais: "Under the circumstances, he can wait. I'm going to assist in the search" he tries to hand his gown and gloves to Jool. She waves her hand and shakes her head.
Jool: "Uh, uh, uh."
PK Tech: "For me?" He cocks his weapons.
He is standing behind them, with a rifle and a pulse pistol pointed at them.
He shoots and misses. Jool screams. Crais runs for cover, grabbing Jool and pulling her along as he goes.
Crais: "Down!" He pulls the shrieking Jool to the floor with him. The PK Tech keeps firing as they scramble on their hands and knees back behind the table.
PK Tech: "Orrhn! Orrhn!"

Orrhn is zooming along in the throne sled, with Rygel tied on the back.
Rygel: "Helllllp!"

PK Tech keeps shooting. Jool keeps shrieking and scurrying along behind Crais, behind the table.
PK Tech: "Orrhn, lets do it!"

Rygel continues screaming from the back of the throne sled: "Hellllp!"

PK Tech: "Orrhn! Orrhn!"
Crais has reached the end of the table. He reaches up and grabs a rather large chunk of the Boolite. He slings it, hitting the PK Tech in the face and knocking him backwards.
Jool screams: "Stop it! Nooooooo!"
Crais gets up and runs to grab a pulse pistol, which is lying on another, nearby table. PK Tech sees him and starts aiming at him. Crais dives to the floor, with the gun and holster. The Scarran slides to his feet off the table he was on. PK Tech sees him and shoots him. Jool has stood up in the meantime. PK Tech takes a shot at her and misses. She slides back down behind the Boolite's table, still screaming.

Orrhn: "Shut up. Shut up...Dominar, shut up!"

Chiana, followed by Hubero, runs around a corner and sees Orrhn fleeing with Rygel as prisoner. She has her pulse pistol pointed at them.
Rygel: "Whoa! Chiana, don't shoot! It's me!"
Orrhn immediately starts to turn the sled around.
Chiana yells: "Down!" and shoots at the sled. She misses.
Chiana: "Hubero Down!"
Chiana dives for the floor.
Orrhn shoots and hits Hubero, who collapses to the floor.
Chiana screams, an intake of breath. Orrhn flies off with Rygel and Chiana hurries over to Hubero. She picks up the totally limb Nebari. Chiana is making little mewling sounds.

Jool is hiding behind something and occasionally taking a peek at the PK Tech. Every time someone fires, she shrieks.
Crais is in front of the table the Scarran was on. Naj Gil is on his knees behind the table. Crais keeps shooting at the PK Tech who is shooting at all of them. A shot hits the table near Crais.
Crais dives sideways to the floor and rolls away.
Jool: "Crais!"
Crais gets up on his knees and fires.
PK Tech has found the doorway to where the pod is and starts backing through it, firing as he goes.
Jool puts her head up from behind the Boolites table, shrieks and pops back down. Crais fires again and Jool takes another look.

Orrhn and Rygel fly into the maintenance bay.
Rygel: "Help! Crais! Help!"
Crais turns to look.
Orrhn fires at Crais.
The PK Tech is hiding behind the door. He steps around and shoots. Crais is still standing there and shooting. He takes a flying leap to land near Jool, behind the Boolite's table. The PK Tech starts firing with both weapons at once, hitting the Boolite and knocking pieces of it off, over the heads of Crais and Jool. The PK Tech keeps shooting as he backs towards the pod's stairs.
The Boolite starts screaming. Jool is screaming. The shots continue.
A huge piece of the Boolite lands in Jool's lap. As she looks down and sees it, the Boolite lets out a bloodcurdling, gurgling scream!
Jool and Crais both shriek, in unison!!!!

In the corridor, Chiana holds Hubero and wails.

The transport pod is flying fast, out of Moya. Inside...

Orrhn: "Go! Go! Go! Go!"
The PK Tech is handling the controls, being pushed this way and that by the erratic course of the pod.

In the lab, Crais is running out the door.
Jool: "Crichton! Crichton!"
John runs into the lab, followed by Aeryn and D'Argo.
Jool: "They've got Rygel."
D'Argo: "Close the outer hanger doors."
Pilot: "I can't. Moya's connection has been severed."
John and Aeryn, in unison: "I've got an idea."
John turns and sees Aeryn and stops. She turns and starts back out of the lab. He follows her.
D'Argo sighs and follows both of them.

The transport pod is outside of Moya, flying away.
Orrhn: "Begin broadcasting our position to the Peacekeepers."

The Luxan ship flies out of Moya's hanger door. Its wings extend and it takes off in a flash of purple. Inside it, Aeryn, in her white-stripped space suit, is arming a torpedo.
John, also in a white-stripped space suit comes over to sit next to her: "I had the same idea."
Aeryn: "No..." She moves further down the bench, away from John.
"I wanted to take your module."
John: "You didn't know D'Argo could fly this." He starts working on the launcher.

PK Tech: "Frelling dren! There's a ship gaining on us."

The Luxan ship is coming up fast, behind the transport pod.

D'Argo and his passengers are flung around as he tries to keep pace with the pod.
D'Argo: "Any word from Talyn?"

Crais and Jool have managed to get cleaned up and are on Moya's command.
Crais: "Negative. He still hasn't caught up with us yet."

D'Argo: "Okay. We're going in."

The Luxan ship begins to overtake the transport pod.

Orrhn: "They won't shoot us down with him aboard."
Rygel, who is still tied to the back of the throne sled Orrhn is riding on, laughs: "Ha, ha, ha. I wouldn't be so sure about that."

The Luxan ship, its tail extending behind it, to balance its wings, is a purple glow, approaching the transport pod.
D'Argo has on a breathing apparatus and reaches a control on the ceiling above his head.
D'Argo: "Opening rear hatch."
A set of steps begins to descend from the ship, right above the top of the transport pod.

PK Tech: "They're right above us."
Orrhn, to Rygel: "What's their plan?"
Rygel: "Ohh...they're gonna kill you, bitch."

Aeryn and John stand, with their helmets in place, at the top of the steps. Aeryn is holding the launcher while John puts the torpedo into it.
Aeryn: "Right, D'Argo, your position is good. I will fire close to the hatch."

The PK Tech dashes over to Orrhn and hands her a breather: "Here, put this on." He rushes back to his seat.

Aeryn: "Keep it steady, D'Argo." She has the launcher up, ready to fire.
D'Argo, as they're hit with a jolt: "I'm trying."
Aeryn: "Steady."
John is holding the cable from the harpoon out of the way: "This cable gonna hold?"
Aeryn: "It's iridium alloy, of course it'll hold. Just like the budong."
John: "Budong? What're you talking about?"
Aeryn: "You..." She pauses: "Just follow my lead."
John looks at her.
Aeryn shoots the torpedo and the cable begins to rapidly play out. The harpoon hits the transport pod and catches. The cable pulls taut.
D'Argo: "Go now, Aeryn. Go!"
Aeryn has a rappelling hook attached to the harpoon cable.
John: "Oh, this'll be fun." John holds onto Aeryn as she jumps from the ship to fly down the cable to the transport pod. They both land with a thump on the top of the pod.

PK Tech: "They're on the hull!" He reaches for a control.

Aeryn sets an explosive on the transport pod hatch. John reaches out his hand to help pull her away from the hatch.
John: "Here."
Aeryn breathes: "Kay."
He hangs onto her as the devise continues to beep and then explodes.

Inside the pod, the explosion throws the PK Tech from his seat and the thronesled spins. The PK Tech is thrown across the pod, onto the floor. As he goes, he pulls a handle on the floor.

John: "Aeryn!"
The hatch blows a second time, this time straight up into space. A huge gush of flames pours out towards the huddling John and Aeryn.

Aeryn: "Going in"

The PK Tech has a pulse pistol and he's looking over the top of the control console he's hiding behind.
Orrhn has on the breather the tech gave her: "Shoot them! Shoot them!"
First Aeryn and then John drop into the pod. The PK Tech immediately begins shooting at them. He hits the console they have dropped behind. He shoots again and Orrhn shoots as well.
Aeryn stands up and shoots the tech in the chest. He falls over backwards. John then shoots him as well. Aeryn shoots Orrhn's gun. Orrhn hollers and Rygel screams as the throne sled spins out of control and begins to rise towards the open hatch and space.
John: "Rygel!"
As the sled clears the hatch, heading out, John reaches up and grabs Rygel by the leg and hangs on.
John: "I got you, partner."
Orrhn: "Ohhh! Help me, Rygie!"
John is also rising, inside the pod.
John: "Aeryn, I got him."
She is checking on something on a console: "Good."
Rygel: "Mmgh! Mmggh!" He doesn't have a breathing apparatus.
Orrhn is screaming: "Help! Help me Rygie! Rygie!"
Rygel bends over and bites her on the hand where she is holding onto the sled. She loses her grip and flies rapidly up into space, still screaming. Rygel watches her go through eyes that are just slits.
Suddenly, John clamps a breather over Rygel's face.
John: "Hi Buckwheat. How ya doin?"
Rygel gasps into the breather: "I will not be taken to task for having a trusting nature."
John looks at the retreating Orrhn, who can be faintly heard: "Rygie!"
John: "Ahh, women."
D'Argo comms them: "Talyn's back. He's found us."
Aeryn: "Tell Talyn to steer clear. The tech hit the cell drive. This pod is gonna blow. We've gotta go...now!"
She hurries to the hatch.
D'Argo reaches for a control above him.
Aeryn joins John and Rygel on the outside of the pod.
Aeryn: "Now, D'Argo!"
D'Argo pulls back on the steering mechanism and the ship takes off, pullingthe cable with John, Aeryn and Rygel attached along with it. The transport pod explodes into a fiery mass as they are carried away.



Talyn is flying near his mother.

We see John's chess set on a table and hear John's voice, but 'tinny', like a recording: "It's all in my head...which means it's in yours too."
The camera shows us John, sitting, his face illuminated by a bluish glow.
John's voice: "Wormholes, A to Z."
The camera moves again and we see that John is sitting on a stool, facing another, perhaps holographic (?) John, who is sitting in the same position facing him. They are both wearing leather pants and black-T's. The holographic John is slightly bent, leaning forward, as if to support himself with his hands on his knees. It is Stark's message from TalynJohn.
TalynJohn gasps: "You've probably already heard what we did with it. And that's just the beginning. You could fry a whole solar system." He shakes his head. "Furlow is still out there. Somewhere."

Outside John's room, Aeryn approaches his door, quietly.
TalynJohn: "But for right now, the Scarrans are back to square one."
She stops and stands outside his open door, looking in.

TalynJohn: "Peacekeepers. They're your problem."

Aeryn stands up against the side of the doorway.

TalynJohn: "Look at me."
John, who had been looking down, turns his gaze towards his twin.
"Now look at yourself."
John continues to look at TalynJohn.
TalynJohn: "You know."
John blinks and nods slightly.

Outside the door, Aeryn blinks.
TalynJohn: "Don't let Scorpius crack this."

"Whatever it takes."
John looks down and his brow furrows.
TalynJohn gasps loudly: "Okay...I'm gonna piss you off now man."
John looks up, biting his lip.
TalynJohn: "Be smart." He shakes his head: "Don't...push her."

Aeryn is still there, immobile outside the door.
TalynJohn: "She takes..."

John laughs a tiny laugh and looks down.

Aeryn's face softens, just a bit and she blinks.

TalynJohn looks down and swallows: "Oh. One more thing."
He brings up his fist, in the ready position...
John, seeing this, does the same.

Aeryn watches them, from outside.

In unison, they each shake their fist twice. On the third shake, each John extends two fingers...scissors.

Aeryn still watches.

John smiles slightly. TalynJohn looks at his fingers, shakes them and puts them down. He begins, quietly, to laugh.
John begins to smile and quietly laughs with him.
TalynJohn's face seems to almost melt. He sighs a deep sigh.
"Good Luck, John."
The image fades away and is gone. John continues to look at the spot where it had been.

Aeryn stands for another moment, then turns and walks ever so slowly away.

John sits, gazing quizzically at where his twin's image had been...
John: "So that's what I'm doing..."

John is standing, all alone, facing Pilot, in the den. The rest of the crew is arrayed across Pilot's console, facing him. D'Argo stands to his extreme left, with Chiana perched on the edge of Pilot's console, near D'Argo. Rygel is sitting on Pilot's lap and Jool is perched high atop the console to John's right. She is wearing a black eye-patch over her right eye. Crais is standing to John's extreme right, near the end of the console, and Aeryn is to his right, standing, leaning slightly back against the console, nearer to Pilot.

John continues to address them: "...You don't have to come along. You don't have to like it. I just want you to know."
Crais sighs. D'Argo hangs his head and shakes it.
Pilot: "Moya and I are against this idea in totality. I'm sure that Captain Crais is aware that Talyn resists also."
Chiana: "You don't know how far Scorpius is in his wormhole research. You don't know where he keeps it. You don't know anything. How you gonna stop 'im?"
John looks to Aeryn, standing there, listening, blinking, but not moving or speaking.
Jool: "I'll pass, if you don't mind."
Rygel: "Why are you wearing an eye-patch?"
Jool: "Boolite in my eye. Why are you such a moron?"
Rygel snarls at her.
John: "Guys." They all adjust themselves to listen to him again.
"I don't see another option. Scorpius has the knowledge from my brain, and I'm not gonna let him shaft the universe with it."

Aeryn continues to look straight ahead. Crais and D'Argo both sigh. Chiana looks away.

Ever so slowly, without lifting her gaze, Aeryn pushes herself off from the console. She slowly walks towards John, passing the others on the way, but not looking at anyone. He half turns his head, to look at her from the corner of his eye. As she comes even with his shoulder, she pivots and faces them all. She looks at them, for the first time. They look back at her, and at John.
A snare drum beats a short tattoo as Crais squares his shoulders and walks over to join them in a line.
Chiana smiles at them: "You're all gonna die."
John: "You see that one, Pip? Or are you just guessin?"
She takes a deep breath and straightens up, but she doesn't answer him.
John: "We choose our own path. This one is mine. I'm going to the Command Carrier. I'm going to stop Scorpius."


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