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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: March 16, 2001
Written by Richard Manning
Directed by Ian Watson

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.01 - Season of Death

Previously on Farscape (D'Argo's voice):

Scene 1: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John looks in a mirror and sees the Scorpius Clone. John: "I am in control of me!" He hits the mirror with his fist and smashes it, but the Scoripus Clone is still visible. Scorpius Clone: "No more, John." John's face changes to that of John looking like Scorpius: "There's no Scorpius here."
Scene 2: from "Liars, Guns and Money, Part Two: With Friends Like These". Fire races through Moya's decks, killing the money bugs.
Scene 3: from "Liars, Guns and Money, Part Two: With Friends Like These". Pilot: "You'd burn Moya?" Zhaan: "To save her." Pilot: "Nooo!"
Scene 4: from Liars, Guns and Money, Part Two: With Friends Like These". Moya burning (external shot).
Scene 5: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Rygel: "Crais and Talyn have located some kind of surgeon."
Scene 6: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Tocot and Grunchlk look at Moya's burns. Tocot says something in his language. Grunchlk: "If it wasn't serious, they wouldn't have called us."
Scene 7: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John/Scorpy gets Zhaan to unity with him and traps her. John/Scorpy: "Hello Delvian." Zhaan screams in agony.
Scene 8: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John's module is flying near the surface of the ice planet. John/Scorpy: "John Crichton to Scorpius. Request immediate... extraction." John/Scorpy is piloting the module.
Scene 9: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Aeryn is in her prowler, pursuing the module. Aeryn: "Given no other choices, I will shoot you down."
Scene 10: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John/Scorpy lowers the module, landing gear deployed, onto the canopy of Aeryn's prowler, shattering it.
Scene 11: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Aeryn: "Ejecting now!" Her seat explodes upwards from prowler, jets flaring.
Scene 12: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John/Scorpy turns his head away from the sight of Aeryn falling. He screams and John's face reappears. John: "Aeryn...Aeryn...Aeryn, can you comply?" Aeryn: "Negative." John: "Aeryn, listen to me. This is John, it's John." Aeryn: "Yah? Is it really you, John?" John: "Yes." Aeryn: "The harness is jammed." She struggles with her shoulder harness. John: "Aeryn..." Aeryn enters water still strapped in prowler seat. John: "Nooooooo!" Her arms floating freely above her head. A tear runs down John's face: "Oh, God. What have I done?"
Scene 13: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Aeryn is lying in a cryo-coffin. There is beautiful singing in the background. D'Argo lays his qualta blade in her hands. John stands mutely, looking on. Rygel, at coffin: "...at peace Aeryn." Zhaan bends over the body.
Scene 14: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John is lying on a table in the operating room. Tocot: "Remove chip?" John: "Take the damn thing out." Tocot drills into John's brain.
Scene 15: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Lt. Braca and some Peacekeepers are running through the doctor's lab. Grunchlk sees them. Lt. Braca: "Down there!"
Scene 16: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". Tocot puts chip from John's brain in a clear plastic cup.
Scorpius comes into operating room. Scorpius: "Hello Doctor! So good to see you again." He removes Tocot's mask and breathes on him: "You no longer serve a purpose." Tocot groans and falls to the floor.
Scene 17: from "Die Me, Dichotomy". John is yelling gibberish as Scorpius takes the cup with the chip in it and looks at it. Scorpius: "I only hope that the wormhole technology that I've waited so patiently for makes more sense." John tries again to speak. Scorpius: "Good-bye." John screams.
And now on Farscape...


Moya and Talyn are flying above the Ice Planet. We hear D'Argo's voice: "Is there still no communication from the planet?" He is pacing up and down in front of Pilot's console.
Pilot: "Nothing. The Diagnosian said we would be notified as soon as there was something to report."
Zhaan, while walking with Stark, comms: "Pilot, any news?"
Pilot: "I would have told you, if there were."
Stark: "We should be down there, at Crichton's side."
Zhaan puts her hands on the sides of Stark's face: "John did not want us there. We must respect that." Zhaan steps away from Stark and comms: "The microt you hear anything, Pilot."
Pilot, resignedly: "Yes, Zhaan."
Crais, on Talyn comms: "Pilot. I remind you that we shouldn't stay any longer than necessary. If the neural clone's messages got through to Scorpius, his command carrier must be on its way."
Pilot, sounding annoyed: "We know that, Crais."
Chiana: "Pilot? Have you heard anything?" She is in the galley, fixing something to eat.
Pilot snaps at Chiana: "No! When I know something, you'll know it. Until then, leave me alone!"
Jothee: "Is he always like that?"
Chiana: "Aeryn's death hit him pretty hard."
Jothee: "Hit everybody hard." He reaches up to touch Chiana's hair. His hand slides down to her shoulder. Chiana swallows hard.

On the Ice Planet...
Lt. Braca grabs Grunchlk by the hair and holds a gun to his throat.
Lt. Braca: "Now why were you hiding, Grunchlk?"
Grunchlk: "Well, why do you and your goons come stormin in here with your guns drawn?"
Lt. Braca: "Oh, just a precaution."
Grunchlk: "Precau... Well, so is that! (he gestures at the open cryo-pod behind him.) So, go on son, put your precautions away and pay me what we agreed. Listen. I informed you the microt that Crichton got here. So, you keep up your end of the deal, alright?"
Lt. Braca yanks on Grunchlk's hair and pulls his face closer to his.
Grunchlk: "Listen, son, you don't want to frell with me on this one!"
Scorpius enters: "Grunchlk, if I was in your situation, (Grunchlk laughs) I'd be attempting to present evidence that I still served a purpose."
Lt. Braca: "Does he?"
Scorpius: "Now that my neural chip has absorbed the information I need from John's mind... we're finished here. Poor Crichton. He's going to be so lonely. Never mind"
Scorpius looks at the piece of John's brain with the chip in it. He puts it in his mouth and "eats" it.

Johnis screaming unintelligibly, on the operating table. Tocot is lying on the floor with his head resting on the edge of the raised platform. As John continues to scream, Tocot moves his hand, slightly.
We hear Scorpyclone's voice: "John."
There is a "flashing" noise and we are in John's "Theatre of the Mind".
Scorpyclone(Harvey) and John are at the Sawyer's Mill site we saw in LGM3. John is in his IASA uniform pants and jacket with white-T and Harvey is in black leather.
Harvey: "It's me John. I'm still here."
John: "What? No! No, no, no, no! You're gone. The chip's gone. Get outa my head!"
Harvey: "I'd like to. But I don't wish to remain here. Therefore, you must die."



Inside Tocot's Laboratory, Grunchlk is groveling for Lt. Braca and Scorpius.
Grunchlk: "Serve a purpose? Course I serve a purpose. Any purpose you like, sir. Got a purpose? (Lt. Braca raises his pistol and points it at Grunchlk again). No? Well, I'll come up with one. Look there, that's a purpose in itself."
Officer Kobrin: "Sir?"
Officer Kobrin, a young Peacekeeper pilot, comes striding in.
Lt. Braca: "Officer Kobrin? I ordered you to remain with the marauder."
Officer Kobrin: "Yes, sir. However, we've received an encoded message pulse from the command carrier."
Scorpius: "Report."
Officer Kobrin: "Battle ended successfully."
Scorpius and Grunchlk both smile.
Officer Kobrin: "However the unexpected duration of the engagement will delay our rendevous five point three arns."
Scorpius: "Five arns... Crichton's shipmates won't stay away that long."
Lt. Braca: "We can eliminate them."
Scorpius laughs: "They don't worry me. A Leviathan gunship commanded by a vengeful traitor does!"
Officer Kobrin: "Sir, I flew us here undetected."
Scorpius: "Because Crais and Talyn were preoccupied with Officer Sun's last flight!"
Scorpius walks over to stand directly behind Officer Kobrin: "If we were to leave now, how long could you keep us undetected?"
Officer Kobrin smiles: "We'd be a thousand metras away before the gunship detected us."
Scorpius: "Not good enough. The carrier's still so far off. Talyn would easily overtake us. (sighs) We'll wait."
Grunchlk: " Oh! Ah... (Braca puts the gun back to his throat) If... if you're thinking of, ah staying, sir, I've got a splendid room. All the comforts. Very private."
Scorpius: "Show us."
Grunchlk: "Splendid."
He leaves, followed closely by Lt. Braca.

We hear John screaming.
The scene shifts to John leaning on the railing at Sawyer's Mill.
Harvey: "Death is the only sensible course John. For everything there is a season. A time to be born and a time to die..."
John interrupts: "And a time to die. Yes. It's just the Devil quotes scripture. I thought you were put in here to protect me!"
Harvey: "Until my task here was completed. Now that Scorpius has recovered the neural chip..."
John: "You should be gone. How come you're not?"
Harvey: "I don't know. But this. This is intolerable for both of us. End it John. Free us from one another."
John walks past Harvey with his hands up, trying not to touch him.
Harvey: "Scorpius has beaten you. Aeryn Sun is dead. Your power of speech is gone. The only one you'll ever talk to again is me. Is that how you want to live?"
The camera zooms in on John's eyes as he lies on the operating table. We can hear Harvey's voice: "End it John. Do it."

Rygel is floating through Tocot's lab: "Grunchlk? Where are you? You told me that ship would be here by now. Grunchlk?!"
Rygel wanders into the operating room where John is yelling unintelligble syllables.
Rygel: "Crichton! You're even more inarticulate than you..."
Rygel stops when he sees Tocot lying on the floor.
Tocot makes some small, gasping noises.
Rygel: "Tocot?"

Zhaan, on Moya comms: "We'll come down at once Rygel."

Chiana, breathlessly: "D'Argo. Hey. We got a meal ready."
D'Argo comes into the kitchen: "There's a problem. Zhaan, Stark and I are going down to the planet."
Jothee: "We'll go with you."
D'Argo tells them: "No. I need you to stay here with Moya. Scorpius' command carrier could arrive any microd. If it does... I want you to starburst away immediately."
Chiana and Jothee protest.
Chiana: "But...but...but Pilot can look after..."
D'Argo: "Do... what I tell you."
He leaves. Chiana and Jothee both throw things.
Chiana: "Frell!"
Jothee: "Frell! I'm sick of this!"

Back at Tocot's lab, Grunchlk has taken Braca and Scorpius to their room and is describing what happend after Aeryn died.
Grunchlk: "And when the service is finished, everyone except Crichton went back up to their ship and the doc, he started the surgery."
Braca: "And your last communication with and of them was when?"
Grunchlk: "Uhh, nine or ten arns ago."
Officer Kobrin comes in: "Sir, maurader sensors have detected a transport pod leaving Moya on a vector towards us." Korbrin sets down two cases he has been carrying and opens one.
Scorpius: "They didn't speak to you first? They must be getting apprehensive"
Grunchlk: "When they get here, let me speak to 'em. I'll, uh...I'll stall em, send em away. Whatever you want. I'll...I'll say anything you like."
Scorpius: "How prescient of you."
Scorpius takes a pointed metal rod from one of the cases and jams it into the back of Grunchlk's neck. Scorpius pulls the rod back out and Grunchlk falls to his knees in obvious distress. He has difficulty breathing. Scorpius puts on a headpiece like the one he wore in LG&M to go into John's brain. Grunchlk is on his knees, panting.
Scorpius: "Yours is an Interesting species, Grunchlk. Simple mind. Simple brain."
Scorpius sits down behind Grunchlk and Grunchlk's breathing eases.
Scorpius: "Easily dominated. And easily controlled."
Scorpius is sitting down behind Grunchlk. He smiles and raises his left arm and hand. Grunchlk does exactly the same thing. He curls and then opens his fingers. So does Grunchlk.

Back in the operating room, John is still lying on the table, his head in the metal bracket. There are footsteps heard running towards the room. Rygel is first heard and then seen, down on the floor doing rescue breathing on Tocot. Zhaan, Stark and then D'Argo come
hurrying in. Zhaan bends over Rygel and Tocot.
Rygel: "About time!"
Zhaan: "Keep trying Rygel."
Rygel: "You try. I've done everything you told me."
Zhaan takes over the resusitation attempt.
Rygel: "Turned on the bio-neutralizer..."
D'Argo goes over to John who is still immobilized on the operating table and puts his hand on John's face.
D'Argo: "John."
Rygel continues: "...turned off the see-through skull machine..."
Stark wanders over to a cryopod which is standing in the operating room.and peers inside.
Rygel: "Enough is enough! It's just not working."
Tocot starts to cough.
Zhaan: "He's breathing!"
Tocot: "Scorp... Scorp...ius"
Tocot continues to cough.

Aboard Talyn...
Crais: "The command carrier couldn't have arrived without our knowing. Scorpius must have come on a prowler or a maurader on a stealth trajectory."
Zhaan puts a breathing mask on Tocot: "Could he still be here?"
Crais: "Possibly. If so, reinforcements may follow. Talyn and I will adjust our orbit for maximum scan."

Meanwhile, Scorpius is practicing controlling Grunchlk. Scorpius' lips are moving, but the words are coming out of Grunchlk's mouth.
Scorpius/Grunchlk: "Splendid room. All the comforts. Very private. Splendid room. All the comf... (gagging/gurgling sounds)... very pri..(the pitch of the voice is much lower) (coughs) I'll say... I'll say anything... I'll say anything you like. I'll say anything you like. Well..."
Grunchlk turns around and looks at Scorpius and Braca: "...with a little diversion. Braca... let me see your pulse pistol." He holds out his hand towards Braca.
Lt. Braca looks surprised but goes and gives it to him. Grunchlk, under Scorpius' control, shoots himself in the arm. When he does, Scorpius jumps.
Grunchlk: "Splendid. Hoo! Hah. Hah. " He hands the pistol back to Braca and exhales deeply.

Walking down a corridor, D'Argo and Rygel hear...
Grunchlk, weakly: "Help."
They stop to help him. He is lying against a wall, holding his wounded arm.
Grunchlk: "Scorpius... shot me, took mah chip."
D'Argo: "When?"
Grunchlk: "Couple of arns ago. Gone now."
D'Argo: "You're sure he's gone?"
Grunchlk: "Long gone."
Eyes closed, still wearing the headpiece, Scorpius smiles.

In the operating room,...
Stark walks up to a cryopod and looks inside: "Grunschlok, you... you used these poor beings as donors."
Zhaan is fixing Grunchlk's arm.
Grunchlk: "Doc couldn't operate, else."
Stark: "But Crichton didn't want the operation if it would harm a donor."
Grunchlk: "But, nobody was harmed. The Doc was only borrowing some cerebral fluid to top off Crichton's. They could spare it."
D'Argo: "How could they be harmed if they are already dead?"
Grunchlk: "Yeah."
Zhaan: "They aren't dead."
Grunchlk: "Well, I mean, they're effectively dead cause they can't be restored and live."
Stark: "They're trapped between two realms. Lost."
D'Argo: "Stark! John... needs our help now (he puts his hand on Stark's shoulder).
Tocot, what can we do now?"
Tocot answers D'Argo in his alien tongue.
Grunchlk translates: "Well, uh, Doc says that he could try and restore his speech with a neural tissue tranplant. But, uh... would use up a donor."
Zhaan: "You mean kill."
Grunchlk: "Aww, whatever you want."
Stark: "Crichton definately would not want that."
Grunchlk: " Look... it might not even work anyway. The Doc says this is so scrambled he might not be able to fix, no matter what!"
D'Argo: "If that's the case... we need to know."
Zhaan: "You want me to share unity with him. No, I can't! The last time I wasn't strong enough to overcome Scorpius' evil."
D'Argo: "The evil is gone now."
Zhaan: "The chip may have been removed, but the evil may still remain."
D'Argo: "That is true. We still need to know. You're not alone now Zhaan."
Zhaan looks pleadingly around the room.
Stark nods at her.
Grunchlk holds out his hand and leads Zhaan over to John. Stark comes to stand near the head of the table and nods at her again. Zhaan sighs and removes the covering from her head. She places her hands on either side of John's head and her forehead on his. She looks pained. Zhaan makes a soft moaning sounc. She can hear Harvey's voice talking to her...faintly: "Delvian. Don't hear me, Delvian. Listen to Crichton. Hear his pain." Zhaan is sobbing.
D'Argo: "What should we do? Should we help her break out of it?"
Stark: "Uh... think... I don't know."
D'Argo: "Zhaan?
John's voice: "Go away. Go away Zhaan, there's no point."
Stark: "Come out of it! Break unity!"
Stark pulls her free. Zhaan is crying..
Zhaan: "Goddess be with him. Scorpius' clone is still in his head."
D'Argo: "What?"
Stark: "How is that possible? It didn't work! Why didn't it work? What did you do wrong?"
Tocot answers in his own language.
While Stark and D'Argo talk to Tocot, Grunchlk pulls Zhaan aside.
Grunchlk: "They are never gonna do what's necessay. You know what has to be done."
D'Argo: "We're gonna to help you, John."
Zhaan: "Give me some monek injectant."
D'Argo: "We're gonna get that frelling madman out of your mind."
Grunchlk gives her a syringe: "I can't see any, but how about some Narbot serum. It's just as fast, and painless."
Tocot is still talking in his language.
Zhaan sobs as she walks towards the table. She goes over to John to inject the poison. Stark sees what she's doing, grabs her and pulls her away.
Stark: "Zhaan, what are you doing?"
D'Argo: "Zhaan?"
Stark: "Zhaan... no!"
Zhaan: "Let me go!"
D'Argo: "Hold her, Stark."
Zhaan: "Crichton wants to die!"
D'Argo: "Hold her."
Zhaan struggles. John is screaming, still without words.
D'Argo: "No, Zhaan. Stop."
Zhaan: "He wants to die!"
D'Argo: "Be calm. Be calm."



In the operating room...
Tocot is standing by John's head, working on him.
Zhaan is huddled over and hugging herself: "John is in agony. He begged me to kill him."
D'Argo: "We have already lost Aeryn. We will not lose another."
Stark: "Why is Scorpius still in Crichton's mind?"
Tocot answers in his language.
Grunchlk translates: "Well, the Doc figures it's like a neural bleed. The uh... clone's personality's been in there so long that his consciousness's like merged with Crichton's (to himself, softly) How interesting."
D'Argo: "Just remove it."
Tocot sounds indignant.
Grunchlk: "Well it's... it's not that easy. Can't just cut it out with a scalpel Sir."
Zhaan: "There's only one merciful thing to do." She tries to get the poison syringe from Stark.
Grunchlk: "Yah, I would have to agree."
D'Argo: "Alright, you two. Out!"
Grunchlk: "Eh?"
D'Argo: "Get out and do NOT come back into this chamber."
Grunchlk: "Right! Come on girl!" He takes Zhaan's hand and leads her out.
Stark: "What should we do?"
D'Argo: "Whatever we can." He goes over to John and Tocot.
D'Argo: "You! Restore his speech."
Tocot, haltingly, in english: "But Crichton insisted, no harm to donor."
Stark: "You're the one harming the donors! Their souls are crying out, screaming out, in pain."
Tocot: "No Pain!"
Stark: "I can hear them! Effectively dead ! (walks over to the cryopod) That isn't death at all. (opens cryopod - the Interon screams) This is!"
He injects the Interon with the Narbot serum from Grunchlk.
John screams.
Stark: "And that, that was mercy. (walks over to John) His agony was far greater than yours."
D'Argo, to Tocot: "Now my friend, can you help John?"
Tocot: "Can try."
D'Argo: "Well, go ahead."
John mutters.
D'Argo: "And as for you (to John). Do NOT... make me tongue you!"

Grunchlk and Zhaan are walking in a corridor.
Grunchlk, pointing to his eye: "You look pretty rouged."
Zhaan: "I need air. I will go outside and meditate."
Grunchlk: "Yah, air. The weather's cold. Gettin worse."
Zhaan: "Cold does not bother me." She pulls her covering back over her head,
Crais comms: "P'au Zhaan, anything to report?"
Zhaan uncovers her wrist comm: "Not yet, Crais."
Grunchlk grabs Zhaan's wrist and yells into her comms.
Grunchlk: "Still in orbit? Go chase that bastard Scorpius."
Crais: "That trail is cold. Talyn and I have found nothing to suggest a vector."
Grunchlk: "So, what are ya doin here then?"
Crais: "We await the delivery of the remains of Officer Sun... for the burial in space she would have wanted."
Grunchlk: "Fine, I'll load her coffin onto your transport pod and Zhaan can bring her up to you."
Zhaan: "I cannot face such a task right now."
Grunchlk (covers up the comms on Zhaan's wrist): "Help me out, eh? I'm trying to get rid of that yarbo and his gun ship from my planet. I don't trust em."
Zhaan (takes her arm back): "When we all leave, we will take Aeryn Sun with us."
She walks away. We see Scorpius with the headpiece on: "Huh, if you all leave."

Aboard Moya...
Jothee is in the kitchen, messing with some food. Chiana comes in.
Chiana: "I thought you weren't hungry."
Jothee: "I was, til I started eating. You want some?"
Chiana shakes her head, no.
Jothee: "Come on. It'll color in your cheek."
Chiana: "No."
Jothee: "Come on. We'll die of boredom... but we'll be well fed."
He brings a bite of food up to Chiana's lips. She snarls and tries to bite him. Jothee jumps back. Chiana giggles.
Jothee: "What'dya do that for?"
Chiana: "I don't know."
Jothee: "Think."
Chiana: "Well, maybe I don't like being taken care of."
Jothee: "Maybe I don't like being bitten." He throws the food down
Chiana reaches for the food: "Yah? Then keep your hands outa my face."
Jothee snatches up her hand by the wrist: "Keep your hands outta my food."
Chiana: "Hey! I helped make that!" She jumps up and graps him around the neck.
Jothee: "Too bad."
They move backward, each holding on to the other.
Chiana: "Still bored?"
Jothee: "Stop it!"
Chiana giggles again.
Jothee hauls her hand behind her back, pulling her up against himself.
Chiana: "Whoa ho! Whoa ho!"
Jothee: "Ow, ow."
They are both breathing heavily.
Chiana: "You better... you better let go. Otherwise I... I'm gonna hafta try something else."
Jothee: "You'll lose an arm!"
Chiana: "You'll lose worse... than an arm."
Jothee: "You wouldn't do that."
Chiana: "Don't tell me what I... would or would or wouldn't do. I do as I please."
Jothee: "Okay. Do whatever you want."
They kiss.

Once again, John is on the operating table, his brain visible from the skull machine.
Tocot: "Done. Damage repaired. Speech should return."
Stark: "Should?"
Tocot: "Will know... soon." He starts to leave.
D'Argo: "Hey! Where are you going?"
Tocot: "Must excrete."
Tocot leaves the operating room.
John struggles to talk (still on table with head in restraint). D'Argo comes over to stand above him.
John: "D ..... D..... D'Argo. Aeryn's gone. Want to die."
D'Argo: "Aeryn died so that you could live John. She would want you to keep fighting."
John: "Lost. Still hear Scorpy."
Stark: "Listen to me. The chip's out. Its tendrils are dead. The Scorpy in your head is merely a remnant. A... a... an impotent wraith buzzing in your ear. You're stronger than he is. Show him."
Camera zooms in on John's face. His expression turns inward. His eyes close.

John is in a white T and kakhi pants, walking out onto the dock at Sawyer's Mill, towards the water and Harvey.
John: "Hey Harvey! Let's have a little chat."
Harvey: "I don't wish to chat, John. I wish to leave. That is why you must die."
John: "Why don't you kill me? You did it before. Stopped my brain function cold. What's the matter? You lost your touch?"
Harvey: "Circumstances are different now."
John: "Yes they are. You got no connections. No backup. No power supply. No place to hide (puts his arm around Harvey's shoulders). I'm gonna make some rules now. Come on (starts to walk back up the dock). Let me show you what I mean (turns Harvey around to face hiim and pushes him with both hands).
Harvey falls backwards onto a dirt floor. He struggles but can't get up, much like an overturned beetle. He finally flops over onto his belly and stands up. He is in a large room full of equipment. He turns around and sees John coming towards him. John is now wearing black pants and black T.
Harvey: "Now John, you listen to me."
John: "Not this time Scorpy. This brain ain't big enough for the two of us."
John punches him with a right hand.
Harvey: "Now Crichton, I'm warning you."
John: "I'm sorry sweetheart." He hits him again.
John: "Come on Scorpy. Come on man. Show me that ugly grin." Hits him again.
Harvey (puts up his "dukes") : "I'm warning you Crichton. Now you stop it."
John starts to dance around in a circle. "Oh no, no, no. I don't think so, remember?
Out with the old and in with the new." John slugs him again and Harvey falls.
John throws his arms up over his head and yells: "Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?"
We hear a crowd respond: "HELL YEAH!" Harvey looks worried and battered.
John: "It's your time to pray Scorpy." Hits him, hard. Harvey is staggered.
Harvey: "Oh, Crichton!"
"Pray for your soul Scorpy, if you have one. And pray for the soul of Aeryn Sun."
John kicks Harvey in the chin. Harvey goes down. John picks him up by the back...
Harvey: "Crichton!"
John: "Shut up!"
...and tosses him head first, through the air, into a nearby dumpster. John and the crowd yell: "Yeah!!"
John runs over, slams shut both the dumpster lids and sits on them. The crowd screams and cheers. John and crowd: "Huhyah!"

We see a red flashing light on a board or map. Tocot is walking past cryopods. He stops and looks at the light.

Grunchlk is with Scorpius and Braca and Kobrin. They hear Tocot talking.
Scorpius: "One of the cryogenic pods is starting an autorelease sequence eh?"
Grunchlk: "Ah, naw. Can't be. Let me talk to 'im."
Scorpius nods. Grunchlk goes over to the communications device while Braca points his pistol at him.
Tocot is speaking in his own tongue.
Grunchlk: "Sorry, Doc. Say again?"

Tocot repeats what he just said, as he walks towards one of the pods.
Grunchlk: "What? Full restoration? You sure?"

Grunchlk: "Naw. Naw. Ih...ih...it must be a screwed up sensor. Hah. No. You go back and tend to your patient, Doc. I'll deal with it."

Tocot continues to talk in his language as he comes up to the activating pod.

Grunchlk: "Doc! Leave it to me."

Tocot goes to investigate, still talking.

Grunchlk: "Doc! Get outta there!"

The pod opens.
Grunchlk: "I'll handle it. Doc...Doc!"
Tocot gasps.
A hand with long claws extends from the pod and we see waves of heat coming out of it.
Tocot: "S__carran!" He gasps again. The heat waves hit Tocot. He falls to the floor, dead. A Scarran comes out of the now open pod.



Scorpius and Braca are questioning Grunchlk.
Scorpius: "A Scarran? Here? Why?"
Braca hits Grunchlk's wounded arm.
Grunchlk groans: "Get frelled."
Braca grabs the wound and squeezes it. Grunchlk grimaces.
Scorpius: "Grunchlk... you can do one of two things with your mouth. The first is talk to me."
Scorpius goes over and puts on the headpiece.
Grunchlk struggles and groans as Scorpius makes him bite the end off one of his own fingers.
Grunchlk screams and jams his hand under his arm.
Scorpius: "And that is the second."
Grunchlk(whispering): "Alright, you know the Scarrans are after you. They found out this is where you had your cooling system installed. And they sent a spy who offered me currency to keep him hidden til you came back for checkup.
Braca: "And you took his money?"
Grunchlk: "Just his advance. I was going to keep the dumb flo frozen and hand him over to you."
Scorpius: "But you didn't."
Grunchlk: "When your goons came in locked and loaded I kinda doubted your good intentions. As insurance, I switched on the Scarran's auto release, three arns delay. If you'd behaved and payed what we'd agreed, I'da switched it off. I hope he kills you. Very slowly."
Scorpius: "Not likely."

Meanwhile, back on Moya...
Jothee and Chiana are in the kitchen, straightening their clothing.
Jothee: "If my father finds out, we're dead."
Chiana is helping him with his belt: "He won't find out."
Rygel floats in.
Rygel: "What the Hezmana happened in here?"
Chiana: "Oh...we were ah... we were making some...some sochrins and... and the pot exploded."
Rygel gasps in alarm: "You blew up a cook pot?"
Jothee: "We used too much lutra oil. The grolak's fine though."
Chiana: "Yah! Nice and crispy." She holds out a plate to Rygel. "Here. Sit down and eat. Uh... I'll give the uh... I'll give the sochrins another try."
Rygel takes the plate: "I'll uh... consume this in a room without detonating crockery, thank you very much." Rygel leaves. Jothee and Chiana both look worried.
Jothee: "We'd better clean this up."
Chiana: "I guess so."

On the surface, Braca and Scorpius are looking at a holomap of Tocot's lab.
Braca: " Crichton, D'Argo and Stark are in the surgery room. And the Scarran in the cryochamber, level 4."
Officer Kobrin: "Shall I take care of it, Sir?"
Grunchlk laughs: "With that? He'll saute you son. He's never taken on a Scarran, has he?"
Scorpius puts on the controller headset: "No. Have you?"
Grunchlk jerks ans gasps.

In the surgery room, John sits up.
John: "I beat him. He was all mouth Stark. How'd you know?"
Stark: "I didn't. I just thought it sounded good."
John: "Well it worked. Harvey's caged. Come on, let's pay the bill and get the hell out of here."
Stark: "I'll find Zhaan."
He leaves and D'Argo puts on his heavy coat.

A cryochamber door opens with loud creaking groans. Grunchlk enters.
Grunchlk: "Plonek? Erothron Plonek? I'm alone. Got a present for you."
The Scarran appears from behind some cryopods.
Grunchlk jumps: "Huh!"
Plonek: "Grunchlk. Where is Scorpius?"
Grunchlk: "He's not here."
Plonek: "Then why did you release me?"
Grunchlk: "Well... I've... I've... I've... I've got someone almost as good, uh... John Crichton. You know who that is?"
Plonek: "Yes. Scorpius seems obsessed with him. We want to know why."
Grunchlk: "Why don't you ask him? He's in the surgery room recovering. No! No! Oh!"
Plonek holds out his hand and does the Scarran mindhold on Grunchlk.
Plonek: "Are you lying? Is this a trap?"
Scorpius, using Grunchlk's body: "No, no, no. No trap."
Plonek: "Where is Scorpius?"
Scorpius (using Grunchlk): "Scorpius isn't here."
Grunchlk: "Scorpius isn't here. I told you. But I'm sure he's on his way back to the planet to capture Crichton." (Scorpius: "capture Crichton.")
Plonek: "Who is with Crichton?"
Grunchlk: "Just a luxan and a banik slave."
Plonek turns off the mind hold and Grunchlk falls gasping to the floor.
Plonek:" I might have use for you later." He picks the screaming Grunchlk up by the throat and puts him in a cryopod.

Scorpius: "That should divert the Scarran away from us. Officer Kobrin, we have received
vital information... which I must deliver to my command carrier."
Offier Kobrin: "Sir the carrier is now much closer. I'm certain I can outrun the gunship long enough to reach it safely."
Scorpius: "You have that much faith in your piloting skills?"
Officer Kobrin: "My last rating was a 9 91 Sir. No active pilot rates higher."
Scorpius: "Your skills will be tested. Very soon."

We see Aeryn's face in a cryopod.
Zhaan: "Stark, look at these indicators."
Stark: "The cryo system's activated to preserve the body until burial."
Zhaan: "But that's not all. The cellular maintenance functions are still operating. Keeping her body alive."
Stark: "Why? Unless Grunchlk was intending to keep her here as a donor. I wouldn't put it past him." Looks at Zhaan and sees hope in her face.
Stark: "No! The diagnostician pronounced her dead. He could not save her."
Zhaan: "His gifts could not."
Stark turns back around to look at Aeryn. He puts his mask up near her cryopod to listen.
Stark: "I could hear the distant voices of the Interons, but I can not hear Aeryn Sun's. If her soul has not fled entirely, it's much too far away to be reached. Even the attempt would be dangerous."
Zhaan: "Yes, you're probably right."
Zhaan turns as if to walk away. Suddenly she turns around and hits Stark in the chin with a wicked upper cut, knocking him unconscious. Zhaan helps him to fall gently in front of the cryopod. The Scarran is walking through the corridors, looking.

In the surgery, John sits at the operating table, muttering to himself: "Peter Piper picked..." D'Argo brings him his coat.
D'Argo comms: "Zhaan? Stark? Why don't they answer?"

D'Argo comms: "Zhaan? Stark?"
Zhaan lowers Stark to the floor. She hears D'Argo's comm, but ignores it.
D'Argo: "What's the delay?"

The Scarran is opening the outer surgery doors. D'Argo opens the inner door and is confronted with the Scarran. D'Argo hits the Scarran twice.
John: "D'Argo!"
D'Argo closes the door as the Scarran raises his arm to attack.
John: "Where the hell did that come from?"
D'Argo: "A Scarran. We have no weapons so I suggest a tactical retreat." looking around the surgery.
John, points: "That looks like an exit." Points again: "Door controls." He moves over to them. D'Argo goes towards the back of the surgery.
John: "You didn't bring any weapons?"
D'Argo: "I only brought down my qualta blade. It's still sealed."
John: "Well, how am I supposed to know about that?"
D'Argo: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. There's a hatch.
The rear door opens and snow flies in onto D'Argo.
D'Argo: "Whoa! I hate the cold." He backs away from the open doorway.
The Scarran is melting the front door.
John: "Freeze or fry!" He heads towards the open door. D'Argo looks at the flames coming from the front door: "Freeze!" He runs to join John.
The Scarran breaks open the surgery door and enters.

Lt. Braca, looking at the holomap: "Sir, the diversion's working. The Scarran is moving outside in pursuit of Crichton and D'Argo."
Scorpius: "However, two of the others are now blocking our path to the surface. If they see us, notify Crais..."
Braca: "Two commandos from the marauder, coming from this approach, could take them out and still maintain a zero presence profile."
Scorpius: "Summon them." He turns around to look at Officer Kobrin.

Outside the surgery, in a blizzard, D'Argo and John are slowly walking into the wind.
John: "No sign of the Scarran. You think he's following?"
D'Argo: "Kinda hope he is."
John: "Sounds like you gotta plan."
D'Argo: "We're gonna bring him out here and see how he likes being in the cold."
John: "What if he likes it?"
D'Argo: "Look, one.. plan.. at a time!" while waving his arms madly.
John: "All right."
D'Argo grunts as he slips on the ice.

Zhaan is holding Stark's face and kissing it. "Forgive me Stark, but I need your strength. I know you would never allow me to risk this."
She takes off his mask so that the light from his face shines full on Aeryn's face in the cryopod. Zhaan goes up to the pod, puts both her hands and then her forehead on it.

The light changes. We see Zhaan standing in a mist. (A beautiful voice is heard, singing "Agnus Dei") She looks around and sees Aeryn sitting slumped over in the prowler seat, still in the harness. Zhaan smiles and walks to her. Aeryn's head lifts. Slowly her eyes open. Her hair is loose and is being blown by a wind. We hear singing in the background.
Zhaan: "Do you know who I am?" There is no response from Aeryn.
Zhaan smiles: "Do you know who you are?"
Aeryn: "Officer Aeryn Sun. Special Peacekeeper Commando, Ikarian Company, Pleisar Regiment." Zhaan smiles again.
Aeryn: "Have you come to reassign me?"
Zhaan: "I have come to take you back."
Zhaan approaches Aeryn. She takes hold of her limp hands and places them on either side of her face. Zhaan then puts her hands on Aeryn's face and pulls her forward until their foreheads touch. There is a bright light. We see their heads, joined in unity.

Aeryn: "Zhaan. What is this?"
Zhaan: "Unity, Aeryn. The sharing of minds and souls. As our thoughts merge, you will understand."
Aeryn: "I understand that you shouldn't be here."
Zhaan: "Nor should you." We now see them as if they were facing each other.
Aeryn: "Why are you doing this?"
Zhaan: "Because I love you. More importantly, Crichton loves you. (echo: "Crichton loves you") You must take this gift, not for my sake but for his."
We see them now, back at the prowler seat. Then again, in the light.
Aeryn: "I can't. I know your thoughts and I know what this will cost you."
Zhaan shakes her head: "Stop resisting Aeryn! Accept this."
Aeryn: "No!" She pulls back, out of unity. Outside the cryopod, Zhaan is thrown backward to the floor.
Zhaan: "No! Aeryn!" She groans as she starts to get up off the floor.
A commando appears. He strikes Zhaan with his rifle butt. Another commando is standing by Stark.



Scorpius: "We'll take Stark with us."

The commandos have Zhaan and Stark. One of them comms: "Capture or terminate?"

Braca: "Keep the Banik alive. Terminate the Delvian."

As the commando raises his rifle to shoot Zhaan, there is a flash and a shot from behind him. He is hit and falls. There is another shot and the second commando is hit. We see the blade of the qualta rifle. Stark and Zhaan look up. They see Aeryn coming out of her cryopod, holding the qualta rifle. She is wearing the blue quilted uniform from her funeral. She looks around.
Stark: "You back. You back. Oh, Zhaan."
He crawls to Zhaan and hugs her.
Zhaan: "Success."
Stark: "Success."
Aeryn: "Where are the others?"
Stark: "Surgery."
Aeryn leaves.

Braca: "Report!"
Braca cannot raise the commandos on comms.
Scorpius: "The commandos are dead, Lieutenant. Even if Crais is now aware of our presence, the Scarran won't stay diverted forever. Officer Kobrin. We can wait no longer."
Officer Kobrin: "Yes Sir."

Plonek is coming out the surgery door, into the blizzard.
John: "Here he comes! I don't think he likes the cold either."
D'Argo: "Hah!"
John: "Warm up the hot cocoa baby. Here we come!"
Plonek tries his Scarran heat wave but it won't work. John and D'Argo try to open a door to the lab. It won't open.
John: "It's jammed! I don't believe this!" He hops up and down. "You have got to be kidding me!"
Plonek roars.
D'Argo: "Unjam it!"
John: "What? What're you gonna do?"
D'Argo turns to face the Scarran. He screams and runs at Plonek with a knife. The knife blade breaks off against the Scarran's stomach.
D'Argo: "Frell."
Plonek hits D'Argo and he goes down.

A maurader flies away from the planet.

Crais: "Yes Talyn. I see it. That is a vessel leaving the planet. No. A transport pod would not be attempting a stealth trajectory. Pursue."

D'Argo and Plonek are hand-to-hand fighting. John keeps trying to open the jammed door. D'Argo yells when he is hit. A shot from behind Plonek hits him in the back. He turns. We see Aeryn in the surgery door, shooting. She hits the Scarran twice more.
D'Argo: "That's my qualta blade."
John: "Can't be. You left it in the coffin."
Aeryn shoots Plonek four more times in the stomach. The qualta rifle jams.
John: "Hey! Hey, horseface!"
He attacks Plonek and stabs him in the wound in his stomach with an icicle. He rams it in and twists it. Plonek hits John on the top of the head and John falls. Plonek groans and falls down...dead.
Aeryn walks over to them.

Aeryn and D'Argo help John into the building, out of the storm. John falls down. Aeryn goes down to her knees, with John.
Aeryn: "D'Argo." She hands the qualta blade up to D'Argo and reaches for John. John pushes her away.
John: "Oh no!. No, you're gone!"
Aeryn: "It's me, John."
John: "No! It can't be you. This is some kind of mind trick. You died."
Aeryn: "Zhaan brought me back. She did a unity thing."
John: "Zhaan?" Aeryn nods. He feels her hair. "Zhaan? You're alive!" He hugs her and cries. He buries his face in her hair.

Talyn is pursuing the maurader.
Scorpius comms: "Crais. Cease this pursuit at once."
Crais: "This pursuit will end in your death, Scorpius."
Scorpius: "Aboard this marauder is information that will help us defeat the Scarrans. You may have foresworn the Peacekeepers, but before you act, consider your fellow Sebaceans."
Crais: "You consider one Sebacean that died at your hands, Officer Aeryn Sun."
Talyn and Crais follow the maurader to the command carrier.
Crais: "Yes Talyn, I see it. Command Carrier."
Scorpius: "Crais. You destroy this ship. My command carrier will destroy you."
Crais: "Possibly. Talyn? Are we in agreement?"
Talyn's weapons swing into position.
Crais: "Fire!"
Talyn shoots the maurader and destroys it.
Crais comms Moya to report: "Pilot. Scorpius is dead. His command carrier is now in pursuit of Talyn. We'll draw it away from your position before we starburst."
Pilot: "Scorpius is dead?"
Crais: "Yes. Officer Sun.. is avenged."

D'Argo John and Aeryn enter the surgery. Aeryn is hugging herself from the cold.
D'Argo: "Are you certain, Pilot?"
Pilot: "Yes. Moya confirms it. Before starbursting, Talyn told her that he destroyed Scorpius' maurader."
John: "Damn shame on two counts. Too quick and I wasn't there to see it."
Stark comms: "D'Argo, I'm with Zhaan."
D'Argo: "Did you find Tocot?"
Stark: "Yes. He's dead."
D'Argo: "And what about Grunchlk?"
Stark: "He's dead too....effectively." We see Grunchlk in the cryopod.
Stark walks away.
John: "Then, we're gonna take these two with us." He points to the cryopods in the surgery.
D'Argo: "The Interons."
Aeryn: "Why?"
John: "One of them died because of me."
Aeryn: "What? You think they can be saved?"
John: "You were."
Aeryn sighs.

A transport pod lands on Moya.

Scorpius picks up the cup that holds the fragment of John's brain with the chip in it.
Braca opens the doors and comes in: "A signal from the command carrier, Sir. Moya and Talyn have both fled. A prowler detail is on its way to pick us up." Braca is smiling.
Scorpius: "The maurader?"
Braca: "Destroyed."
Scorpius: "Plainly Officer Kobrin overestimated his piloting skills."
Braca: "Well, perhaps Talyn is more formidable than we thought. Sir, Crais must be..."
Scorpius interrupts: "First command has already taken care of that situation. Our task is much more important. We... have a new Gammak reseach base ready to go into operation. Hundreds of techs all waiting to apply this (he puts the cup with the chip in it to his forehead and sighs) priceless information. Let's not keep them waiting Lieutenant."



On Moya, Jothee and Chiana are in the kitchen. Jothee shoves Chiana towards D'Argo who is sitting eating, wrapped in a blanket.
Chiana comes and leans over D'Argo's shoulder: "Taste all right?"
D'Argo: "That frelling planet got me so chilled, I still can't smell anything, but ah, it is warming me up."
Rygel: "Mine is more than adequate. All the time you two spent in here was ultimately productive."
D'Argo: "Two excellent cooks."
Jothee laughs. He and Chiana look at each other, over D'Argo's head.
D'Argo: "I couldn't be luckier."
Rygel: "Well I could. That frelling Grunchlk. I paid for services and they were not rendered. I 'm delighted he's dead."

John is standing in the maintenance bay, waiting. Aeryn comes in.
John: "Finished making your rounds?"
Aeryn: "Uh huh." pauses "I shouldn't be here."
John: "This is exactly where you should be. I love you."
Aeryn: "I love you too."
John walks over to her and turns her face towards him. They kiss. They fall to their knees, kissing.
Aeryn pulls her face away: "We will not act on it."
John: "Aeryn?"
Aeryn: "My Peacekeeper training was right about one thing. Soldiers... and emotional attachments... in battle they distort your thinking."
John: "We're not in battle Aeryn. Scorpius, he is..." (holding her face in his hands).
Aeryn: "What happens? What happens when Moya comes into contact with more Scarrans or Nebari or Sheyangs or something worse? I will not be the cause of any more deaths, because my judgement was faulty. I will not permit any one else to scarifice their life for mine."
John: "What do you mean, anyone else?"

Stark and Zhaan are in Zhaan's burnt out chamber.
Stark is holding Zhaan in his lap. They are rubbing each others' heads. John enters behind them.
Zhaan: "Hello, John."
John: "Aeryn just told me that, ah... whatever you did to bring her back..."
Zhaan: "A gift of spiritual energy."
John: "Yes, and it took everything that you had."
Zhaan smiles. John looks at her.
John: "Is there anything we can do to help?"
Zhaan (whispers): "Nothing."
John: "I wll not accept that."
Zhaan: "I have, John." She reaches out her hand to him. "I'm dying."
Close up of Zhaan's face.


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