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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: January 17, 2003
Written by Richard Manning
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.13 - Terra Firma

Previously on Farscape (voice of Chiana):
Scene One: A wormhole with something or someone disappearing into it.
Scene Two: from "Promises", Noranti holds something out towards John. He takes it and looks at it. Noranti: "Distillate of Laka. One whiff and the pain is gone."
Scene Three: from "Unrealized Reality", D'Argo walks away from Noranti as he comms John: "She says they help you forget Aeryn." Outside, in his spacesuit, John sees flashes of his memories of her. He comms back: "When I double the dose."
Scene Four: from "Unrealized Reality", John and Einstein are sitting on the floating iceberg. Einstein: "What do you desire with wormholes?"
Scene Five: from "Unrealized Reality", John stands in front of Einstein: "For starters, go home."
Scene Six: from "Unrealized Reality", John screams as he is shot down the wormhole. It winks out.
Scene Seven: from "Kansas", John floats above a planet: "That's earth." He laughs.
Scene Eight: from "Unrealized Reality", Einstein stands behind John: "Your place of origin is where you can do the most damage."
Scene Nine: from "Kansas", Grayza stands inside Moya and talks to her "creature": "Crichton's DNA, which I provided for you, will enable you to detect his presence." The creature flails it's arms and growls. Grayza: "So when he returns, as we know he will, capture him alive."
Scene Ten: from "Kansas", D'Argo's ship, LoLah, flies above the earth and heads towards Moya. D'Argo comms: "Pilot, I've got Crichton. We're coming aboard."
Scene Eleven: from "Kansas", The entry steps of LoLah lower. John is the first one down them. The hanger bay doors open with a rush and he starts through them. He stops when he sees that there are people lined up in the hanger, waiting for him. Three men and a woman. The first man is his Dad, Jack.
Jack: "Welcome home, son. We've been waitin for ya a long time." He starts to walk towards John.
John immediately backs away and pulls his pulse pistol and points it at Jack. Jack: "What's the matter John?" John keeps watching Jack's eyes: "Was it a bass... or a trout?"
And now, on Farscape...


Sikozu: "They're not imposters. DRD scans confirm they are of your species." She walks into the hanger bay and stands near Jack. John keeps his pistol pointed.
Jack: "It's me, son. It's all right. You're home. You're alive. And, if that wasn't miracle enough, this ship is actually a living organism?"
John: "Yes. She is."
Jack looks over at Sikozu: "And her. Another alien life-form."
John: "How'd you get up here?"
Jack: "We sent a shuttle. To open up communications. Everyone at IASA had a coronary when she answered... finally. In English."
John uncocks his pistol and lowers it. He whispers: "She's too smart."
One of the men walks forward, towards John.
Man:"Commander Crichton. I am T.R. Holt, Special Advisor to the President. Congratulations. You have accomplished something truly momenous... Earth's first contact with extraterrestrial life."
John rubs his lip with his thumb and laughs: "Well... (he laughs again) T.R. Today's your lucky day." John yells: "D'Argo! Aeryn!"
Aeryn starts down the steps from the ship, followed by D'Argo and the others. She sees that there are others in the hanger with John and she pulls her coat away from her gun.
John looks at his Dad and the others: "Just don't make any sudden moves."
D'Argo follows Aeryn and stands with his arms crossed, looking at the humans.
T.R.: "Good God."
Chiana, Noranti and Rygel all cluster near Aeryn and D'Argo. They stare at the humans who are staring at them.

John walks over to Sikozu and takes her arm, steering her away from the others. They speak quietly so that no one else can hear.
Sikozu: "What delayed you? Moya arrived forty-two of their days ago."
John: "The wormhole's unstable. Some time dilation may have occurred. Where the hell is Scorpius?"
Sikozu: "He's in a pod at the far end of this wormhole. He's transmitting us a signal so we can find our way back."
John: "Yah, you can stop pimping for him anytime."
Sikozu: "What is wrong with you? These are your people. Or do you think they pose us a threat?"
John: "No. It's the other way around."



The sun breaks the horizon over the rim of the earth.

A few clouds dot the sky over a peaceful scene. The water makes a faint lapping noise. John sits on a dock, writing in his journal and staring off into space. Some fishing tackle sits on the dock nearby... unused.

John: "Earth. Terra Firma. Seems forever it's filled my thoughts, been my goal. And now... I'm here.

Inside a large warehouse or hanger... there is hubub, lots of people...

Family, friends... seeing them again is so... so normal.

John walks through the hanger, followed by T.R. As he does, a woman detacts herself from the crowd and runs over to him. She throws her arms around his neck, crying: "John! You're alive." John holds her in his arms and spins around.

John speaks to a couple in lab coats: "DK! When did that happen?"
DK gestures at the woman by his side: "A few years ago. Married on a boat in Naples. I wish you could'a been there."
John: "You said he was a geek."
Woman: "He is a geek."
DK: "I won her over." They both laugh.

I figured Earth would freak out and it's delivered in spades, on time, thirty minutes or less.

Both the Farscape One module and D'Argo's ship are inside the hanger. It makes them look small. There is an army of the press, with cameras, mikes and reporters, all trying to get to John.

Back at the dock...

Uncle Sam is keeping the aliens safe and contained. A waterfront mansion for their personal use, with full security team standing by.

Moya's crew file a sidewalk from the waterside towards a huge house with a veranda. They are led by T.R. and followed by guards that look as if they are Secret Service, in dark suits and glasses.

It's a cage, but at least it's a gilded one.

As they enter the house, Noranti spots a flower arrangement and immediately grabs a blossom and eats it.
Chiana: "Good?"
Noranti: "Mm." She nods.
Sikozu takes an apple and bites into it. She makes a face and spits it out on the floor.
Chiana giggles and bounces on a couch.
Aeryn kneels and checks out the gas fireplace.

Of course, the suits are more interested in the technology. No surprise there. So... we let 'em look.

A group of people are gathered at a firing range. Most are wearing hearing protectors.
John: "I don't usually recommend this setting." He pushes the cartridge into a pulse pistol.

They just can't comprehend what they're looking at... much less replicate it.

John walks over to one of the men and hands him the pulse pistol.
John: "Be careful."
John puts on headphones as he walks rapidly away.

Not yet. So, let 'em look.

The man shoots the pistol at a man shaped target with lots of sensors wired to it, which disintegrates in a burst of smoke, pieces flying all around. It also blows out several laptop computers that were set up to monitor the target, behind the onlookers, causing them to jump.

Some of the FIPs have accepted translator microbes...

A DRD injects an older man while D'Argo sits facing him, earnestly talking to him in Luxan.
D'Argo: "..ashtenta doit... ashtenta doit... under strict supervision. No power ups unless I..."

But even translator microbes aren't gonna to help some people listen. Not that... you can blame them.

D'Argo suddenly stops talking to the older man and yells something in Luxan...
D'Argo: "Orshi Dort!"
...at a man in a white lab coat who is going up to LoLah. The man touches the force field. He screams and is thrown to the floor.

At least the alien life's not going too crazy.

Chiana and Sikozu are sitting on lounges by the pool. Noranti messes around with a barbeque grill. Aeryn opens the gate and holds it while John's sister, Olivia, carries a cooler in by the pool. They are talking together.

My family has been helpin out.

Olivia looks at Aeryn: "Would you like me to bring you some of my clothes?"

My sister, Olivia, she's hangin with 'em.

Aeryn glances down at her leathers: "Sure. Thanks."

And my cousin Bobby. Bobby is totally fascinated by the ETs.

A teenaged boy, Bobby, is taking videos of Chiana who is wearing a bikini, lying on a chaise lounge. Chiana looks over at him. She puts down the magazine she was looking at and gestures at the camera with her middle finger.
Chiana turns to Sikozu who is on the lounge next to her: "Hey! I got this great idea. How bout... how bout we break outta here and go make some new friends?"
Sikozu: "Chiana, you know the humans will not let us out unescorted. And the way you make friends, I do not blame them."
Bobby takes some extreme closeups of Sikozu in her bikini. She bends towards the camera and stares at it with her very green eyes.

Over at the grill, Noranti holds a jar up for Rygel to see.
Noranti: "Rygel, have you tried this?"

Sparky and Wrinkles?

Rygel: "Another delicacy?"
Noranti holds the jar up and pours popcorn kernels into Rygel's open mouth.

They're the happiest of the crew. They're in gastro heaven.

Rygel: "What's it called?
Noranti reads off the jar: "It's called... cop porn."

But T.R. Holt... he is not happy.

John, dressed in a button shirt, pants and sneakers walks along next to T.R. in his suit. Both are wearing dark glasses.
John: "What's the big deal? It's a simple proposal. A trip on a spaceship for five hundred of Earth's best and brightest."
T.R.: "Yah, but who picks the five hundred? You?"
John: "Me? No, no, no, no. Let UNESCO handle that or the Nobel Committee."
T.R.: "Be much simpler to keep it local."
John: "Local meaning... only red-blooded Americans. No deal. No cookie."
T.R.: "Some would disagree... quote 'the Farscape project was and is an American initiative. I do not think it is unfair that America shoud reap the first benefits of it."
John: "Yah? What big-hearted patriot said that?"
T.R.: "A former astronaut by the name of Jack Crichton."
John stops walking. T.R. stops with him.
T.R.: "Did you know we're making him IASA's Project Director for Extraterrestrial Studies?"Father and Son. (he clicks his tongue) Dynamite P.R. Jack is just so happy to be making a contribution. Don't screw it up for him."
John: "That's a nice suit. Do you have to buy that or does it come standard issue?" He turns and walks away.

Which brings us to Dad. Dad...

There is a formal dining room, seen through gauze curtains. In the background, people are standing on chairs, putting up decorations.
Jack: "Okay, time for a lighting test. T-minus five and..."

Dad's world was upside down, so he's trying to make it right side up by putting up Christmas decorations.

Jack: "Look." He backs away from the Christmas tree.
Olivia turns her head, from where she is standing, hanging garland: "Great!"
Jack: "Might need a little more work around..." He adjusts something on the tree.

Christmas decorations... even though it's Florida and the whole block is cordoned off with security.

A group of State Troopers try to hold back reporters with microphones and cameras, outside the "alien mansion".
Trooper: "Please! Back, Sir."

John picks up a card and glances at it. Jack continues to work on the Christmas tree.
Jack: "It's lookin good."

Family traditions. They're supposed to bring us together... and to make everything... normal.

John sinks down on the couch.
Aeryn walks in: "So... you do this every cycle?"
John: "Year. Every year."
Aeryn murmers: "Year. Year."
Jack glances back at her, over his shoulder: "Christmas has always been our favorite holiday. We never get tired of it."
John: "I loved that Christmas where you lit the fireplace and the smoke came back down because Mr. Jingles was in the flue!" John holds up a framed photograph of a pet cat and points it at Olivia.
Jack: "Oh, come on. One little mistake, you're going to hold it against me."
John: "The cat didn't have hair for three months, Dad."
Aeryn reaches for the photograph and looks at it closely: "What the frell is that?"
Jack: "Remember the time we gave you the riding lessons, honey? Thought you were going to cry."
Olivia: "I did cry."
Aeryn holds the photo up to John: "A cat?"
John: "Yah. It's a pet."
Cousin Bobby comes in, video camera rolling.
Jack: "Hey, and this." He holds up a "something" covered in gold garland.
Aeryn: "Does he talk?"
Jack: "Baby, remember this that your brother made?"
Olivia looks at the garlanded "something and laughs: "Yah. Show him."
Jack holds the ornament up for John and Aeryn to see: "Remember this, John?"
John nods: "Yah."
Jack: "Made this when you were five years old. Your Mother loved it."
John: "So, what's next? We break out the bare-ass baby pictures?"
Jack: "Hey, that's not a bad idea."
Olivia: "Yah. Let's take a vote. Aeryn?"
Aeryn has a huge grin on her face. She nods.
Jack: "Let me get the photo album."
Aeryn: "Of course."
John: "No. We're not gonna... you're not lookin at my bare ass."
Aeryn: "Why not?"
Aeryn: "I've seen it already."
John: "No you wouldn't."
Olivia: "Yes, we are!"
The doorbell chimes.
John: "Excuse me. I hear the door. I got it." He jumps up from the couch.
Jack: "Here. Let me show you this."

John goes over to the door and opens it. There is a blonde haired woman standing there.
Woman: "Special delivery from the Ghost of Christmas Past." She holds up a sprig of misletoe, over John's head. John looks up to see what she's holding.
John: "Caroline."
She wraps her arms around his head and kisses him. She has a bottle in her other hand. Aeryn looks up from the couch, to see what's keeping John and sees them kissing.
Caroline smacks her lips after the kiss: "Welcome back to Terra Firma."
John looks in her eyes, a puzzled look on his face. He glances back into the room and sees Aeryn watching them. Aeryn immediately turns her head when she sees John look at her.
John: "Hey... um... Caroline's here. Come on in."
Caroline squeezes past John and goes into the room.
John stands in the open door for a moment, looking confused.

But things have changed.

Jack: "Hi, Caroline."
Caroline: "Hey, Jack."
Jack: "Come on in."
Aeryn smiles politely as someone shows her a photo album.
Jack: "Merry Christmas."

And we don't get to close our eyes and pretend they haven't.

A flight of Canadian Geese take off, across the water from the dock where John is sitting.

And everyone is telling me... how different I am. They're right. But they don't have a clue why. They can't know what I've seen... what I've done... what's been done to me.

A pair of pelicans land on the water nearby.

They can't know what's out there waiting for them and I can't tell them, because they wouldn't believe me. Hell, if I tried, they'd lock me up. Frell. I'd lock me up.

Caroline walks down the dock, to John, putting her hands on his shoulders when she gets to him. John closes the book as soon as he knows she's there.
Caroline: "Hey, Buck Rogers. You're supposed to be fishing, not writing memoirs."
She sits down beside him and leans over to see what he's writing: "What's that?"
John: "Its homework."
Caroline leans her head on her hand that's on John's shoulder: "This was supposed to be a weekend off. No homework, no stress, no aliens, no demands. I guess I'm not doing my job."
She turns John's face towards her, with her hand, so she can kiss him. She kisses him on the lips, but John doesn't really respond. He kisses her back with tightly pursed lips.

Man on Tv: "Mankind has always seen himself as the center of the Universe."

John sits on the couch, eating popcorn from a microwave bag, watching the broadcast.

"To discover that's no longer true is highly traumatic. A fundamental status quo is being threatened here. The very existence of Homo Sapiens may be under threat."

Jack comes into the room.

"It's hardly surprising the hysteria's rising."

Jack: "Here."
He sits a drink down on the glass coffee table, in front of John. He sits down in a stuffed chair near him.

Interviewer: "Hysteria? In what sense?"
Man: "The presence of these alien creatures..."

John holds the popcorn bag out towards Jack.
Jack: "No thanks."

"... has induced various forms of societal hysteria..."

Jack: "Holt says it's bad on the political front. Every nation's demanding equal access to the aliens and all the information we get from them."
John: "Of course they are. We're going to give it to 'em."
Jack: "I don't see why. Why should we give them access to technology they can use against us?"
John: "Cause it's the right thing to do. Wouldn't worry about it, Dad. Subcommittee'll tie it up for years and load it down with a ton of guidelines."
Jack: "Now you're being naive, Son. The best and safest thing to do is keep it to ourselves."
John: "Space travel was your dream to unite mankind. When did that change?"
Jack fiddles with the coffee cup in his hand: "September the eleventh. This isn't the same world you left four years ago son. People don't dream like they used to. It's about survival now."
John: "Who's survival?"
Jack: "Olivia's survival. And Susan and Frank and Bobby's. Imagine them blown up by a suicide bomb or coughing up blood from a poison gas attack. This country is under siege. You just don't understand the global situation."
John slams the pillow he's been holding down onto the couch and leans forward: "I don't understand because I've been ou of town or because Daddy knows best?" He picks up the cup Jack left for him and takes a drink.
Jack: "Aw, come on. Now that's not fair, son."
John stands up and walks over by the fireplace.
Jack stands up: "If you want to argue with Holt or even the President, I can arrange that."
John: "I don't want to argue with anybody."
Jack: "No, you just want to be obstinate and insist everyone agree with you."
John: "Are you accusing me of being the only one in this family to be stubborn?"
Jack: "No! You're the most stubborn."
John: "That I would argue with."
Jack: "Alright, let's split the title."
John: "I am going into space tomorrow. If you'd like to come along, you're welcome... unless you're too stubborn."
Jack shakes his head and bites back a reply.

Onboard Moya, the creature Grayza left behind lurks in the corridors.

A transport pod flies up to Moya and enters her hanger bay. D'Argo is waiting at the bottom of the steps. John is the first one off, followed by Bobby and Jack.
Bobby: "Awesome!"
John: "Yah, and this is just the garage."
Bobby: "Come on. Show me more."
John: "No, I got some stuff I've gotta do first. 1812!"
The DRD scoots into view.
Jack: "I'll give him the tour, son. I know my way around."
John: "No, Jack. It's a big ship. You're going to need a sherpa. John kneels down by 1812. "Gimme that arm."
1812 extends one of his tool arms. John sprays it with WD40.
John: "This should fix it up. It's a miracle."
1812 moves the tool all around.
John: "1812, this is Bobby. Bobby, this is 1812. 1812 is going to be your tour guide. Don't let him break anything."
Bobby: "I won't break anything. Where's that pilot you told me about?"
Jack: "I'll show you. You won't believe it." Bobby stands up and he and Jack start to walk away. John stands up and points in the opposite direction.
John: "Jack. That way."
Jack and Bobby head out of the hanger bay.
John stands next to D'Argo: "You think they know how to open doors?"
D'Argo: "Can you check wormhole stability from Command or do you need to go outside again?"
John: "No, Command will be fine. I've had enough EVA to last a lifetime."
Aeryn walks over and addresses D'Argo: "Apparently all systems check out normal with the prowler so the scientists don't seem to have caused any damage."
D'Argo: "I made sure they didn't."
Aeryn: "I appreciate it. Thank you." She walks away.
D'Argo: "Okay..." He pats John on the shoulder. "Meet you on Command."
John: "Thank you." He closes the book he is holding and follows Aeryn: "Aeryn... listen up."
She is in another bay, looking under her prowler.
John: "You got a problem with them poking around at your prowler, why don't you leave it here? The IASA boys got enough to look at with D'Argo's guppy and my module." He looks under the wing at her. She immediately stands up.
Aeryn: "Would it be better if I stayed here as well?"
John: "Why would you want to do that?"
She clears her throat: "I'm clearly not fitting in."
John: "You're fitting in as well as any of us. Whatever, it's... up to you."
Aeryn: "It's up to me?"
John: "Yah. Yah, it's up to you."
Aeryn: "Fine, I... well, I don't mind your scientists poking around with my prowler. I can even... field-strip a cannon if..."
John: "No... don't do that. Thank you, but don't do that. They've seen enough."
Aeryn smiles with her lips closed and gets up.

The creature comes into the bay and watches and listens.

John stands up as well: "You want a hand?"
Aeryn: "No."
John: "No. No, of course you don't."

Aboard the Command Carrier...

Commandant Grayza opens a small box and removes something from it.
Braca: "What is that?"
Grayza: "An explanation would be pointless." She walks over to him: "You'd retain no memory of it."
Grayza places the object which is green and spiky, on Braca's forehead. There is a flash of green light. Braca's eyes appear to lock upwards and he shivers and gasps.
Grayza: "Skreeth... can you hear me? It's Grayza. Report."
Braca's mouth opens and a strange, raspy voice comes out: "I hear you. Crichton is onboard Moya. According to reports, Moya now orbits Crichton's home planet."

On Moya, the creature, Skreeth continues to watch John and Aeryn at her prowler.

Grayza: "Where is this planet?"
Braca/Skreeth: "Unknown. We traveled through a wormhole to reach it."
Grayza: "A wormhole?"
Braca/Skreeth: "Yes."
Grayza: "Are you certain?"
Braca/Skreeth: "Yes."
Grayza: "Do not seize Crichton yet. Learn all you can about his planet, its technology, its defenses and its location."
Braca/Skreeth: "Allowing me to interrogate Crichton will yield quicker answers."
Grayza: "Crichton has already proved himself to be immune to several forms of interrogation. Stay hidden until we know more. Understood?"
Braca/Skreeth: "Understood."

On Moya, the creature shimmers and becomes invisible.

Grayza removes the spiky object from Braca's forehead. He gasps and collapses onto the floor, his arm resting on a console.
Grayza bends over and puts her hand under Braca's chin. She raises his face so his eyes meet hers: "We took a short break... for recreation."
Braca: "I see."
Grayza: "Don't you remember, Captain? Perhaps you will... next time." She taps him on the chin and stands up. "But duty first."
Braca stands up, at attention, and straightens his tunic.
Grayza: "Run a full weapons systems check immediately. I want this ship ready to destroy a planet."



Onboard Moya...

John: "The readings match my homework. It's gonna be at least seventy arns before the wormhole's stable enough for Moya to get back through."
He and D'Argo are walking down a corridor.
D'Argo: "Pilot says he and Moya are looking forward to giving humans their first trip to the stars."
John: "Yah, right."
D'Argo: "They're not going, are they?"
John sighs: "No. We'll be long gone while they're still bickering over who gets the tickets."
He goes over to a workbench, still carrying his book.
D'Argo: "Well, then why offer them in the first place?"
John: "To give them something. Otherwise, they'll try and take it."
D'Argo: "Yah, but we're not giving them anything. Their scientists can't even work out how to use pulse pistols."
John: "Doesn't matter. My planet doesn't have chakkan oil anyway."
John has a bulb of the distilate of Laka that Noranti makes for him. He holds it in his hand and looks at it. D'Argo stares at it.
John: "Don't look at me like that. You know how paranoid my planet is."
D'Argo: "Yah they... they don't like aliens."
John: "They don't like anybody."
D'Argo: "I'm glad to see you taking a positive approach."
John: "Cooperation, teamwork, distraction. We give 'em a few hints, then we get the hell outta Dodge and hope they get their act together before the real space monsters show up."

Aeryn is walking down a corridor. Jack comes up behind her.
Jack: "Aeryn? Have you seen John? Pilot says he's ready to head back down."
Aeryn: "So am I. Would you like a lift in my prowler?"
John comes into the corridor at a junction. He's carrying his book.
John: "Go for it, Jack. She's the best pilot I've ever seen." He closes the book. "Think you can manage a side trip to the moon?"
Aeryn: "I think I can do better than that."

The prowler leaves Moya with a rushing sound. It flies towards the rings of Saturn.
Jack laughs: "Saturn! I'm really lookin at Saturn. I'm farther from earth than any human's ever been."
Aeryn: "Actually... no."
Jack chuckles: "Oh, yah. I guess my son does have a few miles on me."
Aeryn: "He must be happy to be back on earth though."
Jack: "I don't know. He's having a tough time readjusting. He, uh... hasn't talked much about what he's been through."
Aeryn: "Not even about his shipmates?"
Jack: "Naw, he... he's... he's talked about your societies, customs. Remarkable stuff."
Aeryn: "He thinks that your species and mine might somehow be linked."
Jack: "Our geneticists are still lookin at that... but I wouldn't be surprised. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were human."
Aeryn: "I'm not."
Jack: "Do you wish you were?"
Aeryn: "Why do you ask?"
Jack: "You have feelings for John, don't you?"
Aeryn: "Does that shock you?"
Jack: "No." He shakes his head: "I suppose it might if I thought of you as an alien life-form, but I don't. John has not said anything to me, but I believe he has feelings for you too."
Aeryn: "He did. Now..."
Jack: "Now he's home. That's one of the things he's gonna have to sort out. Just give him time."
Aeryn: "Hmm."
The prowler engine roars as they head back towards Earth.

All is as it should be at the waterfront mansion...

Sikozu: "Biologic examination?" She is walking through the house with a cordless phone held to her ear. She has a large bruise on her left temple.
Sikozu: "I said no. And, I don't care how many of the others have consented. You can go stick your probes in one of them... I'm not interested."
Chiana is sitting by the French doors, putting something in a gift bag: "Well, you never know. You might like it."
There is a security guard in a suit and dark glasses standing behind her, staring out into the yard. There is another just outside, on the lawn. Rygel is sitting at a table, with some food and Noranti is on a couch, reading a book with a Santa Claus on the cover.
Sikozu: "No, I will not have and ex ray. I don't care how much it advances man's xenobiological knowledge. N... leave!" She throws the phone behind her in frustration. It flies through the open French door and lands on the lawn.
Rygel: "Eat something. You'll feel better." He gestures at the burgers on the plate in front of him.
Sikozu: "I do not want to eat. I want to go back to Moya."
Chiana: "Good. Here... here, give this to Pilot." She holds up the gift bag she's been working on.
Suddenly, Noranti bursts into song (the book may be playing the accompaniment): "Hark! The hee rawld angles seenga. Glow ry to the nude blowed keen guh. Peach on erp and murky milld eh, gode and singers rek and sill ed."
Chiana echoes bits, but in a monotone: "Seenga. Nude." She grins.
Rygel puts his hand up over his ear.
Chiana: "murken... mill ed."
Sikozu rips the book out of Noranti's hand and tosses it out the door onto the lawn. The music stops.

John and Jack walk towards the Space Center.
Jack: "It was incredible! We flew through the Cassini Division. Beat the Cassini space probe by a year. Told Aeryn it was the best Christmas present I'd ever gotten."
They stop by a guard rail. John steps up on it and jumps back down.
Jack: "Except... for that tie-rack you made me in Junior High School."
He turns and faces his father.
John: "Speaking of... suits and ties, Holt is still fighting me on the tech-sharing plan and the explorer selection process. I could use a little support."
Jack: "I've always supported you as much as I could, son. You're not lookin at the bigger picture here."
John: "You don't see the big picture. You can't conceive of it. Earth has to work together on this."
Jack: "Yah? Well, you're asking the impossible on that one."
John: "Impossible. "Impossible is not in our vocabulary." Who said that? You. You did. Four days before you set foot on the moon. You taught me to believe that. That belief kept me alive. Please tell me you still believe it."
Jack looks straight at John: "I'm not sure what I believe anymore."
John looks at Jack, then away. He walks away.
Jack stands at the railing and bows his head. He turns and looks away, holding onto the rail and biting his lip.

Inside the hanger with the alien ships...
A man's voice makes an announcement.

DK walks by the side of the Farscape One module, looking at it. His wife looks at it with him.
DK: "All this crap you've tacked on."
John: "Hetch drive. FTL."
DK: "It can't work."
Laura: "It's theoretically impossible."
John: "Theory is wrong." He has a coffee cup in his hand. He holds it as he walks past a piece of machinery on a table and D'Argo's ship. DK and Laura follow him.
John: "Newton, Einstein, Hawking... we prove them wrong every time we pop out for groceries."
DK: "Then tell us how it works."
John: "I didn't design it, DK. I just installed it. That's for you to figure out."
DK: "Sure, drop it in our laps. Let us scratch our heads and look stupid while you go on Nightline or have lunch with the President."
Laura: "We need some help... we're neanderthals trying to understand 747s."
John stops by a workbench and fiddles with a computer: "These new laptops are really... nice." He looks at DK's wife: "Laura, I can not tell you what I don't know."
DK: "Then why'd you bring us these ships?"

A presence is heard, just out of their earshot. A faint hissing.

DK: "If we're never going to learn anything, why rub our noses in how dumb we are?"
John: "You're not dumb."
Laura: "Neither are you. Taka says you asked for a metallurgic analysis of these ships. You're on the track of something."
John: "It's just a riddle. Why do prowler pilots turn to goo? Get back to me on that. I'm gonna to get a refill of coffee. You guys want some?"
John walks away. DK and Laura watch him. Laura turns to the workbench and sighs.

The presence continues to watch them. A shadow appears behind a shelf, of a spiky head.

DK and Laura follow a Security Guard into a parking structure. They are in street clothes, without their lab coats. They are carrying briefcases.
DK: "Something's going on."
Laura: "I'm sure John is holding out on us."
The Security Guard goes to their car and opens the trunk for them. DK hands him Laura's briefcase.
DK: "Probably trying to grab more of the glory for himself."
Laura: "Again? He doesn't care about it. The only thing John cares..."
The creature, Skreeth, leaps out, hissing, and attacks the Security Guard. The guard draws his gun and a shot fires into the air. Laura and DK stumble back. Laura screams. DK holds Laura protectively while the Security Guard struggles with the creature. Several more shots are fired and Laura screams again. Skreeth slams the guard into the open trunk and runs after DK and Laura.
DK: "No!"
Laura screams and they try to run. Skreeth catches them easily. She hits Laura, who falls to the concrete.
DK: "Laura!"
Skreeth grabs him.
Laura screams again.
Skreeth throws DK down, beside Laura. She hisses loudly and dives onto them.
Laura: "No!"
Skreeth holds them both by their throats and they choke and gag.
Skreeth hisses at them and bares her teeth.
Laura: "No!"



Laura and DK are writhing on the concrete floor of the parking structure, Skreeth's claws digging into their faces. Laura is screaming. So is DK.

Grayza: "Are you sure that they're telling you the truth?"
Braca/Skreeth: "I can guarantee it. Plainly, not all humans have Crichton's alleged ability to resist interrogation."
Braca is standing up, the spiky object on his forehead and Skreeth's words are coming out of his mouth.

DK and Laura continue to struggle and cry out. Their faces are bleeding from the wounds that Skreeth's claws have made on their faces.

Grayza: "Then Crichton has given no wormhole information to Earth yet."
Skreeth: "No. That knowledge can die with Crichton."
Grayza: "Not until I have that knowledge."
Braca/Skreeth: "I'm confident I can capture him... but doubt I can bring him to you."
Grayza: "Nor can I yet come to you. Wherever this Earth is, the journey there is obviously impractical without wormhole travel. And only Crichton can command that."
Braca/Skreeth: "Then our best alternative is to seize him, learn what we can from him, then execute him."
Grayza: "I'm forced to agree."
Braca/Skreeth: "Anything more you need from the captives?"
Grayza shakes her head: "No."

Skreeth pulls back her head and bares her teeth, roaring with a hideous hissing sound.

John is sitting at the dining room table, looking at a photo album and drinking coffee. Olivia comes in the door carrying several packages. She sets them down by the door.
John: "Hey! Where you been?"
Olivia: "Shopping with aliens. They closed off the whole mall and the store owners, I'm sure, were very annoyed." She kicks her shoes off and leaves them by the packages.
John: "I'm sure they love it. It'll be in all their ads tomorrow... not to mention something to tell their grandkids."
Olivia sits down next to John: "What're you doin?"
John: "Mmm, nothin."
Olivia: "What's wrong?"
John, looking at photos: "Nothing."
Olivia: "Do you want to go live in the past?"
John: "No, thank you. I've been there."
Olivia: "Well, where do you want to live?"
John: "I don't know. You tell me. Where do I belong?"
Olivia: "Well, do you miss this life?"
John: "I look at these pictures and I recognize the faces... some of the places... but it's not my life." He touches a photo of his parents with his finger: "I miss her." He points to his Mom in the picture. He sighs. He points to a photo of a young Olivia: "I miss that chick." John and Olivia both laugh. John points to the photo of Jack: "I miss him, but I can't... he's changed."
Olivia: "What? He's changed so much that you can't talk to him? You know, he says exactly the same thing about you. 'He's changed so much and I can't...'"
John: "I have changed and I can't tell him why?"
Olivia: "Why not?"
John: "Because he's the Director for Extraterrestrial Studies and what he hears, the government hears."
Olivia: "You're saying he can't keep a confidence?"
John: "Coming here was a mistake. It was an accident. And it shouldn't have happened. And there are things that the government cannot hear."
Olivia: "What? Is it bad?"
John: "No. No, no, no it's not bad." John reaches out and touches Olivia on the forehead with one finger. He talks in a funny voice: "Don't worry. It'll be okay."
Olivia laughs: "Okay."
John (in the funny voice): "Trust me."
John takes his hand down. They both laugh.

D'Argo: "So I see we've been shopping again."
Aeryn: "Yes. Crichton isn't here, is he?" She is carrying several large, wrapped packages. Chiana has some also and a Security Guard stands in the doorway, holding yet more. D'Argo, Rygel and Noranti are in the living room, clustered near the television. D'Argo is eating something.
D'Argo: "No, but, uh, his cousin is. He's outside interviewing Caroline Wallace."
Aeryn: "Really? Thanks, Chi."
Chiana gets up, grunting: "Can you help with this?" The packages she picks up are obviously heavy.
Rygel groans.
D'Argo: "What'd you do, buy the whole planet?"
Chiana: "It's not mine. It's from Aeryn."
Rygel groans again.
Chiana: "I don't know what it is, but I... I know it's for Crichton."
Another Security Guard comes in, carrying a wrapped package. Chiana piles the two she is holding ontop of his.
D'Argo: "Won't get him back. He hasn't forgiven her."
Chiana picks up another box and starts to carry it out.
Chiana: "Oh, he will... sooner or later. Some males... can actually forgive." She hits D'Argo in the shoulder with the present. "Ohh! Sorry."

TV announcer: "... she will thank him for it."

Cousin Bobby is outside with his camcorder, talking to Caroline.
Bobby: "So, how long have you known John Crichton?"
Caroline: "I met him... six years ago."
Aeryn walks into the yard, behind Bobby. She is wearing faded bluejeans and a western style bluejean shirt. A Security Guard follows her as far as the fence then he stops and turns to look outward.
Bobby: "And how long have you been his girlfriend?"
Caroline glances up and sees Aeryn approaching: "Bobby, cut." She opens her eyes really wide and makes a waving motion with her hand. She clicks her tongue. "Take five."
Bobby sighs and gets up off the chair. Aeryn walks over to the table.
Aeryn: "Don't stop. I'm interested in the answer." She laughs a little.
Caroline: "Wanta tell me why you want to know?"
Aeryn: "That's fair. John and I were in a relationship."
Caroline: "What kind of relationship?" She gets up off the chair and goes over to Aeryn."
Aeryn: "It was complicated."
Caroline laughs: "Yah. I can imagine." She puts her hands in her pockets and walks beside Aeryn. Bobby walks nearby, filming the flowerbeds.
Caroline: "Well, actually, no. I can't imagine. John and I had a much simpler one. No strings, no grand plans, just good, casual times. Well, at least, that's how it was before."
Aeryn: "And now?"
Caroline: "Uh... he doesn't even want that much."
Aeryn stops and turns to look at Caroline: "But he's been spending time with you."
Caroline: "I think he's been testing himself. Working out what he really wants. It's not me."
Aeryn shrugs her shoulders: "I'm sorry."
Caroline laughs: "No you're not. You still want him, don't you?"
Aeryn nods: "Yes. But it doesn't matter. He doesn't want me either."
Caroline: "I think he does. When I asked him about you, he said... there was nothing going on. He said that several times."
Aeryn: "That's bad."
Caroline: "You have a lot to understand about humans. Sometimes when we repeat a lie, it means that we're trying to convince ourselves of the truth. And that is that he still loves you... very much."
Aeryn looks at her, not crying...

Two transport pods hover, nose to tail, at the mouth of the wormhole.

Scorpius: "Your head is bruised. How difficult was your travel here?"
Sikozu sits next to Scorpius, in his pod. The bruise on her temple is much more prominent now.
Sikozu: "Extremely turbulent, but not very damaging. Following your guidance signal was a great help. What are you doing?"
Scorpius: "Cross-coupling the fuel cells."
Sikozu stares at him: "To turn this pod into a bomb."
Scorpius: "This wormhole is traversable. It leads to Crichton. Therefore, I cannot have Grayza find it."
Sikozu: "You think her Command Carrier will return?"
Scorpius: "My spy aboard the carrier has been unable to discern her current strategies. But, should she return... as a last resort, I will detonate this pod... within the mouth of the wormhole. That should destablize it."
Sikozu: "But how will you survive?"
Scorpius puts his forehead next to hers: "I wouldn't survive it."
Sikozu thinks for a moment: "You... would have a better chance of destabilization with... two pods."
Scorpius reaches out and puts his hand around her throat. Sikozu gasps, slightly.
Scorpius: "Would you like to observe the sequence?"
Sikozu turns her head, to look in his eyes.

Two transport pods hover, nose to tail, at the mouth of the wormhole.

John and D'Argo walk through the hanger, near the ships.
D'Argo: "I just spoke to Pilot Sikozu went back through the wormhole."
John: "She did what?"
D'Argo: "She met up with Scorpius."
John: "That son-of-a-bitch. The wormhole must be stabilizing. She better not bring that bastard back through."
They walk under some Christmas decorations that have been hung on the scaffolding.
D'Argo: "No. She says she's not gonna return to Earth."
John: "Good. No comms."
D'Argo: "There should be no signals that link back to us."
They walk past Jack and T.R. Holt who are standing together, talking.

Jack: "I will inform the President."
T.R.: "Now, I am getting major flak from the Hill about John's Global Initiatives. He's gotta bend a little."
Jack: "I don't think he will."
T.R.: "Make him. It's your job. The Joint Chiefs are up in arms. They want to classify the alien technology as a... a national security risk and impound it."
Jack: "John won't permit that. He'll take these ships outta here first."
T.R.: "Look, I know you share my concerns about John's plans. All I'm asking for is a little compromise. Is that unreasonable.?" He raises his eyebrow.
Jack looks down, then away. He walks away from T.R.

Jack walks over to where John and D'Argo are standing with Chiana.
There is music playing in the background and lots of people milling around and talking.
Chiana: "Crichton. This isn't a very fun party."
John walks away from Jack, with Chiana. D'Argo follows them.
John: "It's not supposed to be a party. It's a photo-op for VIPs. Smile."
Jack looks after them, obviously thinking.
Chiana: "Can't we find a real party somewhere?"
Jack: "Could I have everybody's attention?"
The people all start to mill towards Jack, especially those with cameras and microphones.
John(quietly): "Boy, here comes the 'my fellow Americans'.
Jack stands facing the crowd, his back to a table. There are Security Guards on both sides of him, watching.
Jack: "I once told my son he'd... he'd get the chance to become his own kind of hero. Well, he got it. And he made the most of it."
There are flashes and the whirr of automatic cameras advancing. John, D'Argo and Chiana stand amongst the crowd, listening.
Jack: "I also taught him to stick to his guns when he thought he was right. So, I can't fault him when he does. I've heard it said... that he should accept our judgment over his because he... owes us. I've even said it myself. We're wrong. Look at the friends he discovered... the miracles he brought and then ask yourself what he owes us as compared to what we owe him."
Chiana, holding a champagne bottle in one hand, looks pleased.
Jack: "Now, John insists that we share these wonders with the rest of the world. But some people are afraid of what'll happen if we do. John's afraid of what'll happen if we don't, and I'll go with that."
T.R. Holt stares at Jack, deadpan.
Jack looks at the crowd and he looks at John: "So, as IASA's Project Director for Extraterrestrial Studies, I hereby invite all nations... to participate in the ongoing Farscape mission."
John starts to clap and he is joined by everyone. T.R. claps with his hands only.

John and Jack get off an elevator together. They are followed by two Security Guards.
John: "What made you change your mind?"
Jack: "Cause I believe in you."
They walk quickly through the parking structure.
John: "That means a lot. There's a few things we should talk about."
Jack: "Son, it's Christmas Ever."
John: "Right. It'll keep."
He gets into the car one of the Security Guards has opened for him.
As the car starts, Skreeth becomes visible for a moment. She wraps herself onto the back bumper of the car and becomes invisible again.
The car pulls out of the parking structure, heading home.



Olivia holds the front door open for Aeryn to enter. Aeryn is carrying two bags, one in each hand. She is dressed in her black leather outfit.
Aeryn: "I know you're preparing for a private dinner so I won't stay long."
Olivia reaches behind Aeryn and closes the door.
Aeryn: "Is he... is John here yet?"
Olivia: "Um, no. Not yet." Olivia walks into the house and Aeryn follows her.
Aeryn: "I... I wanted to bring you back the clothes you lent me."
Olivia: "They didn't suit you, huh?" She laughs.
There are blinking lites in garland all around an archway in the living room.
Aeryn: "Oh, no, it's not that. It's just... I'm more comfortable in these. It's what I am, I guess." She laughs, as does Olivia.
Aeryn: "And I brought the books as well. I really appreciate it... everything."
Olivia: "Are you leaving?"
Aeryn: "Possibly."
Olivia: "Well, you'll be here tomorrow morning to open presents with the rest of us, won't you?"
Aeryn: "I may not."
Olivia: "What's happened?"
Aeryn: "Nothing bad. It's not bad. It's just that I may be needed on Moy... (a timer goes off in the kitchen)... on Moya for a while. It's all right."
Olivia glances towards the kitchen, then looks back at Aeryn: "Ill be right back."

In the Space Center hanger...

Chiana stands in a group of people. She is holding onto an older gentleman's tie and twirling it.
Chiana: "So... are you as bored as I am?" She flexes her knees and half kneels in front of him.
T.R. Holt rushes up: "I'm sorry, Senator. She's, uh... still learning our customs."
Chiana laughs: "Spank you very much." She bumps hips with T.R. "Maybe you can teach me."
D'Argo grabs her elbow and drags her away: "Okay, Chiana, let's leave. Come on." He walks her away, hanging on tight to her arm.
Chiana twists around to look back: "What's wrong with you guys? What? You all scared of us still?"
D'Argo hustles her out into the parking structure: "Don't you know that all humans are bigots? They fight even amongst their own species."
Chiana hurries to keep up with D'Argo. She is out of breath: "Well, they do seem to fight alot amongst themselves. Hey maybe... maybe that's why they barely left their own planet."
D'Argo stops walking, Chiana still hanging on his arm. He takes a long, loud sniff.
Chiana: "What?"
D'Argo: "Something smells bad."
Chiana: "Well, it's not me." She laughs.
D'Argo walks more slowly, checking around as he goes. He stops by a car and looks inside.
Chiana: "Frell."
DK and Laura's bodies are lying in the backseat.

Jack walks into his living room, taking off his jacket while talking to a Security Guard.
Jack: "Since you escorted us all the way to the living room, I insist that you stay for a cup of eggnog."
Security Guard: "Thank you, Sir."
Jack spots Aeryn: "Hi, Aeryn."
Aeryn: "Hello."
John walks in and sees Aeryn. He stops.
Jack: "Livvy?"
Olivia: "In here." Jack and the guard continue on into the kitchen.
John puts his jacket on the back of the couch. Aeryn walks over to him.
Aeryn: "I'm sorry. I just have to drop some things off to Olivia."
John bites his lip.
John: "No, that's alright." He nods.
Aeryn glances back towards the kitchen where she can hear Olivia talking to Jack and the guard.
Aeryn: "Do you want me to go back to Moya?"
John: "We've already talked about this. It's entirely up to you."
Aeryn's eyes flash: "Fine. I'll go with what you prefer."
John cocks his head as he looks at her.
Aeryn takes a step closer: "Look, I'm not trying... to pressure you, John." Her voice is close to breaking and she enunciates the words: "I'm actually trying to take the pressure off. Would you be happier if I wasn't here on Earth? You don't have to justify it or explain it. Just give me an honest yes or no."
John takes a breath...
Jack: "Aeryn?" He comes back in from the kitchen. "Would you join us for dinner?"
Aeryn: "Oh no, I c... I couldn't impose."
Olivia has come in with her Dad.
Jack: "There's always room for one more."
Aeryn: "It's a traditional family thing." There is a tear running down her face.
Jack: "We'll start a new tradition. Look, it's up to you, but we'd love to have you."
John: "Could I get some eggnog, please?"
Olivia: "Mm hmm." She sets her cup down on the table and heads back for the kitchen.
Aeryn brings her head back up, the tear-trail still on her cheek. John steps closer to her. He looks in her eyes.
Olivia comes in from the kitchen and screams.
Skreeth runs into the room and goes for Olivia. John and Aeryn look away from each other and see the creature attacking Olivia. It wraps an arm around her and throws her to the floor.
Jack: "Livvy!" He rushes Skreeth. Skreeth kicks, then hits Jack. Jack cries out and goes down. As soon as Jack is out of his line of fire, the Security Guard starts shooting at Skreeth, hitting her in the chest and shoulders. He fires and hits her at least six times. When his gun runs out, Skreeth rushes him. John has left Aeryn and runs across the room. Skreeth reaches the Security Guard. She knees him in the stomach, then hurls him against, and through a brick wall. John yells and takes a run at her, but she grabs him and throws him through the air. John lands on the dining room table, smashing it. Aeryn pulls her pulse pistol and shoots Skreeth as she runs past. Skreeth tumbles and rolls, avoiding being hit. Aeryn pivots and keeps shooting at the rapidly moving creature. John, getting up from the remains of the table, has to duck to keep from getting hit. Aeryn continues to follow the creature with her weapons fire. Skreeth backs up against the fireplace and Aeryn shoots her several times. Skreeth becomes invisible. Most of the lights in the room are flickering, but it goes dead quiet. Aeryn cocks her head to listen for movement. John listens too, then stands up. Aeryn gasps and swings her pistol around and points it at John.
John throws his hands up in the air: "Whoa!" Aeryn exhales. John exhales too and rubs his head. Skreeth suddenly growls and materializes behind Aeryn and grabs for her and her gun. She bites down on Aeryn's pulse pistol. John rushes over to them. He breaks open the bulb of Laka distillate, in Skreeth's face.
John: "Suck on this!"
Aeryn: "What is that?"
John: "Forget about it."
Aeryn hits Skreeth who then hits her back, sending her flying back over the couch. John picks up a chair and breaks it over Skreeth's head.
John: "Huuhn."
Skreeth falls into the Christmas tree to the sound of shattering ornaments.
Aeryn starts to get up off the floor: "John... Wynonna."
John: "Right." He hurries to get his pulse pistol.
Aeryn grits her teeth and prepares to defend herself as Skreeth rushes at her. Skreeth growls and slams Aeryn who falls heavily backwards, flat onto the glass coffee table, shattering it. Aeryn lies still as death.
John runs up the stairs. Skreeth punches a hole through the wall beside the stairs and grabs him by the ankle. John tries to pull away and Skreeth bursts the rest of the way through the wall. John continues to crawl up the stairs, dragging the creature behind him.

Braca/Skreeth: "I've got Crichton."
Braca stands with the spike on his forehead. Grayza looks eagerly at him.
Grayza: "Yes?"

Skreeth howls. At the top of the stairs, John flips over and kicks Skreeth in the face. He yells as he hits her. She falls backwards on the stairs. John gets up and runs into a room, slamming the door behind him.

The lights continue to flicker and, downstairs a broken pipe is leaking near some sparking wires. Aeryn still lies, unmoving, on the shattered coffee table.

John comes out of the room holding Wynonna in both hands, looking around for the creature. When he doesn't see it, he takes a step forward and looks again. There are flashes and pops as the lights flicker. John continues to sweep the hall and the downstairs, looking for Skreeth. He looks left and right, at the downstairs. Suddenly, Skreeth materializes behind him and jumps him with a growl. John's pulse pistol goes off, hitting the ceiling. John slams Skreeth in the upstairs wall and Skreeth spins them both around. They plunge through the hall railing together and fall to the floor below. John cries out. When he hits the floor, Wynonna is knocked out of his hand and skids away across the tile. John is lying flat on his back and he coughs several times, trying to breathe. Aeryn opens her eyes as Skreeth gets up off the floor and looms over the prone John, her hand on his throat. Aeryn grabs Wynonna off the floor.
Aeryn: "John... clear!" She aims Wynonna and starts shooting upwards, at the chandalier that is hanging from the upstairs ceiling. John grunts and hits Skreeth, knocking her back. Aeryn continues to shoot upwards. John rolls away just as the chandalier crashes down, hitting Skreeth and impaling her.

Braca/Skreeth screams in pain and staggers backwards. Grayza grabs his/her hands and watches as he/she continues to scream and sinks to his knees.

Skreeth jerks and gasps under the heavy chandalier. John gets to his knees. Skreeth gasps and then stops breathing. Aeryn holsters the pulse pistol and comes over to John. She holds her hand out to him and helps him stand up. He looks at her and takes a deep breath. Aeryn takes a ragged breath. John suddenly pulls away from Aeryn.
John: "Where's Dad? Livvy?"
John hurries over to where his Dad lies on the floor, near the wrecked Christmas tree. John gets down by Jack. He puts his hand on Jacks neck and Jack lifts his head and shakes it.
Aeryn: "Olivia."
John: "You all right, old man?"
Jack: "Huhh. Yah."
Aeryn: "Olivia. You all right?"
Olivia turns over: "What the hell was that?"
There is a rushing, roaring sound outside.
Aeryn: "No idea."
The rushing turns into a rumble and gets louder.
Aeryn turns her head and gasps.
D'Argo's ship appears, hovering outside the french doors.
Inside, D'Argo is at the controls, the targeting goggles just above his forehead. The motion of the ship causes the plants and trees outside the house to bend and break.
Olivia glances back into the living room and screams.
Skreeth rises to her full height with a roar.
Aeryn pushes Olivia to the floor: "Get down!"
John huddles over the still prone Jack.
Olivia continues to scream as Skreeth roars.
D'Argo pulls the targeting goggles down and takes aim at Skreeth's head. D'Argo fires LoLah. The french doors fly inwards in a hail of glass.

Braca/Skreeth screams and spit flies out of his mouth.

The flare of energy continues through Skreeth and the rest of the house, bursting out the front door. Shards of broken doors and walls fly and land on John and Jack.

Grayza hunches down in front of Braca/Skreeth who is screaming and holding his/her head.
Grayka: "What is it? Tell me what's wrong."
Braca/Skreeth falls to the floor and collapses.

When the shrapnel stops falling, John looks up from the floor. Aeryn gets gingerly up on an elbow. She and Olivia both look around.
Aeryn: "Well. Merry frelling Christmas."
John nods to her: "Amen."

Grayza is down on the floor, next to Braca. She unzips his uniform and pulls it away from his chest. She wipes some of the secretion off her chest and rubs it under Braca's nose. He gasps weekly and turns his head. The spiky thing is gone from his forehead. Grayza picks his head up in her arm. Braca opens his eyes and sees her arm. He rears back his head.
Braca: "Ma'am."
Grayza: "Captain, that was the best ever. You continue to amaze me."
Braca: "Uh, I'm glad I could be of service."
Grayza looks down at him.
Braca: "I mean, I'm pleased I could satisfy...
Grayza looks away and smiles.
Braca: "Will that be all?"
Grayza breathes: "Yes... For now."
Braca groans and clamors to his feet and hurries off, holding his uniform closed with his hand.
Grayza watches him go with a smile on her face. Once he is gone, she sighs.



Aeryn's prowler flies into Moya's hanger bay.

Rygel: "Uh... all the food goes to my chamber." He is holding a bag of microwave popcorn and a cup as he speaks. There is a huge Burger King bag sitting beside him.
Aeryn and Chiana are pushing a load of things down the corridor. There are many red-wrapped packages, plus other things.
Chiana: "Well, what're we doing with Crichton's gifts? You wanta put 'em in his quarters?"
Aeryn shakes her head: "Not the right time. Cargo bay for now." She pushes on the load.
D'Argo walks past them: "We'll leave as soon as Crichton's aboard." He bends down to push. "Here, I'll give you a hand."
Aeryn: "Thank you." She stands up. Noranti is walking by.
Aeryn: "Noranti..." She catches up with her: "...what's this?"
Aeryn holds out the bulb of Laka distillate.
Noranti looks at it, then looks away and keeps walking.
Aeryn: "Well, I think you made it."
Noranti: "It's for Crichton." She walks a little faster, but Aeryn follows her.
Aeryn: "What does it do?"
Noranti finally stops walking.
Aeryn: "What does it do?"
Noranti turns and looks at Aeryn: "It's to help him move on. Surmount his feelings and forget."
Aeryn: "Who?"
Noranti smirks a bit, then she turns and walks off.
Aeryn looks down at the Laka. She looks at it hard.

Olivia is holding an open jeweler's box that has a diamond studded band in it.
Olivia: "I was gonna give you this on Christmas." She is crying.
John takes off his dark glasses and looks at it: "This is Mom's."
A tear falls out of Olivia's eye and runs down her cheek.
John: "She left this to you."
Olivia: "I want you to have it. Mom'd love that."
A jet flies loudly overhead as John snaps the box shut.
Olivia shakes her head. Her voice comes out in a whisper: "Don't go."
John whispers back: "I have to go."
Jack is standing nearby, watching them. He steps over. He stops as John reaches up and hugs Olivia. John is wearing his long, leather coat. They both take a deep breath and another jet flies by. Olivia is crying. John kisses her on the forehead. He whispers: "You take care." He touches her head. Olivia cries harder and looks away. John looks down and sniffs. He rubs at his eyes with his fist.
Jack walks over to him, his face scrunched up tight.
Jack: Stay."
John shakes his head, his lips clamped tightly shut.
Jack: "Look, we'll guard the wormhole. We'll... we'll set up a defense shield. Nothin'll get through."
John: "No, I have a job to do." He smiles and points at Jack: "It's your words again."
Jack's voice breaks: "I don't want to lose you, son." He takes a couple of gasping breaths. "I can't shake... this feelin that you're not comin back."
John: "Oh, I'll be back. That's a promise.
Jack bites his lip.
John: "You take care of my home."
Jack nods. His words are mostly thought: "It's a promise."
John stands up and wraps an arm around his Dad's neck and they hug. Jack pats him on the back. John pulls back and kisses Jack on the cheek.
Jack whispers: "Take care of yourself." He sniffs and watches as John, putting his dark glasses back on, strides purposefully away.


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