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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

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Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 4.18 - Prayer

Previously on Farscape (voice of Scorpius)...

Scene One: from "Unrealized Reality", John and Einstein are standing on an iceberg. Einstein: "Every wormhole system has millions of exits... each to a distinct time and place."
Scene Two: from "Unrealized Reality", John travels down a wormhole.
Scene Three: from "Unrealized Reality", John: "Einstein, what the hell is goin on here?" Aeryn/Chiana: "Zhaan and Aeryn are out there under a flag of truce." D'Argo/Jool, Noranti/Rygel and Rygel/D'Argo are all nearby. There are flashes of light from several explosions.
Scene Four: from "Unrealized Reality", Sikozu/Stark is staring into a brilliant light. Sikozu/Stark: "Katratzi"
John, a trickle of blood running down from his forehead, shoots Sikozu/Stark. She cries out and crumples.
Scene Five: from "Promises", John: "You will never get the wormhole tech from me." Scorpius sneers.
Scene Six: from "Twice Shy", John and Aeryn face each other in a corridor on Moya. John: "Scorpius is here... looking for the key to what is inside my head. He will use you, and the baby..."
Scene Seven: from "Bringing Home The Beacon", Sikozu: "We need a sensor distorter for our ship..." She is talking to two male aliens. "... to fool long range scans."
Scene Eight: from "Bringing Home The Beacon", inside the dead Leviathan settlement, a female Scarran appears. Scarran: "Gezzah!" Sikozu whispers: "A Scarran." There is another Scarran with her, and two Charrids following her.
Scene Nine: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", Aeryn tells Sikozu: "If I'm not back at the pod in half and arn, you go without me." Sikozu: "What?" Aeryn: "Go."
Scene Ten: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", Aeryn fires her rifle and hits the Scarran soldier in the left side of the chest. The Scarran growls quietly.
Scene Eleven: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", A Scarran warship, its red lights glowing, is following Moya through space. Pilot: "The Scarran warship is still in pursuit."
Scene Twelve: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", John whispers: "What about the..." He makes a cradle with his arms and rocks them. John: "... Baby? What about the baby?" Aeryn looks at him, confused. She shrugs: "What?"
Scene Thirteen: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", John holds his pulse pistol pointed at Aeryn's head. John: "Where's Aeryn?" He shoots her in the face. Half of her face melts away, revealing bubbling plastics underneath. The other half blinks its eye. Sikozu: "A bioloid."
Scene Fourteen: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", the Aeryn bioloid, half of its face melted, lies dead on the floor.
Scene Fifteen: from "Bringing Home the Beacon", Scorpius lies flat on his back on his bunk. John looks down at him: "I don't care about the things you care about. Peacekeepers rule the Scarrans. The Scarrans rule the Peacekeepers. I care about one thing. Help me get her, and I will give you wormholes." Scorpius turns his head towards John.
And now, on Farscape...


An unfamiliar ship flies through space...

Aeryn: "There was one... guard. I don't... remember her face. She never... told me her name."
She is inside some kind of cell. The walls and bars are made of irregularly shaped metal pieces.
Aeryn: "She told me a legend about... how Sebaceans once had a god called... " She thinks. "Djancaz-bru. Six worlds prayed to her. They... built her temples, conquered planets and yet, one day she still... rose up and destroyed all six worlds."
She is sitting on the floor, her wrists in chains.
"And when the last warrior was dying, he... he said: "We gave you everything. Why did you destroy us?" And, she looked down upon him, and she whispered... "
She swallows and licks her lips. "Because I can."

Moya is flying through space. Inside...

Scorpius follows John through a corridor.
Scorpius: "Aeryn could be dead."
John: "The Scarrans will not kill her. They want to use her to find me."
Scorpius: "The Scarrans will mind-rape her until she has no allegiance to you."
John interrupts: "I'll find her before then."
Scorpius: "She will not be able to resist for long. I know this..."
John: "Stop. I'll find her."
Scorpius: "I just want to make you aware of the improbability of what you propose."
John: "I am aware. Shut up!"
Scorpius: "You have a plan?"
John walks through a doorway. Scorpius follows him.
John: "Yes, and don't interrupt before I finish, no matter how stupid it sounds."
Scorpius breathes... "John..."
John holds up a hand: "I said, do not interrupt." He goes to a console and presses a control.
John: "When I met Einstein, I blipped to bizarro Moya. Same Leviathan, but different. The Stark there uttered... 'Katratzi'."
Scorpius: "I know that."
John turns his head and gives Scorpius 'the stare'. Scorpius shuts his mouth.
John: "I thought it was gobbledy-gook. But then, Sikozu heard the same word when Aeryn was being kidnapped."
Scorpius: "I know that too."
John walks away from the console and goes and sits on the edge of a table, putting his foot up on the bench.
Scorpius: "You think this 'Katratzi'... is the Scarran base they'll be taking her."
John: "Right. But, you do not know where it is, do you?"
Scorpius: "No. You know that."
John: "Right again. So, I figure, if bizarro Stark knows the name of the base, he might know its location. That's it. Best I got. You got any better ideas? I listen."
Scorpius: "If I help with this insanity... and we do get Aeryn back..." He takes a step closer to John. "... you will tell me all you know about wormholes?"
John turns his head away.
Scorpius follows John with his eyes: "Every equation. Every formula."
John turns his head back to face Scorpius: " Everything."
Scorpius grabs John's hand. He takes his finger and rips it along John's, making a cut. John jerks and grimaces. Blood begins to drip from John's finger. Scorpius holds it up and opens his mouth. He lets a drop fall onto his tongue. He wraps his tongue around John's finger and draws it into his mouth, sucking the blood. John watches him do this. Scorpius pulls John's finger back out of his mouth and lowers it. He hisses.
John: "What, are we in the mob?"
Scorpius inhales. Keeping his eyes trained on John, he rips his own finger open and holds it up. Clear fluid drips from his thumb.
Scorpius: "Your turn."
John: "Nosferontu."
Scorpius stares at John, and John stares back, while the blood drips from Scorpius' wound.
John: "First instinct is always right."
Scorpius: "Scarran blood vow."
John: "You hate everything Scarran."
Scorpius: "I will help... if you taste."
John rolls his eyes. He looks up at the clear fluid dripping from Scorpius' thumb. He opens his mouth and holds his tongue out so that a drop of Scorpius' blood falls on it. He pulls his tongue quickly back into his mouth.
Still staring intently at John, Scorpius plunges his thumb into his mouth and sucks on it. He smiles slightly.

In her cell, Aeryn whispers: "Look, Djancaz-bru. I know I'm not the sort of person who usually does this sort of thing, so I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be saying... except that I really... need your help. I need you to send me some sort of sign that he's coming for me. Can you do that?"
The cell door opens and Aeryn quickly averts her eyes.
A Scarran enters, followed by a humanoid.
Scarran: "I've given you time to consider. Are you ready to answer?"
Aeryn: "Yes." She crawls around, on her knees, so that she is facing the Scarran. She grunts and gets to her feet. Her wrists are still chained to the floor. She takes a deep breath.
Aeryn: "Stiinga-tuk. Wait, did I pronounce that correctly? Let me try that again. Stiinga-took. That's better."
Scarran: "I gave you a chance!" He fires his heat weapon at Aeryn, knocking her back against the wall. "Where is Crichton?"
Aeryn gasps: "I don't know! I..."
Scarran: "Stop resisting. Where is he?"
Aeryn gasps as the heat wave stays on her face.



The Scarran holds his heat ray on Aeryn's face.
Aeryn gasps: "He... he's on Moya."
The female humanoid who entered with the Scarran is holding some kind of instrument and looking at it.
Female: "Six hundred telliks and rising. If you don't stop, you'll kill her."
Scarran: "I'm using no more force than usual. This won't harm her."
The female looks at her instrument which has lights that are blinking.
Scarran: "What do you know about Crichton's wormhole research?"
Female: "Six hundred and twenty."
Aeryn sounds as though her mouth is half asleep: "I don't know anything."
The heat wave distorts her face so that only her eyes are showing.
Aeryn: "He didn't tell me anything."
Female: "Stop!"
The Scarran hesitates, then terminates the ray. Aeryn grunts and slides down the wall, unconscious. The Scarran walks over and stares down at her.
Scarran: "What's the matter with this one? Is she weak, or is she faking?"
Female: "She's not faking."
Scarran: "Well, when she wakes, convince her to tell me all that she knows if she wants to live, or I will start again." He turns and strides out of the cell, leaving the humanoid female behind.

John walks down a corridor in Moya, followed by D'Argo and Chiana.
D'Argo: "You're going to go to the variant Moya?"
John: "Yep."
Chiana: "But you could end up on Earth again... mess up everything."
John: "No... I got this hum in my head like a whale."
Chiana: "A whale? Whattza whale?"
John: "You know what a fish is?"
Chiana: "Fish."
John: "Think big fish with sonar."
D'Argo: "John, I think you should have a rest first."
John: "D, I got a hum in my head. I'm gonna follow it."
Chiana: "Oh, you got somethin in there... but it's not a brain."
John: "Einstein said I can get back to the places I've been to before. It's like a homing beacon. I can make it."
Chiana: "You can't go with fek-face. He'll screw you, then he'll betray you."
They walk into a bay.
Scorpius: "So little trust, Nebari." He was already in the bay when they entered.
Chiana walks beside Scorpius: "What's going on? Why're you going with him?"
Scorpius: "John and I have an agreement."
John walks over to his module and leans over into the cockpit.
D'Argo: "What agreement?"
Scorpius: "The details are confidential."
D'Argo: "John... don't."
John stops working inside the module and turns around: "Guys, I know what I'm doing is stupid, but it's out of my hands. I got to save Aeryn... you know that. Just get us close to the wormhole. If we don't come back... " He looks at Chiana who is staring at him. "Right." He turns back to the module. His face ripples, almost as if time slowed.

Aeryn is seated on some sort of chair. Her arms are secured straight out to her sides. Her legs are secured similarly, at the ankles. Her eyes open and close. The cell door opens behind her and the female humanoid comes in.
Female: "Feeling better?"
Aeryn: "Critical heat delirium."
Female: "Hmm... I almost couldn't get your temperature down in time. I thought Peacekeepers were supposed to be battle strengthened. Why did his heat probe almost kill you?" She slowly circles the chair, watching Aeryn.
Aeryn: "I... " She swallows painfully. "I'm tired. Just go away."
Female, whispering: "Wish I could. Listen, that fenik will kill you unless you give him a reason not to. I've seen it happen. You'll be just another D.I.T... "Died In Transit." All right. Don't listen. I'm just trying to save your life."
Aeryn: "Are you really Sebacean?"
Female: "Yes."
Aeryn: "Does it make it easier... to make the others do your dirty work and you take the coward's choice?"
Female, continuing to circle Aeryn in the chair: "Listen. I've heard all that dren before. Usually from people like you... chained to a cell. Look at me... I'm not. You know why? Because I figured out a long time ago... Peacekeepers, Scarrans... what difference does it matter who rules? It won't be me. All I'm going to do is survive. I suggest... you should do the same." She stops and Aeryn turns her head to look at her. "I'll tell Captain Jenek you're ready for another interrogation."
The cell door opens and the female Sebacean leaves. It closes behind her.
Aeryn breathes quickly, shuddering.

John's module hangs in space.
John comms: "Pilot, thank Moya for us and stay well clear. You guys have come far enough."
Pilot comms: "Crichton! Moya's senses indicate the wormhole is destabilizing."
John: "Yah, it's not too good. Grasshopper, you still up for this?"
Scorpius is sitting behind John, in the module.
Scorpius: "I was just musing. If you miss your intended target we could change the future. Or the past. Create a world devoid of Peacekeepers... and Scarrans. Would you like that, John?"
John closes his eyes: "Clear the mechanism." He opens his eyes and flips a couple of switches: "Focus." The module beeps.
John comms: "Guys... we'll see you around."
Chiana comms: "Good luck, Crichton... and come back." She turns to look at D'Argo.

The module takes off with a 'whooshing' noise and flies across the top of the wormhole. It turns and heads downwards, into the vortex. It begins to spin as it enters the mouth of the wormhole. Inside, John and Scorpius spin too. John keeps his eyes closed.
John: "Left..."
The module spins off in the opposite direction.
John: "... and left again."
It changes course again.
John: "No... damn, right!"
The module swings wildly.
Scorpius: "I thought you knew where you were going."
John: "Shut up, Grasshopper. I'm trying to concentrate." "Left"
The module switches direction suddenly, again.
John: "Up there. That should be it."
The module spins to a stop, with a screeching sound. It spins in the opposite direction.
John: "And... we... are here."
The module shoots out of the wormhole, into normal space. It beeps. John flips some switches as the module sways back and forth.
Scorpius: "Where exactly is here?"

On board the Scarran vessel, Captain Jenek and the female Sebacean walk together down a corridor.
Captain Jenek: "The signal from her bioloid stopped before our Dreadnaught could locate their Leviathan."
Female: "How did they detect it so quickly?"
Captain Jenek: "That is the first question I will ask the Sebacean."
Female: "Captain, there is something... about her. Her reaction to your heat probe was so severe... I was..."
Captain Jenek: "Nurse, you seem confused. I don't care if she dies. Her usefully is most likely already completed."
Nurse: "I know but... give me an arn. I have an idea how she still might be useful to us."
Captain Jenek: "One arn... then she answers or dies."
He turns a corner and walks off. The nurse slows her pace.

Aeryn's cell door opens. The nurse walks in quickly.
Nurse: "Something to make you sleep." She walks over to Aeryn and flips up the bottom of her shirt.
Aeryn is still bound onto the chair.
Aeryn: "I don't need any help."
Nurse: "Orders." She has an instrument in her hand.
Aeryn: "No, I don't want it. Stay away from me. Get away from me and don't touch..."
The nurse hits her in the face.
Aeryn gasps.
Nurse: "It'll only be more painful if you fight."
Aeryn grunts.
The nurse pushes the prongs of the instrument into Aeryn's abdomen.
Aeryn: "Get it out of me!"
The nurse continues to draw fluid from her body.
Aeryn grunts: "Wait a minute... you're not giving me something. You're taking. What... are you doing?"
The nurse looks up at her, then back at the instrument she is still drawing with. She pulls the probe out of Aeryn.
Aeryn looks at her: "What have you done?"

John is laying down under the console of the module, working on something with a tool. The module is spinning slowly in place.
John: "Some kind of crap has frozen up in the fluid drives. We're not goin anywhere unless I can... hey... flip that switch again."
Scorpius reaches over and flips a switch. A motor shuts off.
Scorpius: "Ironic, wouldn't it be... if we were to die here together?"
John: "Yah, we're a regular Romeo and Juliet. Damn this... spinning makes me feel like I'm drinkin Mezcal. You got somethin like Mezcal? Drink the drink, eat the worm? I can see you eatin a whole plateful of worms. Maybe not." He continues to work underneath the console.
They continue to spin.
John: "Just for the record... if you'd gotten the information and were able to control wormholes, what would you have done with it?"
Scorpius: "Taken over as much of the Universe as possible... found your home planet and destroyed it."
John: "That's not funny."
Scorpius: "No. No, I would use the wormholes... as a deterrent against any future Scarran attack."
John: "Alright, strap yourself in. We could be in for a little jolt."
He levers himself back into the cockpit. He starts to push some switches.
John: "That stuff should be melted by now."
A motor whirrs and stops.
John: "Oh, come on, baby." He flips one switch back and forth. The lights on the console come back on. "This should work."
The engine begins to make a quiet noise. Suddenly, John and Scorpius are flung back in their seats as the engine kicks in with a jolt and a burst of flame. The module turns and flies back into the wormhole.
John holds his eyes shut: "Left..." The module turns. "... again." And it turns again. "Gotta go." They continue to twist and turn until there is an explosion and the module flies out of the wormhole.
Scorpius: "Is that the Moya we're looking for?"
In front of them, a Leviathan hangs in space.
John: "Better be... my head's ringing like a fire-bell."

Aeryn is still strapped in the chair. The Scarran Captain has his heat probe held on her face.
Captain Jenek: "How did you know we planned to kidnap Grayza?"
Aeryn gasps for breath: "I..."
Jenek: "Again! How did you know?"
Aeryn, gasping: "Accident." Her arms jerk as the heat continues to hit her.
The nurse hurries in and walks behind the chair: "Captain Jenek, stop."
Jenek: "The Sebacean is dissembling. She will..."
Nurse: "No! I know why she's reacting like this. Stop!"
Jenek: "Do not interfere."
Nurse, whispering: "She is with child."
Jenek stops the heat and turns to the nurse.
Nurse: "Scarran heat probe will kill a pregnant Sebacean."
Jenek: "With child? Well, she was... close to Crichton, was she not?"
Nurse: "Yes."

Sikozu runs along behind D'Argo, trying to catch up to him.
D'Argo: "I couldn't have stopped him."
Sikozu: "You should have. Aeryn is dead. I know Scarrans. She is dead by now.
D'Argo walks onto Command and goes to a console. Sikozu follows him.
D'Argo: "We are not leaving."
Outside the viewscreen, the wormhole is still visible.
Sikozu: "Grayza knows the location of this wormhole. D'Argo!"
He walks away from her and goes to another console with Sikozu right behind. Rygel sits at this console.
Sikozu: "She put the Skreeth on Moya when we were last here. Please..."
Rygel: "Listen to her, Captain... she's right. Grayza knows Crichton used this wormhole as a path to get back to Earth. She knows he'll come back here."
D'Argo: "And I thought you were finally convinced Crichton's wormholes would get you home."
Rygel sighs.
D'Argo: "We're staying another arn." He walks back to the first console.
D'Argo: "Pilot! Get Moya to do a long-point, all range scan. I don't care if it's a gas cloud or an asteroid field, I want to know the microt she senses something."
Pilot: "Setting scans now."

Banks of lights pass blearily overhead as Aeryn is wheeled somewhere. She is barely conscious. She opens her eyes and tries to focus them by blinking.
Captain Jenek: "Can you retrieve incumbent knowledge from fetal DNA?"
The nurse is pushing Aeryn down a corridor: "Not here, but the med labs on Katratzi might be able to."
Aeryn struggles to sit up against her bonds: "What have you done? What did you say to him?"
The nurse leans forwards and whispers: "I've saved your life."
Jenek: "You realize what this could mean? If this is Crichton's child, we could learn all he knows about wormholes from this fetal DNA."
Nurse: "Yes."
Aeryn pulls and squirms against the straps that hold her onto the gurney with sides.
Aeryn: "Get me out of here." She leans as far forward as she can and screams: "Get me the frell out! Get me out!"



The Scarran ship flies through space.

Aeryn is bound on a different chair/table in a room with at least one other prisoner. She is still lying on her back, but she is no longer wearing black.
Aeryn: "Djancaz-bru... I'm going to say this again because I don't think you heard me last time. Just get a message to him. Let him know where I am so he can find me."

Another female prisoner, laying to Aeryn's right, speaks up: "I didn't think Peacekeepers had gods. I thought they believed in the Warrior Code - "battle and die" and all that dren."
Aeryn jumps when she speaks. She opens her eyes and looks around her. There are bright lights above her and various pieces of equipment around her. The prisoner who spoke seems to be a female of a humanoid type. She has a very thick neck, with lizard like protrusions on either side.
A female prisoner on Aeryn's left speaks: "Is there a Peacekeeper here? Can she help us?"
First prisoner: "She can't even help herself. She's praying."
The Sebacean nurse comes in and walks over to Aeryn.
Nurse: "Whose child is it? Captain Jenek will force it from you. He believes that if he can find the human's child, the Scarrans will reward him. Right now, he's dreaming of palaces and virgins."
Aeryn: "I'm very happy for him."
Nurse: "I warn you... he won't kill you. But unless you tell him what he wants, he'll make you wish you were dead."
Aeryn: "I have dozens of embryos inside me. I recreated with so many people."
Nurse: "No. Just one. Whose is it?"
Aeryn: "No, really. "PK Tralk Girl", that's what they used to call me."
Nurse: "Talk to the other women here. They'll tell you. We can keep you drugged and asleep. Or, we can make things... hard and ugly... worse than you can imagine."
The nurse turns and walks slowly out of the room. As she leaves, the lights dim. Aeryn heaves a sigh and shudders.

The variant Moya is hanging near a gas cloud.

John and Scorpius walk down a corridor that seems to ripple as they pass. They appear to ripple to.
John: "Every wormhole has millions of exits to different times and places which are complete and unending."
Scorpius: "So in this reality everyone on Moya has become someone they weren't before?"
John: "Like they went... into a blender."
They reach a junction and John cautiously looks around. The walls appear to ripple again and there is a roaring sound.
Scorpius: "Why?" He follows John as he starts down a different corridor.
John: "With these wormholes, anything is possible. Somewhere the Cubs are winning the World Series. Don't ask."
The walls ripple again and the ship shakes.
Scorpius: "Did you feel that?"
John: "Better hurry. We got an arn before Crais overruns this place and slaughters everybody."
They stop and look into the galley. Sikozu/Stark is busily making something and Noranti/Rygel is stuffing food into his mouth.
Scorpius whispers: "Stark? Rygel?"
John: "Mm-hmm. It's a weird Universe. I didn't invent it."

In the prison "hospital"...

First prisoner: "Genetic incubation. They find something interesting about us... see if they can produce an offspring they can use. They've bred me six times. Three of them died before term. Three of them... I don't know where they are."
Aeryn: "So, what's interesting about you?"
First prisoner: "The organic food on my planet grows a metal skin. I can dissolve it with saliva."
Aeryn glances at the wires encasing her arms: "Why don't you spit on these and get us out of here?"
First prisoner laughs: "Can't do that. Only thin metal."
Aeryn: "Right."
First prisoner: "Well, that's why they're breeding me. To see if the little gnink in here can destroy weapons grade metal."
Aeryn: "And you just happen to be awake right now to talk to me?"
First prisoner: "No. I palm the dren they give me to sleep." She opens her palm, inside the wires. There are several pills in it. She whispers: "I've saved up enough so I can kill myself whenever I want."
Aeryn smiles and turns her face away.
First prisoner: "You don't believe a word I'm saying. You think I'm working for that bitch nurse."
Aeryn: "Well... ?"
First prisoner: "They don't need me to control you. You can't beat them. They travel us around on frelled-up freighters like this and no one ever knows exactly where we are."
Tears run down Aeryn's face.
First prisoner: "No one can save us and we can't escape. I know. I've tried for cycles. Then I gave up. But I see... you still think someone's coming. You should talk to me. In here, talk's all you've got."
Aeryn looks away, working her jaw, staring up at the ceiling.

John drags Sikozu/Stark down a corridor by her/his arm. The corridor shimmers.
Sikozu/Stark whimpers.
John: "I heard you say it... Katratzi!"
Sikozu/Stark: "I don't know, Crichton!"
John: "She did! She said it!" He slams her/him face down on a table with a clank. "She said it when Chiana was killed."
Sikozu/Stark: "Chiana's dead?"
John: "No, no, no, no. Chiana's not dead."
Scorpius: "Would you like me to take over the interrogation?"
John and Sikozu/Stark, in unison: "Go away!"
John: "Stark!"
Sikozu/Stark: "Does Zhaan know..."
John: "Shut up! I heard you say a Scarran word. Katra..."
Scorpius: "Katratzi."
John: "Katratzee. I think it's a military base. Do you know the location?"
Sikozu/Stark: "Military base? No."
John: "You said it when you were crossing someone over... when you were in that trance state..."
Sikozu/Stark: "No. I never have any recollections when I'm in the stykera state." She/he shakes her head.
Scorpius: "But how could you speak in the Scarran tongue."
Sikozu/Stark grunts and pulls away from John. She/he backs away from them: "Once I... I must have crossed over a Scarran. They tell me things." She/he backs into a barrel and grabs hold of it.
Scorpius: "And now you have no memory of it."
Sikozu/Stark: "No. Only when I'm in the trance does the knowledge come flooding back to me."
Scorpius turns and starts to walk out, past John. They are both rippling.
John: "Where are you going?"
Scorpius points to Sikozu/Stark: "Keep him here. I'll be right back."
He leaves. Sikozu/ Stark sighs. John turns and looks at her/him.

Captain Jenek and the nurse stand on either side of Aeryn. Above her, some kind of instrument with a light inside it hangs from the ceiling. There is a noise and a projection appears, in the air above Aeryn.
Nurse: "It is a remarkable reproductive structure. Watch. The Sebacean egg is fertilized. It splits with life. It splits again, then stops."
The projection shows an egg dividing, twice.
Captain Jenek: "How does that happen?"
Nurse: "The ovum secretes a fluid that keeps the pregnancy in stasis. Literally freezes the explosion of life. She can store this proto-fetus for up to seven cycles before triggering gestation."
The projection disappears.
She picks up a large injection gun that has a vial of bluish fluid attached to it.
Captain Jenek: "And that won't hurt the embryo?"
Nurse: "No. This will just pry the truth out of her."
Aeryn: "No, don't use that. I won't lie to you. I'll just tell you what you want to know."
Nurse: "You wouldn't lie to me?"
Aeryn shakes her head: "No."
The nurse puts the injection gun against Aeryn's arm and pushes the prongs into it. She shoots the fluid into her. Aeryn grimaces and gasps. The nurse finishes and sets the injection gun aside.
Aeryn: "Yes, of course I'd lie to you, you stupid bitch."
Captain Jenek growls.
Nurse: "Aeryn... whose child is inside you?"
Aeryn: "Yours." She gasps again.
Nurse: "Whose child?"
Aeryn: "I don't know."
Jenek: "Is it John Crichton's?"
Aeryn: "I... uh..."
Jenek leans over her: "Is it his?"
Aeryn: "I don't kn... know."
She gasps. Jenek growls.
Aeryn breathes: "I don't... there was another man."
Jenek: "Another?"
Aeryn: "Mm."

There is a flash of light...
Aeryn sees herself, kneeling behind Velorek. It is like the negative of a photograph. She rubs his shoulders. There is another flash and she sees herself bending over him and kissing his mouth.

Aeryn: "Velorek." There is a flash and the picture changes, black to white, white to black and she sees Velorek leaning over her.
Jenek: "This Velorek... where is he now?"
Aeryn: "He's... he's dead."
Jenek: "How did he die?"
There is a flash...
Velorek is being dragged away by Peacekeeper soldiers.
Velorek: "What charge?"

Aeryn: "High Command executed him for treason because... I betrayed him."
Jenek: "The man who conceived your child?"
Aeryn: "I reported him."
Jenek: "She's lying! The serum isn't working! GIve her more."
The nurse puts the gun against Aeryn's arm.
Aeryn: "Mm. I'm not lying. I'm just not a very nice... " She groans and clenches her teeth as the nurse injects more of the serum. There are tears coming from the edges of her eyes.
Aeryn: "I, uh... uh..."
Jenek leans over her again: "This Velorek. Is he the father of your child?"
Aeryn: "No." Her eyes close.
Jenek: "Wake up. Wake... up!" He backhands Aeryn's face, but she still doesn't respond.
Jenek: "Wake her up."
Nurse: "I can't. Not until some of the serum wears off."
Jenek turns his heat probe on the nurse. She gasps.
Jenek sends his thoughts to the nurse: "Are you working for her?"
He can hear the nurse's thoughts in reply: "No. Of course not."
He stops the probe: "Your mind seems uncompromised." He turns to look at the first prisoner: "What about hers? How is her embryo coming along?"
Nurse: "I'm afraid her initial DNA scan shows no enhanced ability to the embryo."
Jenek: "Then I will kill it."
First prisoner: "No. It's too early. No!"
Aeryn jerks awake. Her eyes close immediately.
First prisoner: "It's too early. Your tests can't be accurate."
Nurse: "They're accurate."
Aeryn's eyes open again.
Jenek: "And I will watch it die." He turns his heat probe on the prisoner's abdomen. It glows red.
Prisoner: "No! No! It's too early! No!"
There is an infant curled up inside her that begins to squirm. It curls tighter and its limbs contract. Finally it stops moving.
Aeryn looks and sees it. She flinches, then closes her eyes.
The first prisoner screams continuously: "No! No! No!"
Jenek's heat probe flashes then stops. The prisoner stops screaming and cries.
Jenek looks over at Aeryn: "Unless I get answers that please me... you will be next."
Aeryn looks at him, dry eyed.



Onboard the variant Moya...

Noranti/Rygel: "Let go of me! Who are you?"
She/he protests as Scorpius pushes her/him into the bay.
Noranti/Rygel: "Crichton... what is happening?"
Scorpius whispers: "Dominar... quiet." He pushes Noranti/Rygel away and she/he staggers forward with a grunt. Sikzou/Stark watches in alarm.
Noranti/Rygel grunts: "Crichton, who is this tralk?"
Scorpius: "Now... You can channel past journeys when you cross a soul over?"
Sikozu/Stark: "Yes." She/he nods.
Scorpius nods. He takes one step to the side and reaches over to take John's pulse pistol out of his holster. He brings the gun up and fires once at Noranti/Rygel, hitting her/him in the chest. Noranti/Rygel cries out and falls to the floor.
Sikozu/Stark claps her/his hands over her/his mouth and screams.
John lunges for Scorpius and grabs his arm.
John: "What're you doing?"
Scorpius: "Now cross her over."
Sikozu/Stark continues to scream through her/his hands.
John: "You cannot just shoot people!"
Scorpius: "They'll be dead in an arn. You said so yourself. We have no time to negotiate, now... cross... her... over!" He points the gun at Sikozu/Stark. John grabs his arm, trying to force the gun down.
Sikozu/Stark: "No! I can't! I can't! I can't!"
Scorpius: "Why not?!"
Sikozu/Stark: "Because I have to love the soul! I have to care about where it goes to cross it over!"
John lets go of Scorpius and lunges towards Sikozu/Stark: "What do you mean, love the soul? You never had to love the soul before."
Sikozu/Stark: "I've always had to love the soul."
John glances back towards Scorpius: "Different Stark... different rules." He turns back to Sikozu/Stark: "So, what happens if you don't love the soul? You won't cross it over?"
Sikozu/Stark: "No. It's not a question of "won't". I can't. When they die they... they just go. Nothing happens."
John looks at her/him and at the corpse of Noranti/Rygel. He walks over to Scorpius.
John: "Whoops." He walks off.

On board the Scarran freighter...

The first prisoner is crying.
Aeryn: "Are you in pain?"
First prisoner: "What do you care? I'm just a Scarran spy and you're a Peacekeeper."
Aeryn: "No, I'm not a Peacekeeper."
First prisoner sighs: "That's the third one they've terminated. I saw it on the scan. It must have been malformed or... The three that survived... they were beautiful. Healthy."
Aeryn: "And you've had six... pregnancies?"
First prisoner: "They'll wait awhile... then they'll fertilize me again... unless I've got the guts to... " She closed her eyes and swallows. "Have you ever had a child?"
Aeryn: "No."
First prisoner: "Never?"
Aeryn: "Well, soldiers seldom do, unless they're placed on a breeding roster. In any case, it's not the same as being a mother, is it? That's why I vowed I'd never have one that way."
First prisoner: "And now?"
Aeryn: "And now, protecting this child will probably end my life."
First prisoner whispers: "There is another way. To make sure they never get it. I've hoarded enough sleep pills for the both of us. But I've never been brave enough to end it myself." She cries and shakes her head: "Coward."
Aeryn: "What's your name?"
First prisoner: "Morrock."
Aeryn: "Well Morrock, when someone comes to get me, they can save you too."
Morrock sighs.

Scorpius follows John down a rippling corridor on the variant Moya.
Scorpius: "Who does Stark love?"
John: "You cannot just shoot people!"
Scorpius: "I find your priorities odd. We are in a hurry and these deformities are preordained to die soon... who does Stark love?!"
John comes to the end of the corridor and looks around. There is a wall with a grill on it that doesn't look familiar.
Scorpius: "Just because you do not have the resolution..."
John turns and walks back past Scorpius: "I got more than enough resolution the last time I was here and sometimes, Scorpy, I do not like the way you do things!"
Scorpius growls softer and follows John back the way they came.

Outside the main viewscreen on Moya's Command, the wormhole swirls. D'Argo and Sikozu stand watching it.
Pilot: "I've been comming them every thirty microts. Nothing."
Rygel is behind them: "Will his module even be able to make a reentry through that?"
Pilot: "I don't know. Moya's scans indicate the wormhole's stability has decreased another twelve percent."
Sikozu walks over to D'Argo: "D'Argo, you know what we should do."
D'Argo: "Stop hammering me."
Sikozu: "Grayza is no fool. We will die if we stay here much longer."
D'Argo: "I'm not leaving Crichton! We're giving him another chance."
Sikozu: "How much longer?"
D'Argo: "Look, I don't know!"
Chiana: "Back... off... psycho."
Sikozu turns to look at her: "No, we should vote. We wake up Noranti and the six of us vote."
D'Argo hangs his head and shakes it.
Sikozu: "Because Crichton is safe! But we will die if Grayza finds us here! Majority rules."
D'Argo: "Not yet it doesn't." Sikozu takes a deep breath.
D'Argo: "I'm the Captain. I'm not willing to make that decision."
Pilot: "I'm... afraid you might have to."
Chiana: "What's the matter, Pilot?"
Pilot: "Moya's long range scan has just picked up another vessel heading this way."
D'Argo: "Is it military?"
Pilot: "I can't tell yet."
D'Argo and Sikozu both hurry to consoles.

Captain Jenek: "Any match on the embryo DNA?"
Nurse: "Nothing. It's a pattern the memory banks have never catalogued so it could be half human. We have no sample of Crichton's DNA."
Aeryn: "If I tell you?"
Nurse: "Your pain will end."
Aeryn: "When I was off Moya, I had another job."

There is a flash...
A brilliant white light shows Aeryn in a tightly form-fitting dress, sitting and laughing with some men. The images are all stark. In black and white.

Aeryn: "Assassinations, subversion. Whatever I was ordered to do."

Aeryn brings up a gun and shoots the laughing men. Blood sprays out of them in fountains and they collapse. Aeryn looks at them, hard faced.

Aeryn: "There was a man named Lechna."

There is another seated man, with curly hair. Aeryn and Lechna walk towards each other in front of a round window. They are smiling. They begin to kiss.

Aeryn: "He was my contact... found me all my assignments. But he was also my lover and I have tried to suppress it until now to protect him..."

Aeryn and Lechna continue to kiss.

There are tears running down both sides of Aeryn's face.
Aeryn: "... but I don't want the drugs anymore. It is most likely his conception."
Jenek: "This man... what world is he from?"
Aeryn sighs: "He's from a place called Vendrall. It's a small planet off most charts."
Nurse: "Have you heard of it?"
Jenek: "Yes. It's in the Callus Nebula."
Nurse: "That's a long way from here. Perhaps that's why the DNA isn't in our database. I might cross-check the genetic similarities from the same Nebula."
Aeryn watches the nurse as she starts to work on something.

John and Scorpius hurry down a rippling corridor. They have Aeryn/Chiana with them. Her hands are bound in front of her and there is a metallic gag over her mouth.
John: "We're gonna do this my way with Stark... not yours!"
Scorpius: "You haven't got the resolution to do what's necessary."
John: "You can stop already with the resolution." John stops suddenly.
D'Argo/Jool stands in front of them, down the corrior. He/she is holding a rifle.
D'Argo/Jool: "Crichton! What are you doing with Chiana?"
John: "That is Jool."
Aeryn/Chiana whimpers behind her gag.
John: "Jool, just let us pass."
D'Argo/Jool: "What are you doing with Pip?" He/she has his/her hand on his/her hip.
Scorpius whispers: "Shoot him!"
John: "Technically, it's a she."
Scorpius: "Shoot it!"
John whispers: "Let me handle this."
D'Argo/Jool: "Where are you taking Chiana?"
John: "Jool, let us pass."
D'Argo/Jool: "Stay back!" He/she fires the rifle at the corridor ceiling near John.
Scorpius hisses: "Shoot it!"
D'Argo/Jool shoots the rifle several more times, each time missing John, Aeryn/Chiana and Scorpius, but coming closer. John ducks.
John: "Damn it, Jool!"
Scorpius: "Shoot it!"
John pulls his pistol and fires, hitting D'Argo/ Jool in the side. He/She yells and falls backwards to the floor.
Scorpius snarls.
John: "Are you satisfied?"
Scorpius: "No. I don't like the way you do things either." He pushes Aeryn/Chiana and they walk past John. "Very messy."
John follows them. He pauses by D'Argo/Jool's body and looks at it before turning away and going past it, down the corridor.

The nurse injects more fluid into Aeryn's arm. Aeryn grimaces.
Aeryn: "No, don't!"
Jenek: "You lied!"
Aeryn cries out, then drops back onto the table.
Jenek: "We found record of Vendrall DNA. Your embryo is not the product of one of Vendrall's sons." He paces around Aeryn's head.
Aeryn: "Well, Lechna lied to me!"
Jenek bends over her: "There is no Lechna."
Aeryn: "There is Lechna!"
Morrock: "Leave her alone!"
Jenek: "Give her more!"
Nurse: "I've doubled the strength."
Aeryn: "No, please!"
Jenek: "Again!"
Morrock: "Stop it! She's telling the truth!"
Aeryn is crying.
Jenek: "Again!"
Aeryn: "No, please don't!"
The nurse screws up her face and injects Aeryn again. Aeryn screams: "No!"
Morrock: "You'll kill the child!"
Jenek leans over Aeryn: "Is John Crichton the father of your child?"
Aeryn sobs: "I've already told you. It's Lechna's. Not Crichton's. How many times do I have to tell you? I knew Lechna before I went onto Moya. I was on Moya to watch Crichton. And, as soon as I left, I went straight back to Lechna." She cries, sobs shaking her shoulders: "I have never... ever loved John Crichton. I've never loved him."
Jenek touches her face: "You lie. Tell the truth."
Aeryn: "When I... " She sobs again.
Jenek: "Yes?"
Aeryn: "When I left Moya... "

There is a negative image of a sophisticated Aeryn and a laughing man.
The image changes to the positive...
There is a man wearing many necklaces sits on a stool, laughing.
Another flash, and another. Two more men, both laughing.
Aeryn brings up a gun and begins to shoot. She hits one man with the gun and snaps another one's neck. She hits a man repeatedly in the face with her elbow. She walks away from the dead men, towards a seated Lechna.

Aeryn: "... ter... terminal soldiers... "

Lechna is seated.

Aeryn: "Lechna ..."

A negative image of Lechna and Aeryn starting to kiss.

Aeryn: "I forgot all about Crichton. It was... "

>Aeryn and Lechna embrace...

Aeryn: "I completely forgot about Crichton. I forgot all about him."

Aeryn and Lechna laugh and kiss.

Jenek exhales.
Aeryn lies on the table with tears streaming from both eyes.



Onboard Moya...

Pilot: "D'Argo. It's a long way off, but the vessel approaching seems to be a Command Carrier."
Sikozu: "We've done all Crichton could ask of us. We've stayed here too long. We must starburst now." She walks over and stands by Chiana.
Chiana: "No... no. What if... what if we initiate the engine signature change that I bought off Rekka? Like we did before."
Rygel: "Are you fahrbot? Turn Moya into a Scarran freighter? Peacekeepers are approaching. They'll attack anything Scarran."
Chiana: "We won't let them get that close. Look, if they long-range scan us, they'll move off, because we're not Moya. It's worth a shot."
D'Argo nods.
Pilot: "I need a decision, Captain. In thirty microts we'll be in scanning range of the Command Carrier."
D'Argo: "Okay, you wanted a vote. Do we starburst or do we initiate engine signature change?"
Sikozu: "Starburst."
Rygel: "Starburst."
Chiana: "Stay."
D'Argo: "Pilot?"
Pilot: "Moya and I say... stay."
Sikozu closes her eyes. So does Rygel.
D'Argo: "Okay, we're staying. Inititate the signature change."

On the variant Moya...

Scorpius: "Given these differences, are you sure this will work?"
John: "It's what happened before. Pip got killed. Stark channeled the Scarran while he was crossing her over."
Scorpius and John are standing across the bay, looking at Aeryn/Chiana and Sikozu/Stark. They are sitting on the floor with their backs to some crates and barrels, near the corpse of Noranti/Rygel.
Scorpius: "You or me?"
John: "I'll do it." He walks slowly into the bay.
Aeryn/Chiana: "Hey, Crichton. Untie me. You know... I know I... always tie up people I like." She looks down at her hands.
Sikozu/Stark shakes her/his head. She/he is quivering: "If you kill her, I... I won't help you. I won't cross her over."
John crouches in front of them: "Yes you will."
Aeryn/Chiana: "What is he talking about? What is he talking about?"
Sikozu/Stark turns towards Aeryn/Chiana, then looks down at the floor.
John: "Look... I know this doesn't make any sense... but you're gonna die in half an arn and there's nothing I can do to stop that."
Aeryn/Chiana: "What? What do you mean?"
Sikozu/Stark stares up at John.
Aeryn/Chiana: "I'm not gonna die."
John: "Yes, you are." He stands back up.
Aeryn/Crichton: "Listen, Crichton. Are you in some kind of trouble? Who is this fek? Is he making you do this? If you untie me, I can help you. I always do."
John pulls his pistol and points it at Aeryn/Chiana. She draws a breath. Sikozu/Stark watches with her/his mouth open, her/his lips quivering.
Scorpius walks over to stand right behind John. He whispers: "It is not Aeryn."
John: "Looks a lot like her."
Aeryn/Chiana: "Okay... the joke's over. Okay? I, uh... I was stupid to take it this seriously... cause it's a joke. Right? You ha... you have to stop because... because you can't kill me. You... you can't."
John stares down his pistol into Aeryn/Chiana's face. She shakes her head and sniffs loudly.
John's voice breaks: "No. No I can't."
He lowers the pistol. Aeryn/Chiana sighs.
Scorpius: "I can." He pulls up the pistol, still in John's hand, and fires it, hitting Aeryn/Chiana. John yells and Sikozu/Stark screams. Aeryn/Chiana gasps and pants.
Scorpius: "Now cross her over."
John yells again and hits Scorpius in the face, knocking him backwards. He turns back to stare at Aeryn/Chiana. A tear runs down his face.
Scorpius works his jaw as Aeryn/Chiana and Sikozu/Stark both gasp and cry. Aeryn/Chiana's eyes get big. Sikozu/Stark turns towards her and reaches for her face. Aeryn/Chiana looks up into John's face, then turns to look at Sikozu/Stark. Sikozu/Stark glances back at John, then back at Aeryn/Chiana whose eyes are closing.

Captain Jenek and the nurse stand on either side of Aeryn as she lies on the table, her arms and legs encased in wires.
Aeryn gasps and gags as she speaks: "Well, I don't know if it's Crichton's... child."
Jenek: "The frell with your drugs. They're not working."
He turns his heat probe on to Aeryn's abdomen.
Nurse: "No. You'll kill her!"
Aeryn gasps and coughs.
Jenek: "Who is the father?"
Aeryn chokes. Foam comes out of the corner of her mouth: "On Vendrall I met a... a man... "

A man laughs loudly. Aeryn knees a man and hits another. She hits a man in the face with her elbow and head-butts another. She kicks one of the fallen men in the face. She goes over to the seated Lechna, grabs him by his lapels and pulls him to his feet.

A negative image of Aeryn, her arm wrapped around man's neck, leaning in to kiss him. He has short hair. The couple pivots and the image changes from negative to positive. Aeryn looks into John's face.

Aeryn has more foam coming from her lips: "There is no Lechna..."

Aeryn leans into John and they kiss.

Aeryn gags on the foam: "I made him up."

Aeryn smiles at John and they kiss.

Aeryn: "Just Crichton..."

The image of John and Aeryn kissing is flooded with a brilliant white light.
The image returns to normal, in color rather than black and white. They both smile as they touch noses...

Aeryn: "Only, ever... Crichton. Just him."
Aeryn's eyes seem to unfocus as she stares off into the distance. Jenek and the nurse watch her.

Aeryn/Chiana lies on her side, her eyes closed.
Sikozu/Stark kneels beside her and chants: "Todye awkhel nervrusk. Kine ausamagaah, ausamagaa." She/he reaches up and raises the edge of her/his mask. A golden glow falls from her/his face onto Aeryn/Chiana's face.
Scorpius sits down loudly on a barrel: "Hasn't she said it yet?"
John: "Be quiet. I can't hear."
Sikozu/Stark: "Ausimaa kilay ti partreee. Kilay ti partree katratzee."
John: "Katratzi. That's it, Stark. That's the name of the base. Katratzi. Where is it?"
Sikozu/Stark continues to hold the edge of her/his mask up so the golden light falls onto Aeryn/Chiana.
Sikozu/Stark: "Seat of Scarran power. Small. It's fortified. It's dangerous. Diguises its presence... by mirroring the orbit of one of the moons of Trilask."
Scorpius: "Trilask..."
Sikozu/Stark continues to chant: "Trilask katratzee..."
Scorpius: "Yes... I know that planet."
Scorpius sighs and stands up, stretching his arms.
Sikozu/Stark chants: "Trilast katratzee..."
Scorpius: "John... we can go."
John continues to look at the face of Aeryn/Chiana. He starts to get up and reaches out to touch her hair.
Scorpius sighs in exasperation.
Sikozu/Stark breaks off her/his chant and looks up at John. The mask is back over her/his face. John looks at her/him for a moment, then gets the rest of the way to his feet. He walks out of the bay. Scorpius sighs again, then turns and follows him.

The first prisoner, Morrock, is out of her restrainst and stands beside Aeryn's head.
Morrock whispers: "Peacekeeper, wake up." She touches Aeryn's arm. Aeryn's arms are out of the restraints as well, lying crossed on her stomach.
Aeryn jerks and moves her arms: "How did you...?"
Morrock: "I watched the sequence codes." She takes Aeryn's hand and drops some pills into her palm. She holds her own palm cupped, showing the pills she is still holding.
Morrock: "Are you sure?"
Aeryn looks down at the pills in her hand. She nods and moves her fingers.
Morrock takes a pill out of her palm: "The same time, then."
They watch each other closely as they each take a pill out of their palm and put it in their mouth.
Morrock swallows: "Thank you."
Aeryn: "What for?"
Morrock: "For doing this with me."
They both put a second pill in their mouths.
Aeryn: "I don't want to be their test stallik."
Morrock: "No... no. Neither do I."
They both continue to put pills in their mouths.
Aeryn: "Anyway... what other choice do I have?"
Morrock: "But your child. Aren't you afraid?"
Aeryn: "I'd rather be dead than let them have it."
Morrock: "Is it really his? The man you loved?"
Aeryn sighs: "Does this really make you tired?"
Morrock: "At first, but then..."
Aeryn smiles: "You know, I had such... incredible dreams for my child. It's impossible not to. How she was going to change the world. How she was going to look after me when I was old. They were foolish."
Morrock: "Not so foolish. I had the same dreams. Is it his? Is it Crichton's child?"
Aeryn smiles. She gestures with her finger: "Come here."
Morrock leans closer to Aeryn. Aeryn reaches towards her with her finger and smiles warmly. She runs her finger down Morrock's cheek and whispers: "Did you really have a child?"
Morrock: "I told you, I... had six pregnancies."
Aeryn nods, touching her on the cheek again.
Morrock: "Only three of them survived.
Aeryn lunges and grabs Morrock by the throat. Morrock gasps.
Aeryn: "I want the truth from you. I know that these pills won't kill me. I know... that you're their spy. So I want to know the truth. Have you even had one chld? Have you even given birth to one child? The truth." Aeryn keeps increasing the pressure on Morrock's throat as she talks.
Morrock gasps: "No."
Aeryn snaps Morrock's neck with a loud crack. Morrock gasps as she strangles.
Aeryn: "Good." She lets go and Morrock drops to the floor. "Then I orphan no one."
Aeryn tosses the pills from her palm across the room. She gasps and spits the pills from her mouth as far as she can.



John's module spits fire as it flies across space.
John comms: "We're back. Open the hangar doors. And we know where that Scarran base is."
D'Argo: "No time, John. There's a Command Carrier on the way. We've got you in the docking web and we're about to starburst."
John flips a row of switches on the side of his module: "Got it."
D'Argo: "Okay, we'll go as slow as we can, but you better buckle down in there."
Pilot: "Starting starburst countdown grid."
A blue glow starts from the junction of Moya's tails and travels up her body.
Scorpius: "Why is nothing ever easy with you?"
John: "I wish I knew."
D'Argo: "Hold on, John. Pilot. Starburst... ... now."
Pilot presses a control and starburst flashes along the length of Moya and she disappears in a circle of light.

Captain Jenek: "We've set a course for Katratzi."
Nurse: "They've been informed of your condition and there is a surgeon on hand."
The cell door closes behind them as they leave.

Aeryn is on her hands and knees, on the floor of her cell. Her eyes flash.
Aeryn: "Now... Djancaz-bru... you haven't listened and you haven't helped. And, I'm running out of time. So I'm gonna forget about you. I am now willing to make a deal with anyone. With anything to save my child. Not because I can... but because I have to." Aeryn continues to stare out of the cell for a microt, then she bows her head.


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