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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: April 5, 2002
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.19 - I-Yensch, You-Yensch

Previously on Farscape (voice of Scorpius):Scene One: from "Infinite Possibilites, partTwo: Icarus Abides", TalynJohn is leaning against his module as he kisses Aeryn. Aeryn: "What is the matter?"
Scene Two: from "Infinite Possibilites, part Two: Icarus Abides", TalynJohn kneels in the sand and dashes forward to close the cover of the Displacement Engine.
Scene Three: from "Infinite Possibilities, part Two: Icarus Abides", While holding her face in his hands, TalynJohn tells Aeryn: "Radiation, massive radiation."
Scene Four: from "Infinite Possibilities, part Two: Icarus Abides", Aeryn sits next to TalynJohn, on his deathbed. Aeryn: "I love you." TalynJohn: "I love you." A crying Aeryn closes the dead TalynJohn's eyes.
Scene Five: from "Fractures", Crais: "The other Crichton... is dead." Aeryn: "Hello, John."
Scene Six: from "Fractures", D'Argo: "Oh, my friend,I... This is difficult, isn't it? You're jealous of the other you." John: "He died." D'Argo: "Now Aeryn thinks that you're the copy."
Scene Seven: from "Fractures", The 'ghost' of TalynJohn speaks to his twin: "Peacekeepers. They're your problem. Don't let Scorpius crack this. Whatever it takes."
Scene Eight: from "Fractures", John stands on the catwalk in Pilot's den, facing the rest of Moya's crew: "I'm going to the Command Carrier. I'm going to stop Scorpius."
Scene Nine: from "Fractures", The 'ghost' of TalynJohn: "Good luck, John."

And now, on Farscape..............


There is an unusual looking ship flying near Moya...

Jool: "I'm a squillion metres from anywhere I want to be."
Naj Gil: "Then come with me." He makes a growling noise.
They are walking together down one of Moya's corridors, holding hands.
Jool: "I can't."
Naj Gil: "Jool, your friends are negotiating with Peacekeepers. You stay here, you'll end up dead. I'm sure, on the medical facility, there'll be someone who can help you find your home."

John and Chiana are on Command.
John comms: "Aeryn aboard?"
Pilot: "Just finished her reconnaissance. The ship on approach is definately a medical facility."
There is a lot of engine noise.

Aeryn walks onto Moya from the transport pod as Pilot is talking.
Aeryn: "It is unarmed. Five or six hundred onboard, and they'll take our Scarran."
John: "Let's get Naj Gil outta here before they change their minds."
John walks over to Chiana who is staring down at a console and swaying. John takes her arm.
John: "You all right?"
Chiana: "Any word from D'Argo and Rygel?"
John: "No. They're out of range."
Chiana: "So after we leave here, we're really gonna do this? There's no turning back? We're... we're gonna go on a command carrier with Scorpius."
John: "Well, that's the plan, if they can hammer out a deal."
Chiana: "Scorpius doesn't deal."
John: "Rygel thinks he will." John walks back to his console and Chiana follows him, shaking her head.
Chiana: "No, no, no, no. Right now, Scorpius is probably frying D'Argo in the Aurora Chair and... and... and then he's gonna find us and he's gonna kick us to death. But cha...but you know what? It doesn't matter because... because I won't be here. I'm splittin' Crichton. Next planet we pass."
Chiana turns and walks away from John. As she does, there is a whoosing noise and she freezes. John watches as she turns back to him. Chiana seems to shimmer almost like a blurring of her head and face.
Chiana: "Peacekeepers. I... I see Peacekeepers."

D'Argo's ship is sitting on a derelict looking planet, outside a building. It is dark and wind-blown. Inside, there is a lunch counter with stools and some tables with chairs, like a diner. There is a neon sign in the front window. D'Argo is sitting at a table with Rygel.

D'Argo: "You know, I don't think Scorpius is gonna show."
Rygel: "He'll show. Eat. Calm down."
D'Argo: "No, I can't. I smell a double cross."
A waitress approaches their table, carrying a tray.
Rygel inhales deeply: "How can you smell anything but these gannocks on the table. Try one."
D'Argo: "No. How can you eat that? It smells like trelk."
The waitress puts a plate in front of D'Argo. It joins several others on the table.
Waitress: "They're our specialty. People come from planets you've never heard of, just... to eat our marjoules."
D'Argo: "Look, can you please just get out of my way? Go, go. Go!"

Behind them, the diner door opens and Lt. Braca enters.

Rygel: "Ah! They're here."
D'Argo slaps his hand on the table and stands up. He turns to face Braca.
Rygel: "Lieutenant."
Lt. Braca: "Just the two of you. No others?"
Rygel: "Correct. Where's Scorpius?"
Just then, the door swings open again, and Scorpius enters. He smiles at D'Argo who is standing at the table, his arms folded across his chest.

Scorpius: "Ahhh. The Luxan." He lets the door swing closed. "And the Dominar."
Rygel laughs and smiles back at him, momentarily: "You're late."
Scorpius walks towards the table: "I presume you're both unarmed."
D'Argo: "That was the deal."
Scorpius: "Yes, it was."
Rygel: "Shall we... get down to business?"
Scorpius: "Not yet." He turns to Braca. Suddenly, the door of the diner bursts open and several Peacekeepers run in. They are heavily armed and wear helmets with black faceplates.

D'Argo: "Rygel! Move! It's a trap!"
D'Argo rushes to engage the Peacekeepers. He hits one and knocks them down. He 'tongues' a second. He is soon overpowered however and held against a tabletop at rifle point by several Peacekeepers. Another Peacekeeper holds a rifle on Rygel.

Scorpius: "Lieutenant. Prepare to execute them."



The Peacekeepers have their rifles in D'Argo's face. Lt. Braca is walking around them, smiling.

Lt. Braca: "Where's your rescue squad? Hmm? Where is Aeryn Sun?"
D'Argo: "Get frelled."
Scorpius talks to Rygel: "Not afraid of death?"
Rygel: "Oh, just let me finish these, and please don't miss. Aim for the head. Hmm?" Rygel points to his head and laughs. He looks into the barrel of a pulse rifle, then back at Scorpius. "Look. We're ready to deal. When you've finished your little game."
Scorpius: "I had to make sure you were both... alone."
Rygel smiles: "Hmm. Of course."
Scorpius: "Weapons down."
The Peacekeepers withdraw their rifles. D'Argo rotates his head to relieve the strain and his neck cracks. Lt. Braca smiles and walks away from him.

D'Argo takes a deep breath and attacks the Peacekeeper standing nearest him. He picks him up and heaves him backwards, over the lunch counter.

D'Argo takes a step towards Scorpius: "So..."

He stops, turns and right-punches another Peacekeeper to the jaw. He goes down. Scorpius continues to sit quietly at the table across from Rygel.

D'Argo: "You weren't really gonna kill us?"
Scorpius: "Of course not."
D'Argo knocks out the Peacekeeper on his right with a sharp elbow to the jaw.

D'Argo: "Are you... certain about that?"
Scorpius: "Quite. Ah, Ka D'Argo. If you knock out another, there'll be no soldiers to carry these three back to the ship."
Rygel clears his throat: "He's right. We're here to talk."

D'Argo looks at Scorpius and nods: "Okay. But I want no comms, and no more surprises."

D'Argo grabs Braca's arm and hauls it up in the air. Braca is no longer smiling. D'Argo takes the comms badge off Braca's wrist. Scorpius holds out his hand, offering his. D'Argo takes it as well. He drops them on the floor of the diner and smashes them with his boot.

D'Argo: "Now get these trelks out of here before you start to waste... anymore of my time."
Scorpius smiles and goes and sits down across from Rygel again.
Lt. Braca: "Withdraw to the ship. Await our return."

The waitress can be heard whispering to someone...

Man: "Peacekeepers!"
Waitress: "Well, what're we gonna do?"
Man: "Get the frawhezma out there."
The waitress is in the kitchen with a man. He is cooking.
Waitress: "I'm not going out there. No way! Voodi!"
Voodi runs past her, to another cooking pot.
Voodi: "Thank Bodice. Ssssss!" He takes the pot off the stove. "We've gotta run, Essk. We've gotta run."
Essk: "What? Run where? Where?"
Voodi picks up a silver flask and starts to open it. Essk takes it from him, unscrews the cap and drinks.
Essk: "Like we've got anywhere to run."
Voodi tosses his towel down on the counter and walks away.

A transport pod can be seen leaving Moya. It flies directly to the nearby medical ship and enters it.

On board Moya...

Jool is running down a corridor. She has a bag slung over her shoulder. She is still wearing an eyepatch over her right eye.
Jool: "Naj Gil!" She stops, out of breath. "Has he gone yet?"
Chiana: "Yah. The transport pod just left for the med ship." Chiana notices the bag Jool is carrying. "What're ya doing?"
Jool: "Listen, Chi. I've got nothing against the Peacekeepers. I was never a prisoner." She starts to quickly back away but Chiana follows her. "So you guys can fight 'em, or stop them or whatever it is you're planning, fine. Good luck. But I'm leavin."
Chiana: "Ahh, you're going on the med ship."
Jool: "Yep. Naj Gil said they'd check out my eye, and then they're gonna take me home."
Chiana: "You can't go."
Jool: "Why not?"
Chiana: "Because I saw myself mourning for you."
Jool looks disgusted: "Okay. One... I don't think you can see dren, and two, it's really none..."
Chiana hits Jool on the jaw with a right hook and knocks her out cold.

Back on the planet, in the diner...

D'Argo, Rygel, Lt. Braca and Scorpius are all at one table. D'Argo is standing behind Rygel and Scorpius is pacing.

Scorpius: "Now let me understand. You wish to board my Command Carrier. You want full amnesty and relocation to your own planets as free citizens. And in return, Crichton will help
, in my wormhole research."
Rygel: "That's about the short of it. Yes."
Scorpius: "And why would Crichton do this?"
Rygel: "Eh. Do you know who the Charrids are?"
Scorpius: "Yes. Not very friendly towards Hynerians if I recall." Scorpius sits on the table, near Rygel.
D'Argo: "The Charrids have formed an alliance with the Scarrans."
Scorpius: "I am aware of the political situation."
D'Argo: "The Scarran's goal is to build wormhole technology. We stopped them, but it won't be long until they start again. So, Crichton has a choice,... and he would rather you had it, than them."

In the kitchen, Voodi and Essk are talking...

Voodi: "We gotta get them outta here."
Essk: "So, what're ya gonna do?"
Voodi: "Essk, I gotta tell you something." He takes a swig from the silver flask.
Essk: "Oh, don't worry. This could turn out good. If you cook 'em the greatest leeavink ever... maybe we could get a Peacekeeper supply contract..."
Voodi: "Ohh, we're gonna get killed!"
Essk: "No, no, no, no, no! Why would they kill us?"
Voodi starts to talk, stops and then says: "I don't know how to make leeavink. I haven't got the skills."

Essk: "You do. You do. You were a great chef once, Voodi. You... can do it.

On Moya...

Pilot: "Crichton... Aeryn... there are Peacekeepers approaching!"

Chiana: "I knew it. I knew Peacekeepers would come." She reaches down and takes Jool's hand. "Come on. Come on."
Jool gets up with Chiana's help, her other hand held to her jaw: "What? Did'ja see that too? Is there anything you don't see?"

Crichton, Aeryn and Crais are all on Moya's Command. John and Aeryn are standing at consoles, Crais is standing inbetween.

Crais: "Talyn has also spotted the Peacekeeper craft. A prowler and a marauder."
John comms: "Pilot, give us immediate starburst."
Pilot: "We cannot starburst until we are clear of the medical facility."
Crais comms: "Talyn... prime the main cannon. Identify targets and stay calm." (Talyn's cannon swings down into firing position.) "Stay calm, Talyn."
Aeryn: "Are the Peacekeepers here to find us?"
John: "I don't know."

Chiana comms: "Crichton... it's Scorpius. He sent them." Chiana is hurrying through Moya, dragging Jool behind her, by her arm. "I told you. I told you they would screw us. That means that D'Argo and Rygel are dead."

John comms back: "Pip. We do not know that."

Jool is trying to pull loose from Chiana, who keeps hauling her back.
Chiana: "What are you doing?"
Jool twists and turns, trying to escape Chiana's grip: "You bitch! I could be gone. I could be on that med ship... but No! You had to see things, and then you punch me..." Chiana lets go of her arm and turns her around so she can push her towards Command.

Crais comms: "Prime main cannons only. Do not fire until my signal."
Pilot: "Peacekeeper ships in visual range. Moya senses they've targeted us."
Aeryn (quietly): "We don't have any choice. Do it now, Crais."
Crais comms: "Talyn. Fire at will."

Talyn's main cannon fires at least three times and two ships explode.

Aeryn: "Pilot? Status of the Peacekeeper vessels?"
Pilot: "They are... no longer on Moya's scans."
Crais comms: "Good work, Talyn."
Pilot: "Starburst in fifty microts. The hospital craft is moving away and the commander sends us his gratitude for destroying the Peacekeeper ships."

Talyn is moving and re-aiming his cannon.

Crais comms: "Wait. Wait, Talyn. The med ship is not a threat."
Aeryn: "What's he doing, Crais?"
Crais yells: "No, Talyn! The med ship is not a threat!"
John: "Crais. What is going on out there?"

Talyn's main cannon fires. The med ship takes a direct hit and explodes.

Crais screams: "NO TALYN! (the glare from the explosion turns Crais bright red) Power down NOW! Power down NOW!"

They all watch as the med ship continues exploding. Talyn retracts his cannon.

Jool and Chiana run into Command. Jool is wheezing. She runs up to Crais and hits him in the back with both hands, knocking him off balance. Chiana tries to grab her.
Jool: "You!" She starts to hit Crais with her fists. "There were innocent people aboard that ship!"
Crais: "I know."
Jool: "Naj Gil!"
Crais: "There was nothing I could do. Talyn attacked on his own accord."
Jool: "You could've stopped him."
Chiana: "Jool!" She grabs Jool's arm from behind.
Jool: "Somehow you could've stopped him. Now they're dead. 600 souls." Jool whirls around to face Chiana: "And you... you knew."
Chiana: "No. I... I only saw myself in mourning. I... I thought it was for you."
Jool hisses at her and turns away. She goes to a console and puts her head in her hand.

John: "Pilot! Why haven't we starburst? The Peacekeepers are sure to send out another patrol."
Pilot: "I'm... afraid Moya is now refusing to move."
Aeryn: "Why?"
Crais: "Since Talyn powered down... I can't contact him. He's not responding to my comms. And Moya... is refusing to abandon him."

On the planet, in the diner...
Scorpius: "We are agreed. You will all board my Command Carrier."
D'Argo: "We're not quite finished yet. We will need a guarantee for our safety, when we're on board your ship."
Rygel: "And, I'm afraid we'll need something more tangible than reassuring words."
Scorpius nods. He turns his head towards Braca: "I-Yench bracelets."
Lt. Braca: "Sir." He sets two large metal bracelets down on the table.
Scorpius smiles and points at them: "Put one on, Braca."
Lt. Braca looks distressed, but he nods and opens one, clasping it over his left wrist.
Scorpius: "Ka D'Argo." He slides the second bracelet across the table. "If you will."
D'Argo: "What does it do?"
Scorpius: "This gets you onboard my ship.
Lt. Braca picks up the second bracelet and holds it out, open, for D'Argo.
Rygel: "We have almost closed the deal. Put it on."
D'Argo: "It's easy for you to say." D'Argo holds out his right arm and Braca clasps the second bracelet on it.
Rygel: "Do you feel... anything?"
D'Argo flexes his fingers: "...No."
Scorpius: "Braca. Pay homage to the Dominar."
Rygel: "What?"

Lt. Braca has a very strange look on his face, but he walks over to Rygel, clicks his heels together and bows, so that his head is directly in front of and level with Rygel.

Scorpius: "I invite you, Dominar, to attack the Lieutenant."
Rygel: "I... have no quarrel with him."
Scorpius: "Humor me."
Rygel looks over at Scorpius and smiles. He comes forward slightly, in his throne sled and head-butts Lt. Braca.

Both Braca and D'Argo cry out and fall backwards, grasping their heads. D'Argo spins head-first into the wall and he and Braca both cry out again and fall to the floor. Rygel grins and chuckles.

Scorpius: "Synchronized nerve impulses. Those wearing the bracelets will feel each others pain. If one is injured, then both will be."

D'Argo and Lt. Braca have both climbed to their feet, but both are obviously still hurting. D'Argo tries to remove his bracelet by hitting it. It hurts and both he and Braca flinch. Braca glares at D'Argo, who stops trying to remove the bracelet.

Rygel: "Very good. And if one is killed?"
Scorpius: "Both will be dead."
Rygel laughs: "The bracelets seem acceptable but... who wears them?"
Scorpius: "Well, Crichton of course. And, my second in command, Braca."
Rygel laughs: "Braca?"
D'Argo: "You would not hesitate to kill him."
Scorpius: "I will not wear an I-Yench bracelet."
Rygel: "Crichton wears one... you wear one. Each of us gets to configure the arming sequence so we can be assured there's no tampering. The only way we'll trust you Scorpius, is if we know we can control you."
Scorpius: "Unacceptable."
Rygel: "Then we have no deal."
Scorpius shakes his head: "So be it."

He uses both hands to push off from the table and stands up. As he does, the diner door bursts open and two armed aliens burst in, screaming. They are quite short bipeds with grayish colored skin, pointed noses and ears and tiny mouths. They immediately start firing their weapons at the dishes and walls. One of them comes over to Scorpius and holds his gun on him. The other points his gun at Braca. Braca makes a move at him and the alien kicks him in the leg. Both Braca and D'Argo cry out, bend over and clutch their legs. The alien looks confused.

Taller alien: "This is a robbery." Scorpius growls at him.



The taller alien pushes the Essk into the dining room ahead of Voodi who he holds by the hair.

Alien: "How many more are there?"
Essk: "There's no one."
Alien: "No one?"
Essk: "No one."
Alien: "Get over there." He shoves her and Voodi towards where the others are standing. He kicks a trash can and it lands near Voodi.
The 2nd alien makes some squawking noises.
Alien: "Manan, brellas, whatever you got. Give 'em to me in a pile. Nice and slow." He brings his big gun up and uses it to gesture.
Rygel offers: "I have nothing."
2nd Alien(Wa): "Sko, I'm trying to tell you something."
The taller alien (Sko) comes looks the other in the eye and they make shrieking noises at each other, sounding like howler monkeys.
Sko: "I know, they're Peacekeeper officers. Who gives a frell?"
Wa: "He never told us about the Peacekeepers." The two shriek at each other some more.

Sko walks over to Scorpius: "You! You! Up.. up.. up.. up.. Up.. up.. up.. up."
Scorpius stands up... slowly.
Sko: "We want to know. Your troops. They shoot us in the head. How many? How many are there?"
Scorpius: "None."
Sko squawks loudly: "Liar! Peacekeeper Officer can't even stand without his troops!"
Scorpius: "I can stand on my own, thank you very much." Scorpius sits back down.
Sko: "Up.. up.. up.. up.. up.. up!" Scorpius stands again. "You comm them. Tell them, show themselves. Hands up. In the air."
Scorpius: "I have no comms. The Luxan destroyed them."

Wa makes a shrieking noise. Sko stares at Scorpius for a few more moments, then he backhands Voodi in the face. Essk screams and Wa laughs a barking/shrieking laugh.
Voodi puts his hand over his face where he was hit: "Why'd ya hit me? Wh... wh... wh... what'd I do?"
Sko points at him: "Just go. Cook. Now!"
Voodi: "Wh... what?"
Sko points to Essk: "You. Go help him cook. Now!"
Voodi: "Wh... wh... wh.."
Sko: "I don't care what! Just go. Now!" He keeps pointing at the kitchen.

While Sko's head is turned Braca rushes him and tries to take away his gun. Wa sees this happening and shoots Braca in the leg. Both Braca and D'Argo grab their legs and holler. Sko watches them for a moment, then comes over and stomps on one of their toes. They both holler and groan. They grimace and grind their teeth from the pain.

Sko looks from one to the other, confused: "What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? What's going on!"
D'Argo: "That's a very... long story, frellchek."

Back on Moya, everyone is on Command.

Crais: "Talyn is in shock. He has expressed absolute remorse for his mistake."
Jool: "Six hundred dead? That's a little more than a mistake, Crais."
Crais: "Yes. And I believe that unless we act, it may happen again."
Pilot: "What will happen again?"
Crais: "Extreme paranoia. Reactions unwarranted to the situation. Talyn is a danger to himself... as well as us."
John: "Crais. What do you want to do?"
Crais: "I believe... we should shut down all his mechanoid systems."
Aeryn sighs and puts her head in her hand. There is a loud rumble and the ship shakes.

Pilot: "Stay calm, Moya. We're just discussing a plan. No one's doing anything yet"

Chiana: "You're talking about killing Talyn?"
Crais shakes his head: "Of course not. His biologics will remain on artificial support. But we
get him to a place where the anomalies in his character can be repaired."
John: "Then you bring him back."
Crais: "With full system replacement."

Moya rumbles and shakes again.

Aeryn looks distressed: "When he comes back... will he still be Talyn?"
Crais is similarly distraught: "No. He will be, ah... different. Brand new. But something has to be done. Moya must know that. Six hundred innocents have just lost their lives."
Pilot: "Moya is aware that Talyn has acted irrationally. I will speak to her alone."

In the diner...

Lt. Braca is attempting to clean the gunshot wound in his leg.

Rygel: "Ahh! Huh, huh, huh, huh! Can I offer a suggestion?"
Wa (from near the kitchen doorway): "Shut up." He makes some barking/squeeking noises.
Braca and D'Argo both grimace in obvious pain as Braca straightens out his leg.
Rygel: "Why don't you forget the robbery and think bigger? If I were you, I'd hold the Peacekeepers for ransom. Let us go. You don't need us. But they'll pay anything to get
two back."
Braca whispers a snarl: "Rygel... shut up!"
Wa appears interested in their exchange.
Rygel: "This robbery doesn't seem to be turning out like you planned. If you had a plan which... (Wa squeeks again) Don't get upset... doesn't seem to be the case."
Wa: "We're doing fine. (squeek, bark, squeek)"
Rygel: "This is fine? I'd hate to see when you do badly."
Wa rushes over to Rygel and sticks his gun in Rygel's face.
Wa: "When we burn this place down...(squeek, bark)... make sure you're in it!"
Rygel: "Burn it down? I thought you were robbing it. This isn't a robbery, is it? It's for insurance. Garansai currency, yes? Before, you said: "He didn't tell us there'd be Peacekeepers here." It's the cook! Ha, ha, ha! You're burning it down for the cook!"

Wa: "Voodi, get out here now!"

Essk and Voodi rush out from the kitchen. Essk is carrying a plate of food.
Essk: "We've got your food. We've got your leeavink."
Wa: "Get it out of my face!" (squeek, aghh, squeek)
Essk: "I'll just put it over there, okay?" She hurries to put the food down on a table. "Maybe your friend will..."

Wa (to Voodi): "He knows."
Voodi: "Did you tell him? What did you tell him?"
Wa: "Nothing." (squeek, squeek, bark).
Voodi screams: "What did you tell him?"

Sko and Scorpius come out of the kitchen. Sko pushes Scorpius who bumps Essk on his way past.
Sko: "Tell what?"
Wa: "The worm knows. Voodi hired us to burn this place down."
Rygel smiles and nods.
Essk: "You did... what?"
Voodi: "I woulda told ya. I shoulda, Essk. But... but... but... I... I wanted to tell ya... "
Essk: "You wanta burn this? But I love this place, Voodi."
Voodi pleads with her: "I shoulda told ya. But I forgot to..."

Sko goes and gives Essk and Voodi a shove: "Shutup! Shutup! Up!"

He goes to Wa and stands nose to nose with him: "What have you been doing? Have you been telling them my life story?"
Wa shakes his head: "I didn't. He guessed."
They both look over at Rygel who smiles and nods.
Wa: "He came up with a better plan. Instead of doing the insurance job, we take these two for ransom instead."
Scorpius: "I wouldn't do that."
Sko: "We don't care what you'd do." He brandishes his weapon at Scorpius. "Look. We've got the guns."
Wa squeeks and barks.
Sko: "We're in control, and we're gonna be rich! Rich! Rich! Rich, rich, rich!" He and Wa jump up and down and squeek.
Scorpius (quietly): "No, you won't."
Rygel scowls at Scorpius.

Onboard Moya...

Aeryn enters Command. John is sitting at a console, holding the bridge of his nose with his hand.

Aeryn: "Talyn has activated a full lockdown. He's not letting Crais on board." She goes and stands by another console.
John: "Moya is still refusing to move. She won't even talk to Pilot."
Aeryn: "What do you think we should do?"
John looks up, but not at Aeryn: "You asking me?"
Aeryn glances at him: "Yes." She looks away. "We can still work together John. We always did that well."

John: "The only voice... that Talyn is going to listen to, is Moya. Someone needs to talk to her and convince her that we're not hurting Talyn because we want to." Aeryn nods, just slightly. John: "I think... maybe you... should talk to Moya. She knows that you love Talyn."

In Pilot's den...

Pilot: "There's nothing I can do. Moya knows Talyn's acting irrationally, but she believes he will heal himself."
Aeryn is sitting near Pilot: "May I speak with her?"
Pilot: "I'll ask." Pilot turns away for a short while, then looks back at Aeryn. "Moya will listen to you. Proceed."

Aeryn takes a deep breath: "Hello Moya. Talyn has been our home. And, on more than one occasion, he has saved our lives. I... personally have shared with him some of the best... and also some of the worst times. You must know that I would never harm him. Crais is right. We have to shut Talyn down, and it is for his own good. And I swear that we will all work to bring him back, just as he was."

There is a deep rumble and Moya shakes.

Aeryn: "It is the only way."

Moya shakes and rumbles again, softer this time.

Inside the diner...

Sko: "I can handle Peacekeepers. I know what they'll do." He and Wa squeek and bark to each other. "They'll send their other prowler, maybe two. I'll keep this gun at your head..." He walks over to Scorpius and puts his pistol on the bridge of Scorpius' nose. "...to make sure there's no funny gnak."
Scorpius: "Then you'll organize a ransom and get them to give you a very fast ship."
Sko: "That's right." He nods.
Scorpius: "The moment you comm them, you're dead. And you won't even see them coming. Why risk it? When you have a far greater prize here, and you don't even know it." Scorpius turns to look at Rygel. "Behold Rygel the Sixteenth. Sovereign of Hyneria, heir to all its wealth and fabled star planets. He... you should ransom."

Rygel looks on in dismay as the aliens both turn to him.

Back on Moya...

Aeryn rejoins the others on Command.

Pilot comms: "Talyn's agreed to let Crais reboard and start his work.
Crais has his hand on the neural transponder attached to the back of his neck: "I sense Talyn waking up from lockdown and powering up. Thank Moya for us, Pilot."
Pilot: "I think it best to leave Moya alone. She knows what we do is necessary, but still... she is heartbroken."
Aeryn: "She's not the only one."
Jool has been staring out the forward view panel: "Crais? What's Talyn doing?"

Right outside, Talyn can be seen swinging his main cannon forward to aim at Moya.

Chiana walks over to stand next to Jool, staring in amazement: "He's aiming at us."
John: "Crap." He quickly runs to another, control console.
Aeryn: "Start evasive procedures..."
Crais: "Shut down, Talyn! SHUT DOWN!!"
Aeryn: "Evasive procedures NOW!"

Talyn fires at Moya... at point blank range. There is a blinding glare and Moya is hit. Jool shrieks and she and Chiana duck down behind a console. Crais is hunkered near them, hands in protective posture, over his head. Talyn fires again. The defense screen mechanism is hit. Aeryn and John both stay at their consoles, using their arms to block the flying debris. Chiana and Jool both fall to the floor. There is smoke and chaos everywhere.



In the diner...

Lt. Braca is lying down on a table. D'Argo is standing over him, shaking him.

D'Argo: "Listen. Stay awake."
Braca grimaces and groans with pain. D'Argo cries out too.
D'Argo: "No. No sleep. No sleep. No sleep!" He slaps Braca across the face. They both jump.
Lt. Braca: "Ahh!"
D'Argo: "Ahh!" He feels his jaw.

On the other side of the room, Rygel is sitting with Scorpius.

Rygel: "He needs water."
Sko is reclining on top of the counter: "Ahhhh! Shut up. He's not important." He takes a drink from a cup.
Rygel: "Let the hostages die? Brilliant negotiating position."
Sko: "Awwww. You're the only one we care about, little slime toad. Now, shut UP! While we figure out what to do next."
Rygel: "He needs water now!"
Sko unends his cup, letting the liquid fall to the floor.
Wa laughs, a barking, rasping laugh.
Sko stares at Rygel.

Rygel whispers to Scorpius: "Imbecile."

Sko pounds twice on the counter: "Bring me water! And bring me food."

Essk runs out of the kitchen: "I left your... leeavink on the table." She points at a plate of food.
Sko, grabbing her by the collar: "Well, that leeavink's cold. You should bring me some more."
Essk nods and hurries back to the kitchen. Sko continues to lean on his side and watch the hostages.
There is a squealing noise from Rygel's direction.
Scorpius (in a high-pitched voice): "Your bravery is convincing."
Rygel's voice is also higher: "Yes. I think he bought it."

In the kitchen...

Essk hurries in and takes the flask away from Voodi's lips: "They want more... leeavink."
Voodi: "Alright, alright."
Essk: "Come on." She reaches for a plate of ingredients.
Voodi: "Why don't they stick their leeavink up their fekik? No, no. No, why don't we put a frelling sign out the front? Huh? Huh? Yah. Leeavink Not Done Here."
Essk: "What... sign? You were going to burn the place down, Voodi."
Voodi: "No! This place is killing us. Don't you understand that? Essk, I want to start over. I want to start over together."

Wa is standing next to the still reclining Sko: "I've been thinking about it. We shouldn't kill anyone. We should just burn the place down. If we do this ransom thing, you know someone's gonna end (squeek, bark) end up dead."
Sko jumps up and grabs Wa by the shoulder and they squeek/bark at each other.
Sko speaks right in Wa's ear: "Have you looked in the mirror lately?(he is drooling as he talks) Are you getting any younger?"

Rygel and Scorpius are paying close attention to this exchange.

Sko: "We take the score that's fallen in our lap. We mortgage the runt."

Scorpius (quietly, to Rygel): "We only have a limited window before they discover no one will pay a krepma for you."
Rygel: "That's your fault. You told them to ransom me."
Scorpius: "If they'd commed in a Peacekeeper squad like you suggested, it's quite likely one of us would have died at the hands of these idiots. No, uh... we'll do this ourselves. If you're up to it."
Rygel laughs.
Scorpius: "I know the combination to Braca's bracelet. (the camera zooms in on Lt. Braca, then shows the bracelet on his arm.) While holding two lights continuously, depress 3.. 1.. 4, then release all."
Rygel nods and smiles.

On Moya's Command...

The room is a burned out mess. There are electical flashes and smoke everywhere and a lot of noise. Chiana is walking through, carrying a large hunk of cable. Jool is standing, staring, as though transfixed.

Chiana: "Give us a hand here, Princess."
Jool starts to follow Chiana: "I can't believe Talyn blew up Moya."
Chiana: "I'm sure it was an accident. Bet he was really aimin for you." She hands Jool an end of the broken cable.
Jool: "Errgg!" She wrests the cable from Chiana's hands.
A transport pod leaves Moya.

Crais looks pained: "We are the only ones who can help you. Talyn. Please."
John and Aeryn sit at the transport's controls, waiting.
Crais: "Talyn, please!"
Crais turns his head, in disgust. He stops and puts his hand back on his transponder.
Crais: "Bay three hangar... is opening. Talyn is letting us dock!"

In the diner...

Both D'Argo and Lt. Braca are now lying down, side-by-side, on a table. Sko and Wa jump down from the counter where they have been sitting, and grab their rifles.

Sko: "Okay. Here's what we do." He walks over to stand behind Rygel and Scorpius and feels Rygel's ears. "We call your people. Weeeeeeee ask for ten million krepmas ransom." He puts his hand on the back of Rygel's head and scratches him... just a bit. "We leave. We wait. They come. When they come, we arrange the exchange."
Rygel: "His ship will decode the transmission."
Sko: "Hah! So? We'll be metras away."
Rygel: "In something that can outrun an attack marauder?"
Scorpius: "Uh, he's right, you know. "
Sko: "Oh! Baah!" He slams his rifle down on a table, ontop of plates of food.
Sko: "Oh! Why so difficult?" He barks several times, obviously upset.
Rygel: "Uh? You could take my ship. It 's fast. They won't ever catch us."
Sko barks to Wa and points at Rygel.
Sko: "Good."
Wa barks back.
Rygel looks over at D'Argo: "But he's the only one that can fly it."
Sko looks at D'Argo and Braca...

Sko: "I don't believe you."
D'Argo: "It's true. Responds to DNA particles and voice ident."
Sko sqeals, puts his arms up in the air and then puts them on top of his head: "Why so difficult?"

Essk hurries out from the kitchen with a plate: "Here!" She holds the plate out to Sko. "Voodi's made you leeavink."
Sko takes the plate and throws it on the floor: "No more drenk!" He grabs Essk by her shoulders. "You get me something I can eat!"
Essk cries out in alarm and struggles with Sko: "Let go!"
Sko: "Don't fight me, bitch."
Essk: "Leave me alone!"

Voodi rushes in from the kitchen and sees them struggling. He picks up a container from the counter and throws it at Sko, hitting him in the back. Sko turns around to see what hit him, releasing Essk when he does.

Voodi: "Get the frell outta here! I want you gone now! Now!" He is brandishing a utensil.
Sko has one arm across Essk's chest while Wa points his rifle at Voodi.
Sko: "Get back to the kitchen."
Voodi: "No! This is my place. You work for me. Now, burn it some other time, I don't care. Just get out of here. Now!" Voodi's voice is verging on hysterical.
Sko: "I'm warning you."
Voodi starts to make a rush and Sko and Sko shoots him with his pistol. Voodi falls to the floor. Sko releases Essk who rushes over to Voodi. Wa screeches loudly.

A crying Essk kneels beside Voodi: "Why?"

Voodi tries to talk through the blood that is running out of his mouth: "I... I wanted to give you something..."
Essk: "Voodi..."
Voodi: "b... burn this place down in my honor."
Essk smiles through her tears and nods, but Voodi is gone. She picks up his head and holds it to her, rocking and crying.

Sko and Wa huddle together and squeek and bark at each other.

Sko: "Dead."

Rygel takes this opportunity to go over to D'Argo and Braca.
Rygel speaks very quietly: "On Braca's I-Yensch, hold two continuously while you press..."
Sko notices what Rygel is doing: "Ahh, ahh, ahh!" Wa points his rifle at Rygel.
Rygel: "Uh huh!"
Sko: "Slime finga. What are you doing?"
Rygel: "Helping keep this man alive."
Sko: "Oh no, you're not." He has his pistol pointed at Rygel now. Sko is spitting drool again. "Back away. Back away!"
Rygel: "Yes, yes." Rygel backs up a bit and coughs conspicuously into his hand and whispers: "Press three, one, four."

Crais, Aeryn and John enter Talyn's bridge.

Crais: "Talyn. You know... what must happen next. "
John: "He's right, Talyn..."

As John speaks, Talyn brings his ceiling mounted guns to bear on them.

Aeryn: "Talyn. You listen to me. You destroyed a ship with many innocent people onboard. You shot your own mother. You would never do that. Unless you were sick and frightened." Aeryn pauses a moment, then continues: "When Moya told you what we had to do, you panicked and struck out. I don't think you really meant to hurt Moya. You could have destroyed her if you wanted to, but you didn't. Just as I'm hoping that you don't really want to hurt us, because we don't want to hurt you."

The guns remain pointed at the three of them.

Aeryn: "Talyn. You know you're sick. You let us board. Now, I don't want you to be frightened. You're not going to die. You'll be reborn. It's a fresh start. Please Talyn... let us take away your pain."

After a very long moment, the ceiling guns retract. Aeryn closes her eyes and bows her head, for just a microt.

Still lying on his back beside Braca on the table, D'Argo suddenly wakens and shifts around.
D'Argo: "Stay awake." He hits Braca in the shoulder with his elbow. "Stay awake!" Braca and D'Argo both cry out in pain.
D'Argo: "Stay awake."

Essk is standing near Voodi's body, drinking from the silver flask.

Wa: "Please Sko. No more killing. We should just get outta here..."
Sko: "No. No! We're too far in. So... you!" He points and walks over to Rygel.
Rygel: "Yes?"
Sko: "You were meeting with him, weren't you? Why?"
Rygel: "To negotiate our freedom. We're escaped prisoners."
Sko: "Oh, really? Really?" He squeeks and barks quietly. "So, you don't like Peacekeepers either."
Rygel: "Not in the slightest."
Sko laughs and looks at Scorpius: "This one's the most valuable?"
Rygel: "Higher even than a captain. Look. No insignia."
Sko puts an arm around Rygel, conspiratorially: So, we take him in your ship. We have better chance of escaping, yah?"
Rygel: "Hmmm?"
Sko nods and Rygel nods back. Sko stands up and crosses behind Rygel, squeeking and barking. He grabs Rygel by the bridge of the nose and pulls him along with him. Rygel makes "humpfing" noises while Sko pulls him.
Sko: Come! Come... slimey.
Sko: "Wa! Wa! Aim at the Hynerian."
Rygel: "Huh!"
Wa squeeks and barks as he lifts his rifle and aims it at Rygel.
Sko takes his pistol and puts it in Rygel's hand.
Rygel: "What?"
Sko points at D'Argo and Braca: "You... pull the trigger. Kill the Peacekeeper. I'll trust you. Then we'll both be happy."
Sko smiles. Rygel looks frightened.
Sko: "Pull the trigger." The gun barrel shakes. Braca and D'Argo are both staring at Rygel and Wa still has his rifle trained on him.
Sko: "Kill him now or Wa kills you."

Rygel still hesitates.



In the diner...

Sko has put a pistol in Rygel's hand and told him to shoot Braca. Meanwhile, Wa has his rifle pointed at Rygel. Sko is getting impatient.

Sko shouts: "Pull the trigger! Wuuahh! I'm waiting."

Rygel finally speaks: "I told you before... If I kill him, D'Argo dies. If D'Argo dies, no one can fly the ship. If no one can fly the ship... you don't go anywhere."

Sko has been listening intently to all this. He suddenly turns his head and screams in Rygel's face: "Pull the trigger!"
Rygel looks dismayed: "Ahh!"
Braca and D'Argo are both watching intently. Sko puts his face right in Rygel's face and stares in his eyes.
Rygel: "You want me to kill someone so you'll trust me. How... about..." Rygel slowly turns so that the pistol is pointing at Scorpius.

Scorpius starts to stand up: "Dominar."

Rygel: "Butcher."

Scorpius hisses as he moves to stand straight on to Rygel.

Sko: "You said this one was more valuable."
Rygel: "That was a microt ago."

Sko laughs and pats Rygel on the head: "Yes. Alright."

Scorpius growls and looks fierce as Rygel pulls the trigger. The pistol discharges, hitting Scorpius in the chest. He is lifted off his feet and flies backwards over the counter. He hits the kitchen wall with a bang and slides down it to the floor.

Wa squeaks and barks.

Essk sees the body land near her and Voodi's body. She exclaims and gets up.

Sko: "Good. We're outta here."

Essk: "Why not just kill everyone. Everyone!" She walks quickly around, behind Rygel and whispers as she passes him: "There's a knife under the leeavink."

Rygel looks at the overturned plates and spots a knife point sticking out from under some food.

Onboard Talyn...

John and Aeryn are working side-by-side.
John: "You okay?"
Aeryn: "Fine"
John: "Listen, Crais and I can wrap it up from here."
Aeryn: "I can finish the job."
John: "I know. But if you wanta go back to Moya..."
Aeryn shakes her head: "I don't."
John nods, slightly.
Aeryn: "But, thank you. You ready?"
John: "Yah."
Aeryn: "Crais? We're ready now."

On Talyn's bridge...

Talyn makes a beeping noise. Crais has both his hands on the back of his head.

Crais: "Yes, Talyn." He brings his hands down. "I promise you that I will do everything I can, and Crichton and Aeryn will as well. We're all here with you. You have not disappointed me. I don't hold you responsible. Neither does Moya."

Talyn rumbles something. Listening to this, Aeryn is visibly moved.

Crais: "No, no. On the contrary, Talyn. You are very brave. As you wish."
Crais goes over to the master controls and shuts off both sets of switches. There is some smoke and it goes dark. Talyn's running sounds wind down, and it goes quiet. In his den, Pilot looks saddened as Moya rumbles and shakes.

Chiana and Jool are in Moya's ruined Command. They stop to look out the main view screen at Talyn floating nearby.

Chiana chants softly: "Reterirasitae Reter..."

Crais, standing alone on Talyn's darkened bridge, his voice breaking: "He's gone." He backs away from the controls and slowly leaves the bridge. John and Aeryn are still standing near each other, somewhere inside Talyn.

In the diner...

Wa has his rifle up, pointing it at D'Argo and Braca.
Wa: "Squee-ahh. Get him up!"

D'Argo: "I'm trying to keep him awake. If you want me to pilot that ship for you, he must remain conscious." He helps Braca to a sitting position beside him.

Wa squeaks and barks several more times. Sko answers him likewise.
Sko: "Waitress! Waitress!"

Essk can be seen in silhouette, through the kitchen doorway curtain, as she drinks from the silver flask. She appears to be drunk.

Sko points his pistol at her: "Time to join your cook boyfriend."
Rygel: "No! I'll get you all the currency you could ever want. Leave her alone."

There are several tense microts as Sko thinks about it. Finally he lowers the pistol with a snort. Wa gives a short bark.

Rygel: "Ohhh. Go back in the kitchen. Don't come out again."
Essk nods and leaves. Rygel moves off as well. Sko barks and brings his pistol back up.
Sko: "Woo-awk-awk! Where are you going?"
Rygel laughs: "Need a kill souvenir. Wanta help?" He moves behind the counter, where Scorpius has fallen.
Sko: "Sick toad. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. We have to go."
Rygel: "Just give me a microt."
Sko snorts his assent.

Behind the counter, Rygel sinks his thronesled down to Scorpius' level and whispers: "Sorry I had to shoot you, but you know how it goes."
Scorpius' eyes fly open and he whispers back: "How did you know I was wearing body armor?"
Rygel chuckles quietly: "I wasn't sure... but one hundred and thirty-one cycles in Peacekeeper captivity teaches you a few things."
Scorpius: "What if you were wrong?"
Rygel: "Not so bad for me, either way."
Scorpius gives a short little laugh: "Plan?"
Rygel: "We can't leave with them, or we're all dead. There's a knife under the plate. It's on the floor in front of the counter."

Sko and Wa screech. Sko hollers: "Hynerian!"

Rygel snorts: "Almost done." He laughs loudly. "His ears are tougher than I thought."

Sko and Wa both hoot in laughter at this. Braca and D'Argo look dismayed.

Rygel (whispering): "You... got anything to contribute?"
Scorpius reaches up to the cooling mechanism on the side of his head and presses it. It ejects from his head.
Rygel gasps in amazement.
Scorpius: "The silver one. Hurry."
Rygel reaches into the cooling apparatus and removes a small silver rod. Scorpius presses again and the mechanism retreats back into his skull.
Scorpius: "Single pulse charge. You've only got one. Good luck."
Rygel: "Be there!"

Sko hollers again: "Hy... nerian!" He and Wa are both screeching and barking.

Rygel rises up from behind the counter. He smiles: "Hmm."

Sko and Wa point their rifles at Braca and D'Argo. D'Argo is doing something to the bracelet on Braca's arm.
Sko: "Get up!"
Wa: "Get over there!" They both continue to screech loudly.

D'Argo helps Braca stand up. As he does, Wa reaches for him. Braca grimaces in pain as his hurt leg takes his weight. D'Argo also grimaces and cries out.

Rygel flies over near them and clears his throat: "Uh hmm. I've changed my mind."

Sko: "What? What?"
Rygel: "I'm not going with you. You can kill those two if you like."
D'Argo: "Why, you dirty little..." He lets go of Braca to lunge for Rygel. Braca yells in pain and collapses to the floor. D'Argo is overcome by the sympathetic pain and falls too.
Sko: "What's this about?"
Rygel: "Regrets. I'd rather be dead than deal with the likes of you."
Sko looks at the ceiling and begins to howl. Wa does the same. While their attention is elsewhere, Braca presses the release sequence on his I-Yensch bracelet and slips it off.

Sko screams: "Why so difficult?"
Rygel: "Because you didn't think it through, fekik. You didn't have a plan."

Sko rushes towards Rygel and sticks his rifle right in Rygel's face: "What's this? What's in here? What's that you got?"

While he is speaking, Braca reaches over and fastens the bracelet around Wa's ankle.

Wa screams: "My leg! Get it off my leg!"

D'Argo immediately begins rhythmically pounding his head on the floor, to cause Wa pain. Under cover of the commotion, Scorpius comes out from behind the counter and grabs the knife from under the plate on the floor. He immediately throws the knife and it hits Sko in the left shoulder and sticks in his back.

Sko screams: "Kill them all!"

He begins twirling around in a circle while firing wildly with his rifle. Scorpius quickly ducks back down and jumps over the counter to relative safety. Sko is still shooting, hitting the walls and dishes, just over Wa's and Rygel's heads. He continues to scream. Finally, he stops spinning and shooting and looks right at Rygel. He brings his rifle back up. Rygel looks at him and shoots him with the silver rod from Scorpius' cooling mechanism. Sko is hit and flies backwards, through the plate glass window, and lands on his back on the ground, outside.

Inside, D'Argo continues to hit his head on the floor, crying out each time he does. Wa is screeching from the pain. Braca reaches up and takes Wa's rifle away from him.

Rygel: "D'Argo?" D'Argo continues to hit his own head on the floor.
Rygel - louder: "D'Argo." D'Argo finally stops and peers up.
D'Argo breathes: "Wha?"
Rygel: "Are you... all right?"
D'Argo waves weakly: "Yah. I'm fine. I've got a... I've got a,ah... hard skull. I just think that I'll, ah..."
Rygel laughs.

Wa subsides with a whimper. Scorpius comes up from behind the counter and snarls.

Rygel: "Hmpf. And now... about our deal." He tosses the silver rod back across the counter to Scorpius.
Scorpius: "Yes. I believe perhaps... there is a basis for us to trust one another." He tosses a piece of food at Rygel who catches it in his mouth and eats it, smiling and chuckling.
Essk comes out of the kitchen in a daze and surveys the wreckage. She looks down at Voodi's dead body.

As D'Argo's ship lifts off from the planet, the diner can be seen, burning in the background.



Talyn is floating near Moya, in space...

D'Argo's ship approaches Moya and enters the hangar bay.

Chiana: "So you're all right?" She meets D'Argo and Rygel in the hangar bay, as they exit the ship.
D'Argo: "As well as can be expected." He has a bright blue bandage on his left hand. Rygel is carrying an I-Yensch bracelet.
She runs up and hugs D'Argo, laughing. He grimaces in pain as she does.
Rygel laughs too: "D'Argo's hurt his leg, his head and burnt his hand, but he'll survive."
Chiana: "What happened to you guys? Why... why didn't you call in?" She reaches over and touches Rygel, then kisses him on top of his head.
D'Argo: "Well, the restaurant. It, ah... sorta burned down. I don't wanta talk about it. It's a long story. Anything happen here on Moya?"
Chiana: "Oh, you know. Just the usual."

John and Aeryn are in a totally burned out Command.

John hears them arriving and comms: "Rygel? Do we have a deal?"
Rygel: "Oh, very much. I'm proud to say I've secured everything we wanted... including acceptable security precautions." Rygel looks at the bracelet in his hand, and chuckles.

Aeryn sits down at a table with a sigh. Something sparks behind her.
Aeryn: "I have a bad feeling. About the Command Carrier."
John: "Do you think we shouldn't go?"
Aeryn: "I don't think we have a choice. If... Scorpius masters wormholes, then..."
John: "Yah. Some things... you die for." John sits down too. There are still sparks and crackles going on behind him.
Aeryn closes her eyes for a microt, to compose herself, then opens them again. "I just can't watch that happen..." Her voice breaks slightly as she talks. "...again. It was perfect. We were so... perfect. And you're just like him. I mean, you are him."
John: "No... I'm me. I was here. I missed that dance." He looks away for a moment. "Aeryn. Don't come with us."
Aeryn shakes her head: "No. We started this together Crichton." She stands up: " It's how we'll end it."

John watches silently, as she leaves.


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