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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: April 26, 2002
Written by David Kemper
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.22 - A Dog with Two Bones

Previously on Farscape (voice of John Crichton):

Scene One: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part Two", John dashes forward in the sand to close the cover of the displacement engine.
Scene Two: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part Two", John holds Aeryn's face with both hands and tells her: "Radiation. Massive Radiation."
Scene Three: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part Two", Aeryn sits beside John as he says: "I've never felt better." A crying Aeryn closes the dead John's eyes.
Scene Four: from "Fractures", Crais tells John: "The ahh... other Crichton is dead."
Scene Five: from "I-Yensch, You-Yensch", Aeryn: "I just can't watch that happen... again. We were so perfect and you're just like him. I mean, you are him." John: "No. I'm me."
Scene Six: from "Infinite Possibilities, Part Two", Aeryn leans her head back and closes her eyes as a single tear falls down her cheek.
Scene Seven: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part One", Scorpius has John's head pinned down to a round table from which a holographic projection of Earth is showing. Scorpius: "You give me what I want or I swear, I will keep you alive... so that you can witness your homeworld's destruction."
Scene Eight: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", John is sitting on the edge of a desk in the lab. John: "I suggest you hang onto something."
Scene Nine: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", Scorpius looks wild eyed while Crais, standing on Talyn's bridge, gives the command: "Talyn. Starburst."
Scene Ten: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", The energy travels down Talyn from his tails to his head and he starbursts through the side of the Command Carrier. Flames erupt and smaller vessels begin to flee.
Scene Eleven: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", John finds Co-Kura Strappa in the lab. John: "This ship is dead. The wormhole experiment it over."
Scene Twelve: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", Scorpius stands on the stairway while water rushes past him.
Scene Thirteen: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", Aeryn starts to climb into a prowler in the ruined Command Carrier. From beside his module, John comms her: "Aeryn. (she pauses on the ladder, to listen) Fly safe."
Scene Fourteen: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", Chiana, D'Argo and Rygel are in Moya's galley. D'Argo: "We all knew the time would come when we'd split up. In the beginning I would never have even believed it would take so long."
Scene Fifteen: from "Into the Lion's Den, Part Two", John and Aeryn are sitting, silently, on Moya's bridge. John is writing equations on his arm and copying them onto some kind of brown paper. Over the scene, we hear Rygel's voice from the previous scene. Rygel: "Don't think I'm going to miss you. Any of you. I'm not. Well, maybe a little bit." John glances over at Aeryn and she closes her eyes and bows her head.

And now, on Farscape...


The setting is the inside of a Bridal Fashions Salon. John is sitting at the end of a raised and carpeted runway On either side of it there are several manekins outfitted in different styles of wedding gowns. Over head is a huge chandelier. There are alcoves on the either side that hold vases of fresh flowers. The predominant color in the room is white or cream and John's black clothing and dark sunglasses really stick out in contrast. Standing at the far end of the runway, her back to the wall, is a saleswoman dressed in a cream colored suit. Aeryn appears from behind the wall. She is dressed in a white wedding gown that is similar to a sundress on top. She has the skirt of the gown held up in her right hand so that her legs are visible, showing the white pumps she has on her feet. She walks quickly down the runway towards John. He reaches up and lowers his sunglasses. The camera travels up the length of Aeryn's legs as she drops the skirt and smooths it. Her hair is worn in a bouffant style, falling back from her forehead. She sighs and looks expectantly at John who is peering at her over the top of his sunglasses.
Aeryn sighs: "It doesn't work." She turns around and starts back up the runway.
John: "Oh... yes it does. Just not..." He gets up and runs after her. "... for the wedding."
Aeryn sees him coming and laughs. She runs around the corner, laughing. The saleswoman quickly follows them both.

John is back on the bench at the end of the runway. Now, however, he is sprawled out on his back, lying on it. Aeryn appears on the runway, standing in front of him.
Aeryn: "John?" This time the dress she is wearing is strapless.
At the sound of his name, John raises his head and lowers his sunglasses. He takes them all the way off and falls off the bench to his knees, right in front of Aeryn. He stands up, still staring intently at her, and looks up into her face.

John has joined Aeryn on the runway. He is standing behind her and lifts her arms out to her sides. He turns his head and whispers in her ear: "You wear this... and somebody's gonna marry you."
Aeryn smiles a big smile as she turns her face to look at him.

John is sitting an copying equations from his arm to a piece of brown paper. Chiana pushes him on the shoulder and shakes him.
Chiana: "Come on, Crichton. I've been to a few different places. Your world can't be that hard to adjust to. You still have to ask her."
John: "It doesn't work that way."
There is the sound of empty pots and plates and silverware falling and an old woman says: "Might I interject?" She has long, stringy hair and is standing among plates and bowls of what looks like different vegetables. She knocked some things off when she leaned forward to speak.
Old Woman: "Would you like some eaglfungal chowder?"
Neither John nor Chiana replies, but Chiana sighs a bit and leans her head back against the wall. The old woman leans closer to them. She has what appears to be a third eye in the middle of her forehead.
Old Woman: "Oh well, perhaps Aeryn wouldn't have liked your planet anyway."

John: "Okay. Big moment. You're up."

The saleswoman lays out the strapless wedding gown on a chair. John is standing up facing Aeryn, holding both her hands. She is dressed in a buckskin jacket, worn over a black dress. She has a silk scarf tied around her neck.
Aeryn shakes her head no: "Um hmm."
John: "Come on."
John has a credit card in his hand which Aeryn takes from him. She clears her throat and turns to the cashier with a nervous smile.
Aeryn: "Targe it."
The cashier looks at her with a blank smile. Aeryn looks upset.
John whispers in her ear: "Chh. Again. Chh."
Aeryn: "Sarch it." She looks quite upset now.
The cashier smirks just a bit: "Where's she from? Like, Bosnia?"
John takes the credit card from Aeryn's fingers and holds it out to the girl: "Charge it."
Cashier: "Ohh."
John: "Thank you."
Aeryn whispers to John: "Let me talk to you."
John: "No... no, that was good. She almost understood what you said."
Aeryn: "That was completely embarrassing."
John: "Hey, look. English is a very difficult language. Half the time people don't understand what I'm talkin about. You're doing great."
Aeryn: "No. I'm not. Nobody here understands what I'm saying. This whole frelling planet needs translator microbes"
Aeryn pulls away from John and goes and sits down on the bench. She closes her eyes.

Chiana: "Hey, old woman. Why didn't you leave with the others?"
Old Woman: "Because I knew the souffle would charm you."
Chiana: "Chowder. You said it was chowder."
Old Woman: "Ahh. I can make you a chowder..." She turns to the vegetables and rustles them around.
John whispers: "Pip? Who is that woman?"
Chiana: "I thought she was with you. Look at this..."
Outside the galley window, there are some backlit clouds and a Leviathan.
John: "Pilot? I'm seeing another Leviathan."
Pilot: "We have arrived at the Leviathan burial place."

In the hangar bay, D'Argo drops a large trunk or case on the floor near his ship.
Aeryn walks into the bay: "D'Argo? How much are you taking?"
D'Argo: "Macton's posting's a long way away." Aeryn picks up the end of a chest D'Argo is moving. "But thanks."
Aeryn: "You could resupply during the journey."
D'Argo: "Old revenge is a feast best served immediately." They set the trunk down next to the ship.
Aeryn: "You're gonna get yourself killed."
Rygel: "We all are. At least we'll do it on our home planets." He has a tiny gold goblet in his hand.
D'Argo joins Aeryn in looking at some pieces of Talyn that are lying on the floor of the hangar bay.
D'Argo: "I'm surprised that Crais sacrificed himself."
Aeryn: "Talyn was such a fine ship. Can't believe this is all that's left of him."

In the galley, Chiana is feeling each of the fingers on John's hand as he continues to write the equations on some paper.
Chiana: "So, what're you going to do after we bury Talyn?"
John: "Same thing I'm doing now. Work on wormhole theory."
Chiana shivers and screams. She flys backwards and hits into the counter that the old woman is using to prepare her food. Vegetables go flying.
John: "Pip?"
Chiana: "Dd...d... darkness. Mm... mm... Moya sw... sw... swallowed."
John: "Pilot? Is everything okay?"
Pilot: "No, Commander. Brace for collision, everybody. Brace for collision!"
John stands up, looking out the window: "Pilot?"
Outside the window, the other Leviathan is flying straight towards Moya.
Old Woman: "Hoh, praise the spirit. I'm never gonna finish this recipe."
Jool screams.
The Leviathan hits Moya and veers off. Inside, people and things are thrown everywhere. D'Argo and Aeryn are flung away from the chest they were loading. The other Leviathan curves around Moya and impacts her in another spot. There is more tossing and flying inside.



There is crackling and snapping of electricity.
John is on Moya's Command, picking up broken pieces of equipment.
John: "Total crap. Completely dead. Pilot? How long?"
Pilot: "Soon. Moya is rallying herself to recovery."

Chiana and Jool are in Pilot's den, looking at him with a flashlite.
Jool: "That lunatic Leviathan's still out there."
Rygel: "Hasn't moved. Just staring us down."
D'Argo: "Central pumping mechanism is a total loss. Tier three is under water."
D'Argo walks past the others in the den.
Aeryn comes through Command.
Aeryn: "Conduit bulkhead breach. Janz Two torpedo could not have done it better."
The old woman is also on Command with a flashlite. She shines it in Rygel's face.
Chiana: "That crazy tralk really knew where to hit us, didn't she?"
Pilot: "Moya's noble cractix is impossible to target so successfully, unless by another Leviathan."
Rygel: "Pilot. What the yotz brought this on?"
Pilot: "I still haven't made contact with the other pilot, however, it appears to have something to do with Talyn."
Aeryn is standing near John with her flashlite. She looks up and sees that he is standing there, just looking at her. She returns his stare for a moment, then looks back down at her work.
Rygel: "Oh, Talyn again? I told you we should have dumped his debris. We wouldn't even be here..."
Aeryn: "Without Talyn, you wouldn't be here, so show some respect."
Rygel: "Respect?! My tiny, shiny, heinie! It's gonna get us killed! And, who the frell is this?"
He gestures towards the old woman who is behind him, shining her flashlite at the ceiling.

Aeryn, dressed in the strapless wedding gown, with an orchid pinned in her hair over her left ear, is standing with her back to a group of women. She has a bouquet of flowers in her hands.
Aeryn: "One... two... three!" She tosses the bouquet backwards, behind her head. Jool comes dashing out of the crowd, screaming. She catches the bouquet, slips and falls on the floor, holding the bouquet aloft in one hand like a prize. She lies there, laughing.

Aeryn: "...and reroute Moya's systems to help in the recovery process. Does everyone know what to do?"
John is standing, staring at Aeryn.
In Pilot's den, Jool and Chiana look at each other and nod. "Yah."
Aeryn sees that John is just staring. She sighs: "Crichton?"

John is on his knees, sliding a white garter off Aeryn's leg. He has a shiny wedding band on his left hand. There is a crowd of men behind him, laughing and applauding rhythmically. He slides the garter down over Aeryn's shoe. He stands up and tosses it behind him. It lands on top of Rygel's head and falls rakishly over one ear and eye. He is sitting right beside the wedding cake, fork in hand. Meanwhile, John has lifted Aeryn into his arms and they are kissing.

Rygel: "Pay attention. This is serious."
Aeryn raises her eyebrows quizzically.
John: "Nuh, yah, it's a good plan."
Aeryn gives him a look. She picks up her light and leaves. John turns and follows her. As he walks past, the old woman shines her light in his face. John puts out a hand to block it off and touches her hand. The old woman stares.

John and Aeryn are standing in a receiving line, kissing people as they pass.
Aeryn smiles: "Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you." A couple has just congratulated them.
John: "Thank you."
John turns to Aeryn: "My cousin, seriously...."
D'Argo comes up to them, with a girl under each arm: "Aeryn, John. Congratulations." D'Argo kisses Aeryn on her cheek. She has a huge grin on her face.
D'Argo: "John." He shakes John's hand. "Tonight you are the second luckiest man on Earth." He hugs the two girls closer to his sides: "Know what I mean?" D'Argo laughs as John and Aeryn grin at him.

Pilot: "Though still groggy, Moya informs me that each of this Leviathan's last three offspring were captured and enslaved by Peacekeeper hunters."
D'Argo: "And she won't let Talyn be buried in the sacred space because he's half Peacekeeper."
Pilot: "This ship is quite irrational and that would seem prepared to enforce her edict."
Rygel: "Can't you work this out with the other pilot?"
Pilot: "He has yet to return my communication, but I'm trying."
Rygel: "That's certainly true."
Rygel and D'Argo are working in the damaged Command. Out the forward viewscreen, they can see the rogue Leviathan waiting.
There is a flash and a spark and Rygel cries out and jumps back in alarm.
D'Argo: "Pay attention!" He gives Rygel a cuff to the head.
Rygel: "Uhhff! Fahrbot!"

Jool is lying on a prowler wing, holding a flashlight for Aeryn who is working on it.
Jool: "When we get out of this, are you still gonna look for that ex-Peacekeeer unit?"
Aeryn: "Can you keep the light on where I'm working?"
Jool: "Sorry." She rearranges the light. "They assassinate people, right?"
Aeryn: "The squad aims to stop terrorism and protect people. Didn't you learn anything on the Command Carrier?"
Jool: "Want some advice?" Jool smiles.
Aeryn: "No, Jool. I'm not Crichton's mate. I'm not tied to him in any way."
Jool: "In the short time I've known you, you've changed so much. Don't go backwards. Assassinating people? Seems like going backwards."
Aeryn points to something in the prowler engine: "Can you melt that?"
Jool looks around: "With what? There's no power yet."
Aeryn reaches over and takes a big pinch out of Jool's leg. Jool throws back her head and lets out a scream. The wire Aeryn had indicated starts to melt.
Aeryn: "Thank you."
Jool stops screaming and glares at Aeryn. Smoke rises from inside the prowler.

John is somewhere, working beside a large flashlite. Chiana comes up to him.
Chiana: "Hey. Hammen side's tight. Looks like Moya's gonna be okay."
John: "Yah."
Chiana: "Yah. Hey, you know... you know what I said before about... about not wanting you to come with me? That wasn't exactly right."
John: "Pip. It's cool."

Chiana is kneeling on a bed. She is dressed in shiny red pants and a black top with long sleeves that leaves her midriff bare. She picks up a wide white belt from the bed and puts it over her head, behind her and holds it against her back. John is standing across the room from her, watching.
Chiana: "Where ya been?"
John: "Not now. This is not right." He shakes his head and starts to leave the room.
Chiana laughs and swivels around. She sees her reflection in a mirror and looks at herself.

Chiana gets down on the floor beside John: "I would love you... to come with me. But, you know, I... I gotta find my brother and... and he's in this resistance thing and... and it's if I'm gonna find him... hangin out with someone... who looks like..."
John: "A... Peacekeeper? It's cool."
Chiana: "What're we gonna do if this crazy tralk doesn't let Moya into the burial grounds?"
From behind them, the Old Woman speaks up: "Perhaps I can offer the benefit of my training?"
Both John and Chiana turn to look at her.
Chiana: "What, how? As a chef?"
Old Woman: "And doctor. Instructor. And, among many other disciplines, negotiator."
Chiana: "Listen, Wrinkles. How 'bout you just stick to the chowder?" Chiana turns back to John: "You can deal with the old frellnik." Chiana gets up and leaves.
John puts the grate back over the opening where he had been working and stands up. When he does, the old woman comes up to him. She holds her hand out, palm up and blows something from it into John's face. He screams and covers both eyes with the heels of his hands. He spins around. The old woman backs away from him.
John: "Damn! I can't see."

The scene is the same.... John is in the galley with the old woman, however the colors have changed. Everything is muted... indistinct... blue in color.
John: "God! Argh!"
John stares, away from the old woman...
The old woman stands behind him, watching him closely.
Old Woman: "Go to the truth. It calls in your own tongue."

John, in a tux and Aeryn in the white wedding dress, an orchid pinned in her hair over her left ear, are dancing. John holds her hand as she spins around...

John turns slowly, listening to music only he can hear.
Old Woman: "Ignore it... and risk... all."

John and Aeryn continue to dance. A wedding cake is on a stand nearby. Behind is a long table. Rygel, John Crichton, Sr and D'Argo are seated at it.

John continues to stare vacantly into space, slowly turning as he does.

In a scene totally devoid of color, the old woman whispers something in John's ear.

John teases Aeryn with a piece of (chocolate) wedding cake he is holding. She laughs and grins at him.

John reaches out towards his vision of Aeryn, a huge smile on his face.

Once again, the old woman whispers in his ear.

A chef is preparing some food when a hole appears in his back and the sound of gunfire is heard. The chef falls violently backward.

John is still reaching for his vision, but the smile has faded.

The same chef, seen from slightly further away. As the gunfire erupts, a Peacekeeper soldier appears in the doorway to the kitchen.

John reaches with his hand: "No! Get down! Get down!"
He crouches where he is, in the galley. He pulls his pulse pistol and begins firing. The old woman throws herself behind the counter to avoid being shot.

Gunshots explode among the foodstuffs and dishes.

John continues to fire, hitting the plants and vegetables that are in the galley.

The chef is seen being struck by gunfire, once again.

From above, John's pistol can be seen firing repeatedly.

The viewpoint of the chef getting shot expands again and the Peacekeeper soldier is once again visible.

John holds his pistol with both hands and keeps shooting at the things in the galley. He spins and shoots the top off a central food preparation stand. D'Argo appears in the doorway. John takes aim away from him, so D'Argo enters and tongues him. John collapses to the floor.
D'Argo rushes over to the fallen John: "What the frell happened to him?"
Old Woman: "Uh... Uh, nothing... nothing. He'll be fine."
D'Argo: "What did you do?"
Old Woman: "Perhaps a slight misjudgment of his weight. It won't occur again, I'm certain."
D'Argo: "So am I." He hits her with the back of his hand and knocks her unconscious.

Pilot comms: "Aeryn! D'Argo! The Leviathan killed her own pilot. Nutrient starvation."
Aeryn: "Why would she do that?"
Pilot: "I'm not sure, but she threatens to attack again if Moya does not take Talyn's remains and vacate the area."
Rygel: "Never one to say "I told you so", but... shall we go?"
Pilot sighs.
Aeryn: "Well, I can't believe I'm agreeing with Rygel, but under the circumstances..."
The rogue Leviathan is still visible, right outside the forward viewscreen.
Aeryn: "... with Moya injured."
Pilot: "Moya feels Talyn has earned the right to be buried in the sacred space, and she will not yield."
Aeryn looks sad and worried.

Aeryn, wearing sunglasses, is seated at a small table in a restaurant or country club, across from Jack Crichton.
Aeryn: "Don't you ever get bored, living on the same planet, never going anywhere? No, what about living in a house? It's too quiet. There's no engine noise."
John is standing nearby, hidden by a pillar, listening.
Jack: "Well wait til summer..." He laughs: "... when the air conditioning kicks on."
Aeryn: "John has this fantasy about us... having kids and dogs and the pool and barbeques..."

A woman's hand reaches over the prostrate John and picks up his pulse pistol. As she takes it, he reaches up and grabs it and her hand.

Jack: "Must seem a strange culture."
Aeryn: "Jack. I am... miserable here. And he just doesn't see it. I'm... going to get married ... end up like Betty Crocker. I just keep wondering when he's gonna wake up."
Aeryn takes a sip from her drink.

John takes his gun from the woman: "I'm awake."
Aeryn takes his hand and helps him stand: "You all right?"
John rubs his eye with his hand: "Well, between the Witch and the Luxan..."
There is a jolt and they are staggered. Pots, pans and plates rattle and crash.
John looks around: "Still?"
Aeryn: "The other Leviathan killed her own pilot, and Moya won't back down."
John sighs: "Can Moya beat her?"
Aeryn shakes her head: "Damage is too great. We could dodge for a while but eventually..."
She is interrupted by more clattering from behind. She looks over and the old woman smiles at her.
John: "We have to cut and run."
Aeryn nods: "Pilot can't convince her and, uh, Chiana and Rygel are trying."
John: "Sparky and Pip?"
The old woman yells. It becomes apparent that her hands have been tied with a long chain that is attached somewhere near the ceiling. Several pots and pans clatter to the floor.
Old Woman: "Oh! If you untie me, I shall volunteer again to mediate, eve... even... even though I... I know that um..."
John whispers to Aeryn: "Who is that woman?"
Aeryn just shakes her head.

Moya continues to fly near the Leviathan sacred space.

Inside, Chiana walks alone, carrying a flashlight.
Chiana: "Listen... Moya. Uhh... everyone is uh... is really concerned... about your plan." She kneels down on the floor and then sits back on her heels. "I... I mean, even Aeryn thinks that... that maybe Talyn should be laid to rest someplace else."
Moya makes a low pitched humming sound.
Chiana: "I once, uh... I once asked Zhaan... I once asked Zhaan... how... how... how she got along with you so well. She... she... she said that uh... that the key... that the key was to be honest... was to be honest... no matter what... (she laughs) no matter what."
Chiana takes a couple of breaths and sighs: "Well Moya... this... this is what I... (she stands up) I think that you should bury Talyn where ever you frelling wanta bury Talyn! And I think that the... that the frelling tralk should... should get out of our frelling way! There. That's what I think."

Chiana, dressed in shiny red pants and long-sleeved halter-top is kneeling on a bed. She has a wide white belt in her hands. She snaps the belt a couple of times and walks around the bed on her knees, so she is facing the dresser that John is standing in front of.
Chiana: "Hey Crichton. Where ya been?" She laughs.
John has a purse which he has picked up off the dresser. He holds it out towards her and tosses it back onto the dresser.
John: "What is all this?"
Chiana: "I went shopping!" She picks up arm loads of things off the bed and tosses them into the air. She giggles as some of it hits John in the face. The hat she is wearing has a pricetag hanging down on the back.
John: "Shopping? No. No, you don't have any money."
Chiana's face falls: "Lifting. Shop-lifting." She grabs a package off the bed and holds it up for John to see. "But look... look at these cool presents I bought the bridesmaids. You and Aeryn can give 'em to them. Woof! Woof! Woof!" Chiana giggles.
John: "Sit down." He pushes her and she falls backwards onto the bed and stays there.
Chiana: "Ohhhh! Hey, I spent some time with the boys." She puts her legs straight up in the air, then spreads them apart so she can see John between them. "Think I found who the best man is."
John holds the purse up infront of his face to shield his eyes: "W... W... Why are you doing this? Why can't you just act like you always have? Fit in. Why... why do you have to sleep with all of my friends?"
Chiana: "Ohhhhh, this is such a repressed culture!" She drops to her knees on the floor.
John swings the purse at her: "Back!" He backs away and she follows, still on her knees. He swings the purse again and Chiana twists away and falls against the bed.
Jack Crichton comes in another door: "Son?"
John quickly hides the purse behind his back.
John: "Dad."
Chiana looks up and a huge grin spreads over her face: "Dad? Hi!" She jumps up and runs over the bed, into the open arms of Jack. He is wearing a wild-print shirt, sunglasses and a straw hat... with a price tag hanging from it. They kiss. Loudly.
John: "Dad?"
Jack and Chiana break off their kiss with a smack. She turns around to face John, with Jack's arm just under her chin.
Jack: "Son, your mother has been gone for so long."
John starts to gesture, realizes he still has a purse in his hand and tosses it onto the bed. He points at his dad and Chiana: "This is not right."
Jack looks down at Chiana and they begin to kiss again.
John yells: "That's not right!"

D'Argo: "I do not agree, John. I think she has a point."
He is standing near John, who is working.
Chiana: "See?" She is sitting on the floor, working on some broken wires.
John: "D'Argo, you don't even know how to fly your ship."
D'Argo: "I do, in theory. And it certainly has enough fire power to destroy a Leviathan."
John: "It's just not right."
Chiana: "Why does it always have to be your plan?"
John: "It doesn't. But I don't think that Moya is gonna let us kill one of her own species."
Pilot comms: "I have some information, and its worse than we thought."

In the galley, the old woman rattles her chains.

Pilot: "Apparently Moya is not the first to be attacked by this rogue Leviathan.

The old woman is looking out the galley window at the rogue Leviathan: "Go on, shoo! Shoo! Shoo!" Rygel is also in the galley, watching this.

Pilot: "Three others are already dead. Still more, grievously injured. Hang on!"
The other Levithan takes another run at Moya and hits her. The crew is flung about. Jool screams and D'Argo cries out. John is at a console. He moves out of the way so that Chiana and D'Argo can get to it and he goes to another one. Jool jumps and screams again.
Pilot: "Apologies. Moya is now responding defensively on her own."
There is another jolt and everyone is tossed about.
Pilot: "Moya understands the grief of losing a child, however this female's behavior is unacceptable. She asks for your help."
Chiana: "Yes!"
Aeryn: "She has our backing, no matter what."
Pilot: "Moya knows. Which is why she feels comfortable making this request."
Chiana, John and Aeryn are all standing... waiting.
Pilot: "Kill the rogue Leviathan!"
Chiana: "Yes!"
Rygel: "All right, old girl!" He laughs.
The old woman shakes her head. She turns suddenly to look at Rygel.
Rygel: "No you."
D'Argo: "I'll fly my ship." He runs quickly out of Command.
John: "Kill?"
Pilot screams: "Yes Commander. Before she kills us!"



John and Jool are walking together down a corridor in Moya.
John: "So you'll be there?"
Jool: "Yah. But Chiana can handle..."
John interrupts her: "Just... be there." There is another jolt and they are both staggered, John bumping into Jool, who grunts.
John: "Chiana mid-wifed Talyn's birth. She shouldn't have to buy him alone."

Aeryn and D'Argo are walking together down another corridor.
Aeryn: "I don't make errors."
D'Argo: "That Leviathan can't be stationary, but I'm sure it's not moving too fast.
Aeryn: "I know."
D'Argo turns to her, while continuing to walk quickly down the corridor: "It's not too far, but it's not too close either."
Aeryn: "Do you want me to shoot the frelling thing myself?"
D'Argo growls.

All four arrive at the hangar bay at the same time. John, then Aeryn, then D'Argo and Jool.
Jool: "Even though it's a disturbed creature, you're still about to take a life!" She hurries to catch up with D'Argo and grabs his arm. "Are you gonna be okay with that?"
D'Argo looks at her in disgust and shakes her off his arm. He walks away without answering.

John stands by D'Argo's ship, putting on his gloves. Aeryn hurries over to her prowler.
John: "Be careful."
Aeryn: "I don't have to fly with D'Argo."
D'Argo hurries past John, to enter his ship: "I heard that." John follows him into the ship.

Outside, the rogue Leviathan passes very close to Moya as D'Argo's ship and the prowler exit the hangar bay.

John and D'Argo are seated in the cockpit of the Luxan ship.
D'Argo: "Now, do you remember everything I told you about flying the ship?"
John: "Almost nothing." He reaches overhead and flips some switches.
D'Argo sighs: "Excellent."

From her prowler, Aeryn comms: "Pilot. We are in position."

Pilot: "Moya. It is time Talyn was laid to rest... in the sacred place."

Moya banks in a sharp turn.
In the cargo bay, Chiana and Jool are thrown against a barrel.

On D'Argo's ship, Moya can be seen speeding past, out the front viewer.
D'Argo: "Whew! Okay. You ready?"
John: "Yep."

In Moya's galley, Rygel is watching out the window.
Rygel: "We're in... we're in! What the yotz is so sacred about this?"
Moya continues into the sacred space with the rogue Leviathan following closely.
Rygel: "Alright. We've got that rogue's attention. She's now following us."

Aeryn comms back: "Yes, I see her Rygel."

The two Leviathans are flying in a beautifully lit area where there are pieces of debris floating. D'Argo's ship and Aeryn's prowler sweep around them. The Luxan ship has bright, purple light coming from it's rear. Inside, John is flying while D'Argo has on some illuminated goggles.
D'Argo: "Keep it steady. If I don't get accurate resonant capture, then we're all done for."
John: "I thought you said this thing only responds to your DNA."
D'Argo: "It does. That's why I covered all the controls and..."
John: "Ooh... that's... why I'm wearing gloves."

Aeryn comms them: "D'Argo, Crichton? This Leviathan is a lot larger than Moya. The best I'll be able to do is annoy her."
D'Argo: "That's all right. Just keep her within range."

Rygel: "We'll give this sledgenaught something to focus on."
The old woman, who is still chained up, is chewing what looks like blades of grass. They are long and thick and stick out of her mouth.

Aeryn: "Soon as I see Talyn's remains, I shall commence a firing run. Just waiting on a go-ahead from D'Argo."

There is a wooden fence. John and D'Argo are walking along, behind it, talking. John is in his black clothes, blue shirt and sunglasses. D'Argo is wearing his regular "D'Argo" outfit.
John: "I understand, it's difficult."
D'Argo: "It's not difficult.
John: "Yes it is! Everybody thinks you're a freak."
They are walking along a pier.
D'Argo throws his hands up in the air: "Everyone thinks I'm a freak. Hey boys! How're they bitin?"
There are some boys sitting on the pier, fishing.
1st boy: "Terrible, Mr. D'Argo."
2nd boy: "Yah, can you help again?"
D'Argo: "See. They don't think I'm a freak." He pulls his qualta blade off his back.
John: "What the hell're you doin?"

D'Argo has the targeting goggles up to his eyes.
D'Argo: "What do you think I'm doing?"
John: "I'm not entirely sure. But don't kill Aeryn."

D'Argo and John are standing on the pier, near the fishing boys.
D'Argo: "I'm not going to kill you! And why are you so disagreeable?"
John: "I'm not disagreeable."
D'Argo: "You are being disagreeable."
John: "I've got things on my mind."
D'Argo: "I am sorry that Aeryn is leaving you. But don't take it out on me."
1st boy: "I heard she left you at the altar."
John: "Shut up!"
D'Argo: "Hey!"

John: "It's not just Aeryn. You're all leaving."
D'Argo: "Whenever you thought you'd found a wormhole, you fell over yourself to dive in. Don't begrudge us our dreams."
John: "I don't. It's just a hell of a dream you got there, D, killin a man."

D'Argo: "I don't wanta kill him. I just want revenge." John: "What'dyou think you're doin?"

D'Argo looks through the targeting goggles: "You know, when all of this is over John, I think you should head straight for Earth."
John: "No, that's not an option. The Peacekeepers would follow."

On the pier...
John: "Y' know, I should never have come here. I should never have come to Earth. I should have left you guys on Moya."

D'Argo: "Such a simple choice. Why're you agonizing over it?"
John: "Because I'm an idiot."

D'Argo waves his hands at John: "Yah, you are an idiot! I'm an idiot. We're all idiots, aren't we boys?"
The boys reply, in unison: "Yah."
D'Argo: "Everyone's an idiot!" He turns and walks quickly down the pier.

John: "Speaking of idiots... that cannot be right."
The ship is making a rapid, beeping noise. D'Argo reaches over and touches a control. The beeping changes pitch.

D'Argo: "Hah!" He shoots into the water with the qualta rifle. There is the sound of an explosion and water spurts up into the air. "One shot!"
Boys: " Oh!" "Yah!" They run over to the edge of the pier with nets, to scoop up the dead fish that are floating in. They exclaim excitedly to each other. "Oh, man!"
D'Argo: "And you said I'd never fit in here."

John: "Never said that."
D'Argo: "Yes, ya did."
John: "No, I didn't."
D'Argo: "I remember, you did."

John and D'Argo end the argument standing nose to nose. They each turn and walk away in opposite directions.
John: "He's armed and he's dangerous!"

The old woman spits the green stuff she has been chewing into a large copper cookpot.

As Moya flies through the sacred space, Talyn's remains are spread out, from the hangar bay.
Inside, Jool stands next to Chiana, hugging her tightly.
Chiana: "Talyn." She makes soft, whimpering noises in her throat. "He, uh... he... he was our protector..."

The old woman walks out from behind her cooking pot, to stare out the galley window at the rogue Leviathan.

Chiana: "...mmm...our family..."
Rygel: "Um. May I say a few words?"
Chiana: "He, uh... he was a lost soul..."
Rygel: "Ahem!" He clears his throat loudly.
Chiana: "se... se... searching for..."
Rygel: "Talyn was special. A joy to his Mother, and a credit to his species. Both of them. With fondness, we lay Talyn, offspring of Moya, to rest in his sacred ground."
Chiana collapses and Jool helps her to the floor and continues to hold her tightly.

On D'Argo's ship...
John: "The rogue is making a run at the debris."
Pilot comms: "Moya pleads with you not to let her disperse Talyn's remains!"

From her prowler, Aeryn comms: "Commencing attack." She shoots the rogue Leviathan several times, causing her to turn away from Talyn's remains.

John: "Here she comes D'Argo. Right where you want her."

Rygel: "Good job, Aeryn. She's veering away from Talyn and chasing you."

D'Argo: "All right. Let's do it." He brings the targeting goggles back up to his eyes. A purple glow starts around the nose of his ship. He shoots and the purple light leaves his ship and hits and envelopes the rogue Leviathan. The light spreads out like a shockwave and goes around and past D'Argo's ship. D'Argo makes an "Oooh" ing sound.

In her prowler, Aeryn shuts her eyes briefly to block out the glare of the sudden bright light.

D'Argo's ship continues to fly through the light that surrounds the rogue Leviathan.

In Moya's galley, the old woman stands and stares out the window.

The light covers the rogue Leviathan and just as quickly, the whole ship disappears. D'Argo's ship zooms past where it had been.
D'Argo just stares in amazement and releases an audible breath.
John: "Very effective."

Still holding on to Chiana in the cargo bay, Jool asks: "Did ya get 'em?"

Aeryn comms: "She's gone."

Jool laughs a little, relieved laugh.

Aeryn: "Completely."

Jool: "Gee." She has a big grin on her face. Chiana turns her face and puts her forehead against Jool's.
Jool: "We got her!"

Rygel: "You... know what this means? It means we're done. Talyn rests where he belongs. Scorpius has no ship. We're all unhurt, healthy, and... no one's trying to kill us!" Rygel laughs.

On D'Argo's ship, John has been listening to this, blank faced. Aeryn sits in her prowler and closes her eyes.

Rygel continues to chortle: "It means, finally we can go where we want." He chuckles: "We can go home!"

Aeryn removes her occulars and mouthpiece and puts both hands on her head.

Rygel's voice continues... "heeheehee home! We're going home! I'm going home! Haahaahaa!"

John continues to just sit with a blank stare on his face.



Moya has lights showing again, from the outside.

John walks quietly into the galley, behind where the old woman is stirring her bubbling cookpot.
John: "Who are you, old woman?"
The old woman spins around: "It doesn't matter who I am. But I know who you are. You made them come back and rescue our lifepod after the Command Carrier imploded. I'm no longer a prisoner because of you. So, when the others got off, I stayed... on Moya, to repay the debt."
John: "By messin' with my mind."
Old Woman: "Oh, no... no! I would never leave this on boil for so long. Would you like some..."
John pulls his pulse pistol and points it at her: "What did you do to me?"
She backs up, away from him: "You're lying. The lies that spew outward do much less damage than the ones that stay hidden."

John looks at her, then he reaches up with his pulse pistol and shoots the chain down from the ceiling. He pulls her hands to him and unclasps the handcuffs and takes them off her. He drops the chain and cuffs on the floor and sits down, never taking his eyes off the old woman.
John: "When I was a kid... I dreamed of outer space." The old woman starts slowly to walk around the cookpot, towards him. "And then I got here... and I dream of Earth. And lately... none of my dreams work."
The old woman circles around behind him.
Old Woman: "Do you know why?"
John: "Huhh." He exhales deeply: "Tryin to make it the way it was... the way it... never was."
Old Woman: "Did my herbs help you?"
John: "Stripped away the lies. But I ran from it." John closes his eyes and shakes his head: "And I am... so... tired of running." He stands up: "Show me again."

The old woman looks down a moment, then raises her hand to his face and blows on it. A powder flies into John's face and he closes his eyes and jerks backwards. She watches him as he stands there and puts his hand to his eyes. He sort of wavers, similar to what Chiana does when she has a vision. He opens his eyes.

The Old Woman whispers: "Forward is the truth."

There is a flash of light and the sound of thunder...
John slips a wedding band on Aeryn's finger.

John is standing, staring straight ahead and feeling his finger. The old woman circles around him, still whispering.
Old Woman: "It is the lies that restrain us."

A piano begins to play a waltz. John and Aeryn walk side-by-side past a wedding cake. She turns to face him and they begin to dance. She is in a white gown and has a white orchid pinned in her hair, by her left ear. They are both smiling broadly.

John closes his eyes and turns slowly around, as if hearing music that is audible to no one else. The piano continues to play.

John holds Aeryn by one hand and twirls her.

John holds the old woman's hand and twirls her in a dance.

John twirls Aeryn by one hand and pulls her close.

The old woman watches John closely as she finishes her twirl.

John and Aeryn hold each other and kiss, on the dance floor.

John has his eyes half closed, listening and looking.

The old woman whispers in John's ear: "Be kind."

John and Aeryn continue to kiss.

And again, she whispers in John's ear: "You will know."

Jack Crichton: "May I cut in, son?"
John releases Aeryn with a huge grin. Chiana comes up to dance with him and Aeryn dances away with Jack. D'Argo begins dancing with one of his girls. The scene dissolves to the sound of tinkling glasses. The crew, along with Jack Crichton is now seated at the long, head table. John and Aeryn are standing up together, behind their seats. The guests are laughing and calling for them to kiss again. They do and the crowd breaks into cheers and yells. Even Pilot is seated at the table, hitting his glass with a spoon. D'Argo is bouncing up and down in excitement. Rygel laughs loudly. Jool is standing and applauding. The kiss continues... and finally ends as John dips Aeryn back.

Jack Crichton stands up, holding his glass in his hand: "Everybody? Everybody. I want to propose a toast to my son... and my new daughter."

John helps Aeryn into her chair and then sits down beside her.

Jack continues: "You all know their incredible story... the odds they had to beat. And the good fortune that brought 'em home safe and sound. So please join me in wishing the new, Mr. and Mrs. Crichton, all the best..."

A single gunshot rings out. Jack is struck in the temple and goes down immediately, falling against the wall directly behind John. Aeryn dives for the floor in the opposite direction.

John, still staring off into the distance, reaches down and pulls his pulse pistol.
John: "No."
Old Woman: "No."
John fires his pulse pistol.

John screams: "No! Get down!" The guests are scattering.

John: "Everybody run!"
John is crouched down, holding his pulse pistol pointed out in front of him.
Old Woman: "No, no." She comes up beside him and takes his arm. "See. See truth.

From the back of the room, behind the head table, a group of black clad and helmeted Peacekeeper soldiers have entered the room. They begin firing into the crowd with what appear to be machine guns. Pilot is hit several times, as is Rygel. A hail of bullets travels down the length of the table causing food and dishes to fly in the air. D'Argo and Jool both duck down behind the table.

The old woman is standing over John as he crouches: "See truth. See it." The third eye, on her forehead, is open and shines with a reddish light.
John continues to stare ahead of himself, his eyes open and liquid.

The rain of gunfire continues. A waiter is hit and goes down. Chiana and D'Argo both get up and climb over the head table, trying to escape. John climbs out from beneath the head table and looks up. D'Argo runs across the room, kicking tables out of his way. He gets a short distance and is hit in the chest and goes down. More guests are hit as well. John reaches back under the table to help Aeryn crawl out. Chiana is hit in the side and falls, twisting sideways as she does. The shots hit a table full of gifts and a model of Moya. Bits and pieces of it fly in all directions. John has hold of one of Aeryn's arms as they crawl from in front of the head table to behind a smaller table. Jool, her mouth wide open in a scream, tries to run. She bumps into a guest who has been hit and is falling. The collision spins her around and she is struck in the back. John and Aeryn, who are crouched behind the cake table, see this happen. Bullets rip into the wedding cake, destroying it.

John continues to watch events unfold, his face moist with tears. The only sounds we hear are gunshots.

John takes Aeryn's hand and they start to run, still crouched over. They stand up and Aeryn is hit in the side. John has hold of her arm and he catches her. He looks over her shoulder and sees the blood on the front of her dress.

John watches...

John cries out: "No!" (we see this, but cannot hear) as he follows a falling Aeryn to the floor.

And watches...

Aeryn gasps in pain and John lowers her to the floor (still inaudibly)

And watches, gasping for breath.

John puts his hand over the wound on Aeryn's side. She is gasping for breath.
John: "No. No. No, baby. No baby."
Aeryn grunts and gasps.
He touches her face and then looks back at the wound. "You're gonna be alright. You're gonna be alright."
Aeryn smiles, partly grimacing: "Don't you worry bout me. I've never felt better."
John smiles into her eyes and nods encouragingly.
Aeryn's face suddenly freezes. She takes a couple of gasping breaths and dies.
John cries out: "No!", his voice cracking. "No! No! No!" He puts his mouth on her mouth.
Around them, the sound of gunfire has ceased. From the back of the room, a pair of black leather-clad legs approach. All around the room, there is carnage. Bodies and broken furniture lie strewn about, as if on a battlefield.
Scorpius walks over to stand by the weeping John who is still clinging to Aeryn's body. He kneels down by her head and takes a deep breath.
Scorpius: "Well then, John. Tell me. What did you expect?"
Scorpius looks up and John lays his cheek against Aeryn's.



The old woman is right beside John's face.
John gasps: "It's a nightmare."
Old Woman: "What is?"
John sniffs and raises up his head: "My life... my dreams. Earth and my friends. I... I tried to merge the two. They're incompatible." He sits back and takes a deep breath.
Old Woman: "Then choose one."
John: "I... can't go to Earth. And my friends are all leaving."
Old Woman: "You blame yourself."
John: "Dog with two bones."
Old Woman: "Unfamiliar."
John: "Dog... animal... it's a pet. He has this bone, it's the most important thing in the world. Carries it everywhere he goes, and uh..." He sniffs again. "One day he goes down to the water and he sees another dog with a bone, reflected on the surface. It's identical and he wants that bone too. So, he opens his mouth to grab it, and his bone falls in the water and it disappears. It's gone. And he's left standing there... looking at himself... and he has nothing." Tears have been running down John's face as he talked and he sniffs yet again.
Old Woman: "Is this dog... smart enough to learn?"
John wipes his nose with his thumb: "Ahh, it's too late."
Old Woman: "It is never..." She stops and grabs John's face in both her hands, looking him square in the face with all three of her eyes: "If the dog... could have had only one bone... which would it have wanted?"

In the hangar bay....

Aeryn opens the prowler and stows a bag in it. John walks into the bay. He is dressed in his long black coat and he is carrying a bag. Aeryn walks past him and he sets his bag down on the floor.

John: "I'm coming with you."
Aeryn: "No. I'm sorry."
John climbs up into the prowler and looks inside. He sits on the edge, looking at Aeryn: "Well, you're not leaving without me."
Aeryn sets down the case she was carrying and sighs: "What do you want?"
John: "You." He nods at her.
Aeryn: "I'm afraid it's not that easy for me you see... you died. I watched that happen and yet you're still alive. I have to go."
John looks down and laughs a little bit: "Then, say good-bye."
Aeryn shakes her head: "We don't say good-byes."
John: "We do this time." He jumps down from the prowler. He ducks down under the wing and walks up to Aeryn. "You see, you leave and then you come back and I... I can't handle the inbetween. Aeryn. Say good-bye."
Aeryn: "Fine." She averts her eyes and walks past him: "Good-bye, Crichton."
He grabs her arm as she hurries past and spins her around to face him. She grunts.
John: "John... is my name." He points a finger at her: "It's John. Good-bye John. To my face."
Aeryn hits him in the chest with both hands, pushing him backwards. She follows him.
Aeryn: "Guarantee you won't..." She hits him in the chest again: "... die in my arms again."
John: "Guarantee you won't die..." He pushes her on her collarbones. "... in mine."
Aeryn: "I can..." She hits him again. "... by leaving." She turns around and walks towards the prowler.
John hollers after he: "Do you love John Crichton?"
Aeryn stops with her back to John. He takes a couple of steps towards her.
John: "Not him..." She starts slowly to turn back around.
John: "... not me. John Crichton." He ducks back under the prowler wing and comes face-to-face with her.
Aeryn nods: "Yes."
John brings his face in towards hers. She closes her eyes, but avoids her nose resting on his. He turns his face to kiss her. She twists hers out of the way. He tries again and they finally kiss, a short kiss.
John: "Then what does that taste like?"
Aeryn still has her eyes closed: "Yesterday."
John laughs: "Hah! Well, nobody can compete with that." He gives another little laugh and ducks back under the wing: "I am so much better dead."
Aeryn calls after him: "I can't do this again."
John yells: "Shit. I can't let the one thing I love fly away in a crappy little ship."
She takes a couple of steps closer: "You once said it was as if the fates meant for us to be together."
John: "Yah, I believe that."
Aeryn: "Well then, if it's true, we will be together again."
John: "Running away is not fate, Aeryn. Running away is running away." He reaches into his pants pocket. "Fine, if you want fate, here, I've... I've got fate. Fate, here." He holds up a coin and waves it around in the air.
Aeryn: "What?"
John: "Coin toss."
She sighs and crawls back under the wing of the prowler.
Aeryn, her voice breaking slightly: "What, like that side up, you stay?"
John: "Absolutely. Fate." He grimaces and throws the coin up into the air, hard. Aeryn tips her head back to watch it. She catches it in both her hands.
Aeryn: "Just make a frelling wormhole, and go home." She throws the coin onto the floor and turns away.
John talks to her retreating back: "There is no home. There is no wormhole." Aeryn stops walking. "There's only you..." He stops and rubs his face with both his hands. "Aeryn. Anywhere in the Universe. You pick the planet."
Aeryn shakes her head: "It's too late for that."
John: "It's not too late."
Aeryn: "No. You're not listening to me. It's too late for me." She sighs.
John: "You do this, and we'll never see each other again."
Aeryn looks away from him. She takes a step towards the prowler, her face working in distress. With her back to him, she asks: "Do you love Aeryn Sun?"
John finally answers her: "Beyond hope."
A tear runs from Aeryn's left eye: "Then, don't make me say good-bye and don't make me stay."
John stares at her back for a few moments, then turns around and walks towards the door of the hangar bay. Aeryn hears his footsteps and glances back and sees him leaving. She turns and ducks under the prowler wing. She starts kicking crates, knocking them over and making a racket. John stops and turns around. Aeryn sits on a crate and feels her head. She is breathing heavily. She looks up at John with tears in her eyes. He sort of nods and looks away. She puts her hands on her knees and stands up. She looks up at him and he looks at her. She kicks out with her boot and kicks the coin that is lying on the floor at him. He stops it with his boot. He bends down slowly and picks it up, without speaking. They both walk towards each other and stop when they are standing face-to-face. John tosses the coin. Aeryn watches it rise. John watches her face. The coin goes up... up... up...



The Farscape One module is flying in space, near Moya...
John is sitting inside...

D'Argo is with the girls at the wedding. He is laughing. He throws a "thumbs up" sign.
D'Argo's voice: "Anything positive I do with the rest of my life, will be because of you. Take care, my friend."

John sits, staring straight ahead...

Chiana is dancing at the wedding.
Chiana's voice: "You better not forget me. You better not ever forget that I love you."

John watches...

Rygel, in his wedding suit and bow tie, holds a glass in his hand and smiles.
Rygel's voice: "Of all the lesser species, I admit I've grown to like yours the best."

And watches... a prowler is also flying near Moya, near John's module.

Aeryn's voice: "We're in the hands of fate now. We have to trust in that."
Aeryn sits in her prowler, a tear running down her face: "Fly safe."

And watches out the front of the module...

Aeryn's face, in the prowler window, appears right outside, off to the side of John's module.
Aeryn: "Good-bye, John Crichton."
Aeryn and the prowler dissolve, disappearing with a slight 'whushing' sound.

Jool's voice comes over the comms: "Crichton? Still alive? Out of fuel?"
John moves his head around, as if in a daze. He finally answers: "Uh... yah, Jool. I'm... almost out of fuel."
Jool is sitting beside Pilot, on his console.
John comms: "Pilot. I'm headin back."

From behind his head, in the module...

Harvey: "The human subconscious is a fascinating place. Malleable, permeable... fallible."
John: "Harvey, you gotta get your nose outta the dictionary."
Harvey: "Guess what I found there, John."
John: "Go away. I don't feel like talkin right now."
Harvey: "I will honor your wishes, John. However, having chosen our partnership above all else, your well being is now irrevocably mine. My gift." He pats John twice on the shoulder and leans back, looking up.

The old woman whispers in John's ear, this time audibly: "Be forgiving. Be kind."

John is listening to the voice.

Old woman, whispering: "Better angels. Her life. Her world. On her time. You will know."
Color begins to seep into the scene.
Old Woman: "Aeryn... is... with child."

John sees...

Aeryn's face, a white orchid pinned behind her ear. She smiles.

John breathes: "Aeryn. Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you trust me?" There is a flash of bright light. He screams: "Old Woman!" There is a flash of bright light.

We see the old woman... her third eye is open once again... and another flash of light.

John comms: "Pilot. Patch me through to Aeryn.

Jool is resting her head in her hand. She is still sitting next to Pilot.
Pilot: "She is beyond our range, Commander."
John: "Get a fix on her position. We're goin after her."
Jool raises her head: "Hold on a microt..."
John: "Damn it! Just do it!"
Jool: "First we'll go to my......" Her voice breaks off into a scream. The old woman has come up behind her and grabbed her by the hair. She pulls Jool over backwards.
Old Woman: "Obey his command, Pilot."
Pilot gasps. The old woman grabs Jool's earlobe in her teeth.

John: "Pilot, please. For the love of God, please."

The old woman still has Jool's ear grasped in her teeth and she is watching Pilot.
Pilot: "Uh... I shall approximate Officer Sun's vector and initiate chase upon your retrieval."

There is a flare of bright light and a wormhole appears, directly behind Moya.

John stares at the wormhole and blinks.

Pilot comms: "Commander!" His voice begins to break up. "...set to... We're being swallowed..." Jool screams. Pilot's voice can be heard talking, breaking up until the wormhole winks out and Moya disappears.

John stares at where Moya has been. He looks out the side porthole, at open space.

John gasps: "You have got to be kidding me."

There is frost on the window that John just looked out of. The camera pulls back from the module, further and further, as the module hangs, dead in space.


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