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MINI - The Peacekeepers War

Air Date: March 23, 2001
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Transcript by Xenajules2
Edited and put on-line by Bluey

Episode 3.02 - Suns and Lovers


We see Rygel on Moya but hear Chiana making squealing sounds.
Rygel: "Work, frell you. Work."
He hits the object in front of him.
Rygel now sees Chiana's naked back in a viewer.
Rygel: "Ohhhh." He grabs his eyebrow and snickers.
A hand reaches up her back. Rygel gasps and nods knowingly as the noises continue.

Exterior shot of a space station and a red sun.
The scene shifts to a martini glass being filled from a fountain.
John: "See, to me, it's unbelievable, you know. I can come to the "Mall of the Uncharted Territories" buy anything I want cause I'm rich, and that leather S&M faced wacko ScorpyClone, he's...he's locked in here, so, you know..."
He stops momentarily while the station shakes and there is a rumbling sound.
John continues: "...and you think, with all, ...you know, everything is gonna be just fine. But no. My friend, she's sick, so we gotta find a place where she can heal, and you have no idea what I'm talkin about, do you?"
The bartender, a rather large alien named Moordil: "No."
There are others in the bar, including several aliens in black leather, dressed alike, who have tattoos and various scars on their faces. There is an explosion and the bar shakes.
John: "What the hell is goin on out there?"
Moordil: "Gamma disturbances are quite common in this area."
John: "Are you talkin like, storms?"
Moordil: "Yes, they're no problem."

D'Argo: "John!"
D'Argo joins John at the bar.
John: "Hey, yo Heavy D! Hey man, have you tried one of these things? They're terrible, but once you get past the blue slime... underneath, pure aviation fuel."
D'Argo: "Yah, yah. Look what I got me and Chiana. They're Union Tattoos."
John: "Uh huh."
D'Argo: "They are burned into our skin."
John: "Cool."
D'Argo: "You know, I... I never thought I was gonna get married again... but then..."
John is nodding along as D'Argo speaks.
D'Argo: "What?"
John: "What?"
D'Argo: "Have you been talking to Chiana?"
John: "No, no." He shakes his head.
D'Argo: "No, she's angry with me, but once she gets these..."
John: "Yah, D'Argo, look. I could be wrong, right? Um... probably am... She probably wouldn't, but... Chiana could... say no."
D'Argo laughs: "How could she say No?"

Back on Moya, there is a cryopod standing in the cargo bay, with a male Interon inside.
Chiana: "No!" There is a male voice making sounds.
We see the top half of a naked Chiana.
Chiana: "No. No more."
There are sounds of heavy breathing and Chiana drops down onto a fur. Jothee, also naked, drops down beside her.
Jothee: "This is crazy!"
Chiana: "Yah." She props herself up and starts feeling his face.
Jothee: "And creepy. Why are we in here with these bodies?"
Chiana: "Because it's cold. Your Dad, D'Argo. D'Argo hates the cold, so he won't catch us if he comes back early."
Jothee: "I'm half Luxan. I'm not crazy about the cold either."
Chiana: "I'll warm you."

Back at the bar, Zhaan and Stark are walking through a crowd.
Stark: "Take those to our vessel." He gives two people a huge tip to carry something back to Moya.
Bearers: "Yes, your Eminence. Thank you." They bow to Stark and leave.
Zhaan: "Your Eminence just gave them a three-hundred fenig tip. That's more than a year's wages."
Stark: "The servant class is never rewarded enough."
There is another jolt and Zhaan is staggered. Stark takes her arm.
Stark: "Here. Let me help you."
Zhaan: "I'm dying, Stark. I'm not an invalid."
Stark: "Don't talk like that! I've got maps here, maps. We'll find a planet where you can recuperate."
Zhaan: "Just buy me an intoxicant. That's all I need to recuperate."

Aeryn glances at them as she enters, walks to a rear wall and sits down on a bench. John immediately joins her. They're looking at Zhaan.
John: "She looks weaker."
Aeryn: "Yes, she does."
John, looking in Aeryn's bag: "So, what did you buy?"
Aeryn: "Just some essentials."
John: "Would that be floss? Lipliner?"
Aeryn: "Weapons. I traded a pulse pistol for some original Tarik deployers."
There is a gun barrel visible on the bench beside her.
John: "Cool."
Borlik, the female dressed in leather, addresses John: "Are you Crichton?" She and a male partner are now both looking at John and Aeryn.
John: "Who are you?"
Borlik: "Security. And are you Crichton?"
Aeryn: "No he's not. And we don't know who this Kraton is."
Borlik, looks around and addresses the room: "You know, I heard he destroyed a PeaceKeeper Gammak base, murdered an entire Nebari battalion, even laid waste to a shadow depository. (there is another rumble and the station shakes) Guy was a devil. He raped and pillaged. He popped eyeballs."
John: "Whoa! Whoa, where...where do they get these stories? Let's set the facts straight. First off, there was no raping, very little pillaging and Frau Bleuka popped all the eyeballs."
Borlik: "I knew you were Crichton."
John: "Look, I'm not here for any trouble." He and Aeryn are both reaching for their guns, trying not to be obvious about it.
John: "I'm just looking for some aviation fuel shooters."
Borlik: "That's great! That's great because in here, everything's on me. We hate PeaceKeepers. Hey Moordil, Moordil, intoxicants for Crichton and his... his grunt."
Aeryn: "I'm not his grunt."
Borlik: "Yes. So, you here to kill somebody? Can I help you?"
John: "No, no, no my grunt does all my killing. I'm strickly R & R."
There is another, very large shock.
John: "What the hell's goin on around here?"
Borlik: "Moordil, what's the problem?"
Moordil yells: "Watch out!"
Stark: "Look out, Zhaan!"
Things start falling from the walls and ceiling. There are sparks and flashes as light fixtures are broken. A large beam lands on the bar.



In the now destroyed bar, John stands up and looks around.
John: "Aeryn! Where's Aeryn? Aer..yn!!"
D'Argo: "Here..."
Aeryn: "Under a pile of dren." She is pinned under a wagon-wheel type light fixture.
D'Argo: "Are you o.k.?"
John: "Yah, yah, yah, Nothin like a bomb to sober ya up. I'm fine. Anbody hurt?"
He helps Aeryn get the debris off her arm.
Zhaan: "Stark?"
Moordil: "I'm bleeding. Help me! I'm bleeding!"
Zhaan: "I'm here. I'm here."
Zhaan goes to help him.
John: "Hey, what happened here? Was it a bomb?"
Moordil: "The storm."
John: "I thought you said the storms were no problem."
Aeryn comms: "Pilot, how's Moya?"
Pilot comms: "We've been thrown into the docking rings."

Pilot: "Moya's elastic skin saved us, but three hatches have ruptured. Chiana, can you hear me?"
Chiana: "I...uh, I gotcha, Pilot."
Pilot: "There's a hatch breach on tier 7."
Chiana: "I'm onto it." She is pulling her clothes on as she speaks.
D'Argo comms: "Is Jothee all right?"
Chiana: "Oh yah, he's fine."

D'Argo: "I'd better go up to Moya and see if there's any survivors."
John: "Check on her exterior."

As Chiana leaves the cargo bay, Jothee stops her and whispers: "Chiana. This guy. This guys' moving."
Chiana: "What... what'dya do to him?"
Jothee: "I didn't do anything. The thing busted open and he started moving."
Chiana: "Well, close it up."
Jothee: "I don't think you can just close it up. What the hell's he waking up for? I thought he was dead."
Chiana: "No, no, no. They were quick-frozen or something before they died. Stay with him."
Chiana tries to leave but Jothee grabs her.
Jothee: "I... I... don't want to stay here."
Chiana: "No! Just make sure he's okay. All right? Crichton wants to talk to him. He thinks he's... he thinks he's... some... some kinda relative." She starts to leave again.
Jothee: "Chiana. What if he heard us when we..."
Chiana: "Jothee! I gotta stabilize the frelling hatch!" She finally makes it out the door.
The man inside the cryopod moans softly.

Running through the corridor, she bumps into Rygel.
Chiana: "Whoa! Watch... watch where you're going!"
Rygel: "Watch yourself, slut."
Chiana: "What did you say?"
Rygel: "Out of my way. Zhaan needs these medical supplies on the station."
Chiana grabs him: "What's the matter with you Ryg?"
Rygel: "I heard you."
Chiana: "You heard Nothing!"
Rygel: "Freezer chamber. Young half-breed."
Chiana slams him up against the bulkhead: "If you tell D'Argo, I will rip out your tongue and shove it up your fettik."
Rygel: "You idiot! I won't have to tell him! He's Luxan. He'll smell Jothee all over you!"
Chiana: "Keep your lips shut."
Rygel chortles: "You do the same with your legs."
They go off in opposite directions.

Outside the space station, debris is floating everywhere. It looks pretty busted up.
D'Argo comms: "I'm in the transport pod, Pilot. Three of the stations five pods have been destroyed. I can't find any signs of survivors.
Pilot: "How's Moya?"
D'Argo: "Well, her epidermis seems intact, but she's tangled up in some of the station's cables."
Pilot: "I'll see if I can reverse us clear."
D'Argo: "Pilot... wait. There's another ship, close by. It seems to be intact. Try to bring it in using the docking web."
Pilot: "I'll try, D'Argo."
The ship, floating dead in the debris, doesn't look like anything we've seen before.

Back in the bar, the place is a mess. Zhaan is attempting to help Moordil.
Zhaan: "Don't move, Moordil. The beam has pierced your monin artery."
Moordil: "What does it matter? The station's destroyed. There must be hundeds dead ...hundreds!"
Zhaan: "Shhh! Stay calm, Moordil. There's nothing we can do about those souls anyway."
Moordil: "Everything's gone."
Borlik: "Then those stories must be true." She is sitting on the floor, leaning up against the bar.
John: "What are you talking about?"
Borlik: "You see, there were once three commerce stations near the twin suns of Quell. But one has been destroyed by asteroids, one has been burned by fire and we were the last remaining station. There were stories that we were cursed."
Stark: "Why would you be cursed?"
Borlik: "Cause this station is built on what we call the "Sacred Stillness." This is where, some say the great gods were born."
Moordil: "That's just dren. There's no curse. It was... it was just storms."
Borlik protests: "No. They weakened before they reached us, but you know, this last cycle, it's been gaining in strength. The storms have been compact into funnels just 6 parasins wide, each storm getting closer and closer. It's as if they were aimed at us."
Aeryn: "Can't aim a storm."
Borlik: "Then the curse must be true. This is Gezma's revenge for buying and selling in his Scared Stillness."

On Moya, the cryoman is sitting on the base of the cryopod.
Interon: "Where am I?"
Jothee: "On a leviathan. We found you in a medical lab. You don't remember how you got here?" Jothee is wearing just his trousers and shoes.
Interon: "No... I just... I was on an expedition. We were looking for the Dimordis tomb in the Berger Nebula. I got sick. Staanz and me got sick. Jool found us."
Jothee: "When you were in there, before you woke up... you hear anything?"
Interon: "I sensed some... movement. Kind of a thumping sound. It didn't last long."
He starts to choke.
Jothee: "Are you okay? I was supposed to look after you, so don't do anything crazy."
He stands up and vomits green stuff all over Jothee's bare chest.
Jothee: "Oh, Frell! Chiana, get down here!"
The Interon falls to the floor, writhing.
Jothee: "I think this guy's dying!"
The Interon vomits blood and dies.

Chiana comms: "Handle it yourself!" She is trying to reseal a hatch.
Pilot: "See if you can force it, Chiana."
Chiana succeeds in closing the ruptured hatch.
Chiana: "Pilot... I've sealed the vent."
When she does, across the way, she sees a little girl, yelling and waving.
Chiana: "Pilot, we've got another problem."

Back in the bar...
Moordil: "The child, uh! The child your friend saw must be trapped in the lower pod. There is... there is... there was a nursery there. For when the parents were shopping."
Aeryn: "How do I get down there?"
Borlik: "You can't. All the connecting walkways are crushed."
John: "No, no, no, no. There's always another way in."
Moordil: "If those filtration vents have integrity, they link to waste conduits in the lower pod.
Stark: "Over here?"
Moordil: "Yes, that's it."
Aeryn: "Alright, I'll check them out."
John: "I'm coming with you."
They head for the vents.

On Moya, the Interon is dead on the floor.
Chiana: "What did you do to him?"
Jothee: "Nothing. He puked on me, then he died."
Chiana: "You killed him, didn't ya?"
Jothee: "What?!"
Chiana: "What? Did he see us? Is that.. is that why you killed him?"
Jothee: "No, he didn't see us. I didn't k... even if he did, I wouldn't kill him! He just died."
D'Argo comms: "Chiana."
Chiana: "Yah, D'Argo."
D'Argo: "You and Jothee get down to the transport hanger and make sure that ship we're bringing on board isn't hostile."
Chiana comms: "We're on our way."
Chiana tells Jothee: "Go bathe."
Jothee: "What? We're in the middle of this massive kamsha and you want me to wash?"
Chiana: "What do you smell, Jothee? Right now? You smell me, don't you? And you're only half Luxan. D'Argo will smell me all over you unless you go bathe before he comes back onboard. Go. Go now."
Chiana leaves.

On the station, Aeryn and John are climbing in a metal conduit that slants upwards at a steep angle.
Aeryn: "Alright, Moordil. Short incline, and then it splits off."
Moordil: "If it's still intact, the lower vent should lead to the nursery."
Aeryn: "Got it. After me."
John: "After you." They start up the incline.
Aeryn: "You know, I've been thinking... about us."
John: "You want to talk about this now?"
Aeryn: "It's a good time. No one here to bother us. I know the prices of living close. How it can affect the safety.." she slips and they both fall backwards several feet ..."of the entire battalion..."
John, falling: "roolf!"
Aeryn: "..unless tensions are relieved."
John: "So what do you suggest?"
Aeryn: "Well, in PeaceKeepers, it was common practice to ah... reduce fluid levels."
John: "Fluid levels. Like what, like Valvoline? Like brake fluid?"
Aeryn: "Like sex. We can have sex if you want."
John slips and they both slide most of the way back down the conduit and end up in a heap.
John, as they get back up again: "You know what? Now is not a good time. How 'bout I ah, check my diary. Get back to you later in the week?"
They climb up to where they were before.
Aeryn: "It would relieve the tension."
John puts his arm on her waist and pulls her close.
John: "Is this for you or for me?"
Aeryn: "For both of us."
John: "You know what?" His hands are visible, lightly stroking her chest. "I got two hands. I can alternate. I can reduce all the tension I want and I don't need your charity."
Aeryn: "And I don't need your emotions, but we can have sex if you want."
She starts to climb again.
John, points: "Watch that. That's broken."
Aeryn: "Yah, but don't change the subject."
She climbs out of the conduit and stands up.
Aeryn: "What are you afraid of John?"
She reaches up and starts to unzip her vest. As she does, the floor beneath her gives way and she falls down, out of sight.
John: "Aeryn? Aeryn!!"



John is lying down, leaning over the edge where Aeryn fell through. There is a gigantic, slow moving fan at the bottom.
John yells: "Aeryn! AERYN!!"
Aeryn: "John."
John: "You okay?"
Aeryn: "Yah, I'm o.k. Something smells completely frellnik down here, so I suspect I found the waste conduit Moordil said we had to find."
John: "Look. You stay where you are. I'll go get some help; we'll get you out."
Aeryn: "No. I'm gonna follow this down. See if it leads to the lower pod." She is just barely visible, standing at the bottom, silhouetted against the fan.
John: "No. Stay where you are!"
Aeryn: "Tell Moordil I'll comm him when I need directions." Aeryn begins to climb the conduit while holding a flashlite over her head.
John: "Damn it! You stubborn wen..."
Pilot's voice interrupts: "Crichton."
John: "Pilot. I'll call you back. I can't talk right now"
Pilot: "You have to talk. I've run the residual storm graph you wanted. You were right. The storm took a 90 degree turn to hit us."
John: "90 degree...?"
Pilot: "It seems to have come after us on purpose. And there's worse."

Back in the bar, John tells Stark and Zhaan: "Pilot says there's another storm on the way. It's gonna hit us in less than two arns and it's bigger than the last one."
Stark: "Hit us? This station can't take another hit."
John: "Yah, I know that."
Rygel: "Then lets all get onto Moya and haul out of here."
Zhaan: "I can't pull the spike out of Moordil and I can't just leave him here."
Rygel: "Well, he's going to die, isn't he?"
Zhaan: "Well, yes but..."
Rygel: "What does it matter if we leave him?"
John: "Blue. Sparky. Just knock it off. We've got at least two arns. Aeryn can use that time to try to free the trapped girl."
Rygel: "I don't give a sissel's ass about a trapped girl."
John: "Yes, and that's what makes you a great humanitarian Buckwheat, but we are not leaving. It's ScoobyDoo time."
John gets up and walks over to where Borlik is standing near Moordil.
John: "Alright, here's the deal. Our Pilot says that the storms are being attracted by a flux broadcast being generated somewhere inside this station."
Moordil: "The station?"
Borlik: "From here?"
John: "Yes."
Borlik: "Someone's targeting a storm at us?"
John: "Yes."
Moordil: "You see, I told you the storms weren't Gezma's wrath!"
John: "No, you just managed to piss somebody off. Now, do you have any idea who would want to destroy your station?"
Borlik: "Tell him."
Moordil: "Frell."
Borlik: "Go on. Tell him."
Moordil: "I'm probably going to die anyway. There's a cult of religious zealots, the Kampeks."
Borlik: "Some call them noble warriors."
Moordil: "But they're not! They're insane and you can't bribe them. I tried when I thought they were responsible for the destruction of the other stations."
Stark: "Kampeks? This is their Sacred Stillness?"
Borlik: "You see, they say we're desecrating their gods by buying and selling here. They must be broadcasting the storm signals."
Rygel: "Then let's destroy it. Let's find out where the signals are coming from and smash it."
Borlik: "How? There are twelve levels on this station. You'll never search it in two arns."
John: "We might. I've got an idea." He leaves the bar.

Back on Moya, we are looking at a large, gray metal object covered in rounded triangle shapes. It appears to be the ship that D'Argo had Pilot bring on board. D'Argo is walking around it.
D'Argo: "Pilot says it's empty but he can't sense how to get inside."
He reaches out to touch it but his hand is repulsed by an undulating shimmer.
D'Argo: "The defense shield is active all the way around the ship."
Jothee: "Give me a shot. I'll get inside." He walks up to the ship, carrying a pulse rifle.
As Jothee walks past him, D'Argo sniffs: "What's that smell?"
Jothee: "I bathed. I did. Twice."
D'Argo: "Are you wearing perfumed wash?"
Chiana: "Yah, I gave him some from Zhaan's chamber."
D'Argo: "Yah, well ah, you smell very nice."
Jothee: "Gimme a break!"
D'Argo: "No,no, really, you do. You smell very nice."
Jothee: "Shut up! Find your own way into the frelling ship!"
He stalks out.
D'Argo: "Jothee! I was only teasing. Jothee!"
Now D'Argo goes over to Chiana and tries to get her to talk to him.
D'Argo: "You look attractive."
Chiana: "Do I?"
D'Argo: "Yes. Like you're happy."
Chiana: "I'm not."
D'Argo: "I know I've been a trasnik, and I want to apologize."
Chiana: "Look, don't worry about it, okay?"
D'Argo: "No, really. I am so sorry. And there's uh, something I'd like to talk to you about, it..."
Chiana: "Uh. look, D'Argo. I'm... I'm not ready to talk now, okay?"
D'Argo: "What do you want me to do, beg? I said I'm sorry."
Chiana: "No! I don't want you to beg. I just... I'm not ready to talk. Just because you're ready to talk, it doesn't mean that I am."
D'Argo nods: "Okay."
Chiana reaches up and touches his face: "I'm sorry, I jus.... Pilot's got two more hatches for me to check and I just want to do that first, okay?"
D'Argo: "Fine."
Chiana: "Fine. Okay." She leaves.
D'Argo watches her go and sniffs the air once or twice, a studied expression on his face.

On the ruined station, in the bar, Stark sets a DRD on the floor, amongst the debris.
Stark: "That's just about the last of the DRD's. If Crichton's correct, they should give us some indication of where the signal's coming from." He goes over to a table where Zhaan is standing, head in hands.
Stark: "What's the matter?"
Zhaan: "Oh, nothing. Have you got One-eye working yet?"
Stark: "Not yet. I think it's the energy exchanger, but that can wait." He reaches up to remove Zhaan's head covering. She jerks back, away from him.
Zhaan: "Don't worry about me, Stark. It's all right."
Stark: "Let me look at your head." He reaches for her, again.
Zhaan pushes his hands away: "No! Just stop..."
Stark, loudly: "I said, let me look at it! Let me look at it now!"
Zhaan removes the wrap from her head, which is covered with nasty, oozing sores. Stark touches them and puts a kiss on them with his fingers.
Stark: "Eyh! The sores are worse. You're weakening is progressing..."
Zhaan: "Stark, don't."
Stark: "...much faster, much faster than we predicted, much. But I... I will find you a planet, a planet with the right soil and moisture."
Zhaan: "Calm yourself Stark, please. You're the expert here. You've witnessed more death than anyone else. So many dissatisfied souls dying before they felt ready."
Stark: "Yes, I'm an expert on dying. I'm just not an expert on you dying."

Aeryn is in the waste conduit, stepping over puddles and trash. She finds a panel with symbols on it.
Aeryn comms: "All right, Moordil. It looks like some kind of binary code, followed by four circles."
Moordil: "Ahh, you've reached the lower pod. Keep going for another 300 metras."
Aeryn: "Got it."
She hears pounding and yelling.
Girl's voice: "Help!"
Aeryn: "Hello?"
Girl: "Anyone there?" There is more pounding.
Aeryn: "Hello?"
She begins to follow the sounds.

Back on Moya, Chiana and Jothee are sitting next to the open cryopod.
Jothee: "Do you think he knows?"
Chiana: "How could he know?"
Jothee: "He looked at me like he knew. What're ya going to tell him?"
Chiana: "I'm not going to tell him anything."
D'Argo comes into the cargo bay: "Tell who?"
Chiana stands up: "Crichton. We don't know what to tell him about the guy kakking."
D'Argo: "I'm sure he'll understand it wasn't your fault. I thought Pilot wanted you to reseal a hatch. I was on my way down to help you."
Chiana: "Oh, he did. He does. We're... we're goin now."
Chiana and Jothee start to leave.
D'Argo, loudly: "What's that smell?"
Chiana and Jothee stop and turn to face D'Argo.
Jothee: "I told you, it's just this scented wash."
Chiana: "You know, the... the perfumed wash."
D'Argo: "No, no, no, no, there's something else."
Chiana comes back towards D'Argo and sniffs: "Well, I don't smell anything."
D'Argo: "Why were you both in here?"
Chiana: "I told you, we were just checking on the dead guy."
D'Argo: "I don't believe you."
Chiana: "Did you talk to Rygel?"
D'Argo: "About what?"
Jothee comes to stand beside Chiana.
D'Argo looks at Jothee: "You have betrayed me."
Jothee: "D'Argo."
D'Argo: "With my own manan."
Chiana: "I'm not your manan."
D'Argo: "Obviously."
Chiana: "I didn't mean that."
D'Argo: "Well, what did you mean?"
Jothee: "D'Argo! Let's not..."
D'Argo:" Let's not what? Get angry? Or.... kill you?"
D'Argo has the union tattoo in his hand.
D'Argo: "Do you know what this is?"
Chiana: "D'Argo, this is my fault. Mine. Not Jothee's."
D'Argo roughly pushes Chiana aside.
D'Argo: "Get away from me now."
D'Argo: "It's a Union Tattoo. It's a Luxan symbol of courage, honor... and loyalty. I was going to give it to Chiana, but I was wrong. I want you to have it."
Jothee: "D'Argo. I don't want to have to..."
D'Argo: "No. I insist!"
He grabs Jothee.
Chiana: "D'Argo... let him go!"
D'Argo: "Get away from me! Now!" He shoves Chiana to the floor.
He pulls up Jothee's shirt and presses the tattoo to his bare stomach. It burns itself onto his skin. Jothee screams.
Chiana: "D'Argo!
D'Argo pushes Jothee aside. He falls to the floor, groaning, as D'Argo turns to face Chiana.
D'Argo: "But you... you will never get these."
Chiana: "D'Argo! Listen to me."
D'Argo: "NO! I will never listen to anything either of you have to say again."
He starts to leave.
Chiana: "D'Argo. D'Argo... D'Argo!"
He stops and turns.
D'Argo: "I know what it was I smelt before. It was a burnt out function cell in the cryo chamber." He leaves.

On the station, Stark has One-eye, blue tape and all, working.
Stark: "There. I've got it."
The DRD starts to make a noise, while Stark is still holding it, so he begins to carry it, pointing it in different directions.
Zhaan: "What is it?"
Stark: "I don't know."
John and Borlik walk into the bar.
John: "What you got?"
Stark: "Signal's coming from here." One-eye is making an alarm sound.
Moordil: "From here?"
Stark: "Crichton, Borlik, back off."
Moordil: "But I... I... I'm not sending out any frelling signal."
He holds One-eye up to Moordil, but the DRD stops making the noise.
Moordil: "See, I told you."
When Stark turns around, towards Borlik, the noise starts again and increases.
Borlik: "What? Why is it making this noise? Why is it making that noise?"
She climbs over a table to get away.
Rygel growls at Borlik. Stark keeps One-eye pointed at her.
Borlik: "Ob.. obviously you haven't fixed it properly."
John: "You sure One-eye's workin right?"
Stark: "It's working."
Borlik, trying to leave: "No! It's broken."
John pulls out his pulse pistol and stops her: "You're in the ScoobyDoo Snack Den. Where's the signal coming from?"
Borlik begins to chant, at first softly: "La pluro ka bee, La pluro ka bee" , then louder and louder. She begins to float and rises to the ceiling and sticks there, chanting all the while.
"La pluro ka bee La pluro ka bee La pluro ka bee!"



At the station, masses of debris are swirling around.

Inside the remains of the bar...

Borlik is stuck to the ceiling, still chanting: "La pluro ka bee La pluro ka bee La pluro ka bee!" but the volume is lower.
John tries to pull her down by her foot.
John: "Dude. She's stuck, man."
Stark, still holding One-eye the DRD: "She's still broadcasting."
John: "Yah, but where's the signal coming from?"
Stark: "I think it's coming from inside her."
Rygel: "Inside her? Is that why she's stuck to the wall?"
Zhaan: "I don't know. She's somehow magnatized herself to the pipe."
Rygel: "Okay. Enough. Let's kill her, cut her off the frelling pipe, and chuck her out."
Rygel flies his thronesled up to her.
Moordil: "No, no, no, no! That pipe is hydohonium steel, Frozen exhaust. If you rupture it, we'll freeze in 10 microts."
Borlik speaks to Rygel who is at ceiling height, by her: "Worm. Are you ready to die in the cleansing apocalypse? La pluro ka bee."
Rygel: "Worm? Are you ready to die in a cleansing ramming?"
Rygel growls and rams into Borlik.
John: "Rygel, cut it out!"
Rygel: "I'm gonna kill the bitch now!"
John: "Rygel, we don't know what's going on. We don't know anything so we don't know if killing her will stop the damn signal."
Rygel, who is still ramming her: "Who cares? It'll shut her up and make me feel good!"
Rygel rams her three more times.
John: "Buckwheat! Stop it!"
Borlik: "Go on, kill me. Shoot me, cut me into pieces and burn my flesh with silic acid but my broadcast will still be sent. The apocalypse will cleanse you all." She resumes chanting.
Rygel: "At least let me shut her up." He jams a cloth in her mouth.
John: "Shove it in deep, Rygel."
John sits down and takes a drink. He comms: "Pilot? How long before that storm hits?"
Pilot: "It seems to be increasing in velocity. Probably less than an arn. But I was thinking... since the pipe Borlik's magnetized to is made of hydrohonium steel, perhaps if we found a larger source of it..."
John: "It would pull her away from the pipe. Good. We have any of that hydro-crap aboard?"
Pilot: "Running an inventory check now."

John comms Aeryn who is still in the waste conduits.
John: "Aeryn. You might have to forget about the kid."
Aeryn: "I think I heard somthing."
John: "Make it quick. You've got less than an arn."
Aeryn hears children calling and pounding on something.
Aeryn: "Yes, I'm here. I just need to know where you are. Keep making noise."
There is more yelling. "Yah, hang on. I'm coming. I'll follow your voice."

Pilot comms: "I've located three sources of hydro steel. Two are in the neural cluster cooling rods."
John: "Can we get to it?"
Pilot: "Not in time. But the third source is accessible. The cryo chambers you brought aboard are lined with hydro steel. The attraction, from one of them, could pull Borlik loose."
Borlik makes a muffled protest. from the ceiling.
John: "Good. So we drag her onboard Moya, fly as far away from the station as we can, divert the storm."
Pilot: "But we're still trapped by the docking cables. I've tried to pull us clear, but I can't."
John: "Alright, well find D'Argo. Tell him I need his help on this."
Pilot: "I've been signaling his comms, but he's not answering."
John: "Why not?"
Rygel: "I think I might know why."

John is back on Moya. He walks into the room where D'Argo is sitting. D'Argo's back is turned.
John: "Hey, D. How're ya doing?"
D'Argo is drinking: "You know, don't you?"
John: "Yah."
D'Argo: "Did you know when I showed you the union tattoos?"
John: "No, I didn't"
D'Argo: "They're bragging about it, aren't they?"
John: "D'Argo, it's not like that. Rygel found out and he told me what..."
John walks up behind D'Argo and puts a hand on his shoulder. D'Argo backs him off with a "Hissss!"
John: "We don't have time for this."
D'Argo: "Yes, I know. I heard you talking to Pilot. You want me to go outside and help free Moya."
John: "While I go grab Borlik."
D'Argo: "Well, why don't you get Chiana and Jothee to do it? They like working together."
John: "D'Argo. They can't free the cables. They're not as strong as you are. They're not as brave. They're not as smart."
D'Argo grabs John's arm: "Oh look, don't! Alright? Just don't!"
D'Argo whispers: "They broke my heart John."
John whispers too: "I know that, but if you don't go out on Moya and pull that cable off, we're all gonna die when that storm hits."
D'Argo: "Then we all die."

Aeryn is still climbing in the waste conduits.
Aeryn: "I can't hear you anymore." She grunts as she falls against the side of the conduit.
Aeryn: "Hello? Are you still there? Can you hear me? Hello?"
She can't hear the kids anymore. There is a large fan nearby, making noise and her flashlite is trying to quit on her. She hits the flashlite.
Aeryn: "Frell. Hello?"
She yells, but there is no answer from the children.

On Moya, Jothee and Chiana are helping John push the empty cryopod towards the station.
John: "What the hell were you thinking?"
Chiana: "Obviously we weren't thinking."
John: "Obviously."
Jothee: "We didn't think we'd get caught."
John yells at him and points: "Do you know what you did? You betrayed the one person on this ship who would've done anything for you. Both of you. He would have died for you."

D'Argo is staggering thru Moya and talking to himself: "Yah, we need you D'Argo. We need you. Oh, and by the way, would you mind putting your hands against the wall and spreading your legs so I can kick you up the mivonks? Cause you have got to be one dumb Tresnak."
He continues drinking as he walks. He smashes the bottle on the floor and comms: "I'm starting depressurization."
Pilot: "I've vented an inertial field on Moya's skin so you can move around some, but be
careful. The winds are reaching speeds of 300 millets."
D'Argo: "Yah, I've got a breathing regulator in case I have to stay out there."
Pilot: "Crichton told me you weren't going out."
D'Argo: "Well you know what? I changed my mind."
Pilot: "Why?"
D'Argo: "Good-bye Pilot."
He begins to climb the ladder to the exterior hatch. Pilot looks very concerned.
Pilot: "D'Argo? D'Argo!"
There is no reply. The exterior hatch opens and D'Argo climbs out. There is a strong wind and debris is flying around.
D'Argo: "I'm outside Pilot. Where are the cables?"
He attaches himself to the ship with a safety line.
Pilot: "Just looking now. D'Argo, come inside."
D'Argo: "Got it."
He climbs out onto the hull and looks around.

John and Stark roll the cryopod into the bar.
John: "Take the gag out."
Borlik immediately begins chanting loudly: "La pluro ka bee! La Pluro ka bee!"
Rygel: "You want to hear this?"
Borlik: "See, I see your fear, worm. But the holy Gezma will embrace even you, if you repent."
Rygel laughs: "Repent? We have less than an arn. I was a Dominar! Take me longer than that to repent!"
Borlik: "When about to die, you should feel more shame."
Rygel laughs again.
John: "Hey! Fridge Magnet! I've got something for you to feel."
Borlik, looks at cryopod: "What is that?"
John: "Oh, what's the matter? Is that your fear I see? You're not so psycho happy now."
Borlik: "Oh, what are you doing?"
John: "This is hydro steel. Just like that pipe."
Stark: "Only, this is bigger, so it may be your turn to repent, for all those souls you've murdered."
Borlik: "Don't! Keep it away! La pluro ka bee! La pluro ka bee... Nooo!"
John and Stark open the cryopod and Borlik is pulled off the ceiling and lands in the pod.
John closes it.
John: "Got her, Pilot. We're comin back to Moya, we'll try to free her up."
Pilot: "Crichton, don't you know? D'Argo's already outside."
They all pause for a moment, then John takes off at a run.

Meanwhile, outside on Moya...
D'Argo: "Pilot, I've cleared Moya of all the cables except for two."
Pilot: "Be careful. Those last cables are pulse recharges."
D'Argo: "Can you shut them down?"
Pilot: "I have no control over them. They are linked to the station's power source."
D'Argo: "But, I can't move them unless they are neutralized."
Pilot: "Crichton's on his way. He can help you."
D'Argo: "No. I can do this alone."
The cables have sparks flying out of them.
Chiana comms him: "D'Argo? Listen to me. Wait for Crichton, he'll..."
D'Argo interrupts her: "No Chiana. You can never tell me what to do..."
D'Argo picks up the obviously "hot" cable ends, "...ever again."
Chiana: "Crichton, talk to D'Argo! Talk to him now!"
Chiana is panicing. John is pushing Borlik in the cryopod.
He comms: "D'Argo? D'Argo, what're you doing out there?"
D'Argo: "What you asked me to. When I neutralize these cables, you'll be able to pull Moya clear."
John: "Wait! Wait for me!"
D'Argo: "Goodbye John."
Chiana screams: "Nooo! Don't do it!"
D'Argo touches the two ends of the cable together. His arms are blown apart and he screams.
Chiana: "No!" She hunkers down with her hands on her head, crying.
D'Argo floats off Moya, unconscious.



John is pushing the cryopod onto Moya.
John: "Pilot! Why the hell did you let him go out?"
Pilot: "He didn't ask for my permission."
John: "You could'a stopped him."
Pilot: "I would shut up and stop wasting time, Commander."
John: "You're telling the wrong person to shut up."
Borlik can be seen in the cryopod, still chanting.
Pilot: "We have less than a quarter of an arn before the storm funnel reaches us!"

D'Argo is floating, unconscious at the end of his tether rope.
John is putting on a black space suit.
John: "Any signal yet, Pilot?"
Pilot: "Nothing. Crichton, if you're unable to save D'Argo, Moya is willing to try and rip free from the cables, but..."
John: "No, no, no! I'll get us clear."
Jothee runs up to John.
Jothee: "Is he dead? Is my father dead?"
John: "I don't know."
Jothee: "I'll go with you. I'm half-Luxan. I can survive out there. I'll help..."
John: "You don't know that Jothee. And I can't be rescuing two people. Now get outta here. Get outta here, you're slowing me down!"
Jothee: "Crichton... no!"
John pushes Jothee out of the chamber and depressurizes it. He climbs the ladder to the exterior hatch.
Chiana: "Crichton..."
Pilot: "Do you see him?
John: "Not yet Pilot."
There is a strong wind blowing which can be heard.
John: "D'Argo? Pilot. He's not responding, so I'm gonna fix the ship first, then go after him."
Chiana: "Get to him. Get to him now!"
John climbs out on Moya's skin.
John: "Headin for the cables."
He doesn't have a safety line.
Chiana: "I'm comin out there myself."
John: "No, Chiana! Stay the hell where you are!"
Chiana: "Frell!"
John continues to climb along Moya's outer hull, towards the recharger cables.

In the waste conduit on the station...
Girl: "Help me!"
Aeryn: "Hang on. I'm almost there."
Girl: "Help me! Please! Hurry!"
Moordil: "Save them! I should have known Borlik was one of them. A Kampek."
Moordil groans.

John is trying to remove a large flexible pipe from Moya.
John: "Pilot. I can't ..."
He gets blown off her. As he floats away, he grabs hold of one end of the recharger cable and pulls himself back.

Aeryn: "Crichton! I'm at the access hatch. Moordil! What's the code?"
Only Moordil's heavy breathing can be heard over the comm.
She tries punching buttons on the hatch lock. "Moordil! What's the frelling code?"
Moordil gasps: "Oh, Hezmana."
Aeryn: "I can't hear you. Moordil!"
Moordil dies.
Zhaan: "Oh, by the Goddess..."
Aeryn: "What's the frelling code?" She tries to open the lock a couple more times.
Stark: "Aeryn, he's dead. Moordil's dead."
Rygel: "Get back now! We've gotta get out now."
Aeryn: "No way, not yet."
She takes the Tarik deployer out of her bag. "Just hope this works."
She stands up, aims the gun at the hatch and shoots.
Clang! The hatch falls open and a child is visible below it.
Aeryn slides down the wall and sits. "Frell me dead."
She leans over and looks down into the hatchway at the children. There are now four of them, two boys and two girls.

Chiana is pacing in command.
Chiana: "Have you reached him?"

John: "Not yet. I'll get to him soon."
He has climbed back to the flexible pipe he was attempting to get off Moya.

Chiana: "Get to him now!"

John: "Chiana... I'm busy. And if I don't ... huh!"
John is blown off the pipe again, but this time he is too high up to grasp the cable and he begins to float away. Suddenly, D'Argo appears and grabs him and brings him back to Moya.
D'Argo: "John! I've got you."
John: "D'Argo!"
D'Argo: "Let's get the cable."
They move back to the large flexible pipe.
John: "You all right?" D'Argo doesn't answer.
John: "All right, on my count. One... two... three!"
Together John and D'Argo pull the pipe off Moya.
John: "That's it Pilot. Moya's free. We're coming in."
Pilot: "Hurry! We must draw the storm away from the station now."
Chiana runs out of command. John starts to crawl over to the access hatch. He notices that D'Argo is still sitting where he left him.
John: "D'Argo! Aw, man. What're ya doing? Hell. Not going in without you D'Argo." John sits beside D'Argo and pats his leg.

Aeryn is leading the children out through the waste conduits.
Aeryn: "Keep moving! That way. Zhaan, what's going on? We're getting the dren knocked out of us down here!"
Zhaan: "Aeryn! Hurry! You must get back here! Moya's freed, but the storm may still hit us."
Chunks of debris are falling all around the bar.
Aeryn: "Well, if it does, I don't think we're gonna make it."
Zhaan: "Hurry!"
Aeryn: "Come on. Move it!"
She and the children hurry through the waste conduit.

The chamber door opens and Chiana rushes in.
Chiana: "Is he alive?"
John, leaving: "He's alive. Look after him."
Chiana goes to D'Argo.
Chiana, whispers: "D'Argo..."
Jothee runs up to John in the corridor: "Crichton! Where is he?"
John: "He's with Chiana."
Jothee goes to join Chiana and D'Argo. John continues down the corridor, pulling off his space suit as he goes.
John: "Pilot, are we moving?"
Pilot: "Attempting starburst..."
John: "No! In starburst the storm won't be able to track Borlik's signal."
Pilot: "Accelerating now."

D'Argo is coming around. His breathing apparatus is off. Chiana feels his face.
Chiana: "I thought you were gonna die out there."
D'Argo gestures for Chiana and Jothee to come closer. He can barely talk.
D'Argo, croaking: "Hey. Come here."
Chiana leans closer.
D'Argo: "I want... you both... to stay away from me!" He gasps and hisses.
Chiana gets up and backs into Jothee. He tries to take her hand. Chiana shakes him off.
Chiana: "Don't."

John, entering the cargo bay: "Commuter forecast on your travel day. Storms expected, just for you..."
Borlik: "I think I'll be able to share my purification."
The cryopod is open and empty. Borlik is now stuck up high, on Moya's side.
Borlik: "It took all my strength, but I was able to reconfigure the magnetics and stick here. By the time you cut me down, the storm will be upon us. La pluro ka bee. La pluro ka bee."
John, shakes his head: "You're too smart." He starts to walk out.
Borlik: "Where are you going?"
John: "Uh, you win. We lose. You... you outsmarted us."
Borlik laughs.
John: "But that door you're stuck to. It's detachable." John walks to the door control.
Borlik: "No!"
John: "Yes."
Borlik: "No! You lie! No, you'll still be purified. The holy Gezma's punishment will be brought down upon you."
John: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...."
Borlik begins to chant loudly: "La pluro ka bee! La pluro ka bee! La pluro ka bee!"
John: "Pilot! I'm clear. Detach the door. And suck this bitch OUT!"
John exits, closing the large cargo bay door. Pilot laughs maniacally.
Borlik screams!
The door is sucked away from Moya and the storm follows and hits it.



Inside the bar, Aeryn is helping the children exit the vent.
Aeryn: "There you go. That's it. Watch your head. Good."
They are met by other adults.
Zhaan: "Thank the Goddess, the children are safe."
Stark opens the mapcase he bought: "Now we can find a planet where you can regain your strength."
Zhaan: "If She so wishes it."

John walks past them, heading for Aeryn. He finds her sitting near the vent pipe. He hands her a bottle of water and she drinks. He takes her hand and helps her up. Aeryn grunts.
John: "Been uh... thinkin about that thing we talked about. 'Bout charity. And, ah, maybe..."
Aeryn: "Maybe you were right. We should do nothing."
John: "What about body fluids?"
Aeryn starts to grin, then John does, trying not to laugh.
Aeryn: "There'll be a backlog."
Rygel floats into the picture: "Fluid levels? Backlog? Is there some kind of problem?"
John, quietly: "Shut up." He keeps looking at Aeryn.
Rygel: "Hrmm? What did I say?"
Aeryn and John, in unison: "Shut up!"
Rygel zooms off. John and Aeryn grin at each other.

Chiana and Jothee are sitting on opposite sides of a bulkhead.
Chiana: "You're really gonna...you're gonna leave without saying anything?"
Jothee: "Yah. D'Argo's right. I know nothing of Luxan honor or integrity. I'm a half-Luxan. I betrayed him."

D'Argo has one of the Union tatoos in his hand. He can see and hear them in the viewer Rygel used.
Jothee: "...and if I stay, I'll probably do it again."
Chiana: "It wasn't all your fault."
Jothee: "Yah, I never figured that bit. Why'd you do it?"
Chiana: "I don't know. D'Argo had plans for...for me, for a stupid farm. I didn't want any of them. I knew he wouldn't take "No" for an answer so I just... I figured I had to do something he'd never forgive."
Jothee leans towards her, smiling: "You used me!"
Chiana: "Yah, a little. But you enjoyed it. Didn't you?"
Jothee: "Tell my father, if he'll let you, that I'm sorry..."

D'Argo is across the room from the viewer, watching. Tears are running down his face.
Jothee: "...and that one day I'll return and make it up to you both."
Chiana: "I'll tell him."
Jothee kisses his fingers and touches Chiana's lips.

D'Argo moans. He sprinkles powder on the union tatoo and watches it burn out.


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