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Episode 1.02 - I, E. T.


A secret PK siren is now active on Moya because it is no longer in contact with the control collar. Moya's entire hull is being used to amplify the signal. In order to temporarily muffle the signal, Moya lands on a planet to submerge herself. The crew has to locate the signal's beacon, hidden inside Moya, disable it, evade capture on the planet, find a suitable anesthetic to ease Moya's pain, and remove the beacon before the PK's can find them.


This is the first episode to air after the premiere. First and foremost we get to hear the opening monologue for the first time! And we are still being introduced to Moya and how she functions as a biomechanoid ship. While she has servos and circuits, she also has what appears to be a central nervous system, and can feel pain. The viewers get more insight into the symbiotic relationship Pilot and Moya share, and Pilot's limitations. The crew still doesn't trust one another, but they must work together to find the needed element, chlorium, to help remove the beacon from Moya. We learn Moya is capable of landing, although we aren't sure if she'll be able to take off afterwards. We get to see more of Moya's interior and her innerworkings, and how her DRDs function.

As Moya is landing, flying low over the planet, John utters how much it looks like Earth. And once he makes first contact with a local inhabitant, the tables are turned on him. Suddenly he is believed to be the seasoned space traveler talking to the uninitiated non-spacefaring local. The irony of the situation is not lost on John whose facial expressions show how he completely understands the enormity of the experience Linea must now reconcile with her perceptions and beliefs.

John is viewed as mentally deficient by the rest of the crew, but it is his very "deficiency" that helps to save Moya. He suggests landing Moya and submersing her, and he is able, through his innocence and wonder, to negotiate and secure the needed chlorium for Moya's pain relief. John is still looking for some way to get a grip on his situation, and he finds similar objects on the planet's surface that he might have found on Earth.

The similarities between this planet and its inhabitants and Earth are very striking. Technologically, scientifically, and socially the two are very similar, so even though John doesn't have any idea where he is, the fact that everything seems familiar and that he understands the motivations of those involved helps him to choose the best actions to accomplish his goals. Both Aeryn and D'Argo view the planet's inhabitants as backwards and unevolved, so neither understands that a peaceful solution to their problems can be found, nor do they understand the motivations behind the inhabitants' actions. D'Argo's bravado gets him captured, and Aeryn's Peacekeeper mentality keeps her from interacting with her shipmates in any other way than as an enforcer. Her callousness gets her bitten by Rygel, and distances her from Zhaan.

The Peacekeepers are given more backhistory through Aeryn's commentary on the paddock beacon. They have grown into a rather overly zealous military police force that controls through power and fear. We also learn of their very distinct roles within the Peacekeeper military. The device used to locate the chlorium for Moya is too complex for both Aeryn and D'Argo to use. Aeryn explains by saying, "techs use it, not infantry." Aeryn's motivations become more apparent as we come to understand that every goal in her life focused around being a Peacekeeper. She and John have a conversation about her new role as accessory to the escaped prisoners. John says, "Back home we call it being standup." To which Aeryn responds, "I stood up. And now I no longer have a home."

We also learn more about Rygel's previous life as a Dominar, and how he realizes that he has very few working skills, and he scared that his lack of skills will get him killed along with his ship. Rygel is able to complete the task set before him, and this gives him some sense of accomplishment and usefulness as a shipmate. Through all his posturing and self-importance, we see the smallest kernel of redemption for Rygel's character. This episode gives John the chance to be on the other side of the coin in first contact, and very early on in his journey through the Uncharted Territories. He has had barely more space experience than those on the planet, but he understands what they are thinking and how they will react to his presence which gives him an edge in his quest for the chlorium. John Crichton, our reluctant deep space astronaut, finds he has the best understanding of the situation and is able to complete his mission.

And now some technical aspects of the episode: the CGI is beautiful on this episode. We've come to expect pretty good effects on a series, but those on Farscape exceed that expectation far and away. It's wonderful that the outdoors scenes are actually shot outdoors whereas many other series shoot outdoor scenes (very obviously) on a soundstage. The background noises and sounds onboard Moya have a very living quality to them, although they sound more mechanical than biologic, but you get the idea that she is a great beast, and not just a metal ship.

Some silliness that I find comical in the episode: at the beginning, they all take a turn looking at the beacon, the sequence is bizarre to me for some reason; Moya's size isn't very well scaled once she is on the planet. She appears to be much smaller than she is; we get to hear our first pop culture reference to, of all things, Star Wars, and Yoda; there is the hilarious line: "you're an alien??? and I'm talking to you... in my kitchen???" After John has been hit with the stun gun, we see him immobilized on the floor. He lifts his arm slightly which wiggles and looks like rubber. If you listen to the commentary, you find out that the arm and hand is IN FACT rubber and a perfect replica of John's hand to get the effect for that shot. It only lasts about about a minute, but it's perfect.


7/10 stars. It's still new, the characters are still being developed, but the overall effect is in perfect sync with the entire Farscape series.


Aeryn: "I can't believe you're gonna miss that rock."

John: "No. Not that rock."

Linea: "I thought when we made first contact, contact with another species... they'd be so radically different than us."

John: "Yeah, it's a real kick in the pants, isn't it."

John: "Well if she can't, she can't. We can stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye... It's a saying!!"

Aeryn: "We're almost touching down. You better get yourself in a position for... landing...

Rygel: "OK, No I'm not OK. We're in mud." "Aquatic, that's water, not mud. Mud is... Mud. You can't breathe in it, you can't move in it. It hold ya, it grabs ya, is sucks ya down! You wanna know about mud? I know about mud!!!"

John: "The guy knows mud."

John: "Kinda like Louisiana.... Or Dagoba... Dagoba, where Yoda lives."

Aeryn: "Yoda?"

John: "Just a little green guy. Trains warriors."

John: "Works just like a VCR, only easier."

Aeryn: "Crichton says this primordial rock reminds him of his Erp."

D'Argo: "Devoid of planetary travel, retrograde technology, fossil fuel burning vehicles, he is a savage. Does that bother you?"

John: "Is this guy more what you expected?"

Linea: Nods head in amazement.

John: "Is he alright?"

Linea: "What kind of ship are you? That thing on the computer, and that thing in there trying to pull down my barn. I thought you said you were a scientist."

John: "I am a scientist. My ship, it's a... prison transport."

Linea: "Escaped prisoners... you???"

John: "It's a galactic misunderstanding."

John: "Hey kid, wanna shake his hand? He doesn't bite!"

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