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Episode 3.01 - Season Of Death

Kami's Ponderings

The first episode of season 3' yea!

Grunchlk was a spy for Scorpius' why they thought he was a spy in PKW makes a lot more sense now.

Why? Please tell me why does Scorpius eat part of John's brain? Gross' he needs help' you don't just eat other peoples brains. Inless your Hannibal Lector'

Hey Paul Goddard, Lani Tupu and Wayne Pygram are in the credits now. And can I say season 3 credits kick a**

Rygel doing CPR on the Diagnosan' I didn't know wether to laugh or feel bad for the Diagnosan.

Chi and Jothee' gross. I know she is freaking out, but' Chi' he's a geek' and a baby and you don't know where he has been'

"Aeryn's gone. Want to die." Oh' :(

And then he says "Lost." Because he would be lost without her' double frown face :( :(

John takes control of his mind and takes Clone to a warehouse. What is the first thing we should notice? John is not wearing khaki anymore, but his black leathers and tee. That is when I know the clone is in trouble.

"Can I get a hell yeah?" Now I have quoted this before, but never known what ep it came from. Only known it is a fav line of some of our ladies. It has new meaning for me now, because that was a HELL YEAH moment.

Grunchlk' is forced' to bite his own finger off' blehhhh. That is the grossest thing on Farscape I have ever watched. Blehh' gives me a woody' haha

Zhaan goes to save Aeryn' is anyone thinking if they hadn't of saved her she would have been sitting in that frelling chair forever? That would have suxed! That was going to be her limbo? Strapped into the chair that killed her? Sheesh' can no one get a break in this show?

When Aeryn steps out after we see someone has shot the Peacekeepers' that is a great shot of her. Only Claudia could look that good after death and being frozen.

The reunion. Sigh' he touches her hair. Not exactly sure why he touches her hair, but it was cute all the same. And then they hug and the look on his face when he holds her' sigh'

Talyn shoots Scorpius down (or so we are made to think). What a beautiful way to show Talyn and Crais true feelings over Aeryn's death as they seek revenge.

Stark lies about Grunchlk being dead' sneaky sneaky. Our Stark can play dirty when you tick him off.

Oh and then we see Scorpius' darn' he lived'

"I shouldn't be here."

"This is exactly where you should be."

"I love you."

"I love you."

Yea'finally we get the ending to something started in DMD. A happy ending when they say I love you. And then he pulls her into a kiss and wow'hot fast and furious kissing. And then stop' "We will not act on it." Why oh why are we not acting on it? You were doing so good' oh well' they kissed and I will take that.

Zhaan' :( taking John's hand as Stark holds her. John wants to help her because she brought Aeryn back for him, and she says she is dying. Well, we can't let our characters be too happy, now can we?

Final thoughts

Beautiful way to start season 3' WITH AERYN. Thank you. I know Zhaan has to go because of Virginia, and I guess if she has to go, bringing Aeryn back is a beautiful act to start it with. This was a needed ep after DMD and it almost fixes everything I needed to be fixed. Almost.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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