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Episode 3.15 - Infinite Possibilities: Part 2: Icarus Abides

Kami's Ponderings

.. And Aeryn drops the tear finally... still funny...

"Hey baby"... pet names are the cutest and the way he says it right here... ohh... yea...

How cute is it that while Furlow and Jack talk J/A are doing this cuddle thing behind them. I understand he just got back from bizarro harvey land, but this is kind of a non-cuddle tense time. Which makes it that much more cute...

And it continues... John is talking to Jack now and Aeryn is necking John... but Jack doesn't mind and WE certainly don't mind... :)

Okay so I saw PKW first so this should be the other way around, but when John realizes what he is building I got the biggest PKW vibe. Wormhole Weapons... the first we've seen in the episodes... so I guess you all might have had a Infinite Possibilities vibe in PKW... huh...

Furlow shoots Jack!!! I liked the girl... but I like pseudo-Jack too... sadness...

Furlow's little "wasn't me" speech is sooo fake. John... you were a kid once... recognize the bright flashing neon lights that says "LIAR"... sheesh...

Afro alien is back and then he dies... so sad... John cries... not exactly sure why. Because it looked like his dad or he actually cares for pseudo-Jack?

Furlow: "Is there anything else? I mean how much sex can you have?" Ahem... no comment... though I have one...

John: "I dunno. I haven't maxed out yet." Haha... that was so a "in your face" I'm getting some and you ain't... loved it.

I love the random scene cuts to show us random charrids running around...

Okay Rygel is gun happy, cause while Aeryn gets in the dune buggy with John Ryg shoots a pond thing... dude nothing was there but water... random shot...

Aeryn offers to go home with John... I am surprised. Aeryn doesn't surprise me much, but she does here. I think that is a tremendous sacrifice for her to offer to go to his planet and leave her space. I love her for doing it and I think it shows a maturity in Aeryn. Love... makes you do crazy things I guess...

Why does John just let Furlow go? Catch the chick... make her turn the weapon off... which brings me to...

... NO JOHN! Someone get the man a stick... don't touch it. Get a stick... something long, but don't touch the weaopon... why does he never listen to me?

John: "Radiation... massive radiation. I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop it."

Aeryn: "So its your life for everyone else's?"

John: "And you're different how?"

Aeryn: "I'm different because I love you."

Crais: Scarran Dreadnaught, this is Captain Bialar Crais, Peacekeeper. Approach any closer, you will be engaged and destroyed."

... they must be terrified... good job Crais.

John flies in circles around the wormhole... yeeeaaaahhhhh... what exactly is that supposed to do?

Aeryn: "John... are you?" put me out of my misery now...

John: "Yeah, baby. I'm still here." Oh yeah... that makes everything better... lets go frolic in fields of daisies... not

Can I stop here? Stop... ep ends. He gets better and... something happy happens... they live happily ever after working at some ice cream joint they open... ANYTHING but what is about to happen... but alas... they kept taping...

Aeryn: "I'm very angry." Umm... understated. At this point I'm a crying mess. I would say DEVASTATED, honey.

John: "Me too." ME TOO! ME TOO! This is no time for ‘ditto'

Aeryn: "We had good times."

John: "I wouldn't change them for the world. You made me a better person."

Aeryn: "That wasn't hard... I love you... so much."

John: "I love you."

John: I'm sorry about a lot of things."

Aeryn: "Don't be. I don't want you to go that way."

John: "I won't..

Aeryn: "What?"

John: "They say its an ambitious man who goes when he is ready. That's said... Scorpius is gone. I'm at peace. I don't hurt. I... did some goods thing. I'm proud of my life. And I'm with you... Don't worry about me. I've never felt better."

Gawww... :(... thanks writers for pouring the sadness on that little speech...

And then he goes. If Aeryn is ever a part of what I am feeling, its now. Her face... she covers her mouth and breaks down. Crying and looking at him. Nough said.

And that Da** bell. As we pan out and Aeryn covers him and her there is this bell, counting the hour. It fits the scene beautifully, but that bell is the spawn of satan for me there... a fitting end to the ep... but fitting in a scene like this just means more angst...


Final thoughts

This was an episode we should have seen coming. Neither John was going to give Aeryn up. One had to go. It's the way things had to go down... just went a little too far down for me. If losing Aeryn or Zhaan was sad... this is ten times worse. Isn't that weird? We all know there is another John, but I think this death tears more people up then the others. And on that note... I need chocolate and good romantic movie... Beautiful eps... action and the usual suspence the Talyn storys have given us. The most horrible way for John to go... I mean radiation??? But then it was with Aeryn. He couldn't have felt better... well unless he had lived.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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