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Episode 3.07 - Thanks For Sharing

Kami's Ponderings

Poor Aeryn. We finally have both her and John saying their is a relationship and here is TWO Johns asking her to know which is the real one. Now that HAS to be confusing. I would love to have an insight into her brain in this ep.

But what a niiiiiice shot... two Johns... yea for whichever writer decided one John wasn't enough...

Ok... that medical thing Jool uses to like... scan Crais... is soooooo just a painted shower head. Come on... someone else has to see that right?

Crais' first sight of Aeryn. Wow... totally forgot he thinks she is dead. What a cute moment. The guy may make stupid mistakes, but his face when he sees Aeryn is awww worthy.

We see Crais' armpit hair... .ewwwww. I have a problem with armpit hair and no matter how hot the guy... he will gross me out if i see it.

Okay the king/ruler of that planet is sooooo a human form of Rygel. Come on he sits on his lazy bum on his royal pedestal. Look at a pic of the guy and tell me he isn't a human form of Rygel! And for that... I hate his character immediately.

Why was Crais even looking in Aeryn's personal file? Questionable... very questionable... *cough perv cough*

Little Aeryn is a cutie!

Aeryn's mom is on the retrieval squad? Oh of course, because they don't have enough dren to deal with at the moment. Lets bring dear old mum into it. Poor Aeryn, she too has too much to deal with w/o her mother in the mix!

"Work now. Freak later."~John

"How much later?"~Stark

Ha... I think this is my fav. lines from this ep.

What is that lobster thing they put on their heads? And they say we are deficient? We don't need lobsters to tell lies from truth.

Crais tells Aeryn she can give her mom a chance to be more. This is what really sells Aeryn i think and Crais knows it. She became more and I know that line made her jump at the chance that she could have her mom back. Oh... Crais... you selfish dranit... if you only knew what you just started...

What is that wobbling oo that crawls on the floor? Its hard to be serious about what is going on when there is wobbling goo. LOL... ruins the scene for me.

Oh and then the goo collides and explodes. How nice... wobbling EXPLODING goo...

John saves John... yea... How different everything would have been if the one had died? Wow... that one moment is what decides the split that is going to take place... dum dum dum

What a kewl trick! We have an extra Crichton to show John wasn't at that meeting. One Crichton was down, but wait we got a two for one deal at Karvoks so put the extra guy to work. And I looooved that he could get past the lobster dealio because technically that John hadn't been there. I was rather proud of our side being so sneaky.

"I'm your daddy." So this is where this gets started... so goofy coming from Dee...

Oh gross... death by lobster... what a sad way to go... oh well... that guy annoyed me anyway...

That royal girl turned into a thingy... anyone want to explain why she is a thingy? Cause i thought the thingy put out the wobbly exploding goo and royal chick was at the meeting of the goos. I'm confused...

"At least hes out of your nose hair." Hahahahahahahahahahaha... what a great line. Gotta love it when the mess up our sayings.

Poor left behind John... :(

Final thoughts

WOW... didn't expect to love this one as much as i did. What a cute ep. And now we have the famous split. I'm excited. Season 3 has been so sad and this part is going to be kewl with the clan split. (yes i know more sadness in to come) But for now... yea... can't wait to watch on!

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
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