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Episode 2.06 - Picture if You Will

Synopsis (no spoilers)

During a trade excursion Chiana is given a portrait that changes to what seems the future. Suspicious after Chiana broke her leg, Zhaan took a sample of the portrait after much debate with Chiana. Strangely Zhaan finds nothing wrong with it, but remains suspicious.

Then the portrait changes for a third time, this time showing that Chiana will be burned to death. Terrified that this might happen she flees to a freezer only to trap herself and prevent the crew from rescuing her.

Stricken with grief and a bit of guilt, they burn the portrait only to find it return, this time showing the fate of D'argo. Enraged, he destroys it again and sends it out to space, but again it returns. Shortly after, he fulfills what the portrait predicted by courageously sacrificing himself for Crichton, but instead of death, he finds himself inside the portrait along with Chiana.

Meanwhile Aeryn, along with Rygel, returns to the shop seeking revenge on Kayvan (the shopkeeper) and there they discover it is Maldis who is behind this.

Will Zhaan be able to defeat her old enemy? Or will they all suffer the same fate as Chiana and D'Argo: trapped inside the portrait at the mercy of Maldis for eternity?

Review (spoilers)

This one is one of my favorites, mainly because it shows how cunning Zhaan can be. It also shows how, if you compare John's mind (which Maldis called an open book with big letters and pictures) to Zhaan's, he's not nearly as clever as he thinks. Mainly in this case because Zhaan's plan succeeds perfectly, while his always fail and the crew will always have to think of something else. And who couldn't have liked Zhaan's plan? It worked! I think that would put her and Crichton at um... 1 to -15 at least. I also liked the ending hinting at a possible return of Maldis. I don't like him but he makes an excellent foe for Zhaan.

I got annoyed at how Aeryn talked about kicking out the crew. Without them she would have not survived. And what happened to the "I don't want to be alone" attitude she had in the first season? And also I thought she changed and proof of this was in "Mind The Baby". What happened to that? I may be hard on her, but after the last episode I thought she would be grateful for the forgiveness of the crew and the help of Crichton. I also got annoyed about the self-destructive attitude she had while grilling Pilot, and how she reacted to Crichton, but he didn't help by yelling at her.

I also enjoyed the return of Maldis, especially seeing Zhaan kick his eema once again. He makes an excellent villain, especially as a foe to Zhaan. I always get satisfaction from watching Zhaan defeat him.

I also thought D'argo was actually intelligent in this one, well at least wiser than he usually is. I was beginning to doubt, especially after seeing him play rock paper scissors with himself. That gave me concerns. Oh and he and Chiana have a future, or at least a possible one. That's nice. I couldn't bear the thought of a big hairy Luxan and Zhaan in the same bed, like they were playing with in the Premiere and TGIFA. It just wouldn't be right! And don't get me started with Zhaan and Crichton. It would be like an adult with a five year old. I like our Banik hero she gets in the future. That's a good catch.

I couldn't help but pity Chiana. First she breaks her leg, then she gets cooked alive, and then she has to hear an "ugly old man" babble on. Poor girl! Though I thought Zhaan should have smacked her with the argument she gave about the portrait. Zhaan always knows best!"

What can I say about Rygel? I liked how Zhaan pulled his ear when he used some of her chemicals. That gave me satisfaction. I felt like bashing the portrait on his head when he tried to blame Zhaan. I screamed shut up with Zhaan when he tried defending himself. And I would have shot him when he masks profit with revenge.

I also found Zhaan's outfit very pleasing in this one. Elegant and flowy, yet priestly as well. Ginny must have had fun with all the outfits she got.

I also liked the ending and how they allowed a possible return of Maldis. I don't like him, but as I said, he makes an excellent foe for Zhaan.

I personally think this episode was great! It showed how clever Zhaan is. How Aeryn still is changing but isn't quite there yet. How Crichton is... um... clueless but at least he trusts Zhaan. It shows D'argo is getting wiser. It shows Chiana is still young and rebellious but she still can change. It shows Rygel actually likes someone other than himself. That's amazing! And it shows never to cross Zhaan, or she'll kick your eema! It also was very good that Zhaan got a very major role in an episode, which is a good treat for any Zhaan fan.

Quotes :

Zhaan: "I'm surprised you're using my possessions without my consent, Rygel. Especially after what I did to you the last time."

D'argo: "Assuming all that is true, do you really... want to know what the future holds? He sits down on the edge of the bed."

Chiana: "Of course I do. Come on D'argo, don't you wanna know if you're ever gonna find your son?"

D'argo: "No. If it's bad news then I don't want to lose all hope."

Chiana: "Well it might keep you from... from spending your whole life searching for something that's never gonna happen."

D'argo: "If I don't try, it will definitely never happen. Now... I want you to get rid of that."

Zhaan: "I can't tell you yet. All I have are suspicions. But, if I'm right...John... soon there may come a time when I need you... and everyone to do exactly as I say. Quickly, and without question. Do you have enough faith in me to obey?"

John: "Okay... Zhaan. Whatever you're doin'... takin' a flyer, playin' a hunch... I'm in. Can't speak for the others, but when the time comes for you to make your move... I'll back you up.""

Maldis: "Was that your doing? Well... it won't help you... because I'm much stronger than you think."

Zhaan: "So am I!"

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