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Episode 3.18 - Fractures

Kami's Ponderings

LOVE the cold open. You should always start episodes out with John without a shirt on. Good for the writers for noticing this.

And I agree with D'argo. The BLACK ONE! Green isn't John's color.

Sorry, but a transport pod, not making any communication... yeah... like I don't see what's coming. When does anything on Moya ever go as planned?? Why do I get this and not the people on Moya??

Whooo another Nebari... we don't see them often... and can someone tell me why she looks familiar? Was she in Dream a Little Dream? That bad lawyer chick?

And another Hynerian... oh they all look like that I guess. Does anyone just see a Rygel with blue hair?

And the pk tech guy... kinda cute in a geeky way. And just like in the Matrix he plays a dork... Matrix came first of course.

The Scarran dude had his man boob dissected? That's wrong... even for PK's...

Okay that transport pod they came in is disgusting... it has strawberry pudding oozing out of it and parts of some poor alien all over the place... nice... if its not vomit its something else with this show.

Oh wait... Rygel just threatened to vomit... I know these writers so well...

John is so excited to see Aeryn again... and he has no idea she is mourning him. Poor guy. This part should be slow mo with million women Ben fans running after him... grabbing that sexy tee and stopping him from the coming horror of... REJECTION.

When Rygel and Crais get off Talyn they don't give much to tell John something is wrong. Almost like they prepared themselves to see John again. Which is great... fine... whatever. But so has Aeryn. And as she steps off that ship... that triumphant "Talyn is home and all is well in the world" feeling disappears. It's strange we saw a relationship between TJ and Aeryn that this guy had no part of. That will unfortunately forever make him different in my eyes. At that moment I still feel my John is dead... sadly... Aeryn feels the same way. Uber more sadly... I know I will be easier to be persuaded differently than Aeryn... here starts the not fun part of their relationship.

John: "Well there's a familiar face" no no... bad John... don't you see you are the only one happy here??? Aeryn: "Hello John" Oh and there it is... the blow of the century... the coldest greeting in Farscape history...

And her face kills me... she doesn't see him... she stares at him... says hello... but she looks at him like he isn't even there... like he is nothing. And then Crais gives John a clue and you can actually see in his face he knows he's lost her. He has become a copy in an instant and he knows it. Rygel: "oh, it is a female if I was her I would drop kick him (do you think a Hynerian can drop kick?) and tell him to stick that line where the sun don't shine. But no... she bows (at first I thought she was looking down at herself... checking to see as if she had just been told for the first time she was a female) sweetie... don't bow to him!

What is with the close up of the puppet eye flutter?? Cause I'm looking around feeling kinda violated like she did it at me... please tell me there isn't going to be puppet love...

I like how they explain Starks disappearance with a one liner... but after season 1 I guess we should be used to him being a part of the group and then just leaving. And hey at least this time they said something... unlike last time when I was like where the heck did he go?

K... mouse Matrix tech boy makes me think... Aeryn is way kewler than Trinity... random thought...

Why does John smell his coat? It smells like you... or a duffle bag... either way... no need...

Oh... I knew it... puppet love... Rygel refers to Oran as being on top or below him. I have to agree with John that that gives mental pictures I could live without... traumatizing.

D'Argo goes all protective over a guy he had just been ordering around and not trusting... its D'Argo's time o the month again...

Everyone leaves John and Aeryn alone in hallway... she knows he's there staring at her... gaww

I never saw Crais as an anatomy guy... I think the writers didn't know what to do with him... so hey lets stick him with Jool and the boolite. And can I just say... gross on that... they could be a little gentler with this guys pieces.

Why does John say fluffy pink slippers... Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse? Seems out of place. He shouldn't push her because he wants something. On the other hand... she could say something to him for goodness sakes. None of the crap she is angry about is his fault.

John subtly begins to infer a relationship between Talyn John and Aeryn... to try and get something out of her. Stupid move... glad he stopped... but I have to feel for the guy.

D'Argo: "Want some advice?"

John: "Nope... what?"

D'Argo: "Oh my friend I don't know what to say. I have no advice." then why did you ask him if he wanted any?

Ahhhh... visual puppet sleep overs... noooo

Why does John blow on Rygel? Questionable *cough* kinky *cough*

He's in love??? Rygel in love??? What... he's known her three hours? Well ain't he a female con artists dream... 'cept he's a puppet. Ever seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Ryg?

Rygy???? Ready to go again???? (slams head into wall... scratches out eyes) Please... stop the... madness...

Growl like a Luxan? Oh dear lord... kinky puppet sex... making me gavomit (gagging + vomiting... scrubs word)

Androgen... not female or male... okay... that's where I heard that... I tried to play that off as a real word while playing balderdash once... I'm such a dork... ahem yes... anyways... does anyone else feel this turns Chiana on slightly?

And now he's beeen shot in his man boob. Poor Naj gil. Poor man boob.

I shudder everytime they cut back to Rygel...

And now surgery on the man boob... just to keep you updated...

Looooove Crais's glasses... very sheek... very now...

The traitor is the female toad??? And she was faking it... (image of Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally in my head now)

That poor creature Boolite thing was almost together and now Crais is using him as something to throw and he's being shot up... he screams... awww... I really feel bad for him I truly believe he is the victim in all this and of course... Jool just screams and stands there...

Why does Crais scream? Ya big whimp... didn't he just have his hands all over the boolites gooy arse?

And the geek and the sex dominatrix escape... dum dum dum

Ohh... flashback as Aeryn and John try to shoot at the transport pod... just like green eyed monster... before he... he... he... not going there...

Okay that shot of them flying down is freaking awesome... anyone notice Aeryn straddles John??? Yeah it's a quick moment... but hey that's as close as that poor guy is gonna get for awhile... so lets note it... noted... moving on...

Help me Rygy? Yeah like he's gonna help you silly Hynerian female... okay everyone laugh as she floats off yelling Rygy... cause you know that's dang funny to watch a puppet do.

Okay the shot of John and Aeryn returning to dee's ship is waaaaaay kewler. Hell yeah...

Holographic Talyn John... tear... please... after the puppet sex I just can't handle this bit.

And enter Aeryn. Something hits me here... this is John's quarters... did Aeryn hear this and come to investigate or was she coming to talk to John? Cause if she was coming to talk to John and then became upset at the sight of her dead lover and leave... leaving us with the awful confrontation coming between them in DWTB... then these writers suck! (not really writers I love you... you just frusterate me... and gross me out with all the vomit).

The moment of this holo talk which really hits me is "okay I'm really gonna piss you off now man" he's talking to himself... he knows its true and at the same time knows he doesn't want to hear this... I have to kinda smile here... it's a cute moment...

"She takes time"... cut back to Aeryn... tear my heart out with that look... does she even see the other John in all this? Or is it just the dead love of her life? Claudia you upset me, but you freaking rock here!

And one more hand at rock paper scissors... now who thinks it would have been more symbolic at this point... and this point only... for the hologram to lose??? Interesting I think... but I know I know... they are the same to the end...

But then of course we wouldn't have the smiles... even Heaven knows they tied again even though Talyn John did his part alone... and they both smile... kind of a last understanding and the last moment between them...

Aeryn leaves... sadly... I watch sadly... I need a hug...

Oh but its not over... hmm...

Tag: Although we come into the middle of a family meeting we get the jist pretty quickly... John is going after Scorpius... to do his half... finish what he... the other John started and died for... which I think is partly in honor of his other half...

The eye patch on Jool makes me think... whatever happened to the Boolite? Is he okay? Did we fix him?

Aeryn joins John... you can see as he talks she is deep in thought... another moment I wish we could see into her head... and that walk to join him... I don't think it's for him... like John... she's doing it to honor a dead man who started this... but good for her... it couldn't have been an easy decision...

And Crais joins... yes... that gives me a good and fluffy feeling... not...

Final thoughts

And we end there... wow. What an ep! I felt just about every range of emotion. Although the A story wasn't as captivating as the 2 sec John/Aeryn interactions... it was a'right. But still because of the deep deep tension and grief in this ep, I still love it. What I don't love is puppet sex. Come on... they may have Rygel do adult things, but he is still a puppet in my mind and this ep now gives me horrible images of Kermit the frog and miss Piggy or Gonzo and his Camilla chicken girl as porno music plays in the background. Lets not ever... ever... ever go there again. Let's all act like little kids who know about sex, but won't discuss it with parents. We know it happens... lets just ignore the fact that it does... other than that... brava!

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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