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Episode 3.03 - Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 Could'a, Would'a, Should'a

Kami's Ponderings

Okay I know it is because she is dying, but Zhaan has pretty colors. I think the changing colors Zhaan idea would have been kewl.

Hey a wormhole. Haven't seen one of them in awhile. Now haven't we seen they mean trouble? Really John... come on... wormhole=bad. I know he can be slow, but jeez...

"What did you do?" I love that Aeryn blames John. First thing she does is blame the Human.

There is definitly slight butt touchage between John's hand and Aeryn's behind at a certain moment. (5 mins and something) Not the main point of the frame or super worth mentioning, but Belle has attuned me to such things and I thought it was cute. And this is my ponderings, so here it is.

The pathfinders remind me of frogs... I keep expecting them to do a D'Argo tongue thing.

Pilot vomits... again with the vomit! And it looks like Nickolodeon gack... why is is when this stuff happens... someone is always close enough to get puked on? This show has a weird fascination with puke and projectile vomiting...

"I had no idea he could do that." Haha... Chi on Pilot vomitingI had no idea anyone could do that." Starks reply Umm... okay Stark hasn't been with the show every ep, so I'll let it pass he said that since he could have missed all the other times THIS HAS happened...

Zhaan saw earth through the wormhole! Wow... I wasn't expecting that... 'cept she didn't know what it was and so John never knew they passed the wormhole he needed. Dag... talk about your luck, yo.

Rygel opened up the last frozen thingy like the greedy little slug he is. And then we get our first look at Jool. Ta-da... new character. And John says "Wake up sleeping Beauty.. Aww... cute line... wake up and die." And he ruins the cute moment."

And then the famous scream... can we blame her? Look at what she wakes up to find. Her cousins are dead, shes been frozen lots of years and she is lost... I'd scream... I just wouldn't melt metal or sound so awful when I did it. But give her a break...


"Since birth"


"Test Pilot" Hahahahaha... loved that little exchange between John and Aeryn. And the fact that she takes his answers as normal is funny. Shows how much they ignore him these days.

Why does Stark call Aeryn pretty when he is talking to Pilot? He does it in this eeiry way. Sometimes I have to wonder about him...

All the images John sees in that doo-hickey is from earlier eps... I don't know why I caught that...

The pathfinders talk a lot and it is all techno babble... this college kid zoned out whenever when of the froggy people started to talk... cause i didn't understand...

Rygel tells Jool why her one cousin is dead... Rygel... tells... Jool!!!! Dude... not the time to play your vindictive games... this is an ep when I would love to field goal kick Rygel...

This is also an ep I wish I hadn't of known the storyline because I wonder if I would have figured out from Zhaan's little one on one speeches that the end of the two parter would be her death...

Dee "I cannot take you back Chiana, but I won't leave you in pain." Aha... he still cares... yea...

Froggy lady:"Have you ever been responsible for anothers death officer Sun?"

Aeryn: "Yes, I have." Ohh... look at Aeryn's face. She is not thinking about what she did as a Peacekeeper. You can tell she's thinking about Zhaan's sacrifice in Season of Death. Tore me up, because who knows how many lives Aeryn has taken. But at that moment she is only thinking of one life, that is not taken yet, but would be because of her. (I don't believe Aeryn and John believed the planet would work... not really anyway)

Final thoughts

How sad! My roomie will hate these eps. The froggy people are the b story here for me. A story is Zhaan, although the writers did not intend for her to be the A story. But the froggy people are stupid. I hate that Aeryn and John blame themselves for Zhaan's death. Each one of them feel so guilty and for two separate reasons. John is reminded that if he wouldn't have killed Aeryn, this wouldn't have had to happen. And Aeryn thinks she shouldn't have been brought back because this wouldn't of had to happen. Too sad to put a sad face...

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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