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Episode 3.13 - Scratch And Sniff

Kami's Ponderings

John and Dee spend a lot of this episode bickering, which is so cute. Its playful fighting and we don't see that with Dee a lot due to anger management issues. I love where John and Dee's relationship has gone and this is an ep that really shows where they are.

This entire ep is so beautifully done. Its comedic and this ep is unique in how they cut it and played it out. The music is kind of retro 70's type and it so fits the theme. The fact that John is narrating all this to Pilot and periodically we cut to Pilot's Den is genius. I love the charater intoductions by John and the (forgive me I do not know the technical name) skips... where one line or movement is seen three times in a row. Not to mention the scene cuts where, for no real reason, we will see a couple microts of something to come. This epsiode rocks in lay out!

The Feather chicks? John and Dee could do better.

D'Argo tells the girls he has more cash in his pocket than he knows what to do with... or something to that effect. This is where he went wrong. There is a rule that girls never tell guys they have lots of money due to danger issues. Well, Dee, don't tell strange girls on a strange planet where you have no idea what they could do to you... that you have that much monies. Duh...

Rule 2: Do not get drunk on a strange planet. You might just wake up in a window half naked being watched like some side show. (Fast forward ep to see the consequences of breaking rule 2) Yes, the drinks were spiked, BUT if they hadn't of been drinking in the first place...

Aha... who wakes up half naked in a window? Hahaha... so funny and yet... ackward. And why does Raxil get such jollies from seeing this? She's a weird one.

"Why don't you get dressed and give them a show, sweetheart." ~Dee to John. Gotta love Dee's sense of humor in such a situation.

John screams like a girl. Of course he spits like a girl too (The Ugly Truth reference). And the tights aren't doin it for me. He should stick to leather.

Okay I have never noticed this about the credits before but John says "... on a ship of escaped prisoners... my friends.. He calls them prisoners before friends. Now John... its been a couple cycles... can't you let it go? You aren't perfect either... well physically maybe... :)

I love that this planet had blow up furniture. I'm torn between sadness that we see something so Earthy and Human like on an alien planet and feeling it just fits the theme of this episode. In the end I say rock on with the blow up stuff.

Raxils accent is so fun. Uber applause to Fran for making this character so much fun and so different.

A Skip on a line that made me LOLYou're a bit of an idiot, huh? (skip) Huh? (skip) Huh?" Raxil to John. Loved it.

John: (with sarcasm)"Those girls are in fear for their lives." On the whereabouts of Chi and Jool. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the window?

Chi's little fire twirling trick... where do you pick up a skill like that? She made a dude pass out!

Chiana seemed to have drunk more than anyone that night at the bar. Yet... she never seems to get intoxicated... just an observation...

The milking room... nice. Looks like fun. NOT. Where in hezmana are those tubes going? Wait... I don't want to know.

Jool seemes to be having fun in the Playboy mansion (what I call Fetor's home with Fetor as Heff), but what is she bathing in? Blue goopy stuff. Yep... that sure makes her sexy... covered in goop.

Dee: "John... these girls... will not dance with me."

John: "Oh... oh, look at the booty on that girl."

Hahaha... men... so easily distracted. But it cracks me up. No, just kidding guys. But I do love the booty line just to get Dee away.

Okay Fetor's main guy. Forget his name... but John goes to talk to him at the bar. That guy is so dressed like a girl. I actually, from the back, thought it was a girl. But bahhhh! It's not.

How does Dee see Harvey exactly? I'm confused.

The milking room hall has line patterns, like a maze. Everytime we are in the hall I am distracted and want to trace my fingers over it. Yes, I'm dumb. But restrained myself and did not pause DVD to do so. But its distracting all the same.

It was all Raxil's doing! Should have known... no character Fran plays is nice or good for John. Kinda makes me sad. I really like her, but hey... a players gotta do what a players gotta do.

Dee's new look, compliments of Raxil, is weird. You can really see a lot of Anthony's actual face and to hear that deep D'Argo voice is just... strange. Was glad when he turned back to his normal Luxany self.

The Texas accent with John. I loooove John with any accent, but why Texan?

The organ playing during the auction is not workin for me either. I can't tell if I'm at church or a baseball game. I really felt I should have been eating peanuts or something at that part.

Okay I've said it before, but I love the John/Chiana thing and the auction relives one of my favorite scene. The shoulder scene. John goes up to Chiana and ends up holding her with his head on her shoulder. So adorable. Oh... sigh...

Chiana: "How's your neck?"

John: "It's okay. I don't mind sticking it out for you."

At this point my cute meter has exploded and my eyes are doing that precious moments thing cause this is just so darn precious!

Pilot is one pissed off... Pilot. John deserves a break... but on the other hand if I had to listen to those two bicker, kick them off the boat, have them return with this crazy story... I can see where he is coming from.

The ending of this ep is PERFECT! That crazy KEWL music sets in and John and Dee bicker over who is going to open the door. As an older sister I can understand the importance of the bickering over such a trivial thing. Perfect with a capital P.

Final thoughts

Its about darn time the Moya people got an ep like this. I felt moya episodes have been lacking, but this is my favorite ep of season 3 so far (excluding my favortie ep The Choice)... and yes better than meltdown (I'm a hopeless romantic, but my comic wins this fight). This epsiode is genius and hilarious. I love everything about it and even the absence of my beloved Aeryn can't take away that this epsiode rocks my socks off! Definitely in my top 5 fav eps that I have seen so far. It is just so original and yet so Farscape at the same time. Bravo and Applause to all.

And they lift me up just to send me crashing down.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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