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Episode 2.16 -The Locket


Scouting a mysterious mist, Aeryn has been gone for one solar day. Concerned, the crew (including Stark) has been anxiously awaiting for her return. Once she finally returns, she is old, and claims to be 165 cycles. She also tells them to leave the mist. The crew refuses and puts Aeryn in Zhaan's infirmary.

Not willing to let her granddaughter who is on a desolate planet die, she sneaks off the ship with the aid of Pilot. Crichton soon after follows her trying to get her to return to Moya. On the planet he finds all that Aeryn has said is true and that she does indeed have a granddaughter. She then tells Crichton to return to Moya and after eight arns to return to the desolate planet for her. He attempts to, but the mist along with Moya vanishes, leaving him stuck on the planet with Aeryn and her granddaughter.

On Moya, Stark has a theory (thought up by an Ancient) that in the universe there is a phenomena called a center halo, and in this halo time ceases to exist. He believes that they are stuck in one of these, and he and Zhaan prove this theory through Unity. They now must find a way to rescue John and Aeryn and find a way out of the center halo before it's too late, and are forever stuck in time...


This, in my opinion, is a very good episode. It has romance, suspense, and even a new crew member (it should be noted that Stark was key in this episode). It should also be noted that many points I am about to say were brought to my attention by Tasteforblue who kindly helped me in this review.

The first point I'll make is the relationship between Zhaan and Stark. The first and last we saw of it was when Stark helped Gilina as she died in "Hidden Memory." We saw a smile and perhaps some admiration from Zhaan after he did that, and they walked together out of the room. We know now that Zhaan helped him leave, proof of this was when he said: "I finally returned the transport pod you lent me after we escaped from the Gammak base." We also know they trust each other. Evidence of that is Stark requested Zhaan's presence as he told D'argo about Jothee, and Zhaan was willing to allow Stark to share Unity with her, even with the knowledge that his mind could over take her own.

It's interesting when you look at Chiana now. She started out as a brat, a very annoying one too, but now she's turning into somewhat of a caretaker. When D'argo asked for her to take care of Aeryn at first she complained, yes, but finally agreed when D'argo said Aeryn may die. Once Aeryn woke up Chiana tried helping Aeryn anyway she could, of course Aeryn tricked her, but Chi's still learning.

Next we'll look at John and Aeryn's relationship. They spent many, many years on the "favored planet" together and even so they were still in love. They didn't admit it to each other, not forwardly at least, until it was too late. I'm not a fan of either of them, in fact I'm the farthest thing from, but I did enjoy watching them together in old age, well Aeryn was alright, Crichton was annoying like always, but he's old so I'll be nice.

It was interesting to see Aeryn caring for her granddaughter. When she knocked out Chiana it was out of desperation, not out of malice (surprisingly); she didn't want her granddaughter to die while waiting for her on the planet. She cared for someone under her care, giving hope for a future occurrence.

It's important to take notice that without Stark in this episode the crew would have been either stuck in time, or dead. He knew what it was in the first place; with Zhaan's help he proved it. Without that knowledge it would've been impossible to escape that mist, and without Stark's help Zhaan would have never been able to keep time alive for Crichton. So already Stark is proving to be a useful and important member of the crew.

My final point is about Chiana's and D'argo's relationship. Up until now it's been looking good; D'argo obviously is putting all he can in it as is Chiana, but now there's a shadow of doubt cast by Chiana. She and D'argo are complete opposites, D'argo wishes to change Chiana. He wants to keep her from being a criminal the rest of her life but Chiana doesn't see it his way. She's lived that way most of her life and sees no wrong in such a lifestyle, so she's not about to settle down and be "straight" like D'argo, she wants action and all he wants is peace, so they may or may not make it…especially with the trouble of D'argo's son now.

All in all this is an excellent episode with an excellent new character in my opinion.

Quotes :

Zhaan: Stark? Stark, is that you? I never thought we'd see you again. I was meditating, when did you come aboard?
Stark: Almost two solar days ago. I finally returned the transport pod you lent me after we escaped the Gammak base. I'm glad you woke. I must talk to you privately. I have something important to tell you.

Aeryn: I don't care what any of you say. I have lived for 165 cycles. I have had three sons and watched them die and I have a granddaughter... Zhaan: Aeryn, stop.
Aeryn: ...who will die if I don't get to her.

D'argo: Chiana, I didn't want to embarrass you in front of Rygel on the transport pod but...
Chiana: You could never embarrass me.
D'argo: Maybe not. But you're one of us now. There's no need for you to act like you're not.
Chiana: D'argo... I always do what I want, okay? I don't know why. It's just the way I am.
D'argo: I understand that, but...
Chiana: Yeah, but you're not gonna change me.
D'argo: I'm only just beginning to realize that
Chiana: You're pretty straight, huh?
D'argo: Yes, I am.
Chiana: We're not gonna make it... are we?

Stark: Zhaan... I've thought of something we might try to attempt to discover what's happened to them
Zhaan: Tell me
Stark: An ancient named Delik theorized about what he called Center Halos. He believed that scattered throughout the universe were mists where all dimensions met and where time ceased to exist.
Zhaan: What... do you think that Moya is caught in one of these center halos?
Stark: I thought... if you and I joined spirits...
Zhaan: Joined with you? What would that do?
Stark: I've been told that Delvians, during a mind link, can sense the time continuum.
Zhaan: Yes, that is what we strive for, but... few have achieved it.
Stark: I thought that maybe together we could catch a glimpse and see if there's a void in the time continuum around Moya, see if no time exists in the mist.
Zhaan: But, if I join spirits with you, your mind might overpower mine
Stark: It is possible.

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