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Episode 2.07 - Home on the Remains

Kami's Ponderings

First off...they ate all those crackers already?? They had a gazillion crackers and now they are starving? Goodness gracious... pigs... :)

Hahaha...they are allergic to Zhaan... that is great.

John makes fun of Chi having a plan... can he talk?

B'sogg and Temmon are ugly and look like someone took an axe to their heads. And I know Chi does things for self-preservation, but... uhh... gross. I'd rather starve then touch them!

Altana, Chi's friend was kewl. One thing about the ep I really liked. She needed to shower, but i liked her. And they killed her... sheesh.

Budding Zhaan is pretty, but she has an exorcist feel to her. When she floats down from the ceiling it was way creepy. I half expected her head to start spinning.

My fav new John saying has to be "Slug Monkey" that is great and I shall use it everyday...but you don't bite something you call slug monkey. Even if Rygel bit first.

K... when John is getting away from the Keedva...yeti/gorilla thing...he does this back flip and I'm thinkin yeah right... like John can do that!

The first Chi and Dee kiss... aww... short... but cute and way overdue for them in my opinion.

Final notes, gross ep. They spend most of the time walking around inside a dead animal thing... can't get over that. But after a second watch, it grew on me and it's a good ep. Definitely made me laugh. But yet again I walk away creeped out by Zhaan. :)

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