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Episode 3.02 - Suns & Lovers

Kami's Ponderings

Rygel is a pervert, watchin Chiana and Jothee' and OH GROSS' they show us Chiana and Jothee' my eyes, my eyes' I don't want to see Chi do that half Luxan punk' blehh' but seriously' Rygel' either take longer showers or find the UT playboy channel cause you have issues'

John is famous, we find in this ep when crazy chick recognizes him. And he can't keep his mouth shut. Has to correct the story and let everyone know who he is. Sheesh' speaking of who he is. WHO does he think he is pullin his coat back to reveal his pistol when he says "We don't want any trouble"? If I was Aeryn, I would crack up laughing. We just found out John is famous and all of a sudden he thinks he can scare people' you know what' I've seen him climb onto Moya's wall because of bugs' so this just makes me laugh'

"My grunt does all my killing'" SMACK' he should have been smacked and why Aeryn let him off' I'll never know.

Rygel makes some very sexual comments to Chi when he first sees her in this ep' my mouth was wide open that that came from a puppet. I will not repeat it, so if you don't know what I am talking about then you'll have to watch the ep. A dirty puppet for goodness sakes!

The guy that wakes up from the frozen metal thing throws up all over Jothee' what is it with Farscape and puke?

Reducing fluid levels' Aeryn's idea' this from the girl who freaked when he kissed her in LATP 1? Okkkay' now I love this line from John "Like valvoline, like brake fluid?" Come on John, I'm naive, but even I know what she is suggesting' this may go back to the "Aeryn said that?" thing. A line I hate' "I got two hands. I can alternate." John' noooooooo! I like to ignore him at places like these'

Aeryn then unzips her shirt. Aren't they supposed to be saving this station? Not the time for sex, silly Aeryn.

Zhaan has a gooey head' ewwwww. And Stark kisses it' ewww and awww. He is such a cutie.

"I'm an expert on dying. I'm just not an expert on you dying." :(

Jothee and Chiana are waaaaay suspicious, no wonder they got caught. And oh they get caught. I'm sad for Dee, agonizing with Chi and I could careless what freakshow (Jothee) feels.

Speaking of freakshow' that lady floats and chants and sticks to the ceiling' yeaaahhhhh' righhhhhht. And she beats Zhaan in Home on the Remains for the freaky deaky exorcist award. Let's move on'

Food cube' 1 krendar

Quart of cesium fuel' 26 krendar

Leather vest' 74 krendars

Aeryn's face when she says "frell me dead"' priceless

There are some things money can't buy for everything else theres' oh wait' moving on

They suck freaky deaky floaty woman out into space' yea, but Pilot has this Dr. Evil laugh goin on' can't help but smile at it.

What a cute moment when John and Aeryn are talking about having a back log of fluid levels. Yea for them deciding to wait for marriage' oh' NOT' oh well' good for them for waiting till' getting ahead of myself episode wise. :)

Chiana and Jothee's goodbye. Its supposed to be cute, I think. But I hate Jothee so much I can't like it. Good Riddance. And Don't you come back until we need you in PKW mister!

Final thoughts

What a sad and weird episode. I feared this one. When Dee would find out. It was a good ep, but just a depressing note for the second ep since season 3 hasn't started all happy happy joy joy. Yeah, we got Aeryn back, but other than there is a cloud over season 3 because of Zhaan and the fact that Dee and Chiana are no more. The only good thing' other than John and Aeryn cuteness' Jothee is gone' yea' birds are singing' flowers are growing' all is right in the world again.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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