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Episode 3.06 - Eat Me

Kami's Ponderings

K... first off... I was not warned to not eat anything while watching this ep... but i know not to now... it ruined my chinese dinner... :(

What a creepy ship? And everyone sees it for its creepiness except John. Oh you naive little Human man. Cause that ship just gives me a woody... ha.

What is Jool's purpose in this ep? She sits with a gun on the transport stairs and whimpers, cries or screams. Now I am one to find purpose in all characters, but really... was she needed in this ep? It was just pointless and took away from the plot everytime we went back to her doing nothing.

"Don't mind me. Just talk amongst yourselves." That line is great. I love Chi for saying that to the crazy "twinned tooooo many times" people.

They eat the Pilot!? They EAT the PILOT!!?? Gross... so gross. And sad. That poor Pilot. We get all uppity about our Pilot losing an arm. How many has this poor fellow lost? Blehh... eating the Pilot???

Aww... Chi and John think Dee is dead. For a moment I can forget this gross ship and its crazy gross people because that is a sweet moment. When Chi goes gun crazy and John just kind of watches her selfdestruct and then John goes over to her. I looooove John and Chi moments like that. Then they burn and push Dee's body over the edge so he can't be eaten. And John sits next to Chi and takes her arm. So theres one thing I love about this ep.

Their Pilot keeps going "uh-h-h-h-h-h uh-h-h-h-h uh-h-h-h" Okay I have to laugh, because it sounds like Beavis and Butthead... sorry that poor pilot may be tortured, but that is darn funny.

"Hungry Hungry Hippies" I love John's pop culture references. And this one made me laugh. They never have any idea what he is talking about and they have learned to ignore his little Earth references... which makes it extra funny.

Chiana sort of leaves herself to die. I know there wasn't anything she could really do, but that just seems wrong. Equal and original, makes me feel bad for the Chiana that is left to die.

Ewww... Karvok wanted Dee and that PK freak to make babies??? Ewww... just ewwww.

Being twinned bunches of times you become less than yourself. So that would mean you do lose a little something each time. Maybe not noticable, but I always thought if John was split into two beings, each being would be a little different right? So I say MOSTLY equal and original, but not fully.

Dee is definitly violated by the PK freaky woman... and Chi is so nonchalant about saving him. Was she wanting to watch? Save the poor Luxan. Makes you wonder what went on before Chi got there... wait no it doesn't. I don't want to know.

Yea, they make it back to the transport and no one is dead. They are going to frolic off to happiness... but oh wait... another John. (in her best StrongBad impersonation, kami says "Ohh, there are two of them") That look on both his faces as he sees himself is just priceless!

WHY oh WHY couldn't they have shown us Aeryn seeing the two for the first time?? I wanted to see her face!

What a way to end an ep. TWO Johns playing rock paper and scissors. Oh... I think season 3 just got my full attention.

Final thoughts

Grossness... this ep beats Home on the Remains for the "Made Kami Gag" award. Seriously, that ship and those people were mega gross. And there was a lot of death, which made some cute moments so this ep is a good one just for that. Oh and because it gives us two Johns. How exciting this storyline WOULD be if I didn't already know what happens to one John. Oh well, I'll get to that one later. So... gross and awww... sums this ep up for me.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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