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Episode 2.19 - Liars, Guns and Money: Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan

Kami's Ponderings

It is raining on the depository. Because of AHR I assumed rain only existed on Earth. Guess I was wrong and Aeryn is just sheltered.

D'Argo needs anger management. He loses it when it comes to Jothee (if he only knew). The dude needs to calm down. Yes, it is his son, but don't get physical with your friends when they are trying to help.

Poor Stark... the guy gets blamed and dispersed for murder in TUT for these people and he gets no slack. The dude sort of dies for you people and is now trying to help get Jothee back and everyone jumps on him. Sheesh... I know he can be crazy, but he is a good guy.

Pirate Zhaan... haha...

Natira licks Scorpius. Gross. But what is grosser? Natira licking him or John watching her lick him? I mean John... dude... thats sick.

Wow... John loses it. He looks like he is attacked by invisible bees or something. Walkin through the hall... wavin his hands everywhere. Poor guy... Its the beginning of a horrible line of things he has no idea is coming. Makes me want to comfort him.

But then he kisses Aeryn. Yea... a moment shippers needed. And then..If Scorpius gets me.. "I know, shoot you." ARE YOU CRAZY, AERYN? I'm with John here... not him... not him! Scorpius! Silly ex-Peacekeeper... Trix are for kids.

"I have to tell you how I feel." "No you don't" Yes he does! Let the man speak! You may not need to hear it, but we do!

Why can't Scorpius change his own little rod thingy?

"I meant what I said... what I didn't say" "I know" And then she pulls him to her and comforts him... sigh... what a cute way to end an ep...

Welllll... almost, because their money is actually bugs that are now crawling all over Moya... ending in true Farscape fashion...

Final thoughts

Note from the Editor: See those in Part 3.

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