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Episode 3.04 - Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 2: Wait for the Wheel

Kami's Ponderings

Annnnd the crew splits... John, Chiana and Rygel have one plan while Aeryn, Dee, Stark and Zhaan have another. Interesting and I loved the back and forth between the two plans because they are practically the same as they try to keep them from the others... ha. But I do have to say John... how sad is it the smart ones picked Stark over you?

Aeryn coughs up a hairball... gross... Jool needs like a lint brush for hair... cause that is disgusting!

"It was a bad trade Zhaan... your health for mine." My roomie will be screaming "YES! Save the plant" at this point.

"I'm just a soldier." Maybe now... but we know what else you'll be later, Aeryn. If she only knew what her life would become...

Jool is annoying, but i still say give her a break... she has it rough.

Aeryn is pretty "eye rolly" about wormholes. Is it because shes just tired of them? Or her death and Zhaan's illness are a result of John's knowledge of them?

"Welcome to the Federation S.S. Starship Buttcrack." Another famous line I know where it is from.

What a beautiful scene when Zhaan is praying and Aeryn is doing that half slo-mo walk to find out if Pilot is okay. Beautiful editing (new vidder needs to comment)

Harvey in a tux... better yet John in a tux. And another little trip to play in John's brain. I am excited to see these... pictures don't do Harveys mind games justice.

"My children, my teachers, my loves." Aww... her little speech tears me up. What a goodbye. Every time they cut to Stark my heart breaks for him.

"Wait for the wheel." Uhh... John... you told that to D'Argo and not Zhaan so she has no idea what you are talking about. But, she dying and all, lets it go.

John having to hold Aeryn back as she begins to break down. Ohh... can't take it... too sad...

Deja-vu... everyone is screaming as we cut to person to person. Like Aeryn's death, we saw everyone screaming. Sad, but fitting since the two deaths are related. But why did Jool scream? She hardly knew Zhaan... peer pressure i guess.

Aeryn hovering over Stark. Aeryn asks about Stark's calm nature and he says: "She wants us to carry on in her spirit. Positive and hopeful." "And you can do that?"

"Not always. I will appreciate your hovering them." How sad. We are reminded that this is not just any death for him and while he can try to honor her wishes, he is still a man who lost his love. :(

John sitting alone in Zhaan's room. Then we see him watching the Stooges, drinking and knocking out Harvey. Fitting.

Final thoughts

How sad! My roomie will hate these eps. The froggy people are the b story here for me. A story is Zhaan, although the writers did not intend for her to be the A story. But the froggy people are stupid. I hate that Aeryn and John blame themselves for Zhaan's death. Each one of them feel so guilty and for two separate reasons. John is reminded that if he wouldn't have killed Aeryn, this wouldn't have had to happen. And Aeryn thinks she shouldn't have been brought back because this wouldn't of had to happen. Too sad to put a sad face...

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