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Episode 2.08 - Dream a Little Dream

Synopsis (no spoilers)

When a transport pod breaks down, Zhaan reluctantly tells John the traumatic experience she had on Litagara which is the source of the nightmares that have been troubling her:

On the planet Litagara, Zhaan, Rygel, and Chiana desperately search for Aeryn, Crichton and D'argo. With no luck, and Moya desperately wishing to search for Talyn, Zhaan gives up. On her way back, a traffic stop is rigged to fool Zhaan into crossing prematurely. Apparently this is a felony on that planet (its government focuses on law, only 10 percent aren't lawyers) and she is taken to prison. The estimated time she would be set free was ten solar days.

Moya did not intend to wait that long, so she prepared to leave without Zhaan. Zhaan grew even more desperate, and her sanity began to fail because of her incarceration. She begins to be tormented by visions of her lost friends. Playing on this desperation, an agent once again deceives Zhaan by setting her free. Zhaan gratefully accepts without question, but gets framed for a murder she did not commit.

The victim who was murdered, was a young rising lawyer attempting to give the utilities (the other 10 percent) more rights. It is suspected that another firm framed Zhaan, but her lawyer does not agree or care about Zhaan's life. It is left to Chiana and Rygel to defend Zhaan. Will they succeed? And will the guilty party be caught?

Review (spoilers)

This one is one of the most attacked episodes in Farscape. Some people say the script is out of character for John and Aeryn. Viewers may not realize that they were mostly from Zhaan's mind in that episode, so it would only be natural that they speak somewhat like she does. With that being said I personally love this episode dearly.

First of all, I found the scenes with Zhaan in prison very depressing, and some very touching, such as the scene between her and D'argo. I enjoyed that scene very much. I thought it was interesting that Zhaan viewed Aeryn as her guilty conscience, Crichton the realistic point of view, and D'argo as her encourager.

Tasteforblue (Bluey) once said "I liked the straight jacket wearer stage (that's a rank from the -- former -- forum at http://starms.org, a place for Stark fans) because it reminded me of Zhaan in "Dream a Little Dream" when she's in that pink strapped jacket, and you don't know how she got there, but you sure wish it had been shown. The last scene before that one, she pushed away the guard when she stepped down from the booth. How I wish the camera would have stayed on her, to see how and why she ended up in that jacket."

I thought this was a very good point. I also wondered why the guards who were in the room completely ignored her when she was speaking to D'argo. Maybe that's another reason they put her in a straight jacket, but it would have been nice to see the real reason, especially if it was her being violent towards the guards as Tasteforblue (Bluey) said.

It was very interesting to watch Chiana and Rygel try to defend Zhaan. Poor Zhaan! Not only is she being tortured by delusions but she also is put in Rygel and Chiana's hands, when a few hours ago he was drunk, and she was causing problems in a bar. It must have been especially frightening when Rygel gave Chiana pills for her hangover. As if Chiana's not hyper enough!

I understand that Moya wanted to find Talyn; any mother would be terrified if her child was in the likes of Crais's hands, but how could she give up on the lives of the crew so easily I wonder. They helped free her as well as Pilot, and they could help find her son. Neither Pilot nor Moya would have been able to confront Crais because neither have the capability to fight, so how would she rescue Talyn?

This episode was originally going to be the first of the Season but it was decided that it should be moved to the middle. Perhaps that was best but it was sad to lose the original beginning for the one we got instead. It would have been excellent for character development between Pilot and Zhaan. The scene we got instead was pitiful compared to it, but I suppose Zhaan and Crichton should have scenes together too.

I thought this episode was great! Mostly do to the incredible acting of Virginia Hey and Gigi Edgley. It also told us why Zhaan was not herself in "Mind The Baby", and it showed the reason for her return to the Delvian Seek. I also thought it was good to get a breather from John and Aeryn episodes.


ZHAAN: "Tell Moya we will begin the search for young Talyn as soon as we return."

CHIANA: "What?!"

RYGEL: "You can't be serious! I would--"

ZHAAN: "Silence, both of you. I've seen the way you handle your anxiety over the fate of Aeryn, Crichton and D'argo. I hate to think of how you're now going to handle your grief, and your loss!" "

ZHAAN: "Does it not matter that I am innocent?"

JUDGE: "Are you entering a plea of not guilty?"

ZHAAN: "I am guilty of so many evils, your-your Honor, but of this infraction I must protest my innocence."

JOHN: "Is that why you re-committed yourself to the Delvian Seek?"

ZHAAN: "Mm-hm."

JOHN: "Then maybe it was worth it."

ZHAAN: "Even though my studies fail to benefit the rest of them?"

JOHN: "Well, who says that?"

ZHAAN: "Well, at various times, Rygel, D'argo, Chiana and Aeryn."

JOHN: "Screw `em, Zhaany. You're a tenth level Pa'u. You get to eleven, we get a TV ministry."

ZHAAN: "If I may be honest, John, most of the time I have no idea what you're saying."

JOHN: "Neither do I."

Kami's Ponderings

First off I like DALD better than Re:Unions... nough said.

What a freaky dream for Zhaan to have about Dee, John and Aeryn dying. And John's face was all contorted... leave his face alone...

John singing "Dream a little Dream"... sigh... heaven... I'm in heaven...

Watching Dee, Aeryn and John walk toward Zhaan in jail when she doesn't know she is imagining them is heartbreaking... hated to watch that because she was so desperate.

This ep had amazing CGI!

Zhaan is so trusting and this ep proves it. Don't trust random people you don't know... for this exact reason! Didn't she learn from John in Season 1?

Was it just me or is the judge wearing a big oreo with red filling on her head?

Rygel and Chi as lawyers... hahahahahahahahaha... oh sorry... they are being serious... hahahahahaha... they win in the end, but geez... poor Zhaan... being represented by a Hynerian who passes gas in court and a Chiana on drugs... its sad... really..."

Rygel holding Zhaan's hand is adorable... sometimes the little guy surprises me and I think he is cute for awhile...

The end con with John is adorable "I lived, Zhaan. Touch as proof". What a cutie.

Final thoughts... adorable and funny ep. One of my favs of Season 2 so far. Didn't think an ep with so little J/A would stand with me, but I love the playfulness of it. And oh... Zhaan is forgiven for her creepiness in Mind the Baby...I understand now.

Synopsis & Review by : Bluebutt
Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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Put on-line by : Bluey

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