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Episode 3.16 - Revenging Angel

Kami's Ponderings

So we just saw John die and yet there he is... sitting next to D'Argo... I actually felt sad because even though I know there was another other than TJ, I just saw MJ and did an inner gasp of ‘there he is'. But there is a difference that I can see. Moya John has a naivety about him.

Can you say anger management... again? Dee really needs to control himself in situations.

Dee hits John... why? Because his ship hit the floor with a bit of a loud thud? Come on dude. Not... that... big... of a... deal! And then the slow motion fall. Do we really need to see every micro second of John's pain??? Oh the agony... poor guy.

Okay... immature... Dee throws his qualta blade so "he'll never get it back"? Dude... grow up... or de-luxanate... somethin...

The Letterman list! Yea buddy... but umm... you know John's a guy when sex is on there multiple times. But kudos for having Aeryn and love as his top two!!! There's my little hopeless romantic!

I don't like John in flannel... nough said

Cartoon Harvey!!! That is awesome! I love how Wayne automatically changes his voice to make it more cartoonish. What great actors we have on Farscape!!!

Pilot: "I don't get out much. So I read."

Hahaha... Pilot... mental pics of Pilot reading...

Ozme instead of Acme... I love how they change it just enough to make it original and yet... not. Looney Tunes meets Farscape..God I love Science Fiction"

Cartoon John is cute... but why the uber broad shoulders???

Though I am not a big fan of Wile E. Coyote. I think Elmer Fudge and daffy duck would have been a better choice, but this will do.

I love how there is a floating rock in space that resembles... tada... the grand canyon or deserty place the roadrunner lives at.

Jool says she won't leave Pilot and Moya. This is where she starts to grow on me, but where did the sentiment come from? She goes from "I'm a little princess short and ... opposite of stout... here is my tiara here is my... superiority complex... when I get my red hair hear me shout... .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh melting metalllllllll" okay best I could do... anyway... she goes from that to "Moya is my home (bat eyelashes)". Just kind of feels out of no where.

Jool did it???? Jool did it????

Jool and Chiana are annoying. No wonder Pilot kicked them all off in Scratch and Sniff!

Jool confesses to Dee... okay good explanation. I feel bad for her I do. Buuuut... if I got in my dad's extended cab truck... and messed it up and then cried as I told him I wanted to get something we could talk about... I would be dead. So... John gets a near death experience for doing... nothing. Jool gets sympathy for breaking the ship in some way. K... as long as we are on the same page.

Cartoon Aeryn... ..heck yea! And practically naked... is that what she always looks like in John's head? Jessica Rabbit... oh please... she's going to topple over and Aeryn doesn't look good w/ red hair. Madonna! No... no... no... no and a no! And the life guard thing... applause to Claudia for doing such a good impression of a ditz!

Wet John... .oh yeah... .oh yeah... .oh yeah (say like that one song from Ferris Buellers day off)

Ha... he needs a qualta blade. Feel pretty stupid now, don't ya? Teach you to be all luxan hyper ragy.

Jool gets in the goopy crap. Yep... this is what you get for giving John a near death experience!

I love how Dee tells Chi to show self restraint. Ha... like you can talk buddy!

Oh, Chi saw the falling object before it fell. So this is where the visions start... so can I conclude it was the bug from losing time that gives her the ability to see in such ways? Wow... another major Farscape event that is explained to me now...

John kisses Chi's nose... .awwww (sh'up... I'm a girl! And I love Chiana and John!)

Ok the goop is Moya bat poo???? Bat poo??? That's gross. I just can't... gross... just gross...

Cartoon D'Argo... when will you learn painting wormholes on a wall won't work? Get it in your head... you are doomed to fail... doooooomed. So give up... eat the pizza yourself and save yourself the effort of chasing a man through HIS own head.

"Lock up the women and hide the fried chicken" Southern boys are the best! Yummm... want chicken now... but not women...

Harvey didn't give a very good Eulogy. And why is John buried in the middle of a tier? Silly Harvey... tricks are for kids.

That's a huge bucket... and banana peel and bear trap... cracks me up... a bear trap! And still he persists... give up! A hero always wins... and John isn't going to lose to you, his own D'Argo figment!

Okay... I'm a hopeless romantic, BUT... he says he loves Aeryn... cue sappy lovey dovey music and he wakes up? A little too corny even for me. Okay love is strong, but so is brain damage... if that really worked everyone would have a life like a lifetime original movie. No.

Okay okay, the ship is now under Dee's command. Blah blah is at your command. Blah is at your command. Steering is at your command. That button is at your command. The pyro technic light show that shoots out the back is at your command. Bi-loids around the galaxy are at your command. JUST SAY the whole ship is at the command... we get it for goodness sakes.

John comes in, in toga uniform... nice, and then passes out... backwards... down steps... and that doesn't put him in another coma? Poor guy...

The end. Why is john flying around outside? Is this necessary?

I love the switch from star CGI to... black curtain with lights in it. I always notice the change... makes me giggle. I know I know... money saver... but the little night lights just look goofy sometimes.

Aww they touch hands on the forward portal. Tear... running down cheek... I was hoping those two crazy kids would work it out.

Why do we end with Cartoon land? Ummm... yeah... this is why we don't see into other people's minds... it only makes sense to them...

Final thoughts

Good ep. Good ep. Who decided Farscape needed a carton? I love the idea though. So yea... fun-ness... and the end of the envelope they makes Moya surround the awfulness of what is going on on Talyn. Hmm... as Talyn John dies... Moya John almost does as well. Wouldn't it have sucked if he did? Well OF COURSE! No more Farscape... that would be funnyFarscape has been canceled due to poor foresight on the writer's part. Due to the death of the main character... season 3 will abruptly end now" Okay that wouldn't be funny. But you get my drift. Okay the ep... I liked it. It's goofy and we get a little Aeryn on Moya... nice.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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