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Episode 3.09 - Losing Time

Kami's Ponderings

What a weird beginning? John and Scorp spinning around and then John points a pistol and then a wormhole is in a box. For the first time I am confused. What is going on?

And then Scorp wakes up... okay... got it... he obviously ate cake before going to bed.

Hey a pretty floating thing is going around Moya... and it goes into John... and then he floats... ummmm... I haven't taken any drugs... so... he must be taking drugs? Ha... no... but seriously at this point I have no idea what is going on. And then he's bleeding and oh... I'm lost. So much for "I knew all the storylines"

"I'm either St. John of the Uncharted Territories or there is something very very wrong with me". Another often quoted line I never understood. HA... and its funny now that I know what he is talking about.

They keep showing dripping. Why do they keep showing dripping?

Okay I need someones help. Scorpius and wormholes... he has a man working on stuff with a white head. I know his voice. He's been on Farscape before. WHO is he??? It's killing me.

The prowler Pilot is goo. Eww... another moment I had no idea about. Poor Pilot. So why didn't John turn to goo? Is that ever explained? Can we not be gooed as Humans?

"I lost my virginity to Karen Shaw in a 4 by." K... getting way ahead of myself ep wise, but did the writers know when they wrote this who Karen Shaw was going to be? You would think John would stop and say "Hey... Karen sure looks like... PIP!" But I'll talk more on that in Season 4.

Moya is smart... shows John Chiana is the one infected... or taken over... or whatever. Yea, for Moya moments.

Whoa... what is Chi doing to John? Shes kinda weirding me out in that scene in the starburst chamber. That bug thing is a perv... but so is Chi... so they could be happy together.

Chiana bug thing: "This body wants you." Wha? Does that mean Chi is sort of uhhh for John? Nooo... sister/brother relationship... SISTERS and BROTHERS don't do that... I know I know... lets not mention Season 4 again...

And then whatever she does to him before he leaves... (kami has edited this part for grossness and sicko pervertness that is the Farscape writers)... ya know?

K... the dude wants to stay... poor Moya... everyone sees her as a motel...

What about Pike? He is in the starburst chamber, we see him get closed it, but we don't know what happens... did we lose a DRD in this ep?

Final thoughts

It was a good ep. Not a "oh, gotta watch Farscape now and I sooo want to see Losing Time." I think most of the writing skills went to the other storylines on Talyn. Or maybe, I being an Aeryn fan, just don't get into the Moya storylines as much without her. But the ep was note worthy. Not bad, not bad.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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