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Episode 3.08 - Green-Eyed Monster

Kami's Ponderings

Yea... I saw 1/3 of this years ago and now I have finally seen the whole frelling thing. WOOT!

Talyn doesn't like John. This makes me sad. I know Talyn is like this kid who wants his parents together and its cute how he keeps putting Crais and Aeryn in these situations, but what has John done? I feel torn between Talyn, who I adore as non-character charater, and John... who has no idea why he is being shunned.

"Talyn you've seen them both naked perhaps you can tell us who is bigger." Go Aeryn. I love John and Crais has grown on me, but can they grow up? They get in the same room and it becomes a poo flinging contest.

Written by Ben Browder. WOOT! Can I say after seeing this episode I think he is an amazing writer and THANK YOU BEN for FINALLY letting us have a little Aeryn/John cuteness. Cause boy did I need it!

John's face as he watches the vid chip of Aeryn and Crais is... scary. its that blank mad look. See that is when you have to be scared... when the Human doesn't yell and he's got a blank expression... you know you p'ed the man off. Poor John. But at the same time I want to smack him for believing it. Hve a little faith, dude!

Talyn opens the door to command before John waves his hand over the door... opener thing. Why? Because look at what Aeryn and Crais look like? They are both hot and their cloths are slightly undone. Now, poor John who has just seen this awful FAKE chip is being fed by Talyn. I'll give him a little slack, the gun ship is setting him up, but still... as a girl my first instinct is DO NOT BROOD... .TALK to Aeryn. But does he? No. Arg... John... your killin me.

That conversation in the tier is awful. He is so mad at her and she doesn't even know why. We just got her to break down her walls for you, don't make her put them back up...

Rygel vomits on Stark... ON Stark... this shows obsession with up-chucking is not normal. This is another Farscape moment I felt sick at. Blehh...

Aeryn wants John at her joining to Talyn, with his recent attitude I think this is a great step out for her. It's Aeryn, she could totally hide inside herself and treat John like he is treating her. But she doesn't. She lets him know she needs him and he brushes her off. But then he wants to be there and Talyn won't let him in. Nooo... Talyn! Do you know how long it took us to get these two to where they are???? Argg...

Aeryn: "I want you to stop acting like a dranit."

John: "You know what? I have no idea what a dranit is."

Aeryn: "No, don't you play dumb with me. That hasn't worked for over 2 cycles."

John: "Aeryn, I am dumb. I don't understand you half the time, and I have no idea what a dranit is."

Aeryn: "Fine, forget the dranit."

John: "Fine, screw the dranit... what?"

Aeryn: "You really have no idea what a dranit is, do you?" John: "What's a dranit?"

ROTFLMBO! Okay Ben is a genius! This has to be one of my fav. J/A interactions ever... but seriously... what is a dranit? I've heard people define it, but hello??? if there was a way to define it, the microbes would have translated. My final say is WE cannot know what it really means. We, like John have no 'dranit' in our vocab. But ohh... very funny conversation.

They are going to have themselves vomited out? This is a new low. Ben, I love ya hon, but could we have found a better way than vomit? (Noooo... it was the only way and you should accept this) Okay... Okay... but gross.

Why are we sending John, who Talyn has a problem with... out into the Budong? Can anyone not see how wrong this is? Cause if you don't... .just look what happens. If Aeryn had gone, Talyn would have let her back in. But alas... John is sent and gets stuck outside. I saw it coming... why they didn't is beyond me.

And as for John being spaced... I love Talyn. Adore Talyn, but little Moya dude... YOU ARE TICKING ME OFF. He went from cute little kid to annoying teenager for me in one ep. Back... off... the John.

"John is only dangerous to himself." Ha. Aeryn is comedian deep down... she just doesn't know it.

Okay now Crais, who I have come to like, is ticking me off. He totally doesn't care that John is spaced and they are going to leave him to die. And this is where it starts to hit me. Talyn and Crais are connected. Is Talyn acting the way he is because Crais is such a big part of him? Aha... it's starting to come together.

That brings me to my next question. How much of this episode was Talyn's doing and how much was Crais? Where is the line of "Crais did this" and "talyn did this"? I know Crais had more of a part then I thought, but did he have anything to do with John being spaced? Or is this all Crais and Talyn is just the means?

Can John hear what Aeryn is saying to Talyn about needing him? How cute if he could. How sad if he couldn't.

Oh and then they are vomited out. How nice. I'm sorry folks but this ep is so cute and fuzzy ANY vomit seems out of place. But oh well, they are saved. YEA.

A DRD had Winona... is Crais apart of that? I'm so confused on who to blame for all this stuff.

Aeryn: "I had this life. I liked it. It had rules. I followed the rules and that made everything right. And then you come along and frell everything up. This strange Human with arrogance, stubborness-"

John: "Dumb." Shut up John. Aeryn: "Let me finish. You saw the recording and you didn't say a word... You are like a plague John Crichton and you have ruined my life. And yet I just keep coming back... You can talk now." Okay he deserved that, but you mean "ruin your life" in a good way right? K... his face while she talks is full of some emotion... what I don't know. Hurt and regret maybe?

Only John would name stars after cartoon ducks!

K... this is my favorite Farscape conversation I have ever seen. This con is why I love Ben so much. This is so cute.

John: You see that one? That's that star right there. The bright one. Its my point of reference, my guide. And it always becomes the center of my chart. I always name it Aeryn." Sorry, excuse me while I dribble to the floor in total adoration of that romantic gesture.

Aeryn: You say its your guide?"

John: "Its my one constant." Gaw... I am all a fluff and twitter-pated at the moment. And then they kiss. Oh... shippy shipperton! Did we need this moment. Ohh... yes... score for our side.

Final thoughts

This is one of my favorite episodes. This is where we really see J/A get somewhere if you ask me and its about darn time. Ben Browder is a genius and I am so glad he wrote this. It had just a bit o' everything. I love Aeryn's portrayal and how she handles John's immature behavior. I loathe John's treatment, but it made for a good ep. And make up scenes are the best! Yea... I need whip creme now... :)

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
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