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Episode 2.18 - A Clockwork Nebari

Kami's Ponderings

This is an ep I REALLY wanted to see! Yeah.

Is this the first ep we see John giving his pistol a name? I don't remember hearing about Winona before. So unless someone proves me wrong, I'll credit this ep with the emergence of Winona. Anyways, how cute is it that he named his pistol?

Anyone ever wondered exactly what went on on that planet that got Chi in trouble and she had to be saved. I know John says Dee wouldn't like how she got her info, but I would have liked to have seen what went on and how Aeryn and Rygel were caught.

Why? Oh tell me why? Was Rygel left to cover with Aeryn as Chiana and John left? What can the little slug do? He's probably why him and Aeryn didn't make it.

John was a little slow on realizing something was up with Aeryn. Silly Human... Trix are for kids.

The Nebari are sickos! They are spreading STD's to take over the world? Sounds like a plan a druggie would come up with when they were really high. Like on the 70's Show when they sit at that table in the basement and do drugs. That is something Kelso would come up with. Anyways... STD's? The Nebari need counseling... and to use their own people? Sick... twisted and sick...

The eye scene... ahhhhhhhhhhhh... I was squirmin' in my chair! I know it was a fake eye, but geez... blehh.

Yea for Harvey helpin' John overcome the drugs. At least he's useful for something (I'm saying this and ignoring what I know he is going to do in a couple eps)

Why does John become surfer guy on drugs? It's hilarious, but noone else changed that drastically. You would think someone like Aeryn would notice his overdramatic change. Oh well, it was still hugely funny.

The shoulder shot with John's head on Chi's shoulder (which I know we will see again) was so cute. I love John/Chi stuff.

Rygel was faking it? The whole time he had been playing a long. Shoot him out the airlock! That ticked me off. I know he is low, but this is LOW. Stupid slug. I wanted to kick him for that and he deserved any abuse John gave him. ESPECIALLY slamming his head into the door frame when he was on John's shoulders. Slug Monkey!

"But since when do people like us get what we want?" That line kills me and then when he takes her into his arms! Oh, the agony I felt for Chi!

Final thoughts

Great, great, great ep! I always wondered about Chi's background and loved to see it finally! Plus John and Chi are so cute. While most Farscape ladies would like to be in Aeryn in John's life, I would rather be Chiana... w/o the tralk thing though. :) Anyways, loved the ep. Another favorite of season 2.

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