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Episode 2.22 - Die Me Dichotomy

Kami's Ponderings

I want to start off by saying I was afraid to watch this one'

Anyone get Deja-vu in the beginning scene? John, angry, punches something and makes his knuckles bleed. He is then comforted by Aeryn. Now where have we seen that at? The Way We Weren't! John comforts a sad Aeryn after she punches the pad until she bleeds. What beautiful scenes where we get to see switched roles. The other time we see this, that I know of, is in another depressing ep' The Choice. I think it is beautiful writing when they have them switching roles.

Seeing John change into the clone. Blehh' creepy There's no Scorpius here. Only me." I have never been creeped out by John before, but boy is he creepy Scorped up.

This scene kills me because shippers like me need this scene and it is ruined by the clone! It is the hope scene. And I know I waited long and hard for this.

"I would be lost without you." Oh' oh' he said it

"Then you will never be lost." Oh' oh' she actually answered without sarcasm' score for our side

"No matter what happens you have worked your way into my heart." scooting forward on my seat while "Kiss the girl" from the little mermaid runs through my head

"You've shown me that I have one." Aeryn' you secret sentimental girl' didn't know you had it in ya

And then' there's nose porn and and and and and he puts his hands on her cheeks and

"I love you." Yes!

"I love you too." She said it! She said it!

Goodness gracious and all that is holy' my heart is a flutter for them and then' BAM' he head butts her'who wrote that scene? Oh' I hate them' with a vengence' they did not just do that! But they did' lets move on'

Okay Crais and Talyn discussing asking Aeryn to come join them. That was adorable. I feel like Talyn is the abandoned teen wanting his mother to come home, and Crais the father wants him to understand it is not so easy, but he wants her on Talyn too. Now I do not ever look at Crais and Aeryn like that, but I can't help but feel like talyn feels his family has broke apart.

Why is Jothee in this ep? He needs to go jump off a cliff and die a horrible death' sorry' I'm biased' that kid is irritating! He always complains and acts like a everyone owes him.

Woah' John's brain just jumped out like that' blehh'

I love this line' "Did i do anything to tick you off' other than caving in the side of your head?" Sorry did you say other? What other reason did she need? I know her other reason, but he puts off head butting her like it is a daily occurance in ther lives.

Pilot high' Pilot is high' does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? That would be like hanging out with your grandma while she was high' you just don't do it. I know they had to do it, but that is just wrong.

And Pilot shows Chi the proposal. I was watchin Chi's face and goin' don't freak out' don't freak out' your freaked out. Oh Pilot' you have no idea what you have just done' and I doubt you will remember later'

I start getting nervous the moment Aeryn starts after the Clone/John.

Poor John. He is watching this entire thing from inside himself. He can't do anything and he can't say anything. That had to have been agony. Pure agony. That entire scene I am thinking, John is still there' he is watching this' so sad.

That was one long drop. It seemed like Aeryn was falling forever'

John comes back just in time to see there is nothing he can do. Aeryn is going to die and he can't stop it. :(

"I hope you meant what you said in the neural cluster' I did." Oh' oh' stop the agony. please' stop' you writers' you must hate me'

She slips under after calling his name and he is crying and that face! As we watch her fall, she drowns, arms float above her head, and the man that loves her looking at what is left. A hole in the ice. I got chills watching that' no pun intended. That is one of the most agonizing scenes I ever had to watch'

That music for the funeral makes that scene ten times more unwatchable.

He cuts a piece of her hair' symbolic and heartbreaking' I hate to watch his goodbye.

Did Stark propose to Zhaan when he asks her to spend a life with him? Aww' that is adorable despite the eps events. He really is a sweet character.

John's memories of Aeryn "Keep this?" Do the writers like to spread angst over John like its peanut butter? Give the man a break?

Oh wait, that's not all. For a special limited time we are gonna screw his life over even more. Yes folks, they left him, speechless for the most part with his brain hanging out as Scorpius makes off with the chip. Isn't this fun kids?

Final thoughts

How did you people ever survive with a cliffhanger like that? I would have gone crazy. What a depressing ep? I hate to say its good, but it is. Writing that makes you feel that awful is good writing. How was this show canceled? This is some of the best writing tv has ever and will ever see. This ep is amazing and not all in the "yea" sense, but it floored me.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
Put on-line by : Bluey

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