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Episode 2.01 - Mind the Baby

Kami's Ponderings

The first ep of season 2. The cliffhanger is immediately over, and we see John and D'Argo are okay. Doesn't bother me, but I would think if I waited months for this ep I might have been a little disappointed they skipped the action they left us off with. But like I said seeing this soooo late, it doesn't bother me.

Okay the conversation with Talyn, Crais and Aeryn was so cute. It had a very mom, dad and teenager feel. Crais taking the authoritative "listen to me or else" role and Aeryn taking the "let me explain why you should listen to us" role. Aeryn blew me away with her soothing way she talked to Talyn. How she was always holding onto Talyn's hangey down ceiling thing, the touching just made it seem intimate. I love watching her and Talyn.

What is up with Zhaan? She is a weirdo in this ep. The beginning where she is saying D'Argo will save us? I know the whole trial thing happened before this (have not seen it), but she's wacko to me in this ep. When John comes on board and she thinks he is a spirit...which that was a funny scene to see John in... She's almost a different character for me. She's lost it. Plain and simple and maybe I'll understand once I've seen her trial. When Aeryn comes to talk to her I love that Zhaan says I love you and Aeryn asks what and Zhaan repeats and Aeryn says "Oh yes I did hear it the first time" and backs off. Very Aeryn like.

Belle tried to explain this to me, but the end scene comes out of nowhere for me. Aeryn and John have a relationship in season 1, I know, but except for AHR, nothing major. And then we see a little hand thing as she leaves with Crais and then BAM... they are holding each other in Pilot's Den. Really threw me for a loop and I almost feel like I've missed eps between FT and MTB where their relationship grew and we didn't see it.

Rygel having strong emotions for D, John and Aeryn's return was great! Loved it and laughed. A cute look at Sparky.

Talyn choosing Crais... I hate it! Aeryn's relationship with Talyn was so adorable and even though Crais was on Talyn longer, I couldn't stand that Talyn chose him over Aeryn. Although I know it's for the better good...yada yada yada. But I just feel he brushed off his loving mother for an abusive father.

All in all I love the ep. A good start for Season 2 and had wonderful character development and relationship development to remind us where everyone is...except Zhaan...who was not in the same universe in this ep. :)

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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