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Episode 3.12 - Meltdown

Kami's Ponderings

Ok... lets get something out of the way so we can move onto more important things. Rygel is going to spend this entire episode eating until he wants to explode. Good... great... wonderful... moving on.

We start out seeing what we think happened between Crais and Aeryn's mum. He's making a deal with her and being shady and then he looks at us and says "Is that what you think happened, Crichton?" HA! But can we really blame John for thinking that? No, because he's just so darn cute when it comes to anything concerning Aeryn.

And enter the mist. Every J/A shipper's best friend. The mist is a good thing people.

Sooo, John electrocutes his finger or something and Aeryn licks it. *raises eyebrow* Ooookkk. That's kind of hot. But look at his face, he is so thinking the same thing. *channels Chubbs from Happy Gilmore* It's all in the mist. It's all in the mist.

K... lets side track for a microt and go to Stark. He hears a female voice and asks if it is Talyn. Ummm... inless Talyn is hiding a secret hobby, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't sound so feminine, Einstein!

So J/A are trying to focus on work. Now licking a finger is one thing, but really the guy starts all this. He tells her to focus and puts his hand on her leg, slowly moving up to... you know. Such a guy. :)

Back to the guy thing, he's easily distracted. But not really his fault when Aeryn is putting her bare midriff in his face and then bending over so her bum is right in his face. Ok... starting to be a little naughty and the great thing is Aeryn is so pushing him. She knows she looks good and boy is she using it. Umm... starting to get a little warm.

Enter the porno music. And let me just say I cannot help but smile every time I hear that music start... cause I know it's going to get hot and playful.

Well, its all fun and games till someone loses some clothing. Ha... almost anyway. John puts his hand on her midriff and puts his fingers up in her shirt. That has to be the sexiest little thing I have ever seen. I feel like the music needs to change to "Its getting hot in here so take off all your cloths" They are both very distracted. I'm supposed to be watching this and I feel distracted seeing them.

Aeryn: "What are we doing?" Getting it on apparently, geez don't ask questions now. No talking. Just kissing.

John: "Before we all go crackers-" (uh, been there done that) "-Hey baby, how you doing?" The dude can't even talk to Crais without saying something to Aeryn when she walks in the room. So cute. Its also a Joey Tribbani moment.

Sierjna says she kanished. K... she must be from Brooklyn.

I love... LOVE that John and Aeryn have to touch each other everytime they are in the same room. So it's the mist, but that is darn romantic.

The demon dude, Aquillas. When did this show cross over with Buffy? Don't tell me that guy doesn't look like something Buffy killed fifty or sixty times.

More touchage. As they listen to Aquillas talk, John has his arm wrapped around Aeryn and his hand is just rubbing her skin. Aeryn is sliding her fingers up and down his arm. Whoa... goodness... tension is building... can we kick the two unwanted characters out to discuss their deaths elsewhere? John and Aeryn need a room... alone.

Ok, their alone again... .yea! This episode really shows simple things can really affect the mood. The hand in the shirt was wow, but when she bites his shirt... I'm thinking... why are they still dressed? Oh wait... yeah the stupid sun they are being pulled into. Crap.

"The mist is not our friend." Who said? They lie like a dog. Love the mist. Embrace the mist. Wait no... embrace each other. :) "Naughty mist." Well duh! That's why we like it.

K... interjecting to make a Ryg comment. He's eating a rice krispie treat. I swear that is what is in his hand. Didn't know they had the snap, crackle, pop out there.

The ‘are you done bit'. The tension in the room is so thick its creating heat that is fogging up my computer screen. Gaw... I'm wondering when she's going to be done and then yea she is. Then BOOM... he has her against the wall. Umm... no comment... can't speak... sexy, hot... say whatever you want. I'm not saying a word. This scene doesn't need words.

John: "Frell?"

Aeryn: "No, bad frell."


Stark is Pilot of Talyn. Do we want him the Pilot of a gun ship? I think not.

But Stark does get them away from the Sun... and then goes back for the girl. Its always for a girl.

The famous butt shot. Aeryn slaps John's bum which is taking up the whoooole screen. Wow... nice. Now I have ‘Back that thing up' playing in my head. Hee hee.

John: "Thanks for watching my backside."

Aeryn: "Couldn't help myself."

Neither could we.

Aeryn: "Stark you try anything like that again and I will personally take you to the other side."

Ha... I love Aeryn when she's hostile.

The lap scene. WOW. Aeryn sits in his lap, slowly sliding down. And she rocks against his... special place. I'm looking around me like... was this in the script? I know Claudia and Ben want this relationship to look real, but wow... wow... wow... wow... its not just act hot. That is real life, in your face, over the edge, out of this park, grand slam stuff. Applause to Claudia for pushing it that far and applause for Ben for taking it as a married man with a very sexy girl in his lap. I know its acting, but geez...

Making out during the ‘we are going to die' speech. Well, at least they know they should be doing something other than tongue tag. Oh wait... they are stopping... looking like they are going to do something. Nope, they go back to tongue tag.

John: "The damn mist is messing with our heads."

I wouldn't really say its messing with your head, but whatever floats your boat.

Crais is like a cop on the edge of a nervous breakdown. He makes me laugh.

I love Aeryn. When Crais yells at her, threatens her. She just looks at him with that ‘and?' look. Ha. She laughs at him and runs away. Everybody should laugh at Crais and runaway when he is like this. Its fun.

John: "Because Aeryn is my Zhaan. She's my Zhaan in every way. I love her and I would die for her. And you know what Stark? Your killing her! You'are killing her you freakazoid psycho bastard. You are killing my Zhaan!"

I love this speech.

Aeryn: "I can manually prime the cannon."

John: "I'd love to see that."

Aeryn: "Talyn's cannon."

John: "I'm stoked, not stupid."

Hahaha... gotta love their humor.

Stark: "Would Zhaan approve of this use of violence?"

Aeryn: "She's speaking through me now. It is her wish."

Aeryn's face as she shrugs and looks at John cracks me up.

John: "Damn Smokey, you can't argue with a woman."

The camera pans to the forward portal as Talyn shoots the sun and this is one of the kewlest CGI shots ever done on this show.

You think Stark's mask is uncomfortable? Don't think I would want to wear that thing for long amounts of time.

Stark goes on and on about how being with Talyn he knows how Talyn feels and he knows... ? What in hezmana does he know? He's trying be intimidating and I'm like ‘dude, you have a hubcap on your face and your weird, not really intimidating'

John and Aeryn kiss and close the door. Sigh... good end to this ep. Very sweet. John and Aeryn head to... the floor and the fans head for a cold place or a shower.

Final thoughts

Thoughts? You expect me to think like a rational person after that? Uh, no. Ha. Seriosuly, this is such a funny and needed ep. Well written, extremely well acted and an explosion of tension relief that we the fans needed. Finally, we get our cake. I walk away happy and with chocolate all over my face. Its about darn time. :) Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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