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Episode 3.05 - Different Destinations

Kami's Ponderings

Beautiful CGi in this ep' no wonder this show cost so much money to make!

John: You look like Astro boy.

So that is where Astro comes from' things are staring to come together for me'yea

So Stark is sitting by his lonesome' cause he's sad. John tries to make Stark join their little group and live a little, which is cute. Trying to get the poor guy involved. But as John's luck goes, his good intentions causes bad stuff' and they get thrown back in time.

Oh the credits 'w/o Virginia Hey's name' sadness.

So John isn't supposed to kill anyone."Oh sorry. Don't die. Don't die." Like thats gonna work. Haha' so much for not changing anything.

Grimes reminds me of Beast from that old tv version of Beauty and the beast' which is kinda weird because everytime we see him I expect talking furniture.

John's face when Harvey is playing the harmonica' can I please get a pic of his face? Cause it is priceless! It's that "this CAN'T get any worse" face. IF he only knew' .

Aeryn wanting to protect the cook kid is so cute. A little early maternal thing we see in Aeryn' I love the way she acts with that character.

Aeryn watching the cook going to die is so sad, but worse is John watching Aeryn watch the cook die. Cause John knows she doesn't want to let that kid sacrifice himself. So hes sad for her. Its a chain of sadness.

Wow' what a tie in' Aeryn is the reason that cook boy becomes famous which is why she studies him in PK school' sad, but I love tie in like that

"What was the point?"

"There probably was no point." How truly sad is that? TO change a great moment in history and be the cause of so many deaths?

And John can watch them being murdered as the bad guys ask where he is? He is the reason they die. Do the writers hate their main character that much? Ahhh' poor John.

John and Aeryn holding each other. That could have been a cute ending, except it is so darn depressing.

Final thoughts

Can we have a happy episode? Come on' give me a break here' this one kills. Season 3 is killing me period. I mean they keep losing ship mates and now they get a bunch of innocents killed? Sheesh' but great ep. I really liked the idea and the way John and Aeryn were played was somehow new and different. I just get a different feel from this ep. Anyways, sad' but i liked it a lot.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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