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Episode 3.10 - Relativity

Kami's Ponderings

First thing I notice as we quickly pan down onto the planet... there is a HUGE snake hanging from a branch. This must be another one of those save money things. They took a jungle shot from like... Predator or something and scanned down so quickly, they thought no one would notice. Well kiddos, I hate snakes... I noticed.

Stark has slowly slid from 'awww poor guy' to 'ahhh crazy guy' in my love for him. And in true Stark fashion... he proves himself insane here. He's singing this crazy little song and wakes up Rygel... not so weird. But Rygel complains of... nighttime lovey dovey noises... from John and Aeryn. So what does Stark do? He puts his ear to the wall. Wait a minute! Dude... you don't get your jollies listening to others get it on! And his face as he giggles like some twitterpated schoolboy, the guy needs to reduce HIS fluid levels. But the joke's on Stark... cause its just John beatin on the wall... ha... as if the guy isn't already weird. He's getting all happified from another guy makin... lovey dovey noises... and punching the wall. Yeeeahhhh... .riiigghhhtttt. *cough freak cough*

Ok... now... to the bed scene. (boom chick-a-bow wow) What a hot scene. K... who is with me that WE need stuff like this between John and Aeryn?? I mean they have played with us for so long... giving us little snippets and getting our hopes up that something is going to happen and they show it to us briefly just to take it away. We, the fans, are like fat kids getting chocolate cake put in front of our faces and then having it taken away. I, kami, am standing up for all fat kids... we want our frelling chocolate cake... umm... I digress... the bed scene. Hell yeah. That is hot. That is sexy. THAT could have been longer; darn you Crais... darn you to hezmana!

"You were louder than that believe it or not" Hey now... no details you two crazy love monkeys.

And we get our first look at mommy dearest. Aeryn's mum... wow... scary... and thank cholak Aeryn didn't get her mum's nose.

Rygel watches the little vid of Aeryn's mum coming to see her. I think it is so cute how John gets so mad at Rygel. Not just because it's Aeryn's stuff, but because it's a very personal issue for her. And Aeryn's face, I can't tell if she is just really hurt or embarrassed. Either way, she's quiet. That should tell slug monkey he crossed the line.

And here starts what I consider the Predator part of this ep. Predator is about walking around in the jungle and shooting stuff. Well, what does 99% of this ep have. We're walking... walking... shooting... walking... shooting and we're walking again. Lets get this out of the way. They walk they shoot, lets move on to bigger issues.

Xhalax punches Aeryn. Weeellll, love you too mum. But bow! Guess what mom? Aeryn punches back. Hell Yeah moment number 2!

John has dirty fingernails... major turn off... lets move on...

Aeryn studies her mum as she sleeps. How sad is that? The first time she really, really can get a good look at the person that gave her life, is when she had to knock her out. Kills me. I hate to see Aeryn hurt and this can't be easy for her.

"I'm Aeryn. Aeryn Sun. I'm your daughter." Sorry, this line made me laugh. Just say Aeryn Sun. It's not like your mom is going to say "Really? What a coink-a-dink, Sun's my last name too!" Just seemed silly to me.

"Perhaps the daughter will flinch... I'm not flinching." Hell Yeah moment number 3.

Crais and John rubbing stinky goo on themselves... (in her best church lady impersonation) wellll, isn't that special. Male bonding... its nice to see those two crazy kids working it out.

Somebody help me out here. Does Xhalax have a knife hidden in her wrist? She's cutting her rope cuffs off and her wrist is pretty torn up afterwards and I think... I saw her pull a knife out of her wrist. Please, please tell me I am making this up. Cause that is the most psycho thing I have ever seen.

John ties Crais up and leaves him to die. I'm torn between the fact that Crais deserves no mercy in my book at the moment and two feeling disbelief that even John would do such a thing.

Xhalax killed Aeryn's dad. Ouch. She's really trying to hit a cord with her daughter.

And back to Crais. Okay, John was playing Crais to get the dudes to come out. Yea for John still being the good guy... and scaring the poo out of Crais while he did it.

Aeryn: "You've resisted Peacekeeper doctrine before, why can't you do it again?" Through the tough mask she can put on, Aeryn, deep down still wants her mom. She's begging her mom to give up being a Peacekeeper. My heart breaks for Aeryn.

Xhalax: "You are an aberration." Having your mother call you that is harsh.

Aeryn: "I am your child."

You can hear the desperation in her voice. She's screaming at her mother to love her. I don't think we've ever seen Aeryn like this. And applause to Claudia for her amazing, amazing talent to go to that next level in acting.

John is so worried about Aeryn. As he's fighting his own fight, he keeps looking over at her. And then he won't let her kill her mom. Good for him. He knows when Aeryn is too strong for her own good. Could she have shot her own mother? I think she could of in the end. Knowing it was the only way to protect Talyn. And John knew she could do it. He stopped her because she would regret it for the rest of her life.

John leads Aeryn away in that semi-slow-motion state, heartbreaking. They always put those moments in slow motion. Cause normal motion makes sad moments go too fast apparently.

And then Aeryn decides to go back, but too late. We hear the shot and she turns back into John. John kisses her temple, holds her to him tightly and leads her away. Forget the bed scene (yes, Belle, I said forget the bed scene). This is why this couple is going to make it. Not because they can get hot and bothered about each other. But because in her darkest moment (that we have seen up until now) she turns to him and he holds her, lovingly and without question. That is love. That scene blows the beginning of this episode out of the water. No questions.

Rygel has joined the ranks of those who have died at one time or other. Of our main core of Moyans, there is only one left who has never died, but that is another story for another episode to come. :(

John joins Aeryn. She puts her forehead against him and not even her sex joke can brighten this moment. Its sad, its supposed to be sad and she can't fool him. He knows shes broken. She tells him he can go to bed without her, but he says he'll stay up with her. And she starts to cry and he quietly just watches. He's there and that is all she needs. Beautiful, achingly beautiful.

Final thoughts

This ep starts with me screaming YEA and ends in tears. But beautiful episode. Aeryn is a wonderful character and to break her in such a way was a brilliant idea. Aeryn's mom is harsh and violent and everything a Peacekeeper should be. Aeryn was a lot like her I think, on a smaller level that is. It takes a lot to take my mind away from J/A, but this ep is all Aeryn for me. I can forget the Predator ‘let's shoot up the jungle' bit. I can forget how freaky deaky Stark is and I can forget that despite dirty finger nails, John is hot in leather. Its all about Aeryn and a vulnerability the writers want us to see before we lose her in it later. Sigh... I need a fluffy animal to cuddle with...

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
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