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3.14 - Infinite Possibilities: Part 1: Daedalus Demands

Kami's Ponderings

WOOT! Teaching english in bed... ya know... I think that is a good way to learn things... It's hot... educational... and eye candy. Great way to start an ep... though after seeing the ep, they are just sucking up before they kill me...

Hellllllo Jack. I love Kent McCord. Yea for bringing him back.

Harvey and bumber cars... oh gosh that had to be great fun to shoot.

"Furlow, yeah she's sexy. She's a girl you want to take home and meet the folks." Awww... that poor actress. Except for the ultra tan, some added weight and contacts, that is pretty much what she looks like. I felt bad for her.

John: "I wouldn't want to do that. To go back alone." I don't want you to go back at all, hon

Aeryn: "I wouldn't want you to."

John: "We should talk about this."

Aeryn: "Some other time"

John: "Yeah, we could do lunch" And then one of my fav Farscape kisses i have ever seen. They linger for a moment... oh... for goodness sakes... they are rubbing my little hopeless romantic in all this knowing what they are going to do.

What happened to the ultra kewl goggles from season 1? The new ones just look like swim goggles painted up. The last ones might have been goofy, but they looked more alien than these new fangled ones.

They left blind Crais to fend for himself. Shows him how much he is loved.

Furlow: "Well, well, well, if it isn't my favorite flyboy." He was my favorite flyboy first.

Ignoring what i know she is about to do. I love this line and this character is priceless... a priceless person i want to shoot later... but don't tell me this character isn't fun.

Furlow: "Thanks for the rescue"

When Furlow kisses John she has this look. I can't describe it except for the obviously liked the kiss and then his face says he obviously didn't. Butttt... if I was her... and he was him... I couldn't blame her. Plus I think its in every female's contract when they sign on as a guest star that they get to kiss Ben at some point.

Crais looks bad. I know he was blinded... but I think he used that as an excuse and way to hide drug usage. Look at him and tell me he didn't go in the back of Talyn and and inhale something.

Aeryn: "I say we tie her back up."

John: "Don't tempt me."

Aeryn: "No, I said tie her back up." Whoa... naughty Aeryn... makes me laugh.

Stark is pretty cocky this ep... kinda put himself on a little pedestool. Feeling full of yourself are we?

I think this is another ep they didn't know what to do with Rygel or just didn't care. Yet again he is put somewhere where we occasionally check in on him, but for the most part he doesn't matter and we and the storyline forget about him. I notice they do this when something big is going on J/A wise.

When Jack turns into his real self, he looks like he has like reggae hair and therefore I half expected him to speak Jamaican... and on that note... "

Okay... another I love Aeryn moment. She walks into the room and John is pointing his pistol at Furlow. Aeryn, does not question what is going on, she just points her pistol at Furlow as well. Ready to shoot her in an instant although she doesn't know why. But thinking on this... Aeryn doesn't really need a reason to get her pistol off. That's our girl.

So John knows he has this knowledge of wormholes, BUT when Jack, thinking John doesn't know, explains this to John... John plays dumb. Why lie? The truth will set you free, John. And then he gets all kind of angry and sarcastic, which I think is a subconsious guilt trip to Jack. Guess it is THEIR fault our boy was tortured and is being chased.

And we randomly get reminded Rygel is shooting things...

Furlow's hat has this chin guard thingie... I keep thinking she is going to play football at some point.

Ohhh... this ep has good kiss moments. But FORESHADOWING! Why do J/A have this hot and steamy kiss before Harvey's extraction... unless... dum dum dum... something is going to go wrong... hot kiss anyways...

How kewl is it that Ben and Wayne got PAID to ride a rollycoaster?? I know Wayne didn't really enjoy it, but that is the kewlest job. Fun to watch too. Gotta love harvey's little head trips. But you can soooo tell Ben has ridden a rolly before and Wayne hasn't.

So they do the extraction and it seems every thing worked, but the minute you see that smile you know something is wrong. Applause to Ben for using his own smile and chinging it just enough that I instantly know its not him. And then nit speaksOfficer Sun.. Creepiness... but I love how Ben plays Scorpius...

If you've watched the new commentary with Ben and Claudia on The Way We Weren't then remember the holding the tear conversation. Claudia does that little trick here. She holds a tear on her eye lashes while pointing a gun at John-Clone forever... its a sad moment, but I rmember what ben said suring the commentary and I laugh a bit.

And we end like that... good thing I have the next episode right here to watch... that wait would have killed me...

Aeryn: "John... are you?" put me out of my misery now...

John: "Yeah, baby. I'm still here." Oh yeah... that makes everything better... lets go frolic in fields of daisies... not

Can I stop here? Stop... ep ends. He gets better and... something happy happens... they live happily ever after working at some ice cream joint they open... ANYTHING but what is about to happen... but alas... they kept taping...

Aeryn: "I'm very angry." Umm... understated. At this point I'm a crying mess. I would say DEVASTATED, honey.

John: "Me too." ME TOO! ME TOO! This is no time for ‘ditto'

Aeryn: "We had good times."

John: "I wouldn't change them for the world. You made me a better person."

Aeryn: "That wasn't hard... I love you... so much."

John: "I love you."

John: I'm sorry about a lot of things."

Aeryn: "Don't be. I don't want you to go that way."

John: "I won't..

Aeryn: "What?"

John: "They say its an ambitious man who goes when he is ready. That's said... Scorpius is gone. I'm at peace. I don't hurt. I... did some goods thing. I'm proud of my life. And I'm with you... Don't worry about me. I've never felt better."

Gawww... :(... thanks writers for pouring the sadness on that little speech...

And then he goes. If Aeryn is ever a part of what I am feeling, its now. Her face... she covers her mouth and breaks down. Crying and looking at him. Nough said.

And that Da** bell. As we pan out and Aeryn covers him and her there is this bell, counting the hour. It fits the scene beautifully, but that bell is the spawn of satan for me there... a fitting end to the ep... but fitting in a scene like this just means more angst...


Final thoughts

This was an episode we should have seen coming. Neither John was going to give Aeryn up. One had to go. It's the way things had to go down... just went a little too far down for me. If losing Aeryn or Zhaan was sad... this is ten times worse. Isn't that weird? We all know there is another John, but I think this death tears more people up then the others. And on that note... I need chocolate and good romantic movie... Beautiful eps... action and the usual suspence the Talyn storys have given us. The most horrible way for John to go... I mean radiation??? But then it was with Aeryn. He couldn't have felt better... well unless he had lived.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
Edited by : DS9ers
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