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Episode 2.20 - Liars, Guns and Money: Part 2: With Friends Like These

Kami's Ponderings

So they have money... they are going to save Jothee... Yea... oh wait... never mind... they are infested and Scorpius has Jothee. And the trade has to be John... that sux.

And D'Argo blames John for his son being in the hands of Scorp. Like I said, dude... calm down and take a look at this. Technically you were the one who rushed into this plan!

You know those see thgrough plans and charts we always see? Does anyone else think they let five year olds draw random things and use them for offical plans? Cause they are just blobbies to me.

When Scorpius and Natira kiss, he opens his mouth so wide. Is he going to kiss her or eat her? What a weirdo.

Rygel and his priorities. Bugs are eating the ship in which he resides and he says "yes, but we are poor"... shakes head at him...

Bringing the four species back in was an uber kewl idea! I love having the blood trackers, Sheyang, Tavlek and Zenetian Pirates in one ep!

Durka??? Durka??? Where does he come into play. He is back for one second and then gets his head chopped off?? What was the point of that?

They give Moya a major case of heartburn by lighting her aflame... how sad... poor Moya. They infest her with their greed and then burn her to fix it.

Aeryn's face when she realizes John has traded himself is heartbreaking... oh... her eyes well up a bit and it kills me...


Final thoughts

Note from the Editor: See those in Part 3 (Plan B).

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