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Episode 1.11 - 'Till the Blood Runs Clear


During a wormhole experiment, Crichton's ship undergoes damage so he and Aeryn seek out a mechanic by the name of Furlow on the nearby planet. While planetside, they notice a beacon broadcasting news of a reward for the recapture of Rygel, Zhaan, and D'Argo. A couple of Vorcarian bloodtrackers claim to be hot on the trail of the escapees, so John tries to throw them off the scent by pretending to be an even more bad-ass bounty hunter.

Unfortunately back on Moya, an impatient D'Argo goes to down to the planet to hurry them along and gets captured by the Vorcarians. Going from bad to worse, John demands half the bounty on his Luxan crewmate while roughing him up a bit in keeping with his cover. Meanwhile, despite an offer of amnesty from Crais, Aeryn decides to modify the beacon and continue on the journey with the others but only after a bit of soul searching.

The bloodtrackers eventually go off to look for the other prisoners while John helps D'Argo escape. D'Argo is not exactly grateful. The bloodtrackers return and engage in a firefight with John and D'Argo. But Aeryn saves the day. Although temporarily blinded in a scuffle with another bounty hunter, she manages to modify the beacon with Furlow's help to emit a false message saying the reward offer has been rescinded. With no reason to continue their pursuit, the bloodtrackers give up. John's module is repaired, but with no currency to pay for those repairs, John is forced to give up his research data to Furlow as payment.


This is another D'Argo character building episode. D'Argo continues to fear being found and recaptured by the Peacekeepers. He is still sure in his mind that Crichton will be the cause of this. When Crichton is the cause of their delay to leave the area, D'Argo is convinced that the inevitable is at hand and storms off after Crichton and Aeryn in a rage. This rash action is what puts everyone in a bind. D'Argo doesn't see that his actions have an important part to play in his own continued freedom. He has choices to make. He has to decide how to ally himself and where to commit what few resources he has. In the end, he's willing to give Crichton the benefit of the doubt which is much more than he would have done at the end of episode one.

Aeryn wants to go home. She still feels a bit out of place. When Crais offers her anmesty (a double-edged sword), she considers it. Although, it means the living death, it is still all she knows. Once she is blinded, she has to come to terms with vulnerability. Finally, she has to accept her weaknesses in order to reach out, and by doing so, overcome them.

Rorf and Rorg as feral Bloodtrackers were almost comical. While they might be able to track well, ferocity did not appear to be their strong suit. If D'Argo hadn't been agitated, chances of him being captured by these two and held for any length of time would have been very unlikely. As characters, they were almost Star Trekian in their ineptitude and likeness to Ferengi.

Furlow creeps me out. I think it's the contact lenses. They make it impossible to read her eyes. I am also led to believe that there is more to her than meets the eye. She'll use any means necessary to get what she wants as fair currency, including John's wormhole readings or the reward for them.


Crichton: Back off! Get that weapon out of my face before I feed it to you. Now tell your bitch to let my female go.

Crichton: I'm Butch. This is Sundance"

Rygel: I don't think you want to go after her. She said something about leaving her clothes behind.

Zhaan: It's called a photogasm.
Rygel: I'll get a mop and bucket.

Aeryn: I am no one's female!

John: Listen, Aeryn... Crais' offer of amnesty... You're not seriously considering it, are you? You don't think he'd keep his word, do you?
Aeryn: I believe he would restore my commission and give me honorable retirement. But what he means be honorable retirement is radiation-induced brain fever to bring on the living death.
John: Well, if you knew the offer was bogus, then why did you listen to it?
Aeryn: Because it was nice, just for a moment, to believe that it was genuine. That I could go back.

John: You are so childish!
D'Argo: You are selfish.
John: Can be. What about you? Selfish?
D'Argo: Sometimes.
John: I ever come up to you with a weapon? This isn't going to work, is it? We're never going to be friends.
D'Argo: Friendship is a lot to ask.
John: Then how about respect? We can be allies.

D'Argo: You tortured me.
John: I saved you! You know what? I have no idea what goes on in that tiny brain of yours, D'Argo.
D'Argo: And I have no idea why you do anything that you do.
John: Catch a clue, pal, because I am tired of sticking my hand out only to have you snap at it.
D'Argo: Every time I let down my guard, you disappoint me.
John: Sorry. I'm only human.
D'Argo: You look so much like a Peacekeeper, I often forget.

Rygel: Are you fully clothed?
Zhaan: I'm not wearing a scrap. I'm as nude as a newborn baby.
Rygel: Then go away. And don't insult my eyes with your naked blue extremities.
Zhaan: Which ones in particular don't you like? Show them to me.
Rygel: No thank you. Help, help! A mad Delvian exhibitionist is forcing herself on me... visually!

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