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Episode 2.21 - Liars, Guns and Money: Part 3: Plan B

Kami's Ponderings

What a way to start an ep? John upside down tied down to that ball thingy... a dream for Belle I think... anyways... just starts out with a bang... but that can't be comfortable... I bet Ben had back aches for weeks...

When Aeryn is watching John's message, her expression kills me again. I hate to see her sad... I would have liked to have known her thoughts at that moment.

"You have to be the stupidest Pirates I have ever met" You go Aeryn. Man is she pissed. I wouldn't tick her off if I were them...

Okay so they are trying to convince these species to help them and how is Worf convinced to help? By Stark going crazy? He thinks that makes Stark noble and trustworthy or something? Explain that one to me? You don't trust crazy people with your life and Stark lost it right there.

Talyn is back! and Crais! Yea!

Durka's head on a stick... gross. Rygel needs help... lets move on...

Jothee you little selfish frelling geek! John saved your eeema and you don't want to help? Would sombody please flush him out the airlock? (I am NOT a Jothee fan)

Does Aeryn offer herself to Crais to help John? Or is that just Crais' suggestion?

When Pilot asks from Worf it sounds like he is saying "Ruff. Ruff". Cracks me up...

Natira has a strange and sick fetish with eye balls... I knew she was weird, but eye balls?

"What the frell is that?" "That's Moya." HELL YEAH! That part is awesome. The glass breaking and John's face. Man... that was a great scene!

I liked the Sheyang... Why do all the people I like die? He was cute and he sacrificed himself.

What action! The best action of Farscape I've seen so far! I was glued to my seat watching all the explosions and gun slinging. WOW... just wow.

Yea for Crais and Talyn breaking the flax!

While the others fight, John just sits against the wall with this dazed look.


Watching the depository go down was so awesome. The CGI was tremendous. I mean... wow... that is above and beyond for Farscape...

Oh Cholak... the end... John is back and he has lost itD'Argo... kill me. Please kill me." Oh... his face in Dee's hands... I can't take it... too sad.

Final thoughts

These live up to all the hype I've heard about them. WOW. I am floored. The best of Season 2 by far! You've got action and comedy and past allainces come into one three parter. The only downside? It was almost all for Jothee... that dude needs to be shot and I hate him. But these eps were great! Wow... I love em. And I hate what they are leading into... sigh...

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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