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Episode 3.11 - Incubator

Kami's Ponderings

Wormholes again. Geez... why don't we just give Mr. Wormhole his own place in the credits. For something that is seen as a myth, a falsehood in most of the galaxy... we sure see a lot of those suckers.

Liquid Peeacekeeper... gross... liquid PK looks like strawberry syrup. Makes me want a sundae.

We're in Scorpius' head? This is a change. Don't know if I want to venture there, but it's a neat twist.

Fake John sure takes it well that he is fake. I mean he thinks he's real, told he's not and just kind of like 'oh, well lets get the home movies out then'.

Scorpy is one ugly kid. Ok... so Scarrans should come with warnings on their underwear that reads :WARNING: taking off this last piece of clothing may result in but ugly offspring if you are Sebacean. Please refrain and help make the world a much prettier place. (See, if this warning would have been in place, Scorpius could have been avoided and J/A would have opened the first Chinese restaurant of the UT's and be on kid 2 by now and nose porn would have its own section at blockbuster... alas)

Why are we watching Scorpius' background? Showing it to a John that doesn't really exist just to make him feel for Scorpius' cause, not the best writing Farscape has ever seen.

Torture all around. They are torturing this kid, which look at him... hasn't he suffered enough, and they are torturing me by making me watch. Leave him alone. Leave him in an alley and let him live freely in a box. He'll be happier, I'll be happier and we can get back to Talyn.

John maybe wormhole crazy, but amen he said no without hesitation to Scorpius plea. See?! He has his priorities straight, he just gets turned around some times.

Linfer... what was her point? She comes and asks for help, turns to goo and is gone. What reason or purpose did we need her for? Cause I saw no story line progression because of her presence.

Scorpius is deluded if he thought fake John was going to jump on the band wagon and help him like he was some "Hee-Haw" bimbo jumpin up out of the corn stalks. That show stank, lets not channel it.

Final thoughts

That's all folks. This episode did not catch my interest. I think the idea of Scorps background does have major potential, but the way they did it was not my thing. I think the real John should have seen it and they needed a better reason to show the home movies. Maybe all the good writing is being used up at Talyn's end of the show and that is why this ep just couldn't hold up. Don't know. But its not my favorite.

Ponderings by : kamiikiteiru
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